Undertale General: (Pope) edition

we havent had one of these on a while :^)
QnA: pastebin.com/zuVHXjAC
Secrets: pastebin.com/MyKS8q3g
Cool stuff: pastebin.com/K62mcZHz
updated the pastebins for the CURRENT YEAR.

also >>>/mtt/ for quality discussion

This will go well


The Catholics will be upset when they see this, OP

go back to tumblr

I got a great idea.
Lets make a new game together.


Good job on the pastebins pal.

Did the thread already start autosaging?

Yep, it's autosaging.


Thank fuck.


Id like to start out by saying, that i think all you people who play tumblrtale suck a big fat goat dick.

now, to move on

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Undertalefags. Well, Undertalefags are their own category. It seems they just dont get it. WE DONT CARE THAT YOU LIKE TUMBLRTALE! GET OUT OF MY Holla Forums! I know if i had kids i wouldnt want em to be seein a bunch of cum guzzlin tumblrtales walkin down the street with their womanly manhood dangling around screamin we want videogame discussion….


All they do is fuck like bunnies and spread the tumblrcuck virus. I hope they kill themselves off soon.

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oh, and one more thing.



Yeah, thats right you fuck, i hate you too.

You know I think the worst shit is this is basically mods kneeling over to shitposting faggots that feel like they can dictate what other people could talk about.

Way to go faggots, one reason I came over here and you fuck it up. News flash dickhead it's way easier to tire out a shitposting faggot then try and prevent people from talking about videogames in a single thread, and this shit only servers to knock the subject into other threads, which, you know just serves to piss more people off.

Oh and also thanksfor making it impossible to share mods for a game made in game maker which is easy as fuck to mod.

Thanks for that, cunt.

The reason we banned those thread was to keep you fucks away from here.

gb2 reddit

thats right my fellow channer here we dont talk about videogames, they belong on tumblr

Fuck off. The whole board is dicussing vidya. Youre only here to shit post and spread that meme. Go back to Holla Forums, faggot.

no you fuck off leftycuck

No retard a lot of people came from the other Holla Forums years ago because the faggot hotpockets over there would get pissed off and ban threads about videogames they don't like, or three or four shitposters they didn't want to do their job and ban them for shitposting the thread up.
It's fucking retarded to try and have an entire board for game discussion and the entire reason /mtt/ and /underground/ were made was to consolidate image posts to prevent reposts over here. Which you know, worked great on /mtt/ until they decided they didn't like the color yellow so they needed to make another board spreading that around even more. It was fucking stupid to try to censor ontopic discussion of the game on Holla Forums in it's own threads and try and shove it to another board.

I mean fagmaster, this is why rule 8 and stipulation 2 are a thing.

No, you fuck off, nigger. Stop with your awful memes.

you have to go back pablo

You know what happens when you prevent threads about certain games?
Everyone only makes nonspecific template threads. Fuckhead

Or they could not make threads for cancerous games and let us have more space for discussing real games. Generals are shit anyway, they only promote faggotry.

Oh, like I'm going to take advice from Mr. Use sage on a bumplocked thread.
Guess what, if these threads are really so bad and nobody is interested in them, all of them would get slid off the board by other threads talking about other games.

Rendering bumplocking pointless.

Cancer makes more cancer. First one person comes here to talk about cancer, then 5 more show up. Then the general get stuck to the first page, with the thread consisting of tumblr porn and talking about fucking animals.

You know how you fix that?
Fucking talk about other games in other threads and let supply and demand take care of the rest, if you're so triggered by the thread add a filter for undertale and you'll never see it again.

And let the cancer fester unseen. Then you have dengenrate faggots posting in other threads and fucking those up. Then more cancerous faggots show up and continue. Get rid of cancer at its core.


This is why game specific threads are a better thing than just an unmanaged thread that is clearly about a game but doesn't mention the game. You can just blank out any threads you aren't actually interested in.
It makes literally zero sense to attempt to bury any thread about any game in particular, because it would raises the odds of someone thinking there aren't already threads about the game and make more threads. I mean shit I'm a fucking idiot and even I can see how simple this shit is.

>>>Holla Forums

And then the more obscure games have nowhere to be discussed. Generals are cancer

Hey fuckhead remember five guys?
Remember how that
==TOTALLY FUCKING WENT AWAY== When moot made the mods autosage every thread about it and then just deleted every thread made about it?
Remember how LITERALLY NO ONE EVER FOREVER talked about it when the mods censored it?

Yeah me fucking neither

That was a symptom of fhe cancer. The sjw fuckheads had too much time to fester and got mod postitions along with moot drinking the kool-aid. Stephen universe should have been banned as soon as it became cancerous.

good job newfag

user, you are supporting literally the same behavior tht those mods were it doesn't work we have evidence it doesn't work.
And we have evidence that trying to censor it just makes the "problem" bigger and bigger.
Just stop getting triggered over games you don't like and trying to police what other people are allowed to talk about you fuckhead.

And before you say it.
No telling someone not to try and police what other people say is not the same as policing what other people say.

Its simple:
Keep out cancer generals; keep the board clean.
The less undertale fags we have here, the better. Nothing good ever came from undertale.

Are you even going to put any effort into this or just going to doubke down on
Like the censoring little faggot you are?

Its not censorship if if keeps you faggots out of here. Fuck off back to tumblr where you can "discuss" tumblrtale.

Not an argument

Fuck off faggot. I want undertale off Holla Forums. Whats left to discuss anyway?

Cool doublethink bro

But thats not an argument.

I honestly dont care anymore. Just get off Holla Forums if you only came here to post about tumblrtale.

This post has no arguments in it.

While granted yes, Three years ago I did talk about undertale, that's not why I came here to begin with.

But you talked about game i dont like, so fuck off tumblrgame i dont like

Do you take me for someone that cannot read ids?

Fuck off tubmtlae :^)


And im trying to prevent more of you from coming over here and shiting up the board like niggers shit up communites.
Substitue reddit with undertale fags and unpopular opinion threads with undertale generals.


Nice reading comprehension faggot.
Shame about your lack of an argument :^).

These are the kind of people you're folding over for LaBattaglia
I hope you're happy with yourself.

LaBattaglia is the most cucked mod of the board, next to Lime and Cyan.
Pip is ok and im fine with Mark

why would a general autosage

LaBattaglia is a butthurt faggot.
That's why.

Hard mode
Never ever