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Holla Forums How do we make a good Shrek Game?

A Shrek grand strategy game would be cool. Make the whole world your swamp

Rapelay but with graphics using the Vulkan API and it's Shrek raping Ellis.

Then again it's not rape if Ellis wanted it.

Shrek Musou

It already happened

A rather cool arcade-like skating game with lots of fun and neat things to do like collecting VHS tapes, Letters that spell out "SHREK", knock off pumpkins and find secret areas.


This is basically explains why fandoms are actually religious sects.

Wasn't Shrek Forever supposed to be the last one?. I mean, Shrek 2 was perfect and there was no need to make anything beyond that.

Screw that webm,
this is the best and original one.

Overwatch with Shrek characters :^)
But for real, That Shrek 2 game was fun. So maybe it could expanded the gameplay into more of a ARPG.

fuck dreamworks

Correction: Shrek was perfect. Shrek 2 was a good follow-up that actually built upon the original, thus avoiding the trend of films to have shitty sequels. Shrek 3 and Shrek 4 are both abominations, though Shrek 3 is the worst by a long shot.

I would make a Shrek game that was a CUHRAZEE. You could do all sorts of moves like drop kicks, grabbing rocks or trees and throwing them. Grab people and toss them at each other.

The plot of the game is that the evil step-mother of Dragon shows up to take back her daughter, and kidnaps Donkey and the kids in the process. Shrek reluctantly goes to save his ass.

Shrek mod for Mount and Blade: Warband. Factions include:

Fuck me. How the hell am I supposed to pass that much time.

A good Shrek fighting game/beat em up would be sweet

I always wanted a Bully game with Shrek in it. Fiona let him there so he can "feel what it is to have a good education". Shrek is all pissed off and he hates the kids, and the bitches laugh at him and poor old Donkey.

I could beat up nerds and stupid chads alike and make those fucking bitches in the school respect me and transform them in ogrecock-hungry slaves. Donkey would help me to collect their panties at night and punch the little nigglets roaming around outside. Instead of going to the dormitories we would go to where the hobo was and make a little swamp for ourselves, and when completing optional missions the game would give me points to improve the swamp.

The storyline would consist of Shrek basically fucking up everybody and easily climbing to the top(in this part you don't get the swamp, you're staying in the dormitories and other places outside Bullsworth) until one day nerds and chads make an alliance to destroy Shrek and all his belongings. They succeed to destroy the owned places and knock up Donkey, but Shrek is all good because he was punching kids in a bike race at the moment it happened. When he realizes what happened he moves to the soon-to-be swamp and his objectives are to beat up the ones who leaded the operation(one chad boss, one nerd boss and the final boss would be a plot twist). To do this, he sends a letter to Puss in Boots to bring all Shrek's friends to the school so they can plot to bully all chads, nerds, little kids and bitches and create the biggest bully empire ever known. Man, so cool. I fucking love Shrek.

Dragon's Dogma but with Shrek lore and characters

Remember when Rome collapsed? They had lots of cults floating around right before it happened. Really makes u think.

think he might need some help with something like that?


you ass hole

hes pointing at us

an open world crafting survival game set in a swamp with shrek being the final boss.

Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life.