Dwarf fortress

im new to the game so i basically made this throwaway file to learn how to play.
i had a very sustainable fortress (tons of fish, tons of farming goods, plenty of wine) but no military, was about to get my metal industry going because i just found a couple large veins of tetrahedrite. then this happened:

how do i make my fortress great again?

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here's some of the more important parts of the fortress:

This is the most hideous game ever made. It's like a 2D Minecraft.


don't hate on it until you try it. it's surprisingly not bad for an ascii game.

Develop a temporray easy built wall around the Wereprocupines, and work your way to directing them to a pit where they can serve as spike traps and waste disposal, if beasts such as were porcupines dispose of bodies and the like.

In the event of this not working, flood the bastards, as they are procupines and probably cannot swim.

would just making a room like this and blocking the exit work? not sure how to make walls tbh.
and no, they don't dispose of corpses, or else i wouldn't have dead bodies lying around everywhere. and they act like normal dwarves in every way until they transform, which is every month or so.

and forgive my faggotry, but i can't for the life of me figure out how to dispose of a corpse. i have some caskets but im having trouble actually putting the bodies in there. also, will the dead ambassadors piss off other civilizations?

I've played it and I understand the appeal but there's no excuse for the graphics and interface.
The graphics are in SDL. Those are sprites.

Are playing Hobbit Fort?

the farm i currently have never got filled. i will renovate as the need arises.

Lastly, capture and train Procupines until they're fit to be Dwarvern Gutbusters combined with Sonic the hedgehog.

This is a Gutbuster.


ok, figured out how to build walls. but now i have no idea who is and isn't a wereporcupine. all i know is i have 3 (im pretty sure). are my dwarves ordered in any particular manner?


Did toady fix the difficulty on this or is it still nosieges?

Anyway I find the 2D version is more fun and balanced

was not aware that was a thing. havn't encountered a seige but the wiki makes references to them.
i was under the impression a lot of the point of the game was the absurd imbalance. that one stroke of bad luck could completely fuck you over.

No it's the opposite, bad luck is too easy to recover from and your fort becomes unstoppable after a few years. It wasn't like that in the original 2D game

then why not embark on an evil biome when you're good enough to become unstoppable?
or am i overestimating the difficulty in those?

also, figured out how to bury people. but one of my dwarves just happened to be caught in a fey mood while i was doing so. what building do fey moods require or is it random?

You can get standard output from dwarf fortress.

Where? All I see is library micromanagement for a binary blob. Windows concepts need shims to fit onto Unix concepts.

Sieges were fucking brutal from what I remember.
That was like 6 months ago though, shit started at around 20 fucking invaders and by the 5th year it was a legion of 100 with mounted cavalry and siege beasts.

Maybe I was just too close to some really advanced civilization.

im actually running linux mint and all i had to do was download and unzip if i remember correctly.

It is ASCII. Extended ASCII but ASCII nonetheless (IBM Codepage 437 to be exact). The fact that you use bitmap-based fonts and rendering doesn't change this, as fonts would need to be rendered in the first place. I can take my standard terminal and replace the font with picture fonts (like Wingdings) and it still doesn't make it not text-based, it's just text based with a different font.

They're tiles. They aren't "sprites" any more than any other tile-based text renderer, like a terminal emulator.

Guys, guys.

What if…

What if we could…

…Have Dwarf Fortress with a real-time isometric view?

Wouldn't that be pretty cool?

I think someone should totally make something like that.

Like, they should totally do that.

i remember a while ago there was a mod for minecraft that converted DF maps in to minecraft. i honestly don't think minecraft would be a very bad representation for the game with some changes.
at the same time, your opinion on ASCII is wrong

What are some good graphic packs/tilesets you would recommend? I really want to get into the game but I can't look at the screen for far too long before my eyes start to hurt.

Wanderlust if it got an update recently

To construct a wall:

To put a corpse in the coffin, build the coffin after crafting it:

Then, press 'q' and select the coffin and set it for burial. You can't choose who goes in the coffin unless you assign a room as a tomb.
If you want to get rid of a specific ghost immediately, craft a slab and then engrave his name on it through the craftdwarf workshop.

Man, there are lots of loopholes you can exploit to make the impregnable fortress. Trap spam is one of them, then there are training rooms.

I got a game with 3 military guys wiping out whole sieges with a hand tied on the back.

I'm starting new at this game too and I think I'm doing pretty well. There was one guy though that tried to make an artifact but failed and went insane and died because of dehydration. I hope I can get that coffin ready for him because he might prevent production. After that I will try to get a military to deal with kobolds and other monsters.

after this thread basically died i figured all that shit out. my dwarves never transformed again though so i think they might have died. i know they were brawling a lot so they might have killed each other around the time the migrants came.
my fortress is doing decently now, my industry's been rebuilt and then some. i now have a few crossbowmen and hunters and have more food/drink than i can use. thinking about making a ballista for defensive purposes eventually. i also have a lot of idlers, which i don't like. most of them are farmers last i checked (literally just opened the game now to show screencaps so i could be wrong) so now might be a good time to expand that industry.

Dig down

do it

Dig until you can't stop digging, get those gremlins and cave spiders to infest your fort


First there isn't really a good really to play in Asci.
If you enjoy it and can understand everything thats fine, but it helps a ton with easily identifying wild animals especially cavern critters.
Also it helps immensely if you dig into a hill then down as you can make a drawbridge with a lever connected to close the minute were-monsters come.

Ironhand, and phoebus are the most regularly updated.

There are two good ways to destroy corpses, embarking by a volcano, or placing it in a garbage dump and having a drawbridge close on it.

Also as to evil biomes I would get familiarity with all the game mechanics.
In evil Biomes anything that dies has a chance to comeback as undead, and you do not want to fuck around with those unless you have an EXTREMELY competent military.

For a few reasons.
If you dwarf dies he comes back undead with roughly twice the stats and twice the training, and can shred apart an army.
If your dwarf loses an ARM the ARM comes back with twice the military training and stat.
Meaning if a wrestler dwarf loses his arm you have a swoll ass undead arm with high skills in wrestling, incredibly durable body, which is also small and harder to hit because close to the ground.
Also fur can re-animate, slaughtering animals can have undead fur come and literally push your shit in, as their attacks can sometimes phase through armor.

If you do embark there, dig straight down the farther you are lower chance for re-animation.
Embark near a volcano, you can increase the amount in world settings.
Dig a tunnel that leads a pool of lava near you base, use that to dispose of corpses and give two dwarves no other job but haling bodies.
You can have them throw things in there by making a garbage pile and having a square overhang the ledge.
Traps work well, of course but you want to go for crushing traps not dismemberment for obvious reasons.
Undead used to be fire proof this has been fixed so lava is now an effective weapons.

i actually have a spiral mine shaft built (that's where the tunnel branching south in the clay layer leads. had todo it to get around the aquifer) and have found a few veins of tetrahedrite in the process, but then i stopped because digging down was tedious and i didn't yet have a metal industry due to the wereporcupine interrupting everything. i am in need of silk though so i probably should go looking for cave spiders. ill probly build a door or something before doing so though to prevent an infestation.

i just pause and press k when i am unsure of something

i actually ran into a werelizard later on and killed it with no weapons or casualties. i don't worry much about those at this point

would that prevent hauntings too? im just making coffins to store them atm.

i wouldn't think of embarking on one with my current understanding unless to see one for myself before dying almost immediately.

Do I need to worry about my own animals setting off traps?

That's only for evil
That's extremely rare, even with experienced dwarves they usually bite someone.

yeah, i learned hat one the hard way. 10 crossbowmen failed to kill a weremonitor and one was bit (a fuckton died and i had to expand my burial chamber), who transformed in my meeting area and all he hit were killed until he eventually died.

also, unrelated question:
how the fuck do i stop my legendary carpenter from socializing?
i want him to make chairs, beds and other shit for the tavern. i have other carpenters, but the tavern is pretty much the one place i want masterwork most out of all others

Same answer to both questions.
Burrows, forbid dwarves from walking outside their given areas.
Build areas for your dwarves and only allow them to be in that area.
Have people bring food and drink for your carpenter along with giving him a room and dining room.
For any weredwarves that you still want to be productive put in an area with no exits.
You can drop food down by using garbage dumps along with a pit above.
Though they may not need to eat as they fully heal everytime they transform.

No. Once an entity has become part of your settlement, it becomes and stays trap immune even if it reverts to being hostile.


can tools break? i have been looking through the wiki and saw no references to breakage. so does that mean i can use one pick indefinitely?

Use Dwarf therapist
Build gates covering openings
figure out how burrows work
research danger rooms

remember to delve deeply and greedily

First you need to quarantine your werebeasts. Since werebeasts can't die from hunger or thirst you need to wall them in a room. You could wall them above ground in fortifications to use as scouts too.

Sieges depend on your proximity to enemy camps when embarking. You can get goblin and necromancer Sieges. Necromancers can rape your fortress with no problem if you are unprepared and goblins come in numbers(50+) every time. Recent update also made siege units wear full armor instead of just breastplates and helmets.

Tools don't break but its a good idea to keep multiple picks around. You start off with two by default.

Assign a manager noble, make a carpenter workshop, allow only legendary skilled carpenters to work there and increase the priority of any job you assign to "Do it now"

that reminds me. some asshole got elected mayor and now he's pushing mandates. can anything good come of this or should i just kill him?


Tilesets exist.

Maydays has the best Dwarf design.

What do you guys usually do once you have all your basic industries established? I'm looking for fun goals to give myself.

If I'm not mistaken they should be arranged by order of arrival.

I think you could get the weredwarfs by checking their descriptions and looking for "Incredible quick to heal" or something like that.

create an arena using invaders.

create a waterfall.

create a magma piston.

at least there's rimworld, rite guiz?

Mayor is a mandatory position. If you kill one another will get elected. Try to fulfill the mandates but if you can't then don't set up a hammerer or a justice system

Like this?

I always mod this game to play as humans

What music do you listen to when playing DF?


What items should I focus on buying from caravans?

I usually buy materials I can't or don't want to collect myself. Also I regularily buy up all the raw foodstuffs all the caravans have, but that's because I usually only pay them in prepared meals, which is a laughably cost-efficent way of conducting trade.

Am I retarded?

Has anyone even been so far as to fortress a whole map?

Just gone through the quickstart page on the wiki, one dwarf went berserk and died, but it didn't really cause any major problems. That I know of.

i've never seen trading in games work any other way than ←->

Go play Crysis 1 on max settings, then comeback and tell me that Dwarf Fortress would be remotely playable with those kinds of graphics. Unlike Minecraft Toady is going for full simulator right down to nuclear physics if he can figure out how to do that. 3D engines have to make work arounds and shortcuts to emulate this stuff on the same scale as Dwarf Fortress does these things.

you have to pick what you want from the merchant's side first
also, there are no coins in the game

Anyone have that pic about how to build circles?

I mod it to play as elves.

Then I pillage the dwarven strongholds. No raping though..who the hell would want to rape a dwarf?

Do you change the way you play?
When I play as humans I build aboveground instead of digging underground

If only above ground building wasnt such a pain in the ass

it's not really
it is much more time taking than digging, but if you have around 10 or more peasants dedicated to building then it gets done fast

Well I mean more the designating and having to build a roof and all that. Digging a room is much more simple in that regard

Yeah. To make the most basic underground room, you just dig 2 squares. To achieve the same aboveground, you need to build 9 walls and 3 floors (for the roof)

forgot to mention that you also need stairs to place the roof

also, digging gives you materials, while building takes them

You got me you faggots. Here I am, a complete plebian, plunging into the depths of the abyss known as DF. Wish me luck.

Abandon all hope

DF being hard is just a meme to make DF players feel better about themselves.

I guess it depends on how you define hard, but my initial impression is that it's certainly a lot more complicated not to mention convoluted than most games. The graphics, if you can call 'em that, doesn't lend themselves to easy interpretation either.

Let me ask you, out of sheer curiosity, what games do you consider hard?

OP here, the game is hard to wrap your head around, but once you understand it it's pretty easy to become invincible. have a self contained food source and drink production and your fortress basically runs itself. from there just build some raising drawbridges and you'll make it through just about any assault.

pic related, i happened to have a river that cuts through my mountain. so i built some tunnels to make fishing areas within my walls. all migrants with fishing enabled go straight to work and become legendary in no time. im producing so much fish right now that much of it rots before im able to process it. i also am getting fucktons of shells which i have a legendary bonecutter use to basically run my economy. the only troubles i ever really have is the time it takes for someone on the other end of my fortress to run over and pull levers, which results in werebeast infections being my primary weakness (hence, the walled off box on the other side of the river).
note, screenshot taken hours ago. was the captcha page offline for anyone else?

The coating of dust hints at the filthy conditions the owner lives in.


good idea. might do that.

That's kinda the games problem. Digging is way too fast.

Building a simple wooden cottage should be simpler than digging a house-sized hole in the mountain…trough stone

And that is bullshit.
Coming back with twice the training?
And arms that somehow don't have huge penalties for being…just an arm that's wiggling on the floor? Same for fur.

Well the arm alone cannot pierce armor but that doesn't matter because the strength boost allows undeads to easily break limbs to the point an undead kea can break the limbs of a fully steel armored dwarf.

You haven't even heard about megabeasts with webs

Does anyone know how the weapons actually work? Which ones are good, or do they have different uses (like hammers vs armor)?

Also, rate my little human village

arm….has no joint. No point of fixture to transfer force.
Slow as hell (since it has to roll on the ground)

That's not dangrous.
Faggot dev needs a few blows to the head to fix his shit.

Looks cozy. Are the hills around steep or just barren?

they have stuff growing on them, and they're not really steep
I just removed the ramps so jaguars and cobras wouldn't get in

You should propably build a wall or a moat to slow down invaders then.

I just noticed your houses have earthen floors. That's pretty base, even for such a communal settlement.

The settlement is in a very early stage.
It's just begun it's second year so I'm not expecting any invasions, and even if they come, I'll just lock everyone up and wait them out.
And those houses are temporary and will be destroyed to make something better when I have all the important stuff set up

Make a shitload of barrels so that doesn't happen. If you have access to Kaolinite and a kind of fuel, I would highly suggest making Porcelain Large Pots to put food in.

i was producing barrels. honestly i think the main issue was actually more hauling than anything.
with 100+ people i had no idlers because anyone not assigned to something specific was needed to move the fish products. in my first profile the fisher would carry the fish back to a barrel but for some reason the fisher dwarves stayed but and just dropped whatever they caught on the ground in this one. in fact, you can actually see 2 stacks of fish lying on the ground in my screenshot.

on a related note. there are no longer any fish in that river or anywhere else on my map. what kind of bullshit is that? i can understand ponds running out of fish, but fucking rivers? is there a way to fix this or nah?

Fishes which are fished aren't really there. The dwarves essentially create whatever they fish out of thin air. They will start fishing again in the next season.

Also, you are using stockpiles right? Prepare the food and store it in stockpiles and then cook it in lavish meal using Kitchen.

Maybe you don't have enough barrels.
Seriously, to meet your quota for barrels, you're going to need a Carpenter pumping them out non-stop for a few months at the least, until you've gotten a good surplus, then start making Bins in bulk. Another thing you could do is make a craftsdwarf workshop and make Large Pots out of any rock you've mined, and have your Carpenter make Bins during that time.

I'm about to start a world in this new version to see if it runs any better on my toaster, I'll post pics of my fort for examples.

If your fortress dies you lose

If your fortress doesn't have an entertaining end, you lose.

i figured that much
does that apply to all water sources and to every season? like, when the "there is nothing to catch in the …" message comes that only applies for that season?
when do they run out or is it just a random even?

Its based on seasons and biomes

Not exactly.

Don't dwarves capture "vermin" fish that spawn into existence randomly and don't obey the population/extinction mechanic?

Yeah, I think it works that way, but its just a good guess.

There's no reason to lose your fortress, it's so easy to make it invulnerable

and to answer the stockpile question:

i have different ones for different uses, some heavily specified. you can see a section of my big shell pile in and there's a smaller one here

also pictured is one specifically for food, specifically for drink, specifically for wood, one for ore, a general stockpile and an armor stockpile.

that may very well be the case, a lot of barrels have been filled and never emptied

how so?

yes, mussels (who's shells i use to make trade goods) are vermin according to the wiki. but my fisherdwarves still refuse to fish in an "empty" river.

also note all the residents in my tavern. is there ever a reason not to accept them in other than the food/drink they consume?

oh, forgot my bolt stockpile. wiki mentioned a bug that prevents marksmen from equipping themselves with bolts stored in bins can anyone confirm? so i made a stockpile for them which forbids bins.

Another part of mechanic. And there also "real" npc like fish. But i think it can appear/disappear in current versions.

I think it was kinda fixed, but usually containers + stacks of items(especially of different kinds) work weird.


Yeah, losing in DF is really damn easy.

Absolutely disgusting

i occasionally get a "[DwarfName] cancels eat. item inaccessible" message or something like that. is that related?


I embrace it with my silver warhammer

gobs & trolls & carp better scurry
when I pulp them into a slurry

Have there ever been attempts to make a Ben Urriston dwarf?

Thats the default state of dwarfs laddy

Yeah. Food and other food in the barrel. One dwarf pick it up to put something in it/take something out of it. While barrel in his active task no one can access it. its different bug, but they are similar, so whatever. You should read wiki articles to avoid it. Basically you need a few stockpiles with different settings. One for actual food, one for seeds, one for "cloth"-plants, one for millable plants for flour, one for millable plants for paints… And probably another stockpile for different seeds. Also "useless seeds"… Read the wiki.

it hasn't been an issue to me so ill put that off until it becomes one.

for now, what's something useful that my mason can crank out? for now i have just had him produce blocks to make construction easier and to train his skill, but nothing in the list really seems useful to me. i might just relegate him to produce statues and place masterwork in high traffic areas while selling the crap. coffers might be useful when i start giving a shit about making nobles happy and whatnot, but the rest seems like crap to me.

wow, just now did i realize i screenshotted precisely at the moment all the dwarves down there blinked away. take my word for it that there's a mason there

You can cheese any game, this will always be a shit point to make when all it comes to is a lack of self control.

Literally everything. pun intended
Better learn the right way from the start. But yeah, right now you probably only have seeds + food + drinks only and you cant set everything up without cloth industry. It would be a waste of time.

Keep making blocks and mechanisms, those are the only unique uses of rock that I can think of and they are extremely useful. You can use statues as an early detection method for werebeasts but apart from that they are a waste of space.

Poster is right. It's handy to have wide selection of furniture and other masonic goods available before you need them.

how? it makes dwarves happy

Weapon traps make dwarves even happier and have a practical purpose

Get out.

i actually do have a farmer's workshop and a loom. though they are generally unused. i also have a lot of animals (many of which are sheerable) because that's generally the only thing i want that elves bring on caravans i trade at a massive deficit because the main reason i produce shell goods is to get rid of all the shells i have.
is the cloth industry that important? should i start now?

All I am saying is that any space that cannot be used for murder is a wasted space

Get on it stat. Plant pig tails and rope reeds and then use those to make clothes for all your dwarves.

Quite important. Even if you just produce bags for seeds. And dwarfs dislike weathered to scraps shit, piss, vomit, blood covered clothes.

Dwarves don't like being naked and clothes degrade over time.

Still, it takes quite a long time before this becomes and issue. A dorf with only a sock, cape and a shirt does just fine if he eats great food at a pretty dining hall.

Why would you ever die?
Just stop dying, if your fortress isn't invulnerable, completely 100% self sufficient, then you're playing the game wrong

Fair play without invulnerable fortress is more interesting.

Also can someone be cursed in players fortress church?

ok, ill get on that, i have been wanting to expand my farm anyway. been planting nothing but plump helmets on one farm since i embarked.

on a side note, how do i bury these guys? do i need to train a swimmer to stop the haunting?

I think that is supposed to be a feature, but that never happened to me.

If you can't bury someone for some reason, you can make a tombstone out of a slab.


For now make a memorial plate. Later you can dig them out. Swimming is not an option. Try digging 2 ramps next to them. If you fail than ignore them.

Supposedly, but I want confirmation.

Make a stone slab and then engrave it in craftsdwarf shop with the name of the deceased

Fuck it. I'll try it now while I'm at work.

ok, so im currently sheering all of my animals. when i finally do make those clothes will i have to find each individual dwarf (population: 136) and tell them to change?

they'll do it themselves
make sure they own a cabinet if you don't want your fortress buried in used socks

Sharp weapons (like swords) are best made from steel or candy
Blunt weapons from silver (or better from lead, gold or platinum, but I think you can only get those from moods).

Also crossbow material only makes a difference when the dorf uses it to punch shit. Make bolts from heavy materials like silver. I think for bolts the weight is more important than their cutting ability.

can clothes be communal?
i have been kinda trying to avoid making bedrooms and giving possessions because of how much of a bitch that would be. everyone just takes turns sleeping in the collection of beds south of my wood pile here

will that shit not fly?

it will work, but you will have used clothing lying everywhere

Just make it so you have a stockpile of clothes of different kind (socks, pants, tunics, whatever) available at all times.
A dwarf will just take the clothes he needs and drops the ones that broke wherever. Having cabinets in their own rooms just means theyll store their clothes there instead of dropping them anywhere But they'll use whatever they can get their hands on basically, no need to really micromanage.

And with the manager I think you can set it up to "always have X many of Y clothes type" or something.

how do i make coal? there is no option for it in the smelter

make a wooden furnace and make charcoal from it.
You need lignite or bituminous coal stones to make coal. You're better off just getting to the lava tube and making magma smelters because a lava tube is guaranteed on every embark.

i have charcoal

and bituminous coal too


but why would you want to lose?
losing isnt fun
i want to win

i don't think you know how to lose properly.
i plan on enacting a lavacaust whenever this file begins to bore me.

guess I fucked it up while modding
good thing raws can be edited mid playing

At first I thought you were just baiting but now it's apparent to me your one of those types. There is no win condition, only losing to varying degrees.

If it becomes impossible for you to lose, you win

Except that's not a win condition, your merely waiting out the time limit of your fortress.

The opposite of lose is win, if you can't lose, you win, if you can't win, you lose

But do you at least work on projects? Do you know the term "losing is fun"?

losing is never fun, if you lose you lose, it can't be fun, how can you have fun if you lose, i don't understand, winning is fun, losing is not

It is when you get to the hidden fun stuff.

Then why are you such a loser?

The game's entire premise is a construction and management game with the people you control being half-retarded midgets in a world that's trying to kill them with progressively greater determination as time passes. To "win" is to simply wait out the timer. Waiting out the timer is easy, and is in fact boring and uninteresting on the other hand having hordes of giant mosquitoes spontaneously spawn and murderfuck everything or boiling hot rain melting the surface unexpectedly is pretty entertaining. Or better yet deliberately making labrynthine fortresses and not write anything down, come back to it a month later and let's see what you remember. All in all there is only losing a myriad of ways and nothing for actually winning.

Now Adventure Mode winning can be interesting but exploring and dieing to unexpected things is it's own kind of losing.

so you never played gta and into hopeless police fights early on for shits and giggles?
you never played a moba and fed the enemy to fuck with the one obnoxious tryhard on your team? you never played civ and unleashed onslaughts of nukes all over france just to see how bad global warming can fuck you over?

if you're the type of person who cant have fun losing then you're not the type of person anyone wants to be around.

I did

I did that until I got to

Oh you poor soul, conditioned and beaten until dopamine is only released for some binary, arbitrary "win" condition.

Do yourself a favor and abandon the concept- this isn't a competitive game. The objective here is to build/experience an interesting story while setting your own goals and expectations, not to satisfy your ego with a big flashy screen that says "you win!"

the interface is terrible ill give you that
i bet if enough people asked him he would rethink the interface but that would eat up time that could be used doing something more interesting

Any mod that lets me use a mouse or binds the keys to something a bit more consistent?

I think regular DFHack lets you use the mouse for some designating stuff at least.

Nigger, League of Legends is not Dwarf Fortress, Sim City and the Sims is more comparable to Dwarf Fortress since they're the same type of game.

Losing on purpose is easy and that's boring but winning Dwarf Fortress is as easy as digging a whole in the ground and waiting around for years while ruthlessly murdering children that pop up to avoid over population, that's why you gotta be creative and lose because your giant sufrace melting doomsday weapon has a switch right next to the door switch and you forgot about that.

just got 2 giant grizzly bears (unfortunately, both male) from elf traders.
so if i tame them while in cage then send them to pasture they'll fend off enemies, correct?

I'd rather install a graphics set and start playing than spending even more time to figure out where I am, or where the deadly monster about to eat me is. Any recommendations?

The Lazy Newb Pack (if that's still a thing) comes with different graphical tilesets that you can choose from.

Some of the most popular ones are Phoebus, Ironhand(?) and Mayday(?), if I remember correctly.

If I get a ton of migrants what jobs should I all give them? I'm not sure what are the best positions that are needed.

Also will corpses be automatically transported to caskets or do I need to set up a tomb using the casket?

Are you using the therapist? If so you should see what their strengths are and assign them to those fields if you are currently (or in the near future) in need of that profession.
If you have dire need of a certain profession (doctor maybe) but nobody with any skill in it, just assign one of the useless peasant migrants to it.
Anyone else you can just put in the military and/or keep a tiny portion of them as farmers to handle the increased necessity for food.

Also if you plan on doing any mega projects or constructions or whatever, you can turn those useless peasants into architects (for building), masons (for block construction) or miners (for excavation).
In any case: You should be able to figure out what to do with them.

I don't think you need to set a tomb, just allow the caskets to be used for dwarf corpses.

In fact, if your fort is running well, you probably won't even need to do anything with them if you can't be bothered

I'm sorry, adhd meds + a lot of stimulant abuse has fried my dopamine receptors, I can barely even read books (audiobooks + some easy mechanical actions work good though), I can't stand inaction and winning is a very achievable goal in most games, since I've just been shitting up the thread and you have no wish for me I will now leave this thread. I wish good adventures for you in DF.

but aren't they tamed already?

they sure love to push those adhd meds. i can only imagine what theyre doing to the poor kids these days

it doesn't have (or i cant see) the [tame] marker next to it, so i wouldn't assume as much

I just captured a king cobra. Since they lay eggs, can I actually breed them?

I think you need a male (and keep eggs from being used for food) for that. At least it's the case with poultry

Awesome. Can't wait to drown the next siege in 30 deadly snakes.

Report if it works. I want to try that with giant king cobras.

will do, but it will take some time

disregard, im a dumbass. yea they're tame.
how exactly does training work? can i just give someone the training labor and have him sit around in a properly marked zone or what? cuz that's how the wiki makes it sound. and i know dogs will end up being owned by their trainers, but does this apply to bears as well?

im thinking of having one for war to station in front of my fortress and the other for hunting to travel with my legendary ambusher.

like that
Not true, they will follow them but won't be owned.
Not a problem if you put them in a pasture/cage/on restraint

Can't you also assign the trained animals to certain dwarves?

most of them yes

how do I use wool? I tell my weaver to make cloth out of wool/yarn and he says he doesn't have yarn. How do i make it?

You need to spin the yarn. Either at a loom or a farmers workshop, IIRC.

never mind, turns out it's done at farmer workshop and not loom

there aren't many of these, are there?

who are you quoting?
anyway, never heard of an mmo roguelike.
seems like an idea that's decent on paper but there's some obvious logistics issues.

for example, if it's randomly generated, does that mean the landsape is dynamic? like, when nobody is in an area would it unload and then reload differently when someone else comes around? if the landscape doesn't change, then why procedural generation at all since the first time someone reaches an area is the only time the generation actually happens. if the landscape does change, then there's a myriad of other issues that come with that which i probably don't even need to state.
i mean, this sounds like a cool idea, but it would be a mindbender trying to make it a reality.

Made some progress on my fortress.
I expanded the workshops building with a clothes industry and metal industry, made a room for breeding egglayers, built a temple with a shrine dedicated to each deity, a building for storing breeding and traning caught animals (I placed traps all around the forest), and a basic gatehouse (with a dog bomb).
I also built more roads for a nicer look.

Now I'm going to build barracks and start up a small millitary, and also get some masons to churn out blocks 24/7. Then I'm going to dismantle some of the village and move it north of the river and build a big fortress in the south.

Tomenet for example. I even play it from time to time, but there is not really a point without friends. I can play alone in single player rougelikes just fine.

Is there a real reason to play this game?

Is there a real reason to play games?

Its one good advanced sandbox. If you like sandboxes you should play it. You can build fucking everything.

Is there a reason?

Is there any way to tell what each symbol represents? There are guides and even in the game but there are far too many symbols that arent mentioned anywhere

No, everyone just guesses. Same way with reading.

You can loo[k] at them and see what they are, for example

This, also most symbols appear all the time, like (g)oblins, (d)ogs, so you will learn really fast all you need to know for most situations.

Any good uses for lead? I have six gorillion bars left over from smelting galena and nothing to do with them.

Everything except stuff that masons can craft. Bins are my 1st priority + few chains and buckets.


Why not? There is always shortage.

Oh, also a few cages. Or a lot if you planning huge cage trap zone.

Because lead is heavy and haul speed is affected by weight IIRC.

Who give a fuck about hauler dwarfs? And bins mostly sit where they are unless traders visit.

I just give a fuck about jobs being completed in reasonable time. Also I remember there being problems with bins and other containers. If dwarves take ages to haul them, those problems might get extended.

Read again.

Do dwarves bring shit to the bin or take the bin to the stuff they want to put in it? Because I remember it being the latter.

Shit to the bin.

Has it always been that? Because I remember it being a problem when one dwarf would take a bin or bag and put things in it, rendering others unable to access the bin/bag, leading to tons of error messages. Last version I really played was 2012, so maybe it's changed since then.

g is used for like 5 different creatures. same thing with k.
pressing the k button really is the way to tell what a thing is.

Nice embark site. Shame your dwarves think they're humans.

So far I can confrim that they do breed. And they breed big. Every cobra female lays about 30 eggs every season.

Thanks, now I know I built my fortress entrance on a hole full of red sand

Just finished my barracks. They contain enough rooms for 2 squads of 10 each (1 of hammerers and 1 of crossbowdwarves), stockpiles for weapons and armors, bolts, quivers etc. and a dining room for everyone as well as a food stockpile so the militarry can always be at the barracks.

Also an archery training range, meele live traning arena and archer live traning range.

Why do you want your DF game to be even uglier than usual?

FPS death imminent.

But neat. I had some weird idea that it wasn't possible to breed exotic animals without your civilization having the EXOTIC_PETS tag. I don't know how I got that idea.

The default ascii actually looks kinda nice, even better than some tilesets. I only use tilesets because I don't want to keep using 'k' to tell what new symbols are.

Remove Elf, Fortress Strong

I just started a fortress in a savage desert biome yesterday.

I'm almost disappointed that Toady took out murderscorpions. Why did he even remove them anyway? Because they were too OP? Having a tamed giant desert scorpion one hit a dragon was the most fun I've ever had in DF.

I wasn't around for that but hearing you talk about it makes me wish I was.

Giant desert scorpions would one hit kill anything with a cardiovascular system (though it took a little while), but were easily caught with cage traps if you just moved all your shit underground asap. Having an army of these fuckers tear apart goblins was satisfying as hell. I wish they were still in the game. Heres the wiki page on them: dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/DF2014:Giant_desert_scorpion


I'm going to miss them.

How do i use the carpenter workshop in adventure mode?

that reminds me.
if i infect my entire fortress with werebeastism, will they be werebeasts if i visit the fortress in adventure mode?
and if i kill residents in adventure mode, are they dead when i go back to fortress mode?

I think it was during times when Beast-master or someone similar existed.

if they don't leave in the 2 week world generation period between games, yes

bring lots of chickens

My game keeps fucking crashing when I save in adventure mode.
Does anyone else have this or is it just me?

Ganerated new world for new version? 32/64?

Latest version crashes often for me.

32, I'm still on 43.03


Every time I update I don't want to have to get a tileset fit for the DF version, and I use lots of different computers because the game is 20mb and I can just click "SDL" on the bay12games site and it works, so I play

I don't need a tileset, who the fuck cares how a game engineered by a PhD in mathematics made his systems look? The game is so intricate all that matters is getting steel, making armour and destroying goblins with dwarven cunts.

Also werebeasts are just the amount of difficulty this game needed. I never lost legendary dwarves unless they were pulped by bronze collosi before, and now they get infected and I just 'quarantine' them until they starve.

I'm no longer invincible as long as I don't make my fort only accessable through bridges lmao

turning of dfhack fixed it

werebeast don't starve as far as i know. every time they transform they become fully healthy again.

If they still existed they'd probably get nerfed like Giant Cave Spiders

DF hack fixes 50 problems/bugs and bring 50 new bugs. Game is way more stable without it. The only tool you need is therapist.

thats why you have to stop the moon


i didn't know i could have goblins live in my fortress. i was under the impression they were always hostile.
i should really pay more attention to who i allow residency in my fort. we're becoming more diverse than sweden

Just pull the lever.

I warned you about diversity bro
It will be a legitimate problem when the goblin sieges comes. If resident goblins interact with the siege ones it can cause a loyalty cascade.

Post her description

This is not a fucking ant farm.

This tbh.


the bedroom is considered "very good" so i don't think they're complaining

Gas it

Call me when it's legendary, goblin

i made these quarters solely for expedience. i was actually quite shocked at seeing them being "very good." they're just a bed in a room that is 1 tile radius larger than default. doesn't even have a door.


i don't think my residents actually do anything other than do/watch performances and leech. not bothered though. i use exclusively shell crafts for trading and i produce more food/drink than i can consume.

How old is your world? Maybe he's old as the world itself.

short history. not sure about exact numbers.

the northern bedrooms are assigned to my tavern. my citizen dwarves live in the southern ones at the bottom of the screen. so i don't think them and the goblins interact much

Such is life in the terrifying glacial volcano.

what the fuck is a muskox man?

What is mud goblin fucker?

stop being so ignorant.

The new features seem to have made the whole world much more diverse.
In my generated world, the human civ has goblins in every city, as citizens and sometimes as lords
there's also goblin bandits everywhere all the time, killing citizens and even non-goblin lords

So I did the only sensible thing and created an adventurer Ben "if it has green skin, it goes in the bin" Garrison intent on brutally holocausting the goblins down to the last one


Statistic said a goblin has a 100% chance to be shoot on sight by dwarven crossbow militia.

Tell that to my minecart cannon.

Isn't that called a MUD?

obviously we need to ban assault crossbows.
and only bone bolts should be allowed to be produced. high capacity wood and metal variants are taking too many innocent lives

Agreed, fuck crossbows. Silver batons are more effective at goblin crowd control.

They have 100% skull bashing rate.

I used to think talk like that was exaggeration, but, then I saw an uber dorf completely wreck shit while missing an entire arm. This is no joke. Those little fuckers are cray.

Well, remember, it's also an 'evil' biome. We don't know if there's some voodoo shit driving the arm to act on its own. It could be like Thing from The Addam's Family, except now it has superhuman strength and an insatiable hatred of the living.

Just the super strength alone, I could see that launching itself with its fingers like a goddamn grasshopper to move around.

You could probably just slap them back in with a mod. DF is -very- mod friendly when it comes to custom enemies.

What kind of degeneracy are you allowing in

Wat do? I lose interest fast because even a regular fort will start with ~30fps and quickly drop

For me fps rose with every update except heavy bugged ones obviously. 1-2 fps but still.

Maybe my CPU degraded then.
During DF2012 I used to get an easy 50 until I reached maybe 30-40 dwarves, then it started sinking. When I tried one of the newer versions this winter it started out at 20

My military was basically these 2 guys and I think another dorf.

They had the most notable kills.

They couldn't get the dragon because well…

Look what the fuck got him…

Try different worlds. Df works with 70% of cpu the same way. Also there are sudden drops and raises for no apparent reason. 80 dwarfs + who knows how many useless fuck hanging around and i had 80 fps iirc.

we're a muti-ethnic libertarian society. degeneracy is not a thought on our minds.

Guys it feels weird to be playing this again.
Also why isn't my lumberjack cutting down the trees I designated? Do I need to designate it in a special way or do wooden training axes no longer work for cutting down trees?

So far it seems to work decently. I think if I stick to a small world and kill most background processes it should be alright at least for the early game. We'll see


Ah, shit. Well my warm-up fort might be rather short lived then, unless I can find some coal or lava soon.

I hate this new invasion system, my fort is basically unstoppable, I had a titan and a few were((((things))))) appear but my dwarves just rip them in half and move on. I have yet to have a proper seige and want some wizards throwing dead dwarves at me

So much for my human-like embark
I thought I could just wall shit off and it'd be fine.

I even put floors hanging 1 tile over the edge of the wall but the werebeast just grabbed them and climbed on them, I guess I need 2-high walls with a 1-wide lip to not die.

i remember listening to one of the thousands of interviews with tarn and they asked about it being ascii, and he said its faux, something along the lines of 'at some point it becomes easier to write a tile mapper' or something like that
i dont know exactly how its done but its for sure a tiled system, and its not all drawn directly as ascii


What's a good way to increase my food production? I intend to take in many migrants soon but I don't know if i can feed them. My farm industry isn't going anywhere because we aren't making enough seeds. My only other food source is butchering animals, which I have a fuck ton of (dogs, turkeys, dingos, cobras)

Use plants to gain seeds. Brew something from them. Preparing food from them leaves no seeds. And show me screen of your farm.
Collect plants outside with herbalist, make a hunter or two.


well if you're butchering animals, you should obviously ensure you can maintain their population. you don't want to lose your last resort food source trying to maintain your population.
my suggestion would be either to start fishing or to crank out a lot of crafts (with a legendary crafter if possible) and trade them for either more animals or food. you might wanna buy more seeds too.

m-m-m-my autism is reaching a boiling point

are cobra eggs edible? I have like 50 cobras

All eggs should be edible. You can check what's edible and what's used to make food and brews in the kitchen tab of the status [z] screen

Yes, in fact you should definitely utilize those cobras for eggs, they shit out a lot of them and all eggs are the same size I think. The wiki doesn't say if there are different sizes of eggs, so I just assume they're all the same size. You'll have to prepare them into meals first though, I would suggest getting a cook and getting him to make the simplest meals he can En Masse. But before you do that make sure you hit [z] and go to the kitchen first to make sure you have anything you don't want made into a meal set to not cook.

Build a wall

a giant wall of magma

Fort type rankings:

Armok Tier:

Great Tier:

Good Tier:

Decent Tier:

Acceptable Tier:

I Hate Fun Tier:

Forgot, circus forts are great tier.

Never forget the brave souls that colonized the circus just to grow a damn strawberry.

>no hfs fort

so the game has both a text rendered option and a tiled option?
the post linked with the technical description confirms 2D to basically be sdl rendering, but doesnt explain how text works


do you mean like a matryoshka doll fort?

Have breaks and parties been removed? I created a new fort and haven't had any of these so far.

Why won't my dwarves pasture my livestock?

Guys, could you help me out? I have one thing to ask. You see, I want to create a Dorf Fort world for adventure mode shenanigans, but I want it to be very specific. I would want it to have civilisations in it's history, but by the time I would be playing, all civilized creatures should be dead. Not only that, but I also want my world to still have giant beasts and monsters that I can kill. How should I set up my world to accomplish that?

Excessive ammounts of monsters like Titans and night creatures have a good chance of annihilating civilizations. At least they use to.

Probably pump the number of titans and megabeasts really high in advanced world gen and then letting it run for a long time.

Take a look at
Also there's a list on the wiki with all the names of the ages (age of legends etc). I think there's an age name for when all civs have been killed and only megabeasts and titans remain, so you might wanna keep generating your world until you hit that age.

I mean the whole page, not the erosion cycle count, that was from something I checked

Pretty sure that's called the Age of Emptiness.

Oh fuck, a wereass just came to my fortress along migrants and I don't even have a military or traps.

Can it destroy floodgates?

yes, floodgates are susceptible to building destroyers like werebeasts.
you're better off building a raising drawbridge. they have a million advantages that floodgates don't have.


thankfully it quickly turned back
turns out it was a fucking elf

not surprised. i have seen a werebeast goblin before.

was anyone wounded?

he came along a migrant wave so he killed some peasants, but everyone who fought him didn't survive

I hope he comes back so I can torture him to death in a pit of cats

you're going to have to wait till at least the next full moon

why are all of my dogs distracted? i see nothing in thoughts and preferences but the yellow arrow is showing up on all of them.

When starting my first military what should I focus on first, crossbows or melee weapons with a metal industry?

someone correct me if im wrong, but from what i have seen your biggest threat early game is werebeasts. so i would advise ranged units first so they have a chance of neutralizing the threat without getting close enough to risk infection. that won't fly against more substantial opponents but you shouldn't see them too much early game.
bear in mind: weight is the determining factor of the strength of a bolt

Mass produce bolts and give them to your crossbowmen, then set up bridges in a way so that you can trap your enemies. Then make murderholes in places so your archers can shoot whatever you've trapped. The bolts don't have to be good, in fact shitty bolts will increase experience faster since it'll take six gorillion shots to down the enemy. After you get all that set up, get a melee team kitted out and make 'em train. Optionally, make a second crossbow team and train them up with targets while the first team stands guard, and switch the two when the second team is max level.

whats a good way to train hammerdwarves? there are no training hammers

Just make 'em some nice big silver fuck-hammers and tell them to train in their barracks. They won't crush each others skulls or anything, if thats what you think.

oh, so this is a bronze colossus…
guess it's time for fun

Accidents happen

this is the biggest cause for death in my fortress
fucking retard midgets

great, now half my military just decided to jump into the river while fighting a werebeast
and of course they drowned

fuck these retards, I'm going back to adventure mode

new thred soon?

Currently getting into DF. What are some tips you wish you would have known before starting to play, besides that losing is fun and start with no mods or graphics.

make sure your base is easy to lock down. make some raising drawbridges at important choke points (largely your entrance) so that if something looks like it will destroy you, you can at least save everyone inside and do your best to prepare for a fight carefully if it doesn't get bored and leave

Does this mean I'm about to have fun?

Probably, yeah.

yep, you're fucked