SAPPHIRE Announces NITRO+ Radeon RX 480

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What is the difference between a company like Sapphire and AMD? Is sapphire a small company that is bought out by AMD and they brand the cards that way so there is an illusion of competition or is it a random company that just uses the exact same parts and they get away with it.

Maybe ASUS Strix is more to your liking, Nvidia friend?

sapphire used to be nvidia brand, but they lost one of their factories to terrible fire and amd bought them out to make only AMD and Intel GPUs

Awesome! I'll buy one right away, fellow user!

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I bought into the AMD hype when I built my computer a year ago. I got a really good deal on a 290X. It caught fire a couple of weeks ago while playing Witcher 3. Never buying an AMD product again.

Wake me up when they have water coolers for it.

As far as I can tell it's like chocolate bar brands or breweries. Almost everything is owned by just a couple of companies, but there are dozens of subsidiary brands owned by each even within the same industry.



What the fuck are its specs?
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So what card should I get to upgrade from a Gigabyte 2GB HD7790?

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Pull the coils out of a toaster oven and insert them into the PCI slot.

AMD, like Nvidia, designs GPU chips. They also create a reference design video card using those chips, which almost always sucks.

Sapphire is an OEM like Asus, EVGA, MSI, Powercolor, XFX, etc. They take the chips designed by AMD or Nvidia, and using the reference card as a foundation, create a product for end users that's actually worth buying. This usually involves better power delivery/capacitors, better cooling, and so on, but the chip at its heart remains the same.

When your video card explodes, it's not typically AMD or Nvidia's fault, but that of low-tier OEMs cutting corners.

The only difference from the reference 480 is 1342mhz core clock instead of 1266. The rest is improved cooling, fans, fan control/monitoring, and RGB lighting, resulting in a higher $269 MSRP for the 8GB model.

Pretty much anything.

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we had 2 threads with nvidia shill who made around 40 posts just to defend nvidia 1060 and recommend sites to another anons where to buy it

depends on your budget

Partner boards like this should fix most of the problems that the reference board had. Getting rid of the power throttling will probably improve performance by 3-4% while adding another 5% OC with higher clocks, allowing it to go toe to toe with the GTX 1060. But if the price is elevated too much, it loses to the 1060 for price/perf. Of course the 1060 is also mediocre. No SLI, DX12/Vulkan perf is poor like with all GoyVidya cards. And neither card can comprehensively beat the GTX 980. AMD waited too long. Partner boards needed to launch within a week of the reference card.

But the reason the 480 and the 1060 are mediocre is because there's a glut of cards that start at the R9 290 and end at the GTX 980 where a good overclock takes you from one end of the spectrum to the other (R9 290 < GTX 780Ti = GTX 970 = R9 390 = R9 290X < R9 390X < GTX 980).

The 1060 and 480 just add to that, and don't bring enough improvements to justify switching from any of these cards unless you're autistic about power draw. They're actually pretty solid when looked at in a vacuum and if you're upgrading from a toaster GPU, they're fine. But neither card can be found at their best scenario/advertised 200/250 price points, especially outside of NA. So the value proposition goes way down, when there are a heap of cards in the same performance range.

Would you recommend either of those cards if I already have a 280X?

I bought an AMD gpu and cpu once, the gpu was the only gpu i ever had that fucking died(less than 2 years) and the cpu was the one that got outdated the fastest(in less than 3 years i couldnt run some games because it didnt have the tech needed like sse and shit)

I have £312 right now. I'm willing to save and spend up to £700

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I have athlon2 thats running for 9years and the 3870 that died after 8 years but due to my fault

You either have some cheapo psu or you treat your pc like shit

all my pcs have filters and shit, they never even get any dust inside. AMD is shit

If you have that kind of patience, wait for the full line of AMD cards to release so everyone's prices settle into their appropriate brackets. It's always volatile right after new product launches. Then look for whatever you're comfortable spending on in the 200-350 range. More than that is a waste, especially at 1080p.

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The Nitro is probably the best of the aftermarket options, but I look forward to seeing what XFX does. They usually do pretty well.

Also, for people who overclock, the 480 seems to get much higher yields from overclocking then the 1060, so if you willing to fiddle with power and clocks, you can actually squeeze a lot more performance out of them.

If you don't overclock, then the 1060 remains slightly more powerful.

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are those XFX some new guys? never heard of them

They use to sell nvidia cards but nvidia didn't like that they started trying to sell amd cards too so they stopped supplying them.

XFX Black editions tend to come with a pretty aggressive factory overclock and their coolers are solid, if slightly inferior to most Sapphire ones. They used to also have lifetime warranties, but they ditched them not to long ago.

Regardless, when it comes to AMD cards, I feel like Sapphire and XFX are the ones to look at first.


The Radeon reference is alright, granted you have proper cooling in your system.

I haven't had my reference go higher than 60C in my room after playing vidya all day. The hottest I've ever seen my CPU break was 50C.

I'll probably get a RX 470 or RX480 at the end of the year, I'll only be doing 1080p gaming so I don't need anything better than that tbh. I could get a 1060 but nvidia aren't known for future proofing their cards, actualy they actively seem to want to shit on their older cards.

nvidia likes to fuck over their own customers

I wouldn't consider MSI a low-tier manufacturer. I didn't overclock, I had an EVGA 750W PSU, none of this bargain brand shit, and I cleaned out the fans once or twice a month. I have dust filters in my case and plenty of aftermarket fans. There is absolutely no reason that shit should have happened, but it did. So yeah, over to NVidia it is.

Pretty much.

Just another casualty to the Fermi.

Nah. That line is the future.

Let me guess you bought an fx chip? Even people who buy amd are smart enough to not buy into those garbage chips.

It's gonna sell like hot cakes.

A fair and balanced review.

Is there anything better than the 4GB RX 480 right now at the $200 pricemark?


Price? also did they fix that "error" where it burns your mobo to the ground?

why not add a few bucks and buy a 8 gb one?

Depends on how badly you want/need an extra 30% in performance. They use less power, which is nice and slightly added value over time (5-10 bucks a year). On the other hand, $250-300 for a 30% perf boost isn't that cost effective. If you had anything lower, I'd go for it. But the HD 7970/R9 280X has had an un-naturally long life span. It was beaten handily on release by the GTX 680 until the GHz edition came out. But through a combination of diligent driver improvements and DX12/Vulkan adoption, it has left the GTX 680 for dead and will probably be within 5-10% of the GTX 780 by the end of the year. Flip a coin and see what happens.

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The card is not capable of producing enough heat to catch fire you fucking idiot. Is this a meme of which I'm not aware?

The one and only way that can happen is if you either insert the card into the slot incorrectly and the gold prongs don't line properly AND they do line up in an extremely rare configuration that crosses the power rails and turns your card into the equivalent of a stove top. The only other way your card could ever possibly catch on fire is if the manufacturer installed the gold prongs incorrectly and after you installed the card in the slot properly they aligned in such a way that the power rails crossed and, again, your card basically becomes a stove top.

In both cases your card would have not worked even for a second after the installation, and you said that you've used yours for about a year. Ergo you are a lying sack of shit or you took the card and fucked up the re-installation as badly as is possible.

Either way, you are a liar or just a loser who needs to take some classes in computer building.

The 480 is the same price as a R9 390X in my country, and only $70 dollars cheaper than a R9 Fury. And I'm still not really sure who the 480 is targeted towards besides the VR fags; and VR fags will probably spend premium buck for a high end GPU anyway. That whole AMD showcase was extremely disappointing, even as a recluse who owns an AMD branded t-shirt.

Since were talking gpus can anyone answer this user? I'd like to know the answer as well before I build small for the same reason of living in a tight space.

>>>Holla Forums629944

solved, good work user who posted

The biggest shop here also made card 100 euros mroe expensive for no reason got called by people by doing so but still those different country pricings are weird as fuck

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Anandtech says the launch price will be $269 for the 8GB version and $219 for the 4GB version (8GB also has higher clock speeds btw). The original is $239 for 8GB and $199 for 4GB. So in effect it costs $30 more for 8GB and $20 more for 4GB… according to official launch prices.

On stock I can't really see the price hike being worth it from a cost/performance angle. I feel like you get a 5% boost in performance in exchange for what's at least a 10% increase in price. If you overclock it (since the Nitro runs colder due to better cooling design) you can get better mileage out of it, but that makes the fans obnoxious so you'd better have a decent cooling system.

We'll see how retailers sell it, though.

Yeah. Sapphire switched the 6pin connector for a proper 8pin so that it no longer overdraws power from the motherboard, so that's fixed, although a dual 6-pin wouldn't've been bad either. That was honestly one of the first things I expected them to fix anyway since it's such an easy fix.

Also AMD already released a driver update to reduce power consumption from your card and switch from drawing power through the PCI-E to your 6pin (which means it technically overdraws from the 6pin but unlike your motherboard those 6pin connectors should be able to handle drawing power above spec if you have a quality power supply which you always should anyway). Sapphire just puts in a fucking 8pin so I'm pretty sure it can just properly handle drawing power.

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