What would you like to see in an FPS game?

I'm developing an Arena FPS. I need to know what you guys like, so I can be inspired and put that shit in.

The level of complexity doesn't really matter. Just tell me what your dream FPS does.

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I'd like an FPS that isn't made by an attention-whoring avatarfag, please.

user, please. And I'm not attention-whoring, I'm trying to psych up to stay productive.

Fast paced and that I can look at my feet.

Won't feet get in the way if you're jumping over an enemy?

I don't want focus on mutiplayer. Give me good level design and a decent story.

an FPS that has good gun sfx

Why not multiplayer? Can you elaborate on that?

What constitutes "good" in your eyes?

Seeing your legs is important


There's hundreds of shitty multiplayer games covering any kind of genre. You can either make it multiplayer and have it blend with the hundred of other titles and then let it die when nobody plays it, or make it single player and give it a shot to be remembered.


The guns that don't sound like bb guns or paintballs being shot

I'm pretty sure your brain is wired to "ignore" the information about your hands and "filling in" the blanks behind your legs and arms so as to not cause distractions. The former is allowed, since we have general body awareness, but I doubt that legs in vidya could ever be anything but a hindrance. Especially in a fast paced Arena FPS.

Multiplayer is where the gameplay flourishes the most, though. Singleplayer is also a dying segment of vidya since everyone wants to be "connected" now.

Bad idea the way I see it, user.


Any thoughts on imaginary weapon sounds?

Not true. Single player gives you the possibility to control where the player goes, the spawns of the enemies and various other shit.

So you'd rather follow the masses than be original.

You're a fucking avatar fagging hack, you wouldn't be able to make a game even if Carmack came at your door and told you you were his long lost son

imaginary weapon sounds can be any kind of sound that you would associate with the weapon like lasers and junk. just try not to make the sound for the weapons too complex


If it's ballistic it has to sound meaty. If the gun doesn't sound meaty it can be cool as shit but it won't be too fun to fire.

It also makes it linear. Point definitely taken, though.

No, I'd rather put an original spin on the aspects that I can control while following the current meta, instead of pissing against the wind and wasting thousands of hours working on something that doesn't pay the bills.

It's a good thing you know precisely about my skillset and game design knowledge to make that call.

Virtually all examples of projectiles versus hitscan ended up horrifically broken in my experience playing vidya. Even Rust devs recently compromised, making weapons hitscan for the first 15 meters.

Can you tell me exactly why you like projectiles over hitscan?

I'd like an FPS game where I shoot enemies till they died


Childhood Destruction ~ Big Red Riding Hood and the Little Wolf ~ by turtle.fish.paint, Hirame


That's because I know you've got none

All of my "filler" images are Hirame.

His doujins are the shit.

Tell me how you got to that brilliant conclusion, professor.

Pick any multiplayer only FPS that isn't AAA or F2P shit currently, find even one that has more than 50 players currently playing, now consider that Lovely Planet an SP only FPS has 137 players currently playing it.
Nightfire PC has more fucking player than TOXIKK for fuck sake

Singleplayer works fine when you foster a very competitive environment within it and by that I mean add a leadearboard and visible timer during gameplay, possibly a replay system too and you're golden, best thing is currently you don't even have that much competition in that segment.

You have anime pictures saved on your pc and you use them

ok great can you go back to the retard enclosure now? thanks

I think it might have to do with the fact that multiplayer games are made mainly by AAA studios.

user pls

It's retard tier and is a dead giveaway you're a fag
I'm actually glad for anime pics, they help

You can see your legs in Gaylo, what engine are you using?

user if you hate anime so much why are you even here?

This isn't a board about anime

That's besides the point, you're not a AAA studio, every single small dev team / solo dev multiplayer arena FPS is dead or close to dead while many singleplayer FPS made by similarly sized dev teams are at the very least mildly successful, and even more to the point if you're good at map making you can reuse your maps between SP and MP with little to no modification in the genre you're aiming for.

Any independant dev will tell you the same, making your game multi only if you're not a decently big studio or exploiting an empty niche is a deathwish.

Gotta appreciate when someone wants to make good vidya. Once it's done post it here, so we can shit on your efforts and call you a faggot.

Something like Battlefield/Metro but with more oddball/improvised weapons

We have /agdq/ threads all the time devoted to amateur game development here on this board, but instead of posting there you decide to make a whole topic all about your game that doesn't even exist. How is that not attention whoring? Not to mention that this thread is just Idea Guy: The Thread until you actually come up with a working prototype that establishes that you know what the fuck you're doing.

Yeah, but Halo ain't an arena shooter tho.

I'm using Unity at the moment, considering switching to Unreal before I get too far into the development cycle.

Problem is - I couldn't find the reasons to switch. Oh well.

In case you thought otherwise - it doesn't matter what engine I'm using in this case - I can do with legs or no legs just by modifying the first person viewmodel.

user, you're fucked up - you talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded.

Go away.

But I am filling up a niche, though. Arena games are not at all played on Steam, and the ones coming out soon that are supposed be such - aren't. Case in point Quake.

Arena FPS are currently a vacant spot regarding modern releases, and whichever ones are currently being worked on are worked on by vaporware frauds.

Zombine3D, is that you?

The rest of what you mentioned is already on the roadmap, by the way. Except for the announcer. I haven't made my mind up on that, yet.

It's not about my game, it's about what people want to see in a game. Learn to read, faggot.

I didn't ask people what they want to see in MY game, I asked them general questions about FPS.

Kill yourself.

and you're still avatarfagging

Give attention to loading, reloading, and cleaning. Too many games spend bullets like a fat kid eats halloween candy. Taking pride in your weapons and respecting every level of the process makes a kill that much sweeter.

I would like a cast of characters that have different stats, think timesplitters, some enemies had a weakness to shock or fire, some had little life but where fast.

Lots of different weapons, not just "shotgun, assault rifle, rocket launchers" try weird concepts, oil guns that cause surfaces to be slippery, and maybe obscure the players screen, but also can be caught on fire for extra damage

I would also like bots. I miss playing with 2-4 human players in a game with 10+ bots of various AI difficulty.

Don't be afraid to stylize it, sexy ladies, buff dudes, dragon folk, elves, cyborgs, Jews, all fighting in a satellite falling to earth or an ancient castle with wailing banshees.

Environment hazards, secret pass ways, and player interaction, I want to be able to shoot out lights, set traps, active hazards.

And since you wanted dream game material, geo mod style destruction like in red faction 1/2

A CTF Instagib mode with a UT shock-rifle primary fire and a grappling hook secondary fire for swinging around levels insta-gibbing dudes and capping flags.

I don't know of any zombine. Anyways, a good announcer really gives one this additional rush of adrenaline when you pull off something epic. There is a reason a lot of modded CS 1.6 servers used the announcer from UT, despite how poorly it was implemented and how badly it fit into CS, people still like it.

Also the idea of makeshift weapons is really groovy.

Unreal Tournament 2004..

Fuck CRAPCUNTS, all you need to do is go back to the true arena playstyles.

UT 2004 brought vehicles in, assault mode back, and had a lot of community/mod support.

I feel like UT3 kinda fucked up a little tbh, not a bad game – but it wasn't anywhere near as awesome as UT2004/2003 were.

Please don't make a game for these faggots at Holla Forums they never play videogames to begin with and only harass and attack developers without any fucking reason.

If you want to develop game don't do it for any of the people in here.


I suppose it does make sense to have it as a hype-enhancing type of thing. A little cliche, but hey, all art is glorified stealing anyhow.

Improvised weapons… What could I do to make them not wonky?

My general opinion of Holla Forums is that of a bunch of people that go fully autistic in pursuit of high standards.

All you have to do to enjoy their company is filter out the autism and take in the high standards.

I don't understand why more devs don't come here for inspiration and/or ideas, this place is a literal goldmine of inspiration.

sure bud

Also this, notice how they piss and moan about seeing your feet?
If you can tell me how that makes a game more fun in anyway then I might consider something other then people bitching about really dumb stuff.

Feel free to take ideas from people here, but do NOT try to make a game "for Holla Forums" this place has quickly turned into "bitch about game" or "game x is shit because I said so"

Build the game you would want to play. If you do that others will play it to. Might not make a million dollars, but you could at least be proud you made something worth your time and effort. Instead of being a EA/ubisoft style cash grab

I'm gonna get all I want from Serious Sam 4 later this year.

A thousand enemies on screen, great optimization, a great single player experience with optional coop and a great protagonist

All of the characters should be cute girls.


At least give it a shot mang, it's autism but whatever. Why are you bothering with an arena shooter anyway there's a tonne of good free ones already in existence that are still being worked on?

I personally would like to see more content from Perfect Dark and TS2 adapted to PC arena shooters.


Please tell me your thoughts on the ps4

Customization options including age/sex are on the roadmap. Moreover, I ran a thread over at /loli/ to see what the main focus of local lolicons is, and made a list of bullet points.

The challenge is to make normalfags not sperg out at the sight, and hitbox optimization/balancing.

It's not a simple arena shooter, it has quite a few mechanics that are way too long to list, mainly about player stats based on customization/etc.

I got a pretty good concept cut out, granted it will be hell to optimize though.

It's not hard to sweep everyone under the same label when you're asking questions that have pretty objective, all around "correct" answers.

PS4 is underpowered for its time, got no games and costs too much for what it provides. Also, keyboard+mouse will always be better than controllers, period.

Pretty much, but they need to add bots to fill the servers

So you're telling that you're gonna succeed where several bigger project already failed and all their supposed audience went back to the games they took inspiration from, you're aiming for a niche audience an audience that already has plenty of choices so unless you're 100% confident you can do better than old Quake / old UT I don't see you succeeding feel free to prove me wrong though I wouldn't mind at all.

But anyways here are a bunch of things I can think of.

A good movement mechanic, it must not feel "intended" and have a decent learning curve, bhopping / dashing are overdone by that point so think about something else first.

Bots, bonus point if the player can make them utterly fucking ridiculous to kill (without resorting to inflated stats obviously).

The ability to tweak everything in custom games from a menu, and I do mean everything (max health, damage, RoF, pickup sizes, persistent pickups vs re-spawning pickups, gravity, movement speed etc) and present those changes in a concise screen before you join a game, additionally a very complete option menu.

The game must scale very well performance wise, basically needs to be playable in good conditions on 2004 hardware even if I need to turn everything down but must be able to put a decent strain (and justify it) on recent systems if I turn everything up.

Yanfag plz

I'm guessing the height and width will be associated with the different ages/sex or will that be customizable as well?

Beats having an xbone/piece of shit in your living room.

OP did you ever play Archeage? It's a really awesome fusion of fighting game and arena play that the dev's couldn't manage anymore thanks to lack of finance etc..

You should check it out, it's pretty nifty :)

^ Archeblade, my bad.

More games like Warsow.

To be honest, I think maybe basing them a little on the real improvised weapons would work, but that really depends on what you are trying to get with your setting. Obviously improvised weapons will look off in an ultra-futuristic setting.

Otherwise, I think the best thing to do is to try to adapt elements from real jury rigged weapons - like this machine pistol used in the polish uprising against the germans in ww2.

Also, one more thing came to my mind. If you want to implement any abilities or status effects, please, for the love of god, don't make anything based around slowing people down or trapping them in one place. Those are not fun at all and promote lack of skill.

Just let it die man.

I'm not a FPS guy but I'm curious about a FPS built around items like the riot shield in CS.

Anyway, I want FPS with its own identity.

That would be a fucking nightmare when it comes to hitboxes and would really just lead to one age/sex/etc combination that'd be the meta.

That will be customizable. Height, weight, age, sex, will be all custom and will have their own effect on the character.

I got basic skeleton code for determining "mana" versus "strength" (both placeholder variables for later use) based on height, build, age and sex, all for basic balancing.

It sounds hamfisted, and it IS right now, but I'm just not at the point where this is a concern yet, so thats that.

I wouldn't even need to get into this whole shtick if hitboxes weren't such a huge fucking problem in an FPS game.

It looks good, but I'm not sure how much I can salvage it as inspiration, considering that it's a bit tasteless in design and not an FPS.

I hate status effects outside RPG. It's simply a clutter generator.

There's a deck of cards that's a pretty central element. The design was inspired by the original McGee's Alice, and the mechanics of its function are similar to the way Magicka's casting system operates, albeit with very significant differences.

So far, I want to make it the main means of doing things such as "enabling" bhopping with a spell (making it possible, but not easier by any stretch of imagination), "rocketjumping" using repulsion spell on the ground, and similar things.

I'm with I'm tired of seeing the same old designs in my games. Make the weapons goofy and dumb looking but still functional.
Whenever people ask what this means I always point them to things like the TF2 scattergun of The Boss's Patriort rifle.
I also really like it when there's less pew pews and more thought needed in taking shots. Lever-action weapons is always a fun choice when designing this way.

I have a feeling it will be a problem with customization meta in the future but I hope you can mitigate that later on

This is my dream FPS, make a multiplayer version


Aren't you using the same set of avatars as that guy on Holla Forums that is usually coercing underage boys to take nude pictures of themselves?

not spongy shit, few hit to kills, headshot is insta kill with any gun

lots of gore, dismemberment and gibs

guns loud as fuck

be original with the design, every goddamn arena FPS wants to look like UT or Quake, why not arenas on dense jungles and shit like that?

no cell shading neon looking tron shit graphics, keep it photorealidtic

dont bother with objective modes and huge ass maps, make it a killfest and maps big enough that the game can still look as good and detailed as possible

The current flow seems to be going towards adult man for CS-like gameplay and loli to have much more potent magic ability, which results in you being able to "rocketjump", "bhop", and do similar shit using magic.

Both should be relatively equal playstyles, and playtesting should help me balance it.

These semen demons are all from Hirame doujins, and they're pretty popular as reaction images, so they might be.

I don't browse Holla Forums much anymore, mainly because Omlet is a fucking faggot.

Detailed dismemberment, realistic death animations, satisfying guns are all on the roadmap

instaHS makes shotguns unbalanced

photorealism is cancer, but I'm confident in my art abilities enough to make it look good. Tasteful. Nothing too flashy, or retarded.

I'm not too fond of objective modes myself, but I am going to be adding the most important ones simply because people like them.

my personal gotyay arena shooter would be a faster s4 league with none of the cash grabby stuff

when you're at the playtesting phase use eurobeat as the bgm

if the pace goes well with eurobeat, it's good

Lots of airgame options
Jetpack, air dash, wallrunning, double jumps, airboosting, that sort of stuff.

And then a good singleplayer campaign and I'm all for it.

Or just Tribes Singleplayer. Fuck Vengeance

Now I know you're a retard

you just want to make some generic then

You stupid fucking nigger, what I said was that in my experience, hitscan is the best way to go. I also asked if the guy can explain why he prefers projectiles, so I can think about it.

unbalanced =/= fun

photorealism is the definition of generic.

the game is complete shit if you can't

my guess is that it goes from point-and-click adventure into a patrician's game where evasion matters a lot more

not to say both weapons can coexist but hitscan guns need severe gimping to make the game funner

nerfing guns for "balance" is the definiton of generic

kiddie shit graphics are more commom than photorealism nowadays

you are going to make a 100% generic shit game

what you need for good arena shooter:
-good gun sounds, none of that nerf gun shit
-good movement, don't do it like Q4 did it
-singleplayer (or even just bots)
-abiliy to listen to others, avatarfag

dude why are you so fucking retarded

go play Crysis

I'll probably end up going that route.

you mean hitscan?

I do, and I am right now. Doesn't mean I'm going to accept everything you say. When you make a point that I'm generally opposed to, I ask you to elaborate.

Bots are on the roadmap.

Movement is one of the highest priorities.

1. Take Quake
2. Do everything quake did and do it better.
2.5 Alternatively try doing Quake but with some variation. vid related.

Oh, me too!

What would you want to see in a mech/drone arena fps?
(I'm making one where you control drones, though these drones basically remote controlled mechs)

But my dream FPS isn't an arena shooter. ;_;
My dream FPS is a squad-based tactical shooter. It's all about movement and positioning. You can pin the enemy down with suppressive fire, and they can do the same to you. When you're suppressed, fear is simulated by narrowing your field of view (to simulate tunnel vision), making your aim much worse (to simulate your body shaking), and unable to sprint (to simulate having trouble breathing).
Smoke grenades can be used to provide concealment, to allow for moving across otherwise impassable terrain, or to extricate yourself from a sticky situation.
You can order your squad to fire at will or to fire only when fired upon. You can have them form a tight line (for close-quarters fighting or stealthy movement) or a dispersed wedge (for controlling larger areas or moving across wide-open terrain). You can also order one or more soldiers to follow you directly, allowing your squad to split up into two detachments for complex operations. You can assign your squad to carry out a certain order only when you give the signal, which lets you, for example, enter a building by two separate entrances and thus take out the enemy more effectively.
You can give room-clearing orders when you come to closed doors, like in Rainbow Six 3. You can breach doors, frag rooms before you clear them, or just go in guns blazing.
There's limb damage; someone who's hit in the leg can't sprint, for instance. If you take a bullet (and it gets past your armor), there's a chance you may start bleeding out, and one of your comrades will have to come revive you. These same mechanics apply to your squadmates, and to the enemy.
Any member of your team can die in regular combat, though you can hire faceless, generic mercenaries to replace them if you lose too many. If you think a mission has gone too wrong, or that the cost in manpower is too high, you can call for extraction and abandon the mission–but it will affect the story, and decrease your chances of getting the "good" ending where your side wins.

Story-wise, it's set in a near-future world, with cyberpunk (maybe light sci-fi) influences. There are several different political factions, and a civil war is brewing. You choose which faction to join. Each faction also has competing elements within it, and how you handle them is up to you. You can try to be a bridge-builder, constructing a big-tent philosophy. Or you can be underhanded and, when the opportunity arises, purge the competing elements within your faction.
How well you do in each mission determines how well your side does overall in the war. If you fail (or abort) too many missions, your faction will lose the war.

I think that's it. Sorry for the autism.

The design in that game is fucking amazing. I own a copy and am still trying to git gud.


looks pretty great?

If you can't see your legs then I'm not going to play it.

Alright, you convinced me. I'm going to add an option in video settings to toggle full body POV on and off.

Take something like Robocraft and make it actually good.
I want to shoot stuff using mech I made, and I want it to be fun and balanced.

Yeah DD is easily one of better games I played.
It really is what indie games should have been. Extremely low on content but perfected in what it does.

You're either one of the drooling retards who work on AAA games, or you're aping them.

No, I'm just facing the facts.

Seeing you legs is not confusing, it gets in the way of the aim. But okay, I'm adding an option to see them now.

Hitscan is more reliable, and I never said that projectiles are bad

You're either baiting or are retarded.

Robocraft could actually be fucking good if they would stop with the forced microtransaction bullshit. I used to play it before the retarded updates came along.

i still do since it's the only f2p game i know where you can build cars and drift them

Cute lolis as the player characters.

Read the thread and rejoice


A game set in a giant shotgun factory/museum where you can use shotguns both modern and forgotten with elephant guns being honorary shotguns.
You can buy/unlock any guns you want in the factory as long as you have the money and are prepared to face enemies with the exact same weapons. The more weapons you have, the bigger the enemy variety. Would probably only work with projectile based weaponry (think Unreal).

Lolis loseing clothing as they take damage.

SoF tier gore and maiming.

Does it have skill based movement? What engine are you developing it on?

Why would you ask Holla Forums, the minority of the video game market? Even more so 8ch Holla Forums.
Its like you want your game to sell barely anything.

Yeah that was good time. Now building robots feels like making hearthstone deck but you cannot even have same card in two decks.

Have they changed mech legs to move like human instead of a tank?

Still remember how blown away I was playing R6 when I realized when someone was down they were really out for good or at least through a few missions.

each type drone will have 4 weapons:
three "main" weapons which you can use two at a time in any combination (including two of the same) and one fixed dual-wielded secondary weapon.
Additionaly the heaviest weight class of drunes includes some that instead of an "ability"(like temp. damage output or camouflage) have large weapons on their backs, like missile batteries or an artillery cannon.
Each weapon will be unique to the drone type, but obviously youll be seeing similiar weapons on other drones
For pure cosmetics theres skins, there will be an external directory to put your own skins in with UV map templates. You can also change the look of the running boosters and hover/lifting boosters. There will also be a variety of repair drones.
The one customization option that effects both looks and gameplay are the leg types of which there will be at least 7 (including a wallcrawling "slug" type)
thats up to you, the game will externally load music files and read from a text file for loop points. i cant into making music yet.
this game wont have that kind of customization, sorry

only as antagonists (and even then you actually fight their mechs/drones)

Unity. I'm coding everything from the ground up, however, so the shitty movement that Unity is known for will not be present in my game.

Yes, it will have skill based movement, certain weapons will force you to play in a particular manner. I'm taking some notes from CS, as it did some things extremely right. That being said, bhopping, rocketboosting, etc. will still be present in the game, you will just have to make a magic-oriented build for it, aka a young girl.

You can balance magic with gunplay by getting either a shota or an adult woman.

Because despite being largely contrarian hipsters, Holla Forums also has good taste as a result of their hatred of everything. I am not seeking guidance, or advice, I'm looking for ideas.

I know enough about game design to differentiate a good idea from a shitty one. This makes Holla Forums a goldmine of amazing ideas.

More suffering when someone gets shot.

Don't you know anything?
A game doesn't need to be good to sell lots.
Why spend ages trying to please the crazy arguing autists on Holla Forums when it is far simpler to appeal to the mass amounts of normalfag masses. You are far better off speaking to reddit or something, hell maybe even 9gag.

Sounds neat, user. Best of luck!

Send me a build when it's stable

Hitscan removes an element of skill, because any retard can just point and click. Having projectiles means that good players can dodge effectively, which raises the skill ceiling.

lol no

So much this

Hitscan becomes viable when movement is an integral part of shooting. Don't downplay the complexity of games like CS. Both hitscan and projectiles have their own applications.

A player potentially should have complete control over their damage output, dependent on their skill only. Adding projectiles to that equation not only creates problems of hit detection, but also creates a myriad of other issues that overcomplicate something that should be simple to feel good.

I'm not only making this game to make dosh, I've been passionate about game design ever since I was a little kid.

I'm not trying to please local autismos, I'm gathering good ideas that I will enjoy working into the project.

Okay…user I'll tell you but. Don't laugh at me…okay?

I've always wanted teleport bullets
I mean
I want a gun that acts like a portal gun. But you would shoot a person and then shoot where you want that person to go.

I dunno

Please include a dinosaur or two which are on every level which go around tearing shit up. Also make the guns sound good.

I said Devil Daggers as example.
It sold around 60k copies according to Steamspy. with promotions it was about 4$ per copy so 240k $. Not that bad if you ask me.

Well this is important info I just found out.
DD sold ~60k copies but there is only over 12k records on score board.
This means ~48k people bought this game, presumably because it looked cool, and never played it.

So make sure your game looks cool, or at least think how it will catch people attention.
I can easily say only reason I noticed DD was because of how it looked and later I stayed for mechanics and because it is good game.

You are one of this faggots who made actual car in it.
nice but I won't return to this game until my mech will be mechs.

GIT GUD also dubs

I had a friend who developed a game where the deal was if you shot someone they swapped places with you.

The idea was to hit someone just before you were about to get killed to swap places and kill them instead. I forget the name now though.

oh fuck off

Nice dubs

this is where you find some talented user and promote his musics

i don't blame you because you'd have to be blind to not see how shitty movement is in that game

it's only wheels that are fun

user just put Initial D music over that and it'll be perfect. Or Redline music

For a relatively standard arena FPS, the most important thing to do is ensure the movements feel good (well, that and hit detection is close to perfect). Next up have a fun variety of guns and make them feel nice. But really, movement is most important.

Unless you go some other route of arena FPS, like say, car combat or the like, then you may have other priorities.

That sounds like quite a bit of fun.

robotic attack dogs

Have you ever thought if making the characters being able to transform into vehicles and also add in some Twisted Metal/Carmageddon style of combat. Vehicle form is tougher, has the movement speed of modern fps, and deals less damage while humanoid form is a fast glass canon that performs. Basically it's like quake+twisted metal+titanfall. I'm just throwing it out there so feel free to adjust it.

I found it for ya, chaostheorygames.com/projects/swap/

I don't mean to promote it much though, tbh I never actually played it apart from hearing the idea with it and from people who had played it. I thought it a novel concept I guess. I have no idea if they have their shit together though.

*that performs like a guy from quake

You might want to check out Superhot since it has that ability later in the game and it allows for some really cool shit

That looks sick.

just for you user

It's okay but it thinks way too highly of itself.

Radical. Thanks user

make it about transformers, switch between mechs and vehicles or animals for the 'advanced movement'

something that isn't another clone of Quake or Unreal
I think Warsow did the most to expand on the Quake 3 formula with its movement system, but I don't think it goes far enough. It really only shines in Clan Arena since the lack of rocket self-damage lets you do lots of neat tricks to get around and juke your opponent.
I'd like to see better grappling hook implementations and maps built around them. I think Teeworlds did it best with it's maps and movement being fundamentally entwined with its excellent hook mechanic.
I think arena FPS can take more inspiration from fighting games. What I mean by that is, actions and how they're balanced are "rigid" and built around how "rigid" they are. Every action has weight to it, weight that can be caught on to and maybe punished by the opponent.
Yes and No. I think the key is to heavily restrict only a subsection of possibly player actions.
It's already kind of like that in Quake: You have a ton of freedom in movement, but that freedom is mostly restricted to the horizontal axes. You can rapidly strafe left and right, but if you want height, you need to jump or rocketjump. Being in the air makes you a more predictable target, but it also lets you access more of the map at a whim, or dodge a rocket explosion. It's risk-reward.
I want to see an arena FPS that's slow and clunky, but blindingly fast-paced at the same time. Quake makes vertical movement (relatively) slow and clunky, but I want to see it done in a very different way.
also the Suguri series is great and has very unique movement for a shmup/fighting game

Set it in the really early gunpowder era, with Arquebuses and Handgonnes, as well as melee weapons like pikes, maces and halberds. Don't half-ass the melee either.


sry, my image kept getting eaten

im just teasing you, ive done it

Also go fast or go home

google "desync" nigga

Make me, fgt

no u, you are the retard making another generic shit game that most people wont even glance at because they can just play some AAA shit that is the same

if you had any balls to make something more authentic you would have a bigger chance of being rewarded for your efforts, your loss

I want to see a FPS that focuses on dashing and dodging projectiles.
You can dash a set distance in any direction, and you will be invincible for the entire short duration of the dash. You can even dash in the air, dash upwards, dash downwards to perform a powerful stomp, and so on.

There are no hitscan enemies, instead each enemy type fires certain projectiles like a fast three-way spread, a straight laser turning towards you, homing projectiles, shockwaves, projectiles with a curved arc, projectiles fired in a continuous stream, bouncing projectiles, and so on. Each projectile type is distinct from the other in sound and looks so you can actually tell them apart when multiple enemies are used in conjunction with eachother. Additionally, enemies switch to different tactics when you get up close, since dodging bullets ain't easy from really close up. To survive, you'll have to dash outta the way and speedkill enemies.

Of course, dashing about all the time could make you near invincible, so how much you can dash is tied to an energy bar. The energy bar is divided in 5 segments, and one segment is consumed if you dash once. It takes about three seconds for one segment to be automatically regenerated, meaning you can't just dashspam. However, dashing can also be used offensively.

By dashing into enemies, you can temporarily stun them and prevent them from firing more projectiles, and finish them off, or prioritize other enemies first. But when you destroy an enemy by dashing into it (dashkilling) or dash into its corpse 2-4 seconds within its moment of death in order to avoid D44M Glory Kill shenanigans, you recover two segments of your energy bar. If the energy gained through dashkilling ends up going over the maximum of your energy bar, then you can overcharge your energy bar, allowing you to store up to 10 segments, meaning you can dash up to ten times. However, your energy bar only automatically regenerates the first five segments.

There's also the Long Dash maneuver, which you can perform by double-tapping the dash button while holding any direction key. Whereas normal dashing stops once you collide with an enemy, with Long Dashing you can actually dash through enemies. A Long Dash only deals about as much damage as a normal dash, but dashkills still count. Long Dashing also moves you about five-ten times the distance of a normal Dash (but is still halted when you hit a wall). Through Long Dashing, you can escape from very nasty situations, and sometimes end up confusing enemies by ending up behind them. However, Long Dashing depletes your entire energy bar, and can only be used again once you have charged 5 segments. You can still Long Dash even if your energy bar is not fully charged, but you can't Long Dash again until your energy bar is fully charged. If your energy bar happens to be fully overcharged (200%), you can Long Dash twice in quick succession. Long Dashing is meant to be an emergency escape tool, but can also be used to dashkill multiple enemies at once.

Weapons are also built around this dashing mechanic. A shotgun-like weapon which fires a regular burst, but fires a more damaging tighter burst which deals more damage if you dash forwards or sideways and fire at the same time, or a burst with a wider spread which also cancels any minor projectiles it comes in contact with if you fire and dash backwards at the same time. A long-range powerful slow-firing railgun with an alternative fire mode which fires a lasso at enemies and pulls minor enemies towards you, but pulls you toward major enemies, so you can dashkill the enemy types which tend to be out of dashing range, or use big enemies as a means of moving about quickly (you are not invincible while doing so).

The level geometry depends on how many enemies are used. Levels which are too tight give you little room to dodge, while taking the Shadow Warrior reboot route isn't even trying to incorporate level layout with the gameplay.


I just want another crysis 1 with a better campaign, better alien AI and more polished multiplayer.
I never had as much fun in the multiplayer of any other game. The mix of high speed action, melee fist fights and sneaking around in stealth mode makes for an experience that ive never had in any other fps.

you can see your legs in crysis and no they dont get in the way. its actualy realy helpfull to see where your legs are when you are jumping from rooftop to rooftop.

But user, this will trigger /k/

you know that would be very fun though, people were so hung up on the graphics meme that the good game went relatively unnoticed. i gotta wonder if the game were instead praised for its gameplay would the sequels have lived up to it?

cant make everyone happy, someones gotta bite the bullet

What game modes would like seeing in more fps games?

Have rocket jumping or guns that you can shoot to speed up or change movement. And a brief reflection shield for rockets or something. Also a gun that can decapitate limbs and stuff for clean gibs. Preferably a gun that throws out literal swords or that stake gun from Painkiller that nails people to walls. Thanks op you can mail me my check anytime


OP you still here? Have you ever played Hexen and Heretic? I want to play something in the vein of those two games and I mean their world design and game design. I found their themes to be really interesting and same for the weaponry.

Anyway, my advice is to watch what I embedded. The short version is that everything in your game MUST have a purpose for being there. If something does not need to be in your game then don't include it as it just damages the experience and flow.

The enemies must be design in a way that you can remember them easily. Every weapon must have a purpose and not just a stronger version of your previous one. The levels, or rather the world, must have common sense in how it's built and not be just made arbitrarily because it's a "game".

Add core-strong features and not something tacked because everyone is doing it. Ask yourself if what you are adding to your game REALLY needs to be added. This can be a mini-map (which doesn't make sense unless your game is in the future), to highlights (which are so overused and disgustingly ruin the art of the game), to quest-markers (ruins exploration and you are not looking at the world when you play, but simply follow the arrow to the quest like a robot)… and so on and so forth.

Removing features is sometimes as good as adding them, remember this.

Just woke up.

You'd be surprised just how much I'm learning from Hexen and Heretic atmosphere-wise.

I agree with the rest of your post.

user, maybe I misunderstand something about it, or there are some essential mods that I need to use to enjoy it, but Crysis is a boring ass casual shooter that relies on nothing but it's graphics.

I couldn't enjoy it to save my life, the game just felt poorly done from a gameplay standpoint.

No surprise, your taste is pretty bad

Stop being a faggot. I could write a novel as to why Crysis is a shit game, but instead I'm asking whether I'm playing wrong or not.

You're cancer, dude. Seriously. Go back to halfchan Holla Forums, where people jerk off over latest AAA moviegame. You seem to belong there.

You are a delusional casul, its pretty obvious, you hate games like Crysis because they arent simplistic shit like your generic ideas for a game

Yeah, all the really popular "Doom-clones" really did so many things right especially in terms of atmosphere. From Doom, to Duke3D, to Heretic, Blood, Shadow Warrior, and other similar games. All of them really had great aesthetics which were colorful, atmospheric and had great level design even if sometimes it didn't make sense. Duke3D in particular had absolutely the best level design and interactivity.

I think the closest thing to this type of FPS today is Serious Sam, it's close, but it's different in the level design department with Sam being a big linear arena design instead of a non-linear level design. The "Doom-clone" FPS design can be further advanced today to something greater than it was in the past, but I think it first has to resurge again before we can do that. The multiplayer of those games could be improved too, they had only the most basic of modes with SP maps.

I essentially want a WW1 esq game where teams dig their own trenches and have to charge enemy lines to capture points. Fictional history between two factions that resemble the Russo, Japanese, war.

Similar to ace of spades or source forts but you are digging tunnels, trenches and creating bunkers.

Has a simple attack and block melee mechanic with bolt action weapons and automatics only being stationary deployables.

I like the banzai mechanic from RO2 RS where people get buffs for charging in groups with their melee button held down.

Simplicity is the key to brilliance. I'm sorry that your babby brain can't understand that less is more.

ur just a casul mang

i want a Kawaii FPS



Hey OP, What are you going to do to deal with the voices for the individual characters?

Probably a selection of various voiceovers for different actions, variable in pitch, intonation and accentuation via a slider.

No real gameplay value there, so it's a low priority thing, however it is on the roadmap.

The only issue here is getting these voiceovers done, in which case I think the best course of action would be to forage the lands where attention whores dwell - Reddit, 4chan and such.

I have a jew idea of "letting" willing e-celebs do voiceovers for free, just for the fuck of it; They're bound to promote the game afterwards.

No, not the cancer e-celebs. The lesser known ones, whose voice isn't going to stick out like a sore thumb.

So you are going to do english voices then? Or will their be an option to have moon speak?
Also the idea of getting e-celebs to do voice overs might not be the best idea

The ability to pick up the enemy and trying to throw him/her off the map (They break free by mashing left and right)

All I ask, OP, is for a violent Loli with large weapons.

This is my single wish. The dying wish of user who only ever wanted to just play video games.

English voices. I can't speak moon, so unless a magical nipnop appears out of the blue, possesses good quality recording equipment, and is willing to record hundreds of lines (which he will have to translate beforehand), and I have another nipnop speaker who can verify the quality of his work, I'm not going to be able to add moonrunes.

I do think that having that would be only fitting, however. If a community translation project arises in the future - it will be our best bet.

Are you sure? Sounds an awful lot like QTE.

Read the thread. Your wish is now granted.

Although if you're willing to play as a loli with a huge weapon you're going to have to deal with huge ass recoil and actual knockback from firing railgun/awp-like weapons.

Lolis so far are inherently balanced to be casters, or battlemages that hop all the way through ivy out middle and through our connector like a speed demon. We'll see. I'm sure some cunt is going to make a gamebreaking build that I will have to hotfix or lose my playerbase.

I want one to be as fluid as Quake 1 and as chaotic as Bayonetta.

Quake 1 was great but unless you were a speed runner or something, the fights were kinda slow. The FPS should have level design that absolutely necessitates jumping yourself across the entire fucking map just to kill one enemy.

Basically, an FPS where you move around a lot and playing peekaboo isn't an option.

A weapon attached to your arm that evolves depending on how you use it.
Don't know if it would work on an arena FPS tho.

I had been reading this thread from a smart phone, I just recently returned. Recoil would actually make it interesting, might allow for dodging using the backblast and movement.

This could be an exciting development, kinetically propelled lolis.


aka Eldritch Deck - a current dev name for the magical item that looks like a deck of Tarot cards, which are used to cast spells based on Magicka cast mechanics.

The current go-to item when you need to "rocketboost" or "enable" bhop - aka remove acceleration speedcap for bhop. It also has offensive modes, which flings cards somewhat like the Playing Cards in the original McGee's Alice.

It's broken as hell at the moment, no matter how much I try to nerf it's still OP. Once I'm done with balancing it, I will find a new name for it - Eldritch Deck sounds cliche as fuck.

The more movement options appear, the more arcadey and fucked up the map design will be. I have to come up with a magical solution for that.

Playing peekaboo is something that I like a lot about CS:GO. Heavier builds, such as adult men and women will be oriented towards that kind of gameplay much more than younger builds.

Younger builds are the ones that will play like Arena FPS, albeit with less powerful weaponry and greater recoil, due to reduced body weight.

That sucks but that was asking too much to begin with

I wish voice synthesizers and voice changers were more a bit advanced, we could use them for voicing shit.

By non-hitscan weapons I'm pretty sure he means things like rocket launchers and other slow-moving projectiles, not bullet ballistics.

Unfortunately that won't happen for a very long time. Moreover, human voice actors would become a "feature" then.

Some things are just too much trouble for their worth. Unless they're community-made.

Oh well, yeah. I mean the game will have crossbows as a means for loli characters to maintain damage output at the cost of increased difficulty. Those would be retarded to make hitscan.

Yeah you're right on that.
anyways, what about game modes will there be objective types of modes or will it just be fight enemy team in till time/score limit?

Classic gamemodes, such as CTF etc.

I'm very tempted to add shit like defuse modes but I'm afraid of getting legally assfucked by Valve.

stick with classic game modes and you'll be good, don't try to go into too many things because then it will be difficult to balance the game modes with the characters

Yeah, I'm not going to be reinventing the wheel. For example, CS does an amazing job at perfecting a single gamemode, and it's more popular than it's ever been.

Will there be a way to make custom game modes? Giving some control like that to a community can lead to some really fun and exciting games.

After the main game is done, I'll have a breather to work on modding API while the game is fresh.

No, I will not go the HM2 route. That kind of incompetence is fucking revolting.

Valve doesn't hold the monopoly on defuse modes, plenty of games have it.

Though to be honest, I'm not sure if a defuse gamemode would work with an arena fps, it definitely lends itself more to the "paintball" style of gameplay counter-strike has.

That's another thing I was going to say; Consider focusing on just one gamemode, that way you can tailor the gameplay specifically to that one mode. However, if you're going to have several gamemodes, it'd be better to give each one its own map pool, a la team fortress.

I'm currently tailoring it towards DM heavily.

Defuse mode can easily be made viable if you make it so only adult characters can plant and defuse. Adult characters are balanced towards slow, CS-like aim-heavy gameplay.

Want a loli? Sure. But you won't be able to do a Quake-style 1v5 if a bomb is planted, simply because you won't be able to defuse.

And voila!

I think the Warpath game mode from the new Doom is good (the only good thing about the MP). A moving capture point.

Jesus, I should have skimmed through the thread a little slower.

Quake aesthetic/mechanics with doom-like weapon animations. If there's a singleplayer, make tons of enemies with little health. Low-poly/easy to run on shit rigs preferred, that shit is my weakness.

another thing if you're adding singleplayer: design levels in a way that makes it fun to speedrun, Quake 1 was excellent in the way that you could skip levels if you thought outside of the box

There might be a way to bring in a balance to that, however. CS has you purchase a defusing kit for faster defuses, what if there was a similar item that loli-players could purchase that would slow them down to the speed of an adult but allow them to defuse in turn?

Of course, you'd be plenty in the right to make people suck it up and use an adult character.

The quickest way to ruin the balance of a multiplayer game is to give compromises everywhere.

Nah. Loli being unable to defuse would encourage the player to go for frags like a motherfucker. She's too fast for bomb timer to be balanced for her, anyhow.

A fair point, lines in the sand have to be drawn.

Some mechanics have to be stricter than others - it shapes the game.

more is also more. its been a while but i think i liked the game more because i was able to appreciate the array of options given to me. it also gave me a sort of aliens vs predator vibe with the different suit modes

less is more

keep it simple

cant keep it too simple or itll just be another game everyone forgets about because X is the same but better

A big,
-able shotgun

64 players in a medium size area with gravity surfaces

now that sounds like a good time, 64 players seems like a lot but theres no reason it cant work.
i just want to imagine the crazy maps you could design with gravity fuckery.

Prey had something like that I think

also an M.C. Escher battlefield is half what I was thinking of

Sounds like a lot of confusing shit and overall clusterfuck and frustration more than anything else.

Can't avoid enemies you can't see or predict movements of. 64 enemies turns the overall score into RNG.

Well I'm making all the gun animations for women sexualized as fuck so thats that.

Not outrightly, but just overall attitude and momentum of the action.

hey op here's an idea I don't know if it will make the game better but what if there were different animations of guns for each different sex/age. Like a loli girl having trouble trying to pump a shotgun kinda style I don't know where to go from here, just an idea i thought of at the spur of the moment

an original medium size unreal map would be huge for gravity surfaces

refer to

Also, heft and weight will be taken into account relative to age, yes.

I posted before actually reading the post then realised my mistake. my bad

It's cool. Feel free to post any other suggestions, I check this thread every 15 minutes or so.

alright man If i ever come up with something i'll come by to suggest it


not sure i understand what youre saying. if the enemy can see you then you can see them even if theyre standing on the ceiling

but you can do so much more in the game. you can do entire runs without beeing seen by more than 5 enemies. you can rampage through entire levels armed with nothing but a laundry machine.
you can chase terriefied koreans through the jungle predator style, taking them out one by one. actualy, crysis 1 is the best predator game there ever was and probably will be.
you can take down helicopters by thowing an explosive barrel at them and shooting it in the air.
the possibilities are endless if you know how to use the suit.
and it gets even better in multiplayer where everyone has a suit.
or you can only use armor mode, slowly advance from cover to cover never go off the beaten path and complain that its a boring casual shooter.

and sometimes its not. most modern shooter are way too simple. its just aim and shoot, no skill in the movement system, no recoil, no bullet drop, just line up and press the left mouse button.
if thats your thing i dont realy mind, but dont talk shit about games that have some complexity to them just because you cant get into them.

As for games with great examples of interesting weapons look at Unreal Tournament, Quake 3, and Halo

Weapons should have more uses than just "point at enemy and shoot them", like how the shock rifle in UT can launch a slow moving orb and if you use the primary fire on the orb it makes a huge implosion. Or how you can use the alt fire of the impact hammer to stop projectiles. Or how the link gun can pull people with the alt fire. Anything that allows players to get creative with how they deal with an enemy is great.

Whats that
im kinda aiming for that, though some heavy drones can probably kill light ones fairly quickly (but the light ones can easily run awayfrom the slow heavies, so they can hit an run)
Since it started as a Hawken clone, killed drones drop health pickups. I'm considering putting in traditional power-ups too, though
The only planned hitscan weapon is a electrolaser, that requires tagging a target with an ionizing projectile first and then actual laser weapon has a "spinup", too.
yeah, probably

ads would be aiming down sights, like a typical sniper scope function but for any weapon, and usually without a scope.
people like to attribute it to slower gameplay but that doesnt have to be the case does it?

First off, I wanna remind you that incorporating as many group ideas as you can is not a good idea. This is a good place to see what ideas you like, and what ideas will go together with your ideas you already have.

But I'm sure you knew that. Anyways, I'd like to have different movement options. Not necessarily bunny hopping either. Maybe have a lot of different speed settings that degrade your aim as they increase. Maybe have momentum that makes turning on a dime impossible. Maybe make crouching greatly increase aim and have it make you a much smaller target. I just want building blocks to be creative with.

hes just going fishing for ideas, doesnt hurt and it can help get the gears turning. id like to see a game that incorporated every single idea in the thread boy that would be a hilarious mess

no, there wont be, because the weapons mounted on short immobile "arms" that only let the weapon turn and track targets (if you toggled that, and the tracking is far aimbot tier) so you can fire your four weapons at multiple targets

my game is gonna be pretty button heavy actually. its not even a mech simulator but you could probably make a steel battalion-tier controller for it.

unrelated, but since i want to keep the polycount for models like ps1 tier and the stage geometry simple, i want to make the maps be huge, like 2 or 3 square kilometers (compared to the player drones 2 to 6 meters, depending on weigh-class and leg-type). even the shotguns will have long range compared to most shooters.
Therell be teleporters (with cooldowns on players so that they cant just immediateöly teleport again). Maybe i'll make a seperate run button for boosting REALLY fast.


i hope there will be collision damage

probably, but youll definitely be able to shove equally heavy or lighter drones.
the boosters will probably also be rather loud, and since you can pretty much only go in a straight line in that mode, your enemys have a chance at dodging you.
related to that, you can also make drones fall over that way (depending on how stable the leg-type is), which can also damage the weapons they fall onto and they will have to spend seconds on getting back up.

postan sexualized weapons

I'm gonna add them to the folder

ArmA except with more narratives and stories.

Your half assed brain gets in the way, remove it so you can be released from this torment that is your life faggot.

Fucking casuals.

aint nuthin like a healthy dose of autism in the morning

Remember, if you can't deal with legitimate criticism, just insult your audience instead!

I'm not addressing your "legitimate" criticism, I'm addressing the amount of sperg you got in your post relating the issue.

I even said that I'll be adding the legs as an option into the game, so you people can handicap yourselves with it.

So what's the best way to do content in a single player fps? There's going for a top score, secrets, time, what other type of content can you fill it up with to keep the player coming back barring mods?

I'll probably go the CS route - perfect the game where it matters. I regularly play CS:GO, still, simply because of those 1v5 clutches and whatnot.

The game is just that good that I come and play it for what it is.

And then mods come in, and I can give the game to the community and be all like "and I know I have not lived in vain".

Or something like that.


Working on the female head model

it's making me want to die

anybody know of a cheap aka free plugin for Blender that would help me optimize mesh topology?

not exactly optimize, but if you want a good base mesh use makehuman.
are you sure you are in the right thread?