Blast Ball thread

who else got the demo? it's pretty boring af so far

i need your opinions prontos

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it's free, so get the damn thing or dump a CIA before Nintendo shuts up the online by the end of today.

Are you still mad that everyone is telling you to go back to reddit from your other thread?


it's alright, but it's pretty hard to score a goal though
so far every match I've played ended up with a tie breaker and whoever managed to get lucky

I have never heard of this. How is this metroid?

Well there's a ball and you're a robot.
So it's metroid.

"Rocket League is successful therefore we should clone it to make free money."

Yup, that's the whole fucking game.

That means "It's all up to chance and skill means jack shit."

Except futuristic sports games have existed ever since the 80s and this game isnway less ambitious than Rocket League.

It's a lackluster rocket league.

When you shoot the ball around by your self it feels good. Aiming at the different parts of the ball to get it to move different directions works.

Then you throw in 5 more players, (who I think can get in the way of your shots), and who are all shooting at the ball, then it starts feeling chaotic as the ball control diminishes.

Having different balls appear is a nice variable though. So far have seen a sun like flaming ball (that left flaming patches on the field) and strange wiry hollow ball that I think is lighter.

Even Excitebike 64 had a soccer mode. And probably many other games would have it as well. Playing soccer with different vehicles/non human character wasn't created by RL, the comparison is getting old.

I still wonder why Nintendo seriously thinks this could sell for money.

no seriously

what user you're referring to?

only thing Metroid-related in Blast Ball is GCN Prime controls, Space Pirates, and Galactic Federation anything.

rest is all new and dumbass soccer shit.

they're delusional sadly

pic related

The devs are pretty good, and the game reminds me a bit of a Co-op Metroid prime Hunters.

Which I fucking loved.

I will pirate (and buy) Metroid federation force. And nobody can stop me.

I wish we'd get more of them, I really liked the football modes in Unreal Tournament and Anarchy Reigns but for some reason Rocket League has been like the only standalone pseudo-sports game to take off in recent years.

You live a great life. Continue to live this way

This is the point where you knew you had to defend yourself from the wrath that would incur from your shit taste. You couldn't let your life go on accepting it so you had to defend yourself in some way. As long as you know you will eat shit then fine. Don't waste my time replying to your bullshit that it is some kind of noble act to buy Games which shit on the franchise and have shitty regressive mechanics that built the franchise it shit on.

Feels like shit.
Parts of it feel unfinished or rushed as hell, mainly UI things.
Less depth than the new Battlefront.
Very boring.

The worst part is that this looks exactly the same as what we saw at the World Championship so they clearly haven't touch this shit since then.

always thought the games these fucks made were low energy crap that relied to heavy on riding the coattails of established franchises and lesowhacky art.

FF/Blast Ball is actually based on Metroid Prime 2's godawful multiplayer

You're on Holla Forums faggot. You have nothing BUT time to waste.

there's a new vid on FF btw

time is not infinite for everyone. I would rather not waste it on people with shit taste and have worthwhile vidya conversations.

Someone post the CIA

And you have nothing but shit taste.

then why are you here

This is probably the least fun I've ever had with my 3DS
And that includes my 3 hour N3DS system transfer

you got a better place?
you could ask anyone on this site that.

There are conversations that are worth while contrary to every thread that is bumped to the top.

Gotta break out the smug for this one.

And money to burn, sue me.

Played one match and uninstalled. It's trash.

there is no good place to discuss anything on the internet

Expect my top lawyers.

If you believed that you wouldn't be here.
Yes that comment is for both of you.

It's not shocking faggots are actually enjoying this considering how much pokemon go was shilled here.


I'm here because I'm a masochist, and a massive faggot.

Not here for the stimulating conversation.

so according to the new video :
Tanabe and NLG did the damn chibi-style in FF because of all the shootable objects they have to display on a handheld like DSi and N3DS would be small as fuck?

why didn't they just do FF on the WiiU or save it for the next Nintendo handheld, then?

Why would they make a game for a system with like a tenth the userbase? Metroid games apparently sell not amazing enough as it is and who knows if the next handheld will be huge or a flop with the way phone gaming is going.

We need to re-energize the 3ds.
Perhaps when we release the nouveau omega 3ds in winter 2016 you will see what fools you've been.

Stimulate your dick, you faggot

you're right

that and the fact Tanabe already said it's too late to do a Metroid game on the WiiU due to NX's near arrival and how long it take to do a typical Prime game

when will this porch monkey leave Nintendo?

I hate you

Which makes me wonder why they didn't make a Prime game on Wii U in the first place. This demo they released is so horrible, I can't believe they think this is what will entice people to buy it.

What makes me angry is that one nintendodrone site said "oh this game has depth", when it's just pure luck

I'm here because I've got no better place to go and because there's nothing better to do in my life

But Hunters worked just fine on the regular DS

And never mind that there were some games with shooting mechanics on 3DS that didn't need chibi graphics on top of that.

this is embarrassing

holy shit

There was a sequel to Moon? was it good?

never thought I'd see the day where we'd have to tell cunts like you to go back to facebook

It was just the first game with upgraded graphics, they did the same to the first Dementium game last year.

More so when you consider the first and third game are budget downloadable games on eShop, and the third game is a graphical upgrade of a DS game.

never used kikebook
never will

have a (You) at least.


Maybe they were just trying to be witty because it's 3D.

You're Reddit scum who thinks capitalization and typing out simple words is, "lol, too much time XD." I tried warning other anons about this and how is a sure-fire way of being able to pick you chuckle fucks out. Also if you try blaming it on your phone you are especially cancer.
I managed to dump the files for the game, here's some links

Oh my god, shut up.

I'm not wrong though, it's a pretty accurate method of finding out who is underage and generally people who don't belong. Go look at your average half-Holla Forums post.

Nigga you sound salty af tbh 😂😂😂👉👌👳👱

I wonder if it's always the same guy getting triggered over dumb shit. Am I the only one that thinks this?
Wouldn't it be funny if there was only one asshole on the board that has so much time that he does nothing the whole day and he's the only person getting mad about dumb shit like this?

Also you're autistic and you're not fitting in no matter how hard you try. The anime pics are a dead giveaway you're new as shit

good question, dont look for answers

I'm honestly more annoyed by smug anime avatarfagging than common internet colloquialisms, "tbh fam lol"

is that mandrake or whatever that guys name is who made the cartoons a while ago?


Who is this skills everyone talk so much about?

quit shilling shitty anime, faggot

an imaginary friend

After watching that video there is definitely a good Metroid game in there.

It's on Tanabe's shirt as seen in the image by >>10141040

It's like as if he never played Hunters.

The best way of making shit stand out in a portable game is by playing with the colours and shaders, not changing models completely. As long as everything you need to see has some contrast against the backgrounds, you can make them look normal.

citation: Hunters, literally any 3DS shooter.





It still is somehow one of the best looking DS games despite coming out in 2004 or 2005, when the system just came out. They honestly should've just slightly upgraded the graphics a bit, maybe add some more features to it, and I have a feeling less people will be angry about this than for Fed Farce.

no duh man

and remove the dumbass ejection shit in Blast Ball. also:

Reminder to be wary of people intending to deliberately lower the quality of the board.

You can't even modify touch screen controls? That's bullshit. Could they not even add Turok-style movement instead of needing the gyroscope aiming?

i saw this on halfchan since march

wew lad

Only when the NSA pokemans edition flops. Not like that will happen due to the influx of nintendrones.

All it needs is freemium features now and it'll be a perfect game for the Nx!

Oops, I misspelled social media app.

but wasn't capitalization and all the epitome of redditism?
just like Have an upboat, my good sir.

Wow this game is fucking terrible
who thought that pressing L all of the time was a good move? I mean shit fucking rocket league has better design than this


YouTube comments are true cancer.

tell them about sonic still livin' due to years of having mediocre to bad entries of sonic titles.





I'll post this in every thread if this was a new IP I'd probably buy it. Next Level make quality stuff and this probably will not be any different. However slapping the Metroid name on it just makes me not able to buy it. I'm not gonna tell Nintendo this is what I want Metroid to be.

"It's better than nothing."

My biggest worry about this game bombing is would NLG get fucked by Nintendo for it's bombing? NLG made some good games with pretty decent online features (for Nintendo titles). It looks like if someone gets dropped from the match another player can join which is good to see.

I want the Metroid series to continue, but at the same time will buying this game get more Metroid games or more FF style spinoffs? (It's the similar dilemma the Paper Mario fanbase is in.)

Also been thinking if they changed the game's title (removing the Prime) and adding something to indicate it's a spin off would please more people.

When I see this I start to believe that Nintendo has a "make up bullshit" department when talking about their games.

It's like they want to forget that Hunters existed, or want to have an excuse not to use NST to make something that's not Mario Vs DK (does anyone buy those anymore?)

Can you play Hunters with normal M&KB FPS controls in an emulator?

They don't listen to anyone anymore(besides their shareholders). They became too closed in as a company because every other company and journalist was out to get them. Add on to that fan critique that would never end(zelda cycle shit(which there are good points to be made)) and they just go "lets save corporate work and effort by not answering to anyone". And it works. Enough fans and haters come to their own conclusions and run on them, Journalist follow suit and go with their own narrative and at the end of the day everyone is addicted to their marios and zelda so they still make bank. Sure their PR is shit but they got people who won't stop throwing money at them so IPs and fans be damned they're gonna to what they want.

I fucking hate NoA and Nu-tendo