What's the stupides argument you've gotten in with someone here or IRL over video games?

What's the stupides argument you've gotten in with someone here or IRL over video games?

I once discussed for 40 posts with this guy that told me that catching 700+ pokemon wasn't harder than catching 150.

I also discussed for half an hour with a friend that was telling me that any game is an RPG because you have choices in menus.

Hi rob if you're reading this

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I once tried to explain to someone who enjoyed playing Oblivion that Elder Scrolls lore is essentially Hinduism.

I once argued with someone about how Dead Space wasn't scary in the slightest while the guy rattles on about how "spooky" the stereotypical horror is.


I got into a very lengthy argument with a friend who didn't believe Paz was really dead.
I didn't think to count but I imagine the phrase, "snuke in her snizz" got used several dozen times

I spent days arguing that the long walk before the boss in souls wasn't bad, it makes you wonder if there isn't a shorter path or a shortcut or even a bonfire in the case of dark souls.

I couldn't convince him though, I think it's strange that these kind of persons generally doesn't see a problem in killing the boss in various stages and you have to repeat the first stages every time you face him again.

I got into an argument with my brother over the ending to Crackdown 1.

Whether or not the Agent kills the Director. I wasn't convinced since he is still alive in Crackdown 2 (he could have been cloned I guess) but Crackdown 1's ending is a pretty shit looking cutscene and it's just gunshot fade to black


But it isn't, it just takes more time.

Is it actually you


I once got into an argument with a friend who argued that Doom 2 had better maps than Doom 1.

well doom 64 has better maps than both so it was pretty pointless

"There's no difference between Gen 1 and Gen 4 Pokemon designs. You're just a nostalgiafag."


Not this website, but I spent more time than I should have on debating pics related, they're all the same guy.

I'm >(84) from the Star Citizen threads. Last time I try to confront the autism.

I'm surprised you didn't strangle him over pic 1 user. I would've.

Now if he said Gen 5, I would have agreed. Both Pokedexes are pretty fucking similar

I once argued with one of my friends about if my being a NEET and playing video games all day is me throwing my life away.

I lost the argument

That was when I realized it was time to stop and that the fucker was beyond help.

I'm a big fan of your work

of course you lost the argument you fucking retard.

Listen, just like its important not to drink the SJW koolaid that is distributed on tumblr it is VERY important not to drink the koolaid of a chan board.
Especially Holla Forums.

Somehow, at some point, autism and being a NEET sponge on society became virtues to achieve here.
For some fucking reason people find it some sort of accomplishment to not be a "normalfag" by way of being just a completely disgusting human being that is a waste of life.

Don't do that.

Get out.
Get a job.
Stop taking video games so fucking seriously.

I agree with

it's not difficult, just time consuming.


What's the point though ?

At the end you are going to die, so every thing you did were for nothing, and there is no "legacy" whatsoever because people who remember you are going to die. And at the very end, everything is going to die.

You are wrong about everything.

which makes it harder


It's not.

It does though.
If a game takes you 500 hours to complete, and another takes you 5. Which one is harder to complete.

none, they are just longer

This is an interesting point. Most people see RPG games as games where you make decisions that shape up how you play the game, which is broad enough to include choosing to actually play the game.

Scariness is subjective, you're the twat in that argument. But I think you know that already.

It's not even that I don't agree with it at some level, but the worst was that we were pitching to each other ideas to work on, and when I asked is everybody cool with making an RPG he kept telling me that he didn't know what an RPG was

fuck I love him but that triggered me hard


I'd say a more valid argument however, would be that in games you play as someone, you rarely play as yourself. The only exception I can think of are EyeToy games that had you physically playing the game, as your face was displayed on the TV. Even Kinect or Wii games resort to using an avatar of the player.

And since you're not you, but a character, it's role playing. You're assuming the role of a gritty and manly soldier, a rapist, an edgy teenager with too many belts, a shit bank robber, a mad man, whatever.

That's gay.

not that way you faglord

I had an argument with some people on a forum about whether or not CoD was a good series. It lasted for a good six months.

I keep arguing with this one faggot on here about pokemon having genitals.

It's pretty obvious that they do.

I've gotten into heated arguing because I used resource cheats in MGSV to skip the boring grinding, and that apparently should have cancelled all my criticism of the game

Coincidentally I also had a heated argument because I used an unlock-all-perks cheat for Dead by Daylight, which also cancelled all my criticism of the game, even though I only used it because the game has gotten stale as shit in the first few hours and I wanted to see if the perks would do anything they didn't

I had an argument with somebody who actually fucking loved Gone Home because it had fags in it, rather than seeing it for being the same shallow bland "I love X but my parents wouldn't approve because they're Y, let's elope" story that's been retold hundreds of times for hundreds of years with the only change being the Y is "gay" in this situation.

He was also a big fucking feminist and preached "privilege" at me left and right, because he's gay, regardless of the fact that he had rich parents that sent him to one of the best schools in the country. Because he wasn't a straight white man, he was immediately less privileged than broke straight dudes getting fucked by tuition for decades.

I'm already feeling angry again just for remembering him. Fuck you, OP.

The only way you're going is straight to hell.

You get the furfaggot derailer to keep you company.

This was petty, but I once got into an argument with a person in a shitty MMO because the person said LMAO stood for "Laughing my ass out". I've never got into an argument before online because I generally don't care what people think nor do I talk to anyone. But the person started talking down to others because he/she was on the interwebz for years. To be frank, I ruined that person's life in that MMO through a number of ways. Petty and stupid? Yes. Satisfying? Very much so.

I argued for 30 minutes in a LOL thread whether the cum in a picture of horsefucker smut was red or white once.

Mmm..you know what? Keep on with what you're doing then.

Better that people like you don't breed.

It's not about a personal legacy. It's about leaving behind something greater than what you received and spreading your memes before leaving to the afterlife (which is eternal).

Giving up because everything dies is like stopping a game because it has an ending. You don't have to SSS life, but you shouldn't return it to the game store after unlocking easy mode and rate it 0 on every review site either.

I argued with my ex that the beginners guide is pretentious indie shit and it isn't even a fucking game but he refused to change his mind and he thinks the entire game is an ironic joke about pretentious shitty indie games. fuckin pissed me off real good.


Point Lookout is the best F3 DLC though, it was pretty fun all things considered. Dunwich is always nice too.

Life is not MGS 2 or MGS3 user, life is Mighty Number 9.
What's the point in finishing it ?

You're a faggot but that's pretty funny

I've literally never heard this before
what kind of mentally backwards bullshit logic do people have for that one

the argument i had with my brother that fallout 2 is better then 4 even though the only fallout game he played was nv and only got past the tutorial

You're wrong about all points.
Life is MGS5.

Picture related….

Disappointing, repetitive, without a satisfying conclusion, and someone's always trying to sell you shit?

More like full of amazing opportunities with an almost infinite potential and ends up getting fucked because of other's greed and shitty practises.

One of my friends invited me to the first party I've been in since 5th grade and I said Fallout 4 was shit to a group of fags, and the people in hipster clothes got mad at me and chased me out because I wasn't going to deal with that shit at a party aka good times. I never spoke about video games in public ever since.

Did you see that Holla Forums thread about r/K theory's relation to political tendencies and its conjecture on declining left-leaning birthrates? Funny how that connection suggests that total complacent mastery of your environment leads to depression and nihilism. Without struggle, everyone turns into a useless sack of shit until our neurological rivals outbreed us and eventually end up doing the exact same thing themselves. Sound familiar?

Sage and spoiler for offtopic

does your friend work at gamestop?

Holla Forums the post. Only thing it's missing is a demand to check your privilege.

i bet you used to argue that a katana was the best weapon ever made because you could just deflect the bullets. hell i bet you still do.
everything that guy said is true


Argued with a friend about whether or not Sheik is male. For half an hour. He acknowledged that Zelda is female and that there wasn't any transgenderism going on; he insisted that Zelda was magically changing her sex while transforming.

>>>Holla Forums

sounds like you're a big autistic faggot.

No I didn't see that. But I notice patterns.
I've noticed that every NEET i've ever seen on either 8 or 4 chan have been the most bitter and depressed creatures on the board. Despite the fact that they could sit around all day and do what they supposedly think is the best thing ever, play video games. But that's a childhood fantasy and like most childhood fantasies, in adult life, you realize how dumb they are. Think of it like eating nothing but your favorite food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
So what happens? your life becomes this static thing that seems like it is almost never changing, even if you can get the newest and greatest games what is the point? You end up hating them because video games are by all definitions a waste of time.
Video games never give you a true satisfying sense of accomplishment if they're the only things in your life you have. You may have beaten the game but your life is still the same. Eventually that wears down on you. You begin to hate those things you once enjoyed because you get too much of it. But since video games is literally all you have that you can seemingly put input into and get some sort of response you cling to them.
So then the nitpicking starts as a justification for why you can't enjoy every new game. The nostalgiafagging starts and its not because the old games were any better than the new ones but it is because your FEELINGS were better. You literally become nostalgic for a time when you felt good about yourself and your life and you imprint that on to those old video games.
All of this shit is easy to see here. In every fag that takes this website way too seriously. The NEETs are here all day and not playing video games because of the shit I mentioned above. "Holla Forums hates video games" is very real and that's because there are a disproportionate amount of shit flinging that come from these bitter and depressed assholes.
You know why social media and such are shunned in this place? It is not because they're trying not to be tracked and datamined or the "normalfags" are all annoying pieces of shit. It is because being on social media further DEPRESSES these people. Watching friends and family member's lives move at seemingly light speed while theirs hasn't changed much at all.

I know these things because I see them time and time again here. I also know them because I spent a year, accidentially, as a NEET. For a little while it was good but I slipped into all that other shit. The good thing is that one day I was able to catch myself in it. I was able to see what exactly I had become and so I made a change. I don't have much time for vidya right now but that somehow magically makes me enjoy when I do have time to play all the more.
Because of this, I will always call out the autism and NEET faggotry on this website. I want them to leave and get themselves fixed. It wasn't long ago that being an autist or a NEET was seen as a fucking BAD thing, even on Holla Forums. But the memes continued and now it has become some sort of virtue or the sign of someone who truly belongs here.
Fuck that.
Take me back to the days when that meme frog was meant for good things and not some depressing shit.

Your friend has a transformation fetish. How can you not see this?

Such pleb taste and still talks like a 2mature4me fedora tipper.

Yeah, nothing wrong with being a NEET, as long as you're working towards not being one.
I also hate this glorification of being a NEET.
Also about the social media thing, I'm not a NEET and I feel no desire to go on social media.
If I want to get in to contact with someone I'll just use a phone or even email. Social media seems like it exists only so people can show how great their life is to other people, even if that's an illusion.

Also everyone needs to come here less, all these negative assholes talking shit constantly can really fuck with your head and make you bitter by just being around them all the time and give you a warped perception of reality.

Yeah, a lot of these guys need to go get their souls healed, go see a psychologist, go on a vision quest, go hike to Tibet and seek guidance from a buddhist yogi. Something.


This x100

Same shit for NGE, i literally can't bring up the show at all.



Is this a copypasta? Why did you take that guy's post seriously? Jesus fuck!

Holy shit, tl;dr. I mean, I agree with you, and I've had that same argument with retards as well, but holy shit.

I once argued with someone at great length about whether or not this could be considered a genuine FPS. My argument for it not being one was that you cannot move and only look left and right.


Doing the same thing for a longer amount of time requires more effort and concentration, making it objectively more difficult. It might not be more difficult in a meaningful way, but it's still harder. Testing your patience and perseverance is another form of difficulty. It's not exactly a good way to make a game harder, but you can't say fighting the same enemy 100000000000 times isn't harder than just fighting it once.

I called someone a faggot while discussing video games. And all of sudden he got all ofended and shit and could only talk about the 'faggot' word and how that invalidated all previous arguments.

Almost every thread here has an obtuse autist that will go (250) on anyone who dares disagree with him. I don't even like discussing stuff anymore, this place is filled with obtuse opinionated morons, generals, and shitposting.

Okay but that's a pointless argument, it's like you're trying to be passive aggressive and muddle meanings and concepts if you make a point of arguing it because it falls under a completely different category.

I don't exactly see how he's wrong. It's more difficult because it simply takes more effort, though it's tedious.

This is some advanced levels of faggotry.

I wonder how old this pasta is.


fuck, meant for

Not copypasta

You shouldn't disregard the truth.

I think that we can all agree that MGSV had the potential to be a masterpeice of a game but was bent over and fucked by konami. But out of all of that I just wish for one thing out of it.
I just wish that paz was real
Not blown to bits
And my tender and loving GF

How can he be right about anime (minus Death Note, it's shit all around) being cringey and for teenagers and then talk about liking Donte and Steven Universe?

My theory is that Konami is only half of the equation. The other half of the blame rests on Kojima.

Too much of the game feels like two different games ended up being developed. Something started in the beginning phases then a whole other concept being thrown in while maybe 1/3rd of the way done or maybe even more than that.
Causing chaos.
The attempts to meld these two becomes the resulting unfinished product. No doubt had there been more time you wouldn't notice the seams but as it stands, as it is, the thing is like a smoothie that only got blended partially. Instead of one smooth continuous delicious smooth shake you have chunks of different fruit and ice which are clear remnants of what their whole separate entity used to be.

If it's not pasta then I'll give an actual reply.

Obviously you don't take everyone's advice from these boards as facts about life. These places can be filled with a bunch of self loathing anti social people who just hate the normalfag life they weren't let into when they were younger.

However I didn't take you serious at first for assuming being a NEET means being a sponge on society. A housewife can be a NEET. You can be a freelancer and make money that way and technically be a NEET. Some people work through life in hopes of living the NEET life, aka retirement. However they just want something to brag about or keep the lights on as they live on.

When living as a NEET, you are free to do so many things, and even more if you have money. The internet has so many tools for people to use that you can teach yourself nearly anything with enough effort, for time is never a problem now. You can constantly spend time with your family and bond with friends more. Run a charity event (like people did with ADGQ) or do some volunteer work.

Yes I realize many NEETs here will just surf the web, play video games, and binge watch anime. But if they are enjoying themselves then there isn't much of a problem, unless they want to return to the outside world someday. Because having multiple jobs and hands on experience makes it much easier to adapt to new working environments.

So all that aside. I can't take your opinion on NEETs that seriously because it's a narrow view on it and a view that's mainly made by the media to demonize people who "could" be leeches. Then again, you can have people who aren't NEETs and still leaches to society. As a militaryfag, I've met a good bunch of them.

He's that "I watch mature anime for mature adults such as myself". Mind you he hasn't seen anything past adult swim, the most mainstream stuff that has a hard time failing due to aiming at such a wide audience. Nothing like Texnolyze, Perfect Blue, or Berserk. Still, it's all entertainment first and foremost. Treating it as "This stuff is for kids and this is for adults" will make you miss out on a whole bunch of fun media.

I argued for more than 2 hours with my housemate over spawn killing
he still thinks is a proper way to play and shouldn't be accounted for any temporary ban or different spawn point

It's definitely not a proper way to play because they are killing people before they can get there bearings, which means there is no challenge. He probably rationalizes it as "if you are camping them you were obviously much better than them." He puts winning above everything else, I hope you don't actually play with the guy if you don't have to

It stems from the fact that Toby worked on an Earthbound mod before Undertale, and I want to say Matpat(?) is adamant he knows more about Toby's work than he does.

There's nothing inherently wrong with it; if you're playing competitively you're guaranteed a win, which is the point of playing competitively.

It's a dick move, but it's valid.

Ah see that's the problem you're having here though.
I'm talking about the specific people that are here and now.
Your majority of NEETs here are jobless poor fucks either living off of the graces of mommy and daddy (who are probably telling them to get a job constantly) and/or living off of autismbux from the gubberment.
I'm sorry to say, but there really isn't much for one to do that is very actionable when you don't have a steady income or a nice big sum of cash to use.

Friends and family fall by the wayside as a poor broke NEET is a constant drain and never has anything new to their lives.

That's the problem that you seemed to ignore in my statements. The ones that are here are not enjoying themselves. That's why they're bitter hateful assholes. Nitpicking everything and basically looking for excuses as to why they can't enjoy video game X or Y while everyone else is.
It goes beyond just shitposting. It gets to a point of a sort of neurosis with these people.

For these people, the "fun is a buzzword" meme is an actual reality.
I used to think it had something to do with autism. That autists may not be able to process/understand the feeling of fun the way a normal person has it.
But no, seems its just bitterness stemming from a stagnant life.

Spawn killing is still a thing?

Shit, that was stopped all the way back in like Gears of War 1. You were momentairly invincible when you first respawned. This would basically just discourage anybody from trying to kill you there and if people stayed away from spawn then you wouldn't be able to carry it into the map and battle with your invincibility.

Shit son, Overwatch has spawn points that are blocked off to enemies.

What shitty games are you playing where spawn killing is still a problem?

But he's right atleast on the JRPG's being shit.

it's impossible to talk about it without people sperging

Overwatch threads get this shit constantly.

Paying to not grind is still paying for an advantage.

You are getting access to content ahead of the curve, which gives you an advantage over people who did not.

your reasoning is that if someone has more time to play a game and that way gain more levels than some other guy, that is pay to win even though the guy that had more time didn't pay for anything
it's not pay to win

No no. He didn't meant camping, I find camping a cheap way to win but still proper one.

We were actually talking about real spawn killing
and now I'm always avoiding playing with him

No it's a proper way. And that's full BS user
It's like getting the Worldtrotter play a game against some paraplegic kids. They get the win but ain't fair first, challenging second and honest third. Spawn killing is not a way to win since cant make a trial for your actual skills, therefor nullify the concept of match. Then why not play with super easy AI bots? Isn't that the same?

I know, and some games makes multiple spawn point that change after 5/6 times in a row in that area, but is useless because after the move you get back to the original one and the game is cod since I'm living with housemates I have to keep a dudebro game to play with them

Hold the fucking phone, are there people who still think this? Like what?!

That's a flawed comparison because in an actual competition, those paraplegic kids need skill to get there. In which case, their disability doesn't matter.
If you get spawn camped, you are simply unable to keep up with the better player. You made a mistake, you read their gameplay wrong, you fucked up, and you're getting punished for it; you deserve to lose.

Nigger think about this. Of course the game feels like two games put together.
They had a whole story planned out, then at some point someone forced the team to finish it where they were and they had to make the story feel complete with what they had, cutting away dialogue, exposition, etc. It's not only chapter 3 that was cut, I mean it's pretty clear that the stuff you see in chapter 2 is just a setup to a complete new story.

Of course the story feels like shit, they had to at least try to make it feel like a complete game.

Acktually it is

Let's use as example nba2k with coins that you get from playing the match, you use them to level up the skills of your character, I play 30 seasons to have it max Lv in all stats. then X arrive and he take his CC and buy the coins to max it out without having to play a single game

He didn't invest the same amount of time and yet reached my same level of character. It's pay to win, not obvious like a MMO or a online game a la travian or night bite where if you pay you also get the "dildo blaster mega, ++++int ++++chr ++++strg"

why would you play a game that takes 6 months to buy an "end game" gun you can use at lvl 1?
there are of course some limitations you have to set for yourself
what you might consider pay to win might not be seen the same way as someone else
there are the purist atutist that see any form of microtransaction as pay to win, even if they don't provide any form of percieved advantage

Oh okay, so because it's a bad game, it's suddenly exempt from being P2W?

is that what I'm saying?
are you intentionally disregarding the 2nd and 3rd sentence?

All that implying of being able of doing something. Is the same retard argument he uses plus saying is the best way to do itand if I'm correct your next argument will be as his to "gitgud and don't get trapped in that situation

If you kill the player when he spawns in the match, you don't give competition a chance therefor he could be the best of the world but still unable to apply any of his skills

I stopped reading your post because you're a goddamn idiot and I didn't want to waste my time.

I didn't mean to ignore that bit and somewhat commented on it in the first few sentences. I don't disagree with you on this and think it's the reason why we have such negativity here. It's not comments made by enthusiasts talking about games. It's comments made by self loathing people who happen to have video games and their few outlets for escape.

Older FPS had that problem. Actually I think Star Wars Battlefront (2015) had that problem too. It's pretty rare these days I think.

No it goes beyond that. Skullface feels like he started with one motivation and then was given another. Or perhaps he had to be the mashup of two different villains.
There are some things that seem like they were meant to be a story about the actual Big Boss himself and not some psych-clone and there are things that were obviously meant to deal with things as the psych-clone (Venom Snake).

Every step of the way as I look into it I just keep seeing something that feels like the result of an idea being scrapped after already being in development and then a scramble to adapt a new idea.

The bigger tell is in some of the game mechanics themselves. It is unlike a MGS game to have hollow feeling mechanics. The one i'm referring to is mostly the morality system. It seems to have no real place and doesn't have an effect on anything. It seems like it was meant to play more into the game itself and its events. Some of the story elements suggest this too with the devil vs angel on the shoulder (or in the earpiece) that seems to happen from time to time with Miller and Ocelot.

The only thing I can say for sure is that whatever the first draft was, it is clear the Venom Snake (psych clone) thing was the second idea and was the one that was scrambled to push together.
Of course, had they more time they would have been able to make more sense of it. But I think the sudden shift (perhaps other issues as well) may have made Konami give the axe to it finally and give a hard deadline.
If I was a company unconvinced about the profitability of video games and yet my supposed rockstar game developer starts doing loopy shit and changing directions of the game (costing more time and money) I'd probably give the axe too.

The idea that the creator isn't blameless in all of this is absurd.

so you can't discuss these things like an adult and take to name calling, as predicted

Let's assume you're playing Quake or UT or something on a symmetrical balanced map.

You both spawn at the same time. You think he's going to grab the armor pickup so you go there first. Turns out he went for the BFG. Oops. You're dead. You could have went for the BFG yourself and fought them on equal terms, but you didn't. You made a play mistake by going to the wrong place. Now you get spawncamped and lose.


Those people are wrong.
Most vidya rpgs aren't rpgs at all.
Façade is the closest thing to a first person vidya rpg I've ever played.

Every game is a roleplaying game, because you play the fictional and arbitrary role of your character.

Ironically noted.

It's odd how they blew up in the west with FF7 and now are nearly dead in the west besides Final Fantasy which isn't that well known with many children these days.

But I thought we were talking about Overwatch. You unlock skins, taunts, voice lines, and icons. None actually effecting how you play the game or how others play against you.

Nah. Then every game would have a shit ton of genre's that don't even apply to the gameplay completely.

RPGs were just the virtual immitation of a D&D tabletop game. Where the characters are somewhat premade and the DM already made the story. Dice rolls are done through RNG and your stats influence a good deal of things in battle.

They've transitioned to something pretty different as time went on, but they still keep a similar style. I think dungeon crawlers are more close to tabletop D&D than RPGs outside of Dragon Quest these days.

Oh sure, cosmetic things are usually fine, as long as they're strictly cosmetic. I didn't notice it was about Overwatch in particular. I was thinking about say, Spiral Knights, for example.

I was shitposting about RPGs, though.

But you were right though, there is a difference between an fps and a rail shooter. And that's basically a rail shooter with only one stop on the rail.

Well, that then isn't pay to win. It's just cosmetic dlc. Rocket league have different cars with slightly different hitbox but isn't really affecting the balance of the game since is a skin.

When we talk about p2w is only for having stronger stuff faster


However I think what you are thinking about is how the action genre has started to absorb those traditional "RPG" elements into them.
The reason why they do this is because it helps deflate the need for balancing.
RPG elements in an action game allows a player to basically inflate/grind themselves past a problem that they lack the skill for.

Take Dark Souls for example. You can, in theory (and some have actually) beat the game without ever needing to level your character up. The action elements are all there and are all pretty tight so as long as you could dodge and don't mind hacking away at a creature forever to kill it, you're fine.
The RPG elements allow a player that is prone to mistakes to grind themselves to a point where their mistakes won't fuck them over so bad.

Spiral Knights is specifically made to be that way though. To give the players a choice between simply waiting the next day or paying to continue on. It is entirely a business model banking on the lack of self control a player will have and the addictive properties of the game.

Well, but with a franchise that big, even if you get more change in the story you can be sure to get cash from it…how much mgsV did get? 80mil? And that's my info from early release….axing isn't the proper way to do it with big franchise

I agree if was a new IP or an indie tho

A game isn't an rpg because it has stats. A game is an rpg if it lays you control the motivations of your character and how they relate to other characters in a non-physical way.

Façade is a better rpg than dark souls, which is a good action game with stats.

Actually they got rid of the elevator passes a long time ago. I was thinking more of accessories and guns and shit

Listen, just like its important not to drink the SJW koolaid that is distributed on tumblr it is VERY important not to drink the koolaid of a chan board.

Especially Holla Forums.

Somehow, at some point, autism and being a NEET sponge on society became virtues to achieve here.

For some fucking reason people find it some sort of accomplishment to not be a "normalfag" by way of being just a completely disgusting human being that is a waste of life.

Don't do that.

Get out.

Get a job.

Stop taking video games so fucking seriously.

I got into an argument with a friend because he thinks modern WoW is better than early WoW.

Ive tried to make him understand that just giving shit away for free/too easily ruins the challenge and drive for the players to reach the higher levels of content.

He thinks everything being handed out is better since you cant expect everyone to be good, or try to get better.

He also likes dailies better than repeatable quests since some players will get the rewards sooner with repeatable quests.

Worst of all is 90% of the time his argument is the developer blogpost

And your post is an absolute waste of space in more ways than one.

looks like someone took my post and turned it to copypasta.

anime is for children

don't pretend it isn't

I kind of like daily quests (what was that one blood elf island at level 70 TBC?) since they're predictable and you know it takes X quests to cap a faction. Repeatable quests are grindy and lame, but can be a nice way to dedicate yourself to finishing a faction quickly. Ideally, there would be both.

Had a friend who I knew on ICQ and would play Baldur's Gate 2 with co-op. He even helped me get good deals on the parts for a PC I built in late 2001. Sadly, when Pool of Radiance 2 came out we were on opposite sides of the fence with it and I got into a huge argument with him about how if an RPG isn't turn-based, it's essentially shit and that he was shit for hating POR2 based on its turn-based-ness.

Never talked with him after that. Somewhat amusingly, I admitted to myself POR2 sucked ass, even if it was turn-based.

Thankfully, ToEE came out in 2003 and rendered all of that shit moot.

It makes so much sense now.

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I once shat on a shitty nintendrone thread for 69 posts, wasn't really an argument though since i was just ignoring half the posts.

80 mil is only the development cost, the marketing cost is still unknown - but considering that the game was heavily shilled absolutely everywhere, I'd say it could easily go past 100 mil.

Yeah, because that's what fucking happens when your publisher tells you to put out a game you have HALF FINISHED.

You have to REWORK the entire story to end somehow on the second ark even though you had two more full story arks planned.

How are you this dense? I bet he had at least two more explorable areas planned, and konami said go fuck yourself.

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Oh I get it. Kojima can do no wrong.


Which reminds me of the recent Ghostbusters - while production cost was ~140 mil, Paul Fag stated that it needs to rack up 500 mil just to get even.

That's not what I said you fucking retard.

The game was expensive as fuck and Kojima was Huey. He just needed more time but the suits said it wouldn't be worth the money and he threw a shitfit like anyone who cares about the shit they put their name on would.

He wanted a magnum opus, and they wanted a return on their investment. So he had to cut his vision in half.

I'm saying your reasoning is shit. Development time is expensive as fuck.

And people are excited for The legend of Stranding.

I get so tired of talking to people who don't know shit about MAKING video games.

lmgtfy.com/?q=game development costs

You act like this is the first time this has happened in the history of video games. Go look into Earthbound 64 you underage faggot.

We had this app development competition at university where first place reward was top tier graphics card at the time, second one is new Apple Ipad and third one is PS3. Some guy couldn't comprehend that PS3 is third place because in his words it had "infinite power". He was in CS. Didn't argue with him I was just baffled.
Most of my friends can't comprehend that graphics =/= gameplay. When I tell em that "some old game has great gameplay and is fun despite dated looks" they look at me like I'm crazy man.
Friend think that "immersion" animations like in nuThief (animations for picking things from drawers) are improvement.
Argued with countless people about Fallout 1&2 vs 3, when they didn't even played first 2. If you haven't played 2 out of 3 subjects of discussion we're having, it's over, I'm right.

here's the thing about that. Kojima had stated on multiple occasions that he wanted to make other games. He couldn't because he always had to make MGS and so he would attempt to make his other games in the context of the MGS games.
What this means, ultimately, is that the advance in mechanics and other such things are all him trying to push those new game concepts he wants to explore into the MGS game universe. We also know that part of this has to do with the stories he makes as well and he often does let his own personal feelings bleed into them (MGS4, for instance).

So what I see is someone who is at the top of their game but in an environment that won't let him have free and total reign over everything in the project. Just enough to maybe screw it up though.
See, MGS5, to me, seems like "Return of The Jedi" of the MGS series. Its not complete shit. Its defnitely not the best. But there are some cracks starting to show through. Some of the paint seems a bit thin.

So while you
rage on about the "suits" axing it. I say there was 5 years of development time. I say that we've seen when Kojima's games have to be cut short and he has more than made up for it (MGS2's long ass codec scenes to catch up on the story). No…there is just too much going on to say that he just couldn't finish the original vision.
I think he couldn't finish the revised vision (that being of the psych-clone Venom Snake) that came up likely some time in the middle of development. I'm not saying they scrapped a whole first finished game but I am saying that they likely had to scrap assets and retool things they had already established. I'm saying they probably had to go back and redo a few things they already had and likely had to make some new shit to try to salvage the assets they already had to save time/money on this.

All your bitching is exactly what it sounds like. A defense of Kojima in entirety when the evidence stacks up to him being a factor in fucking his own vision up.
You seem to forget that I'm saying that it wouldn't look like this if he had more time and funding. But he didn't, and so the areas where they tried to glue it all together become noticeable.

look, I like MGS5 but I know a gear shift in a project when I see it and I see it here. Especially given the flow of all his previous work.

Yeah, because the jump from PS3-PS3 with a PS4 port is comparable to the jump from 2D-3D.

I absolutely hate that "cringe" has become a buzzword among normalfags.

You're ignoring the fact that this also occurred during the transition to a new level of technology. That extra detail takes time to make. That extra time becomes extra money very quickly.

If costs went up the way they did, then yes I'm fucking serious. Adding features costs time. Making them function in a satisfying way costs time.

I dont know why I bother. vid related. It's you.


Then why do I massively prefer old video games I did NOT play back in the days to (most) modern video games. Why can you objectively pin down the features that games used to have but do not anymore?

It seems your hypothesis is flawed.



if I hazard a guess it would be because those games share the same design philosophy and certainly the graphical limitations of the era of the games from back then that you already enjoyed/played before.
It could also be that you just dislike how story-heavy and cinematic modern games have become and prefer the more drop-in and play design of the older games. I know that is one of my reasons for going back to old games and various roguelikes that pop up on steam.

But why don't you tell me?

Also, you're kind of admitting to being some bitter jaded and depressed asshole NEET in every other way that I described except for the nostalgiafagging part.


Stop projecting so much about NEETs faggot.
I'm a NEET and I've been learning a ton of shit while enjoying my life greatly.


I think the term you mean is generalizing.

No, you're straight up projecting here fam.

Sure buddy.

If it makes you feel better.

Bull fucking shit. I don't buy that for a fucking second.
What, you mean the microtransactions? the $30 demo? The shitty open world desert filled with shitty filler missions Konami had to put in because 80 million apparently isn't enough to even do that? The fucking PAID VIDEO GAME INSURANCE they expect you to buy and keep paying for?

That's not even what I'm saying fam

I vaguely remember that thread.
Many of the details were lost, but I do remember that it was futa and probably would have wound up in my heresy folder if it wasn't
Where has the time gone?


bravo man. you are truly a man that knows his craft

You arent thinking rationally.

You cant possibly be this stupid. Yes I love microtransactions please rape my face. Like really what are you even thinking bring up shit no one wanted?

How about the massive amount of shit you could customize? The massive amount of small ways you can interact with bag guys? Every single item is a laundry list of feature work that requires at least 4 different people to work on for at least a week.

Please don't make me explain the entire process to you.

Just do some research please.

there was this guy who couldn't get it through his rock hard head that samus was a trans and he kept saying she was cisgendered

the nerve of some people

He's right about anime and JRPGs, wrong about everything else.

It's pretty obvious that Konami was chomping at the bit to ditch video games in general and turn them into pachinko brands, and one last thing they can use to advertise pachinko and sell DLC for. They got rid of Kojima probably because he actually wanted to make the last game the best rather than crap out a bare-minimum whimper.

There was this one annoying guy in my group friends who was a big leftist/communist. Sometimes he make these remarks about how we were "fuckheads" for saying "stupid racist shit" (we would casually say nigger from time to time), I and him would have arguments frequently. One time, one of our arguments was so heated, I punched him right in the face, his nose starting oozing blood. I was afraid he might rat me out so I apologized and helped him clean it up. We kinda forgot about it over next few days. I think his nose got bigger over it. We still keep in touch a little today. he's a big weeb NEET now.

Sounds like you were losing that argument

Them nips sure do love dem pachinkos.

I once had an extended argument on cuckchan with several WH40Kids who were convinced that all the technology in the setting that wasn't specifically supernatural was plausible in real life. They figured, for example, that the only reason soldiers didn't use chainswords in the modern day was because they were too expensive to mass produce, because otherwise they'd be way superior to what soldiers currently use.

I gave up when they started lecturing me about how the whole Orc color scheme was actually based on psychic powers so it would totally work. Yes, I already knew that about the setting, that doesn't change the fact that it's a fucking retarded idea to try to apply to REAL LIFE.

The red ones do go faster though

Did you know you should read an entire post if you're going to reply to it?

glorious nippon steel

I'm talking about real life here

So you're saying that in real life, vehicles such as cars, trains, and planes go faster if they're painted red, due to the beliefs of people with psychic powers.

Is this some kind of superliminal trolling, where it's so obviously nonsense it wraps around back to subtlety?

have you ever seen a red car go slow?

If you don't believe me you should try it yourself,it's science.
Get two balls, one red and one black. Let both of them go from a high up place at the same time, see which one hits the ground first.

eh, I don't remember alot of it. though if it was me I wasn't losing ::^^))

wait fuck why is red for stop? is it because youre supposed to fast from going fast?

Every time I post on this fucking board

yes, this is a very slow red car

its way faster than that dog

Anything to do with Bethesda titles.
Also, someone defending this mess.