Is Okami worth playing?

I'd be playing it in pcsx2 with 6x internal resolution and the widescreen patch. Is Okami a good game?

Yes, very much so. It's really relaxing and beautiful. If you don't want a really chill, easy-going game, you might be bored; the combat is great but the game is pretty slow and methodical, and the combat isn't much faster. The intro is very long. Basically, just relax and go with the flow and you'll have lots of fun. I've never played another game quite like Okami.

I dunno if bumping up resolution would even really accomplish much because of the cel-shaded artstyle but I could see a widescreen hack being nice.

Yes you should, it's a nice Zelda clone with a high degree of maneuverability; you can move fast as fuck and jump high as fuck and areas still feel massive despite that. Directly influencing the environment through paintbrush strokes as a replacement for typical items or equipment was an excellent idea.

It's slow at the start but it's a nice experience overall.
Also specific to PCSX2 use the OGL plugin if you can or you will have a couple of moderately shitty to work around problems (lack of drawing overly shifting exact position of things around being the worst).

It does look closer to the PS3 version when you do.

Check that the widescreen patch won't fuck with the HUD or make things pop-in/glitch in the expanded 16:9 space. Since the game wasn't made for 16:9 it's likely that there will be issues.


It's basically a Clover (proto-Platinum) take on Zelda's formula. And yes, it's fairly slow and very long. And Ammy help you if you want to 100% it.

I didn't figure a higher internal resolution for a cel-shaded game would really do much.



Okami is a great game, however be wary that pcsx2 works like ass and with a 6x resolution increase you probably won't be able to run it.


It's as overrated as a game can get.
Hope you like tons of out place and longwinded exposition destroying the pacing.

It's a shitty furfag game made by furfag nips. Avoid at all costs or go back to >>>/furry/

Do you hate interesting and challenging combat? Do you hate puzzles where you have to fugure out the solution? Do you hate being allowed to go where you want? Do you lime shitty gimmick mechanics that don't work half the time? Do you like mandatory minigames shoehorned into the main game? Do you enjoy watching the same stupid unskippable mini-cutscene after doing something trivial? Do you enjoy mandatory QTEs? Then Okami will be a treat for you. Otherwise just watch it on youtube, the art is really the only good thing about this game. Imagine a modern Zelda game where every bad aspect has been supercharged.


Fucking amazing game

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fuck no okami is boring, tedious tripe. people who say its a game worth playing need to have the rose-tinted goggles surgically removed from their eye sockets. its the most bland, uninteresting watered-down zelda you could ever play. decent graphic style doesn't make up for tedious mandatory sidequests, totally bland and unattractive levels (of which there are only like 4), extremely poor sound design, unskippable cutscenes and dialogue, annoying unlikeable characters, having the same shit story told to you TWICE throughout the gameā€¦ hell this list could go on for awhile

It is a good game. You should play it.

Tell us how you really feel user.

Emulate the Wii version instead for native widescreen
PCSX2 has random freezes with its widescreen patches.

Yeah that's about an 80h journey if you don't use a walkthrough.

It does look less apparent because the filter and style but it still does look better.>>10139419

And shit controls, and shit visuals.

lol no

there is also HD thing of it on ps3


It's a fun comfy game that can be challenging at times. I got it for the ps2, they day it came out. It was worth every penny.


yes but the first hour is so fucking sloooooow

The most greenpilled game to ever exist.

It's a bit late but I'll give you a real answer: flat shading tends to go in hand with simple textures that aren't as prone to looking shittily out of place at high resolution. Killer7 looks fantastic scaled up with forced AA, unfortunately it breaks the game.


Absolutely nailed it

The combat is easy not uninteresting, although it mostly boils down to knowing what to do and when to do it and how much you can resist using the glaive glitch, it gets boring only if you're a little bitch and start using items everywhere.

The puzzles are easy (minus two very big exceptions one of which you can skip and the other its optional) but that's besides the point they're on par with what you would find in an R&C game in terms of difficulty (with also the same difficulty spike between the main story path and the optional conten).

So? restricting where you can go is necessary to have a sense of progression, most adventure game do the same thing.

Are you seriously telling use you can't draw simple shapes?

Twice, none of them are extremely demanding nor hard to get and both represent a grand total of 10 minutes of gameplay over a 15-30h game unless you go for optional content where there's a lot more things.

A story heavy game having loads of custcene isn't exactly surprising.

There's none in the game.

So it's boring. What's the point in playing a game where the only way you can lose is if you start falling asleep from boredom. Might as well just remove the combat and make it a walking simulator, at least those waste less of your time.
Never needed items

See above. Besides, it's not just that they are easy, you are downright told the solution. "Hey, see that drawing over there? [camera zooms in on the drawing] It looks like the sun is missing. Gee, I wonder if something good will happen if you draw a sun into it. You should definitely draw a sun into it". It's one thing to have easy puzzles, it's another to downright get told the solution because the developers think your a mouthbreathing retard.

Maybe that's a Wii thing, but some shapes were a real bitch to draw, such as circles or the one that had two or three parallel horizontal lines. Other shapes like the bomb worked perfectly (the bomb did not require a circles, just a vaguely round closed shape with a slash through it)

I remember the digging minigame, it completely changes to gameplay to a different game for fuck no reason and requires you to beat it before you're allowed to continue the actual game. You don't just change the gameplay out of nowhere just like that. I don't know what this obsession with mandatory minigames is, I remember for example Jade Empire turning into a shmup out of the blue for no reason as well. Sure, make it an optional extra if you want, but don't block the rest of the game.

I mean even beyond the story. Like those flower buds you could make bloom, every time you had to watch the same unskippable clip over and over again. There were more of those mini-cutscenes in the game, but I don't remember the specifics anymore.

After every boss you had to do like three or so QTEs, or when the old man was dancing. You had to draw something, which combined with the broken brush gimmick, and if you botched one you had to start all over again.

I don't agree, there's a place for everything and easy combat fits just fine here just like musou combat fits in musou and DMC combat fits in DMC, I wouldn't have minded it having some sort of hard mode but I never really had that big of a problem with it, I just made up my own hardmode and rolled with it

No, you do nott fix a game by removing the gameplay.

The first time you encounter it, mostly to make sure you know how to use the mechanic before you progress, but you're right you generally don't even need to be told that your brand new ability is necessary to get past that brand new obstacle right after you get it.

Yeah it's a Wii thing, even using the mouse while emulating it doesn't make it as smooth as you can be on PS2/3, the special attacks are more difficult to get right in any version but that's not really a problem since they're optional entirely.

The bad part of that is mostly that it's an escort mission, an easy and predictable one (predictable as in you know what the person you escort is gonna do so there's no failure that are out of your control), the controls themselves are the same as any sidescroller section of the game, I honestly liked the fishing one way less but that's because it took me forever to grab each fish once

There's a cutscene for some things when you make them bloom but I don't remember every single thing having one, for most things the camera pans and you can move almost instantly, might be version differences who knows.

I didn't even know you could fail those so I wouldn't have known, but yeah there's a reason people say the Wii version is way worse than the other;

Okami isn't the greatest game but it feels comfy and relaxing while having decent gameplay for it's genre but it's not for everyone.

Not everyone on /v has the attention span of a goldfish and some of us can appreciate a nice tale.

Admittedly a minority on this site.

user stop sucking dick, please, he has a point.

Okami has plenty of good stuff, the setting is good, the art is gorgeous, the two protagonists are ok and the controls, at least on the PS2, where extremely polished and responsive.

It all amounts to nothing, the trivial difficulty and the constant, condescending handholding ruin it all. Shit like FarCry 3 is hardcore compared to this game. Devs chose to litter the game with patronizing, condescending, non-removable "hints" fucking everywhere that clearly say "you, dear player, are a fucking retard, here have this puzzle because good zelda-likes have puzzles, but you are a fucking moron, let me solve it for you". The combat can be solved by button mashing except when you need to use the brush, in which case you will get constantly nagged to use it, or downright forced to.

The game is completely ruined, I have rarely felt so insulted than when playing this garbage.

I like Zelda-clones as much as any casual, but there is many other options like actual Zelda games, Darksiders which is 9/10 despite being easy and even fucking Oceanhorn, being a mobile game it treats the player with more respect.

The point was that the game is easy, up to the point of boredom for certain people, and I can see why but I don't agree with it because it didn't happen to me.

Most of the handholding stuff you're complaining about is concentrated in the first hour to two hours of the game which pretty much everyone agres is the worst part.
Most of the hinting is concentrated around the parts where you get a new ability and even if I agree you never really need it it's not as omnipresent as you say.

Which is not only boring but inefficient, you choose to use a simple brainless solution in a game that is already low on difficulty on your own.

The first time you fight an enemy that is specifically weak to one of your brush technique or requires one in order to be beaten at all.

It's a chill and easy game enjoy it as such or play something else.