JRPG's story is about overthrowing the evil corrupt government








That's what you get for playing shit games.




I've noticed a lot of the stuff from Japan does this.
I've been playing tales of zestiria recently and there's an obvious analogy for the catholic church in that, though I can't tell if it's the church itself that's evil or just some of the idiots working for it.
Like the pope was an ok guy but the cardinal was basically evil incarnate



It's not just Japan. Evil priests have been a thing for a long time. Pretty much ever since they've been permitted to be shown in media. Ladyhawke is a good example in western media.

Only played a very little bit of Zesteria, but if it's anything like Symphonia, it may be just the usual "Oldest and most powerful beings use a religion as a disguise for what they're really doing and all the humans in said religion are just pawns unaware of what's going on", which wouldn't surprise me, as it's a very typical plot used in a lot of Japanese games. "Defeating god(s) and other ultimate beings" is considered THE challenge to overcome.

Jrpgs are about the systems. Every single one has a borderline retarded story. It's there because it needs to be there. Also maybe they like that kind of shit, I wouldn't know.

Every time I complain about the braindead gameplay found in most JRPGs people tell me it's the story that I should be playing for instead.

I dont think there's a single portrayal of Christianity-like religion even in Western media where atleast some of the guys worshipping it arent just mean evil sons of bitches and in places of power like cardinals/inquisitors or such.

Now if they did that with Islam…



Autists will always tell you you're playing a game wrong instead of admitting something they like is shit.



Oh right, that's it.

Now we just have to wait until they admit Persona 3-4 have always been shit.





People do it to Christians because they can get away with it. However, it's not a death sentence because anyone can be forgiven for blasphemy towards God and Jesus if they seek forgiveness. Mark 3:28-30.

If anyone is confused by the "blasphemize against the holy spirit" line. The holy spirit is an entity that takes place when you intend to seek forgiveness for your sins. To "blasphemize" against it means that you don't seek forgiveness for being in the wrong path.

Saying that it's an eternal sin for not seeking forgiveness is equivalent to stating that you'll suffocate if you have your mouth agape underwater.

I can't remember what Avalanche wanted outside of stopping mako reactors at this point.
But they were tolerable.

They blew up at least one reactor and killed thousands of civilians with that act.


He was talking about Christianity though, not catholicism.

You are right. Damn. I had forgotten how the midgard pizza collapsed after that.

Catholicism is part of the christian faith, stupid Chaim.

Papists out

the protestant reformation is probably the most interesting and complex period of european history and it's completely untouched in all major media outlets, I don't understand it, anabaptists, lutherans, the Swiss reformation, the Scottish Reformation, the Hussite wars, the Roman Catholics purging out "protestant" groups in their own camp that had been considered completely orthodox for centuries beforehand, the condemnation of Leo X by his immediate successor as having been instrumental in the split of the western church and immediately set about in trying to end the abuses that had initially sparked it.

It's so rich, so deep, so important and we get nothing.

Sand Niggers are a staple enemy to fight in vidya, from medieval fantasy counterparts to just plain old terrorists out in the desert or jungle. But the actual religion itself? Well all I can think of is fantasy counterparts where their zealotry is what makes them the enemy oh and that they're usually wrong about everything and/or disposable dupes.

Christianity though? The crusades and everyone being butthurt about that for hundreds of years pretty much cemented Knights Templar as the go to "bad guy" faction.


in WRPGs they would have a one word name. so sick of games were everything is called "THE [blank]" as if it were actually named by some 21st century no-life instead of something that actually fits the people and places of the universe.

Imagine if Tolkien just called the Nazgul "the Riders" with no variation depending on who's speaking. really pisses me off.


First JRPG I ever played and the last. If this is the best fucking gooks can come up with then then hopefully their birth rates will lower to the point where they go extinct

Japan has a history with Christianity. In most countries the Christfags won but in glorious Nihon the missionaries were BTFO.


Nice bait, reatard.

Are there any good games with cute nuns?

why do they come here?

Looking at that JRPG side reminds me. I hate how in some FF games, by end game you only use like 4 different spells and everything else is now useless. FF12 at least had some gimmicky shit with techniques where they didn't have many uses but were never useless and were used throughout the whole game. Dragon Quest makes use of every move you get unless it's an offensive spell, at which point you'll just use the strongest one.

It's usually dungeon crawlers where every spell has a use. Whether it be torch to light the dungeon, trap protection, walking over hot floors, or lowering encounter rate.

Guilty Gear

Deception IV has Lyla the sadistic nun.

I doubt anyone here hates Japanese shit. Mainly just "moeshit" that comes from anime but they don't actually keep up with anime so they assume that's all there is. Like how a casual would think most games that come out these days are just open world or cinematic games.

Bridget is cute. But I'm not into pretending.

I still need to play that game. It's just sitting on my shelf.


that part collapsed becuase of shinra, they only manage to destroy one maco reactor.
of course they are as retarded as greenpeace.

That happens when most of mass media and the film industry is owned by jews.

Berserk. In Berserk the "Catholic" church is really fucked up and an exaggerated evil version of how it was in medieval Europe.

I think it was to free the sector 7 slums from the ebil ShinRA corp. I love how even the npcs tell you how retarded your plan was when you're coming back from the first reactor.

Except in strategy games. In strategy games, Moslems are as savage as they are, and Crusaders are what they were, defenders of western civilization.

Akira Toriyama drew the art for Chrono games

AVALANCHE's entire reason for existing was because Barret was still mad about the fact that Shinra massacred his entire hometown, shot his arm off, and forcibly installed a leaky reactor that flooded the ecosystem with slavering monsters.

Getting rid of Mako reactors was, regardless of the methods used, the objectively best choice. Not only do they literally kill the Planet, but the runoff ends up turning people and animals into man-eating magical monstrosities. If Shinra hadn't been putzing around with Mako energy so much, then Sephiroth never would have existed and Jenova would still be stuck six miles below ground.

The only time the "overthrow the church/government" story was done right was in His Dark Materials. Can't think of any other media where that was done right.

The Metal Gear series.

You already like anime so we know you're a degenerate. May as well embrace evil.

Dungeon Travelers 2.


In that case you're good. I'm the only evil one here.

The funny thing about this is that I've seen more games with religions based off the Eastern Orthodoxy and the Pentarchate, than religions based off the many Protestant denominations out there.

What's it like being dumb?

You better not be hating on the Spookies

I havent played Chrono Cross because I'm not fucking retarded like you, it's garbage.

Fiora is perfection. Sadly she has no figurine. And when they did make a few for the game, they chose either the least modest outfits (Berserker Alisa) or a less interesting character.

I think edgy characters are cool


I'd rather the worst girl win every time instead of having no closure.

It's secretly the second disc of Xenogears. That's why Chronopolis and Solaris have the same evil save point conspiracy blah blah it was your dad plot twist.

But hey Warcraft has one Inquisitor Whitemane, who used to torture innocents with the power of God's Light and rained shit and judgment upon sinners.

Then she got rekted and rezzed into a Death Knight Horserider.

When did this ever happen?

Also let's talk about Watchdogs 2 :^)

But that's just a theory.


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How many games let you play as the force preventing a rebellion?
I agree in times like this, showing a rebellion in a bad light is a bad idea, but the only RPG I can think of where the rebellion are your enemies is Megaman X Command Mission (though I suppose all Megaman games are about stopping a rebellion).

Fair point.
Apparently one of the Fable games did that (get other kingdoms to help fight evil force, then consider if you keep your word after).

But going from army & guerrilla base management to kingdom management would be pretty neat.

Kind of like how some people went ape-shit over Kingsman.

Also, nice information c2d61f. Wish more churches actually explained that. What's the good books attitude on doing good just to go to heaven? Or "last second repentance" (whether it be genuine or "oh god get me out of hell")?

Are there any games where you fight as the government/king's guard where you have to stop the rebels, that doesn't turn into "the rebels are really the good guys! the gubment is using you!"

Super Mario Brothers


Dishonored is coup d'etat simulator at this point.

Modern Warfare 3