Can we talk Kirby, lore and all?

Can we talk Kirby, lore and all?

Do you think Suzie is a clone of the original? Do you think Haltmann already knows, and that's why he has the gold missiles of her?

Do you believe Sectonia was bewitched by the Amazing Mirror? So that she developed a lust for power and beauty?

Was Magolor really evil?

Kirby is one of those franchises who were, up until now, pure enough not to be ruined by fucking lorefags constantly shitting up everything about it.

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Suzie died involving an incident with the Mother Computer
Haltmann used Star Dream to bring her back, but she was a clone and "imperfect", like the clone Dedede's are described to be
Whether this means she was part machine or some sort of rotting carcass brought back to life is unknown
The gold missiles and the H-bucks having Susie's face on them is due to how much he misses his daughter, and he probably sees the clone of her as a slave he can manipulate rather than the real thing, hence why she betrays him

I'm pretty sure Susie is the real deal and Haltmann's just a loony. Where else would Susie find out about Sphere Doomers if not from being sent to another dimension by accident.

I'm also pretty sure Sectonia had problems before the Amazing Mirror, but it probably helped. I want to know if she was originally Taranza's species and if they're parasites, but that's no big deal either way.

There are two things that will never get dealt with due to the director of the Dark Matter Trillogy leaving Nintendo and apparently disappearing.

What was the deal with the Black Pyramids in DL3 and 64? It seems like they're some sort of alien (ancient?) technology, but aside from that it isn't clear. The only other reference is with the Holo Defense API, which hardly even counts but is a segue into my next question.

What's the deal with the Ice Dragon showing up throughout the Dark Matter Trillogy, but only in Ado(line) fights (and Holo Defense API since it apes her gimmick). Did the director really like that boss battle that much?

So is Shiver Star still Earth or what?

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Shiver Star has all of the Earth's continents plus one moon. and it's mostly made up of abandoned cities, shopping centers, and factories run amok. I think it's a foregone conclusion; Kirby has always had a very environmentalist message, and this would serve to aid that.

My take on it is that he was a treasure hunter, having stolen the Lor first and planning on stealing the Master Crown, but didn't know a lot about it except that it was a nice-looking crown. Also If you pay attention, you can see that the crown has a mind of it's own: Magolor never puts it on him, it floats and latches onto his head. The crown also wiggles during the fight, and Magolor's Soul mouth eye only appears when he's attacking. tld,dr: A mixture of possesion by the crown and him being a thief.

What is Kirby's motivation? He goes on murderous rampages, ending thousands of innocent lives, but for what?


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Both valid and good enough reasons.

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Who's your favorite mini-boss?

How the fuck was Robobot so good? I honestly had more fun with it than Super Star. Genius gimmick, I'm glad the new style of Kirby they've been trying to do lately finally landed on some gold.

The Galboros family.

Alright, Timeline/Lore autism incoming. Probably longpost.

Kirby's Dreamland 1/Spring Breeze are clearly the start of the timeline: first game and its remake, introduces Kirby and DeDeDe.

Dynablade and Great Cave Offensive could take place anywhere and affect jack shit.

Gourmet Race comes anywhere after Spring Breeze but before Revenge of the King.

Revenge of Meta Knight comes next. Kirby causes the Halberd to crash into Orange Ocean (Where Meta Knight is fought in Nightmare in Dreamland.)

Then Milky way wishes. Introduces Marx/Nova.
Revenge of the King is the last game from SSU. King DeDeDe and Kirby settle their grudge, and Triple D starts to become more helpful.

If you assume Meta Knightmare Ultra is canon, then it takes place after Milky Way Wishes, as Nova retains damage it took from Kirby.

Anyone want me to continue?


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Dynablade and/or her babbies help out in Revenge of Meta Knight? It's been a while, I know Dynablade shows up again somewhere in the game. That just leaves Kirby offending a great cave being a mystery which hardly matters.

Yes, Dynablade shows up to help in Revenge of Meta Knight.

….Right, forgot about that.
Dynablade comes before Revenge of Meta Knight then.

Also, I assume Gourmet Race takes place basically right after Dream Land/Spring Breeze, since it features Kirby and Dedede competing while eating, which would make the most sense after Dedede lost all the food that he stole.

It seems like SSU's timeline is more or less unlock order actually.

Someone tell me what the fuck is the deal with dark matter and miracle matter. I never quite understood them. Generic villain? Parasitic virus?

Also, how the fuck did haltmann not only capture a NOVA but enslave it to make star dream? Did haltmann wish on the fountains to control a nova, maybe?
is the nova we fight in robobot even a real nova?
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Star Dream is the central computer brain of that clockwork star, possibly of the same name.

As for Dark and Miracle Matter, both seem to be "agents" of Zero, although the details on the specifics are slim beyond Gooey being made from the same stuff as Dark Matter.

so star dream is the nova core? or is it just a machine designed to control the nova, kind of like an artificial brain? Cause in the true arena, we actually fight a golden nova and it has a proper heart and everything.

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I'm fairly certain it's the proper brain, given the wish granting properties it shows in Meta Knightmare Returns. I also haven't beaten the True Arena yet because I'm a fucking dirty casual who gets fucked over by a jobber because I take too much damage before.

Mirror / ninja are great abilities if you're on foot, Mic or sword are great if you're in a mecha. Try to block more, you'll take chip damage but significantly less than if you get pegged.

Yeah, I've been using Hammer's huge amount of I-frames to get by, but I need to work on Haltmann on because I just start accumulating too much damage. I've never been good at blocking in any game, but I'll try to remember to do it more often than never.

Try ESP. Spamming B does insane DPS, its guard can pull off a counter attack like FE characters/Shulk/Greninja in Smash, and its Dash-B move is completely invincible.

Hammer's great for the I-frames. Bear in mind a couple things for haltmann: The suzy rain can't be dodged outside of running real fast to one direction, he can't be hurt while he uses the drone until you break it, and when he starts hopping around, he always hops in thirds onto the opposite side of the arena. so if you can see the first two spots he hops on, you can predict the third cause it's usually where you are. His gem attacks can be absorbed for the bomb ability, and I hear poison's pretty rad against him due to the fountain spray.

I should try one ESP run, it'll probably be slow compared to my hammer run though, but whatever.

I think I've spun through it a few times, it's been a while though.
That I did not know
I usually do enough damage to skip that phase I think
Good to know, some ants and a random stone combo saved me in TD's True Arena, I'll keep it in mind
I do have all three Splatoon Amiibo, and poison is pretty good, I think I tried abusing that a little for healing one run.

Thanks for the advice.

I'm not sure if the sword ability has the same attacks as meta-knight, but I know that meta-knight's charge spin, if you jump upwards with it, is chock-full of i-frames. If the sword ability can do the same spinning, you may be able to abuse that too. Best of luck, user. Bring a maxim tomato.

Was Robobot worth playing? How many hours will I get out of it? It has single cart multiplayer modes, right?

It's a fucking great game, but you know Kirby. Not going to be the super longest thing either. It does have a 4-player multiplayer mode in a quasi-RPG (but mostly just a series of Kirby boss fights) mode but it's real short and not much of a spectacle.

As far as the main game is concerned there's the Story mode with the usual large number of unlockables to find, a familiar extra mode, the Arena, and the True Arena. Subgames are the aforementioned quasi-RPG deal and a neat little score attack 3D game which is focused on chaining combos with exhaling stars made from enemies and blocks into other enemies and blocks.

Oh yeah, if you're worried about the gimmick – it's a hell of a lot better than the bullshit that ultra abilities and Hypernova were. It's actually incorporated into the levels seamlessly and the robot gets copy abilities and everything, it's really cool.

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Puzzles were non-existant. You didn't have a situation where you had to get a power from a previous screen or so, just so you could come back and get the collectible. Stickers are keychains, but to decorate the Robobot with. It surprisingly didn't feel like a level-ender, like Ultra Abilities/Supernova did. Even so, it didn't utilize all of the available powers, and I didn't really like that.

It's by no means a bad Kirby game, but it feels like a step down in some areas.

Hmm. Supposedly a demo is coming out this week, I'll give that a try.

Also, needed more levels dedicated to the Wheel Mode. Like, a highway racing mini-game woulda been nice.

Did you play Return to Dreamland, Triple Deluxe, or to a lesser extent Super Star (Ultra)? How about Dreamland 2 or 3? Plays like the former, robot is like a Super Star version of the animal friends, in that it has more than one move and that move doesn't suck like every partner but Pitch.

It's essentially Triple Deluxe with a mech powerup. It's a good game, but the level design feels weaker.

On top of what everybody else is saying, the game has bad framerate issues on the old 3ds. It's kind of annoying too, because Triple Deluxe was 60 fps on the old model; Robobot's on the same engine and the game doesn't look any better, so what gives?

It has a lot more personality to it than TD (which sorely lacked any), but it does have the same general feel to it much like how Amazing Mirror and Nightmare in Dreamland did due to reuse of things.

Wait, really? I played it on a N3DS so I had no idea. That's shitty, I was impressed with how much shit they managed to have going on and keep it consistent since I wasn't expecting it to be any different on an older model. Oh well.

There's one level where you are crossing a bunch of streets and waddle dees are driving. When the traffic light turns red, the waddle dees stop and obey the traffic law. When the light turns green, they wave at you and drive off.

It was the cutest shit I've ever seen if my fucking life god damn.

The background details with the Waddle Dees in the recent games are fucking golden. I think there was even a Miiverse post on how they specifically tailored ideas for hazards in levels to be Waddle Dees fucking Kirby over while not doing anything wrong or intentionally malicious at all.

And then you fuck all of them with the robot.
Kirby is seriously an engine of rage and destruction.

I wonder what the next "gimmick art-style" game (yarn for Epic Yarn, clay for Rainbow Curse) will be based around. Personally, I think watercolors or something similar would be nice.

Kirby's Dream Land 3-2

the Son Wu Kong/Goku ripoff

I'm like a day late here so you might've already beaten it, but Archer's fucking amazing for the Arenas.
I don't think it's necessarily the best ability for it, but it's the one I prefer.

The new Paper Mario "gimmick" is much better suited to be in Kirby, they can even reuse the plot of Rainbow Curse but with different gameplay.

I was so looking forward to getting this game. I don't buy Kirby games but I played Nightmare in Dream Land and Squeak Squad when I was kid and liked them, and the trailers made this one pretty hype. But then my cousin gave me his copy to review and I played through it… and while it's well-made game and definitely up to standard for Kirby, it feels like Kirby has became easier than ever. I mean, sure I played those other ones when I was younger so I'd probably find them easier now, but even then this one has things that make it too easy. For one health replenishes too often and easily. Health replenishes when you get in the mech, and Bandana Dee gives you health prior to any mini-boss/boss fight. Even in Meta Knightmare where health items are very rare you earn energy so fast to use the heal ability it doesn't make a difference. Also not only are you given health before every mini-boss, but they have two free copy powers given to you. In Nightmare in Dream Land you could run into bosses unprepared if you weren't careful, but here that'll never happen because you give you free health and powers before it happens. The only part of the game that is actually difficult is The True Arena (which is ironically a bit too hard, even when I was abusing hammer's i-frames it still took me many attempts). I ended up beating the game 100% and needless to say I don't want to buy it anymore.

Is Triple Deluxe even easier?

Robobot has the easiest True Arena yet, what are you on? Even has an easy enough true final boss unlike the other Souls which provide a pretty good challenge.

As for the difficulty of the rest of the game, yeah it's easy. So is every other Kirby game. You mentioned Squeak Squad which is one of the simplest games in existence and you can 100% in no time or effort flat. Nightmare in Dream Land's Extra mode is hardly what I'd consider a challenge and the game is extremely short. Note that I'm not calling Robobot long either, it's a pretty short game itself but the point is that all Kirby games are like that. The point of them is to have a burst of fun and Robobot still does just that, with a fresh way of doing it too what with the robot and all.

But they made an already series even easier.

box boxer, because i find its german name "Hau Wau" hilarious
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Yeah, and you a shitload of them. Triple Deluxe was generous too but the bosses in that were a lot more annoying.

It's every other round and then you continuously get them for the last few fights if I recall.

Which one? I can't really think of any of his attacks that aren't choreographed enough to dodge using one of the many complete invincibility methods you can gain from a ton of the abilities in the game.

Is easy as sin. His shield ain't shit if you just bowl through it.

It does take a while, but getting hit in those is nearly impossible so they're like a free ride to the final phase which is really simple compared to past Soul fights.

They heal like only sixth of the health bar and at least two of the rest breaks don't have them at all

You have to fight both Dedede Clones (whose first face I've never been able to do without taking damage) and Core Kabula with no health item in between. Same goes for Suzie and Mid-Boss All-Stars 1 (although that one's pretty easy).

The one where he shoots a lot of dark energy shots from his sword, I think. I remember it being one of the first attacks he uses since I try to hit him with Hammer Cartwheel since he's airborne doing it but that move doesn't have i-frames.

Sometimes he jumps back just as you spin through him, causing you to take damage anyway.

It's what drains most of my health. It takes so long little hits will add up by the time you've exposed it's face.

Nigga, it's a pink blob that eats everything in its way. How much fucking lore can this franchise have?


The Dedede Clones are one of the rougher fights if you're using Hammer, yeah. Core Kabula though? That's another gimme fight where you're guaranteed to take no damage.

Be patient about it. You don't need to constantly be hitting every single boss. If a move isn't easy to both avoid and hit the boss during for your ability of choice you should use your ability's strength during that moment instead. Hammer's down attack is fucking ridiculous for avoiding stuff.

Can't say I've had that happen but that sounds kinda bullshit so I can give you that.

Everything in that fight is choreographed to all hell and easily avoided. Don't get impatient and try to shoot down every obstacle the first phase sends at you to get debris for your cannon, only shoot what you know you can and avoid the hell out of everything else. You shouldn't take much damage if any and be plenty prepared for the final phase, which also does surprisingly low amounts of damage per hit.

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I never said I took damage from her (except one time). Point was it's two fights in a row without healing.

It was the second and third phases where I took a lot of damage. Especially when you have to dodge the arms of the Access Ark.

Why are you giving me tips now? I've beaten the game 100%. Even got platinum trophies on 3D Rumble and Team Clash which isn't even needed. I won't be buying the game or borrowing it off my cousin again.

You are using your failures as an argument, so I am responding to them with how simple it is to avoid the situations presented. Hence why I said
in the manner that I did, since it was a fair point as to what would make the True Arena tricky.

I remember getting hit by that on the first time you fight that boss in story mode, but then you should really have instantly picked up on how that attack works. The initial swipe always comes the same way, and then it goes in a predictable to dodge pattern from there even if you've never seen it before. The new part of it where you thread the needle between two arms afterwards also has extremely generous hitboxes (actually that fight does in general, really).


Are you forgetting 2.0 bosses have new attacks and different patterns? Star Dream 2.0 or whatever is relentless with that attack; there's little to no telegraphing once it starts and he changes direction several times.

Also there's another move where the arms fly by unattached and the space between them is extremely narrow.

That's what I addressed in the rest of that post. The initial part of the attack is the same as in the very first fight, and it continues in a manner where the animations as well as the logical flow of the fight would let you avoid it easily.

That's what I was talking about with

It doesn't matter now. I beat it and I'm not gonna play it again. I'd try Triple Deluxe but I'm probably in for the same easy blaze through. But at least the Final Boss is fought directly and not through a tedious shoot 'em up bullet sponge fight in that one.

I thought it was incredibly lame how the took regular enemies and just made giant boss versions of them in Return to Dream Land. Especially King Doo.

Triple Deluxe has a problem where there are long periods of time in boss fights where you have to dodge attacks while the boss is in the background, meaning you're not doing damage. Even when using hammer most bosses have one of these phases be nearly unavoidable. Robobot has a lot less of this, it's a blessing.

Alright, I think I finally understand the story of the Dark Matter trilogy. I've pieced this together using in game stated lore, strategy guides, and obscure shit from old scenes of Japanese Kirby shit.

There are two Dark Matter in this game. Gooey, and Dark Matter. Gooey is completely different from normal Dark Matter in every way, he has two eyes, a mouth, and a happy-go-lucky personality. He's a complete anomaly that goes against everything Dark Matter is supposed to be.

Somehow, Gooey escapes the Dark Matter, and a Dark Matter is sent to find him. Gooey arrives on Pop Star and the Dark matter follows to get him back. There however, Dark Matter is baffled by the actions and behaviors of the natives, as well as the concept of "friends". He doesn't understand it, but he knows it's good and he wants it. So, he possesses Dedede and everything, thinking it makes them friends. He also gets Gooey like he was originally supposed to, which is why hes always kidnapped when you encounter him.

Now, the Dark Matter wasn't supposed to do this, it has a purpose that it is going renegade for. That's why he has the Swordsman disguise, which he probably picked up around Dream Land. This Dark Matter is similar to Gooey in that he's going against the collective. However, unlike Gooey, his intentions aren't pure, and he's not a complete retard who lets himself get caught. His disguise only fails when he's brought to a corner.

Anyways, Kirby removes him and peace is brought back to Pop Star, and he keeps Gooey around as a friend.

Now, first we need to talk about 0. 0 is the creator, father, and ruler of the Dark Matter. Dark Matter is some bizarre substance that can create lifeforms, like some of the minor enemies from Dreamland 3 and 64, Gooey, Miracle Matter, and of course the major Dark Matter. All of these were created by 0. 0 himself is one big eye that can not feel emotion. It's not something it can grasp at all. The fact that some of its creations do go renegade doesn't make sense to it. It somehow could tell that not only did a renegade Dark matter fall at Pop Star, but there's still a renegade Dark Matter there (Gooey). So, 0 brings his entire fleet of Dark Matter and possesses the entire planet.

Now, what Kirby uses to fight the Dark Matter and 0 with is the Love-Love Stick, a holy weapon made of emotions, happiness, and all that fun stuff. You could say that all those positive emotions could be used as a weapon to kill 0, but I don't think that was Kirby's intentions. I think Kirby was trying to get 0 to understand love and emotions, but it was a gambit that ultimately failed since 0 is brutally killed. All Dark Matter is purged from Pop Star. This is Gooey's last appearance, but not the last appearance of Dark Matter, so I don't know if this is where Gooey dies. If it isn't here, then it is in 64 where all Dark Matter is purged from the universe.

02 (Written as 0 Squared, it could be symbolic as oxygen, what life needs to live, or a bitter joke about how squaring 0 is still 0) is brought back, in a different and crippled state. 02 is not just 0 with wings though, they do share one major difference, and that is that 02 can feel emotions. Unfortunately, it's not the ones Kirby intended when using the Love-Love Stick. 02 is only capable of feeling negative emotions like hate, sorrow, abandonment, etc. A being that has never felt any emotions before is now swarmed by negative emotions, and it's probably a massive shift in 02's psyche.

There's no doubt he wants to bring vengeance on the one who did this to him, but he's in a crippled state, and attacking Kirby right after getting killed by him isn't a smart idea. So, 02 decides to conquer other planets to build up the Dark Matter, with the likely plan being to swarm Pop Star when possible. Unfortunately, this goes ariy when on one of the planets a fairy manages to escape and runs to Pop Star.

I still don't know what Miracle Matter is meant to be/represent, (maybe 02's failing ability to create proper Dark Matter?) or 02's final awkward grin before he fights Kirby. However, once Kirby puts an end to 02, that brings an end to all Dark Matter in the universe, bring peace.

There are enemies that have visual motiffs taken from Dark Matter, but aside from that don't really share much else and aren't intended to be proper Dark Matter. Also they don't involve the Dark Matter Trilogy's Director Shinichi anyways.

I wanna do more than that, user.

I think the deal is simply that there's a ton of ancient technology around the galaxy. Magolor mentions the Lor Starcutter might be made by the same folks who made Nova and Star Dream.

Speaking of, I'm pretty sure Susie is the real deal- the pause text doesn't lie, as far as anyone can tell- and… I think she may be aware that Haltmann is her father, but keeps it a secret because she's not impressed with what he's become. She did say she wanted to 'teach him a lesson' with stealing Star Dream for money, and certainly didn't intend for shit to get as bad as it did, but that should be obvious. And of course, like father like daughter.

I like that theory because it makes Haltmann's entire deal dramatic irony- he used the wish-granting Star Dream to try and bring his daughter back, and he thought it failed- but it succeeded, given Susie came to steal it, but he never got to find that out.

The Robobot Dark Matter clone fight seems to confirm that it's basically just a superficial copy of one Dark Matter form, and Dark Matter was so alien to the universe that even a wish-granting supercomputer can't handle it.

Do love how most Kirby games end up being a showdown between two reality-defying Lovecraftian monstrosities. One of which is Kirby.