Shantae Half Genie Hero

would you a slimegal?

temmie from undertale joined the half-genie hero team

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I would anything in the shantae universe.



Hell yes.

Fuck. Let's hope HGH is far enough along in development that it can't be tainted much by now, otherwise we'll get the predictable result of letting an attention whore shove her obnoxious shit randomly into things for maximum ego-masturbation.

This is the sort of thing temmie designs. I'm hopeful


The game comes out September 27th. The game's content is done, it's just in the polish phase. All Memecunt is doing is helping with animations.

>uncle mimic

temmie did nothing wrong



I'm not, sadly. I've seen many equal and better-skilled artists turn out to be massive fucking faggots for no good reason before, often ruining whatever shit they stick their fingers into. On the bright side though, at least anything she ruins will look nice while being awful, judging by that art.

One of the enemy designers and art fuckers from Undertale. I pirated it out of morbid curiosity and played it until the obnoxious shit finally made me purge it off my hard drive, and got far enough to encounter the stupid "hoi i'm temmie" self-insert meme nonsense, which is the main reason I'm apprehensive that HGH will suddenly have shitty memes and "cute" retard-speak shoved into it by this twat.

After seeing and being terminally-annoyed by that shitshow, I don't have high hopes for whatever "content" a memecunt like this is going to bring to the table.

Thank fuck, at least now the potential damage that can be done is very low.

There's still potential for her to fuck things up even now, though. Never underestimate the power of a random woman bitching about "muhsogyny" to a bunch of men who have limited experience dealing with women, and how easily it can lead to terrible things like censored panties in animations. I've seen it happen too often to shrug it off as impossible anywhere.

This temmie person, whoever it is, did the slime girl animation in the OP. It certainly doesn't look like they toned down the suggestiveness, so it seems like Wayforward is keeping them in check.

They already tried to go after Half Genie Hero before. Wayforward just made jokes and changed nothing.

calm down, autismo, there's no way she can fuck things up tis far into development

So you have no idea who Temmie is? Okay thanks for letting us know

Please go back to reddit



my dick demands more


Undertale is a fantastic game, and you're just trying to stir shit up

I want to all of the cute girls in Shantae and all of Shantae's cute transformations.

Did you not play pirates curse?

Undertale is a good game the "fans" ruined it though. Until they fucking stop pretty much nobody will touch that game now.

posting sexiest one

it's just like fnaf or minecraft, concept with potential, cancerous fanbase

At least Toby Fox hates the fans now because of Matpat.

I miss the threads the first game had

What's wrong with it?

I used to frequent /vg/ to see the hidden details and lore scott put in the game

but well if anything, fnaf's popularity let us have the desolate hope for free
>you will never ever play desolate hope 2

Undertale and everyone it's corrupted are shit.

I'm ambivalent about Shantae. Love the art, not a fan of platformers.

All of my yes. Lack of slime girls is becoming one of my biggest regrets about life.

literally Saturn

Although given what I've looked into, I'm pretty sure the Temmies came about from Toby slapping the artist repeatedly with a Shigesato Itoi dakimakura while screaming "MAKE ME BOING ZOOM, BITCH," so I'm not too worried about this.

and faggots will think Coffee came from FNAF World

They're not going to get the game censored you fucks. This is how they advertised the game at E3 (at XSEEDs booth)

Stop that, don't bring back threads with such shitty audio such as this, it isn't even 3D.

First, check em, second, this is how you post roleplay

I want to cum all over that chubby shantai's belly

premium shitposting mixed with trying way too hard to prove you didn't like undertale, this post is confusing in a number of ways

fanbases can't ruin games
they can ruin communities, which matters if the game is multiplayer like minecraft
they can ruin franchises, if they are too voracious for the exact same fucking thing a franchise will stagnate like fnaf
but they can't ruin a game that already exists
the closest attempt for undertale would be that shitty kickstarter incentive thing

I like slimes

you reminded me of that doujin

thank you



Here you go.


unless you post the good brown girls



Scott did say after hes done Sister Location he might work on the Desolate Abandon. We just gotta hope and pray that he does

Chang's a fine artist, she went lewder than Toby did with Undertale, the rabbit shopkeeper is both drawn/designed by Temmie and is the only monster to have visible breasts. People saying she'll piss and moan about soggy knees have no fucking clue of who she is or what she does and just want to bawl about muh Tumblrtale.

Ayyyy there he is

Wario version is better

Night and day, far better.

no, but i would a slimedude

I like your style, user.

Doesn't let me drive 13 year olds to suicide in it.


I can play the "Shit in place of something" game too, faggot.

Who is narrating that.
I'm gonna rape her.

Slime girl best girl

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Shit
Monster Hunter 4: Ultishit
Kirby and the Amazing Shit


MSGV: The Shit Pain
Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Shit
Dragon's Shit
American McGee's Shit
SMT: Strange Shit


not to mention the one who would piss and moan about soggy knees came and left and went hard damage control on their history. Mariel from skullgirls

The comic itself that the mango's based off of isn't even haremshit, the main character in all of them is a separate person with each girl and they're all just identical-looking brothers that each went for a different monster. I imagine the show was changed to haremshit to appeal to otakus and other fat Japanese neets that have way too much money.


Harem animes are shit fam.

Could you post the doujin, user?

Not the best Genesis album, but its still very good.

thats not even a real question is it?
i hope everyone gets really triggered

It doesn't particularly matter to me that she hopped on board this late in the game, but I'm not disappointed in the least. I followed tem before she worked on undermeme, her animations are nice and her pixel art (when NOT being held back by Toby's lack of artistic ability) is cute.

Nah. Being a xenophile, I want to bang proper aliums. Someone who is literally just a regular fucking human but slime isn't my speed.

See, now, this is properly alium. Though, being a girl what transforms still ruins it a dab.

why not both? come on you can handle it. you have to represent humanitys ability to persevere through sexual vigor

Because humans, frankly, bore me.
That's about it.

Not like it necessarily has to be an alien girl to begin with. Just has to be something not human. Humans are dull.
I had a dream about a rather cute locust-style mech once. Took piloting as marriage. Was a very jealous sort. Good times.

>be humanities ambassador, of sex
thanks user were all dead greeeaaat going

Damn nigga you got good taste in Locust. I am also partial to the MWO design, sue me

Her fault for deceiving me. She should've stayed in proper bug form.

trade relations with local mantispeople
Why live

would she eat your head though?

The MWO design is pretty okay.
I am actually rather partial to the Raven at that point, though. But 20ton is always better.

Mantises don't actually eat heads, so probably not.
It was supposedly starved mantises in captivity.

please move out of the way, agahnim


I fucking hope so, Scott aint a bad developer. But I understand he wants to milk FNAF dry before moving on.

Desolate Hope was a big fuck you against abortion too, it's funny how barely anyone got the damn message.


speak for yourself, faggot

Excuse you, but that's SHADWIC The Shithog. OC donut steel

Go big or go home, faggot.

I like the art, but that is the most fucking pointless idle animation ever. Why the fuck is her bra strap wiggling back and forth? And where her torso joins her hips?

If this is temmie's work, she should just fuck off back to where she came from.

She's an amorphous blob of jelly.

I think both of you are just trying to stir a shit pot from either end of the spectrum, it was an OK game at best, it was fun data mining and finding all the shit, the gaster stuff was neat, and the music was neat

all in all the game is a one hit wonder

Danuki are best, anything with a big fluffy tail really

What's the story behind this?

The story is fucking terrible, and they paired off one of the better characters with the worst one in the game. I don't think anyone is really complaining about the game itself, its very clearly a casual shmup, but that meant it had to rely on the story and characters.

i thought shmup is short for shoot-em-up

Good taste.

stopped reading right there, fucking pleb.

why cant artists do anything right?

you disappoint me

the board would be to boring if everyone have the same taste on stuff, but nice dubs

More, please!


Wowie. Sage for off-topic but some people really have no self-reflection skills.

my mind says absolutely but my dick sees you as a threat to his way of life

>has the chance to post the best genesis album
>post second best


Son of a bitch.

How the fuck did you guys even save that swf? Shit always errors out for me since coldtires disabled them.

ah swf is supported once more? lovely

well i didnt do anything special, it just opened a download prompt for me

It doesn't have good gameplay or sexy girls


Wrong on both accounts. How do you get around with such shit taste?

Slimegirls are the ultimate monstergirl when it comes to fulfilling one's fetishes. In fact, slime girls are the sex toys of monster girls based on their functions

The only downside is that you'll probably need to dry up a lot afterward, assuming that she can't absorb all the fluids around her, and you're not fucking her in a tub or pool of some sort.

Muh fast motherfucker
Hope you like being shot in the ass due to your low turn rate.

tumbrl please, slimes are born with their gender of course there are some slime traps or futas.

stop being a poorfag