You just can't hate him

You just can't hate him.

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Ofcourse we can't hate Joshua.

He conquered Canaan and got rid of the degenerate pagans and giants.

He was better than the skater so yeah

Question 1: Why is the tower of Babel such a prominent piece of imagery in Freemasonry?
Question 2: Why is Israel the worst fucking thing that exists? I mean the Biblical one of course, but even modern day Jews have to be aware that they named themselves after the worst shit in the Bible.

Even before his powerup he was the best partner, and he was just smug enough.

1. Because they want to rebuild the Tower of Babel, it's called the New World Order.

2. It's not. You are confusing 2 different entities.

Wasn't ancient Israel founded by Esau, who was renamed by God to Israel because God hated him for fucking over Jacob?

1. One language for all people is the road to a world under one rule. Also it was a time when everyone was skilled in building

2. Jews are Jews.

No, read the Bible.

Esau became Edom.

Jacob's name was changed to Israel after he struggled with an angel.

Israel means "to wrestle with God".

Oh, my mistake. My last exposure to that story was from reading House of Leaves, where it compares the two brothers from the main story to Jacob and Esau. What did Edom end up doing? I thought he founded a kingdom as well.

unrealted question for the /christian/ sperg, why is the David life relevant to be put into the bible if he didn't lived a virtous life? just for reference as it continues the history of the hebrews?


Damn, that’s fitting, given the current kike occupation thereof.

I hate that he's only in 2 games

David is one of the most righteous man that has ever lived, mate.

He wasn't perfect, no one is.
We are all sinners.

David was a great warrior, king and made tons of psalms and literature dedicated to God. He started a whole dynasty.

The book of Matthew starts with genealogies, and it says that Jesus came from David's lineage. David was very important.


A common theme in the Old Testament is the constant cycle of Israel abandoning God and then crying out to God after they suffer persecution.

As for the modern state of Israel, it's a fabrication by the Rothschilds. It has nothing to do with the real Israel of the Bible. It's a satanic state consisting of Babylonian Talmudic Jews.

Is this a tier list?

It's a timeline

It's basically this christian autists that posts here once in a while (even tries to get converts, holy shit).
So far we have:

-Complete autistic sperg that has actual schizophrenia and types long posts that are completely disjointed and seems to be vegan and non violent (?!)

-Christian sperg trying to convert everyone and shoehorn christianity into everything


You sound triggered

Can you give an example? i only heard about his life the intrigue and the conflict when he was ruling, also consider the power vacuum that he left when he died, the conlict beetwen his possible heirs doesn't show much how israel could have been a nation of God

I like the former. He's a pretty cool guy.

He's in the jrpg thread shitting it up as well
Offtopic sage

Isaiah 11:6 has been altered so it no longer says the lion will dwell with the lamb.

World Ends With Two never ever

Psalms is the biggest book in the Bible.

Incorrect, it's ok to eat animals.
Just not the blood.

A&E and all animals were vegans before the Fall.

The "mandela effect" is bullshit. God's Word doesn't change. It has always said wolf, not lion.

A 200 BC manuscript of Isaiah says wolf aswell.

muh 1440p Birt by Sleep why are you using outdated 2005 hardware

That's why you use the old languages like Latin, Greek or Hebrew unless you're a pleb.

Latin Vulgate is based on the corrupt Alexandrian/Sinaiticus manuscripts.
Egypt was a hotbed of Gnostic heresies.

The Greek majority text (Textus Receptus) from Byzantine would eventually lead to the KJV. There is no better English version than that.

All the modern versions are based on Catholic line or Westcott & Hort perversions.

And it's not about language, it's about the way you are translating it. Word-for-word or keeping the nuances and meanings. This is why "making it easier to understand for the 21st century bibles" are a dangerous thing. The NIV is a joke.

Impossible. Traduttore, traditore, as the Italians say.

Isn't he just a Kaworu clone?

Man I just cannot fucking into this game.
I don't understand how I am supposed to stop my top character from taking damage and shit like that.

What are lexicons?