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Wanna hear something crazy? The Unstable/Release of Starbound is actually good.

I mean, if somebody who didn't know about the whole Early Access fiasco were to play it, they might actually enjoy it.

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Oh boy, you must be new here.

Did they finally update it again?

What did they add?

please use

Nothing of what they promised us.

Pointless balance changes, more pixelart shit, more grind.

They didn't update it YET, technically. Either play the Unstable version, or wait 5 hours.

But for one, they added a coherent story. It actually feels like a finished product.

Oops, here it is.

Have you even played the Unstable? EVERYTHING has changed.

Just a list of things I've noticed playing the Unstable, that will be in the Stable in literally 5 hours:
-A story
-A skippable tutorial level
-Weapons have combos, two-handed weapons all have altfires
-Random NPCs occasionally have quests to give you, even the random villagers and shit.

Bear in mind I haven't played since they named updates after Koalas, but like I said, it actually feels like a game instead of a grindfest now.

I don't need to. I've seen enough of their bumbling to know the way they "fix" things.

Further reading for the bitter user.'s_false_promises_and_lies

There's your problem. The stable is still pretty bad. I'm not trying to shill for that. The Unstable is pretty much nothing like that.

I got an invite into the official Starbound discord server that includes Tyi and all of the "developers" and community managers. They filled it up with Yes Men and dozens of people who will shout you down if you dare bring up all of the broken promises and how lacking in content it is compared to Terraria. It is disgusting.

As soon as 1.0 drops I am going to wait until Tiy is online to personally thank him for teaching me never to pre-order games ever again.

I give zero fucks about all the community drama. I'm just saying actually try the finished version of the game.

Besides, aren't you all shouting me down right now for bringing up the possibility that it might be decent?

They promised one game and gave us another, then called us entitled fucks for asking where did our promised Terraria in Space go.

Go fucking play Terraria. It has ten times more shit than Starbound ever will have and is still updating to this day.

Mmkay, then where the fuck did all of these promised things go?

I told you, the Unstable version. They've spent this whole time updating that and not the Stable. And in five hours, the Unstable will be ported over to Stable.

I'm just going to wait for tweed to make a video on it.
It's probably still a can of putrid shit unless they rewritten the entire game to stop sucking ass. Fucking Terraria runs perfectly fine on my toaster in any circumstances with a shitton of particles and enemies while shitbound struggles when there's 10 NPCs around

nice to see you too Tiy

you dun triggered me OP for shame

1. Are there proper space "physics" now, meaning ice planets generate in the outer reaches of a system and lava planets on the inside? (No)

2. Can you skip the retarded story missions and bosses and still get all the content? (No)

3. Can you do anything worthwhile after reaching the last tier of equipment? (No)

You have to go back.

Holy shit you are not even trying. I saw the unstable version - it doesn't have a "Director's Mode", it doesn't have the ability for players to automatically download mods the admins specified for their servers, it doesn't have the ability for players to seamlessly switch out mods depending on what server they want to join.

They did that by having everyone regardless of race do the same mission of the Protectorate of Earth. Gone are the individual species and storylines. It is crap, OP.

When it's get "released" I will see, if it is actually finished and good or just plain mess.

No, I don't care about drama and broken promises.


Newfag redditor confirmed.

What with this shit-tier stuttering, anyway?

I don't care about the drama either, and the game is not bad, but it isn't good eigive, and the interface is just terrible.. Give up and wait for Terraria 2 and otherworld like the rest of us, OP.
Although, if some user provide the release version torrent or something, I might give it another try.

thats nice, you dont have to lie though. how many memes and buzzwords can you type per minute?


God damnit you two stop bumping this shill thread and make out already.

Not interested.

Shill thread?

I don't thinl there's footage of Terraria 2 yet, but otherword looks like a better version of Starbound already. Maybe lacking all that pixel art.

Shill thread

It is obviously a shill thread.

You don't even need to ask.


This reminds me…
Why not check some good dubs?
Like that user over there?

Now to be fair, despite chucklefucks broken promises and retarded release schedule, they are still TRYING to make something out of the broken pieces of this game. And that's actually kind of cool. Considering they already had the kikestarter and early access money they could have just said "oh fuck it" and left with their money after the first few broken releases like other early access devs have.

But they've stuck it out and tried and, despite the overwhelming autism of Tiy and crew, that's worth some praise.

I don't care if the game is suddenly the best game ever made. It and Tiy and his entire faggot dev team deserve to burn to death.

Did 1.0 release or something?


damage is already done, might as well fuck about with it when nothing's happening

It'll be out within the week.

Do I need to dump my chucklefuck folder?

I take it was finished?

We really didn't have a choice

It's out.
I'm sure it's just buggy mess.

You're as bad as the devs and their broken promises.

Ignorance is a bliss. And only autists care about the early access stuff.

No, it doesn't. In every update they push out barely anything meaningful to distract people from the real problem AKA you are just visiting the same boring biomes again and again for different color palettes.

Worthy of praise are the Necropolis devs who admitted their game is subpar, apologized and intend to improve and gave a schedule to their fans predicting when the game would get new features. Chucklefuck just fucked around with their shit so they would have a modicum of street cred left.

As someone who didn't know a thing about the crew or kickstarter years back, the extreme lack of lore (changed for some bullshit protectorate, breaking the promise each race would have its own quest line), fucking bad optimization (to the point that a lot of people couldn't even play thanks to lights) and the only thing really added is stuff, and how to make or acquire new tuff, makes starbound a game that had (and still ha) a lot of potential, but everything has been wasted away, not to mention the dumbest move ever seen for rpers, erasing planet chat for the time being until team has time to fix it (tha was the excuse, they didn't have time)

Fun part, some modders have already fixed it on their own for the server they play in and didn't take them too long.

Communities are at the same level than the game. Game's real garbage, I'll just check what shit goes in now, but from what I've seen, it' going to be workbench clusterfuck and make home for moron NPC's.

gg Tiy.

Hopefully the launcher works now and doesn't contribute to inflated game times.

I haven't played since they added seeds to grow trees. And it was one of the most half-baked attempts at adding something to a game I've ever seen. The lazy fucks couldn't even make them work as seeds, despite having numerous other working crops available at the time. The only thing they were good for was taking up inventory space.

If it's still shit then it's safe to shoulder the blame of every aspect of this game's failure, from the community mismanagement to the development, solely on Tiy's shoulders.

do it

Oh hey the game released with a workshop, too bad it's probably going to be filled with nothing but fucking furfag and vore mods because the original mod makers for the game that actually made interesting content are most likely either done with this piece of shit game or dead.

Does anyone have all the images of Chucklefish being assholes? The other thread's gone.

Aidanmac3886 has Starbound 1 hour ago
Love this game to death but…

1.i can lay this game at a solid 30 fps just find but occasionally when I enter combat it drops to 10-12 making it impossible to fight (leading to death) and I know it's the game bc sometimes when I restart the game the problem is solved.

2.death is annoying we all know that but when you lose your stuff so you have to go back where you died woth the master still there and die again and again and again until I get lucky and this doesn't happen with any other game!!!

3. The quests are truly amazing for a sandbox survival game they truly are but they are Futura ting! I started playing 1.0 the other day where you can get all the core fragments for the Teleporter thing in the mine shaft I got them just fine. But when I started over on the full release this morning after clearing the whole
Mining facility I only got 1! Meaning I had to dig to the core. Long story short I got pushed in a hole by a monster and died and rage quit

Don't get me wrong This is my favorite game of all time but it's so oooooooooo frusturating!

Kill yourself Tiy

I'm never paying for a game without playing it first ever again.

Just cuck my shit up, fam

Aryan Race mod is dead, there is literally no reason to play this… I was going to say terraria clone, but terraria is actually pretty good in comparison and it would be an insult

kill yourself tia

Game starts slow as ever thanks to increased required shit to craft stuff, a insane amount of modules for any upgrade, and even better, main questline seems to be broken so far. A dudette whom you need to speak with spouts only a entence, blocking progre, and blocking you in the starting planet. Great start for the stable release.

Dead dreams user, dead dreams.

Thank you based Mark, savior of Holla Forums, for allowing this thread.

Freedom of speech means we're allowed to discuss good games and bad games.
If you want your vidya discussing to be pre-aproved by a comittee of rightthink, reddit is a good place for you.

Played it for a few hours. No bugs/crashes so far, so that's something.
Shit starts slow, but at least they dropped the "you gotta make this armor to progress" making grind a necessity.
Not too sold on the cutscene business, I don't think it was such a great idea.
The pet slot is functional, finnaly. I have yet to try it, but at least it's not sitting there in the inventory screen without doing anything.

Not sure how the colony shit works. So far, I bought a couple of deeds and will try to build a few buildings, see what the colonists do.
I'm smelling something like FO4 "settlements".

Verdict so far: it's a game/10. Finnaly.
Not a good one, but at least it's something.

Someone released a patch for the mod in December 2015 and posted it in the comments of the Aryan Race Mod's moddb page.

They had a readme file with a bunch of patch notes, explaining what went wrong and how it was fixed. I'm not sure if it still works or not, but if this final release broke it, perhaps they could fix it again.

Please for the love of FUCK tell me it's still working for the full version.

Fine. Downloading both…

Is the furry RP scene still alive?

Tested it out, didn't work. It loaded the intro movie then crashed.
I checked the crash log to find that 80% of it was it not being able to load projectiles, guns, or vehicles. I doubt someone has the patience to go through, debug, and fix every single issue. This is probably because they changed a shitload because they couldn't get it right the first time. They had four fucking years and $2,000,000 in Kickstarter funding.
Fun Fact:

I know

I still wouldn't recommend it to anyone tho

Even the reviews are varying between Early Access, Pre-Release, and Official releases.

Meh, might as well just stick with Terraria, it also had an update the other day and it's at least a complete game.

Starbound is shit ever since they fucking ruined my lone explorer vibe with that shit unremovable pet and that shittier 'adventurer' hub shitbag quest to proceed garbage
I hope you get fucking cancer, OP, for reminding me of that.

Sad thing is, I actually liked the game before that update. They fucked it up for me. It was already barely hanging on by a thread, and now it is completely dead.

Damn shame, if only one of us had the autism to try and update this shit. Sadly I can't see that happening.

w8ing for torrent

Tried it, it's the same shit as before just in a slightly different order. Endless grind for middling rewards.

Also silky smooth 30 FPS, fucking lel.


This is all you need to know about the developers. Buying games from those faggots or even playing them, is ridiculous degeneracy.

Even if starbound did resemble a good or even finished game in its current state, it is literally years too late. I paid 15 dollars for a close to finished product and only now am I receiving something that even resembles what I was promised? Fuck that.





Nice try Omni.

hey, that's my album.
The pre-release drama ended up being more fun than the game itself.

Just play empyrion

Most of the discussion for this game has been shittalking it, there's nothing good to come out of it other than moping about how great Aryan Race mod was and then being sad that we'll never be able to play it again, or go over how much of kikes Cucklefish is.

Or just continue this stupid fucking argument about talking about shit games on Holla Forums


The hype was real user, and all that porn is gone like tears in rain.

There is a lot to do, go find derrick, faggot.

Freedom of speech pertains to the relationship between citizen and government, not idiot with bad taste to the rest of Holla Forums.

I feel like every Terraria update added massive amounts of content and made everything more convenient.

Starbound added procedurally generated fetch quests and made everything more tedious.

Slowing down the game through tedium isn't adding content, Chucklefucks.

It's all the can do. Switch around a few mechanics, add more pixelshit.

Also I'm getting lovely 21 FPS in bigger settlements. Good job.

poor fags BTFO

I don't understand, what was allegedly promised?

Yea because an Indie Pixelart shitpile should only be playable on high end systems.

I stand by my previous statement, poor fags BTFO.

M8 your gpu shouldn't be chugging when the effective game resolution is something out of a c64

your computer is likely a piece of shit.


Torrent? Mega? Anything?
I aint buying this piece of shit, but I'm interested enough to pirate it.

This is cancer.

You are just going to make these fucking threads every other week, huh? Fucking kill your self in a cleansing fire.


PB has the latest SB up now.

Is that fucking Sam Hyde?

Ah, after a healthy development cycle, it looks like Starbound is due to be released in 2013 2014 2015 2016, after their impressive showing in 2012!

Well I tried it last night with a friend of mine anons, and we were actually pretty happy to see that starbrowned has at least somewhat redeemed itself thus far since we last played it (which was about a year ago). We've made it as far as doing the entry level tech quests and attempting the first boss. Still need better gear for each of us. Anyway, loot is better now that enemies in a dungeon don't drop new stuff and clog your inventory, and completing a dungeon rewards you with a new weapon scaled to the planet (I think). Combat itself is more enjoyable, still not great but definitely improved with alt fires on 2h weapons. The new cooking and survival mode is neat if you want to play the game harvest moon style and just be comfy. I've yet to explore the game further, but hopefully they've done something about its late game depth to keep it from being repetitive. I want to believe, but I'm prepared for the worst.

It's CPU intensive, that's the problem.

Yea because Chucklefuck are bad at coding you dumbfuck.


Friendly reminder that this is exactly how this game even started in the first place. The dev team and their friends posted about it on /vg/ pretending to be interested anons actually looking forward to an upcoming game. Eventually real people came along and latched on, posting about it all on their own so the devs didn't have to keep making the threads over and over to push their game. This is why /vg/ sucks, this is why general threads as a concept suck, this is why Chucklefish sucks, because they had to shill their own game, this is why 4chan sucks, because they knowingly let it go on.

You got a link to all that porn user?

Thank you, officer :)


Originally it was all on the board that Starbound got but before the "preserve everything" design boards would be autowiped after a period of inactivity and nobody saved all of it. Alot like the wraith porn.

Man, I remember all the drama about the beta release and all that, and getting Blue to forward our questions to Tiy, who never answered even one of them (Omni tried instead)… And then the image that was made that I never saved of me and a few of the other autist's forum avatars depicted as soldiers in a fox hole.

>typing in "/admin" automatically gives you godmode and infinite health/energy.
>you can use it in any singleplayer game

I don't even feel like a bitch for using it because the game is just so bad.

but you are a bitch.

Why the fuck are you playing a game you don't like, that is like dating an ugly girl. Get a fucking life.

But user,
I only said the game was bad. I didn't say I didn't like it.

oh wow someone screencapped it.

Yeah but the faggot behind Terraria has been taking forever to make that Terraria 2 . You know that Terraria, where the world wraps in on itself, where the world exists in a series of parallaxed layers that are their own macro biomes with micro biomes dotted across them, with Paul Robertson as the lead artist, with whoever the fuck is behind Sonic Mania's Soundtrack as the lead sound goy.

Outside of Starbound not actually releasing updates, what are some of the things that have happened to it? Haven't been paying attention to it for quite some time.

A PR disaster on the level of Dina happened a few years ago. Most people have written off the game since then.


You mean Starbound's successful kikestarter?


Made going into the planet mandatory que a half hour wasted cutting trees and digging down with your shitty tool gun at level 1 and starter pick, removed the entire path of progression and replaced it with some story quest shit that is homogenized, a hub where everything is, and all the gameplay is still ultimately the same including glaring bugs and lag issues that remained exactly the same.

Well if you mean jewing everyone out of their shekels sure a resounding success.

Every kikestarter that earns you money is a successful one, silly goy!

All I got out of that was a CM who is a cunt, failed promises, and goons.

Now how about a real history about what happened?

This isn't a public forum, you faggot. IIRC it's not even hosted in America.

In any case, Mark likes to delete posts.

That's all I got, go look on Google to see if someone documented it all.

what mods should i check out?

I just don't get it.

im gonna go out on a limb and say anyone that wants to squeeze any enjoyment out of this rollercoaster already paid for it years and years ago


So is it still shit or is it almost decent now?


Didn't they contribute to Starjew valley too or something?

Stop bumping the thread and asking retarded questions you cockmongler.

They only published it, which is still unfortunate since it's actually a pretty good game and the dev deserves better than them.

mods will fix it

Okay, fine whatever. I still wanted to hear how's the game like now.

What's with the hatred for Chucklefish? Can someone fill me in with the drama?

They are a mismanaged team of artists and like one mediocre programmer who openly show contempt for their customers and delayed their game for years because they don't know what the fuck they're doing.

Pretty much, yeah.

That and they've shed pretty much any major talent they had between the move to London (which was both unnecessary, cripplingly expensive and forced much of the original crew to leave) and heavy staff turnover.

Basically Tiy is apparently a mini John Romero.


Did they bring back racial perks yet?

No, that would be akin to racism ;^]

So before I start, does the race/species/whatever matter in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER?

it used to be armor had racial bonuses but my last visit to the wiki I couldn't find any such mentions

is it even slightly worth it to try to get mods right now


Aside from your racial space ship, racial armor sets and some NPC dialogue, it shouldn't impact your game too much.

When will the mods actually do something good for once and ban these obvious shill threads? These have been popping up for the past few weeks, always with either "why don't we talk about this game anymore" or "oh wow this game is actually fun you gotta try it"

There is mod, which add some racial abilities (including mod races).
But it might be bound to "Fracking Universe" mod… And it is a big mod.

And with that said:

>muh free speech
But seriously, I'm going to start documenting these threads starting with this one, and every one I see from now on, because the OP of these fucking threads does always have the same exact 2 OPs to post but with slightly different wording. The general consensus here is that the game is so terrible that it really isn't worth discussing at this point, especially considering that it was a giant kikestarter that only funded a feature creep game. Where the people that funded it never really got what they wanted.
And then when you point it out, they'll claim you're extremely paranoid or use some other extremely outlandish excuse to try and cover their very obvious tracks.

Did you know there's a difference between the philosophical idea of free speech and the freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment? And that the philosophical idea is what people are talking about when they say "free speech" and not the Amendment?

Also the devs only ever played the game with devmode (aka cheatcodes) on. Probably the reason why the early game is so damn tedious.

At this point I'm just waiting for the porn mods.

I mean goddamn it can't be that hard.

TBH, I was OP of a Starbound thread a few weeks ago and until that time I had never seen a thread on Holla Forums. You guys are so fucking goth-emo-pesimists that you fail to realize that in fact new people do discover things, 1 by 1 and don't read every thread on Holla Forums.

Enjoy being an autistic fuck-face. Seriously I can understand you not liking the game, but I can't understand "I'm gonna save Holla Forums from SB threads because it's the keks". You need to step away from the computer, broh.

Confirmed newfag, lurk more. Also I corrected your spelling for you.
Claiming that saving a thread is autistic is, admittedly, a new one. Either way, it's still outlandish as all holy fucking considering that saving a thread takes a whole 30 seconds if you have a shitty computer.
Come on, at least fucking try to work for your shekels. You didn't even get my reason for saving the thread right, you just pulled your own reason out of your ass.

Not without Mods.

By the way you better be playing online to a server, all the good Mods are endgame multiplayer Mods like better mechs.


The games much better to play, its not boring, its actually a bit fun if a bit really grindy early on. The boss fights are poorly balanced as they require luck, that you're just "lucky" you got a ranged combat weapon that wasn't totally shit tier. I like the puzzle of having to find bits in order to access new planets, this was something that Terraria and Minecraft got wrong as basically you just rushed to hell to get all the phat-ores. In this game most of the phat ores can be obtained on the surface.

I just wish it was possible to land on a planet that wasn't crawling with hostiles for a change. Sometimes you just want a nice chill out planet that has low grav so you don't take any fall damage.

Yeah overall the games fun, I'd rate it as good as Terraria and Minecraft. That said though you'd best pirate it because I can assure you that a discounted version (ie. 50% off) is a mere few months off.

Also the multiplayer public community are faggots. Most are playing with Mods disabled. So you have to sit there and watch every GOD DAMN FUCKING cutscene. There is a skip cutscene mod on the workshop. First thing you should install IMO. The fact that the devs wouldn't let you skip is bullshit.

I'm looking forward to tweeds impressions of 1.0 but overall I felt it was very positive and they actually delivered on a lot of what they promised… which is shocking.

I knew the Loverslab people were spergy as fuck from Skyrim but I hadn't realized until now that they seem obsessed with inserting their fetishes into games.

I think whenever a niche audience wants to mod their fetishes into something they think first of skyrim, so they just bring other games onto it. It feels like it's been growing with kinky world and shit.

to be fair they're based as fuck for the Sims one. Taking a game rooted in Pleasant vile and turning it into a drug infested hooker infested town of degeneracy and corruption. Add the ability to murder people and it basically becomes reality. I feel like everyone wanted a sims game that was as depraved and as fucked up as the real world because its something that the casuals have no idea is even possible with that game.. and so this whole time are playing the game as per usual like total fucking morons.

That said though. Adult Mods are usually shit tier. Kinky World is an exception if only it had been made for a game without such a shit engine.

your just an anti-shill, butthurt beyond belief for waiting for too long for something you had high expectations for now you are self-condemned yourself into believing that that this is beyond redemption and are incapable of seeing that it might be improving, your deepest desire it to vent your rage in every thread in Holla Forums about every game you hate. it makes you feel better. your just as bad as any shill.


Man, the time it takes inbetween few updates must mean that the code of Starbound must really suck.

Terraria on the otherhand shows its' age already, but it somewhat surprises me that they are still willing to keep updating this game.

OT: Starbound and other clones will always be called 'Terraria, except *', until it surpasses Terraria in core features at the very least.

people should just try to keep perspective.
a 15-20$ game isn't worth so much hate.

A scam isn't worth so much hate. etc.

But it's worth 15-20$ w/o question, ain't it?
…how much?

15-20$ is absolutely nothing, it's like buying 3 x 5$ scratch lotto tickets and hoping to win something. That is by the way the essence of kick starters.

Come on, at least try harder than just deflecting from the idea that shills are around. You even went so fucking far as to imply that not being a shill is somehow worse than being one. The only mad person here is you, especially when someone even implies that they don't like the game. I haven't even said 'I don't like the game' and you're still in full spergout mode despite that.

Have some fucking self-awareness man, Terraria is half that, goes on sale frequently and has better game mechanics. Of course everybody is going to think you're a kike if you say 'it's only $20, I don't get the hate for that price.'

Holding 1 game that is literally the rock-star of said genre and saying this game isn't as good as that isn't a really to show sad faces in every SB thread, some of you actually save photos and copy-pasta for SB threads just to rage, once more about it. Your like the Fallout rager-haters, same shit different day. In the next SB thread, no doubt started by another, another OP, you will claim it is the same guy and post the same pics and same shit as is in this one.

Reading the replies to this is making me sad.
One thing to make the game interesting enough to maybe play over Terraria and they fuck it up
God fucking damnit I regret buying into Starbound more than I regret sinking money into Starforge, and that isn't even remotely playable.


This game isn't worth $15, Tiy. Like maybe $5 at best.

Hell, for $5 I could probably buy Terraria again and that sounds like a better deal. For a "finished" product there's so much shit in Starbound that's missing. And I'm not even talking large, sweeping concepts that need work. They do, don't get me wrong, but when you rock up to a village of assholes and they're all pressed up against a gate and walking into into it because nobody thought to have the AI be able to open the fucking door then it points to some severe oversights and sloppy execution. And if they can't pull off the basic shit why would anybody presume they could pull off the complex stuff?

In utter fairness, Terraria wasn't perfect in it's early days. That being said, 3 years after original playable release, they polished it up beautifully, whereas Starbound just seems to have stagnated.

What genre would that be exactly. Terraria does pretty much everything Starbound does but better anyway.

TL;DR Starbound forums had a hidden section for Goons (which included the devs) where they (again, including devs) would shit on the people who were concerned about issues with the game. However someone leaked the info causing much drama.

Except Starbound doesn't actually justify costing 3 or 4 times more than that "rock-star" game just because it's a bit prettier and set in space.
There's a phase in terraria where you keep digging new minerals so you can make tools to dig new minerals. Starbound is basically that the whole game and there's a very good reason Terraria drops that shit very fast, prefering to tie ores with Boss Fights instead.

Besides, there's Magicite and tons of other similar games as well that are cheaper and better than Starbound. Even Unturned, literally Minecraft with zombies and guns, seems like a more well designed game and if it's at the same price, I'd recomend that one faster than Starbound.

See, this is the thing you goons don't get and never will get because you just don't care.
You actually think there's nothing outside of your protective bubble, that there's no other forum to talk on, that there's no other game to play. And even if there was, who cares? Your shit is inherently superior because it was made by you for you, of course nobody would pick an alternative, right?
I'd like to believe one day you fags would finnaly understand the concept of competition, of doing the best job you possibly can, not just the minimum required and be happy with it. I'd like to believe one day you'd understand people don't actually have to put up with your shit, there are alternatives for literally anything you've ever done and many of them even better.
But you won't, you never will and it's all because you don't care. Your shit is perfect and anyone else is just a hater, there's no way anyone could dislike what you like or like what you dislike.
Don't complain about "haters" when you just hate competition.

It's a bit more serious than that. Many dev decisions were made against the community, like the "titty horse AI". Nobody liked that shit and it still made it's way into the game, with everyone asking "why?". When that forum became public knowledge, it was pretty clear who was actually being listended to by the Devs.

Imagine you were stupid enough to buy the EA or fund their kickstarter or whatever. You even get special priviledge to a section on the forum reserved for backers to discuss the game. You keep talking with everyone about what you'd like to see and comment on recent changes. But nothing anyone else is saying gets an answer and it's like you're all being ignored…
Now imagine finding out it was all just a token gesture. That you never really gave any input, that they never listened or cared about your opinion despite your support for the game. Imagine finding out that who decides on how the game is made is a bunch of elitist pricks while everyone that actually supported the game with their cash is just a usefull idiot.

Now you know how it feels to be a SB backer. Or an ex-goon, I guess.

i found it fun (got it free from a friend ages ago and have sunk over 90 hours into it) but by no means do i feel like i should recommend it.

if you're gonna try it, pirate it first. you won't lose any multiplayer capability bar steam joining but even then, you have IP connection.

That's interesting. Skipping cinematics sounds like something easy to add in vanilla, and, well, I got the game for birthday from a friend few years ago so I'm just glad his gift finally turned out fine, heh.

That's because Red had actual coding experience, he knew exactly what to do. Before Terraria he made Super Mario X which not only is the best Mario PC clone ever made but was also practically everything that Mario Maker was meant to be only much more flexible, with overworlds and shit.
Sadly Nintendo C&D'd the fuck of it, that's when he made Terraria.
He still owes us Super X

Is… is there anywhere I could get this Super Mario X from?
It's still there but without the source code.

As much as Holla Forums loves to hate on this game, yeah this is actually a good fucking update.

Chucklefuck did something good for once.

Surprisingly Ninty were cool with the game existing. The problem was the original domain (note the lack of an x) was actually appearing on top of searches instead of their own domains.

It's as good as a 50% discount after doubling the prices.
Version 1.0 was supposed to have been released ages ago, you don't get brownie points for releasing it now. Especially with all the missing content that they promised. If they took this long to release it, at least that content should have been implemented, but you get neither that nor a proper release schedule.

It's years behind schedule and still missing promised features. It's like praising someone for just pissing their pants instead of shitting in them.
Don't get me wrong, it's a major step in the right direction but this game might as well still be in early access.
I'm getting the feeling a lot of devs are trying to escape the stigma of the Early Access moniker despite their games still being far from finished, so they try pass them off as proper releases. See also: Necropolis.

I just got done finishing Starbound with a friend to remind ourselves of our wasted money. Ask me anything.

You finished it with a group of friends. You paid 20$, you have played it before.

Yet, you consider your money "wasted". I bet your fucking bank account is empty too. It must suck that you can't afford beer.

Except it's not even a "big step".

It's the same shit we've seen every recent update but with a tiny bit more polish. Exploration still sucks, it's grindy as fuck and it runs like ass.

Gas thy self

Since I got this game for free years ago and never played it since, I went into it with an open mind and decided to play it with a friend to clearly see its pros and cons. Let me list them here for all anons.
I'm sure I can name more for both, but so far this is all I have. My rating is play Terraria instead.

Rereading this I see some points contradict each other, but bear with me. I mean it in a way that the game tries to encourage things, but with the way the game itself works, those encouraged things are neglected and ultimately irrelevant, if you understand.

Good review over all, I would add

-waifus- MCs are much more highly detailed

I've played Terraria A LOT, Starbound is good in part because it's different.

What is this missing content you speak of?

Just a few points you got wrong:
That planet only has the basic ores. Sooner or later, you're gonna need the other one's
Techincally true, but not really. You can upgrade them and I heavily sugest you do because the initial Dash sucks horse cocks.

I have yet to try building a colony.
Do the colonists work/have jobs/ do things? Or do they just sit around being walking furniture?

What about the pets? Can you train/improve them, do they teleport with you? Is there any reason to use that damn food bowl?
What happens when they die?

Last version I played, the pets were good only for making a zoo, and that was it.

Personally, I rather despise the crew and hub area. Totally ruined my "loan explorer" vibe I had going. Same for upgradable ship. I want my small ship, thanks.

The worst possible thing is something that is neither good nor bad. And that is exactly what the music is. Bland, everencompassing orchestral bullshit at all times with as much variation and excitement as Molly's "which 'dev' am I going to fuck today" calendar

To elaborate on this, when I first played ages ago I thought the game was actually pretty good. It didn't have a lot to do, yes, but it wasn't the selling point as it was to me.
The thing I liked about this was that it was, at that time, basically Terraria in Space with your own character whatever you like ready for whatever backstory personality or whatever you want.
I liked it mostly for the roleplay shit. Always liked that sort of thing. It's the only reason I ever played Skyrim, for instance.

Where Terraria didn't have any of that, instead being a "build a base and mess around with the stuff we've given you" game, Starbound let me be and do what I wanted.
Then they fucking updated it. And every single goddamn update they added from then on made the game worse and worse, as they murdered the single fucking thing going for the shitty game.

But user, don't you like the deep and richly engaging player-driven plot Chucklefish has so graciously provided you with? Who are you to be so entitled as to want to """roleplay""" in this trainwreck experience?

I just wanted to be the qt spacebird, exploring the galaxy, meeting new alien races, and seeking the secret of flight.
Now where am I going to get my qt spacebird what isn't some furshit literally-just-human-with-feathers, but actually has proper culture and jazz what diferenciates them somewhat.
I loved the egypt lot they had going. The little lore I saw back in the day was rather neat. Religion based around flight was rightly awesome. Strange high-tech fancy shit inside pyramids was strange, and added mystery and jazz. It was tight.
What happend to shit?

I recall specifically mechs. They showed a few screenshots long ago with mechs that you could ride around. Supposely, they'd have tools to help mining or weapons to fight and different races would have different mechs.

Turns out they were just drawn with Photoshop, they weren't even partially implemented in the game and never were more than just an idea. Didn't prevent them from advertizing that feature though, and the funny thing is, I hear modders actually added mechs to the game.

I really like the music, that being said, I am not a contrarian faggot who feels the need to prove him self by saying things are bad.

There was a basic mech for a while, but there is a more complete mod.

They did, it's on the modding section of Chucklefuck's site. It's recommended, in fact a lot of their promised features have been modded in and done better. Sade mech Mod has a variety of flavors.

Having to say that makes you sound like a massive dicksucking asshole, though.

Have you ever even listened to the Terraria music?
In comparison, Starbound's is absolute shit, even though it has three times as many of it.

You know saying that shit just makes people think you are just shilling for the game, right? That you don't actually like it, you're paid to like it.
And since the majority here thinks the game is shit, you're the one that looks "contrarian" saying it's actually good.

The game ain't even that bad, it's certainly a thing, but unless your post is bait, it's not really doing much for you or the game except making both look like faggots.

Why don't they just outsource that shit? Pay a commission to every modder, add them to the Credits and put their work into the game. It's not like there's more shame in doing that than just releasing the space turd they did…

They steal the Mods, there was a whole debacle about that along with their secret forum section reveal amongst other things. It's why they're disliked.

_ __ __ __ Rafflesia


Have they fixed their horrible asset filesizes yet? It's like playing a game made of ugly bitmap graphics.

I hope you're proud of yourselves

literally lurk moar

People enjoy free speech so long as it benefits them to act like pissants in a place where other people have to accept it.

The moment people like you can't act like complete retards under protection you'll whine despite the rest of us being better off for it. You don't care about freedom of speech at all, you care about using it while you can to drive us off the rails.

You think that'll apply here, and the moment any of us step out anywhere else it stops applying to us for the simple lack of belief other people have in the idea of free speech. If we believe in it here, it'll be abused by people who don't believe in it and will always end abused.

Don't think for a second you're fooling anyone here.

Is it just me, or does the new inventory/hotkey system suck more dick?

It's ever so slightly worse somehow.



But it is okay to talk about it, what the fuck do you mean? Nothing good is gonna be said, but you can still talk about it.
With the exception of the obvious shill there, nobody is doing that.

You don't belong on imageboards.
If writing the URL for piratebay\kat and typing "Starbound" is too much work for you, you're a faggot, plain and simple.
Modern day piracy is so easy even normalfaggots can do it, you have no excuse.

Man, find a single post on this thread saying "You should buy it goy!"

Even people who played it and say it's "kinda-sorta-good-maybe-not" are saying you should pirate it at most.

Just eat a bucket of shit, faggot.

Kickass is dead my friend

Fucking Hell.

There. 5 diferent sites (don't click the first one dumbass, it's an add) and plenty of trackers too.
It's like you faggots want to YARR HARR but can't even search for shit on your own.


… that's Chucklefish? It's in a playpen like the Chucklefish office, but that's Chucklefish?

Wait, there was a source code release?

what makes you say that? theres a brand new honeypot up

Same here, except with space piracy and lodemone instead.

Chucklefuck ruined its own lore. Now it has all been baby-proofed.

I was hoping to have some fucking interesting burdlore, like having to escape being sacrificed or something.

Not hurr durr everyone's just human lol humans are best oh no the human planet.

I mean fucking christ, not even the intro plot makes any god damn sense. Earf is well off… but somehow they still need the Terran Protectorate. Practically everyone you meet who is in this isn't human - they are all aliens for some god damn reason. Logically it would be one or two token aliens but no.



That survived TENTACLES.

Jayzus fuck the Terran Protectorate are incredibly shitty at their job.

And they don't even give the candidates much in the way of casual uniforms.

I mean, fuck.

At the moment I think it's a little more tolerable for my burd to have jacked an avian ship with equipment and everything else following by coincidence, because fuck that noise.


there is no good poptop porn

Also I swear Esthar Bright is just that fat bitch Mollygos.

theyre the terran protectorate, not the everyone else protectorate

The Emperor would be highly displeased.

Should have called it "The U.S. Army" and it would have been more correct.

I am playing this game right now I am up to the quest where you need to inspect something for a clue for an artefact.

The game is pretty good so far I have a flamethrower and full soldier armour. Will I get much more neat weapons in the game how do I make my ship bigger? Can I have a farm inside my ship or crafting?


One thing to add:

thank god im not the only one who wants it

A person governed solely by their emotions projecting their own insecurities onto others ?

Quelle susrprise

He's right though. And if people bothered to stop investing time on things they hate and focused on things they liked, they'd realize that aswell.
Plenty of good vidya nowadays. And plenty of bad one too.

I grew up with Genesis and PSone and saw my share of shitty vidya and good vidya too.
All you had to do was write off those 30$ you spent on bad games as a lesson, and buying better games latter one. I can say it paid off. I still pirate plenty of games, but I can safely say that every single purchase I made recently have been good bets.
And I take time to talk to other anons who played them about the things I liked (and sometimes the things I didn't like).

What I don't like is to talk to people who didn't play a game, or don't like it one bit but feel like their opinion is somehow more valuable and "correct" than everybody else.

Even when a friend likes shitty games. The guy's having fun, and that's all games are suposed to provide: fun. If all you get from you games is hate, sadness and frustration, you might be playing the wrong kind of games user.

tl,dr: Git Gud at vidya


And before you go all "NO, ALL NEW VIDYA IS SHIT, ONLY SNES GAMES WERE GOOD" here's a thread for you:
Granted, I don't think you'll like every sugestion there, but there's gotta be at least one or two titles you like.

If you don't… pick up gardening user. You're in the wrong hobby. Or you're in it for the wrong reasons.

Throwing blanket terms just to justify your own shit taste and make your fee-fees not hurt is one thing but trying to revise reality itself and actually judge everyone else by your subjective standards and drag them down to your level is another ; fuck you and fuck the horse you rode in

Also lurk some fucking moar and learn how the place functions p.ex. like how to cross-post between threads before climbing on your soap-box to preach to the fucking choir newfag


See? Works as well.
That, and the fact that you used "fee-fees" either outs you out as a goon, or just really fucking new too.

And you'd do well to re-read that image. Or my previous post. Neither "drag down" people nowhere. I share that user's feelings when it comes to NEETs. They're pathetic, and would be a-okay in my book if they stayed in their corner same way I stay on mine.
Problem is, while I enjoy things on my corner, they don't enjoy things on theirs, a by-product of the "hating everything" syndrome.

Opening threads to critize games is all well and good. In fact, it's the very fucking sole-reason to go to a chan. You don't get the kind of brutal honesty you get here on Neofag.
But opening threads to go "OOGAA BOOGA, GAME SHIT" does only one thing: fill the thread with shit.

Think about that for a fucking moment. The game is still shit. The dev is still raking in cash. Your post doesn't matter to the game.
It matters to the people you share this place with. It's like going to a public park and taking a shit on the picnic tables because their made of shitty wood and noone should use them by your standards.

Is Starbound shit? Yes.
Now let people discuss why it's shit, what changed in this update that tried to make it less shit and why it is NOT any less shit.
At least the anons that played it are posting actual discussions and argumens.

You on the other hand either didn't play the game or simply don't care to discuss it, which makes me ask: Why the fuck did you open the thread in the first place?

How many times has the US been successfully invaded?
Oh, right, none.

seems like it is only version .9 beta but the info said 1.0 and was released on the 22nd. idk.

I think my buyer's rationalization finally drilled my brain over 3 years. I like the release version. If back in 2013 they would show me game in this state, but w/o mods and buggier, I'd say that it's very good and Terraria needs to worry.
BUT, for 3 years I had a Placeholder: the Game, so all I can spare now is "Fucking finnaly, now it seems like a game". Too bad random ayy generator got cut, I miss blood spewing dick-monsters.

Well, I burnt out on it quick. Wonder if there'll be any good sex mods.

From what I've heard, there used to be some huge vore mod back in the day.

I was perfectly happy ages ago, before they updated it and made it a pile of trash exactly the same as Terraria but with way less content.

Oh really? Let's see:
And that's basically all. So I don't know how you were happy ages ago.

No it's because you have nothing anyone wants and not so coincidentaly that's why you keep invading others , because they always have have something you want

In fact the only reason why anyone would ever bother invading you , it would be to take over and then leave themselves alone from you eteranly meddling yankees

Thing I prefered was, as I mentioned in prior posts, unlike Terraria [which now, after release, is basically what the game is, only shittier], you could make your own character. There was more of an RPG type element to the game. You could be the lone space explorer if you wanted, the space pirate with dreams of settling down, the bitter soldier who longs to rebuild his home.
Now, you're stuck with a shit forced pet, a shit forced hubworld, a shit forced quest system of trivial bullshit, and a shit ugly ship in order to progress.

Europoors are some of the most pathetic and sad people I have ever seen. I feel bad for them.

Brain drain is a thing, pal. Germany had a crap ton of scientists pre-war there as well and they didn't even had to be invaded to lose them.

The only thing you guys have going for you is the massive amount of food you produce, especially cereals, wheat, corn and stuff like that. It gives you a solid base for food but also allows cattle breeding.
However, the rest of the world is just doing fine without it, no sense to invade you just so we could eat more burgers.

niggers and spics aren't a resource not since the abolition anyways , besides you can always visit the actual source of them if one is that desperate

You dropped the massive supply of natural resources again, faggot.

Economy even with the rubbish going on today is better than most of Europe.

I'm talking about shit like ores, oil, forests, pelts, and all that jazz.


Resources don't help if you don't exploit them properly. Missing the next link on the chain of production means they are useless, so why don't you just turn over your shit to China so they can actually make something with those "massive supply of natural resources"?

Or, I dunno. Take a look at japan. Fucking barren land in comparison, no mineral ores of note or much space for agriculture. Yet, technological center of the Universe and an actual booming economy.
It's almost like if you play to the strengths of your country instead of relying in foreign invasions, your economy actually picks up?

And by the way, you may think your economy is at the top of the mountain compared with Europe (and that's not even a country, lmao) but it's actually on a slope. Give it a few years, you'll be crashing down as well. You just don't yet feel the wind rushing through your hair as your fall speeds up.

I just checked and the mods I'm hoping to be ported soon have all not been updated for a while now. Maybe I can port them myself sometime.

I'm disappointed on the starting mission being the same for every race. There's a good reason for Avians and Apex to get the fuck out of where they are and a neat "Escape your ritual sacrifice" or "Escape the laboratory" starter mission is just as interesting if not more so than "Escape the tentacle monsters when you graduate space college". Hell, make tentacle monsters involved in each mission too if you really can't find a way to tie it all into that nicely.

Word of warning to faggots who bought/got gifted it on steam, friends joining you through the steam interface is enabled by default. It does the shitty minecraft thing where you're hosting a server to play singleplayer on.

Actually, Unturned is nowhere close to minecraft. It's literally DayZ but with blocky graphics. Multiplayer even follows the same ideas, like the inherently flawed "reptuation system".

So it's even shittier.

If you put specific types of items in their rooms, they can spawn as merchants. A kitchen counter basically guarantees a chef, and commerce + storage items (basically, get a table and put a couple crates on top) gets you a merchant. Guards shoot animals so you don't have to. The rest only exist to hand out quests until they feel like being crew members.

Also, they are quite fond of the "please save my crafting buddy" quest leading to a bunch of random assholes you can't evict without lava at least wandering around.

You can also use special biome and dungeon furnitures and the daily sets from the frog mart in the outpost to get speical colonists, some that are guards or mechants. Or maybe you can just collect them all who knows, collecting random shit is the entirety of the postgame for Starbound.

Vore mod shouldn't be too hard to deal with porting considering it was just furniture.

Birds with cocks, however, when I last looked into it used the tech slots of old and may or may not find its way back it's all homogenized now to "Pick a dash, pick a double jump, and pick a morph ball"

But how does any of this reduce the retarded grind? (It doesn't.)

Cute as always, eurofag.

That is fair. Certainly random wars in shitholes isn't helping American economy [besides the war economy, I guess].
Still, nice to know we could feasibly take on the entire world, and give them a decent go of it.

Unturned is pretty fun, considering it is free.

and yet it's not my country shoving their (((nose))) into everyone elses business

i bet you unironically think the war in middle east wasn't for oil and that the US involvement in Africa wasn't out of financial motivation for the explotation of the continent's gold , diamonds ,oil by US based mega-corporations; but because freedum 'n' shit and muh white guilt

Ah, damn it. I saw a video of some fags going around in a jeep, smoking weed and shooting at zombies, looting bases. It seemed a fun game.

Is that a system that marks players as PK so others know about it and shoot at him, or give you penalties if you kill other people and none if you kill flagged people?
Not like I plan on playing it online, just lan at best, but what's flawed about it?

In your dreams. America hardly has the manpower to face off against all other combined armies in the world, and I'm sure not even in nukes are you nº1.
Even then, America has one country, just one big landmass that any other army has to invade, while you'd have the entire world. Guerrila wars are already a nightmare, one that spans Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and South America is unwinnable.
And any oposition doesn't even need to target the entirety of America, just hit Washington, the Federal Reserve and New York.

Stop with this forced meme bullshit. You have " " for a good reason.

typical (((american)))

Isn't it, though?
Euros are some of the most opinionated faggots when it comes to American whatnot.

Which war in the Middle East? The Gulf War, by all means, was over oil. The following wars were less about oil, more about political posturing and not wanting to seem like they're losing.
Diamonds are fucking worthless. We've got diamonds all over the goddamn place, and we can make far superior versions whenever the fuck we want. Gold is worth something, but even that isn't what the money is in now a days. Big money is in pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and fuel. If you think involvement in Africa is anything more than politics and 'muh fee fees', I feel bad for you. Shit, if you don't believe that, look at Rhodesia. Why would the US ever kill off its one stable economy in Africa, who produced plenty of shit ready for buying without any libcucks whining about "MUH BLOOD DIAMONDS" if not for politics and 'muh racism'?

I'm assuming a defensive situation. Obviously, we don't have the troops for a land invasion, let alone actually sitting on the shit and keeping it.
Nobody has the manpower for that. Not even China.
Confirmed for retarded eurofag.
Washington is nothing but politics, and so is absolutely 100% grade A worthless for any military comeups. Killing the faggots there would only mean we can no longer negotiate a peace stance, which is all well and good. During a major war, money is pretty much frozen, so the Federal Reserve is meaningless. And of course, Jew York is just a shitheap with the only thing coming from there is lawyers, scammers, and gangbangers. You'd be doing us a helping hand by killing them. You might as well threaten San Fransisco

For just the main missions, the grind only got retarded A: When I didnt get any extra core fragments and had to go back down to upgrade my shit, and B: Whenever I've needed Durasteel for anything.

Aside from that its been fine, but that might be because I'm a mindless little shit who doesn't notice he could be having a FAR easier time if he actually got better weapons and armor. My entire hotbar is filled with guns and my best weapon is the two-handed sword from finishing the arena battles.

Unturned is only fun with friends. On Random servers it's the same as every other retarded open-world-mass-survival game: Spawn, die because it was next to some asshole's innawoods hoverfortress/some guy spawned next to you and punched you to death to make sure you don't punch him to death. If you survive that, every town is watched by a sniper who just sits there to kill anyone they see, because an equipped player is a dangerous player, and you have to go to town at least once to have the necessary tools to do anything.

Basically there's no reason not to kill everyone you see, which makes it just 24/7 deathmatch zombies as an incredibly mild stage hazard.

I only ever actually played single player. I found it relaxing.

I tried playing this shit since I saw it had hit 1.0; is it supposed to be this fucking dull?

I spent an hour running around. In that time I mnaged to collect a bunch of wood and dirt. I crafted four different shitty crafting tables and I STILL can't make a fucking door. The manipulator mines so fucking slowly that managing to go anywhere is an impossible task. I need to look for "core fragments", except that I have no idea where they are, what they look like or why I even want them.

I want to get a fucking gun, or at least a weapon that's better than this shitty sword. By the looks of things, maybe that'll be given to me another 45 hours in.

Fuck this shitty, slow-ass game. It's like early mining-phase Terraria at 1/4th speed.

You really can't blame us for that, though. From this side of the Atlantic, your country is the best soap opera ever and we like to talk and laugh about it. Your current elictions have you chosing between Hillary and Clinton, both horrible candidates, but from this side of the ocean? It's a fucking circus and we are all laughing at the clowns.

Doubt they have the same properties as natural ones, though…
One of the best electrical conductors is worthless? It's aplications in circuitry are amazing, suprised you fags don't give value to that…
They didn't? They left them to take care of themselves and niggers nigged out?

It's were the head is at. Pentagon and the Whitehouse, take them out and everything else is gonna have a hard time staying coordinated. I'm sure there are protocols in place for that kind of situation and more military bases from where to organize shit and hide the president, but forcing them to use those is already a victory
Confirmed for naive fool. Money swaps hands hundred times faster during war. Someone has to finance the ammo, the guns, the rations and the fuel and it's usually other countries in exchange for cash. Take the federal reserve and off it goes their ability to keep themselves supplied.
Furthermore, it's not even about the state, it's about the people that actually own the federal reserve. Take that from them and you'll find that the USA is suddendly very much alone economically, while a few Goldenbergs move to Europe or Russia.
It's a symbol. Taking it down crumbles moral and wrecks tourism, as that's the default "american city" most foreigners think about first.
What do you think the destruction of the Statue of Freedom would do for moral? Or some of it's most iconic locations being bombed?

All 3 of these locations aren't targeted to cripple the army, they would be targeted to cripple the country, the economy, their organization and backup. You don't need to crush an entire house, just break a few pillars or undermine it's foundations.

Hue, Euro-controlled media is so bad they don't even know about Trump. Priceless.
They do.

If you don't know your history, why the fuck are you talking?
They added to an already burning fire, refused to trade with them, and told their allies to do the same.
Rhodesia was left with a willing army, but no arms to use. They lost the war because they didn't have the supplies to fight it.

Washington is where the head is at, yes, but they don't do anything beneficial. Pentagon is the only worth while place, and that has massive boatloads of redundancies in case it ever gets so much as a stiff breeze in its direction what ensures its survival.
Shit took a plane with little more than a bump.
As for the rest, someone doesn't understand what a war economy is.
Assets get froze, money becomes meaningless, military siezes your shit if you don't produce what they want.
Fucking hell, Europe is stupid. I thought you guys had free education?

Read up on America during WWII. Learn what a war economy is. America's pretty damn good at it.

The only thing that I have to say is that there's a starter dungeon/mine with core fragments in it on every starter planet.

Also, it's A CORE fragment. What fucking core do you think it's from?

Otherwise, you are correct, it is an incredibly dull, super slow space Terraria

I can't tell if you're trying to say Trump has no chance or if you seriously think Hillary is not a Clinton. I'm only considering the latter because of your horrible spelling.

I'd be okay with having to build a base and a village to get anywhere but they somehow managed to make simple building, as in placing blocks, incredibly tedious. And you can't even build shit on interesting planets (partially because there are none) because you can't survive there until you have the gear.

Apologies, I meant Hillary and Trump. Dyslexia is annoying, I was thinking about her full name while typing that.


The survival gear isn't that bad. The worst one to get was the Heater upgrade I think, because when you hit the need for durasteel you're stuck on planets where the highest tier metal is…durasteel, and thus it's harder to find. And you need such excessive amounts for fucking every crafting station you have that it makes foraging for it in towns pointless (containers in towns have 4 of [highest tier] ore, or about 2 bars worth, as part of their random loot table).

Even when you get to higher planets it seems like you just don't find that much. Compared to cave delving a couple times and having oodles upon oodles of lower tier metal to play with (oddly enough, I actually ran into a copper shortage a couple times). The only problem I get with low tier metals after getting right up to the last mission is my colonists will beg me for iron ore for their shittty grafting projects, and I just have my big stack of iron bars Im not using. And I'm too high on the tier scale to get iron anymore from the planets I'm on.

The worst part is when you want to go somewhere like a toxic planet (ocean planet but literal shit islands and poison water), which basically requires you to either get exceeding lucky, or follow the main quest until you beat the apex mission, unlocking the trader that gives specific upgrades to your survival gear Upgrades that get wiped when you update your gear by the way, word of goddamn warning for further resistances. PROHIBITIVELY EXPENSIVE UPGRADES YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ONE OF AT A TIME. I'm also paranoid that replacing my current upgrade will delete it forever instead of popping it out to reuse later.

But really user, the game expects you to find a hole in a hill and start exploring the caves. If you find a dead end, either turn around or dig down until you hit another branch of cave section. It's also a good source of pixels, because going through the caves has you running into all of the cave monsters, so you don't fall behind on money.

To millions of Americans, bombing New York would be a favor. The city is a symbol for everything that's WRONG with the United States, from their government to their police force to their citizens to their decadence.

Plus, tourism is a mere 2.6%-8% of US GDP. I think we'd survive without it.

Oh, I know that. That was even part of Trump's campaign. How he could go in a random street on New York, shoot someone and still get the majority of vote, possibly even more votes that way.
Believe it or not, pretty much every other country in the world has it's own New York, where the cost of life is extremely high for no specific reason other than the priviledge of surrounding yourself with the biggest amount of assholes possible.

However, to most other countries, the first city they think when someone mentions America, it's New York. It's the poster child, it's your face. Everyone knows about many other cities, towns and states, some even more iconic than that shithole. But they are never the first thing people think about when mentioning USA.


Video Games are verboten on Holla Forums

They were a few versions back, but were locked out. There was an admin command you could use to give yourself the tech for it. Hoverbikes were the same at the time.

I've semi-enjoyed the game on and off for a while, every year or so I'll play it through. I like the setting and art far more than Terraria, but hate the progression. Usually I get bored of the normal gameplay and end up making comfy bases on weird planets. I might fire up a server when I'm home in a few weeks.

why hello there Schlomo? calling it forced meme?
or could it be Holla Forums? aka the good goys.

You know what? Don't stop using it.
Just like post-its on retard's heads, if you Holla Forumsdancers actually want to be kind enough to out yourself in every post, go right ahead.

Reading all these posts I had to actually stop myself and see if I was in /n/ or not.

You can avoid copper shortages by hitting asteroids. Copper for days there.


You need to go back.

As expected from someone who plays starbound

Hello Tyi

What about in terms of price? Does it cost the same Terraria did as well? :^)

People joke about Holla Forums just being an hivemind sometimes but you guys legit scare me with how hard you try to prove them right.

You know, it's not that you aren't wrong.
I mean, Holla Forums is right more times than I expected.
But the fact that they're right don't make them less of band of assholes.

Even when you're right, you can't be suprised when people don't wanna hangout or share a board with you because you're that much of a terrible conversation partner.

right about what? the jew things? thats just common knowledge, that has nothing to do with a discerning mind. black sheep are still sheep

All these complaints, you guise do know there are mods right?

- dont like having 9000 crafting stations, there is a mod that combines ALL into ONE
- slow miner, there is a mod that increase the speed x5 also try using pickaxes/drills/bombs
- lack of certain resources, uncrafter mod provides mats in return for found loot that you normally just sell easy peazy dura
- boring combat, use blood splatter and re-enabled special attacks mods
- lack of variety, try the multitudes of mods that add new biodome and npc varients

Hell.. With a little effort you can fix shit yourself, json is damn easy.

Fuck you faggots do nothing but complain about vidya, do you even enjoy games anymore?

Fuck off Todd, we ain't buying your shit.
If we have to mod the game until it's no longer a piece of shit, then why are you kikes charging 20$ for a product you willingly know to be flawed?

This is like going out for burgers but they only give you the bread for the full price, but it's perfectly okay because you can go to the grocery store next doors and buy the rest of the shit that's missing.

Fuck you, I can just install Oblivion if I want that kind of experience.

If you're a shill, you're pretty stupid.
Starbound actually have a lot more of content than Terraria have in terms of items because that's the only thing the team could shit.
What Starbound lacks is gameplay, fag, and in that sense is pretty mediocre.

Because dealing with one bunch of cancerous faggots who can't design games isn't bad enough?

I'm not going to fix your fucking game Chucklefuck, and I'm certainly not going to pay for that privilege. I could go play another game that is feature complete and fun. If I wanted to fuck around with code I'd make my own game and sell it.

You know what? Let me rephrase the metaphor.

If Starbound was a Burger:
You ate a neat burger at the mall last day, you're going there today for another dose when you see the ads for a new menu in the same joint.
You go in, sit at the table and order a menu with your burger and then you wait.
You do not know it, but what you ordered doesn't matter. There's a small room inside the kitchen were "premium clients" get to debate what's gonna be served next instead. If they want you to eat a shit burger, you better get into scat.
The burger takes 3 hours to be made when the waitress said 10 minutes at best.
The burger arrives and there's no fries, no drink and no ketchup. You ask why those things are missing and they tell you they didn't had time, the menu was just misleading.
You look at the burger and it's just the bread, nothing inside. You complain and they point to the nearby grocery store and tell you to buy all the meat, tomatoes and onion you want from there, so you can fully customize your burger like you want.

As if things weren't bad enough, you look outside the window to your friends, going to the regular joint. They have a new menu with extra side dishes for every loyal customer, at no extra expense to them. Literally the same burger and menu you like but with more free stuff on top of it, right next doors to you.
And you're holding an empty sandwich that costed you 4 times as much and demands you finish the job because a comitee has already decided you should go fuck yourself.

Enjoy your fucking StarBurgeround, it's 2goons$, dipshit.


I'd say, if you've already been scammed like me, or you can pirate it, it might be worth playing this way. It'll be actually worth money never ever, though. Never fucking ever.

The mod, at least, was made by somebody who kind of has an idea about what video games is.

But again, I can't stress enough - only play it if you tragically already own it or if you can pirate it, and even then make sure you at least mod the absolute shit out of it.
Do not spend money on this, not even if it's stolen money.

What if you're being paid to play it?

Then play the fuck out of it. Doesn't even matter if you mod it, because fun is no longer a requirement. Be miserable playing the vanilla piece of shit "experience" and just rake in the cash.

Welcome to Holla Forums: Anything But Video Games

Bethesdrones Chucklefish please go.

Frackin' Universe is one of those mods. You know, where they drop another million recipes and shit into the game with no concern for playability or balance or risk/reward and then get pissy when somebody points this out to them.

Consumers should not be responsible for fixing a product you turdbrain.

"Here, have this new mainboard! What do you mean it's bad? Just fix it yourself! We even provided a soldering iron!"

It's pretty autistic, yeah, but I'm not finding it that unplayable. It adds some really damn good armors and guns, and it expands planet hazards and types greatly, which I really like.
Now instead of just cold or radiation planets, you can have combinations - cold, heat, radiation, toxic atmosphere, no atmosphere, acid and others.
You start out having to very carefully choose what planets to go to, and then as you get backpacks and backpack upgrade modules you can start to build multiple immunities, so you can go to planets with double hazards and then triple hazards, and so on.
There are also grades of hazard, so "extreme radiation" requires a better rad shield than regular "high radiation".

It's the kind of obtuse complexity that I really enjoy. The power generator stuff could be fleshed out more, though. I'd like it if you had to generate power in order to power even the lights in your base, but as it stands it's only used to power some crafting stations and a big-ass "atmospheric stabilizer" or something that negates all atmospheric hazards within a big bubble, so you can build bases on rocks orbiting pulsars and shit without you or your colonists getting broiled.

tldr - it's autistic in a good way, and is at the very least better than the far too simple and bland vanilla game


M8, I reply to Eurofags, and even I can dodge that.

There is no such thing as a freedom which will not be abused. As such, abuse of freedom is not a valid reason to restrict that freedom.

It's also worth mentioning that freedom of speech is self-regulating - you're free to say whatever you want, but you're not protected from the consequences of your words.
On the internet, free speech has very few consequences, so people enjoy talking supreme levels of shit here - and judging by your post, you enjoy indulging in that freedom yourself.

True. It's also often more creative. I just wish there was a "Lite" version that removed the gene splicing shit and just adds more planet types.

I hate how unrealistic the star system creation is in Starbound. Either go full realism where habitable worlds are rare or go full fantasy and have more weird shit. Vanilla doesn't manage either.

Yeah, the gene splicing shit I couldn't give two fucks about. I use the bare minimum just to get mats needed for other things, and ignore the rest of that nonsense.

Been playing for a bit this morning. The progression changes feel good, but the story is lacking. Hunting spears are stupidly strong, I never realized how much so before today. I used them to clear the Erchius facility - got a grenade launcher halfway through that did half as much damage. Throwing a stone spear literally does twice as much damage as hitting something with a grenade.

Shit like that bugs me, but the rest has been ok. Mostly looking forward to getting a comfy base up and running. Can't decide if I want to do my normal mixed-tech arid base, go for a snow planet, or do an asteroid station.

There's the extreme view that freedom of speech is inherently harmfull to society and therefore shouldn't exist.
But there's also the other extreme view that it's inherently good and therefore it should always be allowed.

However, both positions are extremes and quite frankly, it's a bit tiresome that nobody seems to realize there are middle grounds and compromises that can be made.
Spam should technically be allowed, it's just someone speaking their mind, even if it's just white noise. But most people agree that's a form of speech that needs to be restricted.
The problem comes from where the middle point should be, what's allowed and what's not allowed, which is why this discussion never will and never should stop.

But please, don't just say that all speech should be protected because fundamentally, that follows exactly the same reasoning as all speech should be restricted.

And the followup to that is that it can't hold weight over anything or anyone.
If people can lie as often as they tell the truth, then all they say should be regarded as garbage information that's potentially false until proven otherwise.
You might say this is exactly how the internet should be regarded, but keep in mind that honest conversations or exchanges of information are deeply harmed because of this. People will spend more time verifying information (if it can even be verified to begin with) than actually talking, unless they "just believe".

Just as people, in person, electively self-censor in free-speech societies, due to tact or propriety or any number of reasons, so too do people on the internet. This self-regulation doesn't happen at the individual level on the internet, however, but at the community level.

There's the old "hive mind" meme, but it's more true than people like to admit. Holla Forums isn't one person, but it nevertheless regulates itself through consensus, just as one thought in an individual's mind may drown out lesser conflicting thoughts.

Shitposters, spammers and people who go against the grain are ridiculed, ignored, mocked and, with very few exceptions, ultimately silenced - all without a need for moderator intervention.

The only thing that self-regulation is powerless to control within internet communities is botspam.

And what happens if they don't go against the grain? If their opinions are correct, but their method of discourse is terrible?

For instance, of course Fallout 4 is a terrible game and barely worth of any conversation in this board, but nevertheless it should be allowed to be discussed, if nothing else at least about how and why it's so bad.
However, you can be sure every thread about it will be spammed by people that hate the game as much as anyone else but simply aren't interested in discussion. They'd much rather silence it instead.
In this case, they are actually following what the hivemind has agreed on, to hate Fallout 4 (and for good reasons), but they are still spammers and shitposters, that does not change just because it's about a shit game.

Essentially, as soon as you have a hatewagon going, you'll have a lot of people justifying the most terrible behaviours because they aren't "going against the grain", and if you disagree, you're defending what nobody else is, even if you don't.
The worst part is that this is essentially agreeing with with Bob Chipman of all people in that "there are no bad tactics, only bad targets".

I'd much have shitposting and spamming be bannable no matter the thread or the discussion going on, than just leaving it open and on the same grounds as logical arguments as long as the majority agrees you are being funny. Tyranny of the Majority, if you will, is basically the Achilles heel of free speech.

If you feel it's something that should be discussed, then you go to a site where the consensus agrees with you. It's pretty simple, really.

It's no different than walking into a house full of jews and getting upset when they don't like to listen to you extolling the virtues of the Fuhrer. The consensus creates the guidelines of acceptable speech, and while that speech is still technically free, the consequence of attempting to exercise it wrongly is everybody around you shutting you down.

That's how civilized society works.
That's why freedom of speech doesn't lead to chaos.

This only becomes a problem when a minority gains control over the consensus - such as a government body or an outside special interest group.

You're essentially describing everything wrong with the Tyranny of the Majority, letter by letter, intentionally or not.

It happens far too often that what most people agree to be acceptable in a group is not actually the best course of action or attitude to have. Most people will often chose something because it's the easier option or because everyone else also agrees, and this takes precedence over critically and individually thinking about your actual opinion\idea.

Take most indie games threads you see here. We could try and talk about the games themselves, discuss their shortcomings, if they are worth the price, what trends are they trying to settle or what games inspired them.
But instead, the great majority of posters will choose instead to shout "shill!" instead, repeat buzzwords about "early-acess" and anyone that shows the smallest amount of interest for discussion (not necessarily the game itself) is berated for gifting the thread more than a few words in his post.
And this isn't just a few shitposters that are mocked by everyone else, on the contrary. About 2/3 of UIDs in a thread will be the same sub-5 words post that doesn't contribute anything to the discussion and the people being mocked are the ones that want more than just shitposting.

And the worst is that that's the default behaviour expected of you when posting as well, by the majority of users.
Because a very large amount of people has more fun and less work shitposting about a videogame, they will berate you for putting any effort behind your posts. And you can be sure the moderation fully supports this aproach.

The funny thing is that freedom of speech becomes irrelevant in this case since speech simply isn't given any value by the majority.

fuck off. If you want an overly moderated community where all opinions have equal weight then go somewhere else. You clearly don't understand the nature of anonymous imageboards.

Are you one of those faggots who were butthurt about Xenoblade X threads being about censorship instead of the game?

It's like you didn't even read anything in the post you replied to.
That's precisely what I am against, not all opinions should be equal since not everyone has the same interest or ability to talk about the same topic.
And moderation actually has to exist since the very concept of anonymous discussion has been corrupted now that people actually have a benefit to shitpost: their own amusement.

Would you say that the opinion of someone about a particular videogame actually matters if he never played it, never saw a video about it? Or that it matters as much as someone that actually bought\pirated it?
Then if you have a majority of people that did not bought\pirate a videogame, what right do they have to shitpost a thread about that game? Why is their input allowed when it contributes barely anything at all to the thread?

Do you actually believe everyone actually posts honest information all the time? That they don't try to mis-represent or exagerate a situation so it looks more funny and comical than it really is?
Do you actually think it's okay to do this shit about any videogame at all, just because it's funny?

I don't even have the game and I didn't frequent those threads. But talk about censorship seems to be related to the game, no? Perfectly okay to discuss it there, as long as it's not just "It's censored, let's not talk about the game at all!" because that would be ironic