Battlefield 1

Is it a revisionist nightmare?

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You mean Holla Forumstard nightmare? Probably yes.

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And the U.S civil war was started by racist space aliens for they can use their confederate allies to collect enslave blacks DNA. And John wikes both was a victim of alien mind control when he assassinated Abraham Lincoln, As a act of revenge for destroying the Pro alien confederacy.
Not even fucking kidding. This was on the History channel


You bumped a dead thread to be triggered.


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People need to stop consuming EA shit.

Consuming EA shit is the same as voting for Hillary Clinton.

Won't even click that shit; it's probably just some idiot doing mental olympics when trying to explain why it's all 100% historically accurate.

I'm so fucking tired of all this bullshit

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Remember guys, literal Swedish Communists are releasing historical games to the West that have been modified for spreading progressive tones to children, young adults, and college kids, but Holla Forums is your REAL enemy.

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Not going to click that YouTube video, anyone care to tell me why battlefield 1 is historically innacurate? I can see it is since it has everyone using various types of equipment they wouldn't otherwise have access to, but if it's just that black people didn't take part in the war even though they did on a very small scale, then that's hardly enough to annoy me.

Remember that sometimes realism doesn't make a good game, though.

Then why make a game about a real event?

Are you for real?

This is hardly relevant in this case. I can understand the use of prototype weapons, tons of semi/auto ones, the inexistent trench warfare, the zeppelin, the dude with a full body medieval armor,etc.
In no way making the British and German seems a multicultural neighborhood of friendship and magic add to the game. Nothing. It would be the same shit if they were all white, which it means there is hardly an explanation to them being black beside virtue signaling and muh diversity. So why go the extra mile to make them all blacks? Why do this when they could have made easily an African front map and put the Askari and that based motherfucker of Lettow vorbeck?
This is also pretty fucking shit: you have s real life example of black soldiers rekting shit, which could have inspired some nigga to search and learn about them, and instead prefer some unknown unreal event to push a narrative?
Even better , where are the Asians? Why diversity means black? Why I can't be a jap soldier and kick some German asses for the emperor?

Realism never makes a good game, but that's in reference to GAMEPLAY and not rewriting fucking history you commie piece of shit.

Just because reality isn't always a good game mechanic to use doesn't mean that reality/history should be ignored. You can take reality and use the fun parts while discarding the in fun parts.

Sometimes the fun is getting as close to reality as possible, but it's hard to do this successfully.

I didn't say that reality is always a bad idea.

So why are you posting? Since you're defending the act of ignoring reality/history.

Calm down and tell me how its historically innacurate. I didn't watch the video.

I don't really care that much about them having black characters; it doesn't trigger me and it's probably a nice roleplay for others.

I care more about innacuracies in terms of weapons, locations, vehicles, communication etc etc, than I do something that is just throwing a bone to people that want to play as a black guy. Is everyone black? Is that it? Black people did fight in ww1, and however insignificant it's something that the devs have obviously taken as a way to let people play a black guy.

If that upsets you then I think you need to calm down and realise it doesn't matter.

Yep, there were exclusively niggers in the trenches. White men simply did not inhabit Europe until 1934, when their expeditionary forces from the Moon landed.

That's not what I said at all you idiot. Make a good game based on history and use reality in tandem with good game mechanics. If reality gets in the way of a fun game then it's not worth it, if your aim is complete reality then you have to put mechanics secondary.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare blows this shit out of the water.

Meanwhile, on Call of Duty:

EA fags should kill themselves.

How about a game where you can play as jihadis, that way Muslims can feel included too!

No, fuck off commie scum. You won't even get debated. Your sick and twisted fantasies are disgusting and you can fuck right off. Ridicule and contempt is all you deserve.

who the fuck are you, you clearly dont know a fucking thing about ww1, what in the fuck kind of question is that nigger either you know a little bit about ww1 and saw all the experimental goofy shit+ endless semi&/fuill auot weapons+30mph wotans, or you dont and it wont matter to you because youre an uneducated popcorn scarfing benisfield pleb

where the fuck did you come from you entitled faggot, go back there

Is that all you can say? I neither said I wanted developers to include minority races just so people can feel represented, nor did I cry about it; it just doesn't trigger me.

I'm not going to play this shite game, but I am still interested to know what historical liberties they took (perhaps in the name of gameplay).

I didn't watch the video you fucking stain. All I asked was if the historical innacuracies were anything other than being in tears over an apparent black protaginist.

The flight physics are utterly terrible and the planes are bullet sponges. Ridiculously you can even repair mid-flight back up to full health. The game is garbage.

then watch a fucking video ya piece of shit, what the fuck man are you fucking retarded, this has been covered by a lot of people the great war channel f.e

if youre this fucking stupid it really wont matter to you, if you havent bothered to even watch a trailer yet you clearly dont care about this shit so why are you fucking here?

and yes I get it your super progressive and dont mind a negro wow nigga you want some skittles + a handjob im sure you feel great about yourself

theres a funny little backstory to the negro on the cover which actually turns around your supposed inclusivity and outs you and your ilk as the plebs that you are, but fuck it

The guy basically just calls out every single outfit weapon or piece of equipment, calls out which country a certain soldier is from, calls out some inconsistencies with what they wore or what they were holding as they fought in the trenches.
Nothing really related to the truth of anything.

If only they had some creativity and went full weird like the Nips do it'd almost be acceptable. Start adding werewolves and shit and I may look past the revisionism.

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Well, CoD is not much better. Pentagon has actually been involved in the development of several past CoD games, and still are. Why do you think they would do such a thing, just out of kindness?

Or because the series is a brainwashing method for influencing the minds of young boys, making them think that war is cool, leading them to enlist in the army and die for Israel?

Then they'll find out in Syria or some other shithole Israelis want to destroy next, that you don't actually regen health after taking a bullet.

Also, the new CoD plot:

Uncalled for, not even that user.

Which is a good military to join?


That looks a lot more innocuous than the cross board red pill threads that used to be on Holla Forums.

Well, it's embellishment. Not too out of place in a Battlefield game, but they're really pushing it more than ever this time, aren't they?
While I don't think it's OK, it's not a deal-breaker for me either.

I'm not a fan of politicizing video games either, but you better be telling that to developers too 'cause they are just as guilty.


I had a chance to play is here at Comic Con
It was actually pretty good, the weapons had heft to them and actually did damage, you can bayonet charge, land tanks actually have use to advance the lines.

also they had it all on PC's instead of consoles, running at about 2k resolution.

I know some of you were there, I saw the shitposting during the matches.

Noy realy, that channel is actually pretty good, they have been doing a week by week covering of WW1 since 2014.

so consuming valve is like voting for trump?

players fight from house to house, no trenches whatsoever, combat looks more like WW2 than 1, biplanes handle like modern jets, every soldier is equipped with automatic rifles and machine guns, half the german soldiers are black, half the british soldiers are indian, blimps are deployed to bomb battlegrounds, and each side has what seems like an infinite supply of tanks.

go back to cuckchan, special snowflake.

BF1 is a simply a ploy to get people to think BF2 refers to this BF1's sequel thus rendering it even more difficult for true BF fans to explain to newcomers why the current series is such shit and why it all blows past BF2/2142.

More like nostalgia fans