4 AM

Losing control?

Play anything fun lately?

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kill your are self

Come on over to the 4am cytube. Listen to music, post music, chat, or just simply lurk. Up to you. (Music from 4AM-6AM EST.)


We are watching a live action film today.


I can finally take screencaps of Mila.

Morning everyone

First day without cigarettes but still have nicotine at least. Feel shitty though cause its a lot less than I'm used to. Plus no sleep. So tired

Is there a type of glasses I can wear that will protect my eyes when starting at my monitor 24/7?

I'm starting to gain some weight, I need to go exercise but I can barely find the time for it

I've been wanting to gain control for five fucking years but nothing works. My sleep schedule is a clock, I went to bed at 10AM yesterday, by next week that'll be 5PM and then 12AM. There seems to be no way out, I can't sleep early.

Should I give Stardew Valley a second chance? I remember trying it on launch and hating it, does it get better?


Morning, niggers. How many times have you thought about suicide today?

Russian roulette, a man's sport, with a bullet called life.

Too bad, you're getting better.


Sup boys. I have to leave on a train in like 3 hours.

maybe you'll finally bite the dust then

Just modify your diet at that rate



No. Finally feeling done with something I've been working on for a while now off-and-on. Had a big dust storm earlier and figured I might as well do something.

Like what, sunglasses?

0-5 Join in the misery
6-8 Continue to bitch about stupid software practices
9 Make software
Dubs Repeat myself because fucking loop shit
Trips Crash this board with no survivors

Just keep the brightness at a reasonable level and your eyes won't be strained

People still play Mario Kart?

Where you going?

Thought about it today because I woke up Dad while taking a shit in the only bathroom (That's right next to his bedroom) so he left to sleep at a friend's house. I hate to disappoint my Dad because I love him more then anything considering that my mom is a fucking bitch

PS4 version.

Guess you're coding tonight.

Sorry Ritsu but you're the worst girl


No, the game is empty, but the few people who play it are really fucking good and unforgiving

y-you too

Good morning everybody

How was your day/is your morning so far?

Looking forward to anything coming up?

Installing Beat Blades Haruka and SoniComi, what am I in for?

Monster Hunter Generations is pretty damned fun. Aerial GS is so fucking satisfying.

Post 'em friendo

Nice trips

Not at all

Have fun working on that software user!

I knew you didn't love your waifu.


no thanks

Well wheres the goods?

I don't love you

Okay, are mp4's broken again? Testing this one.

Ritsu, I knew we were close, but…

That's a bit of an overreaction, isn't it?


Yay, my sleep schedule is far enough fucked that I can participate in the 4am threads now.

kill me

Of a sort, I'm not sure. I know of glasses that protect your eyes from lasers, I wonder if those will protect my eyes from deterioration and eye strain.

I have shit lighting and my monitor is already at the lowest setting. I need better lighting.

I've been doing some thinking and realized I haven't really lost control. I stay up late, someone stole my damn bike, and its hard to find a more convenient job - this is the extent of my woes.
I'm really angry that someone stole my bike.
My birthday is next week and I haven't planned anything. As far as I know, all my friends (2) will be busy.

Whats going on in your life user?

4am birthday party?

Well, it happened. He has to work in the morning but I just couldn't hold it in any longer and a poopsock would only have a worse outcome, I have pissed in a bottle before.

For several years there has been a direct correlation between how shitty my life is and how invested I am in memes.

I need to make sure it goes to Twitter. Which means I need to connect the account, which I have yet to do.

>kill me

Hope your birthday is good.

install redshift (or f.lux if you're windowsfag)
dark theme master race

And it looks like they're broken.

I'm probably going to have to head to bed in a bit anyhow.

How high quality they gonna be?

Sort of relevant but every birthday I have had since I was 14 was depressingly uneventful. I never really look forward to them. At least its legal when I drink this year. How dull.

Thanks. I'll try to make the best of it.

Hey guys

Man I feel like vomit at the moment

I'm still alive, surviving in the mountains.

I'm on the cytube, but for some reason this shitty laptop doesn't handle 8ch well. Hope all you guys are doing good, lord knows I'm making mistakes

Sorry to hear about your bike reggie. I feel you on the job thing, when I get my brakes fixed I'm going to go around to the two local game shops and some other places and apply there. The restaurant business is draining my soul and will to give a shit about the work I do.
Let's play Dragon's Crown tomorrow!

Why Twitter? Just take the screenshots on your PS4, plug in a USB flash drive, transfer the pics to the flash drive, then from the flash drive to the PC.

Birthdays always suck and never live up to the hype. Plus just a lot of reflecting on wasted time and the coming death.

Hope you have fun on yours!

Whats wrong arino?

I have both and use dark theme. It's not eye strain I'm worried about, it's eye deterioration I'm worried about. Even with F.lux and redshift, it doesn't fully block out the blue light.

Tripping over myself to get everything setup to get my financial aid stuff done.


Nice having the Don finally confirmed as the republican nominee. Glad I don't live in Colorado. Why is that state so cucked that they wouldn't even let the people living there vote on who they wanted?

No idea, just gotta fix em. Kikebook ruins it.

We can celebrate with ya.

I don't have one nigga.



its alright its hard tho

Oh good luck on that.


Did you make that designated karen thread on /a/?

Are you learning from a book or something?

You could try those yellow gaymer glasses if you really want but I don't know if there's any proof that they do anything or not. There are color adjustable light bulbs too that you can set to warmer temperatures.

How are your fingers holding up?

Mountains, eh?
We talking like comfy-cabin tier?
I love city-life but man I could totally dig getting into a nice comfy cabin int he winter time
Too bad the internet would probably be shit and I am probably too incompetent to live in an environment like that

Physically I just feel a bit groggy I guess would be the best way to describe it. Drinking some water but doings seem to be helping in the least. I also just woke up from a nap and cant really go back to bed.
Mentally, a bit bummed out. All my pals and Roommate left a couple of hours ago to go do shit so now I am alone in a rundown apartment.
The days we were doing stuff, I got bummed out for a couple of reasons too. Never even got to go to the Odd Soda shop like I tried to.

It's not too bad nowadays. With how many resources on the internet for learning anyway.

What kind of axe are you practicing on?

Could always try asking a drawfag to draw Regina for you as a gift or something.

Reminded me of this old PBF comic.



You gonna be like me and use nothing but screenshots you've taken to avatar with? Maybe in a few months people will only know you as "milafag"

Ahh that sucks. Hopefully your coming days will perk up a bit.

no, it sucks, there's nothing to do and it's like 100degrees every day

Evenin all.

Mornin spenai. Congrats on taking the first step.

I'll just take anything that's isn't working with my father to be honest. Waking up early to go sleepily poke around heavy machinery has been the bane of my existence for the last few years. Speaking of which, I probably can't do tomorrow since I have work the next morning.
I cannot stress how much I hate the psvita's messaging system.

Y-yeah, me t-too.

Of course. It's sad I can count on strangers on the Internet more than I can count on real life friends.

That might be nice. Thanks for the idea, user.

Instruments are always hard.

oh no, I'm not an autist.

Well then, how are you learning?

i put a thing in the microwave to eat and it tasted absolutely dreadful, chucked it out.

im in a bad mood now

I stick my leftovers in a pan and fry them to heat them up. Tastes much better.

maybe suicide will help

Ehhh its only a half step really. Now I'm just using really crappy weak oral tobacco called snus instead for a while.

You'll be fiiiiiiiiine. How old are you turning?

Says the guy whos posted 6 mila pics in thread already.

Hello friends.

Planning to play some EDF after work today. Still got my con to go to on the weekend. Kinda hype on it.

Still though, that's good.


My real life friends have become acquaintances.

Microwaves aren't high quality cookers you know.

Says the faggot who told his parents about his waifu, trying to "ease them in".

fuck me if that ain't the truth

Anyone else living a stereotype that you used to mock?

I am anger.

Could be worse. Friday it's going to be 115 here. And that's with it supposed to be partly cloudy.

You much of a fan of DBZ? if so I suppose I could maybe dump a hardish to find (at least last I'd checked) parody comic if I'm around here next week if you're going to be celebrating with 4AM.


Good. So this is pretty much coming down to Trump and Hillary then. I mentioned that to my co-worker, that this is what it'd come down to. Without the slightest hint of sarcasm or irony, he says "eh I don't care anymore, I'd rather have Clinton over Trump anyway. We've already had one Clinton in the office and he did fine."

I was fucking speechless. He was a huge Bernie fag too until he dropped out.


Sounds fucking miserable.
yeah, it really is. But aw man. How about Saturday night then?

Guess so. Hopefully it convinces my folks to buy me a game or something in the next week.

I hope you can love Mila as strongly as I love Ritsu one day.

Totally the truth, they all moved on.

I do, I'm just not an idiot.

Daily reminder giving everyone the vote was a mistake.

Couch to 5K eating real food and a regular sleep schedule will fix most of that shit nigger

A random high school girl who plays in a band is in love with me? W-wow am I popular now?

Alive and dicking kicking it looks.

One of my favorite non-cat catgirls.

Those gaymer glasses are a crock of shit. I'm gonna have to do some research. THanks.

ya i built the image all by myself

Trump and Pence (Pepe & Wojak) vs Shillary and whoever she makes into her bitch for VP.

Your coworker sounds like a fucking cuck.

Sounds like you are living the life, you NEET?

How can you say you love her, if you are ashamed of her

Sorry bud, its me the neckbeard who loves you.

Microwaves are the shittiest things ever. They're loud and they barely work.

What're you learning?

I'm not, the family won't accept her you dunce.

What happened? Did you just go full neet, or was there a falling out?

Looks cool, I should try that when I get back to exercising.

Bernie's letting her peg him in hopes of a VP ticket. Smart move would be to run him, but maybe she's too dense and bitchy to see that.

Gah, I wish.
I am working every other day this week after today. Shits getting mentally exhausting, and I think my physical body has actually started to fuck itself up over stress.
Thanks for the Well Wishes, though
At least I got to see my friends the past couple of days and at least I have today off.

Well that sucks, buddy. To be fair its also boiling hot where I am.

If it helps I dont have a microwave and usually just eat leftovers cold
I dont even mind not having a microwave that much, all they really do is poorly heat food. Stoves are usually better in the long run.

Its up to you to break out of it, buddy

i was learning wild gal by the troggs but i got bored

the guitaring is good but the SMELLY lyrics put me off completely


How can you even know that. Its 2016! Love has changed.

Any luck on finding a new job?

I know you're being ironic but it's still shitposting.

shut up

Take a guess.

Cheer up Karen! have a (You)!!!1!


I am actually. I will see you then, user.

At least its work, right?
sounds good to me

I don't know of you noticed, but you have both become parodies of your waifus. I could sincerely see this exact same conversation play out between Ritsu and Mila. It's cute!

Society of Meaningless Evil, Lying, Larceny, and Yelling?
Why do I still remember that from an oldass point and click?

Oh god.


Well, his major classes were Life Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology. He also is a druggie, and usually goes on about something about some sort of non-afterlife-all-conciousness thing, or sometimes talks about things not really being though they are but they aren't…he's a stoner

True, work IS work. But some work is better than other work.

Nah, Mila is super nice and very open. I'm nothing like that, in fact I'm a lot more like Saejima.

Just doing my job

I know little of mila so I'll take your word on it. Although I've always said me and Ritsu have a lot alike so I believe it. And I don't know the legal drinking age in canada, 36?

I wish I was dicking girls. I can barely find time/place to fap up here.

yeah, but do you have snakes and giant mountain bugs? I just want to go back to the city where I can at least go hang out with people at night, that is if I'm not here

dat global warming goy

Sup 4am, is it just me, or is the whole summer fear actually coming true here? I know we always get newfags year round, but in the past two weeks, it feels like a new round of non lurking Reddit/Facebook fags have come. Or are people getting good at posting very subtle bait?

Wait you aren't? I thought you'd be going all over to find more sluts.

I can't tell anymore. Holla Forums had a summerfag once before, couldn't tell if it was bait or not.

Its the truth! I really do love everyone in this thread so that pic really worked out

Now that you mention it, I have been browsing here even less than normal lately.

We've got snakes and bugs, yeah, but the snakes tend to stay away from the urban and suburban areas. Had some big yellow jackets hanging around the house lately due to the warm weather and some water I can't get to go away in the backyard.

A pair of woodpeckers have been checking out the house.

The summerfaggotry thing is just ad hominem when somebody disagrees

Not sure if I feel the same way. Telling your parents about your waifuism kinda broke the deal about you being just the regular w/a/ifu poster.

Holla Forums has been unusable for at least a year now (except for a few generals), but a big part of that is Mark's fault for being a complete rulecuck faggot.

As for other boards I think people are just getting more crafty with bait.

Could be worse…


I would if there was any place up here to pick up chicks. it's all families and old people, and I can't seem to find myself alone, let alone find a bar or somewhere to get drunk. I did here about some hot recluse that hangs out a few streets from here. my brother is friends with her older brother. I'll try to scope that out if I get the chance

well good luck on getting rid of them. I recommend a bb gun or a high powered slingshot.

Well, it doesn't help that the asspained (((lugenpresse))) keeps bringing up Holla Forums in their stories, which I can only assume adds toward newfags further shitting the site up.

Honestly, much as I love Holla Forums, it strikes me as a shame that there will likely never be a chan style imageboard at this rate that can grow its own community without reddit or tumblr's presence and them bringing their problems with them.

Ill probably push myself to do that later today once I get back from dinner.
I know of a couple of places hiring and decline mental and physical health is more than enough motivation to get off my ass.

After posting for a while, I have noticed genuine decline in post quality and what not comes in waves for some reason. Seen it happen all sorts of times, not just summer..
I never really believed in the Summer Boogyman, but I dont really know.
and I am never going to see post quality like the first solid couple of months on Holla Forums again and that kills me inside. That was genuinely the nicest time I ever had on a forum

oh fug

Sometimes a man has to stand up and do whats right, even if everyone else thinks hes crazy.

Too bad it wasn't guns or africa might have saw chimp wing death squads

you called?

the main conundrum is that any imageboard that had a small enough community to maintain a high quality of posts will inevitably be too slow to use more than once or twice a day, it's the cycle of dying chans

Oh wow, this is really entertaining
Like that one .webm of the soldiers fucking around giving an ape a gun

Got ride home from fat chick. What are good things to CIAngel?

Good luck clapsfag. Get that meat.

I don't think there is a right and wrong with telling relationships to your parents. This isn't some moral obligation, it's your own private matters that really only concern you.

Definitely do that! Are you able to quit and look for work if things get too bad?

I know when I work shitty jobs that mental stress eventually makes me snap and quit so

Feels like it'd break her heart if I didn't so. It is wrong!


Don't think I've heard this term before.

It's not even when someone disagrees though, it just seems like people are putting less thought into posts, and either meme spout or autisticly say to much personal info unwarranted.

At the moment Mark seems to have calmed the fuck down a bit. But the mods are still extremely inconsistent yet strict, and there's no telling when Mark will have another fucking meltdown.

3DS homebrew software that downloads games right from the eshop.

I don't think you're crazy Tennessee-chan. I think you just really like Ritsu, and want to ignore the TN swamp life.

no please

No summer shit is a myth, here especially you can prove it yourself by looking at the PPH which has remained consistent at about 600-700 or so for months now.

The issue is people trying to ruin the board, for example the template thread shit? That's a goon thing, same with people that dubspam with the same images and file names all the time, its people trying to stifle game discussion.

Main issue is that when the board software was shitting itself we lost a ton of people, I mean Holla Forums had 2,500 PPH on a normal day and sadly many did not come back when things got better, so now there's less voices to drown out the retards.

You know I visit cuckchan just to remind myself how bad it is. It's worse than Mark and his cronies.

although i am not sure whether i still believe in myself, i fear what will happen if i stop


Ah that sounds pretty good, get all the games Nintendo shits on for free now.

Only thing I can think of to call you.

That is a huge understatement

Congrats user, keep it up!

you niggers think homoko finally killed himself?

Don't you think that'd break her heart?

No cause his annoying set up constantly logs into IRC all day.

At least I can port forward now.

Fourteen words, heil Gitler

were they hotpockers?
are you mark?

It was always true.
Also Poe's Law makes it really hard to tell. If I suspect someone is from reddit I reverse search their images and look for if they've been posted on reddit recently. More often than not that really funny irrelevant non-reaction pic or video game e-celeb related news is still there on the front page.

confirmed best meme

Yep, and it can download games from all the different regional eshops and they're region free when the .cia (the file type for 3ds installs) is extracted.

I know that feeling. I dislike my current work, but it's better than being a leech off my family and hating myself. At least if I dislike my circumstances, I like the person I'm becoming.

Also, post comfy gondola webms.

Reminder that it could be even worse:


I have enough in my savings to cover most of one months rent, which I may need because quitting out of impulse on spot seems more and more likely.
I thought you were on that autism bucks?

It's odd, I haven't seen them doing much around here aside from clinging to the walls, squawking at each other (honestly had never correlated in my mind before what a Gila Woodpecker sounds like until I saw one actually doing so), and one feeding the other bugs or something. They honestly seem more interested in the neighbor's two story house, but there's some big saguaros around they can readily nest in if that's what they're wanting.

Not only dying chans, but dying boards in general. I swear, any board here that isn't a broad one and wasn't dead from the start has suffered a downward cycle of people leaving and drifting back to the more broad boards, reducing the amount of discussion and prompting more people to leave. Also, say what you will about halfchan, but I think them having all the boards visible at all times helps keep them occupied and in view as existing.

I saw something great on Holla Forums a while back as to how that guy that got the 10 mil get managed to get Mark to fork over $50 as a donation to Trump. They were wondering if autism overrides jewishness, and had an idea for an experiment to catch Mark in a cage, ask him some questions that would normally get a pro-israel response from a Jew, but that if Mark just ignores it and whips out his 3DS for Pokemon instead then they can confirm their hypothesis.

a shame
he would make a great precedent to your kin

Sorry, for the shitty day Shizu.


That story is exactly why I've stopped touching my router

Nope. You probably got confused cause thats what I tend to call my savings. I'll work dead end jobs for a short time and then coast off that money all year long.

yes mark here delete all your posts in this thread or ill ban you

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big - Scott Adams

man, is that dubs twice in a row for you?
The guy I usually post is named Young Hoon if that's anything. I go by skella in Cytube

Really REALLY like.
so how is the swamp life today TN-chan?

Gues I'll never mess with my router then.


Sleepy and wish I had a cig


you got it

keionfag I live in the real world. As much as I do like my waifu she isn't able to actually be there for me, it is just a crutch to keep myself occupied and give me a pseudo happy feeling of being committed to another thing. Don't fucking lose yourself. You still live in this shitty fucked up world with the rest of us.

Did you update the firmware?
**Did you try turning it off and on again?*

No way this is real.

Eeeeeeeh, I think clapsfag will be more interesting in a conversation.

Oh I see, that sure sounds nice. Especially as someone who really values free time.
I have a buddy who is in a similar scenario.

I'm out. Goodnight thread

thanks, i've heard about that book

i really should give it a read


I feel really sorry for your waifu.

Night! Cya next time!

Fucking technology. Use it every day but have no idea how it works.

Fuck. Didn't even try that.

It is pretty darn nice. Most of the money goes towards cigs but I do get to buy myself something nice now and again.

If I can give up cigarettes right now then the next time I do that all the money can go towards games/figs etc. Gonna be really nice.

I just really fucking hate port forwarding. I do everything the thing says I need to do. I do it exactly the same way I did the last 50 times I've done it. And it just doesn't work this time because ????????? Fucking stupid ass computers.

nite you

You dare doubt it? Go to (((google))) and search "Auschwitz Pokemon Go." Lots of relevant results.

But yeah, Schlomonster is a creation of the notorious A. Wyatt Mann. Who apparently is now a Holla Forums regular and posts high res versions of his old stuff as well as new comics.

It's really good and pertains quite well to your exact situation, he has some pretty good advice

bored, my back hurts too, and my dick is being weird again, but I'm not ready to call an STD yet, and even if I could there's nothing I can do about it right now because no money.
there's no real good place to sleep up here either.
There's lots of cigs up here. my bother smokes like a pack a day

I guess it's not supposed to be something I like. I also make rapey jokes towards Konata


I could get a pack if I wanted but whats the point.

And what kind of std?

Morning user, whats cookin




I do that though

Yeah there is. Your city or county should have a free health center for this purpose. Large cities have many. They'll give you a free STD screening and free meds, as it s considered a public health issue. I had to do this a year ago after I thought I got something after a threesome with some hipsters. Turns out it was entirely unrelated and not an STD at all, but they still gave me the antibiotics I needed for free.

Best of luck with quitting smoking
Most of my income goes towards rent
Seems now the only time I can convince myself to get vidya is out of extreme impulse
Man I would love to do something like start a proper figure collection. I only really got a couple of statues to spice up some shelves and stands at the moment

you don't enjoy smoking?

an unpleasant one. could just be sore from covert faps while in a strange location. I put some topical shit on it so we'll see




I hope you realize that webm was a promo for planet of the apes



ahh shit I dozed off. I better head off to bed

Sleep tight everybody, catch you guys on the flipside~

Jew Pizza, I make it with Double the Jew, sometimes Triple
Had an interview for my nations equivalent of Lowes but more monopolistic


Are you good

Hello Moonman guy that went here once

Are you good cancer user

You sure it's not trash internet, I dunno about NZ but we're across the Tasman and we have 3rd world Internet
Thank you Malco

STD tests will cost me hundreds, even at the "free clinics" mormon land is not cool about people fucking around like other states. I've looked into this already

goodnight yozakura

I'd like to branch out and get a bunch of figs from games and shows I like but its like entirely old dbz action figures from when I was a kid and k-on figures for the most part. A few neat things here and there otherwise though.

What figs you got so far?

I'm trying to quit

And if its damage to the flesh its most likely not an std

Night, Yoza. Hopefully Yazkura spontaneously exists in your arms.

Night yoza!

Been better. Got a hearing to go to Thursday morning.

I finished Yakuza 3
Its pretty damn good

It is pretty shit but that doesn't explain why I can connect with my phone wirelessly and my computer wired but my flatmates can't but could before I reset the thing.

I posted a feel story in the /agdg/ thread, got dubs AND QUADS but no acknowledgement or checking

I'm okay, just fucking bored

why are you trying to quit?

I'm hoping it is just damage or my eczema acting up. I guess we'll see

Tak came here once?

Did ya play the previous two? If not, that's okay, but you should play the first 2.

Yeah, took that much from the fox citation it had on it. still fun to watch though.

Any ideas on what you may branch out to?
The only figs I got are a pretty alright, but cheap, Link Statue, a Buisnessman Pikachu Plush (if that counts), charmander plush, and a few more tiny ones laid about.
I would love to get more Vidya figures or some JoJo Figures

Same here but it negatively impacts sleep quality, I know I should stop but it's hard shit

I didn't play 1&2, I played 4 before but I did watch the reminisce
My PC only barely can run it and even then half the textures aren't there
The PS2 games are impossible to find especially 2 which is ridiculously expensive
I'll hack my Wii U though

Did you do something or are you in the Jury

Cause its better than getting a job

I'd like to get some from a couple of anime I love like Ichigo mashimaro. But the shows ancient and figs are hard to come by. Plus the Arino figure. Some Armored core figs. Theres a really nice white glint one I've had my eye on.

Oh and a ton more Ritsu figs. Theres a 100$+ one I want really bad right now.

What vidya ones you thinking bout specifically?

Buisnessman Pikachu Plush
I think I saw your stuff in that collection thread last week.

Neither. Mom's trying to get me on disability but social security keeps declining.

I know the feeling.

Most of my time is on 8ch

Maybe you could get some 40K

Nah not my thing

You could always get lucky and find Yakuza 2 for $12 like I did.

So is your mother Suing you or something

No, she's having me meet with a judge about it, or something. I'm not being sued by my parents like (I think I heard) Mark was.

Well I won't be able to do that, unless if I go and find 2nd hand stores the next time I go far out but the last two times I did I couldn't find any

only jews

oh right.
I found out my job might be getting delayed by a month or more. So I may end up with a shitty job for the time being, but maybe I'll find some new 3DPD to bone

come on, play 40k with us!

Shit thats a thing? Man I need that now, I would love that!
A couple ones I would love would be a douple of the Dio figures from JoJo, and Kira + Killer Queen would be nice. All the JoJo ones are pretty high quality.
I also desperately need some Kaiju and/or Mecha ones, I love that kind of stuff. I found quite a few of Godzilla ones at a local trade-smart but man they were expensive.
Also Spiderman would be nice.

Yep, that one was me!


It takes some patience, luck, and persistence. A local multimedia place I know of screws up every so often so it makes going back there worthwhile. I just go in with a vague idea of stuff to look for and if I see something that catches my eye, like Yakuza 2, Fire Emblem PoR, .hack//G.U., etc at a really low price, I'll grab it.

Can't wait to see them give the dead sea a run for it's money from all the salt and kvetching later this year when Trump wins.

Hey don't talk shit about my waifu. She's got over 300 confirmed trap disarmings.

Always start with the basic stuff first when troubleshooting.

Well I mean I bet it was that koffing that set it off when it spawned in one of the jew museums.


I just turn off the alarms and go back to bed. I have nothing to get out for. I am a weak willed person.

Nah too western for me.

Hurry up with the job, I need to get to nippon soon.

Yeah its featured in an episode at one point in like season 4ish~

Sadly that was what 10 years ago? Its pretty dang rare and I've never seen one on an english site before, only on like jap bidding sites which are a bitch to use.

I've considered giving jojo a try recently. Not the type of anime I usually watch but the silly memes kinda make me want to watch it. It worth it?

Do you actually want to be on NEETbux or is this something you're forced into
Remember you have to tell the truth in these things

Try 8, at least
Its funny that they keep banging on about how a Serbian born woman said one line in a 5 minute speech that sorta matched what Obongess did

I know, but I'm rural and I've already cleaned out the local places
I got Xenoblade really cheap as did I get Metroid Prime Trillogy
Unrelated but I bought a pair of headphones for $14.88
The funnier thing is that the person next to me bought something else for $14.88 too

The router doesn't have enough memory to even update.
Who the fuck designed this piece of shit?

I hope you're getting that fifth anniversary figurine. Also if you're planning on getting the singing figurines, don't be surprised if some of the parts break off.


I'm hurrying, but it's not up to me, it's up to the guy I'll be working for


I don't really see why you're even trying with Ritsu. He'll say no to anything.

Well, I really don't think I can work. Mixture of the 'tism, really low confidence, and Chron's Disease making doing so difficult.

Nice job on those. Regular case MPT, or steelbook one?

I wouldnt consider myself really a 'connoisseur' of anime, but I really like JoJo.
Wacky over the top fight scenes, wacky over the top characters, Over-Dramatic moments, all stuff that really hits home with me. Its an anime that really doenst take itself too seriously. Also nice that it only gets excessively weirder in premise and powers as the series goes on.

Stick a thick USB in that slut's port.

You clearly don't know her.
It's a joke since she's an expert in mechanics due to her club's nature

Whens that fifth anni one coming out anyway? Feels like I remember seeing stuff about that ages ago.

Next one I'm buying is that cute chocolt one.

Still too western. Plus Im no artist. I couldn't paint for shit


because he's a buddy

Is she on that show about motorcycles?

Thats good to hear at least. I watched most of the first season and got a bit bored. Only want to watch it now cause seeing pics and stuff of later stuff actually seems fun.

Come on, now something dorky thats more western than 40k

What the fuck, no. Does anyone even use google anymore?

That mech looks pretty damn cool. Would love to try that out, but sadly I have no time even with stuff I already am trying to do.

he's a dumb buddy

You just said something was too western.

You just gotta learn painting skills. When I started I was shit too

riptides are pretty fun. what army do you play?


Ehhhh not for me

I'm not sure. I thought it was already out.



Heh. I don't have anything of 40K. Just know a bit about them and that those mechs are pretty cool.

I'm gonna go dream of sweaty Mila cuddling with me. Night everyone!

You're retarded.


Yeah I think so. I think I heard it was coming out like last year maybe.

Play a card game or something and I'd be interested.

Love you too, night yakuza!

Ew. I'm a married man, no thanks.


I want to impregnate you

The fuck

First Season is Pretty Alright, Really gets much better on Part 2, when Joseph "I was only pretending to be retarded" Joestar comes in
by Part 3 you get grown men Gambling their lives on Video Games
Anime is currently on part 4 (my favorite arc) which is basically a slice of life anime with an action serial killer sub plot and super powers.
Part 7 is then about a cross-continental horse race based around finding and reassembling the missing corpse parts of Jesus Christ.
I highly encourage finishing the first season, Joseph is perfect
Understandable if its not your taste, however.

Sleep tight mate


Also Tau doesn't have weapons called Baneswolf ans Baneblade


No why would I get your waifu to NTR you if I'm married you fool

How much time passes in this show? This shit always confuses me when I see anything about it. I mean I know its about like generations of the same family but doesn't it start in like 1800?

That does sound really fun though. Guess I'll try and find a torrent with all of it.

It's best to just start from the beginning and watching it all the way through. Battle tendency is pretty damn good though.

Ritsu, do you not know how NTR works?

Also Enjoy blowing your load all at once


Thought it was just knock off cuck shit. Not my thing so never looked into it.


we also have literally char as a playable character

it's a pretty fun game but you need to find a local community to play it

Tennessee, TCG's are for smelly kids. At least settle for DnD or some other pen & paper

Imperium doesn't have TigerSharks or Crisis Suits. Besides, Tau have one of, if not the most, versatile codex in the game right now, you can't argue that.

I don't even know what you mean. Tau have guns for days

I'm seeing that it was released last month and now I gotta wait to find one that wasn't hotglued.

Ehhhh I've tried DnD, its just not fun online.

Well shit, how much is it?

late but still here
how is everyone this morning

Part one is in the mid 1800s
Part 2 in the Early 1900s
Part 3 and 4 in the late 1900s (mid 80s and late 90s)
arc 5 and onwards are in the 2000s, till part 7 comes around, then it goes to a different mid 1800s.

The usage of NTR is like throwing a ball of fire. If you get NTR'd, it means you were the one that had gotten betrayed.
If I NTR you from Ritsu, what do you think that means?

Oh my! God save the queen!

I'd rather go for DnD. Less time to have to dedicate for setup.
>tfw you just wanna go on an adventure with some fellow monquest bros and sex monstergirls and lolis across the land while fighting to the big bad.


we can agree there

How's your pussy recovering?
ready for round 2?

Ay konata, whats new?

Ohhhh ok. That makes more sense. I always thought the outfits were retarded cause they really didn't make sense for the 1800s so. I mean they don't make much more sense but you know what I mean.

I can argue that because Imperuim have diversity from IG to Space Marines to Adeptus Mechanus and Space Wolves
To be fair I'm new and havn't played against much Tau but aren't they Long range focused
Also Super Heavy Tau blows their load because its quite limited, I beat a Super Heavy Tau in a 1v1 with a Hellbrute
I may be wrong though

I want to kiss your boy hole


I think it means that you don't understand how waifus work.


nothing much
i had to get myself a new gaming mouse sense my old one broke

not really


This thread's gay and should be nuked. When is Mark going to nuke these threads?

Konata's been waiting for your dick like the good little slut she is.

Thats a lot!


To be fair, most animes don't get 1800's European clothing anyway.

Post more awooo titties.

stop counting, it's giving me anxiety

Depends on the mouse.
Razer Deathadder is the only suitable "gaben" mouse


i don't like using cheap shit

oh you


Have 8 of them.

You are lucky thats as high as I can count anyway

Thats true too.

Yeah, imperium has more codexes, but as far as singular codexes go. I mean not sure about you, but I don't ever play games against people bringing 4 or 5 different armies all within the same list.

And we still suck in close combat, unless your opponent is running farsight enclaves and all his suits are packing fusion blades.

You better get ready! I get back in town in 2 days, if that.

I know she has, she loves my dick

You are a massive fucking wanker and this whole thread deserves to be purged from existence, fuck you and the whore you waifued.

i prefer logitech mice

see you then

Good, *kissu butt*


Yes I said Razer.


I can't bring myself to switch from the comfy grip the deathadder has. Feels nice to palm.

Wait a sec I know this one (4)!

Get fresh yuri

Captain, I sense larges amounts of sodium chloride. Should we engage the drill to begin the excavation?

If I remember correctly Araki, the creator/mangaka, is also a fasion designer
Makes a bit more since why some of the outfits arent as 'Practical'

Still, again good anime if you just want to watch some nice wacky over-dramatic material
Also like how after a while everyone's stand abilities are named after western music

Sounds like Tau is easily countered by a combination of Close Combat and Snipers

Don't lie on an anonymous imageboard


the logitech g602 has a pretty comfy grip

I know bro but it's too cute to pass up.


That would literally explain everything about this show.

I'll have to wait around for a while and hope I can find a legit one around x-mas. Gonna get lucky if I can even order the one I want right now this month and its only like 30.

get yourself ready. This next time, I'm not holding back

not really. Close combat never gets close enough because we're all on jetpacks, and good luck with snipers, I'm behind 7000 gun drones. your best bet would be a massively deepstriking army, but even then, I can put interceptor on all my vehicles and suits

What about Flame Squads
What about Lascannons
What about Eldar Jet Bikes

At work, so I can't.

It just doesn't have the curves like the deathadder. The ribbon shape that the mouse buttons have makes a big impact on the feel when you palm it. It feels like you're molding plastic to your hand's natural curvature. Plus it feels nice to glide your fingers over the wavy part and feel the thinner thickness of the plastic on the sides.

Literal awoo, I want some Momiji softness, the Maple left wolfslut.

Alright, I'm tired. I'm going to try and sleep and ignore the millions of mosquitos.

Hopefully it's not an STD, and it's just sore.

Remember the honeys, hold them close, and you can get through anything

I've defeated all these things and more. The only thing thats giving me trouble now is all the low cost indirect fire the imperial guard have. but I only need more models to take that out thanks to the OSC formation stealth teams get now

Night guy I can never remember the name of!

It's clapsfag.


night faggot

What's up fellas? What you all up to? Just started playing megaman legends 2. It's okay but I feel like it doesn't have the same charm as the first game, even though the gameplay is slightly improved.


How far a drive is Utah from Oregon/California
You'd get checked there easy because of all the poz

I don't have much Momiji. There is hardly any furshit of her.

Morning Plank.
Felt the same. Main reason why I haven't finished it yet.

Oh do I love yuri.

Ay plank. You should play 3. Its got the best music.

Hows volunteer stuff?

hey plank


What the fuck, how do you not want to get all types of images of that wolfslut. All the artists draw her super fluffy and soft.

And I'll call you Kagamin.

Why do you always come late

Fucking Dunkin, I'm not even a shift leader

I'm trying to figure out the next game I should play and waiting for the stuff to softmod my xbox. I think I might finish Gundam vs Zeta Gundam or Zeonic Front.

I have a bunch, but I don't want post it.

Glad to know I'm not the only one.

Haven't gone yet, don't go for more training until friday. There's a megaman Legends 3?

Sup Konata. How you doing tonight?

Me and my friends watch anime together, late at night for some reason.

I've always wanted to softmod my xbox but too lazy to do it. I'll get around to it one day I suppose. I'm not a big fan of gundam stuff but zeonic front is pretty fun.

Unless you can get your hands on the unfinished game, No. It got cancelled.

Wooops I didn't read the legends bit. Yeah totally agree on it not quite having the same charm as the first.

also Megaman Legends 3 is never ever, though some say there is a betaa floating around at Capcom


i'm doing good it's 6:16 in the morning

Tan, go to one in California without any papers and pretend to be mexican.

The process is simple and the worst part is just getting stuff to mod it. I gotta wait a week for some chink cables but hopefully, the job will be done by mid August.
GvZG can be pretty repetitive in the UC mode but I do love sperging out over alternate timelines. Every time I think about starting up Zeonic Front, I remember that mission with the Gundam and I start to get stressed out.

Kind of a shame, guess we'll never get a really great legends game again. We certainly won't get it with a hack like inafune trying to profit from it.

Yeah I heard about that. Might get leaked one day who knows.

It's 3:25 a.m over here. commifornia time. Should sleep soon since I gotta wake up kind of early.

I wish everyone could enjoy yuri, even if it seems boring to some.

Better yet go to sanfran and make up some bullshit like you're actually an oppressed mudslime but in white skin and that you need treatment after a cis white women of privilege had her way with you.
My god that felt disgusting to write


Canadian movie time.

Well, that went swimmingly. I'm going to head off for the day.

I fucked up. No movie tonight.

You guys are faggots. Don't go to 4 AM tomorrow.


Sup nigger.

there was a storm that woke me up last night

was it a comfy storm?

not while I was trying to sleep it wasn't

sleep is for the weak nigs. should of just woke up and played some comfy vidya while it passed.

I'm trying to waste enough time so that my copy of monhunen comes sooner

I was thinking of getting that but I didn't even get that far in 4u

did you enjoy 4u?

Somewhat. I got caught up in all the weapon choices that I didn't know which ones to go for. Only played with the Hammer weapon really.

hammer is guds but all weapons are great in that game

I went for greatsword and I loved launching people into the air to hit monsters with

maybe i'll get the new one and play it with you. might be fun. none of my friends ever want to play monster hunter, that or their connections are potato.

I'm going to be playing it with a certain friend of mine who's anxiety as fuck but I don't know if we're just going to be playing together or what

Well it's nearly 8, I'll be heading out soon.
Until next time Holla Forums.

I wish I could play 40K with someone

ded thread

I'd play with you user if you're on about the table top and live somewhere in england

No I'm a colony

which one?

The best one
Also how did you know it's me

Side 3?


who are you?

I made the crap drawings

I thought that was shinzu

No that was me
I'm Autistic


Nice doubles