What games have the most FUN Holla Forums?

What games have the most FUN Holla Forums?
You know the game that maybe doesn't have the best plot, or graphics but everyone will have a blast playing it?

Notable games being mostly Jap e.g.
Dragon's Dogma
Monster Hunter
SW battlefront 2
Planetside 2

Ninja Gaiden

is it bad that I've only ever played the NES games

Not jap shit or modern western shit, that's for sure.

a little bit, black and 2 are great, razors edge is acceptable

sigma 1 is okay and sigma 2 is unacceptable

The Warriors.
Streets of Rage.
God Hand.

Lost Planet 2.

Got some for you user.

What are some good boss rush games, Holla Forums? Those usually are incredible fun.
Alien Soldier and Furi are the only two I can think of at the moment

I heard Contra Shattered Soldier on PS2 was a boss rush game which some people disliked it for. I still haven't played it, but the soundtrack is great.

Alien Soldier is okay.

Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi Nohime, Xavi, Ranmaru, and Itsuki never ever
Rogue Galaxy
Ukiyo no Shishi/ Roushi
E.X. Troopers
Gundam Breaker series

Not quite the same, but every fight in Malicious and Malicious Rebirth are boss fights. No stages in between the fights. I'm trying to remember some other games that have nothing but boss fights, and I can't remember them for the life of me.

Kingdom Hearts

Alot of the arcade classics:
Pac man
Pole position


No one on Holla Forums ever fucking talks about those games, but they're fun as hell. There's a crapton of custom maps for the games as well. At least the ones before Worms 3D (which was not great).

Forgot to mention Space Invaders 1999.

pretty sure we had whole month of Holla Forums worms playing with custom maps user

How long ago? I've been really busy so I must've missed it.

casuals get out


Play all these games SIMULTANEOUSLY for maximum FUN

Not the most polished of games, but definitely incredible fun. Finding a style of play you like and fucking with it is joy.

My playthrough was regrettably interrupted by a hospital stay. Quite shitty. I look forward to getting out of this place and picking up where I left off (just met SIE).

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When you get the hang of it, the game becomes hilarious

Grand Theft Auto.

Any game, basically made a fortune as a franchise on letting you do whatever.

The True Crime-series was fun aswell. Trying to get back Jay Leno's car and whatnot. Fun stuff.


I fucking love F-Zero GX but I've played it so much that I've possibly squeezed every last drop of fun out of it. The only thing a sequel would ever need is more tracks and I'd be on it like a fucking rash.


How do people find visual novels fun?
I mean, they can be comedic, but they usually lack the ongoing mechanics to be fun, and the sudden swerves to insta-death or not realizing that picking one of two options earlier has sent you on an inevitable path of failure just seems sucky.


There's actually been a group since before the GG exodus from halfchan but a few migrated over to the fullchan one.

Holla Forums - Worms Armageddon 8ch/v/W:A

Custom maps and shit get played quite a bit. I haven't played for a while myself though.

Don't think there's really much to talk about Worms though other than Armageddon > all.

what's wrong user?

These fucks could have been the only two games for the PS2 and I would never have noticed. They're just so much fun for every replay. I had other great-ass games for the console, but these two never ceased to be barrels of fun. I had a demo disk with Ratchet and Clank Deadlocked, but I never had the game proper so I don't know if it's as good as 2 or 3.

Fuse, turning invisible and shooting people in the face with a shotgun as chick in a vinyl suit is one this worlds few pleasures.

Deadlocked was the "arena challenges" you had in previous games streched to a full game. Too centered into action and shooting stuff, but rather nice.
Oh, and there was also difficulty levels, the hardest made me drop like half of my life in one hit. Truly enjoyable hat way.
R&C2 still the best

It had a really cool Ninja Ratchet skin and abilities that came with it but by that time you would have 100%'d the game many times

So who's your favorite girl and why is it Maja?

'fun' is an empty descriptor for marketers that describes nothing about a game

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Games everyone has played and discussed to death: The Thread



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Metal Gear Rising
Super Mario Sunshine

I'd argue that DMC3 is one of the most FUN games of all time.

It was the absolute peak of the series.

Metal Gear Rising

Definiely this too, you can replay this game alot of times before it gets stale

Motion controls aside I'm playing no more heroes right now and it's pretty cool.

I found this game at a thrift store hella cheap, and then I opened it and it had fucking madden in the case.

Yeah man. For all the wonky level design it has, I'll say this - different builds really do open up entirely different ways of playing the level. Or at least, they necessitate approaches that give it a fresh feel each time.

The Bayonetta games are really fun, especially the second one.

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Though pretty much any game in the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series is fun I think the first is still the most enjoyable for a serious hours long session.

Man NOLF's both 1 & 2 are great.
I do kinda dislike how they went more "toned-down" on the gadgets on 2 like no more lipstick bombs and such but it was still breti gud/5.

if only there were 3rd installment where you remeet Asuka?whatever that hawt Nip-ninja chick was and such stuff

Dark Messiah
Tony Hawk's Underground 1 and 2 (or THUGPRO)
Way of the Samurai 3
Distance and Nitronic Rush
Hotline Miami 1
DOOM 1/2
Quake 1/3
Unreal Tournament 1, 2k4, and 4
Bayonetta 1/2
DMC 3/4 1 was good but not THAT good
Dragon's Dogma
Warcraft 3
Metal Gear Rising
EDF 4.1

I like Deus Ex and Thief a lot but I definitely wouldn't describe them as fun. Deus Ex is good because it's a scarily prophetic game and Thief is good because because it can get very tense and put you out of your element. This also seems like it would be the case with the others where they aren't super fun but still very good but I haven't played them to be sure. Fun threads are not just threads about good video games, they're about games that make you really happy all the time while playing them.

2 also added the stupidity of infinitely respawning guards.

Yeah that too though wasnt that only an issue on the Siberia level after you got the data and had to get the fuck out of here's?

I thought the original X-Com was a blast. When I learned you could have rookies walk around with a pistol in one hand and primed C4 in the other set to detonate when they died, I had Taliban vs Ayyliums. And you make up your own story in that game, like selling alien weapons to South American warlords and dead Ayyliums to xenophiles for money.



Well it happened elsewhere but it only got annoying in a few levels. It was to try and stop you just killing every guard in the map but that's actually the fun in stealth games for many people.

star wars demolition
red faction guerilla
infested planet
army men air attack
kodo tag (warcraft 3 map)
ninja turtles arcade game
mario galaxy/mario galaxy 2
worms 2/armageddon/world party
diddy kong racing
patchcon: defend the library
gensokyo no nazo
crypt of the necrodancer
dark messiah: might and magic
ape escape
pretty much any ratchet and clank
real life