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If you scan the last pic with a home-brewed 3ds with the latest version of FBI you can download and install the US version directly from Nintendo's Eshop servers.


Part 1 mega:///#!cMZjmKyB!Ih4WLf_0JmEUyuvzEnssxZnVT8wT4TWi0a-DqH36UNo

Part 2 mega:///#!BNwEULQY!t0u9QPj1YTTo8ORMQxjEEWMHtOvnHTS46qz5s4HwwNg

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>Ping's MH4G Dex:

>Athena's ASS for MH4G and MH4U:

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adept LS is fun as fuck, even if i know how babby like it is compared to the old games, which i did play mind you but now i won't be able to go back without my bullshit dodge for hype

How many monsters in this game are like Cephadrome?

By which I mean how many fucking monsters are there in this game where I'm forced to spend half of my fucking time just waiting for the faggot to become hittable again?

try sonic bombs

cephadrome and nibbelsnarf are both back, have fun

Village 3, Online 1

Shogun Ceanataur currently

Nothing at the moment

Hermitaur Set, Guard +1, Health +20, and Gathering +1 Because I don't have any good talismans

Aerial Greatsword; Lv2 Buster Sword, Ground Slash II.

Barioth, Nipplesnarf, Zinogre RIP Stygian

Malfestio his armor and shit looks cool at least. Is there a Malfestio GS?

Yup. Starts in the azure serpentblade line.

how do I get it there?


Oh, I didn't realize the MHDex had stuff for Cross/Generations. I'll just got download that then.




Any of you Greatsword pros have tips for me? What arts are the best, what styles, how to play them, etc. Just a basic rundown would be great. I'd love to get into the greatsword after doing nothing but HBG and Bow for awhile.

Anyone else weirded out by how the great jaggi is not in this game? I understand that they may be heistant with so many dromes, but the great jaggi kind of filled that slow but relatively strong niche the others lack. I also miss the barroth and some of the other brute wyverns. I also kind of miss the snake wyverns fights as well. It is cool though that we have the leviathans back after they were missing in 4.

sheathe your weapon, run at up on a monster and unsheathe attack it in the face, roll, sheathe, repeat until you batter it into bigger openings, i consider fastcharge a must for GS

The one thing that you need to understand is that gotcha bitches are rarely worth it unless you KNOW that you will flinch.
Besides that, GS is 100% knowing the enemy's moveset.

Guild and aerial styles are the only ones worthwhile really. You should always have some sharpness up skills since most greatsowrds have shit sharpness. You should also have Fast charge when using guild style.

If you use aerial style, you have a bit more free reign but you should still focus on skills that improve your evasion. The best sword with aerial style is without a doubt the seregios greatsword. Greatswrod is probably the hardest weapon to learn, so be wary of that.

Low Rank Rathalos, need like 2-3 kills.

Is there any difference between culldrones and mauldrones? They seem the same really.

Greatsword is great in any style except Striker really.

Here's Gajin's video tutorial. I love playing Aerial GS, personally, but Adept/Bushido GS is decent too. Guild and Aerial are your best bets for maximum GreatSword fun though, guaranteed.

Cull and maul are both balanced drones, but culldrones deal cutting while maul deal blunt.



what's the issue with him? some of his videos seem decent

mega shill and 8-4 cock sucker
defends censorship and localization, all around retard and neofag
he is basically one of "those" people ya know?

Some of his info is wrong and he's a faggot. Otherwise his videos explaining movesets and motion values are okay

What's wrong with Gaijin?
His tutorials are pretty good for what they are. His other videos are pretty lame, sure, but the weapon tutorials are good

Better than Arrekz's shit by a longshot.

that's unfortunate, and i found his quick weapon rundown videos pretty useful too


He does? sauce?

He is a massive SJW who talks about how games need to be censored and unironically thinks monster hunter is too lewd and needs censoring. He is also a mediocre player whose guides are fairly intro level and admits to never being able to beat rajang solo. He also supports censorship and will defend to the death 8-4, treehouse, and nisa. There are also plenty of other tutorial videos that are similar if not better than his.

His twitter account is 24/7 bitching about people who hate censorship and localization.

Can someone explain how the fuck I'm supposed to get Goldenfish in the 4 star prowler mission "Marshlands Fishing?"? All I fucking get are arowanas and small goldenfish and basically everything but. I've been at this for an hour.

cant be fucked hunting down the exact shit but yea he bitches constantly about people who hate this hambuger trend of localization
he threw a massive shit fit and defended the changes to fire emblem and Xenoblade

doesn't he play as a girl in all his videos though? and doesn't he live in fucking japan?

ah i don't want to know more, of fucking course the one 'big" english speaking monster hunter fans ends up being a fucking derelict

Use bait. What really helps is using a prowler with the goldenfish bait skill.

I don't keep up with that shit, but whatever then I guess.

Damned shame.

Craft Goldenfish bait and use that.

Wow what a cuck. I'm kind of embarrassed to have even liked his videos in the first place the stuff he where he showed of Japan, like going to the beer festival and stuff, was pretty neat too.

Are you saying I need to skim through palicos to find one with a fucking fishing skill for one mission? God damn it.

Prowlers can't use fishing bait though. Unless I'm just a fucking retard.

and yes he is in japan
but so is 8-4 who he is chummy with

get a cat with golden fish bait

no, you can make golden fish bait its Snakebee lava and something else
or you can just buy it with points from the cat

Or you can craft bait. It is just that one skill is amazing. Either way, the skill is pretty common.

They can't use bait, but they have a skill called goldenfish bait.

Oh, at first I didn't see the part where you said it was a prowler mission. My bad

oh if its the prowler mission yea ya fucked unless you get one with the skill
but its pretty common, just quest like normal and check all the cat npcs after the quest

I assume I should scout for gathering inclined palicos, then?
I just want my autism check mark of completion, damn it.

naa all cats can have it
just go do other quests while checking each time
make some weapons or something if you dont wanna go into a higher rank till you done it

That is a good idea, but every cat can have it. The true annouance in palico farming comes from trying to get the best palicos to make into prowlers. I also have to try and grind palicos to get their skills to teach to my support palicos.

Alright, I just found one with the skill, now I have to power level it to 10 so I can use it/teach it to my main prowler. What's the fastest way to level palicos, basic training, intense training, or just feyline trainer food skill on questing?
Apologies for spamming the thread with all these questions, this just has been annoying me.
At least we're actually discussing the game unlike some parts of last thread

Let's design some new weapons, /mhg/.


Rocket Cestus

Some kind of whip/chain weapon

Some artillery shit

Why do I waste time thinking up shit like this?

Questing followed by intense training.

I'm currently at 4 star village, using a mix of Jaggi and Bulldrome armor with a few decorations and a talisman to get to Large Attack Up, without any defense drop. At what point would it be a good idea to switch to something else?

Not sure about the jaggi armor in this game, but last game it could carry you through low rank if you upgraded it enough.

Will do.

If you're bored of it there's always the shogun cenetaur armor set.
That's what I'm using right now.

Well, I guess if you find a silver dollar in a turd, you have something to feel good about.

Do you think if you got a mauldrone, wore armor with KO like the bone armor, and got KO decorations, you could knock out monsters with a kinsect?

That way you could get a power boost from a headshot and buy some time to mount it

a silver dollar can be washed and retain its value, the turn will always be a turd though

just use the shitty one with the skill for the quest
ya dont need to level it

Generations, 1-2 star hunting.
Hub 42-5674-9597-1327
Pass 8080

Palico grinding is probably the second hardest part outside of finding the perfect Palicos. For soem reason, the playstyle really clicked with me and I really am enjoying it.

Just a quick question though. I don't normally use palicos for capture missions, but I wanted to see how it would work. Does that poison purrison skill count as a trap or just something to cause poison?

wew Attack up large and tenderizer in Rathalos set now
this is nice, sure no maestro but I'm not really having a problem with songs dropping with this song link change

At least the Seregios weapons are fantastic by giving a sharpness boost on repeated evades while unsheathed, and it actually has a Charge Blade weapon available unlike most of the monsters so far

Don't forget you fought and killed the elder dragon that gave monsters rabies before that.

That too, soundly whooped both the Gore and Shagaru Magala, the former of which the Ace Hunters couldn't take at all without being thoroughly curbstomped and the latter of whom would definitely kick their shit in from going super saiyan

Saved the world and the Master of Defense thinks I can't handle a demonstrably less dangerous wyvern

Would anyone like to exchange guild cards?

I would like to add the butterfly armor to my collection, which needs hunters for hire.

MH Generations

>one grossly larger than the other


Agreed. They should both just be big metal fists so you can punch monsters.

That's all I want to do: punch monsters in the face maybe in MH5

Kicking > Punching


Did I just witness monster rape?

its no fun if she ain't struggling.


I like scythes. I wish I could get one that's more down to earth than some of the other newer weapons.

Kicking is for cowards boot slut.

Bowmerang like MHX was going to have.

In P3rd at least, Duramboros' longsword is a scythe.

I'm pretty sure the monsters enjoyed it.

I want that, the current boomerang a shit.

Longswords have a menagerie of weapon types under them, I remember Zinogre's longsword is a broadsword along with scythes and a guandao polearm despite the weapon-type generally being thought of as just greatkatanas.

I wish hermitaur had some skills more relevant to my playstyle.

not much use for guard

I usually don't get to pull this sort of bullshit until G-rank, but MHgen is a total mess
Spiderwebs have been being handed to me since the first hour and I have 500 pitfall traps in storage

Some of these monsters don't even last 5 minutes, and that's without the paralyzing and traps.

Thanks for the party guys! It was fun. We'll have to update our guild cards in a few days and do it again!


Is anyone here in High Rank yet? I can help with those keys.


What is the benefit of beating village quest? I just realized I want to get to online ass kicking.

You expand the trader to generate/multiply various useful items while you're questing, which cuts down on grinding for shit immensely.
You also unlock all of the food dishes, of which there are many, and they get more and more powerful the more you unlock.

You also get various mats for special gear that you can't get anywhere else.

aight thanks

If you want a good fight the new Trex monster glavenus is a serious challenge. Captured it with a mate and the fight throughout was fucking metal.

I suppose if you trap combo rape it, it would be over a lot quicker though.

Guild and with select sets aerial.
Adept makes you unable to deal any real damage during topples and traps which is basically a must.
If you really want that better dodge, you pretty much have to kill your DPS for it

Works on Shaggy though. Gore Magala has eyes, he just doesn't fucking open them until he becomes an elder dragon.


Hold the fuck up. How is this even possible?
Rajang isn't even that hard, he's basically just a meme-tier monster. Even Blangonga is harder than Rajang, and that's not saying much.


I think huntathon monsters have lower health
Or maybe its monsters on quests that have 2 or more hunting reqs

Remember, Dinovalde died trying to protect us from this aidoru shit.

So how Solo-able are bows exactly?

Extremely. They used to be fairly low damage output long ago, but now they're one of the highest damage output weapons in the game.
I can't stand the feeling of ranged weapons in this game, but sometimes I wish I could just to make certain fights go faster.

You should do that quest anyway, since it unlocks your ability to farm fish

Oh really?

Because everyone drools on about how bows are the most useless weapon in the game

So how do I achieve good dps with them?

Whether they are strong or not, Bows are the most fun weapon to use in the game

Oh so he's one of those do everything with a bunch of people until your gear is so over powered you plow through village.

Both are true, yes. Also it feels like Gens has lower overall health for the monsters than X did, I've been killing the big four monsters in about half the time it took me in X

People who don't know how to use them, probably. Ranged weapons in monhun can be frustrating to learn.
The right ammo and the right bow for the right monster. You have to build a shitload of bows and know when to use what. It's high maintenance.
Or you could use kelbi bow and cheese the entire game to oblivion without giving any fucks.
Whatever floats your boat, user. I find ranged weapons really cumbersome and unsatisfying, but I've done at least one entire playthrough using nothing but bows just to force myself to learn them.
For me, the most fun weapon in the game is currently aerial bugstick.

If it's anything like past games you probably need an armor set that gives you stamina and damage skills and the right bow for the right monster. Unless there's some overpowered fits all bow again.

Really? That's kind of surprising, I 'm pretty sure he put out a video defending the original Soleil storyline in FE Fates when it became fashionable to conpain about it being gay conversion therapy.

That's a shame, I'll have to find another guy for weapon tutorials. Anyone got suggestions?

This is one of the things that make bows feel extra enjoyable, Make me feel tacticool

Well if bows really are that viable this time around I'm just gonna straight up main them.

Just to be clear, we are talking about "Bow" and not LBG or HBG right?

Yes, we're talking about classic stick-and-string bows. Have fun, and happy hunting, user.

Yeah. The whole right weapon for the right monster also applies to lbg and hbg though.


Thanks anons

Sorry, caps lock.

Do you stare at your hands while you type?

i was watching anime and by the time i noticed i couldn't care to fix it

designwise all of them are pretty good, Malfestio is imo the best one, gameplay wise gamoth is pretty easy compared to the other flagships,
macao might perhaps be a bit too hard as first boss for new players

Raizex and Malfistio do.
Galvanous feels a bit too gimmicky, a lot of his attacks miss if you're at his feet.
Gammoth or whatever his ENG name is just sucks. He really feels like they ran out of ideas. He just feels like some random guy designed that entire fight.
Ostalga feels like every other large monster, by that I mean complete shit.

Fair enough.
The monsters feel fine, the game just feels overall too easy and too padded-out.
I wouldn't mind seeing the new monsters return in a mainline compilation, the same way the P3rd monsters returned in 3U and stuck around for 4th gen.

Elephant felt too slow and just flaied around
Bubbles is kinda nice but bubbles seem pretty eh compared to like brachy slime or bleed
Lightning dragon is nice
Trex is nice

I've enjoyed everything but mr bones, his arena entrance was cool but the music and actual stage was real average.

I feel if the music was spooky and more hyped up for fighting a massive two headed fucking dragon it would have been a lot more fun. His sticky status effect was an interesting twist though.

Also all of the cutscenes in this game are shit, what happened to the cool intro cutscenes from 4u which actually finish straight into gameplay? 4u's pulled me in while G's pulls me out.

Wait you mean portable 3rd was done by an another team too?
Is that why barroth never comes back? ;_;

I wasn't expecting anything else

How strong is Arcshot, by the way?

So what are good Hunting Horns to work for? I mainly use them when I'm online with friends, so I grabbed the first Negate Stamina one I could find (Bullfango one) what are other skills I should look for? Is there anything that I should consider more important than Negate Stamina, such as earplugs?

I don't know if it was done by another team, but it was one of the side-projects that stopped at High Rank.

I just realized that he's actually a massive squid and the heads are skulls on the end of tentacles fuck I wish his fight was better now.

Earplugs, Tremor Res, Wind Res, Attack Up L, Health Restore if you play with shitters, etc.

He always had the "dragon graveyard" kind of look on him, kinda like damyio does with the skull.
Thinking of it, doesn't it give you a bone-based status effect?

Negate stamina is fantastic. Attack up/ Def Up L are also great.
Healing is only useful for carrying shitters.
Wind resist is useful in certain fights.
Tremor resist is generally good once again depends on the fight.
Earplugs is good, but as always depends on the fight.

No he makes you sticky, then if you roll you get a reskinned ice ball on you.

L-Lewd, bad tentacle monster! Bad!

Horns are fight dependant
But negate stam and atk up are pretty much best songs
Some good horns dont come with both, the nargacuga horn is really good for most the game
But yea with horns make everything and make it twice because upgrading these fuckers are a bitch
There are some really good ones all very fight dependant

Sonic bomb horns are awesome for diablos and stuff like the monkey or lagombi

thinking of it they should make flash bombs horns

I only really found the sonic song good for the 4u monkey thing
Unless it was preloaded before on stuff like diablos its always dangerous because its speed and the small range of it

And naa would just be another song usless for except maybe one monster
More easy to just use a bomb

flashbombs work well on pretty much any boss that's not immune to it.


also how many spinoffs are there now? I know generations came out finally and then there was that other chibi looking one.

Yea i dont like them for anything other than like rathalos dropping out of the sky
A lot of monsters just flail around too much

Apart from knocking flying wyverns from the sky, what good are flash bombs, really?
All it does is blind them so they randomly lash out, making them harder to predict. It's better to just learn the monster and bait them into getting trapped in a pattern, imo.

There are a bunch of cat games on the psp
A phone game
And that monster hunter story that looks like fantasy life coming out for 3ds

Welp, already got the three trading carts and I don't care for food since things are easy enough as is.

I can't get over how long that fucker's tail is. Even during mounts I think it's safe to fire off a shot or two while it's flailing and I get slapped.

Poka Poka Airu on the PSP, and it's sequel on the 3DS
Stories on the 3DS soon
Explore and Frontier and Online on who gives a shit

You don't want all the themed village gear or palico gear, user? It's all super useless

Can you give me the source of that pic?

Don't forget to unlock all the destinations so you can farm fish and honey too

I don't remember trying rajang but it would surely calm him down when he's into one punch man mode

i mean molten

As expected. The only reason I'd even consider doing the rest of village is for charm runs but you have to requests to unlock key quests.

Already have access to both of them.

When do we begin to play together and kill some monsters and shit?

wasted oppurtunity if you ask me.

Fucks up Zinogres pretty good too, when they're supercharged I notice they use their lightning attacks rarely if at all. Makes them easier to deal with.

we played some last night, doing the HR1 key quests and ranking up to HR2. it was fun

I need to time my Ground Slashes better though, but I almost can't help springing for it when the monster is wide open for the attack.

When we playan again?
Live in yurop

Post a room fgt.

I have never played online.
How does this jazz go?

Make a room and post the room ID and password. Posting rooms and playing with each other is not a rarity here. Many rooms are posted by many anons every day.

Can't decide if I should make my generations character male or female.

Seems to be the same thing with every MH game I play: Not only does the armor look better on females, some of the armor just looks outright ugly on males, however playing as a female could also be distracting.

okkk buddy

If you make a female don't pick the sexy voice.

11? Yeah no, that would eradicate any chance of me being able to take the game seriously.


That's the one.


I don't know what you're talking about it's perfectly fine :^)

Okay lads, join my room for the best autism.
Pass is 3911
ID is 08-9593-7697-8862.

Admit that you want to get your dick cut off.
After all, it's the current year!


High or Low? I got a High Rank character but I might be able to switch to weak stuff.

Oh I know, I chose it.

you crossdressing niggers left my game

This guy is a troll. He has no skills (random gear and decorations) and is a rude cunt. Avoid/10

Cuz you're a faggot m8

how am i a troll and a faggot when you are the crossdressers
im just low lvl bruh

Anyone knows how's Monster Hunter Online?
It looks fun(better than frontier at least), has 10\10 graphix and even though it's chinese, there's no IP block.
Anyone here tried it yet?Also I've heard there's a translation patch out already(which the company that manages monster hunter endorsed)
Generic eye grabber image for more responses

I missed you old friend

If you can't see how your actions and responses on top of your lack of any game knowledge can be construed as you trolling then you really are one dumb fucking cunt.
I helped you out here and tried giving you advice in game, which you brushed off. You were an all around fucktard.
I have nothing against beginners and I have helped many but you are something special.

It's shit, get portable 3rd and ppsspp instead.

It's quite bad.
It's so bad that people don't even count it usually when talking about MH releases

Hunting HR Nargacuga
ID: 10-1061-3325-5948
Pass: 1776

Is there a hammer better than this before high rank? I haven't been able to find anything.

So this is why I've never heard anyone talking about it then.
What exactly is so bad about it?


It's totally WoWified. You have to grind everything to the nth degree, and the monster varieties have jumped several oceans of sharks.
I forget what the latest Rath varieties are, but there's some angel space laser rathian and dark darkity darkness demon laser rathalos that both have area-wide insta-kill nuclear attacks and heat-seeking-missile wing attacks.

Beyond that, the whole thing is patched together with duct tape and jank, and as if all of that wasn't bad enough, it doesn't even have any music from the mainline series - not even the victory fanfare.

Are you sure you're not confusing MHO with Frontier?

I didn't know frontier was this bad

What is this monstrosity?
Did they really think this was ok?

Capcom D team hard at work.

Someone post the "git gud" line so I can hopefully stop my brother from buying this meme game. FUCKING 8-4

Fuck this one in particular:

But those are from frontier aren't they?
Monster Hunter Online is a different game

8-4 didn't localize it. Capcom did.

It wasn't actually 8-4 it's just that most of the localizers in the industry are so bad they might as well be

I am pretty sure they promised there won't be any memes, why did they lied to us.

Because they have about as much grasp on the meaning of the word "meme" as every other newfag does.

I THOUGHT YOU FAGGOTS WERE ALL "its okay when its our memes :^)," NOT "my feelings are hurt because even game devs want me to git laid not gud"



Are you ok?
did you just have a stroke?

what the fuck? why the negate poison doesn't work on the 6th toxic rathian? it stops the poison on the first 5 why they don't tell you it won't work on the next one.

muh badly poisoned

Isn't that the point where it becomes the new super ungodly high level of death poison?


i was still curious to see if it would work so i just put on an armor with it and, surprise, it worked. I just don't get why not deal the hyper poison from the start? I just restarted since i was pissed, not for the poison, but because it made me waste time by starting the quest with an useless skill that worked up until that point

yeah, i know it because i saw/read it on the internet. If i was a kid and decided to not do a research on it and play it blind, it wouldn't make sense to me.

Eh, I feel like that's how video games are supposed to be, springing new things on you. Admittedly it feels more natural if you did it without the skill, since then you see the jump in poison level, but still, I'd say it's natural to expect the monster to get stronger at that point, all of the Two Names get a boost that's equivalent of a jump from Low Rank to High Rank around that point.

Not against it. I not saying to outright tell me before the start of the mission "the poison skill won't work" but something vague like "at this level they'll become more dangerous" or whatever.

This is fucking awesome. I'm absolutely tearing through monsters, and even the unsheath attack is useful for nailing a fleeing monster one last time.

Just started this series with Monster Hunter Freedom, pretty though but i hope itngets better.

its kinda funny how most people don't understand how damage distribution works. Greatsword is 1x120+mods but bow is 12x(10+mod)


I have an interesting question for the HH hunters out there.
Which ones are the best sounding horns in the game?
I love the fact they all have a different tune expecially the stupid dlc ones but which one are your favourites?



Oh yeah, I got confused. Frontier is absolutely what I was talking about.

pass is 8888

we is a hunt now
lets do

Aerial is way too easy. It's fun at first but steamrolling every monster while barely taking a hit gets boring fast. It's be good if I just wanted to grind as fast as possible but otherwise it's pretty boring.

It'd be good*

Fuck user, i just checked the dictionary.
I wrote it like that for a lifetime, you just blew my mind.

I think they just got lazy since it's technically an in-between game. So they kinda just half assed it I'm sure they'll put more work into it in the main game.

I'm not sure if I want arts to stay or not. On one hand I love the hammer arts because they're pretty simple looking but, on the other I'd rather they just stuck to the formula and focused on polishing it up more.

Not quite half assing per se, it's actually a different team entirely from the team that does MonHun mainline.

I don't care about arts or no arts I just want G-Rank and possibly for them to bring back Tadayoshi Makino.

I just want this comfy as fuck multiplayer lobby back.
God damn it was so chill, waiting for a group was almost like relaxing on a real beach.

As someone who lived in Hawaii, I can say that waiting around in the 3G lobbies was far more comfy than any beach.

That said, I'm much more a fan of Portable 3rd's music, another reason I wanted them to bring back Yukumo's multiplayer location also give me my onsen buffs again, I hate the food systems

Updating EmuNand so I can play online.

Pray for me

Damn, these made me a bit nostalgic.

I'm playing 3G on my N3DS right now. The framerate is so fucking buttery smooth compared to both of the 4th gen games – and the camera rotation speed is ridiculously fast and snappy.

Free hunt in Moga Woods is still as comfy as ever. Expeditions can go fuck themselves.

For all its shortcomings, MH3 had easily the best soundtrack in the series.

did nintendo patch it recently or are you just behind in updates?

in the last case don't worry, updating to 11.0 is easy, just make sure you update through system menu

I haven't updated since 9.8. But it's all good, It works fine. Now to find a room that isn't full.

nice, hope you got in
had to go clean cat puke right after i made the lobby

You're having a fucking epileptic fit on your keyboard there user I don't think the git gud line's worth complaining about either, it's cringey but the amount of asshurt it's caused is fun to watch and it's really not any worse than anything the Guildmarm said in 4U

I'm more upset about

The people who translated this game have the shittiest fucking tastes imaginable and an unhealthy fetish for inserting the letter "h" where it doesn't belong.

Anyone for HR1 Keys quests and whatever after

Wasn't here for the localization of 4G, what kind of cringeworthy shit does it pull?

The only really cringey thing I saw is that apparently compared to the JP version the Guildmarm is a bit more of a spaz. Also gives your hunter the nickname of "Doodle" instead of referring to you as "Hunter" and such, though she still refers to you by your character name at absolutely no point like the rest of the Caravan.

Honestly after they "Translated" Hapurubokka to fucking Nibelsnarf I stopped giving a shit about that because I knew it was only up from that travesty.
See: GalvANUS, Malestio, etc.


Is it really pronounced glaive-anus?

Malestio kind of sounds like a pervert magician.

gluh vein us
but glaive anus is better

GlavANUS, my apologies.

I pronounce it Glah-vin-us. I was really confused when people were pronouncing it with "anus".

I kept reading it as "Molestio" and thought it was some molester spider man villain.

So the "hey here's a trait that's pretty mild in the original script, let's crank it up to 20 because LOL SO RANDUM" approach to "translation." Ugh.

What the actual fuck. I can't even guess what monsters they're actually referring to. That's fucking awful.

Not even up to 20, up to 10 from an 8 at best.

For comparison's sake:
Horohorohoruru → Malfestio
Dinovaldo → Glavenus
Raizex → Astalos
I don't remember Gammoth's original, but I recall that one not being too bad.


Also Tamamitsune -> Mizutsune

Gammoth's original was Gamuto. I think they're both bland to be honest. Also Mizutsune's original name is Tamamitsune.

Thanks, I couldn't remember.
Yeah, Tamamitsune wasn't done too bad, just one less syllable for the filthy gajins to butcher.

Just thank God that the name didn't turn into "Mitsune" which was one of the options.

Can't say for sure in this instance, but I'm already wary when they use a name that means I have absolutely no clue who we're talking about in the first place.

Probably Gamoot, rather close at least. The rest though… what the fuck.

Why even bother at that point.

Because they get paid for how much they change, so they change as much as they possibly can.

Fucking cancerous industry

"Guildmarm" is the guild-girl in green who serves as a member of the caravan and a portable quest taker/assigner.

Oh, the Poster Girl. Her only particularly odd point was her trying to get you to reenact monsters so she could draw them as I recall, she certainly didn't have any nicknames for you.

That carried over into the US version, as well as a couple offhand remarks about taking her with you by sticking her in your pouch if I remember right.

"Doodle" seems to be the only real embellishment to what I can tell.

So hold on a minute… .CIA? How do i open this shit?

File a flight plan with the Agency.

.cia is an installation file for 3DS software, for everything from Virtual Console titles to full games to DSiware. You need a cracked 3DS to get any actual use out of them.

3DS homebrew/piracy thread is over here with instructions on how to crack your 3DS if it's below 11.0 firmware. You need an already-cracked 3DS of the same model to downgrade from 11.0 firmware and past 11.0 it's impossible if I remember right.

Huh, now you are losing me. I'm way too technically illiterate for that stuff.


well first you should list what you have


So wait what?
This game isnt for PC?

Someone get this hothead out of here.

No. It's a handheld game, nerd.

However, if you've not got a 3DS and you want some MonHun action, Portable 3rd and Freedom Unite are both perfectly playable on a PSP emulator like PPSSPP.



How do you dress yourself in the morning?



The sad part is this is more realistic nowadays than it should be


knock yourself out mate, hope you like turn based gameplay

I think I might be retarded, should I just play like I usually do and just use the special attributes of the style sparingly?

nope, you have to basically spam the properties of each style to not suck shit dps wise.
Also avoid Adept GS it's really awful

It sounds like you need to git gud
In all seriousness I wouldn't reccomend adept on GS. I've heard good things about Aerial, but I have no input on that since the only aerial I use is DB. I'd just recommend sticking with Guild and giving them the old lvl 3 charge.

i don't say this very often
git gud

Gaijin hunter makes Adept GS look baller as fuck. And you still have the level 3 charge.

Aerial GS I like, but I can never seem to land my hits.

With guild+arts I do just as good as I did in MH4U (if not better, god damn, lions-maw is fucking baller, so is brimstone charge)

I'd say play the style that fits the hunt. Big monsters are good for Aerial, provided they don't move a lot.

Bushido is good if you have shit defense/resistance against the monster and need insurance dodges.

Striker is is really only if you have deviant gear, so forget it until then.

Guild is traditional flavor monster hunter.

Why does Aerial SnS exist? Adept pretty much does everything Aerial does while giving you free evasion + 3. 2 hits that rack up the mounting meter per dodge is crazy, how can Aerial even compete?

Also updated my Sysnand (since I'm using arm9loaderhax) to play online.

I have a physical copy of the game too for my n3dsXL

Can you move saves? I keep forgetting.

Except it's locked behind the bushido dodge, which against certain enemies you can't rely on.
and all ability to do big damage from traps/topples/statuses.

You basically give up a lot of damage for a super dodge which is worse than the flop sometimes.

pretty sure there is a thing in the nintendo store that legs you transfer digital saves to physical
but not sure if that would work because got no idea about pirated shit

I wasn't kidding when I said it's DMC3: Bersker Edition.
You have to keep springboarding because it's the only way you can get level three charges off in Aerial style GS.

On the plus side it turns the GS from a patient mans hit and run playstyle, into a full on space jam slamfest.


soo is gen way shorter then MHU4 thanks to no G rank?

You can

We were talking about GS not CB.

yeah, it's got no G-rank and is shorter because of it

no G rank, no guild quests, no artifact weapons

Actually carted for the first time in the 12 or so hours I've spent in the game already. Granted, it was against the deviant Arzuros, and I was solo. I abandoned the quest after the second cart. That fucker hits like a truck.

And good riddance to all that bullshit. That was the worst part of MH4U, because the RNG loved to fuck you over even moreso than usual. It was just absolutely absurd. I mean the IDEA of the expeditions was neat, with whatever monsters showing up and such. But the only reason to do that shit in the first place was for artifacts and caravan points.

Yes, expeditions were neat, high level guild quests themselves were fun as fuck, the actual endgame of the game, but grinding to get guild quests with the right bias, then grinding to level that gq up, then grinding the high level gq in hopes of getting a good piece of gear can go to fucking hell, If I wanted to grind like that I'd play diablo or an MMO, it feels wholly unlike something I would do in a MH game, even though I find grinding for mantles and shit like that tolerable something about GQ grinding irks me.

Ive not carted yet and I'm almost done with every 6 star quest
then again I did not cart in 4U till G rank Hurambe

when should I start fighting devent mon's? they give you the quests like right away

The only thing that really annoyed me about all that GQ shit was the 20 quest limit that forced you to pick which you actually cared about more when you got more than that limit.

I've also only double carted to Tamamitsune because I was stressed out that day due to bullshit and I don't play well at all when I'm stressed

Adept SnS kinda sucks actually. You can only do the mounting attack after you dodge something, and you can't even speed bomb with the 2 second dodge animation forcing you into a run. Aerial SnS is fairly efficient for mounting and locking down a monster, especially when you have a paralyze weapon and 4 traps in your pocket.

pass is 8888
laste nighto hunt
lets do this
knock out some HR quests and
knock out some small children and bring them home with us

So I've been doing it wrong the entire time?

End yourself
Just kidding do what you want
I love you, user

I want to be the greatest NBA player my village has ever seen.

With greatswords.

Stop making me want to take GS off the shelf and farm even more.
I'm getting more tempted every time I see a post about it.

Generations, low rank
Room: 64-2055-4137-8539
Pass: 0001

You probably can't even lift one, you noodle-armed piglet.



apologies for joining the hall and leaving before a hunt, IRL shit came up

had a bad connection I guess.


Now you understand my happiness

Holy shit, this jolted my mind back to Super Mario RPG from SNES for a moment.

I've only carted from deviants so far too. I'm experimenting with a lot of stuff for the first time that already existed, so honestly I expected to cart a lot more. I'm only just now giving charge blades a chance. Holy shit they're complicated.


this makes me wonder do we have trump r34

Don't get too excited for his armor. It's shit.

unfortunately that describes a lot of non-clown suits in this game


I'm just happy I get to see him this early. He's one of my favorite monsters to fight.

Charge Blade's a pretty satisfying combination of Switch Axe, sword n' shield and hammer, though whether or not it's a hammer depends solely on if you're using an impact phial (I don't think element phial switch axes can stun monsters with repeated head damage off the very top of my head)

Oh christ why

WHY are there so many key quests at 4 star. Why not just make it a full clear, capcom? I'm damn near close to it!

scythes technically already exist, though.

I need help getting crab claws +
so rank 4 hermitaur

37 8473 2713 3226

dammit rng give me my claws


This is the thread that keeps on giving

Yeah sure thing kid


Who makes these pictures and why are they so funny?

no idea who made them, found them on imgur, try a reverse image search


Oh, it's a Dark Souls thing? That's that King's Field spinoff, right? Been meaning to try those out.

I stopped buying their english releases so I don't really give a shit.

Quit replying to the shitposter guys, seriously. Let him be sperg on his own.

More on topic, what are some good HBG sets this time around?


i remember making even some boomerang variations for that idea

Only been playing off and on, but I've managed to clear all of the quests in 1*-3* village, and most of 4*. I was so happy to see Yian Garuga again for the 4* urgent, I love that spastic motherfucker. He's easily the most fun winged wyvern to fight.
It looks like I can finally go for three of the cool kids' club monsters, too. Do any of them have cool gear?

Also, why does it feel like this game has 1/10th the number of weapons to build compared to previous titles?

For fuck's sake, I have literally no use for the orb and plate and this thing keeps vomiting them at me.

Tamamitsune and Raizex both have pretty good weapons

Are you just looking at the base ones you can build from scratch? More weapons are locked behind upgrade trees this time, so I highly recommend using the Ping's Dex or something to plan out weapon paths.

password is 8888

pass is 8888

Should probably post which game

Oops, didn't mean to reply but since I did, what are some decent GS besides seregios's?

i could play 4U but i dont know how to get my 4U data from my old micro SD to my new one

As in the NA version then, OK thanks anyway

I'd noticed that for the starter weapons, but I didn't know they'd done that for all of them. I'll start poking around Ping's Dex to see what I've been missing, thanks.

Athena's Anus for MHGen when?

If you mean specifically for the foreign versions, probably soon, we already have one for X so it'd just be a matter of replacing terms with the foreignese ones

um, you do know you can transfer saves from cross to gen right?
or are you so autistic you wont play cause 'muh localizations'

3DS is region locked, so even if I wanted to buy the same game again but with a questionable localization, I wouldn't be able to run it anyhow.


Other than piracy is there really any reason to bother?

Screenshots, out of region, streaming if you have good internet, being able to buy other reigion's eshop games, emulation. etc

I can't seem to get him to drop his purple fur.

Everything else he just spits out like a burst pinata but the fur is rare for some reason.


Don't need this

Only foreign games I might be interested in are WayForward's, and I've got plenty to play as is without them.

I live out in the sticks with 100 Mb/s, so no. Not sure what benefit streaming would have anyway.

As in emulating other consoles? Potentially useful, but that's what the PC is for.


Where do I get sinister cloth and sinister darkcloth?

I need my death stench set.

Are they meownster hunter items?

Random chance to get them from the meownster hunters. I forget which areas

Meownster hunter secret areas

I can't believe I'm complaining about getting a gem equivalent so much.

Have you been using meowster hunters between hunts? I have 14 Purplefur+, and I only hunted bubsy twice in HR.

Has anybody ever made a PC tool that can emulate the MH3U relay for online?

I'm getting to the point where I'm going to say fuck it and rely on them entirely for this crap. Another hunt and another goddamn orb and plate.

Stop please

That whole free hunt + resource + rare trade mechanic was both fun and comfy. I miss it.

But now we have a gorillion cuh-ray-zee styles, assfaggot skills, even more shitty cats and shiny new effects shitting up the screen.

Are you not entertained? :^)


Tri had a lot of cool things.
I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff too.


all on a handheld with half the required buttons to run all that shit!

also a new thread is needed

All alleviated with the purchase of some clunky ass CPP or even better a NewNuClassic5DS redux Edition™ with clit stick.
the hori CPP is pretty damn neat though :^) clit stick needs to die in a fire, along with the ledditor defending this abomination

Farming Seregios LR if anyone's interested
Room: 12-9451-0684-2827

new thread: