Games you played the shit out of as a young sprout

Quality or whether you beat it doesn't matter.

I tried for ages to beat this damn game but never have. I also tried to make Superman 64 fun many times, to no avail. Never even 100% Bomberman Hero and 64. I'm starting to realize I've barely beaten any of my childhood games.

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To add to this. Castlevania Bloodlines I've beaten to death. Same with Kirby (GBC), Super Mario World, and Sonic 3&K.


If you remember this place, your childhood was epic

This game never got old.

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i mastered this game using modern industrial planing, pike and shoot formations and star fort castle designs

Please no bully

Was that the one with the camera?

Need to emulate those games sometime.

This game scared the fucking shit out of me when I was 4.
Atari ST version had some especially creepy sound effects. I've only ever gotten the NES version to emulate, though.

can't remember if I beat either of them

and here's the other 2 filse that was supposed to be attached to the previous post

I was about that Harry Potter one!. Shit was comfy af.

To post*

Settlers 2 was almost great, but unfortunately the combat management was kind of lackluster, and having to crawl siege with your catapults just to get anywhere was awful, especially when the AI sometimes just marched right past your front two sentries where all your best troops were to hit something further back.

First game I beat.

that shit made me so fucking mad and frustrated
I allways swore that the next time I would have at least 1 good soldier in the back fortifications but it always ended the same way, with me angry and frustrated

I thought that was a rendered still scene from one of those classic sim games until I google image searched it

No internet and had no play guide so I spent forever just exploring and trying to find secrets.


Command and Conquer 95
For the best considering how the genre turned out.


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Forgot to add this gem

Really loved FF as a kid.

No internet. No Patches. Didn't even know patches existed for software yet. Game was buggy all over.
No mouse at first, had to use keyboard to move the cursor.
No digital soundcard until later. Voiced intro was amazing when I finally got one.
Computer sometimes choked on it and I could watch the new frame being written top to bottom and left to right.
Played it so long sometimes the monitor slightly burned by skin.

Are you me?

Another game I heavily got into was Flying Dragon on the N64. I wish there were more fighters with RPG mechanics.

There was a sequel to that apparently

Dude, that game was great, but I mostly played the chibi characters with the added items. Didn't know what any of it did really and always picked Will? He was the only character without a ranged attack.

There was, which was an updated game with a larger roster and Virtua mode removed. Never localized though.

Are you me as well? Will was the bomb.

Sometimes literally. His alternate super was rolling a grenade along the floor.

Never had a N64. Only had plug 'n plays, a psp, a ps2 and a Chinese NES ripoff that plays NES games.

Now that I remember having a NES ripoff, I also remember playing these games a lot.

I think the only thing you really missed out on was the perfection that was Perfect Dark, another game I spent a lot of time on.

Just found a PSX version tooū_no_Ken

I have it on my 360's backlog.

I think I remember reading about that one, but the Virtual mode always seemed average to me.

I've heard somewhere that the Arcade version had input delays. Can't deny that it's graphically superior though and should still be a great game.


Fable TLC

BRO this fucking game was non stop from dawn to dusk.
I got to the point where I played it so much, I could go through the entire game without dying. It felt fucking good.
Never made an evil character because I was a silly kid that was obsessed with being good.

I actually remember when I picked this game up and saw the art on the cover.
I saw myself in the kid on the cover and it felt like fucking destiny. I HAD to play the game and basically made my parents buy it.

Is that Shatterhand


You have to go back, paco.

I'm still playing THESE today

Sorta. Jap version, same game, slightly different level selection.

1v1 me

Shatterhand is a romhack of a licensed sentai game.

it's not the other way around?

Gooood times

Shit was so cash


Might and magic 6/7/8 were my childhood - only finished 6 though when I turned into a (mature) sprout




I know that video. I made it.

I'll cover M&MVII when I get the time.

LEGO Racer
Red Alert 2

There's plenty more that I think I've played more than I should but that's during teen years

Videogames have never been as fun as when I was a kid.

why cant blizzard make music like this any more? they had already lost their touch by warcraft 3

I had tons of "weird" nonstandard games that I liked way more than the classics when I was young. North & South, Super Battletank, Rampart, Pictionary, Destination Earthstar. I should see if I an beat them sometime.

Notable mention to Charlotte's Web GBA for being an even shittier game than Power Rangers spd teaching me what "overwriting a save" meant.

Fucking loved these on my original Xbox.

feels bad man

What are you, 10.

the whole franchise, really.

just how early do you consider childhood to be over?

Every one of these games I beat the fuck out of, a lot of time spent. Not my first games (my first game was Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt), but around '97 was when I really started to get in to gaming with lengthy sessions.



Did you know that Sega did a proper remake of FZII on the PS2?

if he was 13 when he played pokemon diamond he could be 22 by now

Every time I could rent these from the local blockbuster, I fucking did. Never got tired of it.

Was always interesting when someone had left a save file on them

Nah, the SMS version is better.

First AOE in particular.
Sure i also played the shit out of AoE2 playing against other players but it atmosphere it just didnt hold candle into what the first game had despite it's inferior gameplay.

Fuuuck, where did time go?

Master of Magic, Frontier: Elite 2 and first Master of Orion.


this shit looks metal af


probably into video games


wrong version m8

Ive recently bought command and conquer red alert on ps3 and am loving a game thats difficult. Im kind of on a nostalgia trip lately and am thinking games now are too easy.

I know this sounds le wrong generation tier but its taking me longer to get through the GDI disc of C&C than it did to complete demon souls completely blind.

On a related note, does anyone know if Shadowman (ps1) is available for ps3? Ive looked on playstation store and its not there. Only game ive never completed and wouldnlove to put that right.

Did you check the American PSN store?

Lots of games are unavailable in Europe/Australia.

Sorry. I'll drink some of Nadia's tea.

I didnt know they had different games in europe/america, seems retarded. I just looked and its not on the US store either. Hasnt been remastered either so looks like im sol.

Licencing issues.

And some games were never released in Europe, like Xenogears.

It really is understated how incredible Westwood was. They made a functional and fun CONSOLE port of their flagship RTS. Fucking EA.



oh holy fuck this game

that's what it was called

Mario Advanced games were great. However hearing how they compressed the sound makes the music sound awful when compared to the original.

Also the pipe cleaners game was a good time sink. Shit would get very chaotic in the later stages. Fuck the freeze enemies.

How do i get games from the american store on my euro ps3? Searched for red alert retaliation after seeing it itt.

These were my childhood. Especially Spyro. He's my favorite :)

Figured out how, based us store

I played a shit load of vidya growing up, it's essentially all I did




Super Mario Bros.

Was just thinking about this today. Fantastic game and the last of the good tony hawk games.

Do u know about the user doing a fan recreation of rock raiders on /agdg/?
I've seen him on quite a few threads, so hes been working on it for awhile.

I played Chrono Cross for several days straight without memory card, I think I invaded Viper Manor in every single way possible.

Damn, thats some dedication

Rayman 2 is the shit, beautiful game all around. DC and PS2 a best.

You forgot one.


Loved playing Zero Mission so much


If you separated yourself from the series for a while and then came back to it, you'd discover Proving Ground isn't nearly as bad as critics and fans were making it out to be. People were just riding that EA Skate high at the time, and saw Tony Hawk as old hat.


Have figured out how to do it but the american psn store is being a cunt. Wont accept my login for paypal despite it being correct. Try to buy a psn gift card from gamestop and they only accept billing addresses in the US.

Is there a store i can buy an american psn gift card from in the uk? Two of the bastards wont sell without an american billing address. fuck you bestbuy and gamestop


I spent my childhood playing Rayman 2, Heroes 3 and emulating SNES games on PC

Prince of Persia 1

Diablo1, I didn't know about daemon tools then. So I played it until the CD-drive died. Haha.

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Might and Magic VII with my best childhood friend, we spent a lot of time figuring out the quests, being kids and English being our second language. But we had tons of fun.

Black Hawk Down online, casual and clan play. Have many fond memories of medic training into and capturing the zone with my G36, sneaking around the map to ambush people and figuring out all the best ways to exploit the map architecture and how to defeat others using them. That game had so many amazing quirks.

god bless snes piracy for bringing joys such as this.