Someone please record this

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No, nobody gives a shit about 60's pop, and Family Guy fucking sucks. Fuck off.


I thought this was from battlefield Vietnam soundtrack

I thought the only song on that soundtrack was It ain't me.

lol ur gay fam guy is cool


Actually I didn't mention full Metal Jacket because this is a video game board and not everybody would necessarily watched it. Battlefield Vietnam has at least good reputation around here.



Battlefield was always shit. Play Quake or UT if you want a real shooter


I like both kinds, mate.

Surely you aren't this retarded are you user?

Everyone has watched Full Metal Jacket man, that's like watching Indiana Jones.

Daily reminder that Ashly is actually Anthony




My brother married a red-haired tumblr landwhale. My brother was basically her bitch. His favorite games were the Lunar games and she sold them along with some of his other PS1 RPGs behind his back so she could buy a drawing tablet so she could draw her shitty deviant art crap. And my brother was really passive about it and said that if that's what she wanted then let her do it.

Burch's nothing compared to Jake Rapp.

This man speaks truth. Burch may have gotten cuckolded, but at least his wife didn't pimp him out to other men.

Not to mention Alison had a job that HAD to have paid well, but she still kept up the escort service because reasons.

Is that it? What does your family think of her? What more shit did she fuck up? Did you ever stand up against her?

Man the Harpoon boy

Nice dubs.

family guy ruined many things

So, not only was he pimped out to other men by his own wife, but he's not even attracted to other men?

Jesus Christ, forget cuckold. The dude's got frigging Stockholm Syndrome.

…that's Jake? Granted, all I'm really seeing here are MySpace angles, but he's not bad looking at all. He's actually kind of good looking.

Why the fuck was he putting up with Allison? If he was ugly or fat, I'd get it. But this makes no sense.

There's a hell of a lot more. She's a severe hoarder and is a cunt that will tell lies about people behind here back.My entire family hates her. She uses her son as leverage against my family and actually said that if they don't treat her nicely she'll never let them see my nephew. And anytime anyone on my side of the family wanted to see him she always said that he was sick. She's a manipulative bitch. My grandfather and grandmother told her out and put the bitch in her place by calling her out on all her shit. Afterward she and my brother cut ties with our family and now live with here family. I haven't seen my brother in over 2 years.

Here's another story about her. While they were gone my grandmother and I cleaned up my brother's and his wife's room. It took us three days to clear out that biohazard. When the whale got back she wasn't happy that grandma and I cleared out her chest deep in trash bed room, she fucking cried and bawled that we were invading her privacy by going into her room.

There's too many stories to tell and a lot of anger towards her in me.

Here's an old facebook post I found. She's lying as those were my brother's games that she sold that my brother and I played growing up and she makes them out to be hers.

He's a male SJW. He's got the self esteem of an abused puppy.

Basically, if he complains he'd think he was being sexist.


I'm getting too old for those memes.


Nigger, are you and your family retarded or something? If she is a hoarder just call social services on her ass, maybe plant meth on the premises for good measure, so they can take the child away from her.

Oh snap

We tried that. But social sevices said that they wouldn't do anything unless it was physical abuse. Apparently hoarding and being a total cunt isn't grounds enough to get him taken away.

Put rats in there. I dunno, either that or murder her, can't be that hard to snuff out a tumblrtard.

Here's her deviant art page.


LIke I said, I have no idea where they live.

Told you she was a whale.

If she is a compulsive hoarder, then it's mental sickness and needs to be treated.


Thats the norm these days, knew a guy thats a real Chad, he's fucking 6'x" and fucked everything and did whatever he want and had bad temper.

Last I knew he settled down and last time he saw his friends, his girlfriend was discussing on how they where going to buy a house and how she was going to sell her bike. However his friends asked "You have a bike?". In reality, it was his bike they she was saying she would sell. His friends laughed at him and he just sat there and didn't say a word.

It's frighting what pussy wiping does to a man.

And just like that Men Going Their Own Way makes so much more sense.

Fuck off fag.

Is that a reddit redpill tier meme

You fuck off, after hearing a horror story like that I can honestly say taking up a life with just my right hand would be the better choice than risk THAT.

It's not an unreasonable idea, but it really attracts the dregs of men.

Fuck, I hate people who just appropriate stuff and do with them as they fucking please.

That shit is no different than theft.

MGTOW is feminism applied to men.
Don't do that, just become an AlphaMale and destroy all that gets in your path.

If you truly going your own way, you wouldn't be ANNOUNCING it.

Stop being afraid to take risks.

Look user, not all women are bloodsucking harpies who are hell bent on wringing you dry and then leaving you for someone younger and better looking or controlling every aspect of your life as though you're their personal pet. A large majority of them are, and you can blame biology to some extent for that, but there are good women out there. "Good" as in they'll be loyal to you and support you in your endeavors and all that shit. They're rare though. If you want to be single, I don't blame you, but don't hate women entirely just because a number of them are batshit insane. That's not fair.

Least i'm not Anthony Burch.

At least your not my brother.

It doesn't rhyme

What the fuck is wrong with you

He looks like Justin Backstreet Boy, I can't remember his name.

As much as I would like to do that, I'm afraid that, for society's sake if nothing else, that there can only be so many Alpha males. Otherwise nothing would get done because everyone is doing their own thing. Leaders need followers after all.

That all said, I have WAY too much self esteem to count myself as a beta like Burch or Rapp.

Raised by a single mother who served in the Air Force. I'll never be able to truly hate women no matter how many horror stories or tumblrites I see.

I just said they make SENSE. Not that I was gonna join or that I agreed with them.

Boo fucking hoo. The world is not fair, women have had their century of fun and brought the West to its knees with their behavior. The time to pay back their dues is quickly coming, and they'll either pay it back to us, or to Ahmed, Pajeet and Jamal.

Either way, I'll have my giggles watching the cunts get their just desserts.

…Goddamn, do your brother looks familiar.

Hey, are you from Philadelphia? Bristol County perhaps?

I just know remember that I have some footage of what the inside of the garage looked like when my brother and his wife were living in it on my old laptop. Let me transfer it and convert it real fast.

Nope, Northeast Arkansas

Well, shit.

Thanks for answering.

The only footage I could find was from when they moved out. This was the state they left it in when they moved out. It was a lot worse when they were living it it. They had 8 cats with shit everywhere and clothes and garbage stacked waist deep. If my hard drive didn't crash a few years back I would have had footage of the place while they were living in it.

Go drive to where your brother is and fucking smack his stupid fucking head in. Dude needs a wake up call to get his life together and his fat fuck wife needs to also get her head on straight.
I'm not saying split from each other because there's a kid. They need to stop being faggots.

Dear lord, set it on fire and tell the FD to let it burn.

That was years ago. My step-dad has it as his workshop now.

If I knew where it is that he lives, the rest of the family would have already done that.

I got to go to work and won;t be back till later tonight.

I was never this fucking bad, not even in college, and that was basically me living off the couch, sustained by coffee, coke and fast food.

At least I was capable of taking out my own trash on a regular basis, and vacuuming the place once a week.

Women are animals.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's in what any rational person would recognize as an abusive relationship and he doesn't even seem to see it. I feel bad for him in a way. He's too soft for this woman. What he needs is my dick.

I'd bang him, but I'm a bottom and so's he, clearly.

I wonder what it takes for a person to get this low in their life. I've got some lines that I'd never cross, even if it was family asking me to cross them. I guess he never had those lines to begin with.

What the flying fuck. This thread just got interesting.

He must have already been born primed for the cucking.

Remember, this is a guy that came from a fairly normal background, Christian, white family. Goes to college, meets Allison and becomes a homosexual, marries her, takes her last name, agrees on an "open" relationship, lets her whore herself, lets her whore him.

They are both living embodiments of what leftism does to people.

What is yours is your wife's, and what is your wife's stays your wife's, user.

yeah it's pretty fucking horrifying when you look at it. To make someone give up their morals and ethics like that, and become someone else's plaything, is actually degenerate.

I'm gonna be sick. Wait, what that one of those hospital toilets in the middle of the room? Don't tell me she's so fucking lazy that she just shits in the middle of the room instead of using an actual toilet.

Lad, maybe we can get to know where he lives by knowing where his wife lives.
She has a deviantart page, right?
Maybe we can contact her, get to know where the fuck is your brother, you give him a beating, you record it and then you post it here.
user please, you must deliver.


I think this is the wrong thread, lad.

I will never understand people who try to find fulfillment or purpose in others like this. Why are they so desperate to please the whims of others but not themselves? What sort of fucked-up code of morals do they live their lives by that they're willing to degrade their own ideals and constantly rationalize their shit decisions as something positive? Can't they see that's not a healthy or productive way to live? I sincerely hope none of you are this pathetic

at least he's not nick denton

At least we're all not Nick Denton.


Is that you john wayne?

That was interesting and thoroughly horrifying. I want off this planet

This is what Marxism looks like.
Want more?

I'm still watching but yeah, sure.

Yeah I knew a guy like that, motherfucker left a small startup that went huge because of some rat-face bitch no seriously, she was that ugly that was 5 years older than him

You had to see them together, it was pathetic how that cunt had that cuck by the balls, dumb fuck coulda been a millionaire by now but his bitch didn't like his cofounders at the company (and they didn't like her interfering at the company either) so she forced him to leave

Now he's a low level office drone and the cunt gf doesn't even have a job because of her worthless career

Tell us more user, what happened?

Gas all Marxists.

Never thought of it like this. Thanks for posting this.

Hot damn, That's us.

What do you mean?

Holla Forums has become the Holla Forumsillan it tried so hard to kill

I mean, that's America right now. Everything he said in this video is happening right now.


It's the same here in western europe. Your problems are our problems.

Notice how the poor countries don't have any of this.
Do you know why?
Because it's not profitable, as simple as that.
Sometimes one has to ask himself : "Is our democracy actually one?"

If you know what this means then you are as excited as I am


Everything in the video happened already, to our parents. Then their generation reinforced it in schools and culture at large, and it's only gotten worse since because people teach their children what they were taught, never questioning the information's validity.

sort of related, I know a girl at my place of work who is literally everything wrong with america, all combined into one person.
here's the cherry on top
she told me today that she's absolutely certain her son is gay and her daughter is a lesbian. they are 7 and 9 years old. I'd had enough of her bullshit and spent 30 minutes trying to get her to realize that children have no concept of sexuality until after they go through puberty, and ALL KIDS think the opposite sex is gross at that age. She wouldn't bend on the topic. I'm gonna call child services as soon as I can get some kind of proof I can pass on to them that the kids' physical or mental health is in danger.

The fucked part is, the child services people would probably be liberal fuckbuckets too and see nothing wrong with such a "progressive" angle to child-rearing.

All you can hope for is that their upbringing is indeed awful, they question themselves and realize something went wrong.
You plant a little seed of doubt and it'll sprout into a beautiful autism tree. We're the fruit it bears.

I haven't watched Indiana Jones.

What the fuck dude

Well, I saw Crystal Skull, in all its retarded glory.
I just haven't gotten around to the originals yet.

[what the fuck intensifies]

I can understand your hesitance if crystal skull was your first encounter but the others are actually good. I'll ignore the circumstances of HOW crystal skull was your first, just go marathon the others for the love of god

You're doing God's work, but like you said, the children are fucked anyway.

What ever happened to Dr. Steel? I only found him after his retirement. Why'd he disappear? And how is it that no one ever found his real identity with such a long career?

This whole site seems full of people of arkansas, keep stumbling into them in every board

Ever been to fayetteville?

Jesus Christ, How do you manage to have a woman who's that disgusting? I have never met a single girl who's that dirty and they always clean on insitinct. Fucking femenists

I've stumbled upon more fellow Texans than anything.

Not if he adopts the kids/ kids have a based gramps that can take care of them.

Maybe he got tired, or ran out of money, or even died.
In reality, we don't know.


He went back to his island lair to play with his toy soldiers.
He's letting the cult do all the world conquering now.

That's because they have a man around. Women are animals when left to their own devices.

Just ask a random janitor about female bathrooms, he'll set you straight.

but this cun already has a man so-

Now you understand why being an effeminate bitch is bad for a relationship?

The cosmetics department at my store is one of the most consistently messy places, and is shopped almost exclusively by women. They'll just open stuff and try it out, on themselves, on the signs, on the shelving, whatever. We have a dedicated basket full of cleaning supplies for removing lipstick, nail polish, and etc from the fixtures in the area. There's a huge amount of loss from stuff we find left on the floor that's been opened, applied to some whore's face, and then left behind. I guess they don't have the balls to straight-up steal it so they just drop it and leave. Anyway it's a goddamn disaster and even with someone constantly working that department to keep it clean, it always looks like shit because women are filthy.

Considering his website was a bit gutted last I checked, with a lot of nonworking bits, I've wondered if he hadn't been forcibly 'retired' and whacked for putting conspiracy theorism into such an extremely palatable, marketable form. Ironic on the exterior, but often presented more or less coherently. In that webm, he plainly laid out Hegelian dialectic and its use for mass manipulation; make problem, solve problem, reap rewards. In a fashion understandable to tweens and up, no less.

Reality is so nonsensical by now that I wouldn't be at all surprised if Dr. Steel was an actual dimension hopping supervillain. He appeared out of literally nowhere, after all. Where are the paramilitary meme fascists when you need them?

I already knew that. I just forgot. or you would think a faggy effemiate man would trigger a woman's maternal instincts.

Cleaned toilets at a pool, can confirm

You absolutely right, they're always a bigger mess. Every fucking time.

I wouldn't mind a fascist world state if it was led by Dr Steel.
The world needs more children's toys with buzzsaws attached to them.

What are you expecting, posting these?

I think I have
i dated someone in that area
I had garbo taste and I don't want to explain beyond that because I might get id'd

I used to be one of those people.
Lucky for me I wasn't the one that had to make me wake up.

>my nude apron fetish kicks into maximum overdrive

you just have to break the conditioning and it all falls into place

I wish you the best, but expect the worst

I hope it works out between you two, user.

Alright, I'm back from work. Ask me anything about my sister-in-law and her bitch.

what will you do


Yes they were actually that lazy. The worst part is that they had a child living in that mess.

Also something important I forgot to mention about my brother is the reason why he's a passive bitch is that any stress will trigger a seizure. Being a passive is his way of coping with it. If he were to get angry or upset he would just drop. Having somebody like landwhale in his life does not help him at all and just makes things worse for him.

I'm not one for violence and drama. Even if I did go to try to settle things it wouldn't do much. My brother's been married to her for I thing 5-6 years. He's beyond the point of saving and it makes me feel a great deal of sadness for him and his son. If I were to go and do something things would just go badly.

The best thing I can do as his little brother is move on and learn from his mistakes. All that time playing Custom Robo and Twisted Metal with him are lost like tears in the rain.

All the other guys I knew who liked these games back in middle school and high school ended up being emotionally unstable and being submissive to the woman in their relationships. Mother fucker, I wanted to be a Dragon Master -I don't know what happened to them.

I'm pretty certain interventions were made for things like this, but if he has seizures from any stress at all that would probably kill him. Not to mention how you have no idea where he even is anymore.

Makes me more appreciative of my Sister-In-Law to be quite blunt. Worst she has going for her is a mild hipster streak. (She's always asking for older games and consoles for her birthday.)

I kind of liked that song.