How are you all enjoying Star Ocean I&S?

How are you all enjoying Star Ocean I&S?

I'm fucking pissed about ON;Y ONE PLANET but I'm still enjoying it. It feels like a less awful version of Tales of Zestiria, though there are definitely flaws. Still enjoyable though. Having all my party members in the fight is rad and more games need to do this.

I'm in West Dakaav Tunnel right now, and according to a guide I've still got a ways to go. I was worried about the length so thank god. As for characters, Fidel's a weird name and he's also the only character I use, Miki's generic but alright I know how she feels about frogs, fuck those things, Victor seems sorta bro-tier even though he hates spinach, Fiore has a great ass but is a complete cunt that would be perfect for a mind break hentai I don't care if it's cuckolding-tier I want her shit fucked up, Emmerson's definitely bro-tier and I want him back in the party, Anne's okay I guess despite the fact we already had a "human that punches shit" in SO1, and Relia seems useless but I can put Scavenger on her.

For anyone who's gotten farther, do Fidel and Victor only have like 5 Battle Arts? It seems that Miki and Relia have a shitload of Signeturgy/Not-Symbology, however it's spelled, but no one else gets as many.


it's pretty fun

Am I the only one who thinks the series went to shit after Second Story?


that's the main consensus but my favorite is 3

SO4 did traveling to futuristic and old planets right but the story and characters were pants on head retarded

Its even worse

Christ no. SO3 fucked everything but characters up, and SO4 just felt kinda stiff and boring. While i haven't played SO5, it sounds like the cast is set in stone, which is contrary to how Star Oceans usually work. SO2, as terrible as it is in some ways, was a rare fucking gem of a game.

Can't wait for them to try and milk Radiata Stories instead. Maybe they'll turn it into an RTS just to really piss me off.

Is Tales of Zestiria that bad? I've bought and played it for about an hour and haven't really had time to play it much more

Second Story wasn't as good as you think mate. Almost SO4-tier. The PSP version anyway, but I doubt the original was good enough to fix the problems I had. I'm guessing you're part of the fanbase that's all "I never played SS for long but there's a lesbian so 10/10 would post on Tumblr" that keeps popping up when I try to discuss the series. Yuricuck or not you're SOME degree of a pleb

Now First Departure, that was the best. Fucking fight me.

Maybe I'm jaded about everything writing-related in that game but I clearly remembering not caring about anyone. Then again I played it while I was a moody cunt. Shit I have to replay it now to give it fair judgement, don't I?

SO2 was great because it was anime as fuck. You got a kind of whimpy out of battle guy who got possessed by dragons so now they're stuck to his back, a sexy three-eyed alien in an evening gown totting a sniper rifle, a hot made wearing a towel and a floating shower curtain, and a smug as fuck twelve year old blue haired catboy genius mage-researcher who can summon demons. They all have loads of voice clips and most of them have comedy events in every town.

I also liked, among other things, that you could cook using one (1) ingredient, so if you got meat off an enemy, you could turn it into food immediately instead of needing 1-4 other things to actually make anything useful out of it.

Try not to snark too hard, oh vigilant JRPG knight who never played the original, certainly not on the console. No idea what SS is, though.

I wouldn't play SO3 again, but then i never liked the combat. Something about the close/far bullshit made me want to throw myself out a window. I think i still would of powered though if not for A, losing all your SP made you die and B, a bunch of combat tank enemies that has shotgun missiles that damaged your SP.

Also, to clarify, i'd say only about five characters really struck me as interesting, which is still more than SO4's zero.

Has someone slapped the translation on the PS3 files yet for CFW purposes? There's no way in fuck I'm buying a ps4 for this game.

wait, so tales of zestiria is worse than so5? i thought the general consensus was the opposite

SS is Star Ocean 2's PSP remake.

While character concepts certainly are a factor, I personally tend to draw a line when it comes to "hey this is a cool idea guys im so wacky and badass xdd" characters. I'm having a brainfart on the maid in the towel and floating shower curtain, but it already sounds like someone I'd bench for good out of pure, nigh-autistic spite. I have REALLY weird tastes with characters, I'll confess that right now. Though I can respect the loads of voice acting in that era.

Also, I can see why I chose to forget the SP death thing. I'm a huge skill/special move/arte user so I'm remembering plenty of times I died.

Also, do you honestly not find "snark" to be an annoying word? For as long as I've lived, just reading it makes my fingers curl up a bit in irritation. Is this what it's like for people who hate the word "moist?" Gee now I feel like a douche for teasing them over it.

PS3 CFW is still a thing?

Also it's pissing me off that PS3/4 games are getting their PS3 versions unreleased outside of Japan. Eyes of Heaven did it and that annoyed me, even though I hate the PS3 with a passion. Yes I have a PS4 anyway but you can probably tell my vidyer style is weird by now.

Hoping for the same thing too. Apparently Tales of Berseria is also going to be PS3 JAP only, which is annoying for anons like me that have CFW PS3s. No way in hell I'm buying a PS4.

It's getting a steamport so you could pirate that.


Checkertits is the only good thing about this game.

Really setting the bar high there. At least now I know nips sent this to the bargain bin for reasons other than the diaper pantsu.

SO3 made me fall in love with the series since it was my first but damn those things really did drive me up the wall while playing it. I just bought hundreds of potions.

the checker tits(cat ears, cat tail, and angel wings) is never really explained which I thought was a downer.

SO2 was the best parts of anime, Second Evolution(that other guy got the named all cocked up and thinks the second story is the remake) fucks it all up by adding voice acting for cutscene(and the english version is way more annoying than the original) and for some odd reason they play up the claude/rena pairing way more than the original.

I'm bad with names, sorry.