Ss13: you have to host the server edition

let's play some spessmen

paid up for the month.
don't be a dick.

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What happened to these threads?


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We've got a player, lets see how many we can get, The Singuloth is now online and we're doing this live so the server hasn't been edited from the /tg/station sourcecode (Yet!)

fuck that shit

If I wanted admin fuckery I could have gone to any of the other stations

even worse is
good job admins 100% no adminbus

Was it drama? Because it feels like it was drama.

We try to be funmins here, sometimes the joke goes too far.

Holla Forums is just to stubborn to agree on any method of moderation.



Guys, how do I put a bangin donk on it?

You need mone

Very carefully.

Get in here faggots, we need more players

Which one? The one with 12 players is the one without the password and 12 is plenty.


Nine players first day, good run, LETS SEE SOME MORE SPESSMENS


Why restart?

Fucking singulo


I was that traitor.

Lifeweb and Colonial Marines are the new thing, get with the times nerd!

Server will remain up, alas, I must sleep, so if our other admin isn't online you'll be lawless :/ Good night/day, and have a great time Holla Forums

I'm not playing on your Reddit and Morty fan server

No thank you friend. Now wheres the actual server?

from the ashes like a phoenix newstation will raise again and it will be bliss for it shall have it's own code pure and true

just wait spessmen

just wait

Fucking hilarious, you're willing to shit up a thread screaming about shit you don't like instead of hosting a better serb.
Fuck to tumblr.

I just stated that I didn't want to play with these redditors, why does that offend you so deeply?




so uh, is everyone dead?

Then I guess you either play on what's available or you fuck off.

Now I know you're from tumblr. People don't get offended like that, landwhale. Neither do they care about your opinion.
And calling other people reddit is the kind of shit newfags trying to fit in do.

That's a good way to kill off a game.

everyone is going to fuck off, that's my point there, op wasted money

Look, the all-time peak of players so far is 9.
Fucking 9
How about you let the population reach 20 or so before starting to bitch for change.
This shit is nu-/tg/ code, not goon like the asshat before said.
And nu-/tg/ has plenty wrong with it that I want changed aswell.
But before we start throwing ideas and arguing over lube and clowns, just let shit grow first.
It's stable, doesn't lag, and all it needs for now is players. That's it.

Let me give you a free tip and trick for hosting servers for a community of shitposters and faggots.
Don't show any form of hostility, otherwise you're seen as an absolute egotistical faggot.
Saying "play what's avaliable or fuck off" isn't really a good way of showing off your server in a good light.
Ignore the shitposters, treat your players with respect, otherwise no one will want to play on your shit goon-code server.

Oh and another thing.
Creating drama by acting like a little fucking bitch is not going to help any ss13 thread.
We do not need drama.
If you create drama, then fuck off.

is there even a coder?

Doesn't look like it.
In any case, I believe this is most likely a temporary server.

Never change.


So after awaking from my nap, I Find the shitposts in good order, Good job channers, Please, never change, I also find bitching and moaning, awesome, we do have a coder, we just haven't modified the codebase yet because last night our coder bought the server and wanted to do a stress test, so we did it live, moving on to the accusations of being redditors, wow, the chans really haven't changed since the last time i REALLY participated, You all hate eachother still ( I bet i'll get lynched if i so much as MENTION 4chan) and you still vehemently hate anyone who would so much as dare to even LOOK at reddit, now when you newfags get done bitching, We'd love some constructive criticism on features you'd like changed or modified/added, if you want to know what's currently in, go look at the /tg/station sourcecode on github (Also the reason why we went with /tg/ is because it's actually complying with with it's license and has fully released easy to find sauce, and did you know that the old Holla Forums server ran off /tg/ sauce, so there's that. )



You're welcome, I exist to bring joy and frustration to the chans, mostly infinity-chan, 4chan went to shit.


Nah, my therapist say's im perfectly fine /s



are you a goon?

I namefag because i lost the capability to give a shit on 4chan /tg/ in 2006, and because it makes it easier, in this case, for people to find the admin posts for the server amidst user being glorious user. ya'll have fun now ya hear?

Whatever keeps the dream alive, time for some griffball.

Not even once. That is a helluva drug

I ain't the host buddy.
I'm a guy who saw the threads disappear into oblivion.
Now some madman is trying to bring it back, we play a few rounds and have fun, but when I come back to the thread it's "reddit" this, "goon" that.

Last time people flung shit like that around, all it did was scare away new players while burning out the one's who did play.

People claimed Hatestation died because of badmins, yet Newstation died even faster with no badmins, proving that what killed SS13 on Holla Forums wasn't badmins at all: it's a thread filled with shit that doesn't manage to recruit new players since everyone who hasn't played the game sees this thread as an autismal pit of doom.

Only change I want for now on the codebase: cut down all stuns (except stunprods) to half a second or so. Stun-based combat is the most boring shit ever.

The results show his an autist and a fag, but you're even worse.

At least we have a server.

well so long as you're not gitgud or worse we're in standing

You're a mad man, I absolutely fucking love it.
Anyway. The reason newstation died because of two things.
1. Hatestation scared off the population with its bullshittery. Infact, if you just don't mention hatestation at all in the op, i guarrentee you'll atleast get 5 players.
2. Newstation came out with its "dedicated play times". It was intended to keep the servers alive, when in reality it killed them faster than everything.
Since no one would play the server when it wasnt the dedicated playtime, it died.

implying atleast two other groups aren't making wellcrafted servers right now.

Point me to your dox of this guy, it's pretty clear that someone not from 8ch, pretty obvious from this post , coming onto 8ch just so he can get some "channers" to adminbus over is a goon.

I forgot to mention that the dedicated playing times were literally every week.
So during the weekdays, no one would play because everyone believed no one was on.

Thanks user! Remember, right now the only rule on the server is dont be a dick, which basically means dont grief, griefing makes us sad and gets you jobbanned/ban banned

So, does anyone know where honkette is?

Then… don't play on his server?
I dunno what you're still doing on this thread if you're not gonna play.
Is it that hard to type two fucking words on google, you retard?

Your lack of faith is disturbing.

Just keep it private. no one wants to see that shit.

I don't think you understand. When someone erps on a server, its public.
Hell, even some dead players will metagame to kill some erping scum.

lmao, all I get is Eastern Orthodox shit.

I'll play on your serb as long as you admit you're a goon. Being gay about it is what I have a problem with.

This thread is off to a great start.

Burden of proof is on you.
And I'm getting confused now, are you calling me a goon, or the admin?

If it's annoying it'll be handled, our coder warned me this might happen, I dont want to be a dick about it, but if it gets out of hand, or starts to annoy other players (basically if it ends up public) then it will be handled appropriately.

will the coder take suggestions in the thread?

I already laid down my reasoning, where else would this nigger come from?

I believe so, I'll also take the time to move through and codify them into a list to send him later (If the thread doesnt sage)


I come from the deepest darkest moistest cave, the land of lurk.

how many mods do you have and what tz are they?

We have 3 admins, 2 central, 1 eastern, but our sleep schedules are fucked so we could be on at practically any time.

all this sounds pretty good I'm not going to lie you've seemingly got a nice set up here

Gr8 shitpost but seeing Ebaumsworld isn't active in SS13.

I cringed. Seriously, if you want to be successful as an 8ch serb, you have to explain your origins. You aren't from 8ch, so why would anyone get adminbus'd by you?

I was fairly active on 4chan's /tg/ for several years between 2003-2006/7, then 2010-2012, intermediate years I was busy with school and work shit so i wasn't really able to lurk or post much, since 2012 i've been dealing with life stuff and haven't been able to get back to it, i've gotten some free time and decided to come back to 8ch (I posted here lightly as well as on 4ch back in the day) as 4ch has- wait it was always a steaming pile of shit, digressing, This is one of the only two times i've namfag'd usually i'm Proud2BeAnAnon

Remember, it's been a few years, memory is fuzzy as fuck on the exact dates, but the timeline there is mostly accurate, accurate enough for government work anyway.

Now I see. You're an NSA agent sent to steal our virginity with spess simulation.

Haha, Nice one user, got a legitimate giggle. Yeah so i used a turn of phrase, deal with it.

i just want to shitsecurity

Shitcurity is obviously frowned upon (But not against the rules, that said if it goes too far and starts to annoy other players consistently, well… being hitler has the potential to get you jobbanned. )

Chill, nigga, just having fun.

Got on the server, but I had to change to a shitty laptop and your code (nu-/tg/) requires IE to be updated. I'll visit in a few minutes.
Only thing I really want so far is the stun nerf we used to have. PvP never mixes well with stuns.
We tried it once, and when stuns got nerfed, people resorted to all sorts of guns and weapons and we had actual firefights. Shit was glorious.

Sucks about the Xenos, they have nothing going for them except the stuns.

Agreed, stuncombat is boring as fuck, IIRC our coder was going to change that anyway, but i'll make sure to let him know it's a popular request. Thanks user.

If your passing along ideas to him, the two biggest dillemas when stuns were nerfed were: cult stuns and xeno stuns. Mainly because this gamemodes don't work without the stun.

This are just sugestions:
Cultist "stun papers" don't stun. They aply the same effect as mindbreaker, but stronger. Eventually they'll get down from fatigue damage, but this adds in some chaos as people don't know if it's a ling, a crafty traitor or a cultist.
Especially if instead of using the paper on the guy, you just needed line of sight to him.

Xeno's get a stun with a cooldown. This lets a xeno pounce on someone and then crit him.
Then give them some more damage buff.
But if two people show up, he can't perma-stun them and drag them willy nilly.
There's a bit of a problem people had here, where people might die before he manages to drag them to his nest, but I'd say it's fine, because that stops aliens from dragging victims from one part of the ship to the other: they gotta hunt near their nest.
Alternatively, make alien nests inject inaprovaline on people so they don't die as long as they're stuck there. That and sleep toxins, so they must rely on someone else saving them, kinda like the movies.

Aside from that, I haven't seen if /tg/ re-did the E.X.P.E.R.I.mentor, but that thing was awfull and the code was abysmal too. If noone at /tg/ touched on it and your coder is feeling creative, that's a nice place to add some random-science.

Passed it on, he'll get it when he wakes up/gets back to his PC, I'm currently observing the station at the moment because i'm too damn tired to actually play lol


You guys know newstation is still up right? It's just completely dead right now.

Oh look, a virgin server to taint with my space chemistry, oh yes.


Have you ever seen a man actually order three mile island ice tea? because i have.

oh it is?

is pizza still working on it?

>Another ;^) new host shows up out of the blue

gee, I wonder who could be behind this

You know, even if you aren't who you say you are, please at least consider that making stuns useless is even more terrible than the current system we already have. Unless you have a great idea to completely rebalance all combat that isn't shit unlike the last time you did.

I've been busy with real life things making money and our only good coder disappeared a good while ago. Sorry m80.

Hey bigslice.
Its not gitgud, he's too busy fucking around on intcraft/minecraft

think you'll get another coder?

pls get another coder

That I'm not sure about but 5ffc01 is definitely kor.

I don't really have any way of finding someone. I asked a couple of coder friends who don't know anything about the game to possibly learn the language and help out, but it hasn't gone anywhere.

don't give up hope

Stuns are literally one-click combat.
You click on someone, and he's down for 15 seconds. Slap cable cuffs and now the guy only gets to play when you say he gets to play.

The problem is that this applies to everyone. Griefers, traitors, security, chefs. Anything.
It's one of the reasons the flamethrower is shit against Xeno's. You flame him, he stuns you. Guess who wins?

Gee, you got a freaking Laser canon? I'll just shoot you with this tiny spark that lands you on the floor for 20 seconds. You hit me twice and I won't go down, but I just have to hit you once and you're dead.

No matter how shitty the alternative,

If you want more stun-based wonder, go checkout the Wurm Unlimited thread and read up on their "fantastic" PvP.

I might have an interest in it, except that

whenever koriath even sees the word stun he flips his shit.
you can stop being triggered at any time

once you get free time, just do whatever that's not something meme spastic you should be fines

You didn't really add much to the discussion.
Stuns remain the worst form of gameplay, and I haven't seen anyone defend them with a good reason.

Can you provide any better solutions other than lowering stun times?

I haven't quite stopped believing yet, but the server costs $40 and it's kind of a waste if nobody is using it.

I tried to fork NewStation and couldn't even get a local copy running

We can share the blame together brudder, I've been taking the heat for as long as I can remember.

are you hosting from

its only you that gets fucking mad at stuns nobody else gets into a bitch fit about it.
its not adding to the conversation you just always act like a spoiled child at the idea of stuns.

Okay, so instead of arguing, why don't you each list 3 pros and cons of stuns, and then we can reconcile where they might need adjustment?

just make it so that you have to get hit more then once to get stunned or a medium chance of getting stunned

sorry, I'd play when I'm up for it

I'm sure if you kept on trying you'll figure it out

Never touched it after it was compromised.

or how about it only stuns a body part and you need to shoot them in multiple body parts inorder to fully immobile them

What other solutions?
It's a 2D top-down game, played with terrible lag.

You can't challenge players with aiming like FPS do. You can't do tactics like turn-based because it's real-time.
Combat was always the worst aspect of SS13, and it's not something I'm even fond of, but Stuns exarcebate the problem with it: you click a guy, he can't play. It's that easy and that fast.
And that's a snooze fest.

Now we're talking. There's a value of "stamina damage" for each mob. If mellee atacks damaged stamina, that would make it viable.
I argue that stunprods should reamin like they are so that Sec Officers retain their law-enforcement capabilities, but nearly everything else serves litle to no purpose having stuns longer than a second.
Except lube. Lube shouldn't stun at all, but it should certainly stun and let you slide people across an entire hallway.

I wish

You get out your fists and you fist them.

That would be both hilarious, and terrifying.

This seems like a step in the right direction.

Head and torso would need care, since they're important

hitting a nigger with a wrench doesn't make him get tired though, that's whoever is doing the hitting

now if everything had kinda Torpor type thing where you get a larger chance of knocking someone out the more pain they're in

well you could make it so a head shot would wholly stun you but a body shot does nothing

Not a coder, but was just considering if you could set different stun values for different body parts with the same weapon? also yeah, sec needs their stuns bby

but thats not how tasers work most police fire at the chest because its the most effective because its centre of mass i could only say if they have body armour or suit like mining that would block

Stamina damage doesn't really mean "being tired".
Heck, it doesn't really mean anything. The code itself is kinda wonky and not a lot of things work with it.

It's easy to make every mellee strike on someone deal some ammount of fatigue based on the size of what you hit him with.
So, canisters and tanks? They don't deal a lot of brute damage, but they'll knock down a fucker preatty quickly.

If you wanna take this realistically: swinging mellee weapons also tires you, based on the size of your weapon. Just less than what you're inflicting on the victim.

I'm just throwing ideas. When we tried shorters stuns, people started using explosives, revolvers, guns and a lot more shit.
And yes, there was a bug on stun prods not stunning people. Again, because the "stamina" code is kinda wonky, is not maintained, and there was a single line there that all it did was ensure people weren't down longer than 5 ticks (about 3 seconds).
Take that out, and stamina works a lot better.

I figure the easier option would be to just use the limb dismemberment system but make it not harmful or actually remove your limbs but have it so that getting hit in the head is just the stun

I know but I was thinking more for gameplay

well if we're doing that it also makes sense to make it so that running can tire people out too

Tasers, like said, are for taking down people. Not perma-stun, but making them drop on the ground. I'd say they "stun for one second" simply because it's a RANGED stun. If it stunned as long as stun prods, there's no reason to stick with the prod.

Also, if you're a traitor and you're hit with one, you fall, drop your shit (possibly a gun you had) and get up rather quickly facing a decision: do you try to pick up you weapon again, or do you hightail outta there?

It's also possible to make it so that people can't pick shit they dropped after being tased.
So they wouldn't be stunned, but they'd walk slower or be unable to pick things.

Carefull there. A little more in that direction and you're gonna have "you have to rest every 10 minutes in a bed".
Not something I'm against personally, but from experience, that's not what the playerbase from 8ch wants.

the thing with stuns is if you nerf them it only makes sec job more shit and makes them rely on other tactics that i bet would end up forcing them to rely on shitcurity

agreed, which is why i personally think the best course of action would be to leave a normally coded stun weapon (like say the baton) in the hands of security only.

but the stun gun is the only tool sec has to be robust if you take that away they will just go WELL TIME TO LOOT ARMOURY GET LASERS

Not that i said "Like" the baton, not specifically the baton, the taser is a good option too.

Stick with the prod. Prod with the prod.

*note fuckin keyboard :/

nah but you could make the things shorter ranged like they are in real life unless it's those shotgun taser slugs

would give beds a use but I think that kinda thing could work if given hours instead of minutes to deplete

cmon koriath i know you hate a working sec but secs job is to take down traitors not be a waist of fucking time

How about you have to take a nap if you survive a shift or two in a row?

how long is a shift?

that's the in-game nomenclature for a round

Excuse me, I don't want to take up your time, but is there someone called sydney on the server?

That's kind of nonsensical when the station explodes though.

oh now I get ya

the title splash needs more Yume Nikki shit then

Mate, everytime a traitor pulled a Double Esword on me and swinged that around like he was Dart Fag, I only had to take out the prod to get him to run away.

The Prod is your best friend, and he'll keep them down.

The taser is great to use before you prod.
The correct order (for targets you know to be armed) is:
And you got him down.
Slap him in a clone console, inject chemical implant and you will never have to chase him again on repeated ofenses.

Not right now, but tell us your tale.

cool suggestions guys. i'll need a few days to hack apart new/tg/ but i'll see what we can do about the gamemode and combat.

Dem Codemonkeys tho

If you're the only one having fun, you're doing it wrong. t. Malthazar the Mute

What? /tg/ was created in 2007.

Stuns are a necessary evil. It is literally the single biggest reason traitors have to exercise caution because no matter how robust you are in a fight, a well-placed stun can ruin your day.

Personally, I think one thing that does need to change is the bullshit disarming mechanic. So much as holding any shield in either one of your hands should completely nullify attempts to disarm or tackle from the front, while tackles/disarms from either side have a 1-in-4 chance of making it past the shield. Period. No alien/facehugger tackle, no disarm spam. Stun prod should have a 25% chance of stunning if blocked by shield, increased to 50 percent if it's a tray shield.

So basically, if you want to take someone down who has a shield, you have three choices: Outmaneuver them, engage them with a stun baton, or bring backup.

incoming changes:
shortened after-game time to 10 seconds
shortened lobby time to 60 seconds
enabling votes for game mode and restarts
turned off continuous rounds

continuous rounds with midround antags will be re-enabled when i find the config setting to end when the second round of antags dies

So, the server derped for a moment, but she's back up now

My 'pologys, /tg/ obviously wasn't the only board i was involved with it's been a long time and my memory is shit, did alot more IRC(Non-chan related) than boarding around that time.

Get robust.
And the only way to make security better is giving them the freedom to beat people up without killing them, granted that someone is resisting arrest.

Give it up, SS13 is dead.

Barotrauma is the future.

never 4get

Guys. What if stuns were limited to melee options such as batons/cultist papers/prods and single use items like flashbangs. I think the main problem with stuns isn't the duration or the fact that it's an instant stun but rather the fact that it can happen from a distance and repeatedly, while something such as a flashbang is a single use item that has something of a delay due to the timer.

You'd still have shit like disablers from a distance which works in favor of security that should be working in teams but not the instant stun for several seconds at a distance unless you expend a single use flashbang. That said I think the flashbangs could use a bit of a shorter fuse on them and disablers should probably start taking effect a bit sooner than after the second shot even if it's just a very minor slowdown after the first shot in addition to stamina damage recovering a bit more slowly. The main thing here is I'd like to see things other than tasers being viable when working security.

As for xenos I think the best thing to do is to just improve their ability to swallow people so that you don't have to rely on tackle spam to bring people back to your nest though I'm not really sure how to go about that.

Because people got used to them. Because the entire meta in combat revolves around them. Because they are a crutch for game design to solve the terrible combat.
Neither of those is a good reason to keep stuns as they are, it's literally arguing "it could be worse".
They already do. Nobody cares or notices because everyone that is serious about combat will grab anything stun-related first and shields do nothing against that.

An officer arrives at the crime scene, he shouts "Get Down!", the other player should use the Rest verb to go down on the ground. This makes him drop whatever he has on his hands and if he tries to get up, it gives a warning and some time for the officer to react. This would allow an officer to go near him and put some cuffs. Alternatively, he could resist arrest and get lasers instead.

But instead, because there are stuns in the game and Security is expected to use them, everyone will throw a bitchfit whenever you don't use them to arrest people.
As long as that mechanic is in place, "more freedom to beat people" is never gonna be a thing because "there's always another option" in people's minds.

The problem with stuns isn't actually their duration. It's the combination with any form of cuffs that makes them terrible. If a stun gives you enough time to apply cuffs to someone, that's effectively an infinite stun.
This is why on Hate there were those changes to the 3 different cuff types, giving them different "arming" times, as well as comparing them to the rest of the stun weaponry. It was done so stun prods would not give you enough time to apply cable cuffs, but a stun baton would still give you enough time to apply regular cuffs.

The first shot does nothing of notice but the second one already applies a slowdown to the target, the third one is enough to put him down for a while. You can even fire another to extend the time he lies down.
The difference between this and the regular taser is that it's no longer "1-hit KO from range", you gotta hit at least 3 times (although the 3rd shot is easier to land since he is slower).

I honestly don't even know why we are having this conversation when this is an idea that has been tried sucessfully before. Hate actually saw people using practically every kind of weapon in the game once stuns stopped dominating the meta and fights took much longer to finish and win. Even melee fights would drag out for a while since at best, a stunprod would get you 2-3 punches before he gets up (and therefore filled the role of letting you escape, not initiate a fight like it was meant to be).
The only problem that idea ever had was with Security Officers having to adapt to their tasers not being enough, forcing them to use the Disabler or the Stun Baton, but after the changes to the cuffs, playing Officer was actually a fun and challenging job and your armor actually helped in combat since anyone trying to kill you wouldn't just use stuns.

Learn to dodge the shots its not hard.

In case you haven't noticed, there's a few funny guys asking shit about your past, not because they are genuinely worried at the possibility of you being a [boogeyman] but because they want to dig some dirt on you for shitposting reasons
stop being a fucking idiot and don't oblige them, at least not with accurate information

You'll never see that kind of RP on any chan server and enforcing that kind of RP is only going to drive people away. If they ever come back.

It's not even really stuns that are the problem it's the fact that the taser trumps just about everything in almost every scenario when the tools available should each have their own specific scenario where they're the best.

For example tasers should work optimally at range and less well in close distances such as within 3 tiles of the person firing the taser so that there's a justification for the stunbaton to exist other than "save taser rounds" by for example significantly reducing the length of the stun on a taser slug when the target is close to you. The concept being that you've got a taser for mid distance targets while you have a disabler for far away targets and targets behind airlocks and windows, batons for close targets and flashbangs for groups of people.

Instead what we've got is taser trumps all with stunbatons being used only to save charges and flashbangs theoretically being for large groups of people but realistically taking far too long to be set off so that you have to hold them for a while and just hope that everyone doesn't just scatter or bumrush you the moment they hear the ticking. It's not even stuns that are the problem it's that the tools used to deliver stuns don't have any kind of specialization of unique traits beyond just being ranged or not being ranged.

Also people should not drop things they are holding when tazed if they are wearing head and body protection so that taking down a security officer would involve both tazing and disarming them when they're down instead of just tazing them from a distance.

Technically, tasers don't trump e-swords, those reflect back the bolts. But overall, stun based weaponry does trump over all other weaponry, which is why there's a few ballistic guns that everyone takes because they have an extra chance to stun people.

Lower stun time on the taser based on distance doesn't work very well, though. People would just move away to increase it's potency instead and shooting from afar, then moving to arrest would give them plenty of time anyway.
Instead, to keep "every tool for a specific scenario", you'd have Tasers for Ranged Disarm (you hit someone, they drop what they are wielding but get up fast), Disablers for Ranged Slow\Stun (it's ranged unlike melee weapons so more safe to you but it needs multiple shots to balance it out) and the Stun Baton for Melee Stun (you have to go near the target, exposing yourself to maximum danger, so it makes sense it has the best stun time instead).

Pretty basic game design. All other things like the stun prod or soap should be kept with a slow timer so they are better for pranks or self defense, not to initiate combat as they often are.

And then they pick it back up because it is right under them and beat the ever loving shit out of the sec officer.

Now it might work more reliably on TG which has some sort of latency fix but at that point you'd be playing TG and might as well just start shoving objects in your asshole for fun in between breaking down on their forums about how the AI ruined your murderbone spree.

All the more reason to wait for an actually competent server host to arrive. Not this $10/mo shit this current server is running on.

Which requires them to move aside first and stand still for about a second grabbing the item, while the officer can get his baton out and rush him or lead with some more projectiles.
The way to properly engage someone is to hit them with a taser to disarm them and make them go down, then unload 3 Disabler rounds on them. If they are dumb enough to stick around so they can grab their gun, they'll be down on the ground with fatigue damage.
However they can still choose to run away by sacrificing their gun.



Thanks for the free game, I was about to uninstall Steam but another copy of Bad Rats is sure to keep me busy for a while.

I actually tried hosting a sub for you fags but because there's no dedicated server option outside of the game I can't. The game itself crashes immediately when I try to launch it. So I went with a couple of other games instead.

Oy vey, are you calling me incompetent goy? You're not wrong.


I don't want to be a seaman, I want to be a spessman

three whole spessmen?

… you can do better than that, Holla Forums

I-Is it back?

Is the server not ran by this trip-flaunting newfag? Or do I have to deal with him and gooncode?

the tripfag doesn't own the server

I've been burnt out of SS13. I will be back most likely in January, though, because that is what has happened for three years now. Play SS13 through winter until about summer, when things become shit and dramafilled, start back up because of some video or some old memory GREENSIDE would be my bet next year. that stirs up joy, quit because burnt out largely by drama and shitters, repeat.

It's too bad really. SS13 is just one of those games, I guess, that requires too much autism to be run without massive amounts of friction between the people who play it.

This new server doesn't look very good anyway. I think I am safe.

Let me know when Neil or whoever the fuck that fucking Euro who actually ran a good and generally comphy server comes back.
I miss him dearly. I didn't even mind the horrible Euro lag.

i don't think nel wants anything to do with ss13 anymore; he ran the 8ch server off a small vps for over a year.

not sure what this business about gooncode is. nel's source code was taken from /tg/ and only slightly modified back in the day. it was gooncode back then, too.

i wish i could get a server up.

got a screenshot? sounds like a potential bug to investigate

might see if the server is powerful enough for the /vg/ branch. we have a bit of ram to spare.

/vg/ code is experimentally on the server for the time being. it seems to boot, we'll see how this goes.


that must be a pretty old version. you have to either compile bygex or set a flag to disable it. newer versions don't even use that anymore.

I finally managed to get it running on loonix/gentunes but the server seems to be dead.
What time is everyone playing on or is there a more active server?

I'll get on right now

Is Newstation's "designated playtime" a big lie?

this isn't newstation. we don't have a dedicated playtime, join up whenever you feel like spacemen.

y-yeah i'm feelin it