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Greenlight was a mistake

Hey look more shit from Greenlight.

This looks like a flash game.


More like CUCK amirite?

what the fuck is the problem here?

just check 'em

i dont get, its just a capitalism simulator?

i cant show how automation can improve our lifestyle

I noticed there a lot of populist brave political statements in a lot of new releases suddenly.

Yes. I fucking love this genre. Keep them coming.

Nigger have you even heard of factorio?

that is more a conveyor belt logistic game, there it lacks of instrumentation and machine programing

Globalism Simulator.

by the way, if you feel like playing for a flash game, this is free



The hipsters who will buy this are gonna play it on their sweat shop made computers!

Judaism the game

This is the first time you guys see a game published by Sometimes You?

I feel like Holla Forums should have known and tore them a new asshole a long time ago.

I remember this fresh Hell

Okay, aside from the furryshit and the gay cyber story

Why are they in business if being an indie is so fucking hard?

The reason no one's buying their games is because they DON'T MAKE GAMES. Just shit that says shit like "listen to my story i'm totally depressed you guys that makes me worth listening to" or "hey look at this culture analogue aren't they pure and sweet just like a certain other culture hint hint" Even though the culture they're trying to portray (africa) is barbaric as shit.

Don't even have to look into it much, that's what it's about because you can see this shit from a mile away.

You know, maybe if they started to actually make games for the sake of fun rather then a political message, they'd actually make some fucking money to throw around to whatever they want, hit up charities and all that, but no, they have to absolutley bring in a bunch of whiny bullshit and political correctness bullshit because they can't think outside of that.

Maybe they just want to follow their


Not that I would expect some trust fund fucks to know the true value of money and how to earn some.

Episode 2 is releasing on August 22nd, so get ready to see it again.

The only problem here is the community supporting those shit games.

What does this have to do with white privilege? Is OP being a faggot again?
He probably is

Why does everybody keep making these boring fucking resource management games where you don't actually do anything with the resources except get more resources?

Back in the day, resource management was always a part of something else. Sim City, Transport Tycoon, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Sim Tower, Civilization, etc.

These days it's all "You hit these buttons to spend resources, and use them in ways to get more resources", so every game is just a skin over every other one. Game Dev Tycoon, Cookie Clicker, SweatShop, Game Dev Story, etc. They all have the same gameplay, and are barely a step above idle games at the very best.

there is a mech game were you can program them to blow shit up.

Because they don't want to make games. They want to brag about making games since games are the hip thing right now and they're empty people who just want to be popular for the sake of being popular. They have no concept of good, bad or anything else for that matter because they're empty inside and try to fill that void with whatever is most popular at the moment.