♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

♥ Official Scootalooo Thread ♥

Based Neon Edition

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Not serious. She's cool as hell tho and talk to her all the time. Her best friend is super try hard weird and keeps trying to hook up with me. Even tho we've both told her no, she thinks I'm madly in love with her.

If Cali breaks off into the ocean while I'm there and everyone dies.... I regret nothing

boo thread featuring scoots

I want booze


Well, that's quite unexpected.
It is all justified, I guess?

Oh, a new thread.




She's just mad for the penis, It's whatever tho.

How's the weather over there in Finland?
My friend is flying back from there on Monday

Grim will be pleased to see you ^^

I have no idea what you're referring to.

Mmh ? It's true that it's been a long time, but is there a particular reason ? And what is this ecchi anime with this delightful catgirl ?

I think mostly just your absence.. It has been noted by me too ^^
I think it's a teaser image for season 2 of Musaigen no Phantom World, but I'm not 100% sure, I just found it on facebook

Wait, this is not even a real feline-human hybrid full DNAed catgirl ? How treacherous !

And, well, let's say I wanted to have stuff done. And I didn't suceed. I need to find big motivation to succeed this year, and until now I have found none.

Not neutral.

'Sup Adachi?

Well then.
Been pouring rain for 3 days in a row now, not bad though after all that heat.

Hi SD. Do you have any spare motivation by any chance ? I might need some to avoid being unsuccessful trash.

Yeah, sorry.. she was a catgirl just for one episode in the first season. Probably not worth your time :c

Stuff done? Like what stuff?

Found some motivation lately, how much do you need?
Also what's the occasion?

hi sd

Figured I'd link what I got her. Was going to get her the 3rd one, but they were out of black and it doesn't look good in red.

It's starting to heat up over here. It's like 40c outside

College stuff. Studying and making shit assignments. I ended having to analyze a fanzine on Pope Francis, because I can't pick group projects. Life's not fun.
Plus, my japanese sucks, mainly because my japanese teacher is german and don't really have any teaching method.

End year exams. The first one is in one big week. Haven't started studying yet, because of said assignment.

And the legend continues.

What's up Grim?

Shiro has a huge dick

Yes boo?

Red does that have brothel feeling to it though.
Yeah, to hell with that noise.
It gets max 30c here, but I'd prefer if it was ever half of that.

I know that feel, got a bit less than 2 weeks for entry exams, and currently doing pretty damn fast studying.
Well, you could always do the assignment somehow, I mean not like the grade from that will affect anything, right?

Watchin some MItchiko to Hatchin

a bit sleepy

how you doin

It does. The assignment is as important as an exam. But it's hard to be motivated when you have the conviction that anything you'll do will be a failure provoking your downfall.

Hi Grim.

Glad to see you're still alive and kicking.

Hahaha this is true
I blame you for it
How're you doing today?

It's super neat

I think imma take a nap soon and get to studying, got an important exam tuesday

im fucked up!

Haha. Yeah. Kicking.

Power naps are pretty legit. What's the subject?

Oh? What's are you fucked up on? :3c


how are things betw you and papa adachi


your big dick!

Shiro is a real man

With a real big dick

No one else compares to him, really

I missed you

Most likely not a downfall, if you manage to somehow schedule those 2 so you can do them both at the same time.

Either that, or get one of those fans there?

Boopls no.

Papa Adachi...

Nah but seriously, I don't see him much lately, but he's still as irritable. My environment is still not the best, but hey, I'll manage I guess. For now, my most urgent issue is how to succeed this college year, but I have neither the desire to do it or the feeling I can do it, which is a problem.

My dick and my physique generally speaking are truly above average. Too bad the rest is shit. And that I have too much hair, I'll admit.

I try. But the time is not the problem here, it's really to convince myself that it is worth it, because I have a small chance of success.

It's a sad story

aw shit

just think of it like this

if you don't succeed

you will literally die

I was also ditched today
I feel your pain

Why not? Arent we friends?

Rip math
You and SD be study partners :3c

Fuck you're gonna make me hard thinking about you
Here have a picture of me at the gym

Shut up baby I know it
Love you

we're both procrastinating atm ahah

its a shame working out doesnt cure ur downs face

my heart

[further sob story blogging]


Are you both doing the same type of math? :x

Hahaha fuck that's cute boo

I wish you were TP ;-;

Well, that's how all my study years have been going. Which is probably why I'm mentally exhausted and couldn't care if I was hit by a car tomorrow.

Sounds like you need to take breaks, but still be aware that you need to study, which is kind of pretty stressing.
But what if you only thought that you had a small chance of success?
You could very well be wrong.
In fact, I'm declaring that you're wrong about that.

Friends ≠ Lovers

Well, that's quite problematic.
I assume you've got to wear some protective gear too?

My last days have only been long breaks. I've been working half an hour today. I have an odd problem, where I can conceive that work, my work, has any consequences. Either I am born with perfect knowledge, or I am an unchangeable idiot. Don't know where it comes from, but I've always felt that way about studying. Consequently, this has always been an exhausting action for me.

Sometimes. Most when I pull stuff out of acid I just wear gloves, but we also have aprons, respirator masks, and goggles. Too much of a hassle to put it all on so I just pull everything out with a giant rod like a savage

mmh... I could suck on Shiro's big dick all day...

I am far too fucking polite... Its not my problem you fucktards are shit at a basic job


mmh... I could suck on Shiro's big dick all day...

I was afraid you'd say that.
Maybe you're just a perfectionist about those things?
But you know, if you don't try nothing will ever happen with it.

That truly kills the man.
Well, I hope you can advance so far in that job you don't have to deal with those chemicals.

I know right!?

But friends progress into lovers yes?
let's try that

How about no.

What's so good about it ? Do every girls want to suck dick ? What should I do to make my dick likable ? Will girls want my dick too one day ?

I know. But I'm incredibly afraid of failing. But what scares me more is not simply failing, but failing after having tried my best. It's soul-crushing. Maybe it's why I never invest myself fuly in anything. I am my worst ennemy and I know that the effects of a failure after hours of investment can be devastating for my mind.

Work out a bunch and they will

it's not the piston rod that matters it's the mechanism that picks the girl up and thrusts it inside of her.

u hurt my heart SD

I want to hear Shiro's heavy breathing as I swirl my wet tongue all around the head of his big fat dick..

it has to be big like shiro's

We could take turns going down on each other and playing~
Message me whenever you get on. I keep having dreams I wanna share

Nah the shop is too small to get away from dangerous stuff. I'm just going to leave eventually tho


What is the more important then ? Abs ? Torso ? Heart ? Oh, and what about hair ?
And I don't know who's the girl on your pic, but she looks really cute.

My dick is as large as my thumb is long. Is it big ?


I know that feel with the possibility of impending failure, but I will still at least give my best in order to see if it goes anywhere.
Maybe you should give up on caring that much for the outcome, I did that with all the previous assignments I had.
The less time you're going to deal with it, the less it is going to harm your mind.


Well then, already got ideas for next job then?

I just want to make my Shiro feel good...

Post it

He's not a real man like Shiro so I don't really care

srsly its like watching shit slingin' apes

I love big dicks....

You seriously don't consider categorizing man by dick size do you?

Or rather, why am I even surprised at that


Blood chan is a pretty good fuck tbh fam

I want to get into t shirt printing, but I also have a friend who wants me to help him design websites. Who knows what I'll end up doing tho ^^


Who else is?

So, you mean don't care about the result at all, and studying for the sake of studying ?
It could work. Oddly, the more I think about it, the more right it feels. Well, I need to finish this damn assignment first but... I don't know. It's completely counter-intuitive, but at the same time, it feels like it is what I sould've done from the beginning. Odd. Thank you.

You can't compare length with a photo. Plus, too much hair. But it'd be around 17.5cm in length, and 5cm in width.

I missed the animalistic urges part. What was it about ?

You look like you would be.

The fucks
Its kind of a well known fact that both men and women who are too interested in fucking are hardly the sharpest tools in the shed.

who trum pill here

I spoil her so she knows everything about me

I'm interested in fucking because I lack the social skills leading to fucking. I naturally crave for what I can't have, and I doubt it has anything to do with my intellect.

In an IRL way or in an erotic roleplay way ? I'm not used to animu romances.

I am.


Yeah its the typical virgin weeb shit in your case which is entirely different, you could easily get the fucks if you would commit yourself to them, work out, start dating, read tips, etc. etc. but you are too lazy or whatever, simply because you actually don't desire it that much at all.

I feel like that's more of a side-business one could run though.
Anyways good luck with those journeys.

Pretty much yeah, do it for the sake of just getting it done instead of pondering what it'll turn out to be.
You can always go full perfectionist on it afterwards as long as you don't scrap it all away, that is something you should never do.

In an IRL way
Hopes, dreams, ambitions, fears, height, weight, semen volume, and sometimes bank account.

Only way to get social skills is to practice them. Talk to strangers, guys, super hot chicks you want to cream pie. It's all about having fun

Yeah the few people I know who do it only consider it a hobby. If they wanted they could make it bigger like teespring, yeti, custom ink, and what not, but they limit themselves to small time stuff

I wouldn't say lazy. I'm "just" easily mentally destructed by failures. So it impacts negatively my socialization. Trying is the first step to failing, and that's probably because of that irrational fear that I can't even do that. But I think I might change, I just need the right trigger.

It's hard though. But I'll try. I need to rest though, I don't sleep well lately.

I don't remember ever having fun while talking to strangers. Generally it only makes me question my very existence and what I'm doing on this planet.

Tough shit. That explains it yeah.
Well good luck lad
I can't bring myself to give a shit about anyone or their opinions so I don't feel your pain

Because you aren't in the present with them. Talk about whatever comes to your mind. You could seriously talk about Eckhart Tolle and woman would eat that shit up

Don't worry, I'm kinda used to this in these places. Your support is appreciated.

Who's Eckhart Tolle ? And honestly, besides videogames and anime, I don't have a lot of knowledge. That won't do.

The problem is that you can't just come up with a new brand that will sell like crazy, since in order for a brand to sell it needs to have some background.
Kind of the same thing with being an artist and having some name to yourself.

Alright, I don't really sleep well either.
Lately I've been just waking up multiple times during night, but I feel like that's because of stress.

Yeah, I can understand that. I wonder how many years of life expectancy I already lost because of stress.

Better not stress yourself over that, since that kind of makes the number even bigger.

He's a spiritual author who is actually pretty solid. Should read up on him and maybe even check out a book of his, You can pick up girls with video game and anime talk too. I've gotten girls numbers off of speaking about the concept of reality and how everything can be a giant illusion, how much I love boba tea, and how passionate I am about boobs

No new company starts off making millions. With a t-shirt company I don't even have to make designs. I can have other people make them and have customers submit what they want and charge a ton of money for that too.

True, but I still feel like that should be one of those hobby jobs in the side that you could keep online.


S-shiro's... big... dick... hauu...

It is too late mother. I have seen everything.

So anything is good as a conversational topic, and it is the way you lead it which matters ?
It's kind of depressing actually, knowing that it is exactly the way I behave socially which is problematic.

Should consider getting off mr.bones wild ride.

bc should be banned for being publicly lewd since he claims to be an underage girl

I have no idea what that meant.


"The ride never ends"
"I want to get off mr.bones wild ride"

Haha true true. I'm hoping this trip to LA will help me have a better direction.

Still want to draw you
Also check out your bear, woman

Almost everything.
You're already awesome at picking up women. You just need to learn to get the fuck out of your way


Nope. Still can't understand. That must be the limit of my english skills I guess.

I don't know how you can know I'm awesome at picking women, and I highly doubt it.

That's terrifying.

Well, good luck with all that stuff.

Mhmm dick size is only thing that really matters to a girl.

No one wants a useless baby penis

That's why Shiro is the only real man here

Omg lewdd!

I can't think of a name when all I can think about is your dick...

Just post it.. .I want to see


i knoooowww

I was just implying that keeps on happening, and you should just get off that cycle of doom.


I don't want to live on this planet anymore

Well, sucks for the others

Another one....
Another one....
Another one....

Well go try it and find out
And then try again and again

Go study damn you lol

baka stop lying

Bites the dust.

I kind of did all of the studying I had to today in between posts, that's why it sometimes took so long to reply.

Haha, no. You'll have to beg me, post a picture of your vajayjay and find me an anthropomorphic cat girlfriend for that to happen.

Ooooooh okay. Yup. Too bad I have an "overthinking" mode installed on my brain with no way to deactivate it.

It feels more like a joke honestly. I hope.

I'm not convinced at all. Probably because failing is for me the mental equivalent of having my skull crushed by two tons of rock.

another one rides the duster.

Blood-chan I like that avatar

It has potential
You could fap to a funeral for the sake of it

Well, it was kind of far fetched from my side too.

Or as Weird Al put it, Another one rides the bus.

Ahhh alright fair enough than
Looks like Grim ran off to either study or play Leagu

Hey what's wrong with having your skull crushed by rocks? Sounds pretty fun to me

enemy support in my last ranked was from the big island
i haven't had that much nostalgia is ages man i wanna go back. i have to this year now.
we talked about surfing and general island life.
i honestly kinda wanna meet up with the dude so i can bring him over and show him some real surfing

I think he went to nap as he said he was going to, before studying that is.

I'm afraid to know how many people would be genuinely interested by that.

Don't worry, it's fine.

Spoiler: it's not.

Well damn I must've missed that. Guess I should draw in between posts

What's your favorite subject of study?

I don't know why they haven't killed themselves by now to be completely honest with you.

I only want to stay at home with you and have lots of sex!

I'm 17, I still can't post my lewds yet. Is there a place where I can see your dick in private?

I like your avatars too

some guy asked us how much it costs to live there, told him how much we sold our house for and he goes "damn haoles" "you're rich and white, aren't you?"
honestly felt bad for the guy

No vayjajay, no penpen. Not to mention the most important item of my list.

Reminder that adults CANNOT send nude photos to teenagers



hello my friends i am home...


please? I want to see it

Whoa are you fucking 12 you saying those two baby words just upset the fuck out of me

post boobs

Could be worse
You could be on fire

Oi you need send me a picture to draw tho


Lets split the fault.

That could be too, I kind of do things in between posting or the other way around, not really sure which.
Ones that don't require me to study at all, that being said either English or history.

post nice boobs

ive posted all the pics of my boobs what more can i do....

take more?


There's no way I can take a dick as big as yours... are you kidding?

I know full well. That's exactly why I'm saying it. I don't want to show my pic to someone who have no emotional connection with me.

Hello, friend. Am I your friend ? Tell me I am.

Too much hair. Wait at least for your 18th birthday.

That was expected. And wanted.

Hi. I hope you had a beautiful day. As beautiful and shiny as you.


I like your name
it makes me laugh

I kinda suck a multitasking. Really need to work on it.

What's your favorite period of history?

As fun as it would be I'm not going to jam it in all at once
Got both hands wrapped around it right now tho

Your titties are good for a tranny

Because according to the internet there are many ways to expand your dong and girls who want to fuck in your area

The internet can't be wrong

Its kinda funny how thirsty you all are to see tits

I hate waiting... you're a cock tease

Your hands are really big too and you have both of them on it.........


please keep yours clothed

rude af fam

Lewd how do you even know about that?

this isnt a boob pic
but i condtioned my hair
and i usually dont condition my hair
and i did this time
and i think it looks really PRETTY
and two girls complimented me
andi think they knew i was high as fuck
wait so but how do i take more boob pics
whats the point
u see my boobs once u seem em forever right? or am i mistaken...?
i can do it though i guess do u still want me to?

you are not my friend becuasei have not spoken to you ever 1 on 1
this however does not make the presumption that u are never my friend to be
you can be and it would be nice possibly?
however that begs the question Waloon or Flemish?
answer wisely...

im NOT a tranny im a boy!!!

why does it make u laugh...
i AM an racist cyber gangster my man...
i dont know much about u so i cant be nice to you im sorry................. please forgive me?

nem nem soha magyar turan jobbik x----D
i love u magyar

you didnt say anything nice back
cant believe i fell for this shit

You're cute

I planned on it. Its cold right now.

full body topless pic with optional bulge


I feel like I should get to bed, also so should you.

I still need to hook up the 2nd monitor in order to multitask better.
Probably 1900s because of WW1 going horribly down due to a few mishaps and tension.
Anyways I'm off to sleep, have a good one Shiro.

Do you want me to keep going?

I see what you did there. But really, I'm not really eager to post my cock anywhere. Ever.

Waloon. Why ?

I think so too.

Well, off to bed then. Good night everyone.

I have 3 monitors and I'm still horrible
I do enjoy me some WW2 action
Cya SD enjoy your sleep

Bai and good luck

mhm and don't stop until you cum

Saw memes related to it

Krautchan? Ylilauta? Which /int/?

Please don't leave.. I want to see your dick!

Lol that picture made me laugh too hard

Reminds me of myself

Too bad you can't watch
I'm leaking precum all over the floor

im sorry
boo i think you're
and funny
and id probably let you fuck me
cant say that for most people
ur really funny
im sorry ok?

lizzy ur cute as fuck i wanna suck UR nips dry PLS

im too embarassed about my body to do that ;_;
even though ive lost a fuck ton of weight lmfao..
maybe ill try and take one okay?


me too :3

both actually...


Make America Great Again


hnn fffuuuuck... okay i'm leaving again, bye

Well, figures

I dont even try to be cute though.
And you're welcome to do that at any time to me.(I'm lactating again)

Too late you're now FORE BO DEN
How long have you been posting?

Haha have fun



on and off for about.. 6 months
im back to actively posting here though
so u'll not safe from my reign of terror!!!
i like it here eheheh



Yeah. It's kinda bad today.

Yep. I sure am.


Dis lloyd if you remember

Well I think this is the worst it's been in a while. Ive had to change my shirt 3 times already.

Hihi. Of course I remember.

gnirebyc saggin no ni gniklaw

fuck... i want that so bad
fuck...... im salivating asaaaaaaa

I've been on and off for.. 3-4 years now
Lost count honestly, but it's becoming less and less
I will light the fires and call for reinforcements
There shall be glorious war

Is anyone going to play Overwatch?

shiro and bloodchan must be banned for CP

Nigga you actually posted CP tho


Come here and have some

I'm playing Battleborn
I wish someobody would kick me in the face for buying this game.


Better now boo? :3c

Overwatch > Shitborn

fucking pedoBOOr up in here lmao
running in to get them underage shitposting traps

lmao nuff said


64% of Republicans think that racism towards Whites is a more serious issue than racism towards Blacks


Hai how have you been
Must be my magnificence
Just re-added you btw

Do you eat ass?

Ive been pretty horrible. How about you?

But what does this mean?

Name a better game developer
That 3 day open beta was pretty nice tho

Overwatch is good, no denying the facts

Oh boy here we go again

It means so-called Republicans are vastly misinformed.

Just been coolin'
Things are getting better though
Why horrible

most underage shitposting traps are shite

it is lol

Easy there.

I'm just saying America has warped perceptions on racism and persecution.

Many are convinced that White Genocide is currently going on.

in fact, if you're a Holla Forumsack, you almost definitely believe it.

the only person's ass id ever eat in my entire life out of all the people ive been with would be my current gf's

and she WONT let me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My gf broke up with me
Im getting kicked out in a week
I hurt my knee again

Am I underage

You seem like you would

Don't worry there is a part 2 as well

There is no white genocide just constant liberal bitching and guilt tripping which people will be really fed up with and real soon and then shit will hit the fan.
Radical right wing parties are getting popular all across the world for a reason


If you were then the underage traps would be on the cute side

overwatch is gay

Holy heck, is Adachi still here?

But life goes on.
Who cares about what they think I don't

Do you only like girls or somethin
Put a bandaid on your pain

I wish they'd make up their minds.

No, I prefer guys. And it's much more than bandaid pain. I can hardly walk.

Is that a compliment?

i just said i would
i would eat her out so fucking hard
i really do wish she had a pussy though
i fucking love eating girls out
its so nice~
the taste is fucking amazing
especially if they're rough with me

Funny channel tho

It shouldve been
but im not sober enough to know

Remember when Valve said fuck you and shut down thousands of accounts playing Half Life 2 because it was and older version and it was their IP

Owait my bad that was Blizzard and Nostalrius.

I'd make you great again ;3

Does she want srs?

Well thanks for the compliment


Radical white wing politics are popular because people are upset about the new hierarchy being established.

In that, nobody is at the top, except for the richest. Even they're not secure in power (see Putin and the Panama Papers).

In their ideal world, "their deep rooted, Christian cultures are preserved", in the ideal world of the Enlightenment and Age of Reason, "culture is not infringed upon so long as there is protection for individuals, and their freedom of speech".

I see SJWs mad at Neo Cons/Alt Rightfags.
I see Neo Cons/Alt Rightfags mad at SJWs.

Here I am, rather moderate, watching bakas be bakas. Delusional retards with, not a grasp on the truth, but an emotional grasp on the NEWS.

i hope it is again soon

yes but i dont want her to get srs
idk if it would be good since its not gonna be thai...
i kinda want SRS if it was good... ;_;

What'd you do to get hurt like that?

Share yet

lmao shut up fam

You don't think I'm great now? ;----;


Then Thailand would be the best place. Why dont you save up?

Torn meniscus in my knee

Because these people can change policy.

They will change how others are treated.

Whether they should be given rights and dignity, or cast out socially.

Several states were brought kicking and screaming out of segregation.

I hold little faith for the American Public, even if they voted for Obama.

You are not wearing a footlong strap on...

wow, jeez, got me with that comment though. Now i look like a doucher


Oh thank god Valve done anything horribly wrong
Hey wait a second....
This seems like we're trying to pick the best looking and smelling pile of shit
Let me know if you get Overwatch tho


no money
i would not eat out an SRS pussy anyways

i kinda want srs tho...
oregon covers it for free if im on medicaid
but im scared i like my dick
but i also want to be used as an onahole all the time ;_;

I won't.

Sucks to be you nerd :3
Have "fun" with Battleborn lol


In our wedding vows you said "to have and to hold, strapped or not." Or were you too hammered to remember?!

But for reals, I'm just joshin' ya. Hi!

I am lol, I just wish I had somebody cool to play it with.

There there Sabs, I'll give you all the slaves you want.

captain crunch just cut the roof of my mouth

You must play a lot of basketball

I don't think that anything crazy will happen.

That too, they are generally upset and we both know what happens when people are upset
And we also know what happens if you give too much freedom to people, they fuckin' degrade themselves into worthless delusional trash.
So what? You a liberal? Let everyone do whatever they want unless they hurt somebody directly?


Me? Drunk? Never! I do not ever touch the devil's water.
And kek, I know you are. We all know you are the prettiest diva around.
Hows it going?

boo why you hate bc lol

shut up bloodchan

That's different than wanting someone to kick you in the face for buying it silly
Damn $60. Did you get the season pass too?

I only want slaves who want to be slaves.

Purdy good, purdy good. We're having a birthday party for my editor later this month, and someone mentioned making "Irish car bomb cupcakes". My curiosity has never been more piqued.

Well then it's a tough decision then.

Nah. Its an old work related injury

i wasn't prepared for these feels today

Nah I already put down dosh for a season pass to the Division.
That game is actually pretty satisfying but grindy.

A thousand Scoots shall serve you

Those cakes do sounds amazing, even if they are offendingly named. Do tell me more, surprise bash?
I am currently waiting of Papa Scoot. He is out with friends, being a drunken bum and I am here holding the fort.
The roles are reversed, for once.

Division, not even once

People want crazy to happen.

So you're suggesting we limit freedoms akin to nations in the Middle East, most of earlier 20th Century Europe, where people were prosecuted for private morals, like choosing to engage in gay relationships or other sexual taboos. You're saying you want a bunch of Elders (lawmakers, respected individuals, elites, inner-circle types, priests) defining the morals for an entire people?

You want these elite figures telling everyone how they're all doomed and tearing apart society every time they have an impure thought?

That their thoughts of liberty, freedom, and expression are all threats? Go back to the dark ages, Jack.

Heard some friends who bought it said it wasn't worth the money. Looks pretty tho and I almost picked it up

Again I'm pretty pissed because my friend said he would buy it and he flaked

fighting ninjas

It won't.
You could be worried about something else


Still going to be busy today.

At at least four Locos.

It WAS until my coworker sent out a group text about it and accidentally included the birthday girl.

And good for Papa! He deserves a night out after nights waiting up for you.

sounds like a good friend
Hey remember when I bought deadspace and played with you?

Anyways I'm out for the day

See ya everyone
Have a good day/night

More like falling off a ladder

Dark ages is what we live now. Where all the vegan transgender crossfitting vaping special snowflakes can identify as pastafarian apache helicopter dogs, where everyone gets offended at everything and when pointless individualism gets in the motherfucking way of PROGRESS as one goddamn race. The youngsters these days are literally the worst generation ever. We will fuckin wither away in swamp of our own shit and dirt at this rate.

I'm worried that it's barely been a century of unification and peace. Not even a century.

And I see people wanting to weaken the bonds that tie us, and some that do it with corruption.

muh waifu

Bye big dick

Fuck off, Goggles is mine

He does indeed deserve some chill time. Certainly is beena while in the waiting and making.
And d'oh! Doofus co-worker xD
Mistakes happen heh...
You know why they were called the dark ages? Because there were so many KNIGHTS. hue.
Jean is a good avatar.


goggles and darwin are both mine!

There would be cum everywhere

lol he's a frosted flake, dude's great
I may vaguely somewhat recall something like that. Later.


i want to be a sex kitten and get fucked all day if i had a pussy!

You fuck off. Goggles has been mine for forever.


I didn't think I was waifu material.



Are you compensated for that?

Something about accepting the things you can't control
Unless you somehow plan on controlling this, just let it go
Ain't shit happening

Goggles got me a teddy bear so you can all collectively fuck off.

You don't stand a chance.

Tell them to step off, Goggles.
Your my waifu.

Good one! One of my English lit teachers taught me this rhyme: In days of old when knights were bold and toilets not invented, they dumped their load upon the road and went on quite contented.

It's pretty messed up that they brought young Jean to the future before her mind-reading powers were blocked off and she could see her death from everyone's perspective. I love my X-Men...

I'm not quite sure what to say to that without seeming like either a prude or a wanton harlot.

These are not the dark ages, Jack.

The dark ages are the times where you had to live in fear of your neighbours and the government of locking you up, or killing you for liking the wrong person, or being the wrong race.
The dark ages are the times where MEDIA was controlled by a handful of elites that could afford enough to spread a single narrative across any nation.
... are the times where what you could believe was limited almost entirely to where you were born, and who your family and friends were.

In fact, many countries do live this reality. They are living in the actual dark ages. With oppressive leaders that outlaw personal decisions like choosing to sleep with someone of the same sex.

If individualism and self-expression are the biggest problems of this society, then I'm not too worried.
If people acting like idiots, being vegan, crossfitting, vaping etc. are the worst problems a society has, then I'm not too worried.

WHEN SOMEONE MARCHES THROUGH A TOWN WITH HIS NATIONALIST BRETHREN, CHANTING RACIAL EPITHETS AND SUPREMACIST SLURS STARTS GAINING MAINSTREAM SUPPORT (see Europe's rising number of anti-immigration, anti-brown people, nationalists), THEN I GET WORRIED. These people want to assert themselves, because they feel emasculated by the world. They want war, violence, walls, pride, babies, Christianity, segregation, laws favouring one group of people over another, and they want their Nazi Spawn group to be the right one.



i'll start with animus

I don't know if they will listen.

His poor asshole.

I wont.


Shitting on the road? Wow, what a poopy time... Though to be fair, we've only had toilet paper since like... the 20s... so... never go back in time and shake hands with anyone.
They really did that? Oh jeez! How is the new material? Are the Xs good? do they give it ya?


Prove it

Scoots and I like almost all the same things.
If we werne't mortal enemies maybe we could have been mortal frenemies.


I don't think you'll get much.

was it your fault?

There can only be one


So, you are more comfortable in a world where traditions die out, where history becomes irrelevant, a world with completely eroded moral values. Sure all this freedom is nice but we are going nowhere, WE people between the age of 25-35 even we were called the "generation of nothing"
They way society goes now you'll probably have your world of liberal diarrhea and maybe realize the error of your ways before its too late.

Taygetus made Sparta great, and the lack of it is what makes us trash.


Claymore practice is going superbly.

so weird how that works

I just drive it in the rain.

That's actually a very controversial issue right now. Marvel's kept a lot of the mutant tied up in these weird otherworldy battles, and rumor has it they've done this because they're bitter about not having the movie rights and are trying to avoid giving FOX any more material to work with. Which is dumb because it hurts characters that saved their asses in the 70s and early 90s and because the movies can still explore a lot of Chris Claremont's storylines from the good ol' days. (X-Men is the only hero team I actually really care about. lol)

And every time I watch a movie set in the days before good hygiene, I can't help but wonder how badly everyone smells!

Wassa matter, dude?

I'mma have to Google that. Unless you want to Yansplain it to me.

fite me

Is that proof?


My senpai is a liberal... why live?


I can't give any.


Fix Insider, he is broken as fuck

It's a japanese 90s movie about a rockband called Guitar Wolf that kills zombies


You know she's a cyclops girl

The X-men are pretty likable. I mean I do believe everyone here grew up with the toons.
And that seems kind of bitter really, why wouldnt they want further exposure?
Oh god, would have been like the zoo.
So pleased we have showers and baths.
I couldnt live without my 3 showers a day.
Atleast he is safe.

WHAT storyline from the X-men would you prefer seeing in the flesh of movie?

Re;Zero is the new Game of Thrones

So eiffel tower?


Yes. Absolutely. Almost entirely. I am okay with doing away with the traditions that limited personal freedom to appease gods that live in the clouds and all around us.

I am okay with doing away of the century old traditions of eating a particular food on a given day for some reason.
I am okay with doing away with religions and churches being the moral arbiters of civilization, while fucking children.

SO WHAT IF THIS FREEDOM GETS US NOWHERE!? That's not the point of freedom. You make your own path according to your needs. Some people are weak minded and uncreative enough that toiling a day on a farm because his father, and his father, and his father all did it is somehow more fulfilling than being able to read any book ever written. Some people want the morals of Odin and the ancient Germanics. Some people want the morals of 50s America. Some people want the morals of Catholicism, some want Anglicanism, some want Lutheran, some want Calvinism.

You see the problem? That people are different? That people can very easily be different?
The best minds of a previous generation said that we should tolerate all these ideas, but have a solid groundwork for how people can live their lives.
It was what America was founded on. What John Locke, Franklin, Jefferson and others wrote about. About how MAN and LIFE are the values of a society.
Not individual groups, sects, or factions.

If you're waiting on the world to make you great, or waiting for your nation to change so greatness can happen,
then you're really not destined for greatness. You're destined to shallow thinking, and excusing your lack of getting anywhere in a world filled with resources.


He's just gay as fuck.

Then again getting spitroasted would be cool too

Goggles quit posting mai waifu

Their other game is better

I have no idea who that is honestly.

We can try some stuff out I guess.


Maybe he's just trying to become your waifu.

How are you minami?
I really liked talking to you the other day

I wouldn't know.

I cannot let this injustice go on


These niggas playing Teaching Feeling like they know shit about eroge/VNs

Bitch you wish you were on my level

If by waifu you mean cumsleeve then yeah, maybe

hi guys

I'm a classic liberal. Locke, Jefferson, Adam Smith.

In fact, it's pretty fucking Republican at times.

And sometimes it's pretty Democratic.

My pet sees the world in black and white. Why live?

Just let him be your "girl" down under.

You know nothin Jon Snoo..

You buy a slave girl and get her to trust you then make her your broken sex slave


Ive been tired all day and 2 cups of coffee isn't helping
Its sunday tho so its kinda comfy you feel

Rem dies

What's it called?

What are you gonna beat me up or something?

I'm about to watch game of thrones actually.

Yeah that seems like the kind of game you would of played.

Fuck you Soto!!

Get shot by Guatemalan mafia !!!

it's just really nice having a clean car, it's been super dirty that past 2 weeks and I've been too busy during the day to wash it!

yeah but that doesn't get everything off like bird shit and it doesn't rain much in florida right now :\

soto can i sit on ur lap

You have to pet her a lot otherwise she'll die if you rape her

I take offence

I'd like to see the Phoenix Saga portrayed with more care and thought than went into X-3. The problem is that it ties into Marvel's Cosmic Universe, so there may be a rights issue. I have no idea if Fox has the rights to Scarlet Witch, since they obviously have Quicksilver. If they can use SW, the Decimation saga would be neat too. (90% of mutants lose their powers.)

That sounds pretty cool, actually. Game of Thrones is on in 7 minutes though.


BRB Game of Thrones
Almost forgot...

Do you have to rape her?


So you didn't pet them then.

no, soto, sit in my lap

We, as a race, are standing in one place, no, more like going back already. Humanity has potential which is now wasted on every snowflake being useless even in being special.
Should we have ironclad rules NOT based on race, gender, or whatever but to everyones own abilities, we could conquer the galaxy by now. I don't give a shit about color or religion, sexual orientation or whatever the hell is the latest trend to be offended by.
Fuckin waste

I actually never met a canadian who would think differently


Go watch it you fucking slut

With or without clothes on?

Watch Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu instead

Thats how I was last night. The coffee didnt do anything but make me more tired.

I'll beat you up. Im big and strong



hi guys hi

ur decision

I just keep it in the garage.

Birds can't shit on it there.

I'll am a trained ninja


Oh so it is more of a case for legal wrangling than anything else.
And X3 was a little rushed with that storyline. I have to sday its one story I remember most from xmen. That triangle. Could have been so much better.
Decimation... oh so like... the roman punishment thingy... 1/10 keep their powers. Thats pretty sucky I guess...
Any reason for that choice? or do you believe that it would just "work" with what has already been done?

How do i conquer this eternal sleepiness
will it last forever?

No like, you spend the first cycle either nurturing and petting her or raping her, if you rape her she dies if you don't then you can have consentual sex and make her dress up and feed her And have sex with her so much she begs for it and you can drug her too

not the first time...

Prove it.

What the fuck? Never. I love my senpai

senpai can be fixed... senpai just has to see the light...

senpai, you're not listening to logic and reason...You only want to hear yourself talk.

Bigger government and higher taxes will never work... I promise you

dont worry honestly

just look at how the trends are looking in europe

we will be out of this liberalistic hellhole soon, the pendulum is swinging back our way

I dont know. I ask myself the same thing.

Night all

Right, er I will call it a night now
really tired.
Later gator.

I'm a big strong white male though.


that feel when you piss off grim's league friends

call me a machine

Me too though.

I like the second option a lot better

You really don't understand human beings.

We care about dopamine and serotonin.

food, love, sex, security, relationships, health, and wealth are what make us tick.

We do very cool stuff when we're organized, but no organization is worth the cost of freedom.

You have to incentivize greatness. Do I get money? Reputation? Recognition? Will I get more sex? Will people love me more?

the greatest accomplishments of space travel only happened because nations were at war and terrified of each other, and needed to show to the rest of the world just who could build the biggest metal penis (complete with ball-like thrusters) to store the fuel.



Oh yeah I forgot youre like super submissive
I dont wanna break you in half tho so keep your clothes on

I hate this fucking senpai filter


Me too





Wow, dank filter

She doesn't care, honestly

dw about it



I'm glad about that and kinda relieved

pet... you're not listening to yourself. those people I just mentioned STOOD for limited government... you only want to hear yourself talk. bigger government is an inevitability when there are more people in the world.

even more police = bigger government.
when the population doubles, should we half our police force?


Oh. Truthfully Im tiny as fuck

Think about it I figured it out

There is hope for us yet
Merkel needs to go. Fast. Now.
We need Le Pen, UKIP and Jobbik

We can bet on this, both of us are young enough to probably live to see where this goes


You're the one with the rape fetish here


ITS LIKE 11/10

mASSter I assume.

I'm like a wall of beef.

Wait, you still have it?
what's that mean, are we gonna die?

I have to park under a tree every night/day. When my dad gets a bigger car soon he might give me his garage spot.

I sure hope so since my car's black and it shows dirt and stuff well

Im a twig

We all die sometime.

I predict... several more Marvel movies, a new emphasis on cinema that orients towards that current social climate, two new consoles (one from Microsoft, one from Sony), Half Life 3, a new iPhone, a new Galaxy, some new cures to obscure diseases, a better understanding of neurological disorders, starting longitudinal studies on marijuana, more studies on LSD, ISIS eventually crushed, some insurgency rising up somewhere else in the world, Greece stabilizing, more minorities in every country, and more conversations on how Islam is a threat to the world.




uhh huh uh huh


Yeah you don't seem very big.

You're a qt twig

Im really not.


It's not what it looks like

You've never seen me :^)



Goggles, you're cute.



I've only gotten in it maybe ONCE and thought "wow this is hot"

I don't leave it out in the sun during the day, it's in the shade under a tree normally.

this is lewd

You know what, the world can actually go on like this if HL3 happens

Anyway, I'm out for the day

Clockwork-Goggles: sdzxcttdfbvcxgfnbvcrsdzfxc hdgfxcv

also, treat

Fight me.


Like this dude is pouring his heart out to her while slowly dying and shes so savage and just fucks him up

And to wake up to the same person who just killed you greeting you and shit

Rough ass shit


don't lament for humanity, Jack

we're awfully resiliant

I haven't done anything to receive such compliments.

The Nin-reaper takes the souls of those who didn't see me coming.

I wish that the next artificial academy will be for VR and had online play. I'd make a Holla Forums server and be the shy duck on the roof of the school that gets raped by the track team in the bathroom between classes

My arms are known as weapons of mass destruction. I don't think I have it in my heart to kill you sorry


I don't think you could jump high enough to hit them.

trump winning in the US will be a BIG factor that will contribute to the rise of the alt-right in europe

AfD is already surging in polls

so is UKIP

SDP is surging in Sweden

jobbik is doing real good too, no?

and the right wing party in Austira

i think french national party is projected to win huge yeah?


can i just wear panties and a t shirt

Yes you have

Poor, poor Crutches.

What do you think it really said?


...goodnight senpai...

I love the majou duck
She's so tsun, it's cute :3

You need to be educated.
And perhaps you need to educate me.


Soooo.... yeah what's up?

Yes, you can

How many would that be exactly?


lol.i is filtered to duck

From what I heard of you I didn't expect you to think like this
Really wanna see Trump win, the media, wall street, all the noteable jews are freaking out about him
November will be exciting for sure

And yeah I'm out


What would I have done?

That's none of your bees wax!

The ride never ends.



the ultimate degenerate.

does rem actually die
I swear to fucking god

Be cute. And be you.

Shes cute though.

Are you going to do it or what?

Cant even ballpark it?

But you know I know what it really says.

window tint is gonna make the car look better too

cars just look weird without tint imo

I'm drinking it currently, yes.

I hate this anticipation.

That's nigger talk.

Thanks Mina ^^

The gagillions


Of course






Good, bad and busy


I didn't say pitch black tint baka

I just mean some moderate window tint is better than having perfectly clear windows