'New' game released on the PSP

So three days ago Retro City Rampage DX got ported and released on the PSP. Isn't it awesome that old hardware is still getting some love after all these years? The PSP was released almost 12 years ago!

I thought Sony had cut off the PSP's Playstation store, though I suppose that would mean there's nothing stopping people from buying it on the PS3's PSN and transferring it.

Apparently the Dreamcast still gets at least 1 game a year thanks to how easily broken the copy protection was (i.e. none at all until later models)

You can still buy it through the built in browser i believe.

That's even more impressive, kinda like how Commodore 64 games are still being made.

It could just be the devs wanting their game to be on everything. take that, Shovel Night.

Sure as fuck didn't want it on Wii u.


Summon nights 5 and Class of heroes 3 were already set to do just that.

As the other guy said, SN5 came out here after the fact.

Still, if this could get up on the PSN for use with the PSP at this point, what exactly is stopping XSEED from bothering with putting TitS: TC up on the PSN? I'd thought that maybe they were only localizing the Steam version of part three because at this point it would be too late to put anything new on the PSN for the PSP, but here we are.

Welp the more you know
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Is CoH3 any good?

It's just more of the same far as i can tell. It's also on track to get a physical release, but that is REALLY iffy since all but the Jap UMD production plants are shut down at this point.

Isn't Gaijinworks also the one localizing it? I can appreciate them doing physical releases for stuff, but I'm not a fan of how their English scripts are more rewrite than translation.

Probably because they don't have a PSP programmer and have to bother Falcom a bunch for it. They only released SC on PSP out of obligation to the fans who supported the original PSP release of FC in 2011. I think the fact that it probably sells much less than on PC factors in as well.

At least the PC version is uncensored and hopefully they'll add the PSP exclusive content into the PC version again.

Well, hopefully someone can rip the English script from the Steam one and do a translation port patch to the PSP version for use with CFW PSPs, or something. Can't help but thing that faggot editor at CF dragging his heels and not wanting to do the job he was hired for didn't help matter since SC wound up delayed even further due to him. I mean, maybe if he hadn't, would it perhaps not be too late for TC PSP to get released in English?

This isn't even that bad a marketing move since seemingly plenty of people still use PSPs for emulators and shit, it might even have a higher active userbase than the Vita.

When are we gonna get more info on the sequel?


You have that backwards, he actually MADE the game for NES as a port of GTA 3, then ported it to everything else(except wii u)

Pretty doable, the guys who do the translation of zero no kiseki can probably help out with how to do it.
Speaking of zero and ao, if that faggot at CF didn't fuck up we could've gotten zero and ao as well but that doesn't seem very likely now.

Yeah, but it also has an obscene piracy rate too. Strikes me that the moment someone drops Retro City Rampage PSP in some share thread or website like emuparadise, there's going to be little reason for most PSP owners to actually pay for it, besides if they really want to support it.

My guess is the guy was really banking on the physical copies, especially considering how he already had all the boxes/manuals printed out and is selling them for free with a reprint of the PS4 version.

So he made this one for fun regardless of profit huh.

It still strikes me as funny (if sad) that the translator at CF apparently did his job, it was just the editor stubbornly saying "I don't wanna."

The NES version was programmed from scratch.