Last one about to bump limit.

Look for the VDF rooms. I have been hosting VDF Infinite and been having a blast. If you anons host any room, add the VDF to it so we know what to look for.

Join the EDF today and stomp the bugs!

Other urls found in this thread:


I also fucked up the formatting. Shit!!!!

I am making the VDF Infinite room now!

So is the game fun solo?

It is! Fun solo or co op. It scales on co op so it gets harder the more people that join.

So anyone know if it is possible to mod this game? I want Starship Troopers, Imperial Guard, and Serbian Kebab Removal Mods

This game really is quite fun, campy and completely serious delivery works well. I am starting to git gud as the fencer.

The fucking tiny textbox for chat is irritating though.

Not sure. I was seeing people talking about unpacking the textures. We will see soon since this game just came out on this past monday.

is anyone playing
I wanna play online

So I bought this game, is the DLC any good? I normally wouldn't even buy a game with day one DLC but I made an exception for EDF.

It's basically stuff that gets outclassed quickly. I'm waiting for the mission packs.

this fucking game

They're only cosmetic
Mission packs will be worth it though



oh god sauce please


its not worth it trust me

Sauce ?
please don't be a he

i'll decide that

Is it possible to do solo run on hard difficulty using air radar ? I mean without tremendous amount of cheese.
EDF !! EDF !!

What is the full video though ?

I do not know anything else I have that piece of video

excuse me, this is a vidya board. go fap somewhere else

the internet is free.

I wasn`t fapping before, you made me do this.



Anyone wanna EDF?

Steam: Mark447

Kusoge garbage

You can't kill civilians and even if you can they don't really matter

say it to my face ben

try using 5 way grenade launcher around civilians and see what happens to you and your squad

You should try fusion blaster. It melts hectors like knife through butter.

Yeah if you aim straight sure, but you should hang back and aim at an angle.

except you can't reload it, laser chainsaw does the same at the cost of being constantly at melee range for maximum damage

Any pirate wanna play online?

I hope people are becoming men and not being scared of spiders after playing EDF now.

Yeah, the spiders seem to be less scary if you find out you can just melt them with the plasma launcher or call nuclear airstrikes on them. EDF is a cure for arachnophobia

I never understood the hate of spiders. spiders are cute and friendly.

Spiders are bro-tier and they keep away the nastier bugs

fuck i missed it.

I'm on to you, This is a human image board.
Don't you have a corner of a room to sit in?


i dont hate spiders, im just really fucking scared of them

speaking of fapping, any insect porn?

Probably because he forgot to spoil.

Holy shit, I got used to play in hard with my fencer, but I was on the mission 23 I think with trapped on a insect nest. That was some PTSD material right there. I had to put game on normal to beat that.

Thanks user.


Spiders are assholes and the only reason they're tolerated is because they eat even worse insects.

fucking hell, guess it's finally time to upgrade

??? what? it runs on my win7 just fine.

I'm a retard i somehow read 12.

did that potato actually run?

jumping spider mech best waifu

So this is just a warrior game with guns?

It's a starship trooper games with guns. Leave it at that and torrent it if you want a taste. Trust me, it's worth your time at least.

That had to be the most stressful level I've played.

Still feels bad man.

This game is so much like starship troopers, which I've discovered is basically being able to go from being awesome and fun to legitimately fucking horrifying at times.

This is it, what video games were meant to be. At last I truly see.

Ok faggots, answer me this, how playable is this game if you have no friends to play with or want to play it multiplayer at all?

Can you still ride vehicles, fly around and punch Not-Godzilla in a mecha if you play this purely single-player?

I just started playing Air ranger since I always used to play Ranger in every game, and god damn do I love the flechette launcher and the sniper limpet gun. I need to get better turrets though and a better tank outside of the starting ones. I tried to play on hard and got my ass kicked hard, so I ma gonna try to get some better weapons before trying again.

Very and yes. It's still a blast single player.

Some vehicles and equipment can't be used without others though. Like the Brute heli. You can fly it, but won't have anyone to man the turrets.

Every weapon is accessible in both multi and single, though some of them have no driver guns so you can't shoot with it.
Multi is fun but it's way better with friends. You still have those moments.

I might be wrong but I recall someone in these threads saying the game would crash if your CPU didn't have SSE 4.1 support

Was that false/fixed or is it true?

tfw Q6600

Iirc it was a specific AMD CPU that doesn't play it.
Can't remember which though.

some guy made a patch that allows those amd cpus to run without needing sse 4.1 for edf

Depends on whp you play. Some air raider shit is meant for multiplayer while others is not. a lot of tanks are one man vehicles and so are most vehicles.

When in doubt, Macross Missile Massacre.

I hope I get something like that soon. My tanks and landmines are not cutting it for mass groups. Do you know what other types of limpet guns you can get? I never played air raider before and only have the regular, some sniper one, and some flechette one.

I've got everything from sniper limpet to rocket launcher limpet to chain gun limpet.

And then there's the blue limpet variants that shoot off bouncing bullets in every direction when detonated.

Join VDF #1, lets try beating maps with inferno difficulty

This was totally worth watching. I don't know why he said it wasn't.

maybe because it wasnt the full video

all three slots still free

How do I join a room? it just shows me OK in yellow when I press ready and else are playing

My save file got fucked after 20+ hours of play. Can somebody please share their file? I was at around mission 29 brute force, maining Fencer.


You have to wait for them to complete the current game, also join


It's literally not on the list.

what the hell? do i have to have some ports open or something

I have no idea, man. The closest thing I can see to VDF is Viper's squad.

Refresh the list, see if its there now

fucking bloatware


VDF still is not there, sorry mate

I know I get dropped to 30fps every time somebody decides to do a fuck hueg artillery strike

When I get an invite to join a game I join, and when it goes to join, it immediately crashes the game. Intel CPU. Any idea what might be causing it?


Here's the fix. This should probably be in the next OP until D3 decides to fix it themselves (if they ever do)

Can someone post the pasta that another user made for the Steam Smart Emu thing ?

Oh fuck, the numbers are going up. This isn't good.

Gonna eat some ramen. Hope you figured out a solution by then, otherwise I will host a room (although I am not far along on missions, sorry).


I don't wanna be jerked. I can do that better to myself than a girl. I just want to kiss for a long, long time.

Is that so wrong?

That dress is really hot, but also kinda too slutty. 6/10, might buy for my waifu.

I should be playing a bit tonight, I'll try to keep you faggots in mind before I jump on.


Got a room up, name is VDF Alpha

2 spots left

I just realized I misread this.

Fuck. I don't want casual faggots playing this game. I was hoping it would stay niche but sustainable.

cant find the room you full?

You better hope it doesn't become the new Dark Souls.

What is exactly wrong with a series becoming popular?

The game made my display driver crash for some reason, fun times.

I'll try to start up another


Back up


Will make a room later.

Heaven's Gate sure was disappointing.

Millenials and casuals that want to streamline and simplify the game further, combined with inevitable greed of developers who will lose, or toss the original idea out of the window.

Am I meant to edit some ini or some shit since every time someone here makes a room cant see it in the lobby list

Look at all the other series that became popular. Now tell me one instance where it was beneficial (to the game, not to the developer's pockets).

F Zero became so popular and raked in enough sales that it had sequels, it's own arcade cabinet and was cameo'd in smash and mario kart

Doom and Quake became so popular that the game can survive through fans only, with extreme amount of map making and modding along with sourcing the engine to everyone

I don't see anything wrong with games becoming more popular.

You are forgetting NuDoom

Yes, Doom 2016 wasn't as good as everyone expected but it could have been worse, but just because Doom 2016 exists, that doesn't mean the original doom games disappear from thin air

F-Zero is fucking dead.

Those games didn't get popular on fucking twitch

I think the online lobby is region locked.

that is the most retarded thing in the world what the fuck

The developers are Japanese, they're retarded when it comes to computer games. I've heard you can change your lobby region by changing the Steam Download location in Steam Settings.

Is this the real life?

This game is way more fun than it has any right to be. Reminded my why I actually liked vidya.


oh shit nigger that rocket launcher is great, i got it on mission 70 something, you are lucky


Its carried me through hard up to this point, now its just ant rape

You can get this RL much early when playing on hard difficulty.


Guess I m gonna download the codex one.

Someone said in an earlier thread that there was a way to play multiplayer with a pirated copy, does anybody know how that actually works? And would someone be willing to play with me if it does? Yurofag here

just run your game by steam and it will let you play multiplayer, but odds are they will patch it soon

Eh, I'll probably not even bother then, too much of a pussy to associate piracy with steam.

Just finished the campaign on normal, I played EDF 2017 untill I had 95% of everything done on inferno so my body is ready

new room: VDF 100 YEARS

Gonna copypaste something someone posted on another thread and that worked for me, using SmartSteamEmu
1) Download this shit
2)Extract it all on your EDF4.1 folder, replace steam_api64.dll
3)Open SmartSteamEmu, and drag EDF41.exe onto it, make sure that "Status of steam_api.dll" makres steam_api64.dll as verified.
4)Type "410320" into Game App Id, then press save.
5) Go to File > Settings, set SteamID to "PersonaName" and Name to whatever you want to be displayed as to other people. Hit save and you're done setting up. Right click on EDF's icon if you want to make a shortcut without needing to open SSE.
6) Start the game and go into the online mode and after a minute lobbies should appear. You can also use Shift+Tab to use invites and what not. Some lobbies work and some others don't, not sure what the deal is, but you're not actually paying for the game so don't complain. It works perfectly in-game.
2 important things:
Of course, if you have been playing it as admin, it wont detect the save files after turning admin off, and i dont know how to transfer them without getting corrupt save errors.
Anyway, thats what i have been using and it works, but the lobbies you see are different from the Steam ones

So does inviting by steam friends bypass the region lock?
If so why havent we made a group

How do I get allies to sing with me?

I fucking hate flying enemies

I just hate those red drones. I don't mind them being faster, don't mind that they deal way more damage, but fuck they take way too many hits to put down

I'm in support of this. I'd rather have a group of people to instantly play with instead of waiting for people

You have to be their commander, go near them when there's a red arrow over their head. Just shouting 'EDF' should get them to respond with the same

also, shamelessly self-bumping please join my room

Segregated pirates. I wonder if they will be able to patch that out for those who keep the release version.


Am I the only one who hates this? I hate needless stat level ups. Instead of me getting better at the game I just get more powerful for grinding. It also takes away the class health balance.

delete this

You can set your own armor to be whatever you want.

If you get triggered by shit like that just take it to the minimum amount allowed ;)

It doesn't, the amount you get per pickup is based on your class


lads where you at

Spoilers, of course. It's so much better when it's unexpected

I can only put my hope in the Ruskies


Alright weekend warriors!
Your Commander *Spectrumpigg* is back from work and I will be hosting VDF Infinite right now.

Tomorrow expect and entire marathon to finish out normal and onto hard.

I suck shit at tags.


My save file got fucked after 20+ hours of play. Can somebody please share their file? I was at around mission 29 brute force, maining Fencer.
I played it on ps3 before, so it's okay if it's lategame.

Any tips on dealing with the queen? She fires into the only tunnel in and I get shredded trying to force my way in on Hard.

What class are you playing? What's the highest leveled weapons?

You mean the first mission where you face the queen? I just shot a shittton or rockets down the tunnel and she just happened to die before I did. Use the Goliath D1 or the Stingray M4 to do a fuckton of damage. If you don't have them grind them out on hard/hardest on some early missions

VDF Infinite still open. Come join!

It's only me in here and I don't want to die alone

Holla ForumsDF group when

not showing up for me. you should probably say what region you're in. maybe you did earlier

anyway I made a room for Hard mission 48

VDF and I should be US region

Grenade launcher.

J-type grenade launchers bounce their shots.
Figure out the rest from there.

Does anyone know, can you transfer save files from pirate version to steam version ?
Or game using some sort of cloud saving ?

Right now.

I am in the USA.>>10147540

link where

You mean on steam? Like a steam group?

I though Holla Forums Holla Forums had a group but I can put one together for VDF.

Also, VDF Infinite room is still up and running. Looking for players on PC.

I caught this when launching it through SSE.

I got this too.

How does valves fat cock feel up everybody elses asshole?

Actually running SSE as Administrator did the trick, but I don't see any lobby.
Or maybe nobody is playing online

Ok. Just got the steam group going.

I need ideas and submissions for the group picture and everything else.

Anyone interested in a Holla ForumsDF discord channel?


There's a monhun Holla Forums group on steam, and that's not even a game on steam


Cool, I'm in

Is anyone on or not seeing my room?

I have had this room going for a while and haven't had anyone drop in.

Region: USA
Room: VDF Infinite

Search shows nothing, can't find in browser
USA, legit version

room VDF hard mission 50 something room for more.

region usa

nothing popped for me

Checked and nothing here too

guess that balam versus godzilla fight was enough to crash me

going to grab food good games everyone

>An army of lizards has appeared in Sydney
no those aren't aliens that's just australian wildlife

I'll put up a room for a bit
USA region
name is VDF

This is a retarded rocket launcher and I love it.

That shit wouldn't even be too out of place tonally



I figured this was just an average day in Australia


dubs decides what i play while waiting for the download

football manager, ck2, or stalker?


You know what I love about this game? Nearly zero hitscan weapons. It feels like forever since I played a shooter where I actually had to compensate for the bullet travel time. One of my favorite things to do now as a fencer is to use the Gaellic rail gun and snipe Hectors from across the map while dealing with the bullet travel time as well as the arc the bullet flies in. Or when I find that perfect angle to shoot the air intake of the dropships. Shit's rad as fuck.


I love that the fencer has a weapon that is a giant fist that jackhammers into aliens faces

We doing a Holla Forums room tonight?

Whoever was doing that VDF server, shit was not showing up on the server list.

kill yourself

If EDF became popular amongst normals then wouldn't they just make more EDFs in the style of 2017/2025?

NuDoom was good though.

No dice

If they do I hope they give the ranger the ability to call in infantry support which would make him a lo more interesting

I've been without internet for awhile and it has been super fun on my own so far. Currently on mission 9 on the jetpack waifu class. Surprisingly this game even works well on terrible computers, I've been running it on integrated graphics at around ~30FPS.


I was expecting a meme like mg13s, not a fucking verse from Revelations.

I swear to fucking god every time I play this game I find something new that makes me want to crank it. Without a doubt this shit's my GOTY.

Or at least give him some flying vehicles that don't feel like trying to drive a bus underwater

EDF series already went to shit once insect armageddon, 4.1 being popular will only help or uncasual the casuals

I joined some room and they were farming mission 27 on inferno.

Anyways. VDF Infinite is back in action. I have weapons now for hard, hardest and inferno. It will be a cake walk!


This is the worst part of the class

they're busy being special snowlakes about "hunting their prey" just to catch themselves in the web screaming like a little girl being culturally enriched in germany

Same here. EDF 4.1 is really well optimized (except for particle effects, game shits itself after getting close to smoke marker for vehicle drops).
Those who whine it doesn't work either have AMD or they're getting a hard reality check to upgrade their pc mustard race rigs that are used to play 10 years old games

Holla Forums the class then ? Sounds good to me.

Even AMDfags can play it now thanks to some guy who put out a dll mod.
I should know, I'm one of them
I don't even have any loyalty to AMD, it's just that that's what's been in my computer for years and I can't be bothered to replace it because it still runs everything I could possibly want to play
It would also cost money and take 2 weeks to show up anyway.

Is there any way to change your name in-game? I thought it didn't matter and I named myself 'Anus'

The main thing that tanks my framerate is grass, especially the area at the end of mission 1. I haven't tried using a class that uses smoke drops though, jetpack waifus and fencers are just too fun.

Does anyone actually play ranger though? They just seem like a significantly shittier version of the soldiers that summon vehicles to me.

when selecting the save file you can change the name.

They get rewarded later on with some obscene scatter grenade launchers and whatnot.

is there a way to transfer a save file?
it ends up being corrupted

rangers are fucking great, man.

Their rocket/grenade launchers are murder.

This shit right here
This is the true spirit of humanity

anyone got a room going?

I haven't signed up for this


Ranger got me through the first 1/3 of the campaign on hard, he's a pretty cool dude with some of the best guns in the game.

Plasma Ram is fucking great.

The flechette guns and aerial drops get pretty good later. The better aerial drops are usually the ones that require barely any points to do in my opinion.

Agreed. The single shot 150mm cannon replenishes itself as long as you're actually aiming at enemies, no real downtime.

That one is amazing. Only rpoblem though is that it can't do much against carriers and needs a few hits to take out some of the larger things. The major problem of air raider seems to be the difficulty in getting some weapons to take out carriers.

I'm enjoying this game a lot.

deja vu

Now I can't decide which of the two is my GOTY

How do I git gud with the air rider?
I can't seem to complete one level with that class

What seems to be troubling you the most about using Air Raider?

Setting up a VDF lobby, anyone up for some co-op?

Oh, THAT level.
That level is goddamn insane. Here, have A BAJJILION FLYING ENEMIES WITH LASER SHOTGUNS!!!!

Levels with a ton of those air ships usually need limpet launchers and those flechette launchers. Don't bother with the air drops.Convergence missiles or flame cannons also help against those things.

Room name?

What difficulty?


Hard, gotta get them drops mang

Tank is not THAT effective and you get one every few mins or something
Limpet Gun does nothing
what else?
Maybe I'm not trying hard enough

Can't find a room by that name

Tanks are useless against flying enemies. Use the convergence missile launcher.

The idea is that your airdrops are reloaded by killing enemies. Did you just decide to start playing as him midway through the campaign? He doesn't have much cool stuff at the start.


There's someone with a room name "Insert Trump Meme"

Is htat one of oyu faggots?

Yes, the thing is that I can't get drops becuase I can't finish a level
I will try an earlier level

d-didn't know about this
now I feel stupid

Try 'VDF Pest Removers'
I had it on invite only like a chode

What servers/region do you anons now play on?

In extension to my question about modding from previous bread Thanks for answering. What mods do you want to see?

mazinger or other cool anime mechas

WH40k: Fencers as Space Marines, Rangers and Raiders as IG and Wing Divers as Sisters.
Insects could be Tyranids and Ravagers would probably be Necrons, we could pretend that Necrons found a way to control Hive Fleets.

Pretty sure it would fit perfectly.

One hitting insects from as far as 170 meters is great.

sauce? anybody?

Trying my hardest to get fortress bot for air raider by doing mission 1 and 2 on inferno. No dice, same with Fencer, I want better artillery pieces.


Give the D for the ants.

Do mission 29 online if you want to farm items

I am a dirty lazy pirate

Pirates can play online.
You're dumb lazy pirate.

I know man, but just does not feel right. I want to buy the game and then play it online. Game is gud and deserves muh dosh.

If you find that good then you should try the CQC Vegalta with shotgun cannons on the shoulders or the Fencer who also get's shotgun cannons and the automatic shotguns for each arm.


Armored Vehicle Grape RA is some good shit

it tears through ants like butter thanks to penetrating bullets and goes fast


I know what I'm playing today.

Then send dosh to devs directly.
By buying from steam you'll give them about 10% of money you spent. The rest goes to gaben, publishers and other scum.

Everyone should play EDF at least once in their life.

have we started the fire?

totalbiscuit praised it in his podcast

A couple of my more normalfaggish friends saw me playing and asked me what the fuck it was, so I steamed myself playing a few missions to show them.
All of them bought the game the same day and already have like 20+ hours logged. Word of mouth spreads like wildfire when the game is actually good.

what would be the hardest class to start a hard playthroug? raider?

Air Raider is always technically the most difficult class solo because if you don't balance your points properly it's easy to end up a creek without a paddle. Especially if you're an absolute madman and don't bring any actual weapons which is usually what I do

My butt was unprepared.

Same, I get overwhelmed every time on hard.

Why doesn't completing missions in Inferno give us a completion in the lower difficulties? At this rate I'll never get to the 70% to remove the weapon limits so I can Rule of God entire maps.



Just so you guys know, Balam's P function does more than just look cool. Use it after being knocked down to recover faster, or before being struck to prevent being knocked down at all.

Do we have a steam group?


That brute force mission ran smooth like butter for the most part for me but whenever some big building gets blown apart my game shits itself and my cpu almost catches on fire.

Air raider is a support class, the only weapon they have is limpet gun which is shit as fuck and not design to fight a horde of enemy. Ranger is an all rounder class that have an arsenal weapon for every situation. Not to mention in order to call of an air strike, you need to fill in a gauge by killing enemies.
Lancer with javelin is OP as fuck

How do you taunt in the giant robot?

>mfw i got to the first dragon mission.
The absolute madman.
Now i understand anons who were posting about how they rediscovered why they love video games.

The second level is actually better to get drops.

All future EDF generals should have this info.

TF u talking about ranger has imho the best weapons in the game, for constant firepower without losing mobility and the obscene explosive power of later weapons. Air raiders barely get any weapons on their own and are almost entirely a support role.

On the surface it doesn't look like there's much to the game. But the missions just suck you in with all the glorious destruction.

On the keyboard, press "P". In the controls menu, its under "Special stance." It lets you take a hit from the Godzilla expys without falling over, if you can time in right, like
Mentioned here.

Rockets and bouncing grenades are your friends. Air raiders use limpet guns and that works out ok.


I just woke up. This is the user that runs VDF Infinite. I am starting right now and will be running HARDEST all day today. Come join!

So is nobody hosting inferno?

Alright I just installed and played the first two missions. How do you play online with the pirated version? Server list just stays empty.


How do I find you?


First time on Mission 29 and OH FUCKING BOY. Defeated it on Hard with my Air Driver and his tools. I and that noice bainblade were only ones left. And here I though 26 was "fuck!"

There are 89 missions and it keeps getting worse

worse like in "this is glorious" way you mean? or boring?

The entire game is just one long downward spiral into despair

Worse in a glorious way


Really wish vehicles were more resilient. They just melt in seconds on any difficulty, the higher you go the worse it is.

Some vehicles should be super fragile sure, but shit like tanks and big mechs, especially the shit with close combat weapons, really should be able to take a pounding.

I'm kinda hoping someone fixes the fucking helicopter controls. Those things are pretty much unusable.

I just love it when Holla Forums unanimously loves a game.
It's like a party.

Anyone playing online on the pirated version?

I'm not seeing any rooms online here.

what steamworks are you using

Fucking WHY

I'm making a room because that's bullshit

Name is Videogames

I just did what was said in
That's all I know.

Wait, can you not play online missions with others that you yourself have not completed?

That would explain why I keep getting booted

that's a bit old. I am using the new ftp://revolt:[email protected]/* */[email protected]/* */.V2-RVTFiX.rar
it fixes a lot of crashes and problems. I have my lobby open there. just copy paste and open from game exe (you need steam open)

probably my fault I fucked up every VDF game I was in with 200 armour

If you see a room "Exterminatus", it's me.

Don't think so, you're probably getting kicked because the niggers that started the rooms you're joining don't know how to make their room private.

Well, I'll play with any of you faggots because that's hot garbage to do that to someone

I searched for your room , but couldn't find it. Trying again, but I'll make another one if I can't

Dear mother of god. I just can't do it. Those red flying motherfuckers are just too tough.

Just not make shit games duh

hey I surived for atleast 20 minutes, I just really wanted to play with some niggas

Me too mang, me too


Name is "JUST"

Get in here niggas



If EDF could go Souls, it would did it years ago.
This shit will never become mainstream.

I'm trying to get it running using SmartSteamEmu and it just gives a white screen and then a crash.

tried reinstalling it, using the CPU fix and most of the other shit you can think of. halp?


use this ftp://revolt:[email protected]/* */[email protected]/* */.V2-RVTFiX.rar Currentyl playing the game fine

By not being a bitch nigga.
Because you a bitch nigga.

What's the room name?

how do you change your region settings?
I want to play with you burgers

Bug Holohoaxers

i'm guessing that is singleplayer only?

Ok i just started playing and I'm having fun playing the ranger.

The fencer looks like the coolest shit on the planet but i don't get how to play him, can someone explain to me what i should be doing, i figured out i can dash cancel with a shield and spear, but i just cant outdmg my ranger, should i farm for more weps?
It just feels like I'm missing something.

jesus christ how do you move in this thing?

Sorry mang, It's not showing up for me.

You don't. Choppers control like ass.

no I am playing online.

FPS drops to single digits there

cucked by being an europoor again

go switch your download region to LA worked for me

tried it and looked at the ingame people's steam profiles.
they are all american.
fucking gook coding

Everything is just fine.

Copy everything lol. even the .url

What the fuck dude.

I remember toggling caps lock in some other nip game gave me extra fps too

Who cares, single player is literally 4x easier since I do all the work anyways in multiplayer.

Seriously. Alright now I get a regular "stopped functioning" crash even when launching as administrator, the game was working with the CODEX crack.

Is there a max armor amount?

Do you have steam opened? The game is working fine for me.

Does this game have Lan and Direct connect?

Lobby system

Yeah I've got it open, gonna check their forum.


well I went to their forum and looks like a lot are having similar problems as you. Some suggested to do a clean install because some files may interfere. I am not sure if this is going to help much might be the crack's fault;

Alright fresh install, still crashed, launched steam as administrator and it worked.


If no one is hosting, I will
Look for VDF
pass is gonna be fun

does it unlock that shit for everybody?

So if someone wanna play in a pirated room, yurofag available.



Man, I can never find any of you guys' rooms, I can find tons of random rooms but even searching for the exact names nothing ever shows up

Server still up or is it full?

Internet gave up on me
wait a minute or two

Server is up
room is VDF Pest Removal

Actually fuck it
I am stupid
Also why can I only choose mission 1?

Is EDF modable or are we fuck just like every fucking japanese game ?

I-is anyone coming?

search function is broken for me, gonna restart my game.

wont show for me even after changing download region

w-waiting for you then

m8 I can't find the server, fuck my interent.

okay guise
changing my download region to Lan Event (Europe)
try doing the same
see you in a minute

Finished my nest raid, those 3 missions with queen. I was not even able to see the queen because the fucker kept puking shit on the doorway and all those brave EDF men and women kept running to their deaths. So I did what I do best, double miniguns to that bitch face. Anyway, was spooky as hell and died couple times, played on hard. But my Fencer loadout did the trick in the end. Sweeping those tunnels with big ass guns and not letting a single bug trough.

server is up again as VDF REMOVE BUG
Now everything is set up perfectly
Still can only choose Mission 1
dunno why

nobody can find me, right?

I just searched using the filter, nothing came up. I searched for VDF REMOVE BUG exactly.

Can somebody else host then
this is ridicolous
I think we should contact the devs about this
they seem helpful


I can. Which mission would you like? I'm going to do hard

Nevermind, doing mission 15
room name is 'VDF 100 YEARS'

I'll join in 10 min


have to restart steam again
joining in 1 min

well nevermind
can't find you
what the fuck

Can't we just make a group on steam and use invites
maybe they fix the problem

we were in game, try now

Put a DEF pack on em. Anything with decent health will just shrug off even the heaviest of hits.

I wanna mod female voices in >.> I long forthe day to hear the girls sing!



nice shitpost

Ravager-posters trying to shake up the EDF, but their tricks wont work on us! EDF! EDF!

Also, I found this thing and thought you lot could find it useful.

weapon.edf.jpn.com/4-1/?p=r (top of page, click on Japanese, change to English)

If only spiders would rape wing divers.

this shit
it's not working anymore
I click on the buttons and NOTHING happens
why is the online region-locked
why did I spend 20 pounds on this
pls help me

I really hope they someday make a spinoff where you play as the EDF airforce flying bombers and jets around shooting at UFOs and being the air support Air Raiders call in.

Change your download region, I've heard that will fix the region lock.

Just kill them at range with double shotguns.

it doesn't
it just changes which people you can "see"
so unless everyone on Holla Forums has the same download region it won't fix anything

Well, that pretty much seals the deal for me, the only thing that could be more revolting is if it's an awful port like earlier EDF games.

Why do publishers insist on taking games that would be downright incredible and dipping them in a vat of diarrhea before release?


Ranger wins Hunger games with Massive amount of kills.

no u

I wish I was there to watch it.

Ranger is master race.

The DLC is either content in the base game that is soon outdated by later drops, or skins that do absolutely nothing.

said "IF".
I didn't make it, cause I ended up playing with some randoms

You know all that DLC was made years ago for 2025's release, It isn't like they just now made it all for the PC launch to jew you out of your shekels.
Also, what fucking ports are you even talking about? This is the first EDF game ported to PC.

Playing multiplayer on hard, room open on LA download region

VDF Battle force

anyone wanna join

There was IA.

That wasn't a port though, PC was one of its original launch platforms.

Wasn't it released for consoles and PC at the same time? I realize that doesn't exactly exclude it from being a port, but with a simultaneous release you can't exactly pinpoint one version as the original and the others as ports unless the developer outright states such.
Excluding PC ports, every ported version of older games to newer systems has been fantastic, including the stand-alone expansion ports such as EDFP2V2 and EDF4.1

Aww yeah just got the Lyzander Z, thanks to guys who were playing in the JUST room


Someone make a new thread.

Oh one's up already.

I have no idea what this game is, but anons here seem to be having a lot of fun with this. Would anyone care enough to shill it to me?

THe most apt description Ive seen around is "Japanese Serious Sam"