What's a dead franchise that you would like to see a good squeakquel to?

what's a dead franchise that you would like to see a good squeakquel to?

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Ape Escape

Future Cop LAPD.

Ty the Tasmanian




Umm… I'm not aware of a lot of video games. Just Dark Souls, Klanoa, Monster Hunter, Risk of Rain, Hotline Miami, Street Fighter clones, God Hand and nothing else.

Yeah, I miss Klonoa.

this, Ninja Gaiden, and Oddworld.

Why a pachinko loving company like Aruze would want to publish the Shadow Hearts series for Sacnoth/Nautilus in the first place, I have no idea. New Shadow Hearts NEVER EVER.

Honestly, after Dark Dawn, I'm not even sure if a fourth game would be all that wanted, nor if Camelot even wanted to make more than two Golden Sun games anyhow.

Isn't Oddworld getting a new game, or is it just another remake?


It's called Pokemon Go



It'll probably never happen but I can dream.


With lessons learned from making the Souls series


i had always thought with motion controls would come an ape escape game, since they always did seem fond of gimmicky controls.


If I wasn't such shit at coding I'd propably make a commandos clone where you play as Germans.

Soul Caliber

High Seas Havok

could try game maker

Making it in 2D could cause some problems.


My old age has taught me that all old series deserve to rest in peace and nothing good ever comes from reviving a series. Only disappointment, streamlining and a slew of new fans creating awful memes.

It would be nice if Hopoo kept making good games or some years, and they could return eventually to Risk of Rain

I also would like a new Megaman X game.

I think its another remake

I hope one day they port it into another engine.

The impression I get is that it's a reimagining of Exoddus. Same general ideas and plot which will hit a lot of the same beats as the original, but otherwise completely redesigned from the ground up to be a new game. Way more its own thing than New N' Tasty was.


Zone of the Enders

I wouldn't mind a sequel to Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy to see if they could improve on the original. Even it sucks it wouldn't be such a travesty, as it wasn't that great of a game in the first place.