Where does the meme that old games were hard as fuck?

Where does the meme that old games were hard as fuck?

I find most modern games to be for babies, literally no challenge beyond making sponge bullets and calling it harder.

Hell, I even enjoy older SNK kof fighters because of their BS because they're challenging.

I was playing the first Zelda, I just got my first Triforce in some dungeon, and there was some BS but nothing super hard.

BTW I'm just 27 and started playing in emulators in 2005, so no nostalgia BS for me.

I just want 2D games with complex combat systems that are also hard, is too much for devs today to catter to me?

I want a 2D DMC fuck.

First, Zelda is one of the least difficult of the old NES classics, in fact generally any Nintendo-produced NES game isn't the famous "NES hard" stuff. Try more obscure, early NES games and it'll probably make more sense.

Second, it's not so much that ALL old games were super difficult, just that the average difficulty was a good deal harder than modern average difficulty. If you're a generally skilled gamer, particularly in a fast reflexes sense, then NES games aren't generally impossible at all. And if you check faqs and stuff, that'll solve the other thing that made a lot of NES games hard in the day - weird design choices and non-existent clues that made it difficult to simply figure out what to do at all. Even in the original Zelda, we all know about the whistle opening the dungeon entrance now, but figuring that out on your own? Much harder.

So play some more relatively obscure NES games without any outside help and then see what you think.

I mostly play 2D fighters, so I guess that explains why I don't find them challenging.

sure, contra is hard, but I guess because I play fighters, I don't see them as hard, simply as a challenge I must overcome.

you know, all the scrub and get gud shit that comes with the FGC.

Because OP long before home consoles and PC games the arcades were a thing

with arcade machines there was a need to balance difficulty, so as to keep people feeding quarters, and reward, so that people didn't get so upset they upped and left.

I'm aware of that, I play mostly arcade games.

Go and try to complete Double Dragon 2 on the highest difficulty to get the true ending, i dare you OP.

Maybe people remember them for being hard because they played when they were kids, i see that nowadays kids are pretty much braindead when it comes to playinh vidya specially in multiplayers games.

I remember playing MGS 1 as a kid and getting stuck at the helipad area because i didn't know how to crouch or the part where you have to call Meryl to give you a code or some shit. Well this last one was because the game was in english and my little 8 years old me didn't know jackshit about english

I aslo recall playing old game with an emulator back in 2001 to 2005 in my old win 98, but i rembember that i used to fill my ass up with credits to never lose, so yhea there is that.

Arcade games were legitimately hard, how else were they going to get all your saved up dosh?

maybe you need to get gud fag.

metal slug is legit fun and getting 1cc is fun.

Only some of them. Most of them were poorly-coded on purpose to force you to use more money to beat them. Gauntlet Legends springs to mind, since you need to either know every level layout perfectly and optimize pickups thanks to continual health drain, or keep feeding quarters because MAGE NEEDS FOOD BADLY.

Still a fun game, but clearly designed for quarter munching over legitimate challenge.

Mmm… in the 80's 90's I don't remember actually using words like "hard" or "frustrating", we just used "good" & "bad". If you beat a game and you still wanted to play it later, then the game was great.

I remember that the first NES Ninja Gaiden game had my dying constantly on the very first stage. This game wasn't rented, a cousing of my lended it to me, so I had time to learn from my mistakes (deaths) and eventually beat it.

The worst one was the Empire Strikes Back (NES version of course). Bosses with tons of health… you had to shot them from afar, before they awoke. Lots of insta-death traps and leaps of faith. Only one life and some continues; you die and you had to restart the whole stage. I only managed to beat it because I owned it, but I don't feel like playing it again.

Go play Dragon's Lair, good luck

lel no.

You have no idea what the NES version is.

Have you completed it then?

I remember playing through Contra Hard Corps and Super Ghouls and Ghosts… sweet jesus those games were soul crushing.

Did them again ~15 years later and they were alright. Honestly, I think just sucked at vidya outside of flight sims, rail shooters, Mechwarrior/Heavy Gear. and Tribes. I'm way better now than I was as a kid(close to 30 years old now).

sure, I'm planning on completing NES games for fun.

Where the fuck did you crawl from?

I find this to be the explanation as to why I think a lot of older games were harder.

Not all games from any era has the same level of difficulty, you dumb hoholcuck faggot. Zelda is fairly easy (if you read the walkthrough or at least know the dungeon locations), but Zelda 2 is hard as shit.

This version of Dragon's Lair

Do you think that any of these new post 2007 gamurrz both male and female have ever played let alone completed Zelda II? It seems to get a lot of hate from journos and the like for being so hard.

Battletoads is piss easy, completed it when i was 11.

He was answering your question in the OP.

The design philosophies of arcade games were carried wholesale over into the older the home consoles, as design philosophies for console games hadn't yet solidified at that point. That is the source of the "old console games are hard" meme.

Zelda 2 is still easier than most NES games like Ninja Gaiden or Ghosts 'N Goblins. The game is only hard when going through the final temple due to all the constant platforming needed to get there or getting the hammer early game.

What are the best NES games? Are they worth playing outside for legacy purposes?

this tbh fam

Are you for real with this question? How old are you.
And that's just to get you started.


There are better versions of DQ on the Super Famicom and FF on the GBA/PSP.

Well that's true. The SFC versions of DQ I-III are the best. I can't agree with the GBA/PSP versions of FF I-III though, they change way too much and the game becomes mind numbingly boring because of it. Though the PSX versions of I and II are fine.


You just answered your own question, dumbass.

Also, I've seen the very concept of having a limited number of lives piss off kids in recent years. I know some kids and teenagers who can practice until they can beat the whole Ninja Gaiden series, but I know many more who can't be bothered to beat relatively easy games like Sonic 2, simply because they get one Game Over and figure starting from the beginning is bullshit. They don't realize the value in practice, in saving more lives, in actually being punished.

Also, most people I've met can't be bothered to find the first dungeon in Zelda, because the game doesn't tell you exactly where to go. And this isn't even a modern trend. It's not like Link to the Past actually has much in the way of exploring.

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