I, uh, made a game

It's a short, fun little rpg.
I'm pretty happy with how it came out.



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Let me try it out.

Nigger, why would you clone Space Funeral?

Did you just copy Space Funeral

the Dracula thing is just a little Easter egg.
space funeral and thecatamites are a really big inspiration to me, and he's the reason i've picked this up as a hobby, but i don't think i cloned his work.

The story, characters, battle-system, art style, etc, etc is much different than space funeral.

also, i gave him credit for the dracula sprite/dialogue, and all the inspiration he's given me.


God damn .dll fuck shit.

do you have the rtp?

No, I'ma doin' that now though.

p-please tell me what you think when you're done.

it's shit

could you tell me anything specific?


I don't care. Your game is gay and nobody wants to play it.


I'm sorry you feel that way.

Ask anybody else in this thread. They'll tell you exactly the same thing.

Dracula is a stupit count

Needs more titty.

a couple people have installed it and have/are playing it.

i don't care if you don't like the game, i don't expect everyone to.

You don't understand. Nobody likes your dumb game. Just look at the trashy graphics ffs.

Why are you getting baited this hard by one shitposter?

"it's shit"
"Nobody likes your dumb game"
"Your game is gay"

kind of seems like you just enjoy shitting on other peoples' work tbh.

if he wants to keep bumping this thread and giving me attention with his shitposts then i won't complain.

add more titty.

But it's shit.
Why can't you realize that?

Apply yourself

I loved it

really? thank you!
what about it?

You made a turd, not a game


Second thumbnail looks like someone is fisting the ghost's ass.

Is that the codex troll?

Aight yo, I died like a bitch. Here's the haps:

It's neat, but you kinda hang off Space Funeral a bit much.

That hell element stuff, nigga, I didn't end up paying attention to that shit in any Final Fantasy, and I sure as hell don't give a damn here. Also I was pretty hesitant to bother grabbing any of those specific fist things because I wasn't certain what I may or may not have to fight or what I would need and I ain't got the teeth for all of them at once. Plus I wasn't sure if I could switch equips in battle either, I'm sure I could have tried any of these things. I just can't be assed to, though.

Don't much give a damn about graphics, it's RPG Maker, number one, and number two, it's RPG Maker. Not that you can't do enjoyable things with it, it's just I don't try to expect anything substantial out of RPG Maker.

Music and such, sounds I guess, uh, you know, it is what it is. Some music I would say doesn't jive with the area it's in very well, but eh.

Overall, demon waltz is a slightly confusing (if you're stupid) game where you do some things, some things happen as a result, and life goes on.

It's alright, but I hope you aim higher.

i made fanart of it

The Gorilla wouldn't say nigga, though.

user, can you tell me how to fix this so i can play the damn game?

Sadly, it was only an afterthought.

This is Kotaku-tier enough. Congrats.


There's a super virus here, download it and install it, and make sure to provide all your identifying information, otherwise it won't work.

By far the best review Patricia Hernandez has ever written.

this whole game was an afterthought after taking a big smelly poo

Stop it user, you're scaring me. You trying to be a clown? Well that shit isnt even funny.

Im not even going to click on that now. All i want to do is play OP's game. But i dont want to download extra stuff and makes accounts just to do it, i dont have time for that shit mang.

I played it for a few minutes, got up to Marcel. I enjoyed it, I'll probably play the rest later.

Gud job patricia, here's 5 dollars.

I'm just joshin', it's the RTPs for RPG Maker games. No accounts or anything. I can't guarantee that it's not some horrific virus set to destroy your computer in the year 4019, but for now it made the game work and I don't give a damn if it's going to steal all my personal information.

It's a joke, nigga. Damn.

Looks like your typical liberal shit

I'd argue it needs more Linux port, too.


my autism created this for you

Thanks, that was really bothering me.

oh my God, thank you
that's so amazing


I'll give it a shot when I get home

thank you!

thanks for the review.
I'm saving this so i can look at it while i make other projects.

I'll 100% aim higher in the future.

Killer dudeski. Just make sure to remember I'm only one guy though, that's important.

Pretty good, could use more humor. Mind making more?

If you feel proud of what you've made, that's what matters the most. Godspeed to you, fine sir.

No problem. I'll try making it work and actually play it, possibly with wine or some other workaround. What I can see from the screenshots though is that the art, albeit simple, is consistent. Lack of consistency is too often a problem with RPGMaker games where you'd find an –involuntary– mishmash of default RTP graphics and original art whose style clash: it's cool that you seem to have avoided that issue.

Holla Forums has been leaving their board to hang out here more and more…

Nice bgm, nigger. Put effort into it next time.

Is it fun?

It's a falseflag. Shills are going all around falseflagging Holla Forums in unrelated topics to generate boardwars. Frankly, bots would do a better job.

Polite sage for offtopic.

Looks like it could be interesting. I'm downloading it right now; I love Space Funeral and I've played both it and Earth Birth. I'm also a huge fan of Yume Nikki as well.

by the way

Are you Goblet?

Was actually just going to say this. It's Holla Forums or something, right?

Goblet? No, that's not me and I'm afraid haven't heard of him before.

If you could tell me what you think after you play, that would be amazing.


I haven't played your game and I'm not going to compliment or criticize it based on looks but because graphics barely matter but..

If you're going to have things drawn in MSpaint make sure that the rest of the game is consistent with that. If you try to use the brush tool to make the characters, make the background objects with the same brush tool and making few exceptions.

MSPaint is already a shitty program but the game looks more shit when you try to make random things look too good.

Like for instance in pic 1 you used premade tiles in the room that made the characters and the game look awkward. I also cannot tell what the fuck is separating the two characters. Is it a pit? A counter?

Pic 4 was almost perfect. Almost everything matches the style the main character is drawn like. Except for the fact you used a ripped sprite from space funeral and that's really bad. If you want to rip a character, go ahead, and give the creator credit, but draw him in your own style, or make the room centered around the ripped character.

You may also want to make a custom UI so combat doesn't look funky.

Stylistic consistency is important because

1. It makes your game less painful (or in this case consistently painful) to look at.
2. It shows effort that you've taken time to polish the game
3. It differentiates it from every other RPG maker game (Which is why people know games such as OFF or Space Funeral)

Consistency in writing, characters, and graphics show time and effort put into your game, that you went into it with a plan and a good, firm sense of style.

People are looking at screens and saying it's shit because you're using the base battle scheme for RPG maker and cutting corners using RPG maker's sprites. They don't care for the actual quality of the dialogue or game play because it itself looks like an unpolished lazily put together rpg maker made by underageb&

Where's your game faggot, I bet you can't even do better so stop criticizing

thank you. and i did give thecatamites for the sprite btw.

he gave me solid criticism


no wonder why i didn't get dubs
lets try this again

is this lostboy

mario party 4

Sure I'll give it a try

are you beetle?

/agdg/ the board is kind of dead since a new BO took over a while back and kinda let the place die out, the Holla Forums threads are more active.

Will you give me a blowjob if i play it?


*unzips dick*
Awesome, i love bjs while playing.



Stop this at once.

Make me

It's weird, the artist draws good bodies and faces but the actual content does nothing for me.

I came so many times over this doujin it's among my favourites.

The way the artist does expressions in general are a personal favorite
I also just like the nympho vibe from most of the females in his work

reminded me I need to play OFF. Didn't know it's a free RPGmaker game until just now. After that, if I see positive or mixed reviews on Holla Forums, I'll play your game.

OFF it's pretty great.

Ehy OP what's up with the "RGSS102E.dll." file not being found?
Anyone else what's up with that?

You need this.

Time to see what this is all about!


Well for some reason the game can't find "Ruth White" soundtrack so it keeps crashing and I can't get over the white snow area.

I enjoyed it though all the anons gave criticism I already agree with, so nothing more to add.
Except for one thing.


Aside from that I hope to see more from you, I like this type of RPGs.

thank you!

It was parody of the disaster that was shitty user-made graphics for RPGM2003 with top notch music choices. Space Funeral, graphically, is what your game is NOT supposed to look like.

I'd say mean things about your game, but I'm making a game of my own and I don't want any bad karma.
So I'm going to disingenuously tell you that your game is a good first step and that you should never stop working hard at your dreams!

Now give me my good karma points so I get some good luck.

instead of being sarcastic and ironic you can tell me what you thought?

Oh fuck, you made the tittykid your banner…

I'll give it a try and report back posthaste.

sex sells

Like I said, it's a first step. That's important. Take what you learned and throw out what didn't work, then try again.
Not sucking at anything in life is the same iterative process. Only hard work, repetition and time will allow you to persevere.

Also, presentation is important. As others have said, art style consistency would help, but also slightly higher quality art would lend your game some more credibility. When I look at what you made, it just reminds me of early flash and hypercard games from the dawn of the internet.

It doesn't have to look amazing or stylish, but maybe find someone who can draw a little bit next time. Maybe you have a young cousin you can force into child labor or something.

i really appreciate this, thank you.

i hope your project goes well, and i wish you luck and good karma in whatever you do :^)

wait op even ripped the soundtrack from space funeral?


i am a shameless hack

also i really like the music thecatamites used

Okay, I've played it through to giving the ghost man the heelies. It's stupid, but still feels better than most rpg maker games. The general feel of it is enjoyable, but seems a little generic / rushed.

It's got promise, but it's needs polish.


there's nothing wrong with admiring Space Funeral, it's a really good trippy RPGmaker game, but this really is so blatant I can't really see it as falling under "homage". More like "ripoff".

Take inspiration but strike out and try and make it your own with your own style.

Hey OP, you know what you should make?
~A gaming gloryhole.~
So you can suck people off while they try your game.
It will make your fanbase skyrocket for sure!

Some dude is streaming your game.

Boy, I can't wait until Holla Forums starts making unreasonable demands and calling the dev a cucked sell-out for doing anything that might line up with being an SJW.

oh shit i missed it.
where does he archive his streams?
i really, really want to see this

Is it going to be on the channel later like his other stuff?
This is so amazing. I got artwork and a stream of my project. Oh fuck.

probably gonna just be on his channel later

This honestly. The thing people should be doing when making games is making games THEY'D enjoy. Make it playable, obviously, but your vision should always be shining through. Pandering will only lead to a world of hurt. and memes

I just played OFF for several hours. It's the weird little RPG that I always wanted to play but never knew existed.


summer spotted

Fuck off MikeeUSA

Fuck off autiste

What is this, French?

this is just Space Funeral but not as good

For what it is dev, I see potential.

Go do some practice projects that are less obscure.

Also nice taste of humor.

What do you think he's doing, you need somebody to play your "practice projects" or else you won't git gud at designing games.

theyd do it, they love that kind of shit

Fuck off, Holla Forums.

blame yourself. if you hadnt let it come to this point maybe there would be more sympathy for you

You're right, I should have built a time machine and let Hitler live.

Why even bother with game dev. Might as well become a furry porn artist instead, you'll keep more of your dignity that way.

we have an agdg general that hit the bump limit and its 4 days old, sure its not the fastest thread but i wouldnt say its dying. well, at least the thread isnt. as their projects are completed new life will inevitably trickle in as it becomes the center of attention.


so its undertale?

If a moron like OP can make a game, so can i. You give me hope.

passionate work that we enjoy or take satisfaction in is a realistic path to saving video games. saving in this context being existing apart from the oftentimes dubious modern industry.

remember it doesnt even have to be some huge undertaking. think about how much fun it was to play random flash and shockwave games on newgrounds or wherever they happened to be hosted. we could revive that time period

Says the Niggers of Holla Forums.

I'm both amazed by the sheer autism of the dozen or so Holla Forumsfags trying incessantly to sow chaos and the stubborn apathy of anons who keep posting regardless even if they constantly take the bait.

drag everything you can through the mud and them blame it on a convenient scapegoat to elevate your own position. after basing your lives around politics and the dirty tricks involved for so long you think youve mastered it? its childs play for anyone whos been caught up in internet video game drama.
police yourselves better and speak out against what you suspect are false flags then, instead of letting them do what they want for 2 years simply because you think it wont damage you later.


I kept the caps because I found the /cow/ thread on them hilarious when it started. /int/olerant faggots are just a bunch of trannies who want "free speech" so they can shout down opinions they don't like with spam floods and "all boards should be equal with equal users" cause nobody likes their shitty boards so force users to use theirs.


seems the only winning move is to behave ourselves

That or simply outlast them, if the previous post was any indication, they can never get new users,thys their population can only decrease

oniichan my jokes are being written on their own

I don't see how it'll work. We can't even tell if they're shitting up any board or if ANY board is being shit up and there's been no raids or anything.

user boards THRIVE on chaos. For every one shitposter, there's a thousand who derail the shitposting by having actual conversations that launch off of shitposting.

Example: LOL threads always start off with a shitpost, and people make more shitposts in the thread, then we have conversations and comments about the shit that has been posted.

I don't know how they think that shitposting and PR demonization will work, because we THRIVE off of both that and actual conversation.

This ain't fighting fire with fire, this is adding gasoline to the flame and we're all warmer for it.

What also kills Holla Forums's raids is that we know they exist. And since that cat's out of the bag, they're the scapegoat for shit posts, which makes the board immunized to pretty much anything thrown at us, as bad posters aren't our posters.

Gotta say, good job, Holla Forums. Thanks!

Basically they want no rules, so they can spam you because there is no rule against it when you say something that rustles their jimmies. That's also why they don't like captchas. That's why they try to push rulecuck as a meme. They also really, really hate Holla Forums, not even the "not vidya gaems I just want to talk vidya gaems" kind of way. They hate them so much two thirds of their day is spent raging about Holla Forums impotantly. They made up storm weenies just for them. If they were to disappear Holla Forums baiting would decrease by half to two thirds immidiately over night and most boards would never even hear a peep about it ever again.

You do need order in chaos.

IDs make this board impervious to any sort of raid and were implemented because of this shit.

By attacking a moderated board, they only make it harder to attack.

Make your own board and stay there if you don't like this one, that's all I have to say to them.

so that's why it's slowed down, troons racing to the noose

Stop talking about this shit and discuss the fucking game.

Doesn't work 4me.

ugh, unguhgh

I have it m8, still doesn't work.


is this lost boy 2?

What else is there to discuss?

Alright OP hows about this next time use RPG maker XP pirate if you want nobody here will care. The reason I recommend XP is because you need to start dabbling in scritping next since you've dipped your toes into game development. Use RTP assets as a placeholder and make custom assets to put in it's place since RTP itself is just a crutch. Look for Salt World and go about about 600 pages in various game development section, this is where you'll find RPG Maker relevant information as well as some greats that explains how they worked things out and various debates and tutorials which may or may not be memory holed a lot of it is relevant for RPG Maker XP processes and how they function as well. Learn to read all of the various processes so you can pick apart other RPG Maker games and see how they do it. Guys like Neok are fucking machines and somehow managed to make a randomly generate dungeon, and another guy that avatarfags as a mech and knows the engine from inside and out like the back of his hand. The most important things to learn are switches, variables, posing sprites to animate them instead of using "Animation" and using events as another layer of the map for more flexibility.

The important thing with RPG Maker is to not make it look like an RPG Maker game.

I always feel uneasy about downloading any chan realeted file but I will give it a try 4U user. Also congratulations is nice to see that you were able to make a game.



I actually don't see how what you said is relevant to what I said, all I was doing is recommending that he should go into less obscure themes for his next project.


They sound like your average liberal

what's the sauce for this image? i've seen two images from whatever this is from but reverse image search fails me.

/agdg/ is the place for developers to mingle about just like other generals are targeted for specific groups of people. If someone from /agdg/ wanted to publicise their game to Holla Forums and get some attention, they'd make their own thread too.


Pretty sure rpgmaker shit is one of the few things that runs flawless on wine.

caught the autist