Porn games, vn's and text based titillating experiences.

Other urls found in this thread:[Mu soft] Hizashi no Naka no Riaru english, decensored version.rar [Mieow (Rustle)] Little Girl 9 (eng, decen).rar [Ajisaidenden (Kawakami Rokkaku, Takanashi Rei)] Wacchi to Nyohhira Bon FULL COLOR (Spice and Wolf)(eng, decen).rar[WIREFRAME (Yuuki Hagure)] Elementalio Night Show (Amagi Brilliant Park) (eng, decen).rar[Papapapapaon!!] Ano musume no sekkusu (english).rar [ (Endou Hiroto)] Shishunki no Kyonyuu Imouto wa Onii-chan ni wa Kodomoatsukai Saretakunai! (Eng, decen).rar[Number2 (Takuji)] Boku wa Seieki ga Ooinode, Shikyuu ni Jika de Nama Nakadashi wo Tomerarenai! (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai) (eng, decen).rar!R49iBT4Q!PlUKTbUEU0-TNW0NSMEaId85vZOulZkbzBEx3wCQkb4íökkálfar_and_Ljósálfar!iFEiRIzJ!66CgafLTZ26sPWXM8nDWDCEzEtJ7Kyaf1YYrqql581A

A dance with rogues is a module for neverwinter nights.
Littlewitch romanesque has a cutesy artstyle with some gameplay.
Princess trainer gold edition is an akabur slavetrainer, somewhat funny writing and who doesnt like training slaves.

So no 3D and more interactive games allowed?

Unteralterbach is a german vn with amazing art, humorous anti-pc writing, well produced ost and some minor gameplay elements. Can download from here:

Hizashi no Naka no Riaru is game where you try to arouse a girl to progress + TECHNOLOGY. Dl from nyaa.

Sengoku rance you play as a rapist who tries to conquer japan, writing is okayish art is censored.

Sure they're allowed, I dont think theres many decent 3d games however.

What porn games let me play as the grill and fuck everything?

a fuckload of untranslated japanese games and fetish text games
shit out of luck past that

A dance with rogues
Vitamin quest
Whorecraft maybe

Well, there is the Honey Select demo that kind of works for the time being, I would like to make my own game eventually though.

You're the same OP from the last thread, right? Do we need to do this every day, with the same recommendations? Are you that starved for attention?


I want to have sex with her. multiple times. In a row. cumming inside everytime.

3d is never better looking than drawn 2d. Models are always uncanney valley tier with very uniform body proportions across different games.
Maybe if you have some great modeling talent and make everything 3d it'd be worth it but if its static 3d images with rpgmaker everything else its kinda shitty.

Teaching feeling 1.51 translation when?

Comparison between funding methods of japanese and western erogame developers.

VN's what?

Virtual novel.
It's like an illustrated choose your own adventure book.
Heres some examples






At least people are happy enough to bumb the thread

There's VNs where you can fuck lolis, but where are the VNs where you can romance a loli and make her your waifu and then fuck her?


I would say there are more vices than virtues in your average VN.

Oh the K-Ons would be a perfect addition for a VN romance scenario.

Idk, that sounds kinda gay.

Make Me Lover.
It's also a simple tower defense RPG on top of VN segments.

Fuck off, nigger. Ritsu is only mio's.

That's okay, I'd rather have Yui

Nemu did nothing wrong.

The art being generic animu and throwaway writing made that game pretty forgettable.

I like Nemu and even I think that's bullshit.

Anyone heard of Delirium
Shit was hilarious, one of the devs for it was on /d/ inb4 cuckchan, /hgg/ has abyssal posting rates.and every time someone posted a pirated link it got shutdown

I was honestly hoping someone would just put up several files of the same size but completely unrelated and have the devs account suspended for illegally using the the copyright tool

Typically anyone who goes to that length to stop downloads of their game I wouldn't play anyway.

I legit put several hundred hours into KMA to 100% everything and do all the NG+++ shit because the actual game beneath all the porn was fun.

Shame for all the other Eushully games to go untranslated.

So after you beat your rival in the current Free Cities build, is that everything or will more problems show up?

That's pretty much it, I think.

Time to wait for the next update I guess

You know you have the full source code of the game, right? You could develop your own build.


Got a link for Virus Quest? Google just shows up results for Hepatitis.
Its actually vitamin quest

Its not as bad asthe whole meltdown with bedlam (guy who made whorelocks revenge and No Haven)
For some reason he got pissed off that someone edited his game (no Haven) and added cheats to it
Dunno why they did this as gameplay is the main reason i play the game, its not like i cant find the pornographic images on the internet
He sais he was never coming back to cuckchan again so i guess thats a plus, still icant understand why he was so annoyed, if someone wants to play the hacked version let them
although supposedly he just really hated people spoonfeeding and wanted people to edit the file themselves as he easily made it really easy to do in the first place

That's a trojan, you faggot.

Use this one then.
You need to install rpg maker vx from

ADWR is amazing. Not only is the smut top tier, the rogue city-adventure elements are the best I've seen.

You're underselling Sengoku Rance. Writing is ok, but the story, music, characters and gameplay are all really fucking good. It's an amazing game even if you ignore the porn. Porn is okay-ish.

Kira Kira is basically K-On, except stuff happens and the girls are interesting. And has porn and better music. Punk music. I don't like punk music but I still think it was better than the shitty K-On songs.

Kamidori's gameplay is FFT/LuCT lite. So much fucking porn though. MC is true manslut tier.

Since it hasn't been posted, I'll post Monster Girl Quest 1/2/3. Story is just an excuse for porn, gameplay is barebones and art quality varies wildly. But is about covers every type of monster girl fetish there is. Good game to play if you want to get blisters on your dick.

Grisaia no Kajitsu is more of a standard fare VN but has tons of porn. Story sucks and MC is edgy McEdgington though.

Yume Miru Kusuri is another VN, considered to be entry tier. Also has lots of porn. MC is bland but the story is decent/good.

Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! is yet another VN. This one has a big focus on humour and friendship, but still has a ton of porn. There's a somewhat decent story, too. Sequel ditches the story in favor of porn, porn everywhere.

Play Houkago Live nigger.

any vanilla lewds about orc taking responsibility?

I want an h-game that's like reverse Teaching Feeling, where you're the cute girl receiving tender love and affection from someone who cares about you very much.

Your parents didn't show you a lot of affection when you were a child.

We already have a board for this retard




did they copy the character creator from FFXIV?

Kamidori was bretty good. I also played some of Himegari and the gameplay in that is really similar, except you have a loli familiar you can raise instead of an alchemy shop.

I can't find a place to download it.

Whites and Slavs aren't degenerate enough to buy porn games.

I've said it before and I'll say it again again again again again

Oneshota is TOP-TIER

Game over rape sucks though.

for what purpose?

What are you, gay

Why bother

I want to get raped without having to purposefully lose, baka. It kills any desire to play a game when you only get sex for failing.


Fucking why?

You need Jesus, filthy niggers.

its not rape if you want it

im ok with rape, if she really needs the D, but doesnt know it yet, of course you must take responsibility

this game would be better if when you lose the milf gets bored and leaves. Getting raped should be a reward



Thanks Freud

You don't have to be a cute girl in order to get love and affection, user

why is there a dick coming out of her asshole?

play it and find out
its a fallout inspired game, could be a mutant

radiation bro

Anyone have a link for the 2nd game? Pls

google you fucking idiot


Its a game from the mystic east.

Thank you

Anyone got a working link to this game?

Just gonna dump a few downloads for you fuckers. First one is the Hizashi. Rest are just manga.[Mu soft] Hizashi no Naka no Riaru english, decensored version.rar [Mieow (Rustle)] Little Girl 9 (eng, decen).rar [Ajisaidenden (Kawakami Rokkaku, Takanashi Rei)] Wacchi to Nyohhira Bon FULL COLOR (Spice and Wolf)(eng, decen).rar[WIREFRAME (Yuuki Hagure)] Elementalio Night Show (Amagi Brilliant Park) (eng, decen).rar[Papapapapaon!!] Ano musume no sekkusu (english).rar [ (Endou Hiroto)] Shishunki no Kyonyuu Imouto wa Onii-chan ni wa Kodomoatsukai Saretakunai! (Eng, decen).rar[Number2 (Takuji)] Boku wa Seieki ga Ooinode, Shikyuu ni Jika de Nama Nakadashi wo Tomerarenai! (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai) (eng, decen).rar

Do you get money for each mediafire click?

mediafire doesn't work that way you fucking idiot

Teaching feeling user play it and let her turn your dark heart into gold


I need a recommendation for a VN to read now that I got done marathoning Re:Zero and I'm stuck waiting with the rest of the plebs for new episodes. Something with despair and hope preferably since I'm in the mood for those as is. Already read Wanko's route in Majikoi and Stein;Gate - as well as 999, Zero Time Dilemma, and Mind of Steel.

Need to get that martyrdom itch scratched. And if any of you faggots suggest anything from Innocent Grey I swear to God almighty

Does anybody know when quietgirls is coming out? I heard the dev said sometime this year. I found his dev blog if anybody is interested.

Overrated meme game.
Dude made the equivalent of 800,000 USD off a stupid fucking headpat VN.
It's not his fault, either. It's the 40,000 dumbfucks that decided to shill this retarded loli burn victim everywhere.
9 scenes with 5-10 variations per scene is below average for a VN, and the art isn't even that impressive.

He got very very lucky.

Before anyone points it out, yes I'm fucking jealous. Who wouldn't be.

Yeah, I honestly don't understand all the love for the game either.

According to the dlsite game page, the release date is still to be determined. Pretty sure last time I saw it it at least had an estimated release month, so I guess it has been delayed indefinitely for now.

Yeah, really lucky there m8

Poor bastard.

Kim Jong Un can't wipe them off the map soon enough.


Are you fucking retarded? Is this some meme I missed out on?
The dude lives in the US anyway. The fuck are you on about?

I didn't know South Korea censored their porn that much, but porn is too big of an industry in the US for anything to happen to it.
Politicians would be bought out so fast. There would be no way anything happens.

my GOTY 2015


News. Got the creator bit wrong. Korea is still a bag of dicks.

And it seems you're the retarded one. No conventional convenience in this nation is safe from litigation and pork spending manipulation.


You guys need to stop jacking off 24/7. It's not right to play a game about force-feeding pancakes to a broken girl and then raping her.

I only jack off to climax of some hentai cutscenes. But its like less than 1% of entire time i spend playing erogames.

Learn to build up lust, instead instantly spending it.

This one is not far from reality.

Sylvie is not for rape. Sylvie is for pancakes and hugs. And if you're complaining about people wasting their lives, what are you doing here?

Well, if Holla Forums believes that sitting on imageboards doesn't waste their lives, then this man probably thinks same way.


And blisters I got. Can't wait for the NG+ mod and Paradox to be 100% translated.


Anyone got the Mine Sweeper hentai game? I need this.

Name of game fam?


Himegari the one with the loli succubus? Thought that wasn't translated?

It got a machine translation thats only marginally better than using a translation text hooker.

Website that was hosting it went down, though.

If anyone has the dummycut patch + the machine/interface patch then you'd best speak up.



I just have a fetish for slave girls/slave waifus

This is the best image of the whole thing, but honestly, I would feel so awful if a girl gave me THAT as a present. Also the special ingredients in her chocolates .. geez.

Inb4 Sakura clicker

Someone made an idle game where the currency was dicks sucked back when cookie clicker took off.



He just tapped into a huge market no one knew was there.

You have all these deviants trampling one another trying to figure out which disgusting fetish will net them the most boner money and this fucker dominates them all with a lewd and charming story of healing that caters not only to the D, but the heart and paternal instincts, as well.

Be a bitter bitch all you want, but you have to admit that it's genius.


Sakura Clicker is BARELY H, Sakura Dungeon is more H than it is, and even Sakura Dungeon only features SOME nudity. They're two of the most watered down Sakura games.

You would think that the dungeon master in Sakura Dungeon would be able to take advantage of the monsters she captures, but no, you can't rape, mollest, or even romance anything in that game.

And a couple of sex scenes.

Actually, I forgot, the most watered down Sakura game is Sakura Santa. Game doesn't even have nudity in it.

I didn't see any.

Holly fuck, this is full dystopian tier

No wonder that North Korea is called best Korea when compared to this SJW hellhole

Oh look, a retard.

Ownership or production of pornography (or even the accusation) is grounds for execution immediately in North Korea. Kim Jong-Un accused his ex-girlfriend and her entire family of producing porn with no evidence or porn to show for it, and they executed her and her entire family on the streets of North Korea. Why? Because his newly wed wife didn't like that Kim Jong-Un had slept with another woman who was still alive, so he had her and her entire family murdered to appease her.

Korea is just a bad place in general, every manga I've ever read that came out of Korea is awful too. They really love the worst possible outcome in every scenario.

Their language is also somehow even more grating than Chinese

I don't think I've ever heard anything more disgusting than Korean


You're not going to fix PPH by bitching about it, faggot. Get to posting there instead of this thread.

>Still more active than /m/

If theres not enough activity for several niche boards to have reasonable posting frequency you should concentrate people onto 1 more general board so theres reasonable amount of posting for a given topic.

Teaching feeling 1.5.3 english translation is up.

It's not, I played it in nip.

But you can. Either you were playing the Steam censored version or you didn't get very far.

Fantasy niggers go home.

Saying "elves" is shorter.

I'm always down for a VN, and this shit seems to be recommended often enough, but like….. I'm still not sure WHAT it is? I've only played story-based shit with routes and all that, so I dunno. What do you do here? What's the end state? What's it about?

you click a button to pat girls head a hundred times
then you fuck

So…. it's not worth playing?

You manage a girl's stats by giving her headpats, buying her outfits and lunch, and making a few choices. If you do it well she falls in love with you and you do more shit to unlock h-scenes, if you fail she dies. It's cute shit unless you're an asshole.

Gooks gonna gook I guess.

Also "Touch" is NOT THE SAME as headpats.


Same person as pic 4, just a shitty artist and really puffy vulva.


nice try faggot, but you are not fooling me!

I posted this a few months back
I'm still working on it

Would love to hear suggestions from you guys or what you would like to see. It's still pretty rough and lacking in content, but I'm trying my best to fill the gaps

you're tumblr in this equation.

The Succubus games come to mind. Tower of Succubus is pretty great.!R49iBT4Q!PlUKTbUEU0-TNW0NSMEaId85vZOulZkbzBEx3wCQkb4


I'm no artist how am I supposed to make this goddamn shit

What games let me play as a girl and fuck other girls?

Scissoring is not fucking. It's on the level of mutual masturbation.

Call it whatever you want, my friend. I just want it in the game.

code it yourself and hire an artist with money from your job

Playing as a man and maintaining a harem of women who mostly sleep with each other/other girls is also acceptable now that I think about it.

You could also look into Drop Factory. It's a similar game made by the same guy (the orphanage part is straight copy-pasted from the other title). And he released it for free, because of the bestiality-heavy content. Its English translation is rather spotty, because it's done only for the interface, equipment and almost all menus, but not for the dialogue.

Demon Master Chris
Sakura Dungeon
Lightning Warrior Raidy

It's not Virus Quest, it's Vitamin Quest.

Thanks user, I'll check these out.

Hush. Don't spoil the joke.

You sound like a faggot who eats his own cum.

neither zeoarchive nor nyaa have it.

Those ribs are fucking creepy.

So, besides TeenSim guy up there, anyone write porn / tried making games?

I'm working on a (text-only) succubus / incubus Ren'Py game right now. Lazy as fuck and still working through the character creation (Jesus Christ I hate coming up with body-type descriptions for girls)

It'll be VN style where you go through different events (every event is independant) to rack up dom / sub points, or rape points if you fail. TL;DR you get kicked out of the underworld on the eve of a demon invasion and need to gain power to survive in the human world

What exactly are the fail states and why would rape be a failure for a succubus/incubus?

Nyaa was the second place I looked, never heard of Zeoarchive, I'll have to save that one.

Well, rape isnt a "failure", it just means you get a worse ending. Also you don't gain power and your stats don't improve. Sub might, for example, give you a lot of power and have you be a "subby emperor" or something (not sure exactly what the endings will be yet). A high-rape ending, on the other hand, would end with you being somebody else's bitch.

It's really there for gameplay reasons, so that sub isn't just an EZ mode. In-lore it could easily be excusable by Succubi / Incubi needing to leech strength from their partners and having to have a measure of control. Rough rape + a resistant mind-set would make it hard, if not impossible.

I haven't played much due to my laptop being a FUCKING BRICK and firefox lagging to hell and back, but so far I'm noticing a lot of quality issues. Misspellings, things like your in place of you're. You might want to get someone to reread your stuff and/or spellcheck it.

Also the sex scene I've found thus far (getting fucked after dancing at the club) seems very dry and generic. Fappable, maybe, but definitely needs work. Do you write "dry" (unaroused)?

I ususally just go with whatever makes me hard as I write it.

Why is the subbing scene for VNs so fucked? It's literally one of the few real subbing real so how can it be so fucked?

And subbers are just telling us to use steameme who will fuck it up with their nolewds.

Fuck off.


I've tried, but got stuck because I can't think of a good way to impliment porn into the gameplay other than gameover shit.

it needs some balancing yeah. You can cheat though, f12 opens up the browser console
study = X changes the study variable

it seems a lot of devs have this trouble and resort to just having sex as a gameover thing
why not structure your game around sex? like, instead of having a strategy game where your characters get raped if yu lose, have a strategy game where you're trying to guide virgins to get fucked by demons / whatever

I have been playing this for about an hour. I think I have already experienced everything the game has to offer and no offense but this should be called Teen Pregnancy Simulator. It's incredible how much difference there is between non-pregnant content and pregnant content, and it really shows with the masturbation scene: several paragraphs long pregnant masturbation scene versus "you finger yourself" non-pregnant masturbation scene. It almost seems like one of those joke adventure games where you are given a thousand options to do pretty much everything you can think of and most of them just describe the action in a single sentence.

The non-pregnant sections seem to be there just for impregnation purposes. For a porn game, there aren't many options regarding sex other than yes/no, and that's if you haven't taken a bit of alcohol. You can't choose to put on a condom or not, and more often than not the text is just the same every time, just flavoured up to mention that you are pregnant. Check the doctor after any sex scene, and you are already pregnant. Fuck, check the doctor at the start of the game and he seems to comment on your "special" situation. Was the girl already fucking people raw before we started the game? I mean, the game doesn't seem to comment on her losing her virginity, so she might have fucked some guys before. It's weird that you can't take any contraceptives, and from what I have tried, abortion will just remove the money from your inventory a few days after getting it (flavour text and everything), or at least that's what happens after your first pregnancy, I haven't tried to do it on her first one because getting enough money before being too far into pregnancy is impossible without the RNG on your side. You can try to get enough money before the pregnancy, but there always comes that hot guy from school and there is no way to refuse sex with him, so you are fucked (literally).

It's also kinda infuriating that the camgirl stuff shows the flavour text reporting some tips, but then you get nothing after that. It is also weird that despite studying all day (doesn't work while pregnant, by the way), your teacher still puts you into detention. I also dislike the fact that despite the teacher gets to fuck you several times, there is no sort of continuity about this, and the girl just tries to hide the fact that she is quite the slut every time. Same goes for the extortionist, it always seems to be a different guy but they always fuck the same, and what's worse is that refusing to fuck him has absolutely no consequences, despite the flavour text warning that it does.

Another problem is that, despite having your pregnancy diagnosed, your conversations with Marie do not change. This means the girl still wonders if she may be pregnant, just after the doctor told her.

It is also kinda sad that there are no chances to slut it up at work. It would be pretty sexy to let the girl fuck while dressed as a waitress. It also sucks that calling a friend serves for nothing, when there is a lot of potential in letting girls talk about their sexual lives. The wardrobe selection is also limited, and doesn't come into play that much so I am not exactly sure why is it even there.

There is also something that bothers me, and it is that the girl can drink at the club without consequences. You would think you would get a kid with fetal alcohol syndrome, but that doesn't seem the case; the baby is always healthy, according to the doctor.

If this is a corruption game, I also find it weird that there are no drugs to take. There are also no piercings, tattoos… what's worse, there is no option to get a boyfriend and NTR the shit out of him. This seems like the perfect game for that, but there is nothing remotely similar right now on it.


Going out and drinking also works weird. Basically, if you drink once, you can't refuse sex, but if you drink more times, absolutely nothing changes, except the flavour text. You don't throw up, there is no hangover the next day… fuck, you can keep drinking forever and the girl won't overdose.

The writing is not a masterpiece, but it's serviceable; I won't criticise it because it is decent, but you are really lacking variance in scenes; only the camgirl stuff randomly rotates on the description of the show, but all sex scenes are always the same, the text depending only on the state of pregnancy and the trigger.

It would be interesting to see some options to make the girl more dominant. Right now she just goes with it, there are absolutely no options to make her more assertive and you have to wait for her to be raped by some extortionist or waiting to get consensually fucked in the club.

Also, something that bothers me is that after having the baby, it just disappears, but I will assume that's something you are still working on.

All in all, it seems pretty crude and basic. Fix the money making bugs and then you could have a nice demo of your game, basic but serviceable; but as it stands, playing it is kind of infuriating.

I also hope the stuff the people have put in your poll is ironic. Otherwise, I am sorry for your Reddit-tier fanbase.

what the fuck is that poll about?

Just want to point it out that preg stuff is my main fetish, and it was made for people with my same fetish.
I'll give the rest a read, thank you for the feedback.

Fun fact, most of those people are anons from Holla Forums from the last time I linked the game.
Makes you think, huh?

This is why advertising on reddit was a mistake, HW/Jim.

>porn ''''games''

That sounds a lot better, but it also sounds like you'd have to design your game around it.

Tobihime did something like that, where you have to achieve a certain goal to get your porn, but the gameplay is basically just angry birds with hentai tacked on.

yeah, this place is pretty fucking cancer

there are actual games out there. there's some roguelike called trapquest i haven't looked into, CoC is a bare-bones RPG, and there's shit likecrisis point, which is an OK metroidvania game where you get fucked by enemies if you lose enough HP

if you're not designing your game over its primary point of appeal, you're doing something wrong

i think a lot of people get this wrong. like the dev of crisis point. good graphics, but somewhat annoying to play and sex scenes require you to lose health. it's focused more on being a game than being porn.

why? it's a porn game, advertised as a porn game. most of the time you want to play a porn game with one hand on your mouse and the other on your dick. why emphasize gameplay to the point where porn is just a punishment?

if the witcher 3 focused entirely on its "romance" or gameplay, it wouldn't be anywhere near as popular as it is now. if super meat boy focused on story, it'd be shit. these games knew what they had to accomplish, and accomplished it. the same should be said of porn games. if you want to be some sort of epic "porn davinci" or something, go ahead, but don't expect a massive userbase

though, that's not to say you CAN'T mix traditional gameplay and porn, just you should know your priorities. like a while ago i was playing this scrapped chibi vore thing. okay game, kinda hard platformer. one part in particular that stuck out to me was one near the "end" of the game where you had to abandon two of your girls so that the third could sneak past the others. like, there's good game design. the game as a whole may have suffered a bit from "porn as a punishment", but that scene in particular was a perfect example of porn and gameplay going hand in hand

It's a "which features would you like to get next" poll for TeenSim.

Some highlights:

Fuck, really? I expected us to have a more refined sense of humor. Most of those replies aren't even ironic shitposting, they are metastasis tier.

I can understand that. Fuck, if I was me I would also probably make the game based around my fetishes.

The tl;dr of my review is that you should fix the money making mechanics because they are bugged and pretty much prevent you from reaching the $300 mark even though the text actually comments on how you are actually being paid. The rest just seems a bit barebones (expected from a game in development, after all), and some more options during sex (fuck raw or fuck with a condom would be a good start) would also be pretty nice, but other than that it seems like the basis of something that could be solid.

I would make two specific recommendations: first is that the text that has already been shown once should be "marked" as already read, preferably by making read text of a different color (like, more grayish). This way, the changing bits stand out way more and people won't miss them because they think it's the same story as before. The other suggestion is that you put some sort of (Coming soon) marker on all stuff that will be expanded later on; there is already one in the mall so I don't see why not put it at the other places, since it will help people get an idea of the dimensions the game could get in the future.

If you are looking for realism, consider STDs. They are not my fetish, and I find them quite nasty since I am kind of obsessed with health, but it seems weird that after fucking half of the town she is still completely healthy.


elves would be more like chinks
at least niggers are dumb brutes
what race is appropriately gay & weak to be elven

every fucking time

how do I install that?

Set your system locale to Japanese and keep the file path short.

is there some transitory stage between being a player and a dev where you become retarded?

some of these games ONLY have fucking game over rape

like holy fuck, why. at least make the game resumable so you dont have to fucking start from your last checkpoint

don't care if this is old, i need a reason to post this

Friendly reminder Maja is best girl

shit guys just make it like True Love and ganjuro girl in different settings

name please

it's right in the image you fag


Is there an English translation?


I wholeheartedly agree.

Except that the best girl is actually Annemarie, not Maja.

n-no I mean of the game

I got your games right here. For elf lovers try Vitamin Quest, or Holy Grail of Alharan. For an actual game with some decent h-content play Ariadne, Barrage or anything by Libra Heart.

and I flubbed.

Show me the contents.

I'd love to make a Good Orc type of game where you lovingly clothe and headpat elves.

The orcs would have to be green instead of brown though, so Holla Forums can play it without thinking they're nigger-loving cucks.

Or better yet, they're Nazi Orcs who dislike degeneracy, and find blonde mates for their blonde elves so they can get married and make super aryan elf babies so they're no longer an endangered species.


I think you're onto something user

Orcs have to be green, making them brown removes the whole fantasy out of them.
like removing an elf's ears

I don't mean to nitpick but there's a small typo in your post.
I think you meant to say "the second best girl is Annemarie, not Maja."

What's in the New folder?

It's some puzzle game involving her I guess. She's kinda buxom too

your worst nightmare.

Must I repeat myself?


Are you a faggot

You missed the joke There's merely a new folder inside the new folder


Any of those games have cute fairies or inchlings?

I dunno user. I'm too lazy to find out.

You're too dumb. You can no longer be my nigga.

Sage isn't downvote faggot. I'm still talking about video games anyways so fuck you.

Fairy Fighting :^)

You might have brain issues.

Wheres all the unteralterbachs, hizashi's, akabur style games where the art is good style and everything is done somewhat competently?

West has these 1-2 man patreon teams making generally low effort 3d/flash/quirky artstyle rpgmaker trash.

Jap games are by default meh tier thanks to censors, anime style art and writing thats by design uninteresting. Hizashi is only good because its not censored and theres minimal dialogue.

isn't it?

I'm onto you Thad.

Hey, some game is about to come out in the next couple days but I can't for the life of me remember the title.
If I remember correctly it's a tactics/VN sort of game where you play as a futanari princess and fuck all the other monsters(girls) in your way. During the demo you had a dog(?) friend who could bring enemies down to 1HP and then you could capture them with your rape magic to have them join your team.

Are you retarded?
Most good western games are simple flashes made almost twenty years ago.

Who's Thad user?

don't open it

As much as I despise bland art like Nekopara has, it doesn't mean everything distinct is good.

there's plenty of decent western games
try crisis point for one, good sprites, though suffers from rape as a punishmet

Thad was an autist that used to post on /a/. He got vanned for bragging about his CP collection on facebook around 5 years ago. I can't believe it's been that long already.

Fuchur is one of the greats of western porn artists, wether you like his style or not. I happen to like it.
This what you looking for? Only remembered it because of how the demo versions have been constantly in the 0.9xxx numbers.

Thanks, CF.

Deleted image because I forgot to spoil. I should sleep now.

That's the one, thanks a lot.

No it's just a couple games I have yet to organize in my list. I found one called MILF Saeko or something. You play some kid who gets locked in some buxom womans room by accident and I guess you have to escape or not. If you stick your dick in her enough times she gets out of your trap and rapes you then gets impregnated by you

The art on that one looks amazing enough that I can put behind my distaste for futa.

Any word on the exact date for when the full version is coming out? Skimming the page linked with shitty Japanese, it seems it's just "under preparation."
this game gave me a fucking vore fetish
why is it unfinished

Someone made it known that the final demo version just came out and said that the full game should be released in the next couple days. I don't know if there's any truth to that. All I know is that it's a little refreshing for the petite girl to be the one doing the raping and pillaging.

I didn't read everything on the blogpost linked here but it does say 現在、正式版は準備中です。

"Currently, I'm preparing the official version." No date mentioned, but I guess a few days isn't out of the question if this guys work history is good. I suppose the best thing to do would be to bookmark the site and check back in every so often. I don't expect it to take much longer than by the end of the month since this guy seems pretty on the ball

Anyways, thanks for even bringing this game up. It looks great.

it's fun, hard and full of quality waifus

Its also old and lacks all the VN interface features we've come to take for granted.

>anyone but your imouto


save me from this hell
Now I know what he's been working on for the past 2 years of silence.

in relation, what is this game he linked?

The only good orc is a dead orc. Any porn with them is bestiality, just like fucking a pig.

thank you

Orc is just the flavor of the month character, it won't last long

what are you, a faggot?

that's a 2D, chibi-ish vore platformer, made by the devs of milia wars


elf stronk.

Get the fuck out of here casual.

Even the worst of Holla Forums isn't that dumb.

Holla Forums is degenerate
and it's also supposed to respect strength.

Ironically, elves are the perfect mirror of western europeans/amerifags.

- better looking, longer living than the rest
- smarter, more knowledgable
- threatened by fast- breeding hordes of savages

Unlike the west, they know cancer when they see it and are usually isolationist instead of inviting it in.

you forgot how they're an entire race of fucking sissyboy artistic / autistic faggots

the west was built with log cabins and muscle, not palaces and fucking fairy magic

Medea isn't an elf, she's a greek sorceress with divine blood.


this guy knows whats up

I think you've got the wrong idea of what elves should be
Elves are lesser creatures and should be forced to serve humanity as slaves

I never knew….

Go back to your drinking.

I know, but I like her image.

The main Reason for that is that Western Porn Devs go for hyper realism graphics which make the characters look like uncanny deformed dead silicone hookers, because graphics are not able to go realistic enough yet. Maybe in 20 years. And Eastern Porn Devs always go for the 2D Style which is unable to translate to 3D, or use the FF or DOA graphicstyle which is more than decade old.

I think there needs to be a whole new stylized look developed entirely for 3D, somewhere in between disney, realistic graphics and good SFM animation styles. Someday my friend, someday.

The derp is strong with this one!

You do know where you are, right?

I'll repost some nice looking elves. If you want to find them looking more anime style, they would be more lewd, usually.

Elves are literally the self-insert author donut steel race in every universe, prove me wrong

only fucking Pratchett deviated from the established Mary Sue canon of elves

Henrike is best girl


white/human supremacists see themselves as their own self-insert.

But what you say makes even less sense. Elves aren't superior because they are superior? You either ARE superior, or you're not.

You know what also is great about elves? There are no fat, feminist elves chicks

Elves are literally boring Mary Sue races


I knew elf lovers had to be niggers

Elves contribute nothing and should be avoided like the plague.

Read some Greg Bear, for example Infinity Concerto. His elves were heavily inspired by Celtic mythology.
Maybe Paul Anderson's Three Hearts and Three Lions, or his The Broken Sword.
His elves were taken straight from Nordic mythology.

Here. How does it feel to be proven wrong?

I can play this game too.

Stopped reading there.


Go on being #triggered.

am I supposed to laugh at this nigg or what?

You can't fool me elf.

It's like you don't want to enhance your line with superior blood and blessing.

Bear in mind that, since God has no entered into the covenant with you, you are literally not a human being as far as they're concerned. You're an animal in roughly human form, created by God for their benefit just like all beasts of burden.

>if you don't help the elves you're an evil antisemite racist/speciesist

gosh, who does that sound like I wonder

celtic and nordic mythology have elfs in them? and by elfs you mean the ugly little monsters? or the lord of the ring elfs?

silly user, humans are number one, with orcs bieng second place.

Ah, also Raymond Feist's elves weren't self-inserts. Read his Riftwar Saga or play Betrayal at Krondor, if you can stand how old it is.íökkálfar_and_Ljósálfar

Here you go.

Troll harder.

Trying to push that pan-humanistic anti-white HFY spiel again, Shlomo?

So you require a more close inspection? How would you recognize a half-elf at a glance?

Go on, please.

i can't seem to find a hentai game where the sex scenes are balanced with the content.. they are either too often or too far apart
Sengoku Rance came close, but you still have to conquer a whole faction to get a single scene

Dwarves are so explicitly Jewish, I bet they would be claimed anti-semitic if they weren't so useful for pushing anti-European values like "liking nature is bad".

Elves are the biggest jews of all the races.

Elves are shit.

Half-elves? I can be easily recognize them from the blood on my sword.

Elves, as Tolkien intended, are the ideal Europeans. Ideal which Men of good breeding and moral character can reach.

Stop beign such a shekelgrubbing Jew with your "muh all mankind".

Theres a difference between an ideal than an actual biological distinct race you knife eared fuck
When i find you, you'll end up on the end of my chain leash

Go back to playing Dragon Age.

Play Disciples II. I liked that elves there were depicted as the apex predators of the forests. Anything and anyone that wandered there was nothing but a prey to them.

Don't you mean humans?

Fantasy isn't earth. Depending on setting, they are superior.

Elves best race. The white humans of fantasy.
Fantasy humans are real-life subhumans.

You're not making sense. You're calling them Mary Sues, but Mary Sues are infuriatingly superior.

You and I must be reading different fantasy then.

Screencapped for future reference.

They managed to be-self sustaining, not requiring any resource from the outside, neither producing any unnecessary surplus to requirements. How is it bad? That's better than dwarven parasitism, who can't even grow their own food and have to trade or steal to survive.

Kill them all, the God will recognize his own? Pretty ineffective, if you ask me. And check your grammar.

*be self-sustaining

Dragon age was a mistake, What kind of elf is hideous and cant even live longer than you?
Theres literally no point in them existing if i cant turn them into obedient cock-sleeves
There is only one solution for elves in Dragon age, The final solution
No mercy for any of the forest loving fucks

As expected from someone who gets his fantasy genre experience from video games.

I'm not sure what you mean
You implied i should play dragon age because i used an old elf slur which existed long before dragon age, and i replied that the elves in dragon age aren't really elves in any sense and should be exterminated
I dont understand where you think I'm lacking comprehension, but then again I've really never understood anything you dagger-eared faggots say anyway

then what the fuck are dwarfs, humans and hobbits?

game is too long and philosophical for a translation sorry

Actually it didn't in any substantial ammount. And all who use it, like you, are clearly faggots who got on the early 90s elf hate meme two decades too late. So, go back to spewing your stale memes, Shlomo.


Humans trying to reach their catholic potential.

Hobbits are rural Englishmen.

Sauce on image? Trying multiple searches with the quotes, the names, etc etc, didn't help, nor did searching the image itself.

All I get is /tg/ threads that don't help.

I cannot comprehend the level of ignorance you've spouted out in this post
can you not handle the banter and resort stale memes whilst at the same time using them?
Can you explain to me exactly how I'm a "schlomo" ? i dont consort with dwarves, but at the very least a dwarf will stay in his mountain and actually offer something useful for mankind
You and your Pointy eared pieces of shit have done nothing for mankind since the eve of your existence
You should be glad that we're willing at the very least to keep yo alive as fucktoys and not burn everyone of your kind on the pyre, you fucking twigfucker

Sorry, didn't read. You should be expert on this kind of behaviour, though.

I wouldn't trust Tolkien as a reliable source on fantasy settings, considering that he represented nazi german as orcs.

Do not reply to elves
Hide all elf posts
Report all elves

Are you telling me fantasy settings are real?


does anyone have a download for vitamin quest
everything i find seems corrupted/missing/really slow

No, you donut. I'm saying Tolkien is overrated shit, and that you're a pleb for referencing him.

That's no what reliable source means.

And I don't care about the deriative shit that's post-Tolkien fantasy with the "standard" races. Most of it's now based on D&D garbage anyway.

The link there looks legit, if you reformat it a little first.

lets analyse your previous post if you feel I'm ignoring it treefugger
thats equivalent to claiming a word doesn't exist because hardly anyone uses it
Its not a meme faggot, elves are inferior creatures compared to mankinds glory, also the slur and elf hate has actually picked up over the last decade thanks to an increase in the DnD playerbase as well as an increased audience for fantasy games
Are you some sort of elbaorate troll or just retarded?
Oh wait, you were just pretending huh?

Only read that and I know you are anti-white, European culture hating tool.

Sure thing user, I must hate white people because i refuse to identify western humans with a bunch of dirty woods men who cant achieve anything above treehouses and animal "husbandry" aka beastiality
fuck off back to your shitty forest

Your hands must heavily callused from all the grubbing.

The fuck are you talking about? I did use it in a correct manner. You referenced Tolkien's work and I told you that he can't be trusted as a good source when it comes to fantasy settings/literature.


You are trying too hard to be above mere "plebs", even though you imply Elves that take any inspiration from Tolkien's work instead straight from folklore and mythology outside Tolkien's own work isn't a surefire sign the work is shit.

Fuck off.

That's from Drakengard 3's Four DLC? At least that's what VLC has to say.

either a masterbaiter or tumblrfag

I see you lack any arguments. You should continue to pretend to be "patrician" some more by claiming a definitive and praised work is mere "plebshit". Maybe your hipster friends will like you again then.

This should work.

Your approved programming has worked well.

Yeah, stop trying and claim victory if that makes you feel good.

If they ever accomplish anything apart from what i mentioned before, than yes
How about the artificial beauty of our cities, our accomplishments in engineering and scientific advancement that got us out of our mudhouses and caves. I''m not in anyway saying to destroy the lands natural beauty, but rather to use it to enhance humanities
Its better than spending our entire historical existence in treehouses'
I know you guys have trouble differing dwarves from humans due to your pretentious world views and the like

oh thanks man i totally missed that..

different translations?
It sounds like the subbed version is different from the dubbed version to me

go suck on an acorn

I keep getting pic related when I try to leave the town at the beginning

Good job.

It says it can't find a file. Check if it extracted correctly?

Have you the RPG Maker VX routine installed? It contains some basic assets necessary for the game.

Just shut up you faggot.


And use 7zip for extracting the game, not winrar. Winrar can mess up Japanese characters in filenames.

You have to extract in Japanese locale.

wanting games to fap to is really a chore

Yeah I downloaded RPG MAKER VX from the link here:

Do I have to download any other one? I did extract and install RPG Maker VX after Vitamin though…

No such board here.

Oh, actually is. But it seems to be full of memesters.

wait, what do you mean extract in japanese locale?
don't I just run the game through it?

I extracted and installed RPGVX
wat do now


I remember not too long ago people in worst Korea were getting arrested for owning this VN.
Imagine how those prison conversations would go:
Murder, You?

You have to do both. Don't use shit like applocale, just change your system settings.

I don't understand though, how do I extract with applocale

Also I can't bother to change system settings every time I want to play something localized


Yeah, ./Graphics/Characters contains Japanese characters. Again, be in Japanese locale (you will see a yen sign for \) or use 7zip for extraction.

Phew, thanks for that tip user

You don't have to be in Japanese locale for playing, only for extracting the game. Ah, and don't extract it into \Program Files. Make a short named folder like \Games and extract it there. \Program Files in Win7+ is not fully accessible if you aren't logged as an administrator. Some games can't handle that.

*logged in

do I run the game directly through the VQ exe or through RPG maker?

I remember that. I edited game.ini for
and it worked. Some "characters" like hearts were displayed like squares, but nothing more.
Or you can copy that RSGSS202J.dll file into the folder containing the .exe for the game.

I can't seem to find the .dll file anywhere, including the link someone posted in the thread. Halp?

I guess if you install that RPG Maker VX routine under Japanese locale, you'll get *J.dll extracted from the installer. If you do that under another locale, you get another file.

Oh, I didn't install RPG maker under japlocale. Guess I'll reinstall

You don't have to. You can edit the game.ini file with your copy of VQ to point to another corresponding *.dll that is in your system already.

The thing is, I have no idea if the .dll file is generated where it is located.

It's easy. Use "Find programs and files" from your Start menu to find RGSS202*.dll


Nothing there. Could you upload your dll on like volafile or something and post the link? That should solve it provided I don't run into any more trouble

Here you go.

I don't remember what it's called, but I have a thing that lets me right click on a program and it has an option to run it in Japanese locale. Will that work?

Okay so just in case I'm retarded and did something wrong here are my steps

please tell me I made an error and it can be easily fixed

The problem is with installation, not running. I don't even use it for playing VQ.

Here is your problem. VX, not ACE.

There are FOUR different possible install packs, and only one works with the game.
The default is ACE, but you have to click another button below with RPG MAKER VX only.


also I can't seem to alt tab into a browser while game is running
also is there an easy way to run the game in a windowed mode because of the resolution or not?

My version uses F5 for switching between full screen / windowed and F6 for switching resolutions. I don't know if it's the same with yours.

Now I got the town leaving bug. Weird, since I used 7zip for every extraction and installed RPGVX using applocale and whatnot

Maybe it's because of using applocale and not switching the locale in Control Panel instead? I have installed it over a year ago and my memory is spotty.

Try running the game without applocale. Just run the .exe.

Tried regular, raised priv. and applocale, no luck.

Or just in case, remove the *.dll from the game folder. I have uploaded the first file I found on my drive, but some copies were damaged when cured of the Ramnit worm by my antivirus. Sorry in advance in that case.

The most probable cause is badly extracted files. Did you overwrite the files from winrar with files from 7zip? If so, you should rather extract them again to an empty folder. And look into that .Graphics\Characters subfolder. How do the filenames look?

In $01h.png the first character looks like a four leaf clover.
ゾンビn_7.png - do you have this file, for example?

I have 168 files there.

I haven't overwritten anything with anything else, but the filenames are not in japanese but rather in broken letters mnn6%%jm2(( and such. I'll try extracting again somehow.

This is why I always tell you faggots not to use applocale. Just change your system locale and extract the files again.

My thanks to the guy who linked Tower of Succubus 9999999999999999999999 posts ago. It is indeed pretty great.

Few question though. How do I unlock the CG of the player being fucked? I've only got a few, and my best guess is that I have to fuck that type of enemy multiple times with the charm ability. Secondly, is it possible to fuck the human enemies? I've tried charming them every time I see a new variety, but it just passes through them harmlessly.

Considering how system locale is just clicking 1 button and restarting pc why would anyone ever use applocale to begin with?

Because you have to restart your PC to change locale.

You can keep japanese locale forever, doesnt affect anything.

So right click menus and shit aren't in Japanese?

No, and again if you for whatever reason want english locale it takes a click of a button and a restart.

anyone got a link to the demo of otome function? the sits DL is down

I would be interested in this too. I've seen it around but have never seen a download link.

the last thing I played was muenster girl quest part three did anything else like it come out since then? I saw some screens about some RPG or something that wasn't like the actual game

Why should elves do anything for humankind? What have humans ever done for elves?

In what settings?
Dunno about you, but elves seem to have more than sufficient industry and infrastructure to build large (stone) cities and craft wonderous (and superior) arms and armor + have more magical and historical knowledge.

The only setting I can think off the top of my head that has "primitive" elves is Dwarf Fortress.

It's a sad thing when humans are so envious (and inferior) that they make up lies upon lies that they end up believing. What next? You'll try telling me 1 in 4 women gets raped on campuses?

who do you think fought off all those orcs for you?
also nature reserves

Elves live extremely long, so of course anything we could conclude as history is still in living memory for the elves

1 in 4 elves gets raped on orcish lands

Medea isnt even an elf faggot, go back to clearly superior stone huts

Juuuuuuuuuuuuuust in case this is a coincidence.

Play Danganronpa.

DangitRonpaul isn't eroge though