Games Where You Kill Commies and Jews

Since the previous thread is filled with narrative-pushing commies, what are games where I can kill them like the animals they truly are?

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Red Orchestra 2
Battlefield 1942
Day Of Defeat

leftyfags are so butthurt that they will derail this thread too, mark my words.

Only jews hate their enemies.

While we're on the subject: What are some games, other than Wolfenstein, where you get to kill Hitler himself?


Angelosexon are the real jews and the worst sub-animals to exist.

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I'm playing Hearts of Iron III with the Black Ice mod. Be careful though because eventually the game decides "Germany has gone far enough", and cheats by giving the USSR 2000% more industrial capacity & resources. I'm trying to find out how to edit the game to remove this cheating AI.

Free Cities, its a free to play slave management game. While I don't agree with racism, if you enable extreme content you can do all kinds of horrible shit to your slaves. Chemically lobotmizing, amputating limbs and surgically transforming them into women are some of the mild options.

Why would anyone go there willingly? Are you trying to get more people into your retarded communistic cult?

Ethnic Cleansing

Sure you could play it, but be warned it is a Big-Rigs tier pile of shit and a barely working game
though some of you probably will since it fill a right-winger's dreams of murdering jews and subhumans

KZ Manager
You play as a director of concentration camp and you get to remove jews, jypsies and turkroaches.

isnt Holla Forums created by Holla Forums?

Fallout 4™

I'll look it up

Holla Forums was created by commies who couldn't handle actual discussion and needed a circlejerk to retreat to. Like that guy yesterday who ruined a thread with race bait shit and kept quoting lawyers who had opinions he agreed with and ignored scientific data.

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Racism in regards of sex slaves makes no sense. If you hate niggers, you'd need to be really fucked up to prefer niggers as sex slaves. And dumping Aryan seed into kike wenches just serves the goals of the Elders.


If you kill the jews, they win.

-Custon Cuckdeua

That sounds fun but you can't enslave whole races and turn their suns into faggot cocksuckers.


Is there any good non-p2w tank games?

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Daily reminder that ww2 was a war for clay and nothing else.

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Sniper Elite V2 has a mission where you can kill Hitler. If you shoot him in the balls it actually shows only one testicle in the X-Ray.

I saw your post on the /gsg/ thread. You don't have the edit the mod, silly. The game gives you an option to remove those modifiers.

Mortyr 2093-1944


Every WW2 shooter ever. Nazis were practically commies and most definitely leftists.

What's the matter cuck. Not responding because you're scared?

There's a point where you reach a level of absurdity that people really should step back and question the validity of what they've learned.

Technically Watch_Dogs since you can just go around killing "degenerates" if you want, if I recall correctly.

While I don't recommend it becuase it's a shitty grindfest with incompetent devs, Warframe has the Corupus faction, who are basically space jews, and Saryn who specializes in toxins and gasses.

You honestly just look angry when you post like that.

Homefront 1 and 2

Although those are shit game.

World in Flames
Wargame: AirLand Battle

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You'd think there would be a mod or something at least. I guess they did nazi the appeal of playing the opposite sides. I mean it's reich there in front of them.



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So what does everybody think about Wolfenstein 2009? I've heard mixed things. I can definitely get behind the whole occult aspect, but seeing how the lauded multiplayer is dead, is there any legitimate reason to play through it?

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Leftism is just a title, its the action that counts.


I heard it was massive shit.

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I'm surprised no one said this. Never used a non-lethal weapons against those guards. That Sorrow scene was hell though.
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