You're part of the TES VI: Hammerfell dev team. You are also a jew...

You're part of the TES VI: Hammerfell dev team. You are also a jew, and in search of profit you decide that you need to bring even more players in.

The question is: how to casualize the series even further?



There are no more RPG elements left to remove so I am out of ideas. Maybe we can make the game auto-attack enemies with stylish moves so the retard consmer doesn't notice he isn't doing anything.

I kill myself, doing my divine duty as a semite.

Voiced protagonist
No beast races
Fable bread-crumb trail for quest markers

Come on man Gamebryo™ can't handle that.

Pretty much make it Fallout 4 with more sand and niggers.
Focus almost entirely on pointless crafting, have fully voiced dialogue, one character that will call you by name, simplify the perk system even further, and add some Dwarven (Dwemer is so old hat tbh) suit thing that's actually just reskinned power armor

Replace character design with a choice between white/black and male/female interpretations of Nathan Drake. Add more cut scenes and a monologuing villain.

Bring back climbing
Market it as a return to form for the series, because we care about our hardcore fans that have been with us since the beginning
Make it so that you can only climb on one incredibly specific kind of surface, that is a different color and architecture from anything else in the game and also glows in bright colors
And then, since we've taken the criticism to heart, we add in ladders in the last DLC, that are in a few dungeons and can also be placed as static unmoveable furniture in a player home, so you can have all the fun of climbing, but at home

Hahaha, no.

Focus on multiplayer elements instead of the base single-player game so you have Capture the flag and other typical game-modes to play but this time with the clunky as fuck Skyrim combat!

And only Dragonborn-like abilities for it are shouts/spells to throw fire/iceballs as we cant have you doing le epic fus ro dah~ your opponents off cliffs etc.

You say that like there will be more than one climbing animation
Or that they would do it properly

So, context-sensitive one-button flashy "combos"?

We can't lose the furries.

Oh yes. Button = awesome.

Let's make it a linear first-person shooter but with swords and bows, because crossbows aren't a thing anymore.

That's why you add it back in as DLC. Show furries you care so much that you put in extra time and effort to include them.
Just like being a female character in Fallout, no one will remember that you could always be a tiger man in the Elder Scrolls

;_; I know Bethesda will fuck up hammerfell so fucking hard

Yeah, like EA does with the frnech in battlefield 1.

No, no, no. How can we promise ~800 hours of gameplay if the game is linear?

Very good idea. We might even include as a day 0 DLC, given "for free" for those who buy the season pass!

Oh, I got a sudden inspiration. Hear me: autoaiming.

Make the game about that swamp area where only lizzard people live or whatever, lol. This way we can have a good excuse as to why you can only be a lizzard person in the game, but we add like 5 different lizzard people types so that the goys wouldn't notice. The enemies will all be of lizzard variety. Oh and because it's a swamp we can remove heavy armor as a heavy armored knight in a swamp is stupid. We can market it as a return to classic and that we listened to our fans and lore, or whatever. Hey who wants some pizza, lol?

On one hand, unlike Skyrim, the lore for Hammerfell is already pretty much entirely written, and is morrowind-tier, so there's less for them to fuck up
But on the other hand, they can easily fuck up the execution, and justify any changes by the time gap
I choose to believe that Bethesda's laziness will trump their complete lack of artistic skill
Surely there's nothing so labor intensive about making a desert that would necessitate sweeping lore changes like what happened with Oblivion

Why don't we make a really shitty overworld with thousands of completely linear dungeons?

Randomly generated dungeons ofcourse, we don't want to manually make them.

Lots of hamfisted racial tensions - nords are opressing redguards, with nordic guards frequently killing redguards in the streets. The main story is about helping redguards killing as many nordic guards as possible, until eventually going into a full blown civil war and declaring independence.

Since Talos was a Nord, redguards throw away this symbol of opression and go buddy-buddy with the Thalmor.

Every dungeon is a nordic guard hideout where they secretly torture redguards (meaning they don't need to use too many assets, as every dungeon will look roughly the same)

There is no longer any dialogue system. By pressing the "talk" button, you automatically enter a cutscene which you can't affect in any way.

There is no option to support the nords; the story is strictly linear with no possible offshoots. Same with side quests

All side quests are "Kill X nordic guards" or "Collect Y nordic hearts"

Everything is fully voice acted, with each NPC having it's own personal hollywood star.

Weapon selection is now just sword/bow/hands

Should you ever, even by accident, attack a Redguard, you'll enter a long cutscene shaming you for being a racist, and then go to game over as your character kills itself in shame

nonono, making it randomly generated would take too long. Instead, make 3 different dungeon designs and just rearrange the floor every once and awhile.

Oh, and make sure to make at least 2 or 3 of the 1000 of repetitive dungeons actually interesting so you can show them in your gameplay trailers and make the game look cool or exciting.

I like it.

Should the Blades still be a joinable faction?

Also, we need redguard kings.


While these guys tackle which assets we will reuse for the dungeons(not like most players saw 90% of Skyrim's dungeons anyway), how can we make so the player doesn't die? Dying is not fun, and we don't want to lose the female/child crowd because the game is too hard for them.


We do it Fable style, if you "die" you get revived by a magical light, blast away the enemies and receive a coll ass scar.

Also make sure it affects your speachcraft skill by making it decrease by 1.
Don't want our game being TOO ez amirite guys?

Yeah, about that…

Add multiplayer both co cop and versus.

Speaking of skills im pretty sure they will make pickpocketing, lockpicking and sneak all fall under the same skill.

Do you know how hard that would be. We would have to make a new engine different than the new engine we already designed for at least 10 elder scrolls game.

Instead of skills, there will be 3 distinct tree's: Warrior, Thief, Mage.
Warrior tree just grants flat bonus armor and percent damage increases, no more special boons on specific weapons.
Thief just gives faster movespeed and damage while sneaking.
All mage does is boost your magic damage, mana, and duration. No more conjuration, alteration, restoration, etc. etc.
All weapons will be the same
You can hybrid-spec but none of that matters because they all function basically the same just with different weapons.

at least morrowind's still hanging around

Remove smithing.
In fact, remove crafting entirely.
You can now only buy weapons and armor.
The better question, how can one make the story more generic?

How can one get worse than;"le ebil dragons are attacking XDDDD."


"le ebil nords are attacking XDDDD"


Can't we reuse the crafting system of FO4 somehow? Think about the free advertisement - I mean, dank memes - that will come from silly combinations!

..of course, all weapons will play the same regardless, as put.


JUST KIDDDING! Haha, really had you fooled there.

Remove stats altogether. Fights are cutscenes that are won automatically without player input.
Have a voiced female protagonist, but allow players to decide what gender(s) she identifies as, input custom pronouns, and dye her hair various combinations of colors.
And be sure to make frequent pop culture references, including at least one reference to GamerGate.

I was a white male untill I took a gamergate to the knee

more like
i can feel the cringe already

eh i guess you are right i miss pre oblivion Bethesda so much

Talos is not a nord he is 3 old Bretons

No they have no beef with each other both hate magic both are men not mer and both have this "warriors culture " that they share
If anything the racist ones will be the redguards they see them selves as the "true KANGS" of Tamriel and in some way it is true " Yokuda is in the past of Tamriel where redgaurds ruled "
Hell maybe they will try to reverse time so they can reach Yokuda again
Nord hatred for foreigners comes from the ancient nord religion

So stop this SJW tier shoehorne of your own world views into fantasy settings you SJW tier pleb

I didn't understand half of what you said, Bill, which means our targetered audience won't understand around a fourth of it. Nor do they care.

Don't worry, all the people that like the old TES series will buy our game anyway. Think about the mods!

Now, how to spin this into an immigration tale the audience can immediatly recognize?

why live

Skyrim already did that. You still had to initiate combat, but once the enemy was at about half-health the game would just get bored and assume you were bored, so it'd take control away from the player and automatically kill the enemy with a scripted finishing move scene.

good news! Skyrim already had a spell that did that, so we can just turn it on by default

Remove skills
Make it a half-assed open world hack and slash
remove magic entirely
make stamina only drain from sprinting
voiced protag with minimal dialogue options

shit out a not-Donald Trump character in the game's story in order to prop up the great people who have fought against this literal second coming of Hitler