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Good luck on love, good luck on surgeries, concentration, smugness, a better PC, the ability to spot shills, Orchestra instead of Dubstep, an easy guide to mememagic and salt of your enemies will come but only if you post a pic of your Waifu followed by the words "FOR HER, THE WORST NIGHTMARE OF GAMERGATE"

Remember to always be a big guy



For her

This is why the Japanese games industry is superior.


for her


There's probably a reason he wrote her in italics retard

For her

Ah, yes, her
She is pretty cool




This thread's theme song is brought you by, Shinsuke Nakamura. No one can stop the King of Strong SWAG Style.

I could have written with quotation marks then it would have been more understandable

never EVER leave a game running in steam for 2 weeks
its super gay

For her, the worst nightmare of Gamergate and its new homeroom teacher.

Where did you put my sister?



Silly Milo, only goon manchildren with sufficiently leftist beliefs are allowed to fuck with people on Twitter,

Alright user, time to tell you something.

Today I was using my windows 8.1 normally, I have deactivated the update stuff and all that.

Suddenly, once I start Microsoft word it appears that I need to put the activation code, which is weird I have been using this Pc for almost a year and has ever asked me for it.

3 hours later it appears that I need to activate fucking OS as well, and now it doesn't let me do almost nothing.

I call a friend of mine expert in technology and stuff and he tell me that other persons have called him with the very same problem.

He has deduced that this is the last try of Microsoft to force you to update to Windows 10, make it look that your OS is not official and other parts of the office system as well.

Pic totally not related.

Just kill yourself

and it's true

Name at least ONE aGGro person that account got suspended and didn't come back.

#FreeMilo just broke 200K Tweets, lel


Fuck you

Hey faggots. I'm taking a sociology class taught by vegan nu-male. My textbook cites the 77 cent figure and other erroneous data. I'm not going to stand up because I need the credit and this faggot grades writing assignments. Wat do?

post pictures


It's very small class. Six people. I'd have to be very careful. If you want pictures of my textbook though, I can take and send them tomorrow.

Debunk the bullshit so thoroughly he reports you to whatever disciplinary committee your school has for giving him PTSD

I've argued, carefully on certain points. Soon we get into Gender and Sexuality. That's gonna be some tough shit to swallow for a grade.

Keep your head down and bullshit -or- say fuck him and his lying bullshit and find another way to get credits.

Hard to keep my head down in such a small class. On points I fear arguing in class, I usually speak with other students on the way out of the building. I plant the seeds of skepticism in my fellows.

Bro, just use logic and back it up with facts.
Also, start recording lessons for "studying purposes".

so what is milo gonna do now? how will people see what he's up to? Twitter was the easiest way to see him and his antics now hes gone.

Wear chains of garlic, bring a stake of wood, some quicksilver and make sure your holy water is topped up.

Milo's bigger on Twitter than ever, m8.

(last thread lapsed out before I could make a few replies)

No, but I do care about Twitter imploding. That would be fun.

Technically, it's not really co-option if the head guy for it is the active hostile force, since he isn't taking over something he already controls. It's more like a declaration of war, really.

I've always considered Twitter front to be highly expendable. Leddit too, although KiA has somehow managed to avoid getting the axe so far.

Aside from the question of Sommers being any good, I don't really agree. After two years of this it seems to me that this not just merely feminists vs gamers thing but just a finger in the now-global culture war. Even with that finger getting burned badly (see: Gawker), you still have two whole hands and the rest of the body to contend with.

The fact that it even has a finger in gaming just shows how bloated and carcinogenic it has become.

That is spoopy. Use the tools and crack it. And use gwx panel.

Cite the law that exists to prevent that shit and tha women must use their empowerment to demand equal pay or sue. And as for the vegan thing, demand to know why a herbivore like him still has his canines and call him a poser vegan for not getting them removed, ask about his man'tits, and ask how many fainting spells he has had since going vegan.

i reckon he has an even bigger audience on facebook

You mean, get windows 10 or get something to keep windows 8 working.

If it's the second choice, where do I find that.

Recording shit is what I want to do, but I want to do so covertly. Would a smart phone work well enough? I would only be able to record audio, but I don't think I'd need more than audio.

Huh, that same thing happened to my grandma's work laptop. Pretty fucking scummy of MS to do that, if that's the case.

Once I realized my 'teachers' did not like dissent, I basically pretended to be a one of them– nearly straight A afterwards. Fighting them head on is a no win situation, leaking and publicizing their biased indoctrination pablum and warning others is the way to go. Also, never flush the toilet after taking a dump, it will help with the inner desire to rebel.

Trending #1 worldwide at the moment



Fuck that. I hated bathrooms in high school and will not perpetuate that shit in college. No pun intended.

Fuck off retard, your kind isn't welcomed here anymore.


First of all, there is a legal way to unlock win 7 and 8 loader dazwindowsloader.com
And second of all gwx panel cleans all the gunk updates, registry, and disables all win 10 updates. And most important, talk to tech, they slow, but smart.

Do you have a disability? You can record shit as your notes with some disabilities.

Good taste

Fuck you tumblr.

Yeah, just make sure you know your state's laws regarding recording conversations. Some will require you to get approval first, and others will limit what can and can't be used in a legal case.

Yeah, if it's a two-party state, you're pretty much setting yourself up for a "breach of privacy" case or something.

Thats private convos. Stuff like school sometimes are forced to let students record everything or face legal penalties for preventing learning. But indeed, he should see the head of the school and ask if he can record his classes.

That must be new, I remember getting suspended for recording a class I was failing in high school.

They really don't get it do they

How am i baiting?
These pieces of shits chipped our fangs and made us look like retards by having fucking kotaku win a journo award by one of ours!

The amount is zero of course. Weird Twitter ran wild there since what, 2007? 2008?

Well that fix a problem, now the next one is how do I get the Microsoft office to work, I need to keep writing my book?

Streisand Effect, what is that?

It's funny, you see all the authoritarian pieces of shit like Wesley calling for his head, implying that he's the sole reason why Twitter has a "toxic harassment problem," and then when he finally gets suspended, the Literally Crew and their band of loser dick-suckers because they either think they can do whatever they want unopposed, or that it's an opportunity to get attention.

>and their band of loser dick-suckers cheer
Accidentally a word.

I had a close call once

Besides that, before I got around to disabling auto-updates, updates seemed to always pop up whenever I left my PC for more than 10 minutes. It's like they fucking know.

I'm just going to post it here. If I don't fuck things up somehow. Is there any specific app for android that can record while the phone is locked? I'm going to try secret voice recorder. Any good methods to keep it from being traced to me so I don't have any of that breach of contract shit?

You need permission, but once you have permission from the schools head, they cannot deny you or there is a potential lawsuit.

i think they are just desperate for anything to go their way, even if it ultimately backfires on them

Western devs are normal people who care about themselves and have a life outside vidya gaming.

Jap devs are autistic faggots who do nothing all day but shitposting on twitter.

Do not do it in secret if you are only going to post here. Get permission. Make up something like he is going too fast. Or if you have disability, use it god dammit. And share with Holla Forums too, if nothing else their reaction will be predictable and funny.

Is there a safe way to install W10? I heard there were things available to strip out the info gathering shit and Cortana?

Yeah I had to go into the system folder and junk up the code that kept trying to auto get that for me. That said, supposedly there are quite a few guides now to putting the kibosh on Windows 10's Orwellian shit if you ever get a new PC or a game you want to play absolutely requires it.

I never paid attention to his twitter shitposting and don't consider it valuable. The stuff I care about is the occasional times when he writes an article and does real journalism.

i never get any update prompts and i don't know why

You know, how things are going , I believe it's better to update to windows 10, didn't Holla Forums found a way to prevent all that spyware that it brings?

Someone should send all the pictures of the people who were afraid to debate Milo but are celebrating his banned to the guy writing the Milo article. That should deliver some good laughs.

Its not just the spyware, its the barring you from software you own or pirated too.

Depending on what kind of audio file it creates check what the metadata says before posting. Also if you say or do something that generates noise it'll be obvious that your voice is nearby.

They can pry my Windows 7 install from my cold dead hands

If the school tries to punish you then go to right wing student defense organizations. They'll pull your ass out of the fire for free and they'll drag your school through the mud in the media.

Details, details.

Did they found a way or not?

I'm pretty sure the 3rd party programs stops that too user.

How does it do that? And how can I stop it from doing that?

I don't pirate much, but I DO have emulators set up that I've ripped copies of my own games for. I've made it all pretty above board from a legal perspective and I'm pretty concerned about not being able to use shit like that if I make the switch.

I only have 9 days left to decide so I'm pretty on the fence. I'm worried that in the future there will be games I can't get working because of forced compatibility issues for people who don't have Windows 10.

I doubt I'd be able to acquire permission with that reasoning. Fucker talks slow to draw out class and avoid going in depth a lot of times. Today someone mentioned Sharia Law when talking about deviance and law breaking. Dude nipped any potential debate in the bud.

I'd try to avoid such conflict. I just want to add to the pile of evidence of left wing politics taking over academia. Also, get some keks out of anons.

Exactly. Fucking normalfags can't make games.

You can't go wrong with digging and sharing, they haven't reached the amount of power required to do anything about it without looking like they're actually in the wrong.

Go ask Holla Forums. I only know what was reported and never bothered to update.

Maybe, but I have doubts for now.

Let me guess, he drinks starbucks, owns apple everything, but has said at least 5 times "capitalism must die"?

And do you have disability? Because that is probably the only way you will be able to record. Or you can suck up to him, and get his written permission to record.

But Dimitry Iassenev programmed STALKER and Todd directed Morrowind.

I can't confirm any of that. But I do know he boycott's walmart to get points with his, as he calls them "hippie friends."

There are some really aggressive scripts you can find on github.
Sadly, I can't remember the name of the best one.
Search "Windows 10 Privacy Github" and pick one you like.

Just know that a forced update could come at any time and reverse any changes you make.

I am in a One-Party Consent Statute State. I believe this means I record whatever the fuck I want, as long I'm there.

Hmm, he has hippy friends who he virtue signals for? Sounds like a trust fundie.

Yo guys I found something interesting about archive.is

archive.is is hosted by Linode EU

linode is a for profit server hosting company, but when you click their donate link, it goes to a completely unrelated animal charity. due to some other things I've found, I suspect he has a major endgame planned.

here are my sources




We need to find an alternative to archive.is

Oh shit. Are you implying our archives may be compromised?

Kinda, I'm implying that there may be something going behind the scenes. Could be selling user data or trying to get himself sold to Amazon.

Archive.is is literally not even mentioned in your first link. And the chief instigator of the blacklist is apparently this guy.

W10 Enterprise/ Education version.
Home and pro versions serves as unofficial guinea pigs and beta testing, with info harvesting. AFAIK the enterprise/edu version is the closest thing to w10 without the cancer.

So if I do post any recording here, is there any good time frame to wait until after I've recorded them, or will it likely not matter? Say, a few months or a year?

I'm pretty sure that's how it works. However, your university code of conduct may get in the way of that.
I'd suggest reading it.

I'm going to take a shot in the dark and guess that archive.is uses the animal charity since they can't actually collect donations for what they do.
It's the same reason why hotwheels used his patreon to "make cat videos."
As for Linode, that's just where they rent serverspace from. I don't think the host matters, unless they're also doing shady shit.
It's far more likely that somebody was "maliciously" spreading archive.is links (for all we know, it was just pro-GG editors doing their thing), rather than the owner.

That said, there's a few other on-demand archives out there. We'll just have to search around to find one we like.

Oh, here. Check ED.

It literally just sounds like this one guy seeing a bunch of different IPs trying to add archive.is links to articles and flipping his shit assuming it was some kind of evil archiving botnet.
BTW, the thread ends with archive.is voted off the blacklist 40 to 11.

Sounds familiar. Probably an anti who edits the wikis like there is no tomorrow.

Was the second wikipediocracy link supposed to be different? Reading through it, I see a bunch of fags saying "It could be used to spread malware", though I haven't gotten through the whole thing yet. Having all of our eggs in one basket is a problem, but it's hard for me to be concerned about Wiki playing favorites with sites without something concrete. Dragondragondildo and the GG page in general made sure of that

So its not even on the blacklist? Meh indeed.

I think I might be safe from negative consequences. Still paranoid, but less so.

Just to be sure, I'd probably search "taping" as well.

how do i talk to mike or whatever person owns the board

i want to tell them to put #freemilo in this thingy on the board so people can see it

Seems like FUD.


Mark? Post Umaru. That usually works.

Checked taping, audio, and video as well. Nothing.

Mark, if you would.

Arent most wiki editors just so?

That seems to be par for the course.
But you have to be, considering all the rules they have in place.

He's a Wikipedia admin. "Incompetent and unemployed," according to ED.

Apparently he was desysopped just prior to joining the Wikipediocracy forum.

elsa in hat

Do you wanna hug_ a snowman?

Probably got too big an ego. And probably will freak out and quit wiki forever.

If it starts costing too much he'll probably just add ads or start asking for actual donations. I don't see any reason to assume malice.


Seems too unrelated to videogames.




who cares milo needs help people will understand

Milo is video games

It's already the no. 1 trending tag in the world. I don't think the few people on 8/v/ who don't already know are going to make a big difference.

Milo was the only thing besides porn artist that were keeping me on twitter. I might as well delete my account. Since the Milo alert app is a hit and miss ill just go back to checking breitbart.

I was riding my bike and on my way home I saw a bunch of people in front of a city block that houses a police station, fire station and city hall. I thought something stupid was going on like collage students shouting at city officials or BLM protesting the police. To my surprise they were all playing pokemon go. Apparently the close proximity of the building and a memorial made it so that there are 5 poke stops within standing distance and each one had an active lure to attract more pokemon. I'm going back on friday when the farmers market rolls around to see how many more people show up and to buy beets and honey.



He was courtious. Cant say the same for leslie.

Milo is a professional troll. He knew what he was doing.

Fuck off Anita

Hey you piece of reddit trash i saw your drivel on the hashtag

Just a reminder that he'll be fine

That's a lot of money. Maybe he could give Denton a loan

exactly, they're both terrible games

Don't people use banks anymore?




Yea I think Milo's grown beyond twitter at this point, the man is his own brand.

How small has the circlejerk of neofag become?

They did their best as well as a bunch of other loosely confederated autists, but nothing seems to stop it. The only winning move is not to bother with that pile of shit in the first place.

Sorry, I won't be able to take the smug of the SJWs if there isn't some kind of repercussion for this beyond "Milo is still popular."

because they banned evryone

Oh, I want to say he's taking the piss, but knowing NeoGAF, they aren't. But hey, if they want their words to be policed by a guy who sexually assaulted women in Spain and bragged about it, they can go on ahead and do that.

I feel like this person would immediately collapse in panic if they stumbled across an imageboard, even for a second.

Not because the content here is too extreme for them to handle, but because people here can disagree with others and be civil about it.

Dude who cares, those people are irrelevant, let them bask in their meaningless victory, it means nothing.


Didnt that guy get banned too?

Wait, what? And the guy is not in prison for violence against women?

Until there's consequences to their actions, it means a hell of a lot.




My girlfriend's mother's laptop got royally fucked by the forced Win10 upgrade (they clicked the X in the corner back when that shit was considered a confirmation for Win10 to fuck you in the ass). They ended up having to take it to a computer shop nearby to get Win7 put back on and Win10 updates disabled and paid a pretty penny for it too (they didn't even think to ask me to do it). And the other day my friend's laptop also got a Win10 update notification (we were about to walk outside and I noticed his laptop was counting down with about 12 minutes to go before the forced update, again he clicked the X, it seemed to be fine after that but I guess he restarted the laptop after I left and then somehow he got cucked by Win10 for the next few hours while it forced itself upon his laptop). Neither of these people have good internet connections or huge HDDs either so even in the time leading up to these updates they were having issues with slower speeds and HDD space issues and they didn't understand why.

Man if this were any other industry Microsoft probably would have been sued to hell and back by now.


Oh hey, I think I recognize the username from browsing the site 5 years ago. Used to post in Sonic threads with the guy that would eventually man the Sonic twitter account.

On a more related topic:



What's the worst that The Guardian's ever shat out? Would be nice to perform OPDISNOD on them.


This account is a goldmine for guardian shit.

posting some shit

Try reading the article.

Forgot 1 more

But the funny thing about this @laviesanslair is that she changed her account and when you start looking at her feed then you will find some surprises twitter.com/theqlobalist

How is it possible that UK doesn't have a single newspaper that isn't complete garbage?

This is equivalent to Gawker mixed with unemployment

That kid has a future.

The irony

my headset is busted so sadly i cant participate, whats the rundown of what this fuck is saying?

"But who decides what's the difference between opinions and hate-speech ?" asks the journo
And I don't think he's wrong


He's denying any allegation of censorship on twitter.
No mention of the trust and safety council

this makes me feel not great

Then why don't they ban the mudslimes that cheer every time one of them kills a whole bunch of people? Why don't they ban all the blacks telling everyone to kill police officers?

I think it's an old video before that council was made. Though I'd like for someone to post the whole video

Who the heck owns and sends money to Twitter?

Then don't let that fuckface stand there and say they're for the people and that there's no censorship when you have BLM calling for the death of white cops, and Mudslims calling for the death of white people, If they can censor Milo for something as small as a small scuffle with an actress, then they can with those SJW types as well.

There's plenty of evidence on the Freemilo tag that prove that he's just saying what others want to hear. just look at all this shit here.
and tell me that These are the people that represent Twitter the most?

Also i find it hilarious that they have their own #BanNero Hashtag but cant even get that shit trending.

TOP KEk ! I hadn't even heard of it.






Until they die, we will continue to be a thing that strikes terror into the regressive left even if we all died and have no heirs

Died bread! #closetthegays!

Holy shit. Read a bit about it on Holla Forums but oh, boy is she assblasted.


Have fun

This is my personal fav.

but wait, there's more

What does going full gg mean?

Being rational, logical and not dependent on feelings and not a slave to political correctness

100% a compliment.

Also who are those tweets referring to?

I'd like to know also but it looks that he keeps it tight lip of not mentioning that name

So do you think Twitter gonna yield?

It seems like they're in a lose-lose situation.

Well, Jack had private talk with Leslie. So this might be his "Final Solution"

Will Milo pull out the Jew card or the Gay card? Or both. to Shame Twitter into compliance.

Also, when is Milo's speech and where can I view it?

Any archive of the tweets leading up to Milo's ascension?



I went to sleep before you responded but its far more serious than that. She's built her entire life on supposedly being a voice for guys against the insane feminists screaming harassment to get their way. Then the moment that its beneficial to her she just rolls with it and doesn't even apologize when it becomes obvious that she was wrong. If she had recanted then I could get over it but as she never did even with people asking her about it I consider it unforgivable.

You don't say.


Hitpieces in 3….2……1……

Notch himself said that he had/has Milo muted on Twatter


>He had him muted
Milo's twitter can get annoying since he's intentionally inflammatory.

That Leslie Jones woman actually used the "they hacked my twitter to retweet someone" excuse.

Also, saging for that ghostbusters drama, but since it's Milo related… apologies for calling people idiots about this totally having to be a fake, but turns out she DID retweet a guy calling milo a gay uncle tom

He spoke last night at some party, is he speaking again?

billy me

that's strange, it looks that his tweet doesn't appear at the "Top" column

Apparently not enough to leave twitter like they should.


No, actually, it's stops third party programs. Egghead friend who fixes computers for a living was quick to summarize.

for example, shit like malwarebytes has specific paths and dll shit that it uses to supercede OS-related stuff. It digs through all the extra permissions n'shit to pluck out malware that tends to exploit the fuck out of certain processes.

Windows 10 is written so that if it wants to disrupt THAT, it will. It'll overwrite processes in shit like MWB or other such programs and not even give them permissions to function normally. 10 leaves your system vulnerable as fuck should a program not work or operate as it likes.

Or something to that effect. Holy fuck microsoft go to hell.

Faggot, GG would never have happened if there wasn't such an overt
response from the video games "journalists."


Huh, I thought they were on bad terms after they had a spat a year or so ago.


You can dislike someone and still think they shouldn't be banned.

You can tell people to fuck off and still be on friendly terms or think the person is fine.

I thought he was going to be speaking at a convention. I could be wrong though.

Shit, now I need that image of that man laughing at people getting harassed on internet and should just mute or block that person



thank you

the default voice recorder app works while the phone is locked, i recorded the meeting where i got fired from my job and the evidence helped me get unfair dismissal payments


That was your first mistake.

Turns out that sealion.club has been BLACKLISTED ON TWITTER
What that means is that posting anything with "sealion.club" in the tweet will block the message and let twitter assume you're posting something suspicious

Be careful if shilling for it.

Totally not censoring you guys

got something to show also? Because I ain't a twatter user

aaand done


Surprisingly unbiased.

A guy with lotsa followers on twitter told something to his followers

clickbait user, clickbait

I swear they could make a article about Trump sneezing

Wait, I think I missed something.

What happened to Milo?

Permanently suspended from twitter

did you just wake up?

I think so.

Why was he permanently suspended from twitter? What did he say? Enouth whales complained enouth to get him banned?


Ghostbusters headlines are real fun to read now when the movie bombed in the box office.

Really? This is the power of feminism? To fail commercially and hard?

I fucking swear, this stupidity and denial has reached far beyond the "muh narrative" spectrum

Did he switch faggots into places she said "white people"?


Hey check out the top news on the Freemilo hashtag, its a article by Buzzfeed

These fucking people…

Yeah maybe if you're a fucking yuppie.

He made fun of the Sheboon from Cisbusters, Sheboon got buttflustered and got @jack to ban Milo.

oh look, someone found a thesaurus

Surely this is a joke, fucking Dorsey came to help the poor """"damsel"""

The Governor there told that California will build a wall around the state. Adding the drought that they have and including being a safe haven for the worst of the worst, so…


Eu sucks, derail on it.


Finally America can be a Christian Straight White country.

Religion back in school
Bible study
Remove Abortion

Trump is the Hero we need. Fedora tippers can be purged with the Mexicans and Muslims.

That's unconstitutional, Church and State are separate for a reason.

How's that bad? Look at who gets aborted the most.

Waste of funds imo, even great wall of China wouldn't stop Mexicans.

you really take all of this shit as some factual information?

Constitution can be changed and needs to be, Trump knows we have to go back to our Christian Society.

Oh yes let's undermine the laws the nation was founded on in the first place, that's a great idea.

For fuck's sake quit fueling your Holla Forumschristian/ delusions, Trump isn't much of Christian, even Pence is just a token religious teammate to attract the red state Christian voters.


Found the Reddit fedora tipper.


Enjoy being sent to the camps with the Mexican and Muslims, I am sure they will accept you with open arms.

stop falling for obvious bait.

So, with Milo permanently banned on Twitter and our opponents are celebrating in revelry that their worst nightmare is gone of a platform that they dominate, what's the next move, fellas?

For me? Suicide.

Promote GNUsocial. That's what I'm doing. These two charts might come in handy

But user, were still there

I say we spawn some Milo imitators on the internet, you know, create accounts with similar style and approach, and just use them for shitposting and mocking SJWs. Remind them eliminating a man won't change anything.

That's what I'm scared about next. They might come for us on Twitter!

To be honest, just waiting. Milo'll probably find another way to pressure twitter into unbanning him, like the twenty previous times, and otherwise just shill stuff like sealion.club (reminder not to type the link exactly like that or twitter'll shadowban you) to anyone pissed about it.

Well, they have a lot of angry Nero supporters to deal with now.

Then set up new accounts with proxies, pretend you're normalfags or SJWs and act reasonably but provoke the SJWs, then report them to have their own rules used against them.

Hope Mckenna talked about that. I tried to post a link to it, then twitter stopped it as if it was a bot or spam post citing the face that they deem Sealion links "Malicious". Jack must hate the competition. Expect no less from the social network funded by a Saudi king.

I have a feeling it's for real this time. There's already been dozens of articles celebrating it, twitter can't unban him without losing face.

I'm sick of a platform that permits harassment, but only from the chosen few in it's cult. I'll be deleting my account. I'm done.

Yeah, and plebbit is saying that since theyre a private company we shouldn't complain, ever
And milo is literally hitler incarnate for being in it for himself but banana hitler should still be forgiven

Kotaku in Action was a mistake!

and what, give those guys the satisfaction?

You can do what you want, of course, im thinking of quitting too, but the fact that giving in to these SJW faggots pisses me off more.

These people are fundamentally broken. They can't find joy in anything. They exist only to eat away at that which is already there, to poke and prod and hiss and ensure that everyone else is just as miserable as they are. Is there something that someone is enjoying? The great eye shall be turned on it, and something will always–ALWAYS–be found to be problematic.

If they succeed? They'll move on. They'll find something else. They'll repeat the process. The things that they claim to "like?" Every time, like clockwork, they will find something about it that forces them to cut it out of their lives. And then, again, they'll find something else. They'll repeat the process. This is the one constant in everything they do. There can be no "winning" with these people, only the ceding of ground for a temporary reprieve before they come back for more. They'll be back. They'll always be back. Look at Joss Whedon.

Their "worst nightmare" is themselves. Sooner or later, win or lose, over a long-enough period of time, every last one of them will eventually find themselves trapped, stripped by their own volition of everything they've held dear. They will project. They will find boogeymen. They will make them, if need be, to shift the blame. But when all is said and done, when it's just them and a mirror, all of that empty narcissism will come crashing down like a Tumblrina slipping on her stair muffin, alone with their own inability to experience happiness.

This is their true worst nightmare. And the only way to avoid it is to undergo the purgation of becoming problematic.

It's kinda true though, Milo was teasing the Twitter for a very long while, so he should have been aware of these risks. Plus it's gonna benefit him anyways like it did when he got uncheckmarked.

My problem is is that people are acting like she did nothing wrong and its also blatantly obvious that some people just hate him because he holds the "wrong opinions"
But, people saying shit like he robbed a bank as a repeat offendert and its her first time so he gets a harsher sentence but she's not getting shit for this even though she was clearly in the wrong on some of this shit, and they are just saying this because he writes for breitbart

People misinterpreted her comment. She thinks she is tall and built like a tank because her ancestors were forced to breed with each other by white people to make better slaves. If it wasn't for that she would have been born slim, dainty and attractive.

I know it sounds crazy but remember as a nigger she has a very low IQ.

We people ever learn the Streisand Effect?

fucking hell

Milo should launch his own site.

no, they are on the right side of history.

Thats a big word

American morning will soon start. It would be a shame if #freemilo will suddenly disappear from the trend list

Archive for any of those links?

Funny how an actress who interprets a supposedly empowered character in a current year movie runs off like a coward after getting mean words on the internet. And on top of that, the idiot Dorsey suddenly appears like he was about to save a fucking damsel in distress.

Twitter is now going after #GamerGate supporters by suspending people or employing their new shadowban which is linked below of this red text! Twitter's going all out in purging people for wrongthink!


And now you know why I'm busy shilling GNUsocial on Twitter.

That'll get you suspended, put in DM instead! Twitter esp. Jack hates competition!

Did lo-ping get hit as he was another GGer that attacked her.

I've been linking to two instance lists, and I'm not banned. In fact I got SyrianPartsanGirl interested.

you mean that edited picture? Nah, he was a small fish, they only cared about milo.

Jack will do everything if possible to cover every alternative social sites that can damage twitter

Can we get the altrightfags on the train? Some of them have been disappointed by twitter's bias regarding their "war on harassment".

Anybody have the original tweets that sparked this shit. Need to inform a normalfag.

Box office numbers are just numbers, and numbers are nothing more than a social construct. Movie goers are dead. Movie goers don't have to be your audience. :^)

Ironically, Leslie was surprisingly neutral a few months ago; she told a bunch of SJWs that were complaining about idpol to fuck off for getting upset over stupid shit, and the SJWs dithered over whether she was evil or not for not following the narrative.

I'll even wager that's part of the reason for the false flag against us; can't have a pushed celebrity who's potentially neutral about gg, got to burn those bridges, even if it needs some help to get there.

Relax regarding shadowban, it seems to be a temporary damage control measure not serious permanent thing.

On other hand Twitter is definitely censoring Freezepeach and Sealion.Club links, I recommend creating infographics featuring them to spread over GG twitter without mentioning sites directly. You can also, just in case, make several color variations and gradients, or create easy to edit exploitables that could be remixed into different images in case Twitter starts image-filtering too.

Who r you on twitter?

Just mention it when you got the chance, or spam the links in your posts.

handle: Camedei_sp707
Name: MeemStar

As soon as I see people like @archon online again, I am definitely going to inform him about this matter. Sargon isn't saying anything regarding Milo's perma-banishment which really left me confused at this stage whether he really cares about freedom of speech.

Sargon is a Brit. They care less about oppression than the Chinese.

Sargon like Ghostbusters 2016 and said we where wrong about it.

I'm repeating if anyone archived those tweets.

Don't forget to filter the c83796 shill

Maybe he's just not awake, or expecting Milo to come back, or whatever. He's IRL friend with him so I suppose they already discussed the matter. Or maybe he's making a video, or just indeed doesn't care much (it's still twitter drama indeed)

Is Milo still banned?

He's officially perma-banned, d'oh

Another example of selective banning by Twitter. I can't wait for that website to die.


Just shit it up further. Create new accounts, shitpost and do stupid shit with them, troll celebrities on Twitter, make them force more and more draconian policies, do all you can to make them fall apart quicker.

Well hello ralph shill




I wonder if that picture is actually related to the story or if it is used for click bait.


liberals are insane

He's not wrong.

You only didn't cure Milo because he's useful to you as a gay.

nice meme

Remember that a lot of people made twitterchan accounts because moot told us to fuck off from cuckchan. I don't think the shitposting and bants would be this widespread had the exodus never happened. So ifwhen twitter goes down moot will have soime blood in his hands.

What's Twitter going to do when Trump's sworn in 2017? Will their stocks plummet to Yahoo levels?
Will they give up white knighting for Social Justice altogether?

I'm still not certain that Trump will win this.

I'll celebrate if he does, but I've always been more of a "hope for the best, plan for the worst" sort.

Their Stocks are back down to 18% as of yesterday. They really are going to shit, fast now that Milo is gone.

This retarded meme that Trump has issues with gays needs to die.

Milo was literally asking for it. He's wanted to get banned for a while, it's the next step in his master plan.


Leftism is a disease.

Stock value will go further down as leftists who can't handle the bants fuck off from the site, temporarily or not.

Twitter has never found a plausible way to properly monetize the content published there, they are literally using the "w-well we have a gorillion users who may g-give you money if we ever find a way to do so" strategy for years now. It's a heavy bubble waiting to burst anytime soon.

I think this buzzfeed article has them.

Top comment in this thread has a rundown of what got the ball rolling on all of this.

Holla Forums, /n/, and Holla Forums all have threads on her if you want to look for more. Search their catalogs for "Leslie Jones."

Which candidate talked shit about the gays in the past, and which candidate talks about making sure the gays are able to defend themselves if someone is out to kill them?

Assuming there's no foul play, I'm sure that with all the toes the left has stepped on, he'll get in following what happened with Brexit and his earned nomination with nowhere near as much predicted resistance.

Don't want to get my hopes up so unrealistically high, but it's good to think positive. It will be a fiercely close battle, at any rate.

That poor woman

The ex-ceo has said that Twitter would be bought in the next 2 years which pushed up the stock a little.



Note that most of them weren't archived until recently, because of course the people taking screencaps originally were the retards on Holla Forums and Holla Forums trolling her

Fake, retard.

So even if it falls, it will be back?

BTW, this song was in the ghostbusters movie.

But her retweeting most likely started it all in the first place.

That's a fake.


You're right. I should have said the OP and top comment give the gist of what happened.

Better than even odds say that the original cast were bullied into saying this even if they disagreed with it.

I'm not sure if the gorilla posting is supposed to be a good thing?

So how do we spread the good word?
Make a website of "Twitter alternatives" and don't mention Sealion in the tweet (but do on the website)?

Destroy Twitter. We were always fighting in enemy territory, but if we can't speak freely- no one can.

Set up: Work out who is shadowbanned. Is it simple as turning on private browsing and trying to find yourself?

Set up 2: Let us know if you were banned, or suddenly see a drop in followers.

1. Find out that Saudi guy that is a major share holder, and spread all the dirt on him. Sure he owns it, and it'll be banned quickly, but the more people see it's his playground, the more turned off they'll be.

2. TWTR is Twitter's stock code. If you put $TWTR in a tweet, it acts like a #, but for people interested in Twitter's stocks (shareholders, etc).
Every time you see something that should be banned (SJW harassment, BLM tweet calling for dead cops, ISIS tweets)- don't report it. Screencap it, archive it, then tweet about it.
Make Twitter's reputation toxic to those who want to invest.

3. Shill alternatives. Try showing it off on Imgur or Youtube so Twitter can't filter it.

4. Shill Milo's articles from Breitbart's accounts.

If you do get banned, and are outside the US, you can use this: archive.is/NEXfQ But I'm not sure if it works now.

Alternatively spread infographs with suggestions.

Just write sealion[.]club instead, works just fine.

Awesome. Can others verify this doesn't get them banned?

Yeah, images with Sealion in it would take longer to get banned as it requires a person and not a machine algorythim.

But then again twitter has selectively banned people before like Azalea Banks so clearly there has to be a correlation between who they choose to perma ban

The correlation is that they're mean to the wrong person.



is there anyway we can find twitters investors and pull a disnod on them?

That might also work for an infograph.
A list of people unfairly banned by Twitter, and a list of people still active.

Who is this chick and why is she all over my twitter? A gg account I followed sometime ago keeps retweeting her. All she seems to do is bitch about Trump, republicans, and now Milo as well, but claims to be "centrist" and comes off as anti-SJW


Twitter is also allegedly haemoragging money, so now is the perfect time to piss of shareholders even more!!

That shit reeks of weird twatter

Meh, she's not really wrong. If indeed Milo wrote this four years ago, he was a tremendous faggot and he deserves to get billied for it.

Girl revoltfags have a hate crush on
Showed some support for GG but is a nobody and has your average orbiters
Also befriended meth whale and defends her

Not worth any attention at all

Shut up val you fucking retard

Believe you're thinking of nonsensicole.

She is some passive aggressive burnout that talks shit if she thinks she can get away with it.

Marche, I'll shut up the day you stop being a furry.

Nah, he deserves it over this.

Look at this vile and misogynistic language.

How does one dangerously use the internet?

Proof I never heard of her and I post there regularly

Naa this is the other one
Kelly loves cov and rene had a mega crush on this one

If I mute her will she stop showing up in retweets? Also it shows she's followed by 26 people I follow. Does this mean I follow a bunch of revoltfags?

I thought revoltfags hated her because she was an "sjw-lite?"

Disagree with people you're not supposed to
Be on the wrong side of history

They hate her so much half of them would talk in the thread about how they'd hatefuck her or how she has nice legs.

That's what "hate-crush" means. She isn't willing to suck their cock, thus she's an SJW.

wait, didn't Valkenburg done the same thing. Going to twitter office in San Fran and demanding Eron to be suspended? Or was it the landwhale ?

No. You probably follow a lot of burnouts or just people who follow her.

She has a point though.

Remember Milo's position on games before GG? I wouldn't mind him admitting trolls aren't the worst that could happen to internet either.

Well I'm going to clean my follow list. Fuck this shit. Most of these people are faggots now anyway.

But clearly people can never change right?

A lot of burnouts became subject to making cliques around them and their friends so they can try to defend their retardation in number. A lot of them burned out since friends got criticized at one point or another for sperging out, so they burned out alongside them. Twitter is terrible for this shit and for creating massive egos.

I think its quite damn cleat milo jas changed his views on it

In fairness describing her as SJW-lite is entirely accurate as she'd go out of her way to fuss at people for "misgendering". Though she does live in San Francisco and by their normal standards I'm sure she's considered a complete shitlord.

Good looked at her profile she is an ethicscuck and if people you are following are retweeting her they are probably ethicscucks too.

Why are you responding to shills who want to argue semantics about Milo's past?

Why aren't you thinking how to capitalize the situation on twitter to push back more SJW shit?

Former GG supporter who was documenting harrassment received by GG people if I recall correctly. Don't know the exact reasons why she stopped and became a burnout, never followed her in the first place.

That's what am I'm saying.

Yeah. Difference is he did acknowledge his change of view on vidya, didn't say much about internet and trolling just yet.

I'd suggest to call it Op JackOff

Oh I remember her now. She became a burnout because her definition of harassment was pretty broad and she was upset at all the "harassment" GG was doing.


Will it be enough? Unless normalfags, companies, and celebrities catch on to using the alternative sites en masse, it may just end up being a mirror of the 4chan exodus. A sizable amount of people left a festering shithole but it still stands with more users, albeit cancerous ones.

Defeats the point a bit to not utterly violate what they once thought was their safe space whilst letting our thoughts be exposed into the mainstream, at least until it goes under. We'd have to capitalize on a happening on such a grand scale that absolutely nobody could ignore or take sitting down.

Which reminds me, I'd like more interactions with devs here.



Anthropologyfag here, just tell him what he wants to hear. I retook a test four times because my kebab "migration studies" professor didn't like me using terms like "the author believes" when citing sources his book in my papers.
It's not worth it.

It's been confirmed as real.

Why is he so perfect?

You will never froth his cock


Did Milo get fat in America or did they use a bad image.

Thanks for that top-tier verification, KoP.

no it hasn't

Reminder that c83796 is a shill


Also, this is the man who associates himself with the idea/movement that causes havoc and destruction to small businesses during every protest march.
Since this BLM seems to be leaning towards anarchy and Jack shares every views of this idea, wouldn't it become a hassle to the shareholders who are dealing with a possible anarchist es[ecially dealing with companies that share "racist views" :^) ?

Make them aware!

Go to live and RT all the new shit.

DisNod Twitter?

Fuck yes.
How the hell do we find the Twitter shareholders? Bar the Saudi guy?

The left pushes people away, or into silence. The world is shifting away from the left.
Companies won't use Twitter if all they get is harassment and no one buys because of it.
Normalfags will either be converted, or leave.

IMO, we need to push Goat hard.
Maybe Sealion- but not to companies.

Blame the CP spam for that. No one wants to stick their head out. However, I think we can still get devs talking. Interviews with Nichegamer or Techraptor, or discussion on League For Gamers.

You don't say.

Oh, I thought it was because her efforts weren't being really noticed by anyone outside of GG circles.
Most of the opposition tends to outright ignore the evidence that show how GG and NYS people have been threatened at a greater rate than the professional victims that they defend.

Good luck user. My 10 year old account became infested with burnouts and 2cool4GG "neutrals" who like to throw shit at both sides when they feel no one pays attention to them. Unfortunately some of them post otherwise decent stuff so I couldn't bring myself to do some cleaning, and I ended up abandoning that account.

#OpSkynet was a fucking mistake.

Really makes you think.

I wonder if current year man, Colbert, or the daily shwo will comment about Milo. You already have Colbert sperging out about the Trump thing.

I think this might be the list


Trips of truth!

This is why you're the only namefag I don't always filter.

Bill Murray's expression in that pic encapsulates everything about the nuGB trainwreck. At what point did sony execs thought that forcing and implied threatening to sic a team of lawyers on Murray to wrangle him doing a movie promo is a good idea?
Even Wiig looked like she just stepped in a pile of dogshit but just realized she can't complain publically since the dog's owner happens to be her boss.

I can believe Murray was bullied into it. Akroyd though? Meh, I'm not too convinced at the moment. He was pretty enthusiastic about the general project, and seemed to be the most excited out of the remaining original cast IIRC.

For anyone with 2 neurons to rub together, it usually means believing everything you see and read on the innernets, not using adblocker, clicking whatever the fuck willy nilly, installing bloatware and spyware, giving sensitive info like PIN# to a nigerian prince down on his luck who can speed up your computer 200% with this little known trick.

For people unironically living in current year and chugging the koolaid, usually means disagreeing with The Narrative or worse, asking proof for claims. Doubleplus ungoodthink is pretty dangerous.

They will go on about how he deserves it and how he's an uncle tom gay.

Akroyd is insane.

Whether he was coerced or not, I can't take him seriously.

He's the one who believes in ghosts and aliens in real life. Not that we'll be seeing any due to 9-11…

Yes plz.

We might be able to wrangle r/the_donald into this. They have a love affair with Milo. And one of the KIA mods floated the idea there which seem to get a positive result.


We would have to do the legwork of collecting advertiser contacts and templates for emails. Modeling this OP like OPEASYONEHOURSALVO I think would be a good idea.

I never got in on OpSkynet. I was following 130 something people, all of them for various reasons. I just unfollowed 30+ accounts.

Honestly, I just think most of them are simply normafags who don't have much experience in the internet.

he is an executive producer for the new ghostbusters, take that how you want

He's the one who pushed for Ghostbuster 2 in the first place, so you can't really blame him for wanting to do more ghostbusters.

For sure, but Akroyd really is insane. He thinks aliens and ghosts are real and among us.

How is 4chan/pol/ handling with this news? The more hands we get, the faster and better result it will be… sounds weird for some reason…
Holla Forums/pol/ is currently… right now full Jew hunt mode right now and it's in a dilemma wether to support milo or not

Off-topic but does anyone know what happened with the Privilege Grant? It's last update was in April and nothing has happened since then. Milo hasn't even mentioned it.

he just doesn't know when to stop or what is a bad idea, he made Blues Brothers 2000 ffs

They're the one's who helped fuel it, so I assumed they're content as fuck.

I got a bigger following influx from people back in the early days of GG, I think it was mostly because of the account age, since back then the people joining the hashtag discussion had a tendency to give you shit if you had an account with few tweets, created in 2014 and with a low follower count.
#Opskynet was coopted to combat the latter (not originally made with that purpose) and since i had an "old" account with a moderate following/follower ratio before GG, I decided I should follow some of these people back to help them and have fun. Big mistake

It's true though, have you seen Tila Tequila?


2010 account, only 30 followers. pretty comfy.

That was helpful but it seems now that Twitter is in full alert and will do any means necessary so the public won't see

And now based mom decided to take the on stadium


It's number five in the US right now so…

Oh come on, that pic is nothing but a vast, vast, VAAAST right wing media conspiracy. Regressives Leftard controlled, co-opted or heavily sympathetic media is a tiny, nano sized particles in a sea of vast right wing media. Vast. Did I mention vast? It's yuuuge. :^)

See, only a tiny minority of media are stunningly brave, woke, right side of history leftists.

And even if some shows like Orange Is the New Black is semi symptathetic to BLM, I mean come on you guise, it's not a hard concept to grasp that 'all creatures are equal, some are just more equal than others' eh, uhm, oops I meant Black Lives Matter More and that's not rayciss at all, you fucking rayciss. Anyway it doesn't mean a show like that on a service that donates to BLM has an axe to grind against law enforcement or military or anything. That's just cuhrayzeee.


Yeesh, that one was pretty bad. And yeah, Akroyd is scattershot when it comes to good\bad ratio. He's had some good to really good stuff, and some pretty bad misses.


Go for it. Give them the link I replied to above, and make sure to explain how to do it:
- Don't copy each others work (makes you seem like a bot)
- Research your target (what do the care about? Do they act with their mind or their heart? Will logic or feelings appeal to them? And find evidence of twitter pissing away their money, or working against other brands they invest in)
- Letters are even better! (thanks to the belief that 1 handwritten letter = 99 other people who switched).
- Be polite, but when in doubt- be honest. Speaking how you want to speak makes it sound more natural.

you're really asking for that?


I'm not sure either. Hope the funds aren't embezzled.

2 actual faggots and what the fuck is that thing on the right

Daily reminder that the daily show is fine with humiliating gay people, as long as they are conservative.

Did the daily show really show up to try and start shit with Milo/ the gays for trump thing?


Stay focused on when they air the episode about the event.

They have a history of editing their interviews to make someone else look bad, and they fall back on "it's a comedy show" when called out on it.

That's called a Snooki

They usually hound anyone who dares tho share a different view


Yep. It looks like they could not even get an interview though. That asshurt at the end about how stupid those bigot gays were is hilarious. Breitbart uploading first about what happened though puts them in a harder to bullshit spot. I think it is funny how almost every major writer for that show eventually leaves because they are sick and tired of slandering or lying about people to make them look bad. I remember one of the writers who talked about how he quit since he was told to explicitly edit out answers given and to splice other things in place that look bad. Like pauses where no one answers a question when it really was just a pause.

That man is a fucking hero

I wonder if they will even mention the event now. I wonder how long it will take for them to talk about those bigoted faggots making them look bad.

He deleted it?

But Freddy Mercury was bisexual.

Nah, he was gay.

You're a huge pussy, Val. When that question was asked, no one wanted to see your response.

Jack Dorsey is in bed with founder of #BlackLivesMatter. We should be digging up shit that could crater the entire company or at least force them to change CEOs.

Milo confirmed for gay Hitler


Dunno, did he called his mother a slut?

What a set of faggots


Yeah, the Daily Show totally isn't Marxist propaganda.



Pretend black man doing pretend journalism for a pretend newspaper.
It's so dense.

CNN, coming through

kukuruyoart.deviantart.com/art/Gamergate-Life-83-622831257 || kukuruyo.com/comic/gamergate-life-83/

Jack's supposedly the winner here, but his eyes say different.

How is this even news?

Have we started the fire?

Yes. the fire rises.


He can't draw Milo for shit.

He generally half-asses the comic drawings for speed's sake.

Good. Twitter turns into Myspace then, utterly irrelevant.


Required watching.

That brings me back to Neopets and Geocities.

Myspace was good for some rare musical gems. Twitter is useless. Facebook could easily overtake it.

Twitter is fucking vulnerable. The site does not make a profit and pretty much never has. It also lead to the creation of SJWs and everything cancerous about the current internet. Taking the company down is feasible, and it will have a big impact on SocJus's ability to functionally operate.

Here's his shitty youtube channel

A glorious, lost age.

Nice dox the fucker gamergate.

Don't bring that sort of shit here then.

Assisted is the word you are looking for. SA and Tumblr helped too, as did hippy teaching and academia glorifying protesting as the strongest method of change.
Most but tumblr, google and the goverments are still partially to blame.


Who is this GamerGate?

Poor guy, I'm shedding tears.


I'm not false-flagging you dipshit. His youtube channel is just his shitty attempts at stand-up "comedy".
If I was false-flagging I'd be posting his dox and the Holla Forums thread with his dox.

They used to be a part of ISIS but split off because ISIS didn't hate women and homosexuals enough

The Techraptor Kickstarter met their goal already.


I just hope it's enough, especially after the cost of rewards and shit like that. Though they do say in the description the goal is to mitigate the risk of a large cost instead of paying for the whole thing.

Terrorist misognerds

There's still 33 days to go, and overall they were only asking for a thousand bucks, nothing too huge. It's clearly acceptable enough that they don't have to go with crazy shit.
If in two days they received a thousand bucks, perhaps you can expect them to reach the 10000$ mark ? Who knows.

any tips for Korean Gamergate people?

tl;dr: va got replaced because of t-shirt was funding to misandry website.
leftist media zoequinns the situation. MUHSOJINY

Slacktivism wasn't a big thing before Twitter, and that was the prototype for SJWs. It's definitely responsible. If it wasn't for Twitter, some of the cancer would have stayed in Tumblr and feminist blogosphere.



Opskynet was a largely positive experience for me, though I've been convinced by acidtripfag and anons recently that my experience was not typical, to put it lightly.

Meh. Win some lose some. At least when we fail, it's with the intent to encourage dialogue.

*Cough* spj *AHEM*

As if SJWs don't predate social media. Or the internet. Or computers.

Sounds like the kind of self-defetism that got us to stagnate to where we are today.

Not really. They just called them "hippys" and "communists" back then.

Its funny cus they believes there r more then two genders

That's more the problem of oligopolies. Not as much competitions means not as much innovation. But then again it was the eighties where businesses decided the stockholder was more important then the customer.

Yeah. The description says the actual upgrade is $3000 so it would be nice if they got that at least (plus overhead), and there's various stretch goals. Hopefully it keep going.

OK, moving dat goalpost! Whee!

Even slacktivism predates social media.


I'd go more with
Not defeatism but more like 'know your opposition'. The current year sjw is just the branch, the root of the corruption goes further back. But their overall pattern is the same. They can not create, only co-opt and corrupt.

You're arguing semantics. If anyone doesn't think the link between Twitter and SJWs is as strong as I suggest, you're being retarded. The rise of both is almost identical. It created the environment where virtue signalling become the dominant internet culture. It allowed literally whos to gain an audience of supporters instead of being told to fuck off by everyone else. But yes, let's pretend that everything was exactly the same as it is now before 2011 and before 2007, and everything has been the same since the 60's or 200 BC, and let's sit around and shit post and do nothing constructive ever again. I mean we gave Kotaku an ethical journalism award, that's enough right? Mission accomplished!

You sound like a faggy tryhard.

Watch out for GamerGate
The public enemy of the world #1
It is the main hashtag responsible for…
☑ Being on the wrong side of history
☑ Fondling 55 eggs by surprise
☑ Molesting people in VR
☑ Plays DOOM better than Polygon
☑ Safeguards vagina bones
☑ Are the LOVELY, horrible people at 8E8ightC-han
☑ Told God check my quads
☑ Seducing AVGN to the dark side of history
☑ Turned waifus into Gamergate's worst nightmare
☑ Turned Notch into a woman hating MRA rapemonster
☑ Cuntfuses a lot of ovary-acting womyn
☑ Captured all goon territory in EVE
☑ Delivered the final leg drop on Gawker
☑ Corrupted Milo into an internet super villain
☑ Called a jew a nazi
☑ Bullied Reddit's abandoned daughter
☑ Memed life into Liru
☑ Refusing to ban Liru
☑ Uses celebrities lives as fuel for the meme magic
☑ Leg dropped gawker into bankruptcy
☑ Filled up Codemonkey's disk with shitposting
☑ Made Mighty Number 9 fail
☑ Attempted to kidnap someone at E3
☑ Hired 5 fictional toads and a fictional conman to gangrape someone
☑ Using a time machine to harass innocent localizers
☑ Gave a toddler meningitis
☑ Made it rain in London
☑ Causing the UK to leave the EU
☑ Casted the original ghostbusters as all men
☑ Keeping the MN9 booth from being set up
☑ Refused to play with Stephen Tortilla
☑ Playing Pokemon without fear of repercussion
☑ Not watching Grillbusters
☑ Talking to girls who play Pokémon Go
☑ Waging war against Ghostbusters and Leslie Jones

That's truth right there.

If they just made their own original shit instead of forcing their ideology into genuinely good things that other people made (and browbeat them as racist/sexist/transphobic/etc if they complain about it), then nobody would mind nearly as much.

But producing is hard. Its better if they just steal everything and rewrite history to claim it was all them. :^]

You sound like the kind of faggot who would propose ideas that would benefit our opponents because the idea of being associated with conservative ideas makes you nauseous because you're a liberal commie shill who uses namefagging to subvert everyone who tells you to shut up.

Wow, that's a lot of straw!


You're half-baked. Lurk moar, and I mean that in the broadest sense.

Typing without a license.
Posting without "Internet Thought Police" approval.

Would it be fair to link to deaths of police officers to Jack's light-handed approach to BLM?

oh you're just a shill, okay

Val a commie, say it aint so.

Yes, Val, a bunch of liberals trying to censor video games and shut us down has nothing to do with politics.

Weren't you the fag crying about Brexit for multiple threads, you know because it messes up Soros globalist schemes? If anyone is a shill in this thread it's you, the namefagging proves it too since there's no reason for it other than to circumvent the input of anons.

Vals dumber then the average french

Hes the one sucking muslim cock while his women are stabbed & pissed on in terror attacks

Well, well

☑ Got Milo bampersanded from Twitter. Again.

What is this thing?

My results


Oh megaphone-chan, that's cute.

Not good enough. Leave.

Val's results for who he would vote for in the American elections.

I do have a point about the attitude in this thread. If Milo got banned from Twitter even a year ago, people here would be doing shit about it instead of waving the white flag. I want the GG that actually tries do

Yeah, I remember that as well. After that truck plowed down 80 of his people, his response was to argue they could do nothing about it and had to accept it as normal. This is who I want as a leaderfag in this thread, someone who has a spine made out jello and sucks on globalist cock like a crack pipe.

Holy hell, did something happen ? Why is /revolt/ awake ? Isn't it past their bedtime ?
Let's try to refocus from their stupid drama


Also, from the previous threads, it was found out

How will Leigh write clickbait off of Milo from here on? Link/refer to his Breitbart articles?


well what do we have here?
An unemployed working who works for free trying to show herself that she's relevant? How adorable~

you mean that you want to rape her in two ways? monster!

You are replying to the ralph shill, dear.

Watch out, they might call you a cuck next.

You should have posted that pic for wanting to.

Well it'd still technically be some sort of sex I suppose

I must be drunk. Maybe it's the whiskey I had for breakfast.

She needs rehab. I dont say that out of some fake concern for her, but for what she might do to others when she's drunk.

Nice meme. Can you explain to me why you're the only one in this thread who uses a name other than AcidMan and also holds contrarian view points?

wait wait wait wait wait
…is this for real?

Just filter him if he triggers you so badly.



Geocities was actually good though.

Think about all that freeware that is gone forever…

Weep not for the freeware that is gone, celebrate the freeware that is here today.

Who is Cameron Suey? And isn't Celebrinando that one false flagging journalist who did shit to get clicks?


My neopets are probably all dead and buried.

are you a gay or something?

The "Journalist in Brazil" who went on Anita in 2014 ?

He does realize that if they crack down, he will be banned too for his past, right?


Yeah we caught the guy actually harassing her back then.

Didn't spacedad get banned from SA since he used to stalk people there?

All Spacedad needs to do is suck Twitter support off and he'll be fine.

Yep. And chances are a criminal record too. Thus why I said it.

oh, well if that's the case.
I now forget things and people that happened in the past…

Hes a white male, and a sperg, so he would only dig his grave further.


I never heard of this guy since 2014, so…

Given that he was never reported by Anita, he was allowed to get away with.

Well, it's on Drudge now.

It's really fucking happening.

Well lady, the only change is people like you started using it, so I would say that you are to blame.


when did she ever reported her abusers to the police. It's the same way with the LW, "I was sent DEATHTREATS GAZILLION BILLION TIMES ! What? Calling the police? [BLOCK] "

So it begins. The final boss, Twitter and Jack

No, you dumb cunt, the internet is what is always was. People like you just went there and expected to be treated like a little princess. The internet is billions of people connecting once: congratulations, you aren't special.

She tried to pull the banning muslim card, he countered very well, then she goalpoasted hard.

Web 1.0 in general, man.


And the funny thing is anyone saying the internet is a mean place generally enable the mean people by responding with meanness in kind, rather than calmly trying to figure out the mean persons motivations or simply ignoring the mean person in favor of kinder people.


Well thats obvious. Then again, reporters are mean, nasty subhumans anyways.


wasn't he supposed to be in prison?

that required the "victim" to testify and approve for the arrest, I think. And oh guess what she did as she usually does? Nothing


The Comedy Network owns them, and Bell Media owns that.
Shame they didn't have a stock code. Be sure to talk to their investors if you can find them.

I just did some tweets about it. Are they appearing or have I been shadow banned?

Can these guys help with the shit on twitter? Or are they koolaid lefties?

I'm gonna regret saying this, but…
What if we turn Sealion into something for everyone?
We keep everything maybe drop Viv from the FAQ button, but whatever, and only ban genuinely illegal shit (and forward it to the police).
Of course, we'd need money to keep the servers up. But I wouldn't want corporations thinking they can be immune.

When Twitter crashes- then we (or whoever) have control over the next big platform. We shill it hard. And hope to god the owner is blackmailed/forced to hand over the reigns to someone less problematic.

Turning sealion into anything would require discussing it with Hope. I don't think Vivian needs to go, she's on a sealion too. Also, the place needs to grow much more; for now it's got like 500 people. It'd need better functionalities, it'd need to resemble twitter a bit more in many ways, and it'd need to be advertised better.
Money could be another goal, but knowing Hope, she wouldn't be too hot with such an idea. I think she wants the place to just be somewhere people can hang around without fear of being banned or anything (obviously unless they post CP or ISIS stuff of course)

Milo news making its way to the front page of Canadian national newspapers. Coverage is skewed in favour of the dindu but the comments mostly support him of course.

meanwhile tech reporters are lining up to write hit pieces against milo and blaming twitter for failing to do more to protect innocents. Gosh, why does this sound familiar

I think you mean Comedy Central fellow canuckanon. Viacom owns them. CTV/Bell owns the Canadian equivalent though

You can try, but never expect help.

And bell aliant is cancer and well, legit evil. They make comcast look like a saint with how often they try to own canadas internet.

Because the leftist dog whistle was blown.
And many would not admit it, but the conservatives are popular up in canada, just harper overstayed his welcome and was hated more.

I can see, by not being logged in

Sealion can be the alternative for Twitter. Shillng it creates competition and it can hurt Twitters stocks.
Though, isn't there another alternative site also? I think it was something called "Buffalo"

I smell another Journo list


Get #FreeMilo trending. even if we can't see it, show Twitter how fucked they are.

OP JackOff- email shareholders in twitter to demand Jack leaves for all the shit he's pulled (not banning actual, credible threats. Banning conservatives and republicans. Not turning a profit.)

Other Twitter-y ideas.

Help Korean GG.
Also, IMO- spread GookAnon's word, and try to get more articles interviewing Korean people over how life is there.
Remember: Korea was the testing ground for SJW shit for the west.

That'd be victim blaming in current year doubleplus goodthink. Asking for proof is double rape. If it turns out it's a case of false accusation and the charge is based on a complete fabrication. Well fuck you it's still important and at least it 'starts a conversation'. 3 in 1 women the ratio is real you shitlord pissbabbys are raped everytime you clap. Virtual rape is real rape. Rapegaze is real rape. Clapping is attempted murder, and rape.
Rotherham rape gang though? OMG are you fucking kidding me right now, that's islamophobic, it's gross, it's rayciss!


And yes, they have a jouno list.

he went after Liz from the escapist though

Hun, Korea is doomed since they have this former dictators daughter as the president, who is mega puritan and a control freak to the core

#ConfuseWhitePeopleParty is one of the lamest hashtags I've ever seen. it's not funny, it's not creative, it's a weak atttempt to shit on white people… try harder pls


#Free Milo already trended, so it's not gonna be trending again.


So I'm going to take a wild guess. Some problem glasses wearing, skittle hair, fishmouth syndrome, digital nuMedia and social media 'expert'. Whose favorite words includes:

Unless I fucked up and Comedy Network broadcasts the Daily Show.
… Aww fuck. Lemme make some more tweets.

I agree. Thanks to education in the last 20/40 years, they don't even need to form a secret clique. The bottom half of the IQ scale is on their side- because they're told that to be good, they must do that.

So I am shadowbanned?

no, it's just that I don't have an account. I can see your tweets normally

Jack ain't gonna let the hashtag appear on the "Trend"

No reason we can't hold it up to the west and showing them what could be if they keep going down the path of SJWness.

Better than western media claiming S.Korea collapsed due to North Korea or whoever the enemy of the week is.

It trended last night right?

It's not to get it trending again.
It's to get as many people to learn about it (we know even normalfags didn't like Ghostbusters thanks to the empty seats- we can work from that), and show other non-lefties they have a voice if they get censored or silenced.
And it's to show Jack how outnumbered he is.
He can't spin getting rid of all right wing supporters from Twitter.

Oh thank god.

So I just got a free Playstation Vita it seems with one messed up pixel because Amazon's claims service refunded my money without forcing me to mail it back to them because the seller was a douchbag who wouldn't communicate with me or Amazon. If I bought a new Vita at Walrmart with cash and did a swap when I returned it, you think there would be any way for them to find me out?

Unique serials.

True, and in canada we are nowhere near an intellegent country.

Though, I cannot wait for when turd is ousted, because the media will convinently slam him with embezzlment and inappropriate use of funds from just this year he and his family pulled. And everyone will clap stupidly while I will say "WHERE WERE YOU WHEN HE WAS DOING THIS AND WHY DID YOU NOT SPEAK OUT AS SOON AS HE DID IT?"

Can we get milo on hb radio?

The serial number is on the box, and they're probably going to check.

Also, you got the vita for free. If you were going to buy one anyway, I'd suggest you just buy another one and sell/give this one away if one dead pixel is that bothersome.

turning DisNod back on and toward Operation JackOff would be glorious. Let's get some lists going. Any infographs sitting around? The stuff with milo is good; the double standards of Leslie running her mouth no problem but then getting asshurt when she gets a TASTE of it back is clear evidence, especially alongside islamist and BLM types getting away with way worse

also, if we could shill sealion and actually get it so there are users there it'd be pretty sweet
I've got an account but never use it because it's deader than us in there

There's been like around 200 newcomers already just today ya know. #FreeMilo seems to have very surprisingly pushed a lot of people to join.

What if I returned the box for the one with the messed up pixel? Walmart wouldn't be able to tell the difference right?

Mark your calendars for August 16th. That's when Gawker's auction is going down.

After yesterday, Denton is going to have to file for bankruptcy unless he wants to lose his stake in Gawker and some equity from his apartment.

They would check the serials on both the box and vita for match with the one bought. You can try, but do not be suprised if you get booted on your ass.

That wouldn't match the receipt they gave you.

Quit being a cheap bastard, either sell the vita as it is, or keep the damn thing.

Fam when you have a good idea go for it yourself, never just throw an idea in here and expect these faggots to do anything, they're only good for jumping onboard after you already got the train moving, so plan and make an Op JackOff and post it here, on hq, KiA and promote it on twatter.

Here you go.

I'd also make comparisons to how the comments of some BLM tweets say "death to cops"- yet Twitter feels that's not BLM's responsibility.
While Milo says "I disagree" and those who would spit bile to anyone are suddenly magically conscripted under him.

according to milo #freemilo was trending on Facebook m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=713371315467433&id=423006854503882&tn=*s

as long spread breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2016/07/20/rapper-talib-kweli-attacks-breitbarts-jerome-hudson-calls-coon-twitter-not-banned-platform/

We need to get Op jackoff rolling fast this is big.

And include the archives of each tweet.

I'm still waiting for that Ilustrator/Inkscape tutorial for making dank OC and infographs to spread.
Make a /gghq/ thread to discuss Op JackOff. This could be the perfect way to stop the circlejacking and the stagnation of GG.

College sociology user here. What's the best free program for editing audio? I couldn't stand not to talk when topic was on eugenics, and there are other things, such as the personal information of the teacher fellow students that were brought up in discussion I'd like to edit out.

Didn't Ziff Davis rig the auction, though? Still, considering Denton says advertisers are leaving like rats off a sinking ship the chances of Davis just fucking dissolving the brands as soon as they own them is increasing.

Audacity is pretty good.

And to think that Chris Poole associated with Gawker almost two years ago. I wonder how his Google job is treating him.



I'm fucking retarded.

List of shareholders:

Don't forget to cite ibtimes.co.uk/twitter-has-lost-over-2bn-since-launch-may-never-be-profitable-1546863

Even if they're a bleeding lefty- they won't stick for something that makes them no money.


Better yet compare it Azalea Bank's tweets that got her suspended I guess.


Throw this on the pile of things if we're going to burn Twitter to the ground


She's not wrong.

Anyone baking the next thread? I could do it.

At least use the right image.

Jesus. The whole crew of Current year men are really asshurt about Trump and that gay republican group. There are a ton of videos made recently by the daily show and Stephan colbert asshurt about the Trump candidacy. Bill Mahur is also talking about how racist police are and how police culture has to change.


Playboy's gaming section might have gone belly up.


I didn't know it was improved!!

I didn't even know they had one.

It was basically them putting on their best neanderthal impressions while saying girls in bikinis were problematic.

I have a desire to know.

Ha. Sucks to be those assclowns.

Sure, lets make blm the police, black deaths will surly decrease and crime will stop.

No, what will hapen is death rates will jump, crime rates will jump, black crime conviction rates will remain but white crime rates will jump. Though, liberal death rates will increase too, so silver lining.

it wuz sjw

They had some legit good articles, especially in the last month or so:

>>>Holla Forums6807744

Thats what you get for pandering to faggots

In before revolt false flag.

We are the faggots, faggot. They pander to assholes who like to attack others for nonconformity


It blows my mind. You have Stephan Colbert shit talking captain america as a Trump style Hero and the Daily Show is really asshurt about those gay republicans for Trump.

Was that woman that did the GG article still working there?


Had*, maybe. Here's a sampling.


So goony beard numale writes for playboy gaming section. they had one? Lots of 'ugh, girls in bikini are problematic, ugh' you're sayin? But this is for Playboy, oh right playboy in current year. Well at least they got laid by writing for playboy.

Oh wait what's that, they got LAID OFF by playboy? ==AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA==

The mirror universe episodes were alright

Good, their gaming page was of SJW bullshit and if I'm not mistaken, it had a number of people from journopros as well.

Because it was opposite universe rules. So it really was a pretty good 2 parter episode in an otherwise pretty crappy series. Even the mirror universe intro was kickass.

I liked season 3 when Archer goes all Humanity Fuck Yeah!

Or was it season 2? I'm more of a DS9 guy.


In that universe romulans are friends with vulkans, who are now over emotional sjws, klingons are a nomadic race who only fights in defence but otherwise is peaceful, borg only let people in if they want but otherwise wants to be left alone, and earth is not a socialist dystopia, but most sought success left earth and the troglodites stayed behind and mutated ala vandread earth.

some more ghostbusters funny news

Not sure how I feel about this, their gaming section was pretty balanced.

Am I the only one who remembers Milo had a backup account? Altho I just looked at it and nowadays he seems to just use it for shitposting and retweeting shitposts.

dem Mirror Universe uniform though

>and it cost seven figures to film
You know, it's bad enough that Feig shit on Ghostbusters fans like he was Tameem making DmC, but hyping shit he cut after pissing seven figures away filming it? I'd be surprised if another one of his movies gets greenlit.


That phrase sounds familiar.


He used @caligula for personal stuff, don't know if it's still active.

Probably lower half, or they would have rounded it up.

I say higher half, else they would have stated it more directly, rather than try to obscure how much it cost.

Why are movies so expensive?

Look up "hollywood accounting".

Da joos

Come to think of it, they really are the logical result of lionizing non-violent social change and consumerism.

Because cg is not cheaper than practical. and being an extra is a "professional job" and costs more now. That and movey stars, producers and directors are the greediest fuckheads on the planet.

Yeah go take a look. It looks like a FYAD thread. I'm actually impressed.

Hey, OJ simpson has nothing to do with it. :^]

Championing ghandi whos method was self victimization and martyring was a mistake.

Destroying Twitter One Email at a Time

What's that, FTC? You don't like anticompetitive practices?


> It is unlawful for a company to monopolize or attempt to monopolize trade, meaning a firm with market power cannot act to maintain or acquire a dominant position by excluding competitors or preventing new entry. It is important to note that it is not illegal for a company to have a monopoly, to charge “high prices,” or to try to achieve a monopoly position by aggressive methods. A company violates the law only if it tries to maintain or acquire a monopoly through unreasonable methods.

So when you block people on Twitter from posting links to a competing product, you are breaking the law

In that case, dearest FTC,

I would like to make a complaint!









Why won't you let people post sealion.club, Twitter?!

Real. Old. News.

(I forgot to add that to the post, oops)

Oh shit. Can fuck with twitter legally?



I miss pre-social medias Internet. Now normalfags ruined it for everyone.

I am envious of you web 1.0 guys. My early forray was the lego site and shockwave. Granted I was 4 at the time and in butfuck nowheres nova scotia.

I'm convinced that intentionally blocking links to competing products is unreasonable and a clear attempt to exclude competitors or prevent new entry.

And therefore, against the law.

I went to site called dragondata or something, it was basically working passwords to adult sites. As a younger man at the time, I was very pleased with this new technology.

Well, I was 4 in 1996. So I would not have known fap.

ah yeah, those sites were the mother lode, got me into insex for he first time.


If this sony email from wikileaks is true, the scene called for a shitload of extras, choreography, and cgi. If they filmed on location in nyc that can't be cheap either.

That sounds fucking terrible

Jesus christ.

I recall seeing a webcomic that had a bi transgender muslim woman of color, dunno if it mirrored the author. I tried googling it and stumbled upon a possible goldmine: discordcomics.com/minoritymonsters/


@savagememes got doxed (Google it, faggot) revealing, among other stuff, his real voice: vocaroo.com/i/s1UZXDpedJNK. Something clicked in my brain when I heard that: He was part of the cancer crew shilling our board Nov/Dec last year.

6:56 BaconFromHell calls the identically sounding voice "Satan": youtube.com/watch?v=I_kjl38rlsA&feature=youtu.be&t=6m56s

What are the odds a guy raiding our generals would turn out to have Google and SA connections.

It looks like satire, but I doubt.

Sounds about right. The are weaponized autists for the totalitarian left after all.


On a completely unrelated matter, there were a couple of youtube videos about gamergate from someone who pretended to be Satan,

does anyone recall who that was?

(He started his videos along the lines of: "Hello, Satan here")

Doesn't Talib Kwali literally own and operate a bookstore?

So does that mean whoever owns Holla Forums now can sue halfchan?

1 thing at a time, but if twitter gets hit, yes.

Hoo boy, get ready for silicon valleys new attempt at stumping trump



Doesn't trump say torture works?

No. Not at this time.
Twitter has been censoring links leading to Sealion Club according to Twitter/GNUsocial user (admin of Sealion/FreezePeach).

Can endchan, 16chan and 8ch(.)pl sue Jim?


They're attacking him for not having celebrated black authors, not for simply reading books.

Being in a room with liberals socialists is torture, and it does force people to slow suicide, so he is right. But no, he wont go for torture, or at leas no more torture than king nigger does behind the cameras. And he has moved to barring muslims from countries which lack proper documentation of the person. Though sadly, that means turkey is not barred.

Like William Shakespeare.

My favorite play from that amazing black author was the tragedy of King Weewaz

Obongo has blacksites on US soil

I don't Twitter.

Could y'all help a nigger out and spread this idea on Twitter?

Bearing in mind that just saying the words "sealion.club" can get you shadowbanned.

Maybe DMs to people you know?

If this works, then sure, lets fuck up cuckchan.

Making them kill themselves and getting useful information are two different things. If the point was to kill them, they'd just do it behind the scenes. Less evidence than illegal torture. pointless saging for off topic politics

But user, Twatter isn't a place to spread ideas and information. It's a community a home.

Report Twatter to the FTC for Anti-competition rules. Also
the person I was about to mention was Hope McKenna (@hopestillflies)

You mean a mental ward?

A mental ward is also a home

Message her and get her on board, someone pls.




It's fucking pathetic how Playboy went SJW and immediately started going out of business. I'm sure there's some people somewhere who claim there isn't a connection.

Shut up faggot.

Which is dishonest, at best. After all, the board ended up kicking the Hefners out in favor of those goony bearded chucklefucks.


I don't want to use my legit email

In addition, internet porn is free, and panders to any fetish imaginable

Use protonmail.

Make an address on cock.li

I thought the german police fucked over cock.li or something

I'm on Vince's mailing list.
Nope. some HDDs were taken by the German government. That issue is now over, and he got the servers back. There were new addresses since the German HDD confiscations that weren't affected (cock.lu, firemail.cc, cocaine.ninja, etc.)

The cock.li owner was outed as goonswarm, no one uses it anymore.

I don't trust Vince anymore after he made himself look like a faggot on Holla Forums after he tried to shilling for the goons in that space ship game.

the same spaceship game that OneyNG griefied in?


I don't remember since I don't play this shit, but it's the one that always gets accused of being used to launder money for their operations. So Vince was apart of that apparently, and there was a huge thread on it, and Vince acted like a totally faggot in the thread making himself looking guilty as fuck.

*total faggot


I doubt he's talking about Space Station 13


It was Eve Online.

oooohhhhh, Spread Sheet Simulator. that aside the fact he got got was a the first sign he wasn't trustworthy



opinions on this tweet


It's correct and all but there's no oomph, no pizzazz.

Jesus Christ, that fucking news bar on the side.


how can i work on my oomph

Gotta deliver with a burn, something simple like "Those are nice words, but where are the arguments?" works. Or you can be more direct like "cut the buzzwords and give us actual arguments, will you?"

is it just me or is it slow?