3D Fighting Games

Do they exist? Will we ever get a good one?

I feel like Fighting games are the last bastion of skill in competitive videogames.

The only 3D fighting game I can think of is Dark Souls 2 and 3 since people duel nonstop and it has all the aspects of a fighting game. That said it unbalanced and the net code isn't the greatest.

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You aren't familiar with the fighting game genre are you?

3D fighting games have existed for decade. How old are you?


Tell me a Good one for PC

emulate this


They're more of a console thing. The only one I can think of on PC is DoA 5

That's a character action game

Bro this is not 3D.

When I say 3d, I mean control the movement of your character in all directions, not just sideways.

In DS3 you can move through space in every direction. That's what I'm talking about.

Doom deathmatch is a fighting game.

Power Stone 2, Pokken, or Anarchy Reigns?

You asked for a 3D fighting game, I posted one.

What you're asking for 3D action games. Go emulate virtual on

Soul Caliber? Tekken? Dead or Alive?


I must've missed the standing jump the Souls series has.

Are you stupid? You can freely move in three dimensions and they're fighting games, what else would you call them but 3D fighting games?


He considers Dark Souls a 3D fighting game, what do you think?

Please fucking instruct me

In what alien way are these fucking games NOT 2d fighters made with 3D graphics.

If you think that them shifting around by make small turns is "3D movement" you are fucking insane.




If you think the difference is insignificant, you really know nothing about fighting games.

You know how in Super Mario Bros you play the role of Mario?
Doesn't it make Super Mario Bros a role playing game?
I think it does.

Recommend me similar RPGs on PC please.

first off
now go away

Because you can move in three dimensions you drooling retard. 2D fighters only allow movement along the X and Y axis. Those games include Z.
That's an enormous difference because it allows you a far greater range of movement. It's a literal extra dimension to take into account when playing.
Guilty Gear Xrd is a 2D fighting game with 3D graphics, so is SFV. Notice how in neither of those games can you move along a third axis whereas in 3D fighting games you can.

Thank you for showing us 3D fighting games.

You know how in Halo you play the role of Halo?

Please explain to me how this shit is not a fighting game. Disregarding all aspects outside of PVP because I am talking about PVP. How is this not a fighting game?

The last Halo on PC was a very long time ago.
I want something new with good graphics.
I'd play recent DOOM rpg, because DOOM guy looks like really cool character, but it's too expensive and it has denuvo, so I can't play it.

I never said it's not a fighting game.
Are you saying Mario and DOOM aren't RPGs?

Nah man, see how you can run in the game? It's clearly a racing game.

They fucking AREN'T
But the PVP in Dark Souls 3 is a perfectly fine example of a fighting game.

try out Dark Souls, you play as a role and you get to level up stats just like an RPG, if you're a dragon quest fan it will even fit like a glove even better!

like come on, you did not even try

Why? You're playing the role of Mario and DOOM, haw aren't they role playing games?

You don't play a role a dark souls, you play as self-insert template doll, it doesn't have a character or a role. You just fight other players and monsters, thus it's a fighting game.

Please explain to me how this shit is not a fighting game. Disregarding all aspects outside of PVP because I am talking about PVP. How is this not a fighting game?

Mario is absolutely an rpg you fucker.

Thats how.

That's called tag-battle fighting game.
Educate yourself.

get the fuck out, both are literally rpgs.

Yeah, when I said PVP, I meant serious PVP, aka. 1v1 me, you scrub. Don't get in my face if you're not going to take this seriously.


There's Blade Symphony, but most people don't play it unless there's a tournament going on.


Those are role playing games though.

Yes you do. You're the ash whatever, there to bring the lords back to their thrones and link the fire.
You build a character, interact with the environment and characters, manage stats and inventory, and the things you do have direct consequences with the plot, environments, and characters.

They're team based visual novels, get it right user

Nope. They're graphically adept puzzle games.

They're squad-centric Peruvian claymation encounters.

That's what other characters call you and try to make you do. You don't have to, you're free to not follow their stupid advices and just fight enemies.

In comparison in Mario and Halo your character decides his name and role for himself, he doesn't take shit from anyone.

It's both

Ok fucking fine. Let me clarify.

I want a game with the following properties

Anyone have any thing like this?

Here, OP, is this sort of what you're looking for?

here you go fam

Find some different footage. Camera angles trigger him

Actually yes this is what I'm looking for.
But you said that nobody plays it anymore.

Literally Diablo 2

I never said that. Did the video say that? Any way, why don't you bring it back, then? Start threads for it, hold championships on Holla Forums, call other people faggots if they won't 1v1 you on Blade Symphony, stream it, start a community.

Will this suffice or are you just going to spout more autistic specifications?

(talking about old WoW)
its not a fighting game because no physics nor real skill is required
a bot through AutoHotKey could play this game start to finish without any issues.
first of all, the one thing that differs it from more recent games like this is that most games today apply damage like this:

Do (action) (includes timers) then action happens then if the animation hits/is shown to strike/ in range, etc → effects applied → effects enforced
this formula allows for more variables to affect it, and therefore player friendly…
WoW (and other timed games like this) go more like

Do (action) (includes timers) then effects applied and enforced then animation forced to hit/is shown to strike/in range and action happens.

Notice how there is no "if" for WoW's formula
Have you ever noticed in WoW, that you can't actually dodge arrow fire/bullet fire/etc? This is why.

in other words, if this weren't for you, I'd deserve a "no shit sherlock".

Now some people might get butthurt about calling WoW's gameplay "no skill". This is actually true. There is no skill involved in playing WoW. A bot does not have skill, but a bot can still play WoW perfectly. Why? Because WoW is, like many previous games, are made up of much simpler math. If given enough time, and a snapshot of the older version of WoW, an highschooler educated on both the game's workings and physics could predict almost everything. Of course, everything but player choice. That is it. The enemies move in preset patterns, and criticals are always randomized based off a formula. Fall is a constant.
For the sake of some's sanity, the skill involved is recognizing patterns, and optimizing to those patterns. I would not doubt that a mathematician would love older WoW.

Saging because OP and the thread is shit. There is no real good fighting games with 3 dimensional movement systems.
Most 3D fightan games have an option to DODGE to the left or right, in relativity to their body, but that is it.
I guess, if you really really can't stop having a autismo fit, I can recommend any of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games. Don't ask me about them, download a torrent for one of them, or find a video for fucks sake I dunno.
The series is just OK. Might Guy is the best Guy. All other opinions are invalid and retarded.


Have you actually played Virtua Fighter you faggot?

You'd like ubishits For Honor or shit like Chivalry

This. The community of that game is more than dead, there are no servers even.

Start your own server for Holla Forums and people will play it and I'll show you why I was on the top

fighting games are all the same

A good 3D fighting game can by definition not exist as no fighting game can ever be considered good due to them simply being autistic repetition simulators.

This is why you only see niggers and chinks playing them and why anyone doing anything out of the recognized and autistically memorized metagame causes the "top players" to immediately lose.

Truly it is a good thing no true honest white man would ever debase themselves by playing such drivel. You almost feel bad for the poor bastards who willingly shell out money year after year for a game that is mechanically the same with no real additions to speak of beyond the slightly different eye candy in the background the players of such "games" call stages.

…I fucking remember that, but I completely forgot about it and went back to modding 5+ year old games

This, Fighters are arcade games, you're more likely to find them on consoles

good choice

Also throwing in my choice of GvG


If OP is retarded enough to understand Dark Souls as a fighting game, then Monster Hunter might be up his alley.

Monuhn is obviously a racing game, because you need to race the timer in every mission.

and I thought dacidbro was a dumbass for thinking catherine is a fighting game

Gay term for stylish action, and no it fucking isn't

Close, it is an RTS

It actually is an open world survival game, minus the open world. You can tell because there is crafting.


This one is an oldie but a goodie.

What's a good HuWhite genre to play then /polv/?

Does anyone have the bingo card?


Genres are arbitrary and don't mean shit as this thread illustrated.

I guess screaming simulator counts

Probably not exactly making the right argument here but:
No, you nigger, them being able to adapt to anything including "non-meta" is what makes them top players, faggot. Quit pretending you understand shit. Reads a whole lot like you're just mad you can't git gud, faggot

You wanna' tell me the movement options in something like Smash are a repetition simulator then you are fucking autistic yourself.

Guaranteed replies. Where's my (You)?

Even devs said it's not one.


so this is how Holla Forums ends

To be fair, devs say a lot of stupid shit all the time.

step aside and swerve, fight games

No, because consoleshits cant handle anything thsat isnt lock on casual baby shit like Shit Souls

If you want something arena based, Destrega for PS1 exists

Holy fuck I remember playing it.
In retrospect that dude looks like jojo.

I thought I was the only one who liked that game.

Maybe this will satisfy OP's autism.

Nothing will.

The ruse/b8 is that 3D fighting games is as contradictory as saying same sex marriage.

Fuck off shitlord.

At the very least you could've said ZOE or Anarchy Reigns

but nope, Dark souls is the greatest game ever despite multiple action games shitting on it from every angle

There's Mortal Kombat Armageddon but the it doesn't close to as much fun as other fighting games

Actually that is just basic law logic.
Multicultural logic would be