No game where you and 4 other people control a giant mech together star-trek bridge style while another player controls...

Let's try and make this happen Holla Forums. I'm sick and tired of doing freelance game dev for retards who are trying to create portal close #3621 and I've been itching for a personal project for a while now.

The main thing I don't know how to split up is the mech team member roles. Does one control the movement, one the arms?

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each arm has a person, each leg has a person, another person spots weak points and reads enemy attacks, another person deals with the engine and damage control. maybe more
you can probably get away with everyone doubling up jobs to make a minimum of 3

and you don't just have to fight kaiju, you can have mechs 1v1
would be a really good game for LAN, and would work online too

Nah that would be boring for the team members if they controlled one weapon system or one of the moving systems and not have some action while the others have all the fun.
They all need a challenge.
How about this you have one pilot who moves arms legs and the head and who has to watch out how he positions the mech for maximum damage output or avoiding an enemy attack.
A weapon systems officer who takes care of checking where the pilot aims the pick up weapons and who activates the built in weapon systems if they are needed and keeps an eye on the ammunition counter for each of them.
An Engineer who works in the mech isolated from the others who keeps the machine running if it's damaged and needs to watch out that he doesn't get murdered via impact force that may throw him against a wall and break his neck or get him crushed.
4 would be the brain of the team the commanding officer who watches all the systems inside the mech for example the general condition of the robot, weapon system status, damage reports that he has to send to the engineer, position of the kaiju via GPS map and analysing it's tactics etc. but he also get's access to a budget that the military grants him to call in bombardements, allies ( tanks, choppers, infantry and all that stuff) or ammo drops, pick up weapons or stuff that the engineer needs.

I hope this gives you an idea OP.

There was a kickstarter, didn't make it and haven't heard of it since.

There's a severe shortage of robot vs monster games in general, EDF4.1 has it but the robots are just there, they aren't the focus.

I hate to break it to you but this would die just like evolve. If more than 20% of the players want to be the kaiju, your matchmaking will be completely broken.

How about this premise…

The person controlling the movement of the mech has to do so via some sort of VR interface and as such doesn't see any minimap info.

The person controlling the weapons does so via a MechWarrior 2 like interface with grouping, overheating etc.

The engineer is the "anesthesiologist" in terms that he directs the power, either to movement, shield, weapons etc. I'd rather not have anyone move out of their cockpit but rather work on interfaces. In order to have a plausible WALKABLE mech it would have to be fucking enormous.

A commander who has access to the weapon drops and sends commands to the rest. Gives directions to the VR movement dude.

Of course, this is just a hobby thing I don't expect it to take off.

It makes for good TV and manga, but an awful game. How about just making a good mecha/kaiju game first and then worry about this stuff and other directions you can take the genre?

Balance would be a nightmare.

Balance the kaiju against a good mech team? Kaiju always wins if even one person on the mech side isn't good.

Balance the kaiju against a bad mech team? Kaiju might as well give up entirely when they know there's a good mech team on the other side.

How about we get a game where multiple players can control a spaceship in space, first, before they have to worry about making a giant robot walk QWOP-style without shitting the bed.

The only thing I can think of is Pulsar, and that game is legit awful.

because it's a completely shit idea and would have balance issues out the ass

keep it simple and just make it one robot/kaiju per player

why not a giant robot/ kaiju fightan game?

It would be better if the kaiju is just a bot.
That way, if a team fails, they can't blame it on "a really good kaiju player." The point of games like these is to foster teamwork.

this sounds a lot like Dead By Daylight mixed with Guns of Icarus with the same premise as Pacific Rim.

it could work but maybe have it be a combining mecha like Getter Robo or Voltron or a Sentai mecha where the mecha pilot players start the round in their individual mechs fighting the kaiju player and then at some point during the match once X% of the city is leveled or the individual mecha take enough damage the leader player can initiate the merging sequence to make the super robot where the gameplay shifts from the free form fighting of the individual mechs to something more like Guns of Icarus where the tech player has to keep repairing damage done to the mecha by the kaiju while the leader moves the robot the tactician can throw up the shields and identify weak points on the kaiju and the weapons expert has control of the weapons systems.

For the Kaiju player I would say there should be different varieties of kaiju to choose from focusing on different play styles (speedy, powerhouse, tank, long range combat, etc.) and each having their own signature attacks unique to the kaiju type. like the breath weapons and stuff you see in Godzilla movies. maybe make the long range combat one a flyer cuz those are always cool.

these are just some ideas to start you off OP.

One legs. One arms for puwnchin. Oneweapons. One enginner and one commander with all the readouts?

That'd be probably be more fun, make it co-op instead of competitive. I'll try to whip up some extremely basic code and see if I can update this thread (or make another) in a day or two. We can then try it out together.

Actually a game like that had a kickstarter but it failed. The devs are still making it, but at a slower rate. They had an update not to long ago.

Dev website:

Failed kickstarter link:

Don't you faggots realize that it just wouldn't be fun?

Make shit simple and effective:

1 dude does the running, jumping and dodging. He also does kicks, swipe kick, roundhouse kick, all sorts of kicks

1 dude does punching. Also all sorts of different punches - jabs, uppercuts, straight punches, quick combinations, also blocks.

1 dude fires build in weapons Mechwarrior style. Lasers, rockets, machineguns, flamethrowers, all that shit.

That's it, I don't think you need 4th dude for anything.
Also make roles being swappable either at will or at random.
Or make mech to be like getter where you can assemble it from 3 jets, so different dudes can take different roles.
4th dude control Monster like you would well control a monster.
Alternatively have 3 on 3 versus matches with 2 robots.

You have a point there with keeping it simple but coordinating that will still be a problem but I think that is more of a problem for the team who will pilot the robot.
But the dude with the punching role needs to have full control of the upper body too so that he can avoid the enemy attacks by twisting and turning it.

And to eliminate the 4th member is easy just give the weaker weapons infinite ammo with cooldowns and the bigger weapons can only be used a few times before they are depleted and maybe that would work better than making it to complicated i hope.
But still how do we balance the kaiju player against that?

Obviously since Kaiju is controlled by 1 person, it has perfect control over his actions as opposed to robot run by 3 different people.
Trade off would be less options in terms of movements and attacks. It's just a monster, it can't make boxing moves or kung-fu kicks after all, it can have so many melee attacks and only one or two ranged attacks - lazer breath and maybe fireball.
Naturally having multiple different robots and kaijus would be a giant plus to variety and replayability.

You know this wouldn't work because someone operating the arm would want to make it jerk off.

Two-headed or three-headed kaiju should have two or three people controlling them.

That's some really shitty and autistic idea.
You should split basic traditional combat system into 3-4 parts and add some depth to it, not go full retard.

And each head will do what? Just shoot? I don't think that would work well.

People are barely coordinated enough to act as a team while controlling individual characters. What the hell makes you think you can have people coordinated enough to control a single robot?

That's what makes it so fun.

It is possible just divide the roles in such a way that it is easy to learn how your part works and the commandos and warnings you need to say for the team ( right hook, left leg sweep, dodge to the right, activate heavy weapon etc.).
But it should be clear that lonewolfing will punish the entire team which makes the loner look like a total ass clown because it will be easy to spot who didn't do his part.
This game should not hold your hand the entire time and tell you "please play as a team" no it should punish you hard so that you learn if you don't do your part and aren't even trying to be a teamplayer will you never be able to win.
Which will result in lots of pre made teams all with mics but also in a long learning process with lot's of defeats and yet also in well deserved victorys.
And those who can't get into teamwork can lonewolf as a Kaiju and show if they truly are better than the entire team.

tl;dr: They will learn the hard way how to play as a team and they will love it and if they can't are there still the kaijus for loners.

goat simulator, multiplayer mech edition

Better question.

god damn, that looks like some fun co op

In that case I predict a lot of players just cruising around looking for open kaiju slots. Then dropping the game entirely when they realize all that waiting isn't worth the small amount of actual playing.

I mean, even if mechs and kaijus were equally popular options, 50/50 player preference split, you're looking at 3 or 4 mech slots for each game, and only 1 kaiju slot per game. So you've got a huge bottleneck right there. And I'd bet money more people would rather lonewolf it as the kaiju than be in a team that's so stuck together it's sharing one character. So that'll make the imbalance even worse. Maybe the game would find an equilibrium of only 1 out of 4 players wanting to be the kaiju, and everything would be fine, but I doubt it.

How about making the kaijus weaker, and throw 3-4 against a mech? And an idea: instead of controlling a kaiju, one kaiju player should control whole swarms of lesser kaiju (like in an RTS). This way the kaiju team would have to play together, because even a bad mecha team could easily wreck an individual kaiju.

But the kaiju side will then be an ASSFAGGOTS.

There was a beat em up where everyone could combine machines and become one massive powerful mech that the team had to control. It's was an old arcade game.

What do you mean by that? If a game is an ASSFAGGOT if at least one of the sides controls individual units, then every multiplayer FPS is an ASSFAGGOT.

Shared command structures in MP are a death sentence for any kind of fun.

You know how one person can ruin a raid for 39 others. Now think what 1 idiot does when there's only 5 of you.

I never knew I wanted this so much

You're missing the "Aeon of Strife Styled" part of ASSFAGGOTS.

5 units each with specific skills and only those 5 units to control. RTS styled control but without the RTS.
There are several decent examples of this, the savage series, natural selection and several less known.
But all of those have more units or players to control.

No, there would be kaiju players who control their kaijus like in a TPS, and one who acts as a commander, and sends out swarms of lesser kaiju. The later wouldn't really work as a TPS in my opinion. Except if you have a kaiju that only breeds smaller AI-controlled kaijus, and controls them from a TPS viewpoint. Although, the later could work like in Sacrifcie.

That sounds more reasonable but it would need enough stuff for the commander to do, yet not get him overwhelmed.
In natural selection half the games are players shitting on the comm for being a noob and there really isn't any way for him to get good without fucking up a ton of times.

And in general these sort of games are really hard to balance and keep a big enough fanbase.
If you really wanna do this you have a ton of work ahead of you.

Well, the "breeder" could be a support, someone who could make the life of his fellow players easier, not the key player.

Don't tell that to me, I'm not OP.

The four players would lose every single time and you know it

That makes sense maybe it really should be a co op game instead of a competetive one by replacing the kaiju player with a bot that would eliminate that problem maybe.

Or perhaps something like uprising. Manage your monster base from a third person mobile command role with some combat ability.




So you're telling me you wanna make a Guns of Icarus clone but you fight an npc and you control a robot instead?
Well you should make it so AI controls commands in the absence of other players, first thing.
It would be interesting having one guy in the generator room, redirecting the energy from the shields to the weapons, FTL style.
Also legs and arms should be one guy each, having more people would just make it a qwop clone.
It needs to have guns and missiles controlled by additional players, and the robot MUST be customizable with new features/weapons/gadgets.

Never pvp. Fucking ever. PvP ruins genres because special snow flake players would refuse to gitgud and blame game mechanic. Stay PvE. If need be have even larger sized kaiju or large numbers and consider those "raids" where X amount of mechs work together to take out the Xeno.

How about some REALLY big robots?

There's a starship bridge simulator currently being developed where each member of the team controls a different post. Engineering, Communications, Weapons, Navigation and Captain. It's no fun being anything other than the captain and the time lost by physically telling the crew what to do gives disagreeing crews at a disadvantage.

Unless you're physically in the room with the other players the idea of a big mech just won't work with lag and having to deal with trolls.

That's why games like overwatch are popular: the success of the team depends on cooperation, but you aren't attached to your teammates nor do you need to announce every action you're about to take. Good luck making co-op QWOP seem fun.

This reminds me of the very first yandere sim thread.


Did someone say REALLY big robots?

Who the hell designed those … things?


Every jrpg artist ever

What about five people controlling a robot (the mechanics would be like and said) fighting one or more CPU Kaiju (because a player controller Kaiju is shit, the matchmaking would be shit and then the whole game will be shit. Unless the pvp robot vs kaiju is a side mode, but the main focus should always be on the player controlled mecha vs cpu controlled kaiju)? Imho it would be really fun, especially in local co-op, i can already picture autistic turbonerds playing it at like events or something.
On that note, a good super sentai-like game literally when? I tried that indie one (the one with the feminist mission where a guy gets kidnapped because kidnapping girls is too misogynist) and it was garbage.

I seriously hope you guys have played EDF by now

I think maybe the main should control locomotion and the others provide bullshit like weapons and boosters or something like speed or damage buffs.

I honestly hate the hype faggots that can't shut the fuck up about their new toy in every thread.

absolutely not. Movement shouldn't require alternating between two people. Just have legs be one person. Or better yet, do what says.

The roles:
Motorist: Controls the movements of the robot. I think it would be a good idea for him to be able to have a few melee weapons as well, at least something that'll let him push the kaiju off if it ever latches on.
Engineer: I don't think having him be able to be killed separately from the rest of the players is a good idea. I could see him dying before everyone else and just sitting there waiting for the match to be done. Instead, he controls miniature repair robots located throughout the main robot. These can be killed, but he stays with everyone in the bridge
Cannon Operator/Gunner/whatever: Pretty much what was already said, except let him see the weapon stock. In fact, let everyone see the needed information to do their respective roles, because instead the
Commanding Officer/ Kaiju Specialist: is going to see a screen of the kaiju. It breaks down which parts of the kaiju do what, which parts are damaged, which parts are charging up for an attack, etc.

The shame is that he thinks that the guys on leddit or cuntlr really like him and this place here is just filled with cynics who just sling shit at him eventhough he did "everything" what Holla Forums suggested ( shitposter excluded because well the name says it all).
Yes Holla Forums is harsh but fair sometimes and it can be forgiven if one loses his cool at some points ( as long as it doesn't go to maximum autism drive) but do or say one thing that plebbit or triggler doesn't like and that person will face the wrath of a thousand butthurt manchildren, a 9,0 earthquake will bury one under rubble when the landwhales start moving , the feminazis and the braindead ladycock sucking journalists will do everything they can to discredit that persons name until they give up and comply to these retards or until that person vanishes back into the safety of anonymity.
And then when that person crawls back to Holla Forums and think they are still good ol buddys with everyone will they learn that getting coddled or just refusing to listen to people who don't want to kiss your ass can do far more damage than one can imagine.

It's really the same exact thing here though, he put in some meme costumes and like half of Holla Forums wrote it off entirely, then he changed the inventory system and that was 100% loss of support and threads turned into digging up forum posts he made a decade ago. Everywhere on the internet is exactly the same about tearing down and throwing out people they disagree with, the only difference is in what results in expulsion.

That I didn't know thanks for informing me on that user and I think I lost a little bit more of the almost diminished respect that I have for Holla Forums.
Back on topic let's hope the dude who wants to make this game finds a way to somehow control this mech with several people in it without turning it into a qwop game or maybe some user here get's that one brilliant idea that is needed.

No, the severely autistic posts he made years ago were around from the start. Used to have normal yansim threads here but after a while more and more people started entering just to shitpost. Eventually the faggot dev censored himself and went on a "you meanies, im going to leddit"

He censored himself? Why? I mean he could have just said he regrets it and and thats it. Yeah it's embarassing and it hurts the pride and not many can deal with that but you can't just censor yourself and think it's done the evidence is still there it doesn't vanish.
That guy has programmed a yandere simulator that is for sure but he is definitly not the brightest lightbulb on the porch.

Dunno user 5 are a bit to much just think of the communication 3 autists screaming at eachother that everyone sucks one guy having no idea what to do because of all the loud noises and that one poor bastard sitting there and asking himself why he was choosen to end up in this nightmare while they get humped by pseudo Godzilla.
I would rather go with the 3 man team at this point engineer for repairs, energy, status of the mech etc., the pilot for the bot and the cannonier for the guns or the other method of 2 pilots for the upper and lower body part and one cannonier.
But yeah CPU Kaiju sound at this point better. Maybe there could be a PVP mod later on where one guy has full control of the robot and the other one get's the kaiju ala pacific rim the game style if anyone played that.

I just want a good sentai game
But yeah, i guess that 3 people teams are better, but there should be an obligatory tutorial before doing whatever mode has a co-op function, i don't care about people who don't like to read because i don't like to lose thanks to faggots that play the game going "i don't know what the buttons do xdxd" either.