Your Favorite Console Game Doesn't Have a Proper PC Port

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Atelier PC port when?


Maybe someday. Other Japanese shit has done well enough on PC.

Never ever

Thats not bad compared to having a broken console.

Yakuza. Dont know if I want to spend 400 on a new console if 0 or Kiwami get ported to PC

I own an original copy of that game
It taught me what buyer's regret was, back in my teen years :^)
It's kinda fun but so lackluster of a good story mode it's painful


At least there's emulation…


Please don't remind me.

Why not just emulate it?

Please Sega…


It hurts, man.

If Never Ever Wolf Girl Eroge can be released, if Trump can be the nominee, and if Gabe Newell can within a year become the devil of video games, then never ever becomes probable.


but why

it's the same shit with less characters

If you asked me this question earlier this year, I'd say EDF and Dragons Dogma.
God it's a great year to own a decent pc.

I mean, technically, but it's not like I can't live without one.

Demon's Souls
Ninja Gaiden Black

Everything else will pretty much run on emulators, and you know we'll eventually get PS3/4 emulators, it's only a matter of time it's gonna be a long time, but maybe not as long as you might think. 10 to 15 years or so?

I'd say 5-10 for xbox360, wii u and 3ds

SC5 is the worst tho

That actually depends if Gust can hire more people if not then tough luck since KT has a rule to go make your own PC port rule.

psst, hey buddy

you can play it on your PC

Op said proper and port.
It's tough to decide what keys to use for what buttons.

Get a ds2 to pc converter

or just use a ds3 and mini usb for christ sake

eh? just get a controller.

I just want to play this game at decent framerate and with no loading screens. That's it.

Yeah, I thought the framerate just sucked because of the emulator I used, but I got the actual game and it's just as bad.




That already exist though it was on Vista


That's why we need a proper PC port.

Dynasty warriors is the only game I got left that has speed metal and massive character action battles.




Why did sega just stop making PC ports?

Please sega

I fucking love that game. It's the only first person shooter I am willing to play with a controller, but I really wish I didn't have to.

Sanic needs mo money from dem pc programs, he a gud boy.

Significantly worse graphics and frames-per-second than the PS2/Gamecube versions and has a PC Controller layout for the buttons to press for the QTEs. Luckily, the HD port came out so that's no longer a problem for that previous port i guess.

Is the HD port good?

Ninja gaiden 1 and 2 for the xbox, what the fuck did microsoft do to make emulation so hard?

These games would be greatly improved by PC ports, mainly just boosts to Performance and KB+M controls.

It works fine for me on windows 7.

This is my pick. The controls were stiff and acceleration was all off. Might help if it got a proper port.

oh yes, about as good as a japanese PC port can get
i find kb+m to work great (a/d are turn, mouse is look), but controller support works just as good as console

A port that doesn't go faster or slower depending on your CPU and actually runs properly would be nice.

Have you tried playing a modded version? Gentleman of the Row and the Stopwatch mod help alot. Plus this resolution mod as well finally this music mod that replaces the weak release music with the XBOX ones.


I would chop my dick off for a Destroy All Humans! port.

Too bad the IP is abandonware now.

I would like to see that the Sabatouer`s main map doesn't break at high resolutions. Hopefully it is an easy fix. Also a PC release of Saint's Row 1 and Bayonetta.
Mostly threats of lawsuits, according to the last emulation thread.

I did, that's how I play it, but the performance is still pretty subpar. It's also hard to convince people to join you for co-op when you have to jump through so many hoops to play it (hosting a VLAN service, explaining how to use the stopwatch to fix the CPU glitch)




PC, 3DS, Wii U

Anything to remove the fucking garbage GBA Link requirement for multiplayer and fix the limited controls(like dedicated attack and guard buttons, leaving the Command List just for items/magicite)

Mainly I'd want mod support to turn these into 11/10 gotyay games Better customization for Test Drive and More cars for ITC

They never re-uploaded it?



Pretty sure Nordic(the guys who own the IP now) expressed interest in wanting a new entry but I don't know if that amounted to anything yet.



The sequel emulates nicely if you want to give that a try.

But Seriously Xbox Hueg Emu Never EVER

This would have included EDF just a pair of weeks ago, 1 down 3 to go.


Not as good as the first though or so I'm told.

this wouldn't bother me as much if sigma1 and 2 weren't for shit compared to the originals

Never played Phantom Crash so I can't say for or against that. But it's still got the Genki standby of having acceptable gameplay but everything else turned up to 11.

i miss my brother


This truly is a year of great change



Hey buddy


Does anyone have sauce on the song?


Too Human 2 never ever, it hurts

got something for you, buddy


The DC "version" of Legends was a weird hybrid of Legends and upcoming Dark Legacy ideas and no way to turn off power-ups making the shop half as useful. The N64 version is the definition version of the game.

Lightgun aiming is pretty much the definitive way to play it anyway.


How do you configure mouse controls?

Because SEGA makes one good decision, and then makes far too many bad ones

Bitches please

The best ways to test the waters would be to do a re-mastering.

If they still have the game files (and I have no reason to doubt they do) it's just a matter of updating the engine so it can support modern resolutions, polish up the graphics, and throw it up on Steam.

Lunar 2 the Movie emulates pretty easily on Jewtube Vic, I'm not sure what you're talking about.

It pains me to not have this in English


It hurts /v. Make it stop hurting please.

What would be the point in a PC port? It emulates perfectly.

It's fucking criminal they cancelled the PC port. TWINE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Goldeneye

Perhaps it's for the best.

You could say that for any and all of the Ace Combat games. In fact, the only AC game we've got is also the worst.

I would happily give money to someone willing to do a good port of AC4, 5, 0, and 6

This. The whole fucking "no turning off/saving power-ups" thing was absolute horsecock.

this and ace combat 4
Also LOTR the third age

I prefer that to judaism.

patrician taste

what are you talking about, they re-uploaded it with the bug fixes. went back up either December last year or earlier this year. I picked it up for like $10-15 during the summer sale.

All the best games ever are console exclusives. So the answer is all of them. But it's okay, PCfags just have to wait 15 years or so to get a half assed emulator working so they can finally play the best games ever made. Meanwhile they can keep telling themselves mediocre sim "games" and RTS#10853087 are actually among the best games ever. Or that the deluge of indieshit on Steam makes up for not having Super Mario.

None because I'm not a faggot poorbeggar. If I like it, I'll buy it (eventually). All platformfaggots are subhuman and should be gassed

hows that fps guys
also your bait is lazy 3/10

There is a port for that you ding a ling.

I completely forgot that game existed, a PC port with proper co-op would be pretty sick.

Oh man. The feels. The fun I could have. The mods I could have.

Fuck you Rockstar.



dont even have to mention that

my fucking nigger

although really you can use the controller with a weird wrapper and play mechwarrior so you know



You fags that prefer when SR was just a San Andreas clone wannabe are the worst

SR4 is the best by far

the fucking camer and aiming fuck this game over so much
would love to have mouse aiming

I really wish Explorers had been like what CC was
it fucking pains me to think we will never get another good CC game after the abysmal abomination that was Crystal Bearers


aren't most of the weapons on the autoaim anyway?

well yes dont know why I wrote aim in there


W-well, at least we can emulate Fatal Frame 4

Is this even anything like Red Dead Revolver?

It hurts.

I just got done playing through FF3 for the first time, and I really enjoyed it.

The lighting and environment design are impressive, especially considering this is on the PS2. The game is great at keeping a horror atmosphere, rather than relying on cheap scares.

Only real problems I have with it would be fighting particular ghosts becoming a waiting game, and some of the event triggers are pretty obtuse. I found myself wandering around aimlessly too much, wondering why I couldn't progress.

Emulation works, but you essentially just have to accept any bugs you run into, and that the game will never get proper mod/patch support.

Downloaded Mercenaries 2 (which is nowhere near as good) and The Saboteur (which is nice but it doesn't fill the void). Emulating it in a decent state is damn near impossible.

Fucking hell

I hope none of these games get released on pc. Last thing they need is faggot pc gamers ruining these games

Says the PCfag, as he literally posts in a thread about PCfags not being able to play good games.

You need a recent jewtel i5 or i7 overclocked to 4.5ghz, just for software mode. Widescreen's nice though.

There's no price I wouldn't pay for proper PC ports of all the Yakuza games.