So who else is still full on buttmad about Federation Farce?

So who else is still full on buttmad about Federation Farce?


This shit is so fucking befuddling i'm starting to think Nintendo is paying shills to parrot "y-you dont know if you dont try it" and "if this doesnt sell no more samus games!".

Imagine if we had no zelda games for years and years and fans so desperately wanted a new zelda, but instead of breath of the wild they unveil a new spin off cooking game starring tingle. People would go nuclear.

But not enough people care about metroid to give a fuck -and you really would think at least the SJW's might moan about nintendos only female protagonist being booted from her own series- but even that is suspiciously silent around this one.

I was buttmad when it was announced, as release nears that buttmad has only grown stronger as they have all but confirmed no samus games if it sells bad and i refuse to buy a shit looking brand name cash in like its some fucking hostage scenario.

I can't be the only one with dangerously high sodium levels about this shit still, right?



You don't even have to look at the spacing, his language makes it pretty obvious.

Blastball is out for free by the way.
Review: Unpolished UI, controls like shit, total visual mess, not engaging in the slightest

Goons, will they never learn?


I can't say I'm actively mad but yes my sodium chloride concentrations are still high.

They must realize a real Metroid Prime game that lived up to the legacy of the first three would sell a shitton and even convince me to buy a Wii U, I'm sorry, but instead they're whoring out the IP to make this crap. Shamefur dispray, Nintendo.

Spiritual successor when?

Uh huh, keep trying to push it meme queen, you will get some ground swell eventually. Maybe try Holla Forums or /sp/.

Didn't they say that the next Metroid is still a long way off, but it's happening? I could have sworn I heard something like that not long after the initial backlash of Federation Force?

And no, I'm not mad. I'm just really confused as to why they would choose this as the game to renew interest in Metroid.

Its a shame every attempt at 'Metroidvania' -though i know that triggers some people worse than the 'souls like' shit- has been 'okay' at best. Shadow Complex was bland but alright, that alternate 1980's seattle zombie one had nice art but was painfully generic and castlevania is dead as dicks anyway.

I just want to collect rocket power ups and make metroid crawl again.

Last interview i read had the project lead saying "To all the people angry please understand this is to show if there is interest in future games" effectively holding metroid ransom under the pretence of boosting the numbers of this shitshow.

Or worse try to push metroid as a co-op meathead shooter ip from now on.

God i hope they dont try to make Metroid nintendos "hero shooter" entry if this sells well.

What bothers me is how rare FPS Metroidvanias like the Prime games are at all. At least other Metroidvanias with other gameplay styles exist.

Unfortunately it might be inevitable. With Bethesda milking Quake for crapcunts inspiration I think Metroid is a probable well for Nintendo to draw from, assuming they make one. Not sure that they will, they skipped over the assfaggots craze after all.

I'd hope so but Nintendo today isn't Nintendo of the ASSFAGGOTS era. Amiibos have finally burnt out and are being produced at a loss, the Wii U is not a massive failure but arguably their worst performing hardware since the virtual boy -meanwhile things like Pokemon GO have skyrocketed their stock and value. Nintendo of today is making money in avenues not expected from Nintendo.

I hope it never happens but if games like Overwatch start printing money theres no other IP they could milk like going "R-REMEMBER ALL THE BOUNTY HUNTERS FROM OTHER M, NOW YOU ARE THE HEROS!, B-BUY LOCKBOXES GOYI-VALUED CONSUMER!"

If that happens then you know this is the darkest timeline.

It could be worse

well when you suck nintendo cock for all these years op you get what you deserve

Well fuck. Now I'm a little mad. Posting best song to calm me down.

Honestly, at this point, I don't give a fuck. If it turns out fun, I'll get it, if not, then no loss for me. The first three Metroid Primes still exist and they're still excellent. Except 3, which is still good, but not as great as 1 or 2. I just won't see this as much of a metroid game.

I liked prime hunters so not much
I want to fucking murder the little douchebags who cry "Metroid fanbase hate force" and retarded shit like that.

why are you faggots crying about this? everyone should have a fuckin hacked 3ds by now and should be pirating all their games.

I think you missed the point of this thread.

Not all pirates are smart consumers, some are retards that think they are robin hood and then cry when their favourite series gets canned for low sales.

Now to sit back and watch the triggered replies

Oooh boy, a fed farce thread!

The industry has gone to shit a long time ago. Being hopeful about any game is asking for trouble. Just pirate everything till this shit dies. Maybe someone who loves video games will start making them again


Blastball is free?


Why are you apologizing for hating this insult ? It is your right as a potential customer.

Besides, "it's not metroid but that's okay" is an absolutely terrible argument.

You missed my point again.
And you'll pirate those too.

the sportsball came out for free just now it sucks and controls like dogshit

Seriously, look at the fucking damage control in these comments

nigger ,i watched it in nip, it's the same shit.

Oh so they are incompetent. This explains a lot.

I really want to stab Sakamoto.

nah retard, ill buy games when they are made out of love, not because some kikes decided to try and get the most out of your wallet while giving you shit.


So what games have you purchased recently?

A chiding "and thats okay" is how the journos let each other know what narrative is being signal boosted for ad views this week.

They're giving Blast Ball for free, so the only good selling point this trash has is now gone.

I doubt it'll be good enough to homebrew either.

none, because they are all shit. Last i paid for was terraria, full price after i pirated first. It was around 1.2 came out and saw that the devs asked for nothing for the new content.

Are they trying to do this to all their franchises or some shit?
Why are the higher ups at nintendo so god damned out of touch?

I'll be honest, the last game i Bought was Shadow of the Beast for PS4.

It's sadly exclusive, bit it is the most recent "metroid-like" game I've played. Combat is fluid, movement has momentum and feels something a bit like the Outworld games.

2D only and with enjoyable combat and creepy fucking shit all over the place.

it really was made with love and care to the fans of the original.

Honest question: Are you over the age of 21?


So you go and pirate and play all the shit games anyways.

Do you just play video games for the sake of playing them most of the time?

They think that they will prosper by banking on the same couple of games, but what they fail to realize is that is what Sega has been doing with Sonic.

And he's not been doing all that great lately.

You're stupid too.

So do you not worry you are just playing games as some sort of depression aid? Over 21, pirates everything with a 'let it all burn' mentality and enjoying games for the 'tism audience kind of reads like you might be sad about some stuff man.

Sometimes you gotta ask if you are still having fun or just keeping the dark feelings away.

i pirate the games to see if theres actually something good. if it is, ill buy it. I do have a job, but i do it out of principle. Im not gonna shell out 60+ freedom bucks for shit. If its shit i delete it for that reason and i feel much better since i didnt spend money on a shit game which has been for most games since 2006. but by all means anons keep feeding this monster by buying shit games and letting kikes rape your childhood. Ill keep pirating their shit till i find a good from someone who actually does it out of love.

If think anons forget sometimes theres a consoles-pc divergence in a lot of these situations.
If i buy a shit nintendo game i can get a refund. At least in bongland you can if its not faulty but you fucking hate it.

I swear people are fucking retarded. Cool commercial though.

3's only downside was the fucking phazon mode. That shit was op as fuck and drained a lot of energy. In the end, to clear the game at the hardest setting, YOU HAD to abuse it. Planet Phaaze was a blast, thu.


I believe they meant the derelict space station, which has most everything already dead.


You didn't, when you knocked him on his ass, his ice powers were controlled by Dark Samus and she killed him

Maybe they're trying to make it abundantly clear that they don't make games for us anymore.

You failed to push "pozzed" or "bogan" here, just accept your something awful mehmays dont resonate here.

You have
and UNDERLINING to make your point fucking made.





Yeah, see on imageboards we have 'post limits', not pages for one thread. I understand leaving lowtaxes hive taxes some time to adapt but dont worry sweet bubbeleh, we can fix you.

Dont worry your ebig rebuttals wont be push onto a second page for a thread. Its all going to be awwwwwrite.


what does that have to do with my point? I never said it would push the thread to another page, are you projecting or something?

Wasting space does not look any better you homosexual.

I don't understand why people get so upset over thit shit, Nintendo can't even make a modern Starfox game without fucking it up and being worse then its legacy games.

Metroid is one series where majority of it games, except the most reason modernized version (Other M, which people treated like garbage for good reason) are generally good games. What do you think would happen to a new game in a time where political correctness is at an all time high? It would be even more ham fisted then Other M

Seriously you're better off just playing the old games and ignoring anything that comes out, it won't be good. Nintendo is a bunch of hacks who thrive off brand legacy.

This site isn't a written paper user, you're not being graded by how many pages your shitposting takes up.

how fucking retarded can someone be.

they already got the shooter genre with splatoon so i dont think they will do any "hero shooters" or whatever the fuck. I am more concerned over nintendo possible going mobile with the success of pokemon go.

Its just goons trying another thing to push to -in their words "get the faggot channers out of our new digs". They are upset they got banned and lost 10 autism bux on a SA membership and have had a little faux cabal trying to be the diet coke Holla Forums for a while.

It started with screaming about all greentext being "template" followed by the identical patrick bateman image -the medieval variant- every time until people starting posting their ebig chat logs and that failed.

then like good socalicucks they tried to push other SA things like "pozzed" and "bogans" and pulling the 'ive been here for years fellow kids' card not knowing how poorly they are trying and failing to fit in.

Right now their 3rd wave of attempts involve "reddit spacing" -which of course would imply they themselves are redditors to have such frame of reference- and "bumplock when".

Its always about crying for more moderation and homogenisation to try "goonforming" the board.

They have been trying for a year and keep getting more desperate and pathetic and angry when their flags fail.

i imagine we will see mario galaxy mobile where he just flies and you flick the screen to move and collect star bits or something next year.

Delete your computer

Goon we have been through this time and time again: No matter how many times you repeat it as though it was a thing before you pushed it that doesnt retroactively alter the memories of the people that were here before you you fucking homunculus mongoloids.

Take note anons, this is what happens to any franchise a company wants to get rid of. It's obvious that nintendo has no idea what to do with the franchise possibly due to all the feminist political bs happening recently. They can't just give it the ax as it is seen as a flagship franchise in some respects. So what due they due? They slowly destroy and use the low sales as evidence that nobody wants another metroid game

This guy knows what is up

Kill yourself, you are only making yourself look stupider. Holy shit

Keep signal boosting your narrative famfamwambalam.


Also, no one spaces like that in imageboard except redditfags.
Better luck next time.

They'd probably still have the decency to call it "Tingle's Cooking Time" instead of "The Legend of Zelda: Cooking Time".

I'd play that.

Sega has actually branched out quite a lot recently and most of it is with pc games.

Because I dont have autism to hate a game for a full fucking year and a half

Its made by Next level games so it'll probably have some charm into it

This game isn't just called "metroid: federation force". It is called "metroid prime: federation force". It would be like that game being called legend of Zelda ocarina of time: tingle's cooking time.

Or if Paper Mario had sequels that removed all RPG elements

Oh wait.

Normally when Nintendo makes a thing that pisses off the fans they make an apology game.

-Zelda 2 had link to the past
-wind waker had twilight princess
-Mario 2 had Mario 3

Other M is getting this piece of shit though. Hell look at paper Mario they're new game not only looks like crap is actively doubling down on all the shit the fans hated from the previous game. At least federation force is new bullshit that maybe Nintendo thought fans would like.


I'm sorry, I cant help it. Its like Nintendo making a weeb shit RPG and attaching the FE name to it.

Oh shit.

That was back then, Nintendo now though doesnt seem to operate on logic. They're like senior citizens, outside of Splatoon which was made by Nintendo's younger devs

The thousand year door was so fantastic yet we'll never see another game like it, this is so depressing.

Yeah but FE became weeb shit before that game came out. Not before there crossover was announced though it's why everyone was expecting a medivil SRPG with demons in it. Something like berserk with no gore or rape.

I don't get the reaction to this, not even the people who burned by HASHTAG FIRE EMBLEM hated that game as much as metroid autists hate this. They weren't even promised anything at all, they had no reasons to really get their hopes up for a new metroid game, nobody hinted at or told them anything, yet they're acting like nintendo betrayed them

The last great Metroid game was gen 6.

but windwaker was a good game, better than twilight princess even.

fuck, this thread is as bad as the game it's about

and that's not okay

It was, but it pissed off fans. They expected something dark like Ocarina/Majora's, which was teased early on in the Gamecube's life.
If it had any difficulty, it would be an easy contender for best Zelda of all time


I get being upset about the game being bad. What I don't get is getting upset about this one specific thing. It's like getting upset Metroid Prime Pinball wasn't a traditional Metroid game.

It's because the last metroid before was other M which was also a huge letdown. Then metroid had just gone dark for 5 years. Then thee triumphant return was something that was there complete opposite of what metroid is. It would be like if the last dark souls was Ds2. Then 5 years after you think dark souls has died from announced a cuhraazy game that was really bright and cheerful and called it dark souls.

No OP.

If you still play Nintendo games you only have yourself to blame, fool.

From what I played of Shantae, it played pretty much like Metroid games on GBA.
I feel like I shouldn't be in this thread. I only played Zero mission and Fusion.

Actually it is.
I don't know any other site that makes you do two lines to go to next line.

It was only the most recent Shantae that played really snappy and fast like metroid. The previous games are still metroid-like they're just a lot slower and in my opinion not that great. That most recent one though is really fantastic I'm really excited for 1/2 genie hero.

Prime Pinball wasn't trying to be a cannon entry in the franchise/story.

Kinda seems like Link's appearance in Soul Caliber II was based off of that Spaceworld video. If they had Ganondorf in too that might have been pretty rad but having each game have a single exclusive character probably was probably ironically a better idea to sell the game. On one hand I like that Link is thrust into the Soul Caliber world with no focus on Ganon but on the other hand Ganandorf getting the soul edge sounds like it could make a killer ending.

By the way, who's be a shoo-in for a Soul Caliber 6 guest appearance?

I haven't liked a single 3D Metroid game yet, I'm not even surprised let alone mad. The entire franchise has been nothing but pure shit ever since they gave up 2D.

Well how significant even is the plot here either? Would it be terrible if they did make another Prime game and Federation Force got some kind of nod?

The outrage over Metroid M's characterization was early SJW drama. No one ever gave a fuck about stuff like that before, and suddenly they're crying that Samus isn't a strong womyn?

Even the language used in the controversy, is typical SJW vocabulary. But elitism and socjus overlap, so many took the bait and even now they don't realize. Why in your lives have you ever complained that a female character spacing out in fear, is something wrong to rewrite?



A Dark Souls character (Solaire to be specific) is the safest bet you can make.

Of course Bamco can make some pretty retarded choices that'll be up there with putting in Star Wars characters in IV like adding one of the girls from SAO or Nepgear from Neptunia

I didn't play IV but I thought that that was pretty awesome to have Darth Vader make a guest appearance. When I watched that trailer I thought "Oh get the fuck outta town!" when I heard the breathing but I was pleasantly amused all the same. Maybe there was a better character to choose (more vidya-related for anyone who cares, though Starkiller covers that a bit) but I doubt there's anything that could have gotten people's attention quite like that. Yoda just serves to piss everyone off though (didn't they try to make him Xbox exclusive even?).

More like Newfag spacing, since you have to get used to this shitty post box to get a feel for it to make better spaced posts.

Is this some spicy new meme i'm not aware of?

Darth Vader and Yoda were both exclusive* to their own consoles according to their primary colors.

*initially, but available with DLC later on.

You sound awfully paranoid

Jesus Christ I didn't even know it was possible to have such shit taste. Kill yourself, dude.

This isn't Phendrana Drifts.