Y should u play multiplayer?

y should u play multiplayer?

Everyone needs some level of interaction with people.

That's a question you ask yourself, not other people.

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The AI is better in those so called "multi-player" modes. Either way I'm superior, but at least its slightly more of a challenge.

Human-controlled participants in a competition is always better than AI-controlled ones because humans can make more complex calculations and strategies (or be incredibly out of their depth or unlucky).

Besting them in competition by ranking first gives you a sense of accomplishment.

y should u play video games?

lol coz I am not a neck-beard sitting in my basement alone lol. like talk to people lol

You shouldn't. Its pretty much pointless at its current stage.

Multiplayer is casual shit most of the time and fucking boring.
The only exception perhaps would be playing on tournaments.

Ironically, humans can't beat the AI in chess.

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Singleplayer is easy as fuck and boring.

And it's even worse when the game has saves because you can just try over and over till you win instead of trying to survive.

because its an mmo with fun gameplay

because it's whats all the cool kids are doing

You already made this thread like four days ago.

it's fun, especially with high-energy games like Quake

Because it's more fun than single player 19/20 times.

Because you have friends and they play videogames too.

You do have lots of friends right?

To laugh at how angry the robots are when I beat them. They think they're human beings!

because mom said its time to let your little brother play but you dont want to just sit there and watch his incompetent ass get handed to him by easy mode computers

The best way to get good at a game is to play with other good people.

Multiplayer is for faggots. Games that are focused on multiplayer are for faggots. All the best games ever made are single player, and would be ruined by trying to shoehorn in multiplayer. You fags are the reason so many games got casualized and made shorter so they could shoehorn in tacked-on multiplayer bullshit. You're the reason Ratchet & Clank 3 and 4 each got worse and worse instead of being better than the first and second ones. Ten years and I'm still mad. Next you'll tell me open world is inherently better than linear levels.