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Useless snipers edition.
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You brought this on yourself.

Is Ana actually fun? haven't played in a while

More of a Blizzard question. If you buy a physical copy of Overwatch/Starcraft/etc. does it download the complete game on to your drive or no.

it downloads it, and then the disc is garbage

What's the point of playing as Reinhardt? Nobody is going to get behind you.

Overwatch Bingo


Kinda wanna play this game because of all the D.va art

i wanna fill the chibi gremlin with my seed. i wanna fuck her till i throw up. do you think dva can use defense matrix as a contraceptive?

i actually havent tried her yet because i dont see much point in playing her if we already have a zenyatta and ana. not that i care if im fucking our team over, but i wont get the 'real' experience since she doesnt seem like a character that would do well out of her element.

Yeah, she's great to practice aiming. You have both your enemies and your teamates as targets, projectile aiming while unscoped and hitscan when scoped.
She's fairly self sufficient and a huge boon to the team if you can use your grenades. If you get the hang of the sleep dart, you'll be mostly safe as well.
Consider her an actually usefull Hanzo.

Probably like every other product for every other service, the disc comes with the "base game" but you'll still have to download every patch the game has received inbetween. It just speeds up things since that's a huge load you don't have to download.

You could apply al of that to any multiplayer game, really. Even Minecraft!

No you couldn't.

you are like a little baby

I got the game recently, it certainly was friendlier than TF2 for starters, I have to learn how to use every character apparently, for a while I thought it was about maining certain heroes but turns out switches are to be expected, still sucks to have a team of only attackers or the like.

Switching from Medic to Mercy is hard, no overheal and teammates are less competent at the whole "keep the medic alive" thing, there are also those who expect Lucio to do more healing or something as if he had a medigun, then complain that he does nothing.

It will download a 2 GB patch anyway.

I have seen tons of offensive players ignore my shielding and running straight onto enemy fire, god forbid I get an MvP medal or something.

What about this?

Jesus fuck THIS.


whatever makes you sleep at night

i always make sure to never vote for healers because i know theyre only doing it for upboats as youve just proven

i can smell your fear

They wont stand behind it. Everyone is too egotistical these days. They want to genji or tracer around and get all the kills themselves "without anyone's help," even though that's the only way you win games.

It's the same thing that pissed me off about league. It's a team game designed for teams and faggots want to be solo king. It's fucking stupid.

it was a good day. no idea what the other 3 rando's were doing, but they seemed to know when to flank, push, and retreat, so it worked out. all in all it was about a five minute game.

Switches are expected but don't go overboard. You lose your Ulti charge if you respawn as a new hero (if you change to someone different but then switch back before you respawn, you keep the charge).
If you keep constantly switching, you'll never use your Ultis and you'll never truly learn how to play a hero. Trying to beat your counter-pick is great practice, like trying to kill Mei as Tracer or Genji.

You can think of Mercy has the Quickfix in TF2, it's entire point isn't the overheal but the fast healing and you have to switch targets everytime your current one is topped off like the heal slut you are.
Lucio can easily do more healing than Mercy, he just needs to stay together with at least 3 more people and all you gotta do it stay alive. Unlike Mercy or Zenyatta, you do have the tools to survive on your own, from the speed boost to the wallriding. Use it all to stay alive and in sight of your team.
The longer Lucio stays alive, the harder the game gets for the other team, provided you are near yours. Also, remenber that your mates need line of sight to benefit from your healing.

There are many abilities that do not work the way you think they do. Zenyatta's Ulti repulses your teammates away from you when you'd expect them to flock over, Reinhart's barrier occupies physical space behind it so they can't stand behind it, not to mention projectiles don't go through it.

What are you talking about, lots of people complain about lots of singleplayer games for balance reasons, saying it's too easy\hard. Refer to "artificial difficulty" for a very good example.

You deserve another Hanzo on your team instead of a Healer.

Not that I've ever actually played it, but factions servers can even have "team comps".

Sorry, was I not fucking clear?

Actually, I do it because I suck at offense in certain situations, in any case I would like to have a downvote button as well so you could actually give me negative feedback.


Depending on the situation I try to stay on my last hero if the ULT can provide some help, otherwise is useless to hoard it.

On the other hand, I wish Guardian Angel was less restrictive, it would serve as a good retreating skill.


Multiple posts because the board doesn't like my multiple quoting

I think some abilities could use a reworking, but some of my ideas would be considered huge nerfs.

The goalpost was never moved, you just refused to admit it was there in the first place.

Going to repost this from the last thread (with proper formatting this time, hopefully).

She fires 1.1 times PER second, not once per 1.1 seconds. But otherwise you are right.

I didn't bother to check the wiki when I made that post. It had originally said 90 healing/damage unscoped, 89 scoped. They never anounced any changes so I just assumed it stayed the same.

You are talking about Genji harass, that's not a good Genji, that's just an ult whore.

Genji is actually hard to do right. Specifically, you need to be hitting shotgun headshots, melees and dashes in instant succession all while dodging like a fucking maniac. He can do >150 with the right click headshot, followed by 50 with the dash OR melee, either way he insta-kills.

SO many of my games go to sudden death that it's impossible to call the games stacked. If both teams are good enough to push all the way or earn AT LEAST 4 points in point-capture then how can the matchmaking possibly be deliberately fucking you? I also win (and sometimes lose) most of my KOTH games 2-3, so same thing there.

The way to handle it is that the later someone leaves in a match the less of an effect they have on rank. By the time it's OBVIOUS that your team is going to lose, leaving should make absolutely no difference on rank loss/gain (so you can't have someone leave to negate the loss). However, if someone leaves 3 minutes into the game when things could still easily go either way then neither team should really be gaining or losing anything. It's extremely unlikely that person left to save rank unless the teams are so ridiculously unbalanced that the game doesn't deserve to be played to start with.

I want to sexualize the grandma.

bulletproof. you sure are bad at this

thats better but you use too much spacing

Oh user, don't let me hold you back, rush at once to the Sims general and post about how art is overpowered!

Nice trio of bros and dads there.

I don't even notice dad76's recoil nerf. Feels good man.

hey dont let this ass ripping ruin your day. just get over it man its unhealthy

So was Sombra Ana or is Sombra someone else?

This is pretty pathetic for an ass ripping. I've gotten railed harder on /tg/.

Level 13 and I am already not getting many cosmetics, does it get any better? actually I would rather get credits and spend them in whatever stuff I want.

Level 242 here, sitting on 4730 credits after buying everything I wanted for Ana. I've already got all the cosmetics I really want.

In other words, you'll get there eventually. If you don't it's probably because you never gave much of a shit about the game to start with.

BTW average to save enough for a legendary (1000 credits) is about 30 levels. Pretty much guaranteed by 50.

speaking of trio..

sombrero is another, speculated to be a stealth class. ooh a stealth hero right after a sniper with the best heals and longest disable in the game. really cranking up the cancer arent they? maybe its good to get this all out of the way as soon as possible

*nods respectfully* truely sorry m'lady go ahead and share the link to your tumblr so i can donate to your patreon and make up for being an awful penis having male

no it doesnt really get better, but duplicates are converted to some pittance of credits which actually will add up

I juts started playing 3 days ago, not sure how much EXP works, I mean, not sure if the amount is actually fixed.

EXP is match duration, then bonuses for winning, "first win of the day", successive matches without leaving queue, and for the highest tier of medal you earned, and if you're queued up with someone in a group all of that gets a 20% bonus. Each level takes more and more exp until around level 20 or so where it caps out at ~22000 which is on average like ten matches worth.

Also the xp per level "resets" every 100 levels, so 101-121, 201-221 etc are

What's the quickest way to learn all the classes and specials and shit in this game? Preferably a quality tutorial video I can watch.

Play the game.

Why would I do that when I could spend my time checking my ID

Go roleplay on your fag game, nerd.

Literally just go into the practice range and swap between the different characters. It's quicker than watching a video would be and you can actually use their stuff yourself. Blizzard made everything as simple and clear as they could so it shouldn't be hard to quickly see what everything does, some of the other interactions between characters can be learned as you play.

Do you think this game may get a horde mode? I would like that.

Thank you user.

oh dear it appears ive overstepped my boundaries how thoughtless of me.

Who are you quoting?

yes confound them with memes, now youre learning

You mean you? This conversation isn't hard to track.

should i tell him?

Bumplock when?

I'm just waiting for half this thread to be nothing but shitpost and calling it a night.



Still updating towards page 1, maybe soon.


So what do you think?

You got a link or webm?

Soon fellow stalker

The person who ripped them is just throwing them up online as seperate sound files each, a google just shows the only place with them all is the dreaded land of the ever euphoric: reddit.com/r/Overwatch/comments/4ta9lc/i_went_over_all_available_voice_files_on_the_ptr/

Personally i think its teasing a Halloween update for the mann vs machine mode. But instead of omnics its the aliens they have been referencing on each map.

So how's the new ARMA 3 expansion?

how pre-emptive, where are all the other welcomes?
interesting though, seems to hint at new game modes.

Theres more hinting at the new stealth hero. Thankfully it seems to be 'The Predator' and not 'The Spy from TF2'. Lots of the voice samples are muted chuckling in a creepy way or rippling static suggesting some stealth cloak shield. And files from Reaper talking about 'Like old times again' and Sombra was supposed to be part of the 'Blackwatch' off the books ops team lead by Reaper back in the day.

Just as everyone expected, overpriced DLC for a map and random reskins, but now we can atleast kill dindus now.

Expected. Too bad, it looked liked it had alot of interesting gear.


what a shame, maybe you should buy overwatch where none of the content will be behind a paywall

I still can't believe that we have threads like this in Holla Forums.

It's depressing.

And some other stuff suggests Winstons AI helper 'Athena' might become playable which might explain this character thats been showing up in art.

wow, move over mercyhips

Clang is going to have a field day i am sure.

There's actually already a mod that does that. Although it rips the models from Advance Warfare, it actually give proper Exo-Suit functions like super punches and jumps.

There is a discrepancy here.

Whoops meant for the ARMA 3 man. Who deleted his post for some reason.

When did I say I supported DLC? I was sad that the Apex expansion was even a DLC to begin with and the mod picture I posted simply just ripped the models from "Cawadoody", never said anything about actually playing it.

I can't wait for Brohemia to make an $18 dollar exo-suit DLC that does nothing at all besides making you able to carry +5 more magazines.

so it seems the latest hotness is to go double ana + reinhardt to make super uberhardt.

whats the over under on when a nerf will take place? and what will it be? im guessing a 30-60 second "immunity" period where a person can't receive nano boost during that time period due to "extreme exertion" or something similar.

No one gives a shit about quick play

I played this weekly brawl, it was 3 Ana + 2 other heroes every time, sometimes 4 Ana.

competitive can be a shit show but at least people are trying to play. quick play is the short bus of overwatch now.

i know it hurts to be br user. we all do. we just don't care


you forgot to sage


discord orb negates the damage resistance, and theres usually a zenyatta on the team since his buffs as well as your own ana for the sleep dart right?

is grandma really becoming that mandatory?

Since when does a Sniper go unselected in a shooter?

I guess the G-Milf audience needs to rep their waifu.

if i'm the zen, yeah.

and if i haven't been gunned down yet by the endless wave of genji's i've encountered all day. seriously, a genji every game on the opposing team, and not one of them have abjectly sucked. i've had to swap to JR more times that i'd like to remember, partially because my idiot teammates seem physically unable to play either pharah or junkrat with more than the intelligence of smegma, and partially because he's fucking junkrat and he can shut genji down with clever trap usage and a solid grenade/mine combo.

to be fair, i have had a few good games where my team wasn't complete shit. i just can't stand competitive; i get too worked up and the game stops being fun. so i just slum it in quick play.

and apparently so do at least 5 level 200+ guys, cause i had a number of games with or against someone who had two stars under their name

did ana and bastion fug?

if this is tumblr's doing then i can't fap to it.

ok, maybe i can.

yeah, i probably can.

Did you quote the wrong person? I meant what I said, nobody gives a shit about quick play because anyone who plays to win plays comp. You can't have more than 1 of the same hero in comp now.

Has anyone noticed that Roadhog is a strictly better version of Mcree at this point?

Why? cuz he can 1-shot people at close range?

ah, you're an e-sports fag. entire game needs to revolve around competitive. i get it.

i would have agreed if you mentioned that before this patch, but now they hardly fill the same role at all

They changed mcree (or roadhog) ?

No one on quick play takes the game seriously. It's just practice mode now. Balance there doesn't matter, team comp doesn't matter.

You can't have it both ways. Either you take shit seriously and care about balance, and play comp mode, or you don't, and you don't get to complain about that shit.


some people just don't want to see others have fun user.

Except Umaru is moe-blob garbage and Gremlin D.Va is a perfect satire of MLG gaming

Who is your fave OW character in terms of looks and personality?

In b4, they all kinda suck.

have a look you dingo

maybe umaru is the perfect satire of life


My statement stands if that is the only change.

i know what youre saying and i would agree but they dont really share the same role any more

Still waiting on the umaru OP edit with Hana.


Big stronk wall of German engineering and honour. What's not to like?

Zenyatta is a chill robut that has attained unrustlement.

I haven't played it in like two weeks, did the game improve in any conceivable way?

Ana is voiced by that raspy arab lady who does every VA role that requires an older mudslime woman.

Her voice is awesome.

If you're not good at aiming, play hard bots until you're good, don't play with actual humans until you know you can fucking aim.

if you consider that several characters who were struggling are now worth picking and mercy finally getting her ult charge rate nerfed to be improvements

She actually looks like Ana and her daughter. Sweet. Her name also sounds like an actual delicious curry dish oh yes I would eat her curry flavoured farts yum yum.

Reinhardt, Pharah, or Genji
Eh. I have a sort of mild reaction to all of them. They all seem like "archetype with a twist". Which I mean, it's like fast food: it's pretty average, but there is a consistency that makes it agreeable. I mean, it's easier to point out who i find uninteresting (symmetra, toblerone, widowmaker, bastion, roadhog, junkdick)

Was Ana hotter than Pharah when she was at the same age?

meant to post this one

Granana best moccha girl.

Mercy because wings. Reinhart because fuck yeah, being a massive knight.
Tolbjorne is cool, he's a cheeky bastard sometimes but a hard worker normally. He's quite pragmatic as well.
Reaper too, and I know this will sound like a weird choice, but his personality complements so well the whole cringe psychopath look, I can't help but laugh every time I play with him.

Junkrat, no contest here. I don't even play him that much, I love his gameplay but there are other heroes I prefer. However, he looks precisely what a lunatic with a bomb fetish on a comic flick should look like, constantly twitching, hair on fire, crossed eyes and missing limbs. His personality, much like Reaper, complements him so well it's like another part of the costume. He doesn't care about any of this Overwatch business, he just want's to blow shit up and loot stuff. He has some very good reasons to hate every fucking Omnic too and it's not even a terribly generic story either.
Everytime I play Funkrat, that guy always amuses me, even if I end up losing. He's just what Fun would look like if it had a grenade launcher.

Reaper becomes far more tolerable when you learn he's a black ops mexican hitman.

This just in! America has sucessfully invaded the Middle East and has taken over the region! Egypt is now the most recent State to join the USA!
Diplomatic treaties are now being signed and every current citizen will be accepted as an "half native american" because while they weren't born in America, they were born in the world which is just a big province of America anyway.

That was probably in reference to these stupid as fuck skins. Though who knows, I don't think we know who her father is.

First thing that comes to mind is american football.


Probably Reinhardt. He's a goofy, friendly old dude that's in love with CHIVALRY and GLORY, and charges headfirst into combat. Age hasn't slowed him down one bit.

They look the same.

i shiggytiki

Because he has a rocket strapped to his back

Reinhardt or Mercy.

Reaper :^)

In all seriousness McCree, he's just Clint Eastwood from the Man With No Name trilogy and I'm FINE with that.

We don't, but it's probably either Soldier or Reaper judging from the most recent comic.


So their putting in a horde mode with gear.


Zenyatta more like Zoomyatta.



youre lucky he didnt just kick you in half

Personality wise would I say Winston or Roadhog.
Winston because he kinda reminds me of H.G. Wells a very optimistic person who knows that it is possible to improve society by doing good deeds but also a realist with a possible pessimistic streak knowing that if he did that could he cause even more problems.
Roadhog because he is the result of what happens if you try to change something in your society by doing something you think is a good deed but it backfires so horribly that it just breaks your spirit which makes him a good tragic character in my opinion.

In the Design department I would say Zenyatta because I just like the concept of an enlightend robo monk smashing in everyones teeth with iron balls and Mccree, that guy is just how you would imagine a cowboy if someone descibes that to you without a picture, like Roland from the "Gunslinger" or Clint Eastwood in his glory days.

probably tied between Symmetra and roadhog.
Symmetra has all of the hips, the absolute territory, and a nice ass. Also I've had a soft spot for the perfectionist archetype.
Opposite of that is roadhog, who feels like the Silent Bob to junkrat's Jay. A generally chill guy that just wants to fuck shit up.
I want to see them fucking, with symmetra being the controlling dom

Sometimes you cant be mad you lost when you see actual teamwork.



I know right? That line "I will put you in my place." just does it for me. Also high heels. I forgot to mention the high heels before but the high heels are a huge plus.

Man, I really want to play overwatch, but I don't want to give Blizzard money.

how does this make you feel.

Like I really want to eat some curry.

Brown skin is perfect
I wish if i was one :__:

losing to bastion is infuriating because it shouldnt happen

whoops where did my reply go

This was in comp.

Louis CK pls go.

Blizzard needs to embrace the memes

How can one be mad at that I mean that is either awesome skills, very lucky timing or that tracer was just bad at doing his job.

That's how games die, user.

define die

Death isn't what you should fear.

There are fates worse than death…

Really bad tracer. For one, you never bomb a roadhog at full health, that's just stupid.



fuck this lesbian shit

yes nazis were degenerate

Its called "Yuri" you homunculus mongoloid. That vagina isnt going to eat itself out.

Yuri is when it's cute. When it's tumblr-tier fan pairing it's shit.

No, Mei and Zarya is the foul tumblr pairing. Pharmercy is peanut butter and chocolate.


How? Look at her actual character model and not the tumblr fan art. She's got a decent figure under that coat, and you can even see it in how her belt pulls in. It's not like the coat's razor thin and even her concept art has her with a slim waist. As for zarya she's the pefect feminist parody. She can't do damage unless she's been attacked, or her freind's been attacked. Her ult can't do anything unless paired with someone actually capable. She's basically a man with tits and also an in-game racist towards the "oppressed minority".

You need to go back. Back to tumblr.

No i mean thats the pairing tumblr push and that in and of itself is foul.

Mei is pure! PURE!

except, she isn't, the show it self is the equivalent of the big bang theory

You picked the wrong board meme queen.

The pairing itself is pretty shit, too.

Korea and Germany maps, naturally

Oh dis gon b gud.

same shit faggot, its not cute in 2d and especially in 3d

wew lad

if anything Mercy+76 is cute but pairings are dumb anyway

uncle Holla Forums must love 76.

same shit



Hes basically Holla Forumss batman.

Except thta's wrong. Apparently she's a popular A+ normalfag everywhere but at home. That's like the the opposite of a NEET

oh user, nobody ships anything with zarya

sounds like the perfect satire of life to me, your life

if they do its in secret, they wont allow themselves anywhere near this game out of principle

come on son.

I'd also like to see zarya hatefuck zenyatta. But the kinds of people that draw her are the kinds that don't do musclegirls right.

basically, Reinhart is pretty good as well.

a few of us play Overwatch, we like the majority of the characters. Can't stand Zenatta's personality but love his design. Vise versa for Zarya. Lucio and Symmetra are eh even though i love playing her. Can't speak for everyone though

when did thomas the tank engine get so fat

well yeah but why wouldnt they go for mr reinhardt? hes practically their caricature
>huge german man

ever since anas release ive only ever seen about 9 people affected by date rape darts, is it that hard to land or has every mercy who never knew that she had a pistol or ult now playing this new support?

pretty slow projectile, but also best used when Ana needs to escape from a 1v1 fight with a flanker so you probably don't see it happen if you're with your team.

Look wise its good old zenny and personality its fucking junkrat we all know hes the best

Junkrat best attacker
Junkrat best defender
Junkrat best flanker
Junkrat best character.


god id fuck that robot

tbh i have over 100 hours in junkrat

literally me as junkrat

absolutely dreadful taste not even a waifu tier omnic like bastion


You can play with a controller on PC

why do i get so much shit for playing junkrat on offense? what does it matter so long as the very air around our enemies is exploding? would they be less triggered if i were playing pharah? well thats just too fucking bad isnt it?

feels gobbo man


and i never get any but that may be because im in the 200s

Dude people get mad when I play Mercy instead of Lucio. They don't think about the character outside of the role Blizzard assigned to him.

People look at the hero categories and interpret them as rigid class rules that you cannot ever go against instead of just being mostly arbitrary suggestions. Hanzo used to be listed as attacker instead of defense before the game's release.


Literally never happened to me since most people know that a capable junkrat can kill pretty much every other hero in the game.

If his skill floor was any higher he would be ludicrously OP, but as he is now he's perfect.

i gave this a try before it was funny as shit

So i'm taking it that you have no argument, but must get the last word in?

That means barrier to entry you mean skill ceiling dongus.

What I need to voice my disgust at playing a shooter with a controller? Where do you think you are?

the best feeling is when you mine jump up to a pharah and trap here mid air :^)

Fine, I meant "effectiveness in the hands of a completely new player." His skill ceiling is just fine. Lower floor, maybe.

You can also jumpmine her while she's flying and send her across the map.

just post hero lewds holy shit this thread

get out


I will accept the lewds and talk about the game, all is in harmony.

I didn't say it was best, but it is possible.

i actually agree with that, his whole kit says 'attack from odd and unpredictable angles'. i think hes a lot more predictable on defense and isnt living up to his potential. not that i think hes particularly great at this, but its interesting and i actually like having one that knows what hes doing.

Because Reinhardt represents all the things Holla Forums hates he is more of a Paladin than a crusader who understands the whole lawful good idea (protect the weak and defensless while hammering down the villains no matter who or what they are).
It is also said that he was Overwatches best supporter and it's harshes critic which means that he wasn't just a braindead follower and that he even went against Morrisons and Reyes ideas if they went against what Overwatch stood for and not like Ana who just followed orders or Mercy who just stood there and did nothing.
The complete opposite of a Nazi and to add insult to injury is he also german and I think Holla Forums doesn't like him too because he can think for himself.

Mercy on the other hand is Dr. Mengeles grand daughter from switzerland and she is a hot arian waifu which get's these Holla Forums dicks harder than diamonds.


i ruined it so well.

maybe so, i did say caricature. the image some of them may want to portray or believe in, whether or not thats the case is up for interpretation.

anyways, even if the roster is full of archetypes, knights are the one of the best archetypes




Anyone that is really good at this game want to join me in a tournament? I need 6-7 people:

Put your shit on here:

That I can agree with user knights are the best archetype.

Guess it's time to find a new game.

What are your specs, user?

All I can gather from the link is that the games will start tomorrow. If you can get more concrete times (I've got shit going on Sunday, so if the games are scheduled to run past 11:00 PM EST Sat then I can't help) I'll sign up with you.

Load into a practice match before you queue.

Man i just had the best double match yet. I finished red faced, sweaty -granted its a heartwave in bongland right now- and pain in my neck form tension but fuck it was good.

Temple of Anubis first on attack and then on defence with the two exact same teams. First on attack they kept us chocked for ages at the first gate so i decided fuck it and went pharah, boosted over and filled half the capture gauge before they got me, swapped to tracer to boost back around as they are running back to the choke and cap it.
Then at the second point they all -bar one shit torbjorn player- bring out their A game and keep us locked the fuck down. Try and hero counter, any little tricks and nothing works. The McRee and Junkrat knew their classes like nothing and Ana kept sleeping our tanks without the others waking them. We lost but it was close.

On defend i spend the whole match as Symmetra and must have been the must insufferable cunt the whole match. We hold point A for over half the time with the tanks again getting wrecked by Ana and junkrat while i drop one turret at each entrance point and keep firing charged shots till i see a 76, tracer or reaper try and flank, get slowed and i nuke them.
Eventually when me and the mercy die the points instantly capped so i throw some turrets around corners down the alleys till the steps. This slows them enough for the tanks to come up, i give everyone a shield again and they push them back, it costs the turrets but by them im using every little ledge around the steps, its two monoliths on either side and the side alley to keep them slowed and beam them to death while still throwing orbs down the paths. I also keep dropping the teleport in the building on the left, nobody is using it but the 76' who was probably the torbjorn just runs in and stands there trying to kill it as a turret and my beam eats away at him.

By the end the entire team was trying to just get the turrets and me down, trying pharah, widowmakers, genjis around the side constantly but nothing worked and if a turret went down i just snuck around to a different angle and put it where they wouldnt expect.
Got play of the game and MVP with 34 sentry turret kills. Felt real fukken good man.

moral of the blogpost: dont drop all your turrets in one place, you are support so use them to slow, all in one place just means a d.va gets rid of them instantly, use them like traps not mini tor turrets.

That doesn't work if you queue as a group.

I agree Symmetra is much better when spreading her turrets out. Turret nests are tempting and it's fun to instagib a squishy who wandered in but spreading them out and hiding them is much more effective. I love playing her on Hollywood.

I've started to see some good symmetra plays on Kings Row after the first point is capped.

i just cant into symmetra lately. i loved the hell out of her back when i started, and got several potg (many of which consisted of me setting up a teleporter) but then i dunno, something happened and now whenever i play her i seem to get rekt.

i put turrets as point defense/warning along the sides, 1-2 per area depending on what's going on, but it seems every game i play symmetra there's a slow build up then a huge rush down the middle with a d.va and/or reinhardt with zoomyatta ult protecting them and we just get slammed.

then i go back to junkrat and wreck everyone's shit because junkrat. but im getting tired of playing junkrat.


Most refined chilli heatwave tier confirmed.

people give me shit on competitive for picking her. Stupid niggers.

Some gave me shit for picking zen…That person was using ana.

Kill me.

Yeah, she's great actually. Her sniping is weak, but just strong enough to dissuade enemies, her Jarate bullshit is fantastic, and her ultimate makes anyone and unstoppable juggernaut. I've been ulted as symmetra by Ana, and killed three people running into their entire team. And that's not even mentioning ulting GOOD character

Sometimes shit works now. Sometimes it doesn't.

Normally I don't like unbalanced games but the sheer salt pouring from this kid's mouth made it all too satisfying

there is still shit ton of cancer who disregard the update.
mcgree is fucking strong
dva is strong
zen is strong
ana is strong on attacking.

doesn't matter no one killed the pharah right above us for the whole match even with a player on the team who is playing the counter to her, or helped keep people off the healer

Can someone pinpoint the moment when retards on Holla Forums decided that having a high-tier competitive environment for a video was a bad thing? Or is this just a normalfag thing?

I think that's ASSFAGGOTS fault. After only seeing leagueshit and dotafuck all I wanted to do was play singleplayer games.


There's nothing wrong with competitiveness and Holla Forums is full of casual faggots, but esports is being made into cancer because companies think they have to cater to the vocal minority of normalfags and ledditors that want the scene to be more like real sports.

Relax, man.
I think you'd better try something a little less competitive if it gets you this riled up.

What's the point of even playing if not to win?

Play competitive then you no fun autist.

People like to give my friend and I shit because we like starting a first point offensive with Zen and Ana, but people underestimate the sheer terror a boosted ally while Zen ults around people I splashed with her heal grenade can cause in a push.

I played a game with myself being 1 of 2 Annas. Of course someone complained and we still won. I put an enemy Roadhog to sleep then jarated him, then the other Anna shot him and put him back to sleep. Our Roadhog then hooks him and kills him.

Putting niggas to sleep is fun.

So why not cheat to win?

nigga, this shit's been around for almost two decades now.

not that there's anything wrong with competitive per se, it's more the tryhards who think that only competitive matters in a game that was designed for fun. much like the "fox only, no items, final destination" fags of SSBM fame.

don't be a tourneyfag user. don't make your daddy regret his weak pull out game.

hitting with that sleep dart takes practice, but oh shit is it fun when you learn to land it reliably.

Reaper cuz I like killing people.

Because there's no point in playing when you just ignore the rules. That's worse than being a shitter.

But don't you play to win?

I'll never understand how people can find standing around and being just a useless target fun.

Kill yourself my man.

Literally who gives a fuck.
What does it matter?
Nothing you do in that game matters.

Yes, but winning within the confines of the game. There's no point if the win isn't earned and you don't earn a win by disregarding rules. That's how you know you're better.

Would you say winning is fun?

He is saying grow thicker skin. He is not defending them, you ass gobbling retard.

Winning is the most fun.

Some people have fun by just dicking around.
I played an all-Genji game today, for shits and giggles. It was fantastic. We actually stomped the enemy.

Some people aren't concerned with winning.

Maybe you should stick to competitive?

Again, why bother playing if you aren't taking it at least semi seriously? There are tons of games with less of a competitive nature to dick around in. Why compromise the entire game for the sake of a few giggles?

Because people enjoy this game.

>why do people play really casually in casual mode

quick play is mainly for people to practice heroes and play more relaxed, it's also full of try hards that berate their team for doing poorly. If winning is the only objective then play competitive.

I can't enjoy this game after level 50. It just seems too boring now.

I'm going to murder every pub player.

And the next hero is probably a stealth guy. Imagine that shit.

My god, it'll be like playing with pub TF2 spies all over again.

Please, don't let it be like TF2 spy, please, don't let it be like TF2 spy, please, don't let it be like TF2 spy, I don't want to deal with backtabs in this game.

Sounds like its the predator but a girl whos been experimented on by aliens from beyond the moon.
i was ready for waifus, not world building, but i guess it was made from an mmo.

I'm looking forward to there being a "Spy" type character. He's my favourite class in TF2. It's supremely easy to dominate pubs if you know what you're doing.

Oh please let me get a character that finally clicks that isn't Reaper.


As long as it either has a backstab or disguise BUT not both.


Just give it cloak and high melee damage like Reinhardt and we'll be good to go until it's useless after a week.


don't give it high melee damage , but make his damage fluctuate and each damaging hit apply a DoT that snapshots based on this buff, from barely noticeable to able to kill even the tankiest character if he recieves no heals.

Sounds like melee with shimmery cloak that trips turrets still from what it sounds like
and metzens corruption fetish gets darker.

The closest to a pyro we have in Overwatch is Mei, sometimes I wish her gun had a cone instead of a line, even though she is a nightmare to deal with sometimes.

Speaking of which, why do certain weapons in certain heroes charge but automatically release like Symmetra's? on the other hand I wish Mei's icicle was a charge thing so you would have more control over it.

No thanks. I want that satisfaction of successfully flanking, followed by digging into someone and killing them because it's not Genji "RYUHAFDOIHFAIFHLIOAUBDKLUABDNINJATOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" when I pop ult and the entire fucking enemy team turns around and destroys me.

I want an ACTUAL stealth assassin.

Probably to stop you from using it like an OP shotgun, if you could just run around with a fully charged Symmetra orb all the time she'd be able to be way more aggressive than they likely want her to be.

But the orb is slower than a Heavy with hip prosthetics.

I just want snapshot dots in the game in some form, is it too much to ask?

Yeah but that doesn't matter if you're just running around holding it charged and blasting it point blank into people.

Play Ana.

You literally can snapshot and DoT per click.

Going back to an earlier post, I hope we get a horde mode of sorts, just no direct upgrades to heroes, more like automated defenses and supplies.


This mccree buff pleases me, makes people less ballsy. Charging head on into a mccree with a steady hand is now a guaranteed death sentence. And when paired up with zenny, he's an animal.

All signs point to a 'fuck you tf2' halloween update about aliens from beyond the moon. Every level has references to them, theirs new voice files describing some active mission to help winston get a satellite in orbit and a LOT of alien screaming sort of sound effects.
Plus the photos of the characters in trick or treat outfits ingame since launch.

Defias Pillager Reaper

I wish he was more mobile

doesnt his ult have damn near infinite range? seems like a trade off to me.

takes too long to charge and they either have to be brain dead or you get lucky with your positioning

Also… why is TF2 competitive mode behind a paywall?



But that's an horrible concept. And I loved Spy.
Genji has an audio queue that allows the other team some amount of counterplay, plus it requires that he actually does his job before he can use it.
Someone just sneaking from behind another person and instantly removing them from the game should not be that easy at all.
It's not not fun being killed because you forgot to turn around in the last 5 seconds.

Reaper's the closest thing we have to that, but his teleporter still gives a fair warning and it's not an instant kill but more of a fuck load of damage every shot in melee range.

If there was a backstab mechanic, all that would do would be severely nerfind all other aspects of that hero to compensate and make him balanced (i.e. not fun).
I'd much rather have someone that simply causes double damage from behind but gets decent HP and a short cooldown on his invisibility instead of a hero with just 100 HP and a cooldown of 30 seconds or more for his cloack.

Because they made the brilliant decision to release the game as F2P all those years back and now everytime someone is banned or is hacking, he just makes a new Steam account and logs in again.
Their paywall is weak and cheap and I'm sure there are still gonna be autists that will pay for it again just so they can be shit in Competitive.

Looks like I need to get comfy in the sub-50s.

Darting a Genji right as he pulls his ult is SO satisfying.

Yeah that's pretty much my excuse.

I bought the game last week, and I'm looking for people to play with. Pls no bully.


Hey do you guys have the "vape in my pussy and call me a meme slut" pic of Tracer?

should've gone through the thread before asking


So how many Hanzo/Genji role playing faggots have ruined your game today, Holla Forums?

None yet, but I have gotten lots of defense matches ruined by Hanzo+Reaper+Soldier+Ana+Farrah


Got it, I just need to do some work on a commission and I will take a break.

i'd buy that.

I really want to play Tracer well because I like characters with a lot of mobility and I almost exclusively play female characters so Genji's out of the question.

Problem is, it kinda seems like she doesn't work unless your enemies are either stupid or completely unaware of what's going on.

Am I playing her wrong?

How do the "pros" play her?

You shouldn't play genji anyways.

That's mainly her thing. In a fair fight she's not going to do well unless you're against people who never played a shooter in their life. You got to play her dirty; get in close on someone else's fight, spray the occupied enemy one or two times, then get out. Also practice your pulse bomb tosses.

move around a lot, obviously.

learn to conserve your blink charges. try not blow all three unless the third one is guaranteed to put you out of danger OR your recall is up and it'll put you far enough away that you'll be able to regen a charge or two before engaging the enemy in a risky situation again.

her pistols are more or less useless at range against anything with armor. non-armor targets can be chipped down, so you can use them to take out low life, unarmored targets from a good bit away. otherwise, you need to be short range for the full effect. just unload when you use them, no sense stopping with 2 rounds in the chamber to reload because whats the point.

learn the maps. stick and move as much as you can, and try to avoid being predictable at all costs. play her like you would a quick squishy character in a fightan game. keep moving, don't be predictable, try and lull your enemy into thinking you're starting a pattern then change it up, and if possible, avoid direct confrontation as much as you can. focus on a target and stay around for more than a few seconds only if the enemy team or your target is otherwise occupied.

honestly, about half of tracer is knowing the maps. when you know where the medkits are and where all the side streets and alleys go by heart, you'll have a much more productive time on tracer.

also, remember her blink sends you in the direction she is moving, not the direction she is facing.

I know this is usually the first place people and start, and while not entirely a bad one, it just leads to you always checking the current meta for advice, never able to think for yourself and actually learn how to play the game.

Tracer's biggest point that goes unoticed by a lot of people is how she actually deals a very stupid amount of damage in short range. A full clip is 240 damage, enough to kill most characters with marging of error. And you can do so faster than they can react, actually.
However, this is only valid for less than 11 meters. If you are farther than that, you'll do shit damage, all the way down to just 60 for the entire clip (and don't count on all of it due to the spread).

So what you always gotta do is flank people and\or going near them as close as possible. Check the Training Area, there's a section with Range Indicators on the ground so you can get a feel as to how far are 11 meters.
Only then do you unload your gun. If they saw you, you'll need to Blink in to surprise them, but you always should have at least one charge of Blink to run away after wards.

Just like every other flanking character, you should focus the other teams support heroes and try to take down low-hp heroes first.
If you count on 200 damage every full magdump, Rein, Roadhog and the like are gonna take at least 3, quite hard for you to do alone. Also, Armor fucks up your damage as well, remenber that and pick your fights carefully. You have Blink, Recall and slitghly faster movespeed than most characters, use it to decide when to engage and when to disengage.

Another point is that your goal isn't Kills, but rather Damage. If you see someone low on life, dive in and get him, but don't do so at your own expense and don't just wait for the right oportunity, your job is to create those oportunities. You gotta go in, do as much damage as possible and then retreat. Rinse and repeat until either everyone fucked off or they are dead.

There are a few more roles you can do. If you're actually good with her, you can be your team anti-Reaper, since you can surprise him, deal a lot of damage and back away before he can shoot you for proper damage. You can also try to flank a team with the express purpose of making them face you. Either they expose their backs to you or to your team, but either way they lose.

Recall is a neat ability that takes a lot of practice to actually get the hang off. You can try to use it just as a soft-heal or an escape mechanism. But you can find more interesting uses for it, like jumping of a catwalk when being chased and recalling back there when your pursuer falls down after you. You can also move closer to the enemy team, then backway towards yours and recall to their backs while they handle your team.


Oh, forgot another point. Her Ulti charges really fucking fast, provided you are actually hitting people. Easily 5% every magdump, you can use your Ulti about twice per minute if you keep damaging people and staying alive.
This is why you don't actually worry much about kills, just damage. You'll get your kills with your Ulti if you actually did cause serious damage.

Pic related, this is how I reload my assault rifle's clip.

Is there anything I can do other than switch off of Tracer to be effective in a situation where small intermittent damage will do more harm than good?

I don't want to build Mercy's ult faster.


She works best if she has backfield to run around in. A defending Tracer can be difficult to use at the first point but as the enemy team pushes up you'll have more backfield to escape to and hide in. The opposite is true on attacking, Tracer will gradually become less effective until you have no backfield because you're pushing into the enemy's spawn.

Here's a good video, notice how he is just focused on landing shots and chipping away health rather than getting kills? If you focus on kills it gives them time to react and shoot you back. By the time the dude you were shooting at turns around, you need to be gone.

A clip full of shells, rather.


You're basically asking how to best play while deliberately handicapping yourself.
Hero switching is part of the game. This isn't DOTA or LOL.

I hate when I instinctively aim down a shotgun, I don't know why but it always seems to happen when I watch a replay.

You're thinking about it the wrong way. Damaging people like that is a clever way to make Mercy come out of hiding, that's when you dive and murder her. Bit of the same for Lucio but harder since that nigga doesn't die ever.

You are right, that thing only has one tube, how does it fire 2 bullets?

Use Shadowplay because it's free and far less shit

Will check it, thanks.

I know I -can- switch, but that doesn't mean I -want- to switch.

Basically the enemy team is gonna catch on to my bullshit within 2 minutes and I want to play Tracer for more than 2 minutes every match.

I feel like while this sounds really good in theory, in practice it'll probably just get me killed or at best damage Mercy enough to scare her in the direction of a health pack or another healer.

Since we're getting tips, anything for Hanzo, Ana, and Reinhardt? The game dropped good skins for each (Shrike&Horus, Okami, and Bundsweigr respectively) over a couple of boxes so I sort of want to play them now.

After I did suddenly I had a white Reaper trying to kill me at all costs, he wasn't even trying to capture the objective, so basically, if you do it well someone may get pissed and try to counter pick or mirror match you.

And this is where being GOOD at Tracer, not just decent comes into play. You gotta be able to dive in, pick your target and get out before anyone has a chance to look at your booty. If you can't do that, pick a different character.
Protip: If you try to do it in a single attempt, you'll get fucked. You dive once, scare the shit out of them but leave. Then you go back again when they least expect it.

Which means she is gonna stop healing her team, already a bonus, but also leave their safety. People running for health packs is great actually. You can easily predict their movement and lead projectiles or follow them more easily that way. In this case, you dive and cause enough damage that they'll run for an Health Kit, and while they are looking for one, you pop in again and finish the job.
Remenber that Mercy takes 3 seconds to start regenerating HP, much like Shields do, that' plenty of time to fuck off, reload and load another Blink charger.

You are medium range. Don't try to out-range a Widow, it's not gonna work, but don't pretend it's a shotgun either. You want high ground whenever possible and you gotta explore every map and learn all the best spots to stay as well as how to get to them. Wall climbing is great for this.
Scatter arrow is for interiors or for landing beneath someone's feet, particularly large hitboxes like Zen or Dva.
Learn to lead with projectiles and aiming at head height.
Your shots have no indication from where they came and barely make a sound. You can and should flank people with him, it's easier to hit people if they aren't trying to actively dodging you.
You'll also fire faster than Widow (you fire at the same rate, but not with the same damage). Whenever someone goes near you, don't lose your cool and aim for their head, it's piss easy at shotgun range.
Your Ulti doesn't get you kills, it clears points\payloads. You get kills by killing fleeing people.

Mid-Range, just like Hanzo, but a bit further is okay too if you can still aim your grenades.
Always focus on healing people first, damaging second. Let your allies do the killing. Your damage helps but if someone needs the heals, it's better for your team to heal them instead.
Your grenade should be used sparingly, it's your source of self-healing after all, a good initiator and very good for burst healing. Try to combine it with other healers.
Her range means 2 things for you: First, if you are getting shot, you're doing something wrong. The oposing team is supposed to have your whole team and some distance between them and you. If they can see you, move back. This is very important because Secondly, if they can't see your teammates being healed, they won't count on it and dive against people that are actively being healed, leading to their deaths. It's also important because you'll often be alone and vulnerable to flankers. It helps if they don't know you're even there.
Her Ulti is fairly straightforward, use it on the biggest baddest guy on your side that's closer to the point, throw him a grenade and then keep healing him.

Sit your ass on the fucking payload and don't move from it unless you're killed. Do the same for points.
If you have teammates nearby, always put your barrier up. Good ones will take shelter and kill anything shooting at you from safety.
Fire Charge goes through barriers, it's great to initiate but also good to pick fleeing people. It's essentially a projectile after all, and they can't dodge it if they have their backs turned to you.
Your Charge is a great ability that needs some aiming to be done, but always remenber that you'll likely end up on the other side of the enemy team. Your mates will have no shield and you'll be alone and easy pickings. Charge only lone targets or when your team can quickly follow up.
Your Hammer does 75 Damage per swing and hits multiple targets in an arc in front of you. You can murder many people provided you can hit them (melee combat in first person is alwasy wonky) and you juggle people with it, fucking their aim. If they are within range, drop your shield and start swinging.

This right here. Getting gud at aiming is 50% just getting better at clicking on people and 50% being able to expect what someone is going to do.

I wish all other melee did some decent damage.

If it was quick play, you're the autist my friend. Quick plays are consequence-free masturbatory sessions where anything goes. I thought they were supposed to sort out the serious types by offering competitive where everyone can go if they want to play a serious game, while everyone else can practice and fuck around in quick play. Just… do that.

A fun exercize I used to do was playing UT2K4 with bots and the Rocket Launcher. They were coded to look for HP whenever they were low on life and if you saw the health pack and them, you could easily predict an impact point using their speed and your rocket's speed. You could even be extra fancy and aim a bit in from of them to juggle them back.

I got to try this some time later against human oponents and it's the same thing. Actually surprised me when I saw a video of competitive Quake players talking about this too. As long as you can predict where your oponent will move, aiming becomes very easy.
And it's not just with medikits. Those bob and weaves they make to dodge sniper fire, you can get used to it, see it as a synozoid and hit them in the middle.

It used to deal a fair amount (70 I think) but people complained about it for some reason. Maybe the hook+melee+shot combo was too good then, or Dva boost+melee+firing was too good.

Some people hop to quickplay for a warmup session or practicing. It's a bit annoying when everyone else wants to goof off but you want to practice for competitive.
However, it's just like noobs in your team. You'll always find a situation where everyone else is retarded (thankfully not that often), just have fun that round and do your thing next one.
I usually take those oportunities to try Offense heroes since I have to stick to Support usually.

back when sandvich had no cooldown, and scoots were too afraid to just walk up to you and shoot you in the gut a few times, then when they finally did get the idea they had to reload and didnt have the dps to finish you off?
it was god damn hilarious how often that shit would just get people killed while theyre distracted with your fat ass, then theyd bitch about it in chat after they respawned.

i have a huge problem with mei in that the people shes meant to counter are nearly unaffected by her. theres no way in hell shes keeping up with any tracer or genji who is not super clumsy, and a half decent tracer will just annihilate her if shes in range.

mr magnet is very interesting but that is a fuckload of control over the enemy. i like the idea of a pull you land early though, and then choose to reel them in or not later.

This is when some weaknesses and resistances should come into play, but since the heroes aren't meant to be hard countered I guess it won't happen.

i dont like hard counters, but shes not good at much else. she has a lot thats unique to her but none of it seems impactful. you would think it is but it never seems to be the case.

bunnyhardt when

Sine everyone has an opinion I have to ask a dangerous question, what would you change in the current game balance? ie, nerf/buff/revamp/change skills/stats/weapons/etc.

Personally, I'd half the radius of D.Va's Self-Destruct.

That's all, so far.

I would add immunity to freeze on Molten Core, but preserve any damage and slowdown that it takes right now.

Cut the health on Mei's wall way down, it's kind of retarded that it's technically able to be destroyed but the only person who can manage to take out even one segment of it before it times out anyway is Bastion and even he only beats it by like a second.

Rebalance McCree. He's meant to be an antiflank attacker but he's complete garbage at that due to a worthless FtH. It needs a buff of some kind but McCree can't just receive a straight buff since he's already so damn good right now as he is.

Would you give it more time as a trade off?

No, I think the current duration is plenty. As it is now in situations like Hanamura defense she can drop it on one spot and that's just 5 seconds where any flightless attackers get to just stand there unable to do anything at all, or in king of the hill matches she can just wall herself in a corner and its five seconds of unopposable contesting. Cut its health down to something where a few people can realistically break it early so there's no more instances of one character stalling out a whole team with no counterplay. Increasing its duration would just make it ultra fucking retarded in offensive instances where people don't have the opportunity to beat on the wall and Mei doesn't really need to be any better at beating on people who can't run away.

i hate this soldier bullet spread nerf, whyd they do this? because of people running the scripts right? theres gotta be a more elegant solution to this. sure hes still decent but its not something i havent noticed.
i think mei needs 'something'. on paper she looks very useful but in practice shes kind of gimped on purpose because nobody likes classes like her. reinhardt should also be able to move her with his charge while shes encased, but it drops her and stops the charge if she thaws out before they hit a wall, or she just stays frozen the entire time, otherwise it would be 100% suicide to use the move since theres always a reinhardt.

i gotta agree. though hes "fine", hes no longer the old mcree. in a way hes moving towards being more of a sharpshootin' cowboy instead of a faggot who shoots you in the back which is awesome, and id like to see them continue moving in that direction. flashbangs are for riot cops!

because you could feather the trigger on his gun and get nearly-full auto fire with pinpoint accuracy at any range thanks to his hitscan weapon.

he's still a solid pick. going dad 76 in a game is never a bad idea because he synergizes with literally every character. he's great cover fire for an approaching rein or d.va with shield up, can flank nearly as well as tracer and be on hand in the backline to provide healing for her if needed, and has enough mobility to cover multiple angles on a defense point as needed.

his ult also hard counters the slippery flankers, as long as he has LoS on them.

having said that, i think he could use a slight range buff to his damage falloff. make it so careful planned bursts at range are more damaging out to a longer distance.

I prefer the old McE myself. There needs to be someone to absolutely stop Tracers and Genjis, maybe even Reapers. As it is Tracer in particular has literally no counter at all. Genji can be countered by winston at least. New McCree is fine against Reaper.

What they should have done was thrown a cooldown on Fan the Hammer. That was literally all it needed. One FTH won't kill a tank, his OP-ness came from being able to FTH>Roll>FTH which combined with flashbang would kill literally anyone he could get close to.

cooldown would have worked, if that still wasnt enough, limit it to 3 or 4 shots and a cooldown. people like to say it does 270 damage or whatever, but thats bullshit becuase the stun will wear off before then meaning the "oh shit button" has been pressed.
it was mceasy to do and frustrating to lose to, but i thought it was an okay tradeoff considering how his mobility is trash. games have been smoother for me without it

I think several ULTs are kind of "meh" even Mercy's, the fact that at least 3 are literal aimbots makes me wonder if they wouldn't be more creative sometimes.

only one of them is a literal aimbot

McCree and Soldier both. I'm not sure what the third one he was talking about is

So for some reason my time-played for Mercy in Competitive reset earlier this week. All the other statistics are still in place, so you can see some obvious impossibilities aside from the fact that I have 228 games played on her and only 4 hours, like the fact that I have a total of 12 hours on fire, but only 4 hours played.

mcrees isnt a proper aimbot through, its only themed after one, but its just an ability you dont have to aim.
he might be refering to reapers ult, ive seen people in previous threads refer to it as such which is silly, or anas, which is a targeted ability like symmetra shields.

you know what stinks? ganja is a ninja but his brother isnt a samurai but an even bigger pussy

reapers is just straight up AOE

Friendly reminder that Samurais used all kinds of different weaponry, including bows. They weren't limited to just katanas.

Friendly reminder that ninjas were peasants hired because they were expendable and a "fire jutsu" was nothing but start a fire somewhere else to draw attention.

we could have had some cool front line archer with a naginata and a bow and a big ass flag on his back with some futuristic oh so japanese armor but instead we just get 4 kinds of arrows, 3 of which encourage playing like a coward

So this happened.

I had to taunt him a bit after the round for that. He said he didn't choose to get ressed, I think he could have jumped off at any time.

sounds about right

Oh look, the average shitters have infected ranked mode.

Can these unskilled fucks go play another game?

What a fag, you don't jump to that spot as Widow while your team hasn't moved forward, that puts you in a situation you gotta look 270º around you for enemies.
You always either pick the other alcove so you can see the other team easily or the side route with some boxers for cover as well and move to that place on the payload is on the final stretch.
Otherwise, you'll always have people coming from behind you like that. He can't even aim an SMG and Widow's fucking great in close range with it.

Your fault for being low-ranked. Move up the ladders so you don't have to deal with them anymore.
What's the matter, fucboi? Is it too hard for you to carry a team of vegetables against the top 6 players of Overwatch? Maybe you should look into more casual games instead, the noobs on your team are just an extra chalenge only REAL MEN can handle.

new thread

this is how you link retard