Game Dev Tycoon Thread

Let's make a game Holla Forums

Each post I'll note which number a post ends in gets to decide what happens. Dubs overrule the original number, trips overrule dubs, and so on.

Also GDT discussion while you wait for me to post images

Studio: Shiny Shekel Studios
Name: Chaim Shekelstein

Game: Vocabulary RPG for mature audiences.

Player Name: Cocksock

It's like you want this to be a boring thread.

that's for the bonus round when the company inevitably bankrupts

also i pirated the game but i dont get the anti-piracy thing, and it seems like everyone abandoned the non-steam version for mods

Gill bates

Todd Howards


Player name: Rob Dickgobbler

Jamal Rosenbergstein

Player Name: Angela Merkel


not sure why the screenshots are all fucked up, but whatever

and that 9 doesn't count


Casual G64 Zombie

all fucked up

action G64 detective

Detective Adventure game on PC

rolln for this


this is good too

i suppose i should be replying to not only my previous posts, but also the winning one(s)


Let's go with 5

Make it text-based.


2D, we have cash

Text based. I want a cash buffer.

Text based sounds much more appropriate for a detective adventure game.

Of course, GDT doesn't give a flying fuck about what makes sense or not, but fuck GDT.

totally meant to fuck up on the name of The Game :^)

3 decides

Max out story, obviously

all on gameplay

max story

Max the story, pardner

Max story

6 decides


Two in dialogues, one in level design

Dialogue needs to be dominant

no level design, max dialogues and AI

1 decides

all world

Get some cutting edge graphic for this text adventure

World design and sound, what the fuck do we need graphics in a text adventure for

Almost max world with just a smidge in sound for mundane UI sound effects.

No engine, no gameplay, only the engine.

*only story

Only sound




man, you guys are shit at getting a 1 when i ask for it



Rerolling, since the thread has stalled.


Not all 1's, that's a success in my book.

2 decides name, 3 decides topic, 7 decides genre, 0 decides platform

Genre, Topic, and Platform are the same as in

Nigger Killer Sim

PC Ninja simulator called Ninjas with an Attitude.

Couldn't resist trying it.
History as the topic, Simulation as genre

fuck it, going with for everything

1, 3, 5, or 7 decides

Cock juggling: the beginning


4 or 8 decides

Ramp up engine

All in engine you faggot

gameplay & engine

Gameplay and engine.

3, 6, 9, or 0 decides

Level Design and AI

All dialogue
crash this game with no survivors

Everything into dialogue

All in ai with level design second

1, 2, 3, 5, 7, or 8 decide

All sound baby

Graphics/sound even split



1 or 2 decide name, size, and audience

3 or 4 decide topic

5 or 6 decide genre

7 or 8 decide platform



hey, you dead OP?

had to quit for the night because i had school early

new option for size: Large and AAA, which by extension allows MMOs but only for AAA games

new option for genre as well: you can have two of them now, going to go with for one of them


1 or 2 decide name, size, and audience includes Large, AAA, and MMOs now but i can't be bothered to make a new screenshot

3 or 4 decide topic

5 or 6 decide second genre

7 or 8 decide platform

err, rather was the topic

so both genre slots are open


Changing things up a little bit since some time has passed in-game, and things don't exist anymore while new things have come out.

As before:

1 or 2 decide name, size, and audience

3 or 4 decide topic

5 or 6 decide genre (any number)

7 or 8 decide platform (any number)