Let's have a twist at least

let's have a twist at least
ITT. Protagonists/"good guys" who did everything wrong.
>ruins the relatively comfortable position that Breen secured for humanity
>never helps win the rebellion because episode 3 didn't happen
>even if it did happen, we would stil be better off if he joined Breen, allowing him to negotiate a more advantageous position within the Universal Union for humanity

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They ate paste from packages and got daily beatings

Were Combine guards people or aliens?

Solid Snake

complete retard

Humans modified with synth tech.

People who wanted to openly cooperate with combine had much better treatment.
In the end, humanity was going to be fully integrated into the empire.

Metrocops (the grey ones) are human volunteers, Combine soldiers (the blue ones) are either rebels or Metrocops that have had most of their brain removed and replaced with cybernetics

He forbid them to breed. It was a slow genocide of all of humanity

I can't think of a single thing that he has done right.

He ended up being right as we know, but I strongly suspect the one thing Huey didn't commit was knowingly giving mother base to skullface. Miller's relentless, fanatical insistance that he did is probably what pushed cuck dad over the edge.
I know this doesn't really account for strangelove however


I can't think of a single thing any of his ancestors did right. He comes from the shittiest of bloodlines

Well he died, so that's a good thing.

A fantasy world isn't really a paradise if you're not an adventurer. A regular person is probably going to have all the same problems as a real person, but now they also have to deal with deadlier monsters.

I dunno if I read it wrong, but the Japanese game indicated they were dying off in the real world while they were dicking in Mewt´s asshat fantasy

At that rate humanity was going to go extinct.
I get that Breen was a smooth talker but at the end of the day he only had one human's best interest at heart.

god the art could be so bad in those games but I did indeed love them even though the story in both was complete trash

In return, humans were given a chance to achieve immortality.
Did you even listen to breencasts?

Why is Ayumi such a fuck up?

I'm not sure we were supposed to believe in those

Even if he's telling the truth, what kind of immortality?
There's a lot of types of immortality that are worse than death.

By integrated you mean extinct, right? You know what the plan was, right?
there ain't no future for humanity with the Combine

what a faggot

But on the other hand almost half of the human populace in City 17 were niggers and it's supposedly somewhere in Eastern Yorop so…

Well let's just say, suddenly genocide doesnt seem like such a bad thing in a world allready that grim.

Great perks.

Holy shit nigger get it together.

Do I even have to fucking say why!?

He invented McDonalds so I think we can give him a pass.

It might be former East Germany.


that thing did wrong this guy?

It's not that he did everything wrong, he tried to do right by just doing daily chores, it's just that everything would go to hell around him and he'd get the blame pinned on him, poor Dude.

You can actually get away without killing anyone.

It all still ends in death, so it's not like the Postal Dude can't stop shit from going bad.


Better vid

But yeh, shit goes wrong around the postal dude but it is not like he has engage in it.

He killed a triple agent
traitors always deserve death


Wait, is that an ancient tracer pose?

So he is basically a third party observer whether he engages in the violence or not? Good enough.

apparently I think anyone has played the first game

The first game is nothing related to the second, different protagonists and town and all.

God're right
but enjoy more the former than the latter besides the anbientacion the first is great.
postal is like hatred in the 1990

Ever played Postal Redux? It's basically Postal 1 but with better controls and updated graphics, thankfully they kept the cartoon backgrounds. And everything else


I have no money

he just wants to murder people while talking to himself, complete schyzo






It's a fucking easter egg.


but the achievements and seriusly
I buy them because one day I illegally download Hotline Miami 2 and holy God to kill an enemy it took more than 10 seconds because it looked more beautiful.



Every SO protagonist seems to be a colossal fuck-up in one way or another, but you will never fuck up as badly as Edge Maverick did.


Being a faggot

Solid Snake. For his entire life, he was fighting against and killing the real heroes (Liquid, Solidus, Ocelot etc.) who were opposing The Patriots. Solid was the perfect clone because he was unintelligent enough to be controlled, which was the purpose of the clones in the first place, to be weapons that just follow orders. He was the perfect goy.

The other clones were failures because they were too much like Big Boss. Liquid and Solidus were individual thinkers that didn't take orders from authority for granted, but actually looked into those authorities and found out that their motives aren't so noble.

Ocelot was part of the Patriots, too, you moron.

Nigger everyone being subjected to whims of a faggot preteen with mommy issues and could still die in the Jahds.

BJ Blaskowicz or whatever the fuck his name is is a Jew himself too. Yeah, even though he has 100% Aryan features, in the lore he is a Polish Jew. So Wolfenstein is pretty much just a Jewish revenge fantasy, it's Inglourious Basterds the game.


You can fuck off >>>Holla Forums


To be honest, New Order did a pretty poor job of making you hate the Nazis in it. They show you this grand society that has moon colonies in the 1960s, and then tells you to become a domestic terrorist and blow all of it up.

Even if you don't agree with Nat Soc policies, it's kind of shitty to destroy the entire world's society, burn it all down when things are pretty successful, and then go "Okay time to start over from square one."

Are you stupid? Yeah, he was a member, but he was never on their side, Ocelot was fighting the organization from inside the entire time. Did you not understand the story or something? Everything Ocelot did, was to destroy The Patriots. You know, like the whole nuking the AI that was on a satellite in outer space?

Ocelot, Liquid and Solidus all their lives fought against the Patriots, because they wanted to bring back a free America.

Yeah those Germans sure looked unhappy about the state of Germany under Hitlers rule? Oh wait, over 90% of the population fucking loved the man and the NatSoc government for giving them true freedom and for the first time in history actually giving workers rights and pleasant lives.

back to reddit


That's some Kindergarten-tier thinking there, Holla Forums.

Freedom of speech and press were restricted. We know jack shit about how much of the population actually liked Hitler.

Jokes on you, I'm white.

>>>Holla Forums

Geralt of Rivia

Destiny is a double edged sword, he is one edge…. the other is death

how is the gameplay anyway? i really dont give a fuck about story and im need my FPS fix

Nigger, all the shit genes in the society would've been eliminated and all of us born today would be Ubermensch Aryans working collectively towards a brighter and better future together.

Instead we all are genetic dead ends with no lives, no future, forever shitposting on a Chinese imageboard.

Look at the retard everyone


Looks like success to me.

Nice try Jamal.

none of us would be born if the nazis won WW2, user.
we wouldnt be shit posting about vidya and our waifus.

I never said that everyone hated Hitler, I just said that since talking shit about your current dictator who's suppressed freedom of speech it means that the numbers don't really matter. Then again you're the average retard that sees anything that isn't circlejerking over how great NatSoc is as an attack on his person. So yeah, go drink shit you fucking piece of dirt.

Good, we're worthless.


You can kill both of them, although what happens after is not expanded on in the slightest.


Why would they oppress me, I am white and Germanic lol. Besides, if Germany has a 100% Germanic population, nobody is oppressed. That was kind of the point of National Socialism, you know? A country for their own people and no one else? That's amazing. That is what we need.

If some foreigners get into your country, they SHOULD be oppressed because it's not their country, they have no right to be there.

You are the only one with kindergarten tier thinking, because you've been indoctrinated since kindergarten.

Good. They should be. Evil needs to be restricted and rooted out. This American invention of freedom of everything, even freedom to be degenerate and evil isn't working. We want freedom FROM degeneracy, not freedom to be one.

And we do know that the population liked him, or have you never seen all those thousands of photos and video footage of Germans from that time, with the look of genuine happiness on their faces? Do you have any idea how amazing life was for all Germans back then, compared to anything before or after?

I thought the game was pretty fun. I went in thinking it'd be really dry, but the shooting is fast paced and there's a lot of weapons to choose from. The worst parts of the game are frontloaded however. The fucking psuedo-stealth prison sequence you get into early on is such a drag I was ready to quit during it. But after that the game really picks up the pace.

It's bretty good. Worth picking up.

Sage because off-topic.

Rtas stop shitposting

Don't know about you, but I would be. Explain to me why I wouldn't?

they don't even know what the ideology is about
>>>Holla Forums
is that way sir

and undereage Holla Forumstard kiddies do ?



I don't think you get it. Nobody on Holla Forums is a skinhead or neo-nazi. We are real National Socialists, not some tattooed gangsters.

Cool argument bro

It's pretty obvious Holla Forums is not underage, and yes we do know what it is about you moron. Unlike you, Holla Forums, we actually have educated ourselves on the subject.

It's not a no true scotsman argument you retard, when I am right. Explain to me how is a skinhead or neo nazi an actual National socialist? You would have been thrown out of Germany for getting tattoos or being a drunken hooligan.

Daily reminder Breen apologists are retarded cuckold faggots that want to help prep the combine bull to deliver a poz load into earth.

First of all Ciri saved him from the Wild Hunt, that's how he ended up in Kaer Mohren in TW1.

And if he was just neutral he could have avoided all the trouble, but destiny and fate…

user, that shit would be true, if you were born before WW2.

dubs confirm, i will put it in my endless backlog.

nice argument

A little too linear, the hideout sections aren't fun apart from one, and the install is obscenely large but it's pretty fun overall. There's a pretty constant flow of new stuff to kill Nazis and some of the environments are neat.
It's worth pirating at the very least. The first level is overly scripted but it throttles that aspect back afterwards.

No way this isn't bait.

That's some low energy meming >>>Holla Forums

You sure showed me

why did that majority of german people who as you claim loved Hitler tried to kill Hitler and get rid of nazis multiple times?

Did some le ebin jews tricked them?

Also you may stop shitposting with Holla Forums, that only works against other retarded underage Holla Forumstards who get easily baited

Ah yes
the natsoc autists have come into raid another thread with stupid bullshit


You sure showed me :^))))


Why are you lying on the internet?


im bored and wanna shitpost fam

Since Holla Forums got triggered enough to derail this thread already, post NatSocs to trigger Holla Forums.

You can't possibly be this retarded and ignorant Holla Forums. Majority of Germans tried to kill Hitler? I guess if less than 0.1% of the population counts as majority.

What about Big Boss? Doesn't he count as a guy who did everything wrong? I mean, he pretty much fucked a guy's life up as well as kept the world in war just by existing because of his stupid, skewed perception of the Boss's ideology, which mind you was pretty fucking stupid on its own.

It's not your 'leftypol' boogeyman you autistic twat, it's the fact you're derailing a thread yourself with shit no one cares about.

Race realism has been proven true plenty of times.
Hell with the advanced in genetic research we now have even figured out why black people are savages on a genetic level.

Not like the thread was good in the first place.

Yes fellow goy, it is totally not Holla Forums who derailed the thread by whining about nationalism, which most of Holla Forums adheres to. Totally.

If only there was a board for national socialists to discuss things


How many times were you dropped on your head

Last I checked, the title was "Holla Forums - Video Games" not "Holla Forums - Nationalism"

Communism is trash.


Racialism is literally biology. Yep, total pseudoscience. But you know what's REAL science? There is only one race, the human race! Even though there are many groups of humans who have evolved in entirely different environments for tens of thousands of years, they all evolved the exact same way and at the same speed - even though the opposite happened to all other animal species than humans. Because we are a magical species!


Please cite credible sources to confirm your worldview. Otherwise, into the trash your shit opinion goes!


Good one, nobody almost saw what you just did there. Oh wait. Everyone can fucking see you misrepresented what I said you autist.

It's just a fact to say that most of Holla Forums Holla Forums are nationalistic.

What's funny about that is that you'd expect to hear that bull from the religious group, not the left wing fedoras.
It makes zero sense.

Of course. Always the same
Every. Single. Time.

Whites, niggers, and chinks can bear feetile offspring, therefore they are the same species.

Leftists pick and choose any arguments they can to change the subject, since remaining on the subject of anything always results in their loss, as the evidence, nature itself, science, is all on the side of nationalism.


Yes. But you see Holla Forums, species and race are not synonyms. They are different things.

Humans are one species, that consists of many different races. Races so different from each other genetically, that their intelligence, appearance and aggressiveness can vary drastically - rendering them incapable of getting along.

Evolution intended different human races to fight against each other, until only the strongest one is left alive.

At least you're not pretending that you aren't posting template threads; halfchan faggots need to go back.

Such examples?

I just wanted to talk about video games

Basically this. The game became a thinly-veiled natsoc propaganda.

What about Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear? I mean, he pretty much helped destroy a good chunk of japan and bring a lot of destruction on the world.

Holla Forums are Trump supporters, you do know that right?
And yeah, your implication is false, since reality has never contradicted nationalism or nationalist propaganda.

Remember when the polfags were like "DA WORLDS GONNA END BECAUSE OF A JEWISH HOLIDAY" and were all "POL IS ALWAYS RIGHT" and have hilariously been incredibly silent about that being a hoax since then?

I guess pol isn't really always right after all :^)

Nowhere in that article does it specify that this gene is common in all blacks. It can be present in all races. So why single out blacks specifically? The article literally says "some people have this gene" and you think "WELL SOME PEOPLE MUST MEAN ALL BLACKS!"


Holla Forums… really? Just shows you're an outsider. All of Holla Forums was constantly telling those shills to fuck off.

Also, just so you know, the Holla Forums is always right meme means that whenever you come across some organization committing anti-white actions, there is a Jew behind it. That is what it refers to, and so far that has been indeed correct 100% of the time. It's always a Jew.

jesus christ i hate Holla Forums
if you're strong & non-degenerate & whatnot stop shitposting your life away on an anonymous fucking imageboard and fapping to hentai
do something with your life
make your forefathers proud
and stop shitting up the boards i go to

No. I don't quite think that's what operation Valkyrie was.

A species is a group of individuals that is able to reproduce with each other, regardless of Race.

One post criticises the people coming to this thread to whine and the other states the obvious, but clearly they needed your answer badly.

Daily reminder that we are under a sustained raid from leftypol. They've been angry ever since they lost the 10M get last week and their board is falling apart.

I'm actually authoritarian right
You don't have to be from Holla Forums to think Holla Forums is annoying when you're here to talk about fucking video games

Get a load of this jew trying to talk about video games
>>>Holla Forums

Plenty of Holla Forums only shortly visits the board every now and then, and spends most of their time being productive.

You also still don't seem to get it. Holla Forums does not raid Holla Forums. That has never happened. It is Holla Forums doing that, and Holla Forums regulars who are nationalists reacting to it. Surprise surprise, when Marxists try to subvert games, gamers turn to nationalism. Who would have thought?

Maybe you should fuck off to Reddit or cuckchan Holla Forums, where ebul raycists get banned for not wanting diversity and feminism in their games.

the worst thing is most of Holla Forums whines about degeneracy and what not when they're just as degenerate as the rest of fucking everybody who posts on 4/Holla Forums

Daily reminder that Holla Forums organizes raids on Holla Forums regularly archive.is/OV1we

(I also forgot to mention that they never respond to being called out and ignore any post exposing them)

Again, Holla Forums is not one person, just like Holla Forums is not one person. Yeah, there are degenerates on Holla Forums, but I would definitely say majority of the regulars are not, and legitimately do want a return to a more moral society.

i see Holla Forumsfaggots shitting up threads far more than i see these supposed Holla Forums raiders

and when i used to post on Holla Forums it was a retarded hell of fucking memes and circlejerking

oh what a nice meme

Pretty much.
I just want to talk about video games. I don't give a shit about politics or what sperglords from either pol think. I'm not here for politics. If I wanted that gay shit I'd go to a board for it.

I guess their "raid" worked because you faggots shitted on the thread.

First of all Holla Forums isn't a hivemind, second stop jumping to conclusions, third unless you lurked the thread until now you've just thrown your precious board searching time to whine about something that you could've ignored.

Why are you pretending that this is your first post ITT? lol'd

"man pol is annoying, i wish they'd stop derailing threads"


yeah how could anyone ever find pol annoying

You're making my point here, genius.

they're not going to because they waste their lives away shitposting instead of actually doing anything

i could see the left being puppeted to collapse on itself because the alt-right (Holla Forums and such) are such nihilistic faggots

whereas the left have been brainwashed into thinking what they're doing is morally right and have something to fight for (useful idiots) Holla Forums knows what's really right and prefers the internet and anime, hentai or otherwise, over actually accomplishing anything

it's why you don't see massive "fuck niggers" protests or whatnot like BLMfags organize all the fucking time

That's one of the funniest things i've read all year

No you don't. Again, for the third time, which you really don't seem to understand: Holla Forums is not coming to Holla Forums to shit up threads you fucking retard. The nationalists here ARE Holla Forums. They are the regulars you moron, if you are a regular here and not nationalist, you're actually in the minority, and YOU'RE the one shitting up the board.

Yes, let us just ignore that our games are filled with leftist propaganda.

Are you stupid? How can we ignore such a subject, that is destroying our hobby?

Wait, what about Ragna the Bloodedge from Blazblue? He's technically going around fucking everything up for the whole world by destroying the cauldrons. I mean why the fuck was he even doing that if all the shit with Hazuma/Terumi/Nu-13 only started at Kagutsuchi?

Is this some shit explained in the mangas or something?

meant for

gee, yes, because people wasting 25-50 posts arguing about whether or not elves are the equivalent of the western master race in a fucking porn game thread isn't shitposting

Exactly right.

What you don't realize is that the leftypol raids here are false flags. They shit up threads and pretend to be Holla Forums, when in reality they're just trying to sway public opinion.

leftypol fags will not ignore this allegation because they have no defense.

You do know that the word propaganda was turned into a negative word only after the war? It wasn't about lying to anyone, it was basically what you now call motivational posters.

And yes, nationalist propaganda has actually been truthful so far in history. Provide us an example of it being wrong, you can't.


But he's right

did you mean will ignore

go back to your hug box and stay there faggot

Now that my friend is an ironic meme

But he's wrong and so are you. Really Holla Forums, you just aren't welcome on Holla Forums. It's time for you losers to understand that. Holla Forums does not want your feminism, marxism or anti-white ideals in our games.

Ahahahhaha holy fuck dude
How far off the deep end are you? Take your meds.

I've made it clear I'm not from leftypol. I just don't give a shit about politics and find the diehard autists like yourself who dedicate their lives to it annoying.

This is so fucking hilarious.

Anytime someone calls this out, they either ignore it or plead innocence. Just watch.

me a poltard never i just know what will happen to this site if we let you fester

Come to Holla Forums and make a thread about why you think your ideology is better and the truth. Oh, why not? Is it because instead of getting banned, you will be proven wrong by hundreds of posters providing proof that our side is the truth? Is it because you can't stand getting triggered by facts and evidence?

It's not a hugbox just because you hate the truth.

Sure you aren't. Because you say so that must mean you're not. A Holla Forums regular would totally want to ignore the fact that feminism and marxism is being pushed in western games. Oh wait. You just outed yourself again.

Please don't get them started on bans.

my 'ideology' is 'i do not care about politics'
Hey retard, look at the examples of games I've mentioned, they were all from japan. Anyone with a functional brainstem could infer from this alone that I'm well aware of this and obviously don't give a shit about western games.

They had no intention of coming to the Americas. If Hitler won, Europe would still be relevant.

Haha, what a funny joke, except they still tear each other on the occasion.

Then blame the autists, not the whole Holla Forums board, since they clearly have hobbies besides politics themselves, after all the notion that a lot of crossposters are between Holla Forums and Holla Forums isn't false at all.

Last year, I tried making a thread about what games Holla Forums likes.
I got banned for two months for making a "what does Holla Forums think of X" thread.

I have yet to see a single western game be released where the main message is "seize the means of production, the workers must collectively own the means of production to live in a free worker's territory, overthrow the bourgeois"

Assassin's Creed?

I'd argue in a poltard's favor that some games that feature such settings may glorify it, but I can't really think of any examples since I don't give a shit about western games.

Is your strategy just dodging the subject every time? You said you want Holla Forums to not talk about politics.

If you would actually be from here, you would know that Holla Forums wants to talk about politics when it's related to games, because leftist propagandists have taken over the western gaming industry, and ARE RUINING WESTERN GAMES.

Do you get it now? You can not avoid the subject. I wasn't doing the "back to Reddit" meme, I was literally telling you that if you want to talk about games and entirely avoid the subject of politics related to games, then Reddit is your place for that because of the heavy speech policing there.

Here, you will not get that, okay? Here, people WILL talk about political propaganda in our games, because we do not like it, and here we have freedom of speech.

yeah dude i love the politics involved in "characters who did everything wrong"

To be honest if you look in the hipster trash you find a shit ton of that filth, but I think he was referring to cultural marxism more than marxism itself.

To be honest the first to bring politics in wasn't even Holla Forums

Yeah, and? You deserved it, maybe you should have read the rules. Datamining threads are not allowed, in other words threads that try to gather statistical information about the userbase.

I said people don't get banned from Holla Forums for being leftists. Which is true.

Datamining however, not allowed.

Ass Creed as the other guy said, but I should have said Cultural Marxism. That means anti-white politics, feminism, stuff like that - not necessarily communist ideals.

Yes, because it was nationalists who brought politics into it. Oh wait, it was the Holla Forums raid that is currently being targeted at us.

not him but
are you dumb


hey pol
the holocaust happened
deal with it

Well that's what datamining is, gathering data about what a precise group likes, also he was talking about Holla Forums, not Holla Forums.

Well if you're actually that educated on the question to spot it as propaganda then it isn't brainwashing isn't it.

But it only features Marx because that was what the game was about in that historical timeline. I'm talking about games where the message itself is Marxist, and directly communicates to the player about marxism, not just has communism as a thing. Otherwise you could accuse games like red alert and red orchestra of being "marxist."

Can you give me any concrete examples?

What the fuck is "cultural marxism"? Marx was an economist and never wrote about culture in his entire life, in fact he called it "the superstructure." Marx didn't write anything about anti-whiteness. As for feminism all Marx said was that you shouldn't treat women like objects but rather equals. That's hardly the feminism we have going on now.

oh, whoops.
Holla Forums is 100% retarded though
last time i tried to get a discussion going there i got banned for a month

It was on Holla Forums, not on Holla Forums. You probably meant Holla Forums, but are you dumb? It doesn't matter if OP meant well and didn't intend to datamine, but do you not understand that someone else could use such a thread for datamining? Someone else could be counting the replies and making statistics based on the replies.

You don't get banned for talking about games on Holla Forums. We talk about games there every now and then. He was banned for datamining.

Brainwashed by who? The establishment, governments and mainstream media are totally so nationalistic right? There is literally zero authorities in modern western civilization with nationalist views, so your claim is retarded. Every nationalist is a nationalist because they practice individual thought and saw the truth hidden behind all the lies.

Is it not obvious even to you, Holla Forums that it is you who are brainwashed? Your beliefs mirror entirely the beliefs of the governments, the mass media, the entire establishment.

jesus christ this is some kind of damage control right here

Cultural Marxism is a revisualization of Marx's ideals, altered by other Jews after his time. Started in the Frankfurt School, spread to USA during the Cold War. Focus on world without borders, without whites and with emasculated males (easier to control).

Also, you're wrong. Marx was anti-white, he wrote that the "European race is a trash race that has to be exterminated", paraphrasing.

For what?

you know I was half tempted to draw an epic maymay in MS Paint strawmanning you but I realized no strawman could ever sound as retarded as you do already.

Holy shit get your shit together. Damage control? What are you talking about you braindead ass? Datamining is a real thing that happened on Holla Forums regularly, so a rule was made to prevent that.

Yes, he deserved to get banned for not reading the rules first.

Not an argument.

evolution is a lie thread :3c


Can you give me the actual line and where he wrote that? I can't find it.

Yes because I'm not making an argument, I'm stating that you sound like a delusional fucking retard.

People with different beliefs aren't sheep who 'believe in lies,' quit acting like you're special because you drank the nationalist kool-aid. You're no different from the dipshits who think Marx's teachings are infalliable and are the real 'truth.'

to be fair i tried the same thread on 4cuck Holla Forums and i got an actual discussion going there

not that there wasn't a discussion on 8ch, just that i didn't get banned for it on 4cuck

Pol users tend to be paranoid, are you surprised?

And you wonder why you got banned.

You're not getting the point, talking about videogames isn't itself data mining, but a thread like "what does x like" is, because it clearly delivers data that can be used to market something to that group.

not an argument

Sounds like you deserved the ban for sliding with your shitpost thread. So here you are, admitting that you're not a regular, but an outsider who came to Holla Forums, made a shitpost thread to derail and slide, and now you're crying about getting banned.

That's not what his thread was though. He should have made an in topic thread, like "Games that have not been subverted" - not "hey Holla Forums tell me what games you like?"

Do you not see the problem? Really that stupid huh? It was a datamining thread, even if he didn't mean it to be.

No, I can't because I don't have it saved. Ask Holla Forums, they will find it for you.

Actually, we are different, because our side is the truth. Deal with it.

Nothing new here, move along.

Not to be THAT GUY but I doubt a lot of things today would have the balls to make media that advocates gassing of the jews and a lot of pro-hitler shit, especially since the media is supposedly controlled by jews.

Man, everything I said just went over your tin foil hat didn't it

You argue like a Jew, always trying to switch the subject and misrepresent the opposing sides argument. And you think people will take you seriously?

Datamining is real and it was made a bannable offense for that reason, for good reason: because it was happening.


*or ways to trace you down, it may seem extremely paranoic but if you think of it if you're searching info about some guy focusing on a few thousand players is easier than focusing on a billion of people on the internet.

Holla Forums isn't only Hitler, you know.

Evolution is a retarded meme. And you are retarded for believing it. I'd sooner take up white guilt and feminism than believe that steaming turd of pseudologic. It's an excuse for people too insecure to deny creation theory without having a viable alternative.

You don't have to know what's true to know what's false.

Holla Forums Holla Forums is a fucking circlejerk shithole, I'll admit 4chan Holla Forums seems more tolerant of actual discussion that falls outside of its usual rhetoric.

user, I don't think he knows. He might actually be this unintelligent.

Holy shit leftypol is mad today.

I called them on their shit three times and they just ignore it because they have no answer.


'someone keeps ignoring my fallacious and outrageous claims, they must be mad'

i just said i don't believe in creation theory either
try again, faggot

If you like cuckchan so much then go back there you unevolved little nigger

I'll never understand why the jews get so much shit, haven't they suffered enough after all?

What's fallacious or outrageous about consensus cracking? It happens all the time

So you're saying all provided theories are false but have no alternative theory to provide or have no evidence of the opposite? Evolution at least has evidence for it.


epic bait meme but what have jews done that was actually wrong

how come jews as a whole get shit on but the moment someone talks shit about pol as a whole people are like 'n-not all of pol is like that hang on there mister'


Either you're really fucking new, or this is some ebin bait.

It's easy to call things bait without refuting them
Where's all your vigor, poltard?~

Give me liberty or give me death!

Hoo boy

Oh yeah, like flat earth theory is true as well, amirite?

Creationism isn't limited to christianity.

I don't think you understand the Evolutionary theory, it isn't about being the most efficient thing in your enviroment.
Think of it as a bunch of rocks being filtered: the big rocks get stuck in the filter while the smaller ones pass, and while not all of them are of perfect size they passed anyways.

There's a reason why they suffer, as most people aren't sadic.

Really now, no one here will fall for your bait. If you were really a regular on Holla Forums you would know a lot about the evil things Jews do.

He's going all out.

The best part about this game's silly, poorly-written plot is that at no point are Jews shown as sympathetic beyond the expected default "they're Jews, it's Nazi time, feel bad" shit. If anything, they're shown as complete retards who deserve exactly what they got out of the situation, for being incompetent and not bothering to save anyone including themselves, if not for being massive assholes in general. You could even say that they're the real villains, albeit probably due to apathy and incompetence rather than outright malice, but still.

The three main Jews the audience gets to know in the game are:

None of them are particularly likable, between the crazy killing machine without any thought beyond murder or any real purpose other than what's dictated to him who is your avatar, the last surviving ancient order member who sat in a camp for no good reason despite being able to avoid going there/escape once inside easily and whose order let things get fucked because "oy vey", and the barely-existing side character whose only dialogue is kvetching that you're a stupid idiot compared to her. When your characters illicit reactions ranging from "annoyance" to "outright disgust" from the audience, they shouldn't be the people you want the audience to sympathize with, because if they are you've failed miserably right out the gate.

Now the "Da'at Yichud", the Jewish secret order Set belongs to, is easily the shittiest "benevolent" secret order ever put into a video game, and one hell of a topic to talk about with this game. They had high technology ripped right out of Stargate before the war even started, and not only did they not use this overwhelming superiority to smash the rising new order that was clearly out to exterminate them, or to really try and boost their friends who could repel this new order on their behalf, they fucked up so badly that they let the Nazis get control over this tech and then turn it against them. They could have ground Germany into paste with sheer superior technological force in days once things started getting bad, or even better taken global control and created their idea of near-utopia with this technology before Hitler was even a spunk droplet, but instead they locked it away and sat on it while kvetching about nothing until the moment the Nazis dragged them off to the camps (which begs the question, "Why didn't they just kill the Jew-roundup squads on sight anyways with their vastly-superior weapons, and thereby save a few steps, 14+ years, and countless Jewish and non-Jewish lives in the process of resisting?").

(continuing, I wrote a lot of shit here)

So what you're saying is you're Jewish. Gotcha.

Oh, and here's a fun fact about the Da'at Yichud: They apparently only made alien-tier super tech (much of which was designed as or could very-easily be repurposed as cataclysmic weaponry) because they could, as means of "knowing and communing with God", never intending to use it for anything and just sealing it away instead with shit-tier protections. This means they made tech that could have quickly-ended the war before many died or even prevented it by dissolving the situation leading to it, solved most of humanity's problems in a time when it was still on an upward-incline in morality plus curiosity about the universe and would have benefited the most from such aid, and even created a global near-utopia which likely would have considered them rulers/wise elites for helping and given them massive praise for their smarts and compassion, but they did fucking nothing and let the world be conquered while they sat around masturbating their egos all day.

Even ignoring morality, letting your enemy manage to nick your tech when it's powerful enough to steamroll the entire planet, and thus should have some serious locks of the same absurdly-high tech level keeping it safe, is absolutely retarded and inexcusably incompetent. If their policy was to hold their tech back from the goyim because they figured non-Jews couldn't handle it safely, they still fucked it all up by not putting in the basic effort to secure it properly, thereby letting the Nazis walk off with it and use it to wreck everybody including them. Hell, they didn't even plan out a final line of defense in case an enemy faction acquired their tech, i.e. giving their friends the same tech quickly once shit got real, or popping out of hiding and using it themselves to take down the people everyone agreed were bad guys and would take no qualms with seeing obliterated, so it'd at least be an even match between factions rather than a drawn-out victory parade for one side. Even with their non-use policy, there must have come a point where someone said "oh fuck, we're all gonna die, time to use it even if we wish we didn't have to", especially when Set explicitly says they tried to funnel a tiny bit of the tech to the Allies but didn't do it fast enough or hard enough to make a real difference.

So, with all of the above in mind and unclouded by the "but it's JEWS, so you absolutely must feel bad RIGHT NOW and STOP THINKING" principle, Jews in this universe are shown as a bunch of fucking idiots with no redeeming or likable qualities who made their own problems and did jack-shit to fix said problems, even when it got them and all of their potential allies horribly-genocided. They could have crushed Germany's efforts to holocaust them with the same ease as if it was modern North Korea trying to kick Cthulhu in the shins, or at the very least thrown the same tech the Nazis stole from them/even better tech than the Nazis' at fellow anti-Nazi allies to even the odds, yet they just let it happen while yelling "oy vey", letting their #1 enemy take global power and getting their own kind rendered all-but-extinct. The entire situation could've easily been dealt with or even avoided, by means of either stomping Nazi Germany into the dirt when it was still getting its footing or fixing the problems that bred the Fascist uprising easily before a problem arose with their tech, but they just sat there obliviously doing nothing until their ultimate enemy casually strolled up to their front doorstep wielding their otherwise-unused supertechnology and took them to summer camp.

(continuing again, body limit a shit)

the latter method of evolution is the only one i've heard people use to defend evolution (slow, gradual evolution) but that makes absolutely no sense due to the fact that in the supposed "survival of the fittest" environment where only the strong survived, half mutated eyes or wings or ears or whatnot would provide absolutely no advantage. and let's not even start with poisonous frogs

the former is the only real alternative

if trump wasn't running, and all this election had was bernie and hillary, would you pick between one of them and say that one has to be good because "there are no other options at the moment?"
no, you'd call both shit because that's exactly what they are

creation theory at least makes a degree of sense since if there really is an all-powerful creator there's no logical fallacy in him being able to just create whatever the fuck. you'd have to prove the existence of a higher power for that, though

Are you really this stupid?

Or Pagan I'm Agnostic, but you can't say that christian values aren't good, especially the ones that were taken from paganism/philosophy

okay but if creature starts growing wings and it grows some useless tiny winglets (think the really tiny winglets on young ducklings or whatever), how does that at all affect it to the degree that only it is allowed to survive? if it does not enable that creature to survive where its fellows don't, it wouldn't matter since it's the only one with the mutation and so it would not get carried on

furthermore there's the problem of genes being watered down since breeding with a non-mutated partner would create a child who only has half of the evolved parent's genetics

Yeah because comparing a community with a distinct culture, language and looks to the members of an english speaking anonymous image board is totally legit.

And this whole setup relies upon the assumption the holocaust tale and all its nonsensical silly shit (masturbation machines and rollercoasters emptying into giant ovens, anybody?) are 100% real, meaning Nazis were blind cartoon supervillains with no motivations beyond "EVIL IS FUN", and Jews really did nothing wrong. In a version of the setting where it was really just a big fat convenient lie, not only would Nazis not be doing the hilariously-inefficient, pointless and elaborate shit shown (like walking oven-mechs with scary faces in each camp, and multiple models of Metal Gear Reich built only to serve as glorified traffic cops post-war) just to be cunts, but they'd also be completely in-the-right for nabbing the Jews' unused tech and reverse-engineering it to benefit humanity rather than letting it sit and rot. And Jews, for all their pointless tech-invention and hoarding that helped nobody, mixed with the holocaust lie and WWII both being pushed to benefit only them in this version, would be abusive shadowy elites who intentionally played all the "lesser" races and their nations purely for their own benefit, to the point of almost killing the nation that as a result turned on them and fought back. In this version, the Nazis would have every reason to steal from and smash the Jewlluminati that was killing them without a care while leeching off their sibling states, and the world created by their victory would be objectively-better thanks to benevolent use of tech invented by a now-dead abusive secret society.

Short version of all of the above shit: Jews in W:TNO are shown as complete shit, between the few you meet including your own character being assholes/psychos/idiots and their secret order fucking up to an unfathomable degree. They're shown as being a bunch of whiny, ineffectual retards with absurd intellect, who had the ability to create utopia and avert the war or stop the war once it began before many people had to die (including their own kind), but intentionally did fuck-all and let the world be ruined because they wanted to circlejerk and fluff up their egos by supposedly reaching God through invention instead. And this is all in a setting where the Nazis really were evil supervillains and holocausted Jews for fun, rather than just being a newly-remilitarized rogue nation that barely survived an economic calamity, and didn't want to fuck with global economics anymore after it was used to hold them down and fuck them until they almost bled out.

Even if you strip out all modern politics from this, and make it solely about an generic apathetic secret society making super-advanced tech for no good reason, before having it stolen and used against them and everyone else to horrifying effect by a generic evil empire in-the-making, it's still completely-retarded because the plot would've been resolved in 5 minutes by anyone with a brain. The society could've put proper high-tech and durable locks on their dangerous shit that's never to be used, they could have temporarily-dropped the inaction policy to un-fuck the problem they let happen directly/by supplying others effectively, and they could have even fixed things post-conquest with minimal effort and risk, but they just let the world get conquered and their entire race plus many members of others get holocausted for no good reason.

Actually user, I'm not saying we weren't created. I'm just saying that microevolution is a proven fact. If the human species was ever similar at one point, it has clearly evolved into many different races by living in vastly different environments for a long time. Anything before that, I do not care for.

I just think it's important for mankind to acknowledge that different races of humans are so drastically different that we can not live together, it was never meant to be. It's literally ingrained in our instincts to dislike other races, and to prefer our own.

I'm not religious either, and I agree, some Christian values are good. And indeed, they aren't actually Christian values, but ancient European values, that stem from our race not from any religion. Original Christianity was a bunch of brown people flinging rocks at each other in the Middle East. Once it spread to Europe, our people simply altered the religion to suit our way of tradition and morals, instead of adopting authentic Christian values.

In other words
What Christians call Christian values = European values

microevolution is a proven fact, yeah. dispersion of genes and what not

macroevolution (new genes being added to the gene pool) simply does not make sense any way you slice it. i've yet to hear of any plausible method of new genes (ie wings / eyes) being introduced into the species at large

Evolution doesn't correct useless shit, it corrects harmful things or picks better traits, because mutations aren't part of the evolution process, they're more the material with which evolution works with. Besides a lot of useless shit an animal has usually was useful during one time period and then fell in disuse.
Well if those non-mutated partners die there's a higher chance that the trait might pass on, also I think most evolutionary steps were made by inbreeding.

Well then if it ain't broken don't fix it, or at least if it's damaged repair it.

It's clearly broken mate. Christianity nowadays is just as cucked as atheism, paganism or any other part of European cultures, because all of it has been subverted to destroy us. It could be good again if we fix it.

Nowadays, but if it used to be good why can't it be good again?

Besides, we're talking about what? 1000s of years against 60 years of cultural marxism?

I didn't say it can't.

You can make a lot of things good again if there are no Jews around.

'it's okay when we do it' alright mister
sorry but jews did nothing wrong, this might trigger you hitler loving faggots but it's the truth, the jews were persecuted all throughout history for next to nothing, and they were almost exterminated during the holocaust. I'm sure you people want to deny the holocaust happened just so you can paint the jews as big bad evil liars, while being lying fags yourselves

all in all

Holla Forums is shit

Very good sir, very good. You almost got it, but requires a bit more subtlety. All in all, a decent attempt.

I mean, I'm expressing my point in a sarcastic retarded manner because I'm a bit tired so you could say my argumentative skills are 'low energy,' but I am being rather honest here.

I just find it a little hard to believe that an entire group of people are out to do bad and control the world, and that all they've done is create lies in order to maintain that control. It sounds like something out of a cheesy fiction novel.

All he's been doing is trying to bait, at least he got it right this time even if I don't think so, he's really too aggressive and just tries to spew as much shit that should "trigger Holla Forums" as possible

Well, in my defense, the aggressiveness could be attributed to the fact I *really* hate politics, both left and right. Like I've said before, I don't care for it, and seeing threads get derailed into shitflinging fests from both sides gets on my nerves.

That said I'm just gonna stir the shitfest, may as well see if there's any legitimate discussion to be had here. My point still remains, y'know. It's a little hard to actually believe a lot of the delusional nonsense that comes from pol without already being in a jew-hating mindset.

Not every jew is working towards destroying the west, hell there are jewish holocaust deniers and jews against israel, but there is clearly an organization that at least is trying to take over and that is using these things as scapegoats.

I get what you mean, I just don't really quite see that as possible. It's all a little too specific and convenient for kikes to get into such high positions of power.

If you're actually serious, then maybe do some research into the Jews. Ask Holla Forums for evidence about the things they've supposedly done. Read some books about them from learned people who have studied them for decades, such as Culture of Critique by Kevin McDonald.

Yeah, it does sound like something out of a fiction novel. It's almost too insane to be true, yet it unfortunately is true. Apart from extremely rare exceptions, nearly all Jews base their actions on "what is good for the Jews, what is bad for whites" mindset. They are also quite intelligent, so that combination of hating us and wanting bad things for us, and being smart enough to get what they want has lead them to have a monopoly on power in western civilization.

There's a lot more to it, and you would find it all true if you looked into it. For example, the reason they run the banks is because usury was actually forbidden from Christians in medieval times. Christians were not allowed to loan money and demand interest. So Jews were able to create and dominate the banking industry ever since the 800's, turning it into the most profitable business in existence. This has escalated in the past 1200 years so much out of hand, that now they are able to influence the entire worlds economy, start and fuel wars for profit and so on.

I understand that you're sceptical at first, but really, do you not see how stupid it is of you to argue against it while refusing to look at all the evidence? Go on Holla Forums, ask for evidence, and you will be given so much that you can no longer deny it. The proof exists.

Well that's really not something you can avoid in a 18+ board, can you?

Well many things seem impossible at first sight, but once you do some research on them it's easy to understand.

Your game is up kike.

I dont see how following orders is a bad thing.

They weren't allowed to breed. The combine were killing off humanity.

It would be pretty hard to prevent that considering he was constrained by the advisors' telekinesis.

Valve really wrote the story into a dead end, which I would say is one of the main reasons for there never being a final game to complete the story.

How could Freeman ever save mankind. The Combine has more soldiers than Earth has humans. When they opened the portal they sent in so many billions of soldiers that they destroyed all human armies in 7 hours, giving it the name The Seven Hour War.

Then they massacred all the human children, and set up a field around the entire planet that made humans infertile, unable to breed.

On top of all that, the higher ranks of the Combine are run by the advisors, telekinetic beings that will fuck Freeman up from long distance if he even looks in their general direction.

Yeah it's fucking gone man. There is no way to make the Combine lose and not make the twist retarded. A man is going to defeat all that with a crowbar?

They did get pretty close, though.

My memory is a little hazy, but wasn't the goal in Episode 2 to permanently close the portal and thus deny the combine access to the rest of their military? And wasn't the reproductive suppression field disabled in Episode 1?