Ape Escape Thread

After wasting my time on some british fatty in glasses on yotube reviewing the AE trilogy, i decided to make a thread about the series.

Post your favorite

Hopefully they'll announce AE4 with cute girls at TGS.

They better bring back the platforming

Also this too

No, i want a male protagonist you faggola

why not both?

Sounds like a deal

Good, i like Yumi but i wish the shotas had some more love too

Just remember this was a thing

Do I have to?

If only i had a time machine

I want to believe

I don't suppose anyone knows where I can get all the anime episodes?

I know the later seasons didn't have them all and that shit's been bugging me autism for the longest time imaginable

I don't know, i don't even think the show was that successful.

Who are you talking about, and what did he say about it?

Some guy called That Geeky Gamer, he said the games were good but he was like one of thoes guys who records himself while having a shelf full of games in the background.

Like almost every youtuber gamer?

I thought you were talking about cuck sterling at first, and expected him to shit on the games because he's a human trashbag.

Jim's ex girlfriend looks like him

I mwant "now" fuck

Ex girlfriend?

Nigga, that's his wife. And she fucks other dudes while married to him.

oh yeah, i forgot.

Has anyone played the PSO spin offs? Are they any good?


i had ape escape academy. it was fun was a kid though and i havent played it in a long time so i dont know if it holds up

Don't forget this too

dead series

Do you have any images to post?

I'm a lazy guy so prob not

i wish there was more shota art out of Ape Escape

Is this the best song in the series?

not even the best in its game

Alright, you win.

Games about the supremacy of the white race. 10/10.

And you get to play as 3 shotas and a loli

Where's the porn

There was a Yumi dumb in a loli thread in /vp/ and a AE boys thread in /shota/

Yes. Even better.

Imagine Spike, Jimmy and Kei "playing" while Yumi catches them and joins them.