Anyone else have a crippling McGees Alice Liddle fetish?
Why is she so perfect?

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She's a cute pair of tits and you want to fuck her, that's why she's 'so perfect' to you.

I love her dark hair.

and how stubborn yet compassionate she is.

and how she's a bit crazy.

and dominant.

man, all these Alice threads got me to redownload Madness Returns. It's just serviceable in terms of gameplay but the art direction definitely keeps me coming back.


So did they ever find that guys sister?

Sadly no

Nah, but I saw in the last thread that there was a lot of blood in her last known location. She's presumed dead sadly.

Madness returns should have kept some of the first game's mechanics, namely hanging onto ledges.

there's no way she can break through those knots.

Because you're a fucking pedo

McGee's Alice is 18 retard.
At worse it would be hebeophilia





Let me try again.

Who thought that a fucking quadruple jump is a good idea


The fucking cards will remain one of the best designed fantasy weapons in my mind, along with the Jacks.

This video isn't sexy, its just funny.

Are you fucked in the head?

This here is an example of why SFM invasively fucked rule34. It lowered the bar of skill that you had to possess to make these things, and as such - lowered the overall average quality.

Fucking disgusting.

>video game porn
>CGI porn
How is this not funny.

Videogame porn can be good, but unfortunately ever since SFM came out, hacks started doing shit in it for Patreon money.

If you want a good example of good shit - look up Jessica Anner. Might not be up your alley fetish-wise, but still - the quality of the rig and the animation itself is hard to deny.

It's pretty unfortunate that things went down this alley.

I'm going to buy it on PS3 and play it again, though it is damn expensive, even preowned.

nigger this may be the only 3d animation that I've seen that did semen correctly.


Not on eBay or Amazon.


Have you considered the rapings you'd get for being a little whore?

At video game conventions? Don't be silly.


I wish the first one was more readily available on modern hardware.

I also want to see McGee's take on other classic stories, like "American McGee's Peter Pan" or something similar.

Dayum, that queen is a qt.

If you have Madness Returns on the Xbox 360 or PS3, you get the remaster of the original for free.

He did one of each of Grimm's fairy tales, he was also going to do one on the Wizard of Oz, but it was canned.

it's been 5 years and I still dread the memory.

Fuck, that depresses me just by reading it.

good taste

I'm trying to get my head around that position but I don't think it's possible.

Legs crossed, with the partner's legs threaded through her legs, the partner's legs are then under her arms.

Not that difficult to figure out.

I might try it out some time.

Disgusting. SFM is shit. I can't masturbate to it.

your opinionino buddyrino

It's the right opinion and objectively true.
Enjoy fapping to wax museum people.

It's a well known fact that popular things are bad.

Poor Queen gets no love.

Sounds like someone found his waifu

good taste

its a correct opinion faggo



Classic Alice is better
I used to masturbate to the book illustrations

you're right but you're criticizing one of the best animations made with SFM, you nigger

SMT alice is best.

She's good in any form of media
Alice is obviously best wafiu, mcgee need not apply

At least his doing a pirate game jam. So rad!


Disney Alice isn't half bad.

especially Nezumi Disney Alice.

Funny you mentioned Nezumi right before I was about to post this.

Oh that is fucking great.

This game use to scare me back in the day. Seriously, I had nightmares.

I don't have a fetish for her, but I like her. And I do have a lot of art of her saved on my computers. Never played the sequel, but the first game is one of my favorites.

you're deluding yourself there kiddo

Just admit you're gay so we can tell you to fuck off.

I never played this. Is it any good?

i suggest playing both of them, madness returns can feel clunky with it's platforming though. both games have a nice feel to it in terms of visuals and soundtracks, worth a shot at least.


God I'll never forget the look on her face when they're getting ready to jerk off the tree's dick. So hot.

except the real life Alice Liddell was an ugly tranny. pic related.

Hence why the term 3DPG exists.


nice typo

It's 2 AM here, fuck you.

get yourself some pudding and go to sleep


No, I gotta go to work tomorrow and I can't fucking stomach going to bed.

Kill me.


So uhh…

where does the dick go

I agree. The classic Alice is the cutest.

thats why he only hung around when she was a delicious loli

classic alice patrician's choice

where ever you want it to go

Is it a fetish to collect pretty art from video games I enjoy? Enjoy some more of my debauchery than. Pics related.

B-but user that's forbidden.

I do

The main character of Rule of roses is also mighty delicious waifu material. she is literallly the type of girl I would do anything for.

post pics negro


Lemme try again

Literal pixels on a screen are no better.

I want you to do just one more thing for me…
Would you die for me please…

Whats the last one from?

I fucking hate how everything looks in SFM

A poor orphan that gets mercilessly bullied.


i think its called "alice in sexyland"

Alice First:
Alice Second:

Am I going to feel guilty reading this?

It gets dark at a few points, but ultimately has a happy ending.

"Happy ending" can mean many things in hentai.

Thgse are the only acceptable Alice's, and they should all be livng in the same house toghether.

Jesus Christ, how the fuck would that play out?

Alice becomes the new Queen of Wonderland and thus ends the Red Queen's reign of terror before continuing her sexy tour with Usa and Chesha

I too want to cum inside alice's wonderland

Something like this, kinda.

I find it sad how if you look at some Nipponese hentai-artists pixiv page you can clearly see how she/he's learned and improved a ton in a few years but with western ones it's still the same shit 5years later!

And Nippon artists can do niche fetishes to a high standard.

If I buy Madness Returns I get a free copy of the first game, correct.

To be fair, this is why we have /ic/ and /art/, /loomis/ in the first place. Sometimes it depends on which artist cares about improving, its kinda like non-logical math but with shapes.

Maybe on consoles, but not on Steam.

They actually, despite regular practice, sometimes get worse after 5 years, which just really blows my mind how the fuck it's even possible to put out nothing but shit art day after day for five fucking years and not only fail to improve but actually get worse.

Elegant English Eves are excellent!

And that's why I rather be learning detailed realism instead of stylized nonsense I'm regretting with, 3 years ago. I don't like anime faces

You're supposed to learn the fundamentals of realism before you attempt to styilze.

On consoles, yes, on the PC, everything is free anyway.

Patrician Taste

I did so, even an wise man knows mastering the basics is the only way to control things. Unfortunately for me having wrist pains, prevents me doing certain movements like gestures or clean lines even on ink. I'm seriously trying but in my worst case scenario its physical pain whats holding me back. Shits cutting my teeth.


How the fuck do you start drawing anyway?

Are you retarded? That was perfect.

it usually takes a piece of paper and a pencil, try it

But I have no idea what to draw and what techniques I should use.


Scene and emo kids are hot.


why not a PC verison

How the fuck did he do that.
Did he tie the cellphone to his shin or something?

its in the bag and he hold the bag in hand
you know those bit longer sausagy bags


Please tell me that second picture is part of a set
that artist also made an alice centric comic:

You're making the world a better place

Tell me about Alice's voice.

Why does she sound so cute? Is it that British accent, or the Victorian sing-song of half-genuine moral indignation?

Both, I think.

I am a bong and most of the voices I know are catty.

I love Alice with every part of my being. Particularly my heart, and especially my penis. She is perfect. I consider Alice to be the most beautiful thing in the world and evidence of some divine will acted through man.

I had one of the best orgasms of my life to some 3D model of her a long time before SFM was even a thing.

retard of the day award

If American McGee was an absolute madman, he could make a VR Alice waifu simulator, hell, if he acquired the rights somehow, he could sell it and use the money to make an Alice demo to pitch to EA.


Wish me luck.

Its on eBay for $22 if you can't find it.

Lewis Carroll was a huge hebephile just like most men

Otherlands is out.
It has BEEN out for the better part of a year…

So, assuming it was consensual photography (they do mention she looks uncomfortable, but it's fucking England, she was probably freezing her teenage nipples off in the nude) there is literally no problem with it at all as long as you're not completely fucking retarded and applying a completely irrelevant set of standards to the situation?

fucking brits



Little Red Riding Hood game when?

Now :^)


wasted potential.

at least I saged.

Edit when?

Why the fuck do people do this. If you take a photo with a girl you put your hand around her. If she doesn't like it its her fault, she was fine the photo being taken and it would be awkward to just stand there.



There was a Little Red Riding Hood game last year or so. It was clearly inspired by Alice however, whilst I did play the game, I would never recommend it to anyone.



>what is