When will this matchmaking meme end?

When will this matchmaking meme end?

Are you not fucking sick of being queued with retards with the game expecting you to carry?

Instead of being queued up with idlers and people that don't know how to play the game?

At least matchmaking works most of the time. With server browsers you gamble every time. Not that I hate server browsers, but cmon, they're not that fucking great, you're just nostalgic.

Are you saying that wanting to have an actual choice is just nostalgic?
Get the fuck out.

I can't be fucked playing modern multiplayer games because of this shit. It's boring. Winning is actually fun sometimes but after you skyrocket your hidden mmr you're fucking done

And this whole "50/50 win loss is ideal" is toxic cancer

Having a certain server that you go to regularly can challenge you and drive you to improve your game, while you form bonds with the server's other patrons.

Matchmaking just feels like a grind. If I wanted to try to work with a bunch of assholes that I hate and want nothing to do with at the end of the day, I'd get a job.

Matchmaking isn't a bad idea for a quick random game if favorite server is empty or whatever, but making it mandatory is fucking cancerous.

A choice of what? Players? You don't know who you're being matched to. Map? If the game isn't shit it probably has filters for both maps and game modes.
Cmon guy

Some people don't really care about that. Apparently most of them.

This statement is retarded for the same reason you don't say "when you shop at a grocery store, you gamble every time." When I shop at a grocery store, I get to choose which brand of bread I get. I might not know what each brand tastes like when I start, but when I find one I like, I can stick with it or choose to move on. I don't get a random one thrown at me by a baker who tells me that if I don't like the one I get, then tough shit, I'm entitled.

But you don't. Because it's not guaranteed the same people will be there next time. It is a gamble, you could enter, have a great time, and then next time it's filled with furfags.

Also none of this is about playing the game, you're trying to make the argument that since you lack social interaction you need to find friends on a fucking game server instead of playing the game.

The fuck does that have to do with anything

Forced 50 is bullshit, and MMR/ELO aren't perfect either. Never you mind you may have situations where you're extremely low but the other 4 players you're with are extremely high and you're thrown in for "balance", yet the difference in skill is tangible and somehow you're supposed to have sense on their level.

Oh boy, I wonder if this is Overwatch or Dota bitching! Don't you guys get your own containment threads?

Could be applied to any game post 2010, but yeah probably applies less to the games you play because Overwatch actually takes player skill instead of killstreaks.

if you can't even tell, why's the own containment thread needed?

I can foresee a derail already

I can guarantee you are always one of the 25's or you wouldn't actually be complaining


Never change neo/v/

Objective time means fuckall if you lose.
K/D means fuckall if you lose.
Win/lose means fuckall if you get good teams that carry you.
Level balancing means fuckall because, well, you get bullshit like a team of 10-15's with a single 50+ and such.
So no, it really doesn't.

You're right the 100 would have no reason to complain in that situation, your logic is flawless

You're not helping your argument.

neo/v/ plays Overmeme

absolutely none, in any game worth playing a single "100" should be enough to sweep the floor with 50s even if there are 25s lying around, even assfaggots are provably this way and you can fucking see it happen, shooters are 100% this way and you'd know it if you've ever seen any lobby player join a pub, and so forth
you are not a 100 and you are definitely not really a 50 if you think that the rest of your team being "25" is the problem
don't get me wrong, mmr is shit, but you are not some mystical extreme deviation and ass-faggots niggers all believe they are somehow the 100 in a team of 5 50's

If you are joining NEW servers, it's like you are gambling whether that grocery store is actually a crack house.

If you have a regular server there's still going to be a very large variety in the playerbase on that server. Either you are going to be up against the natural stack or the autobalancestack. The best they can do even in an ideal situation is split up the noobs and pros onto each team, and that's assuming there's more than one pro on at a time otherwise it's pretty futile.

In matchmaking games you are drawing from a MUCH larger pool of players and you don't have to put those noobs and pros against anyone but other noobs and pros. Granted, elo isn't always perfect at separating people like that, but it's WAY better than the alternative.

The best servers always have regulars who aren't shit.
u wot, m8? I'm talking about relative skill levels and administration styles. If they're nice people, then that's good too, but no, that isn't the first consideration.


I don't get why people think Hitscan equates to player skill.

wow that's a strong argument there

How rare do you think this is?

I'd think it was just someone ebin b8ing, but there's multiple dumbasses so I'm leaning towards genuine retardation. Bonus points for thinking that matchmaking has less pubstomps; matchmaking is literally nothing but pubstomps.

It has never happened to me, so probably very.
But I'm sure you're gonna tell me that all the servers you found for every single game you played only had top of the line servers and communities


I know guys, I know - play Tracer/Phara/Reaper/Genji at a high level though, you'll see

It's like 33% to a Quake duel's %100 but it's aight

I shiggy diggy diddly doo

And the biggest cancer of them all:

Nah m8

Do you actually want to discuss this, or are you just going to make vague accusations? If you don't want shit servers, start by using your fucking brain, and don't enter the ones labeled things like
You enter servers that have a decent population until you find one where you get your shit kicked in, and then you keep playing.

I'd rather be with furfags than in a normal server. Nowadays that shit is infested to the brim with kids and/or SJWs.

No thank you man. You can keep believing that server browsers are better, but every single experience with it I've had with it has ranged to shit to mediocre at best.

And you know, fair enough, I missed the early days of server browsers because I didn't have an internet connection, but anything post 2007/2008 for me was just full-on cancer.

You might carry, but you're still a retard


If those are your gripes, how is a default server with total randoms any different than matchmaking?

Everything boils down to personal experience. You can't make an objective point something is better

Matchmaking obviously filters people by age and political beliefs.

Because at least I don't have to spend minutes finding a server I want to play. I just click one button and get in. Once I'm done I leave.
Done, two seconds.

Yes, you can. Server browser is better because you can actually choose where you go and if you choose badly then it's entirely your fault.
You also won't get punished for leaving a bad server while matchmaking gives you penalties 99% of time.

Not true. Unless you play mobas.

Cawadoody doesn't count because it's a lobby system rather than matchmaking and I don't know of any other popular games that have mandatory MM for gameplay.

What really needs to die is join-in-progress.




If you are 4 times as good as your fellow players, and double as good as the enemy, you should have a very easy game most of the time. Especially in the type of games that generally employ such scheme (assfaggots). You are not just a bit better than them, you are ranked double of them. You should be plenty better.

That type of match making also nearly never happens in popular games unless you are really at the very, very top. And you likely aren't. What is more likely is that you are a 54 and the rest of your team is 49.

And lastly, how the fuck does 100+4*25 add up to 250? Its fucking 200.

Entering isn't a penalty for leaving. Also you can deactivate if you don't want to enter an already in progress match.

of course it doesn't

I bet L4D2 doesn't count either, or Halo, or whatever flavor shooter came out some time ago.

This is exactly why this shit keeps happening. The 100 can't take on a team of average players in a real game. This isn't some super high skill ceiling Quake TDM where you can run the map. These are modern games where you have limited health/ammo. You can't TD or kill everyone in these team games.

No you don't have an easy game, you get fucked because your team can't kill a single enemy and your 2-3 kills don't mean shit

Because there's a thread for each.

You can't enter any game for 10 minutes if you've left a MM game in tf2 now. At all.
It's a lobby system, there is a gigantic fucking difference. You get tossed into a lobby that is nothing more than a contemporary server and you don't leave this lobby at the end of the match. It's not matchmaking, it's just a dumb system. Also same goes for Halo since you brought it up.
And I've never played L4D2 with randoms, so there's that.

That's an addition to TF2, I mean sure if you want to make strawmen you can count it, but it's still pretty dumb.

You get tossed into a lobby with players matching your skill. It's matchmaking.

No. It's based entirely on connection.

In things like assfaggots, you should really be able to do so. You being double as good means you should probably be able to outfarm their entire team on your own, meaning any person you find alone on their side is just one more for the meatgrinder that should be you. Of course it depends on the kind of heroes you pick (go for the hard carry to have it easiest). If you can only get two kills on the enemy team while you are double as good as them (assuming you aren't simply going for objectives instead), you are not as good as you think you are. I doubt anybody here has ever been matched with people 1/4th their own ranking against people 1/2th your ranking. Anybody that ever played dota 1 when you did not have rankings and played against somebody a lot better than them knows they barely stand a chance. Only at the very bottom of the rankings can double your rank not make that much difference.

Yes you will have to adjust your playstyle, but you should be able to win.

Which game are you talking about in which you couldn't take on a team consisting of players half as good as you. The only ones I could think this might happen is heroes of the storm because there is barely any skill involved there (and even then, with the right heroes you probably could) and perhaps overwatch because I never played it so it might be possible.

If you can't kill every other person, you either chose a hero that can't have enough influence on the game on himself, or you just aren't as good as you think you are.

Because there's no hotpocket mod on the server to protect their safe space

Man 10 words in both your posts and it's obvious you don't know anything, thanks for the replies though

There's no way this isn't bait.

Reminder that single-player games are vastly superior and wont arbitrarily die after the jews in charge shut down because muh shekels, turning the le epin esport meme game into a non-functioning, non-product, non-service that only takes space from your HDD.

fuck, I meant "shut the servers down".

They weren't fucked up, they were consistent. Working as intended, because it was a necessary boost to keep the projectiles on par with hitscan.

They've also been fixed.

Yes, there are. It's objectively worse, because moderation is handled by the studio itself, often by PR peons, who have an extremely high chance of being SJWs, and that means that every game you can possibly be in is subject to SJW horseshit.

Don't forget that single player games also have this nice thing called "consistency" aka they won't be turned into a whole new game in the span of a year.

Meanwhile after you've played your single player game through a few times you've seen everything the game has to offer, turning your still technically functional game into something that only takes space from your drive.

Even with their inevitable impending doom, multiplayer games just have better longevity.

git gud

It strikes me as obvious that you haven't ever played as or either against somebody who you were double as good as.
I don't mean to say that you should actually outfarm them, its partly the case, if you can't even outfarm them (assuming you play carry), then you probably aren't even as good as them, but you should gain advantages through many things like mechanics, knowing when a certain respawn happens, knowing how far you can extend, being able to blink away faster, knowing what you counter better (if you really are the top player of your team, you should almost always be the last player to lock into a hero after having seen the enemy team, you do play a game in which you can know what the enemy team brings, don't you user?). Among so many other things you should be able to abuse.

And my other point still stands, neither Dota 2, nor Lol, nor CS:Go nor nearly any other popular game with matchmaking will ever match you with people 1/4th your skill against people 1/2 your skil, unless you personally chose to go in a party with those people or you are at the very top so it has to match you against worse players or you there are nearly no other players so it matches you with whatever it can find.

You are talking double as good. If I were to use the dota 2 MMRs, which I am most familiar with, this isn't matching a 4.5k with a 3.5k, this is you being 6k, all of your enemies being 3k and your team being 1.5k (doesn't add up to the same MMRs, but neither does OPs one, so whatever). The differences are so massive that even if you lost, you should have at least a kdr of 15.

And anyways, it's not like these games will stay lost forever, just look at Dreamcast games.

But if you find the single player game to be fun you're just going to keep playing it anyways, along with other single player games that tickle your fancy. I should know, I'm an autistic enough fuck who has clocked something like 500 hours on Dark Souls.

Besides, you have far more control over the enjoyment you get from a single player game, whereas the multiplayer only will usually pit you with people that either always go for whatever is broken or outright just trying to fuck you over, leaving you with a constant feeling of absolute frustration and diminishing returns.

I admit that it comes from a personal bias though, I come from a time that paying for a game meant that you keep it forever and completely functional until the end of time. Paying full price for a game that is going to die anyway is asinine to me.


I dont even like the game and im already feeling rage

Dark Souls isn't single player though. I had some 300+ on both DeS and DaS, but that was for multiplayer on both.

Even those, odds are I'm never going to play either one again. Out of content. In more multiplayer focused games the players are content, you never run out.

It's because you know that the game represents a significant market share, and will therefore affect the rest of the market.

You do know you could just play vidya with your friends if you have any but you probably dont because no one wants to be friends with a whiny shitter.
I hope you get ran over by a truck

Or look at it this way, even if you considered DaS as primarily single player, the 500 hours there is nothing. I've got 1540 hours in Natural Selection 2. No idea how much I put into UT2k4 or Starcraft but it's probably more. No single player game will ever come close to that for anyone but the most autistic, and those numbers? They are actually pretty LOW compared to a lot of people. 5000+ hours in a shooter isn't at all unheard of.

See, the thing is I NEVER play pvp in DS. Also, the game heavily features pvp but that doesn't mean it can't be about it's pve, I personally find the latter to be much more fun and comfy.

I agree that the players are content and that matches are unlikely to feel the same on the basis that interacting with human players means that the game becomes unpredictable (therefore, lowering its chances of getting stale), but how many times have you felt good playing with a group of competent players compared to the times the game matches you with absolute dumbfuckingly retarded troglodites who are nothing but tumors?

Unless you find that disadvantage to be part of the fun and challenge, which is fine too I suppose.

See, this nigger here gets it.

casuals will never know what it's like

you think that's bad? The guy in charge of balance doesn't like healers becasue they heal.
he believes resource-less champions are balanced by their cooldowns

For the braindead idiots in the thread I did a little turn based outcome for you

Matchmaking is cancer

The fact that you think being "double as good" as someone will literally always translate into playing twice as good as someone just shows what a moron you are. There are a myriad of factors that can affect your performance: being counterpicked, the game's skill ceiling (Usually pretty low, most people don't like admitting this, though), being with randoms against a group (some of my friends are the worst shitters there are, but we absolutely pubstomp when in a group, I'm going to go out on a limb and say my shitter friends aren't twice as good as these people, it's almost like there is another factor…), and finally, having nothing but shitters on your team can definitely hamper your performance (in games where map control matters having shitters can be devastating, and in ASSFAGGOTS where the enemy team is rewarded by your shitter's bad play can also have a very negative effect.)

But I'm sure none of that shit actually matters, matchmaking is literally perfect, and anyone who thinks otherwise must be some kind of retard. Besides, some chink who spends every waking moment playing the game can beat random shitters, the system works!

Also, just for good measure I had to quote this gem again:


Still puzzles me how any company owner can think that hiring a clearly insane person like this would be a good idea.

they dont even know a crazy person has been hired, they've been told they need an HR dep so they dont get sued. Since HR is a job so easy plankton can do it people get their friends hired and once one crazy person gets hired then its over

I don't think there's a single better name for that image.

No matchmaking system on Xonotic. Also playing with Holla Forums on Holla Forums's server.

I guess that's one of the things that goes wrong when a studio becomes too big.

I still gotta watch that.


Daily reminder that the Elo system was made by a guy named Arpad Elo, and Arpad is an anagram for DARPA.


This thread seems to be going for the world record for stupidest posts imaginable. You come off as a kindergardener with ADHD. "I need a shiny, new, arbitrary change or I can't play the game. Enjoying the game for the gameplay? What?"

I'll start with the funniest part of your post: The fact that you think that you see all you can see quicker in a singleplayer game. I'm not even sure how you thought this sounded right much less how it didn't come off as brazenly stupid to you. With the exception of MMOs you will pretty much see all the gameplay a multiplayer game has to offer within the first match. Yet, people still seem to stick around afterwards (I'd reckon they enjoyed it).

Secondly, I'd like to address the very shaky use of "longevity" here. Multiplayer games only have "longevity" in the very basest, most technical terms. The "longevity" is usually the fact that the game has kept the same name throughout the years. WoW is almost nothing like it was back when I played it, but according to you it has great longevity simply because it's still named WoW and you can raid. Ask vanilla WoW players what they think of WoW in it's current state. I guarantee the phrase "not the same game" comes up.

Another point I'd like to make is that the shiny, arbitrary changes that seem to keep you hooked (not the gameplay, obviously, seems to speak volumes to how shit the game is if you need a new carrot dangled in front of you every so often to keep you playing) are often what brings about the downfall of many of these multiplayer games. I will again point to WoW. Do you think the game is just randomly dying on it's own after all these years, or could it be that the playerbase hasn't liked some of the changes the game has gone through recently? Though, you strike as the type of person who keeps playing after crappy changes (because all change is inherently good, duh) and then later complains that you have no idea how the game got to this point.

top fucking kek games with that are fucking garbage get some taste you shit eating mongrel

Yes, at keeping the customers busy.

>you win some
>you lose some

i wish matchmaking never existed, because it fucking killed off server browsers in the process and a lot of the time wont even let you join games in progress. now instead of joining a game and going "oh that was a little tough ill join a different server" it becomes "here let me search for half an hour trying to match you up with people of similar skill" then finally saying "no matches found" after that wait or even worse "here i found a perfect match with a platinum skill player :^)"

I forgot to mention, many single player games aren't locked in a static state, it's called mods. And, honestly, many mods are a lot better than the updates multiplayer games receive, mainly because the stuff like new maps for DOOM aren't randomly slapped together just for the sake of, "We gotta change something!"

Just remember longevity when all the games you mentioned are dead in 10 years; I'll still be enjoying DOOM.

P.S. I love the fact that you mentioned some people put 5000 hours into games that haven't probably haven't even been out for 5 years.

Shit taste isn't a mental illness but it should be.

Fuck off you retard, use your terminology right.

matchmaking caught on and now everybody uses it, if that isn't a meme in action i don't know what is

Thanks for coming to the show fluttbustered cuckslime.

Removing options is never a good idea.

but a meme is not about how good an idea is, its how well it spreads


When you get some taste and stop playing garbage games.

He's not wrong

You missed the part where I said players ARE content. Even mods you will exhaust eventually. It's not about shiny new updates in multiplayer. It's SINGLEplayer games that need the shiny to keep going. Whether it's mods or DLC or just not playing the game for half a decade or more so you can forget enough, all the content is strictly finite and even the most mod-heavy games don't have the staying power to top the 1000 mark.

Multiplayer every game is different because people play differently even if they are the same people and there is an actual reason to keep playing and keep getting better. Once you've beaten the hardest difficulties a single player game has to offer there's no need to improve your skill, there's nothing to really test it on.

That's specifically for VS-type games btw. Coop focused games like online RPGs eventually do get stale for the same reason as the single player ones. You exhaust all the content and challenge the game has. Simply playing with someone else certainly can extend the life of a game, but it's not enough to "go infinite".

Ahh, sorry, multiplayer games have longevity despite not being the same game a year later because you play against different players whose characters look the same and have the same abilities.

Sounds like you think I'm talking about either Overwatch or ASSFAGGOTS. The examples I gave were Unreal Tournament, Starcraft (brood war), and Natural Selection 2.

I'll admit starcraft was a bad example for me though since I played it for UMS which basically made it a mod-driven content-muncher, but the other two still stand.

is this bait

In any multiplayer game I've played, I've always stayed to a specific server. I have expectations of the players there, of available maps and plugins. Matchmaking entirely removes those. I don't wanna play with randoms all the time. I don't play to be better than a random person. It's more satisfying fighting and beating people that you see a lot in a server. I regulared a TFC server, a few TF2 servers, some CS 1.6 servers. I don't care about competitive goals. I don't wanna be the best in the world. I just wanna enjoy myself without being serious about games. This becomes especially apparent as my time decreases with each year and as responsibilities grow. I'm not a kid anymore. I can't just spend 8+ hours on a fucking game.


Fug, It's too early for this shit. Commence bullying.

You're just wrong.

It's also a common name that's existed for at least a thousand years. Bait Status: Taken

That's not how matchmaking works, there's at least some thought behind it, and that doesn't sum up to 250.

Yes however, matchmaking is a fucking cancer. Finding a good server to be a regular on with decent players is the best, but thanks to the normalfags that's disappearing from mainstream games.

Kill yourself.

Because they are either underage, casuals/normalfags, or both. They don't know any better, because they don't know about games they haven't seen an ad for on TV.

haha u just got reeled in

and now ur struggling in a bucket

Have you considered actually getting some friends?

Wrong. One grocery store will tend to have everything you need. The server thing is more comparable to having to go to dozens of grocery stores until you find what you need.



because i'm good enough to carry those retards.

git gud.

Halo somehow had a really good matchmaking. Can't remember if it was 3 or 2. Never felt overpowered or shitty, most any time.
Don't know how they did it. Was nice, though.

halo 3 matchmaking was really good actually
first it determined what team has the higher total ranking and decided that team "should" win, then if you won when you should have lost you gain xp and if you lose when you should win you lose xp
nothing happens when you perform to expectations

thinking back this is actually really bad for compfags who only want to rank up becasue it will become harder and harder to level and might even be impossible as there are less and less people better then you, you have to get matched into the "losing" team and carry to continue leveling at that point, but if your primary concern was a balanced game of halo 3 you definitely got that.

Cancer like you outright ruined multiplayer.