Is there anything else worth playing for this console that isn't either a fantasy turn based rpg or just straight up...

Is there anything else worth playing for this console that isn't either a fantasy turn based rpg or just straight up waifubait?
Also own pokemon x, that Mario platformer, zelda link between worlds from before I got a cfw.

No fire emblem pls

bump pls

Animal Crossing
Dead or Alive Dimensions (sort of a "previously on" collection that sums up the games prior to DOA5)
Fantasy Life
Tom Clancy Ghost Recon (good tactical game, don't knock it till you've tried it)
Hyrule Warriors Legends
Kid Icarus Uprising (controls are fucked, but if you can get used to them it's fun)
Luigi's Mansion 2
Mario Kart 7
Monster Hunter
Pilotwings (for the comfy chilled out feeling)
Professor Layton
Skylanders (plays differently from home console versions, it's more like the old PS1 Crash Bandicoot games)

If remakes and ports are OK, there's also:

Star Fox
Tales of the Abyss
Zelda OOT and MM

Played for 30 minutes and I'm not sure when I was supposed to start having fun
runs like ass on o3ds unfortunately

don't you need to buy characters?

I guess I'll try DoA even though I don't really like fighting games or tom clancy's ghost recon even though the series doesn't do much for me.

Is there nothing from smaller teams or non-famous franchises? is this it?

What about Devil Survivor Overclocked and Kirby Planet Robobot?

Fantasy Life is an acquired taste, good for when you want to do something simple and watch a doco in the background or something.

Skylanders, yeah, you need some characters and a portal.

DOA is good and works well on 3DS given it has simpler inputs than most fighting games. And Tom Clancy just has the name on it to sell it, it's really just a small tactical game about a 6 man squad fighting evil Russian robots.

I was just listing the good titles that are stacked to the right of me, there's more but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

eh, turn based and weeb, I'd rather not

played, although it was pretty much the same as Triple Delux. And the game before that. And the game before that.

Code of Princess is alright if you like beat-em ups.
If I can add DS games as well you might want to try Knights in the Nightmare, Megaman Starforce 3, or Elite Beat Agents as they all play rather differently from what you have there

Good enough, at least it's not an RPG
thanks user

Can't play DS games unless I buy them with the 3DS unfortunately

I'll tentatively recommend Rhythm Heaven Megamix despite its weak overall difficulty compared to the other 3. At least it picks up after challenge train.

Also if you have an N3DS it's not a bad option for VC games and injects.

Get a flash card, you'd be kicking yourself not to, regular DS had some damn fine games. There's also a pretty functional Tetris TGM3 homebrew if you're a masochist.

Megamix is a real good starting point for the series, at least. The best part is being able to play minigames from the DS Rhythm Heaven without all that finicky stylus flicking. That and having dual-language support which only the PAL Wii game had. I'm currently stuck with 3 of the bonus unlockable minigame (all from Fever, which I already own) and are down to only a handful of songs I know I can perfect and the Paprika Challenges are kicking my ass.

Used to have one, then my ds snapped in half because it was made of Chinese plastic
Oh the humanity

I worry for your hardware. But seriously I assume you mean your flash card, except I find that even less believable. Just get another one they're dirt-cheap for what you get.

pokemon super mystery dungeon

it happened to mine too, one of the hinges just got stuck on something and snapped i had to nigger rig something with super glue, and first aid tape to keep the whole top screen from flying off. first aid tape because its meshy and sort of fabricy to hold the glue better
i always keep my belongings clean as a whistle so i have no idea what happened.

Get the undub of Code of Princess. The dub and the translation are crimes against humanity, the least you can do is get rid of the the dub.

The only interesting games I can think of are that rhythm blacksmithing game and the sub wars game.
Past that the library really doesn't stand out.

SEGA 3D Classics.

I have never broken a piece of good hardware in my life. I still have every phone I've ever owned since 2003 working perfectly plus all my other consoles, even an old first model Gameboy.

The DS lite was built shoddy as fuck, and once the snapping of the screen broke (which is the first thing to go for many) it's all downhill from there

I got it. It's okay at best. Nothing new from the old titles. Nothing to make it stand out except that it wasn't shit unlike the past 2 or 3 titles