Does anyone on Holla Forums still use a Tube TV or CRT Monitor to play games?

Does anyone on Holla Forums still use a Tube TV or CRT Monitor to play games?

Just thought I'd ask.

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I have one, but I have no space to connect it in. As of now it's just there being a table for my clothes.

Yeah OP.

It's still the best way to play my old games on. Doesn't mean I hate HDTVs. I use those for movies and my WiiU only.


I do for my PS2 and sometimes PS3

How are crt computer monitors?

I just got a CRT monitor for Melee (and I just like 4:3, ok?) after searching for fucking MONTHS. Seriously, plenty of TVs to be found, but monitors are drying up QUICK.

You can't be serious

Yes he can.
Mate what the fuck are you even on about, seriously.

i was still using a tube tv until a year ago.

fucking thing was huge and weighed a ton

Yes, I have my Laseractive hooked up to it for LD and Sega CD. I Mostly use it for older light gun games though. I Also have a VHS, VHD and Video Disc player hooked up to it. The Capacitence disks are pretty interesting even if they look pretty bad.

I just bought one from a yard sale, HDTV is great, but you just cannot use it for SNES or dreamcast without mods.

You have the J B Harold games or the Turbo pack attachment?

You just do not like the look of it on HD or are you using the wrong connections?

I have the Sega pac and Kareoke but no Turbo grafx Pac. I do wish i had bought the Turbo Grafx pac years ago when it was a little cheaper.

I bought a sega saturn and a dora the explorer 13" CRT tv this past week. The TV is a bit weak, not too happy with the picture quality. The games still shine on it, and it does a great job of translating dithering to half-transparencies. Not going RGB yet but I'd be interested in that in the future. For now I'm getting my fill of virtua cop and I'm loving it.

tfw no CRT monitor

Just shitty LCD ones

I want my scanlines and comfy glow

Got a 27 inch Trinitron in my room for PS2 games, and a generic 15 inch for my computer. Games have fantastic color, although I have to boost the gamma a little for modern LCD-friendly videos.


Go to a thrift shop. I have some here that go for about $5 and decent size. They just don't want them.


Got an old CRT for my SNES.

Almost tricky to get them nowadays. There's absolutely no demand for CRTs anymore, pawn shops won't take them.

Holy shit user

So i take it you've never gone to yard sales?

Personally, I play games with 2 tin cans & a length of string. Then I have the other person on the line explain to me what I'm seeing with hand drawn napkin pictures he sends me through carrier pigeon.

I know it's not for everybody, but it's good enough for me.

How do i even get audio on a CRT

Most of the time you don't. You're suppose to feed the audio from your system or PC into separate speakers, not into a TV. Built in TV speakers aren't generally the best quality.

The only TV I have is an old hand-me-down from a family member, so I did until I stopped getting consoles

20" PVM is very nice.

you're better off just using a new HD panel user

You do realize quality CRTs do in fact have benefits over modern LCD panels right? Its not just some hipster "look how retro XD!" nonesense. unless you use a shitty TV like instead of an actual PVM


I have a pretty decent CRT I am currently playing Oddworld on
cant play em on my massive HDTV, they always get distorted and the colors are probably the worst about it. Much prefer my small comfy CRT

check craigslist.

I bought Abe's Oddysee recently, I'm looking forward to playing it but I've gotta get through Symphony of the Night first. Shit's super comfy, especially late at night.

Man I would love to get my hands on Symphony, mos the copies I find are either incomplete or too expensive.
Abe is pretty fun, my first time playing it and I get stuck a lot. Need to adjust to the gameplay more.

i live in bongland, we dont use that here and everyone where i live is a turbojew when it comes to anything "retro"

i just want to have that authentic ps1 experience, at a proper resolution courtesy of emulator wizardry

go to shitty thrift stores

I managed to get one at my local store complete for $45, greatest hits but I don't really care about the label, I just haven't gotten to play SotN before so I was pretty interested.

that sucks dick then, enjoy your PAL 50hz bullshit too. Do you not have thrift stores or dumps to look for shit?

not unless i want shadow mask CRTs, thanks to EU fishing regulation my city is more or less dead

You make it sound like we don't have fairly regular CRT threads.

Of course. Have you missed all the threads saying as much?

Man, I lucked out one time and found it complete for 22$. I didn't buy it at the time because of how low on cash I was.
Full of regret

A crappy 21" square sided samsung thing for tate and a 29" sony trinitron for yoko. All packed up with my classic consoles right now though.

Pic related is what i'm using now, 480p 21" samsung LCD with VGA and scart inputs, MD emulator at 2x native rez with fake scanline filter.

Damn i have to get my CRT monitor back so i can get that NTSC feel and scanlines

Is such a thing even possible? Don't laseractives has like 100 capacitors inside that all have to be running or the thing dies?

Yeah. Old 20inch stereo Philips CRT set I got 12 years ago. Useful with the Genesis and SŃES mainly. It also has component-in so even the PS2 looks great on it.
I just had it tuned and cleaned a couple months ago since the vertical sync was having a bit of trouble. Now it works great again.

That thing is beautiful, look at those colours, that pixelation. I'm so jealous.

Anyone in the Pittsburgh area know where I can send a CRT for recycling? I got a few that I wanna get rid of, and one to keep.

An electronics recycling center maybe? I donated mine to the salvation army, but they've since stopped accepting them.

We get em every now and then. I miss /vr/ more every day.

I use a flatscreen for muh PS3 and gayman pc and a tube for my retro consoles

When was the last time you saw a zeppelin?


Actually OLED blows CRT out of the water now.

But it will be another 5 years before they become cheap.


That's a blimp.

This meme still isn't dead?

A-U-T-I-S-M what does it mean?

til they die in a years time


My head is filled with useless information.

That's very true.

CRT televisions were practically indestructible, they lasted forever.

Yes, but I have a Laserdisc deck connected to it right now.

Which of these are any good?

try this

sorry you didn't graduate elementary school, son
The 32" flatscreen, though it looks like it could use a good cleaning in the back. If you're looking to play some light gun games, though, you may want to wait until a good rounded-tube monitor comes up, possibly with RGB.

I bet you're one of those people who doesn't think certain albums sound better on vinyl too huh?

i might but it started hurting my eyes and then one day just refused to work. its fine, i dont really need the authenticity

well its possible to emulate the desired qualities in both cases, is it not?

user, you can't just emulate deeper black levels, real interlacing, and faster refresh rates

I have one of those.


Not really. Having the display be in the native resolution of the game and the game's visual design having been optimized for that display type only really comes into play with the correct display.

Pixels appear smoother and colours look different on a CRT when the game has been made for it.
I've got my Commodore 1084 right beside my computer monitor so I can play Sensible Soccer on my Amiga while watching stuff on the side. The game looks a good deal different than it does when I play it emulated on my LCD screen.

Enjoy your eye cancer and cataracts, losers.

I use a CRT monitor to play quake

me 2

Don't stick your face in front of it and take a break every once in a while.

For steady surveillance, you can forget modern tvs.
40" XBR and all those 32-37s, you lucky bastard murrican's, 29" is the biggest 4:3 CRT you see commonly in the UK.


I had to bring mine to work once



as in, the CRT display technology used
trinitron displays use a mesh to make the pixel grid, shadow masks are a perforated sheet of metal. shadow mask CRTs are generally recognized as inferior.

is there software that lets you have a CRT effect on modern screens?

I got that tv for free about 10 years ago. It isnt great but its durable

yeah I use it to play old games, games that benefit from the higher framerate and games so new I have to play at the minimum resolution to even reach 30fps, so pretty much everything.
I love CRTs.

CRT in the opening picture came in. I have to find some 75ohm terminators for the outputs or it won't display a picture properly. Now that Radioshack is dead, where can I get some of these?

Is Amazon my only bet?

That picture quality makes my dick hard.

I had that one.

After reading this thread. I was thinking. Should i get sony wega 32 or 21 (pic related). Becoues i noticed my 32'' phillips use shadow mask

Not necessarily 'inferior', just different.

Some people prefer the image a shadow mask presents - I've got a tiny portable CRT that uses a shadow mask and looks incredible.

Good for PS2 and PSX too, it's really worth it to get an RGB monitor if you can find one close by on craigslist.
I don't have any psx pictures and I'm too lazy to take any

(and I just like 4:3, ok?)
What is wrong with you?

fuck my life

at least you know how much of your post is inteligiable and how much of it is just memes

Gotta start somewhere. Not everyone here can afford one of those 1000 line BVMs.


What's the model bby?

I straight up thought that the deeper blacks thing was a meme until I got one of pic related for 20 bucks.

I loaded up quake for a laff and it actually was edgier than in my LCD because it really did have deeper blacks: you got close to a light: bright, you went into the dark corner, it got dark and spooky.

So now I have a 30" sony and that apple thing. Good thing I have space because that's as far as I'm willing to take CRTs, unless I can find a good 20in+ PVM and I'll toss / sell my Sony.

and do what?

now that you mention it, i remember noticing and being bothered by the black issue. but that was years ago, they still havent worked that out with the flat huh?

I live in a tiny shared room college apartment. I wish I had the space for a crt. I currently have a 27" 1440p monitor.

I wonder if some small or large company several years from now will start manufacturing and selling pvm or pvm-like monitors for the niche crt market. The supply of PVM monitors is only going down, and I bet there still will be enough people will still be willing to pay a good amount for a good crt.

I found a FD Trinitron Wega KV-32FS320 for free in brand new condition. However, the fucker is almost 200 lbs. I can lift that, but god damn if I have to move that thing again.

Is it worth it, or should I continue looking around?

lmao lift more fgt

Holla Forums

I would not be surprised. In addition to this working laseractive I have two that don't work.

I bought it new in the box about three weeks ago. It has been in a box since 1983.

I don't miss CRT

It reminds me of my childhood.

I still use the same monitor i used in 2001…So yeah.

Think about the design m8. In LCD's, you have 2 strips of bright-ass lightbulbs on top and bottom. That light has to go through the colored screen in order to actually show things. So for blacks, well you still have a giant light bulb shining through.

In CRTs you have a metal screen with tiny holes on it right on the glass, and if you want to show black, the electron gun doesn't have to actually shoot anything towards the screen so the black metal & glass stays black.

Well that's probably the issue. Laseractive machines are rare as shit though. If you don't replace the caps then the battery acid is just going to eat right through the boards. I would get to fixing those as soon as you can.

So here's what I went through today

Finally got the 75Ohm Terminators in the mail, everything seemed to work on my BVM-D24E1WU…except one thing. The upper right hand corner was slightly discolored compared to the rest of the screen.

I used my snes as a reference point

1: Wasn't the scart cable since I have two & it persisted through both.
2: Not my BNC to euro scart adapter. Again I had two from different sellers
3: wasn't my snes mini. I hooked up my wii & ran the same snes game though RGB in it's original resolution & I still had the discoloration.
4: wasn't the game, all games produced this issue

At this point I thought it was a degaussing problem, & sure enough, when I manually degaussed the screen, the picture got fixed….but moved to the bottom right corner…then back to the top righht…

At this point I thought I must have a magnet somewhere & found nothing. Even turned off all the electronic in my room to see if there was some kind of magnetic interference.



Had to call the retired SONY tech I know over the phone for advise & found out what the issue is.

Turns out the BVM-D24E1WU is SO sensitive, it's actually affected by the MAGNETIC POLES of the earth. I set the pole position in the menu to West, fiddled with it a bit, & now have a perfect picture.

Thanks for reading my blogpost. I never thought in a million years that the poles of the earth would affect a Monitor. What a magical piece of technology.

Yes, my F-Zero is so comfy on a CRT.

I'll buy a SNES flash cart if they ever make one that plays all the games.

Well, tube monitors are sensitive to magnetic fields - hence the degaussing equipment and all of that.

But to be affected by the planet's own magnetic poles, it must mean that is is really damn sensitive. Bet it looks gorgeous too. Lucky you, user.



Samsung LW20M21C
Need to watch that movie some time.

Do it faggot.

Hey, thanks for the reply m8, I know these threads get slow after 100

No problem, just remembered problem with it is it has 8px overscan on each side so you have to set up a custom resolution of 656x496, so it can take a bit of messing with the picture position and reducing the title bar height to get things lined up if your emulator is putting out exactly 640x480 and your drivers don't have overscan compensation.
What the quality would be like on the scart input i don't know, never tried it, i'd guess the overscan would fuck things up and the scaling/deinterlacing is probably less than stellar.

what kind of spyware can you even embed in a .gif?

Who u mane?

Just picked it up since evo, Q-bee for now.

put a gamecube disk next to it


I found a PVM-2030 a few weeks ago at the flea market. Bought it for 30 dollarydoos. The picture wasn't framed correctly so I had to open it and mess around with the internal potentiometers to fix it.

The only remaining issue is an almost unnoticeably rotated picture, and some white balance issues when the picture displays certain colors. I might need to open it up again.

Does anyone know what this guy put under his Tube TV so he can rotate it like that? Is it called a Lazy Susan? Where would I get one?

From 0:23 - 1:00

Yep. Also if you move the TV long distances it will fuck up your picture as well because of the poles.

this video is some weapons grade autism, I like it

Phonedork does a lot of videos about pvms and BVMs, the guy has a ton of them.

Fuckawesome, but the best top out at 1440p for good (>120Hz) refresh modes, and there's a limited supply.

The chinks and injuns are still making small numbers of (really low-end) CRTs. As long as the factory toolings are still in place, all it would take is a kikestarter to special order a large enough batch of custom enthusiast-grade tubes:

Try just looking for aperture grille, Sony's wasn't the only brand.

My parents just bought a 65" OLED curved screen 4K TV. It's the greatest thing I've ever laid my eyes on. When you actually watch stuff in 4K it doesn't even look like a TV, it's like there's people just floating in the air in front of you.

Sure does look fantastic though. Pic related is an picture I took with my cellphone while watching Narcos on Netflix. It's fucking insane how good that shit looks.