Why are third party controllers always shit, always

Why are third party controllers always shit, always.

It should be illegal to sell them.

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Only redeeming quality though.

Nine times out of ten it's hard, slippery, uncomfortable china plastic that makes the controller shit to hold. And joysticks usually give too much and d-pad is clickety.








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Because Chinese knockoffs are always shit.

Would you rather see cluttered text? I don't know if ">reddit spacing" is legit autism or just shitposting to derail threads.

I liked this one. Microcon.

That's what you get for using a controller instead of a glorious keyboard.

Because third parties don't have official schematics.
Better question, why is Microsoft permitted to deny xinput handshakes from 3rd party xinput controllers on both the 360 and xbone, despite not having a proprietary archetype of xinput for the system.

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I just bought this shit, it is pretty awesome



It's not like 95% of keyboards aren't garbage either.

Add yet another thing to the list you should curse your round eyes for.

everybody always goes "zomg i can finally use both the analog and the d-pad" for this thing, but all N64 games were designed to only use either because of the trident.

the exception is premium shit like fightsticks, fLightsticks and racing wheels, but that's the expensive over 100$ stuff

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One of the top USF4 Zangiefs used pic related…

I actually like the N64 controller's design, but the Hori Mini Pad is superior not because of it allowing you to use both the d-pad and analogue (which the D-pad on the mini is actually it's weakest point), it's superior because of it's vastly better analogue stick. It's essentially got a Gamecube analogue stick (it's design heavily inspired the official Gamecube controller) only with all the sensitivity of an N64 stick.

For 3d controlled games it's brilliant, though I will still use my original 64 controllers on d-pad heavy games or select other titles (such as the system's Twin Stick shooters).

never forget

Best controller I ever used

"Here's your controller. No, you can't have this one. It's too late. I already called it."

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Did you enjoy $20 PS2 controllers? Imagine what it would be like if there hadn't been third party.



Is this loss?


It's only recently (within the past month or so) there's been shitfits thrown about it so might be new-blood trying too hard to fit in

WTF is that? Are the white buttons a replacement for the stick?

I'm pretty sure some shapes are patented, and third parties have to cut costs to sell their controller cheap enough that people will consider buying it over the sure quality of OEM controllers.

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Cutting costs are likely what it comes down to. Less quality, more gimmicks, especially given that modern official controllers are more and more expensive.

is that actually third party? They've got the official logo, which third party controllers can't use.

not only was it comfortable to use but it was sturdy with convenient extremities incase things got physical

Damnit I've wanted one of those for a while but 200 burger coupons is too much for my poor wallet

It's like a very expensive keyboard that works with consoles. Four buttons for four directionals. There's some neat shortcuts for inputting directionals with it and some people just think it's the superior input method.

Because they're copying controllers that are already shit, get a PC controller.

all my hori stuff has been great and still works, which is more than i can say for official sony controllers. they use pretty good d-pads too.

I've never seen someone say that spacing like that is reddit until a few weeks ago, I've seen people call it retarded and pointless mind you. I'm guessing its the new shitposting meme like "ironic" coontexting.

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