Does any western game feature this?

This is that one with the gargantuan weapons, right? It still looks like shit, and this panty check does not change that.

Though the black-haired girl with the almost hime cut is way cute.

No. They're too busy with gameplay instead of designing masturbation simulators for shut-ins.

B t f o

Chose one.

No, i don't think so.

yandere simulator

Cut scene =/= gameplay

you wish



What the fuck are the japanese doing these days asides from generic story-centered RPGs anyways?

Please user shows us at least one current western game with gameplay, please.


Not recently, as far as I know. But we'll always have good ol Daggerfall.

Join the masterrace if you haven't already.

You can change your panties in the elder scroll games last I have checked.

No you can't.

Oh right, I forgot Daggerfall let you do that (and remove them entirely). Thanks to never implementing NPC reactions to clothing (which, like a lot of things in Daggerfall, was supposedly planned) non-magical clothes are just burdens.

Fast paced action games.


Reddit, please.

They are too busy censoring it, because Holla Forums LOVES censorships.

Daggerfall actually does have that.

I can and do all the time.


But user, don't you know that fanservice is literal rape? Maybe stop being such a problematic shitlord and wake up and smell the coffee. I mean come on, it's 2016!

I'm glad you could make it, Komrade Phil Fish.


I've been wondering what Phils been up to

Western game devs seem to be doing everything in their power to eliminate all skin from games to make them shariah compliant.

"I don't have arguments, time to use the "salty" response !"


The difference is Bethescucks didn't design that shit, the shut-ins did.

For the record I'm a libertine and support all forms of digital degeneracy.

(I actually feel bad for people who play games for the gameplay but if it makes autism bearable who am I to disapprove? I play games to be entertained).

What argument? The weeaboos didn't bring any.

Fine. I'll be masturbating here.

Why all this hate for the beauty of the digital female form?

For a kike, to succeed is to cut everyone down so that they're below you. It would be natural for them to hate something that's inherently perfect


Nu-males and feminist cunts hate cute things.

Dragon Age Inquisition ;^)

Me on the far right.

Those menus look like they're ripped straight out of a modern Tales of game.

You wouldn't know a kike if they stabbed you with their 3 foot long razor sharp hook nose right in your fucking face you race traitor.

On Wrpgs you make them go around naked

Silly weeb faggots being bait with shitty fanservice

Saint's Row the Third lets you play as a girl, and lets you choose what clothes and underwear she wears. Don't know about other games in the series - haven't played them.

Phils been busy making a "Put shape into hole" game.

why are they ripping off Tales of Berseria so fucking hard?

It definitely is. Though their menus look great IMO. I think they did that on purpose because they're using the same artist who does art for Tales games.

That .jpg file consistently prints money. Nothing Pokemon GO tier but Kadokawa seems to be doing just fine using it for Kantai Collection.

The important question is though, does that gaem have skirts that give you a climpse of the occasional panty when they are doing skills/spells?



OP, not all nips games are lewd weeb bait

What's more important is if the game allows bike shorts and pantyhose to be worn on top of panties. Even better if both are a little see through. Not enough games do this honestly.

Divinity Original Sin

Omega Quintet (Compile Heart too) let you equip different underwear, for no real purpose, as it had no stats.

The camera had a feature that girls would cover up if you went for a low angle. They would still do this even after getting their outfit destroyed, which is a weird mix of amusing and jarring.

name one video game