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2.10.0 Patched out a Glitch in Camp Trigger fish making inklings invisible invisible



An user in the thread is gonna make a big OC project for the Callie and Marie Civil War Poster. Make sure to post your inkling using the tutorial below to get in

Only requirement is to be set into a profile-like picture can either hold their weapon or can be standing.

[Important note]: If you got any extra friends bring them along to the Weekend Night Fights

In-Game Screen Shot Tutorial:

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You linked to your last post in that thread instead of the OP.

Bumpin' with OC

i want to calliefornicate with that squid idol

Why is she so perfect?

Fuck you, Default Blaster is pure


I just want to know, are the sisters hats supposed to look like sushi?

You tell me, user.



My squigger. I've been stuck on Blaster from day one. It's rough sometimes, Turf War especially, but every snowflake edited Blaster I splat fills me with pride.
Even when I sub into another weapon I need to have a Disruptor in my hand.

Because you have superior taste Just like Octolings

We have six in the mumble
Can we get eight?

Just need one more


A few more days until the last Splatfest, who are you betting on?

Team Callie all the way.

Team Marie. I like Callie and Marie as a comedic duo, but Callie would get annoying on her own.
I predict Team Callie will win the vote because of autistic children, and Team Marie cleans house in battle.


Threadly reminder to spank the squid boys~

I'll take "shit that never happened" for $1,000, Alex.


why's there a burger there?

Because she is a true American. Mariefags can't seem to handle it.

She was Team Burger.


I have a toothache or something and have to go to the dentist. Hopefully I can at least get some strong painkillers. Either that or some weed so I can get through the splatfest without writhing in agony.

Well shit.

Don't delay, Go now stupid

Who here is playing splatfest the moment it starts? I think I can make it

best girl

and the other girl

You mixed them up but I forgive you for your mistake.

dish sponge and a dog food bowl

Looks right to me m80.

I shouldn't be in love with cartoon squids

I'm gonna try but I get a feeling that my internet will take a shit.

Whose trying to Squad next rotation

Cause it's Moray and Walleye for Rainmaker

Would you buy an NX at launch if Splatwoon is a launch title or close to it?


Hell no. Never buy a console at launch, especially when it barely even has games.

"Never buy a console at launch" is truth because they almost never have any worthwhile games, are overpriced and/or not the final revision of the hardware. I get that. But seeing as how many anons bought a Wii U just for Splatoon, would you also be willing to buy an NX at launch just for Splatwoon? It's not unprecedented; many people in the past bought the NES/SNES/N64 just to play their pack-in Mario games.

Easy modo: Would you buy an NX within the first year if Splatwoon came out within the first year?

I bought mine for Monster Hunter, what a massive mistake that was.

Splatoon 2 better have 3 or 4 fucking new abilities

5 new maps

An Invite system

Ways to join friends for Splatfest

Also CHANGE Splatfest so ranks higher than Level 10 to play the more serious ranked modes

Fix the ability of hackers changing gear to how they want it

And an Omelet

Four or so?

Let's count 'em.

I did. Still the only Wii U title I own.


What's the point when anything worth buying is going to get a superior rerelease on the NX in a year or two?

I had mine at Launch played nothing but New Super Mario Bros wii U and grinded the Extra mode

Got bored of it then collected dust for 2 years until mario kart 8 and Smash, Then out of no where came fking Splatoon and now Im hooked

Ignoring that, do you really think W101, Captain Toad, Nintendoland, Mario Kart 8, SM3DWorld, Tropical Dong Expand, and Mario Maker will be ported?

Knowing jewtendos way of doing things there will be no backwards compatibility and they will make you buy everything again for the 50th fucking time.

They'll totally port everything to NX, barely anyone owns a Wii U.

the new Wii U Splatoon w/ Callie & Marie Amiibo bundle in Japan shot weekly sales of Wii U consoles in Japan from just 4,000 to like 12,000.

they're pretty cheap actually. Most of the first party titles have been re-released as "Nintendo Selects". A used copy of Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze costs like 15 bucks.

Nintendo has always been pretty good when it comes to backwards compatibility though, and the fact that they're keeping the gamepad controller set up for the NX probably means that they're expected Wii U games to help sell it for a little while.

Is this confirmed?

Well there's that patent everybody keeps posting, and almost every article I've read from the game >journalists says the same shit. There's also a rumour that they NX gamepad is supposed to act as a portable console you can take anywhere that connects to the home console via wifi.

What said.
The Wii U flopped but had quite a few genuinely good exclusives. It was secretly the best console of its mini-generation (in terms of library) but went unnoticed by most. They would be inkredibly foolish not to take advantage of this and pad the launch and first year with remastered Wii U games that the vast majority of their potential audience hasn't had a chance to play yet, that their more dedicated audience of Wii U owners would possibly buy a second time if improved enough. I'm sure the Splatoon sequel will be more substantial than a backwards compatible remaster, given that this is the last Splatfest and all, but I'm enough of a fag that I'd have bought it even if it was just Splatoon in 1080p with better performance, if they offered some kind of upgrade discount.

Honestly the backwards compatibility to a 15 year old architecture is holding Nintendo back. Now, with the relatively small audience of Wii U owners that would complain about it, is the perfect time for them to cut it off and adopt a more modern architecture.

Little has been confirmed but it's widely speculated that it will be a console/handheld hybrid, where you use the successor to the 3DS as a controller for the home console and as a dedicated portable gaming device. For example this patent suggests that games will come in cartridges that will include exactly two programs, presumably one for the x86 home console and the other for an ARM-based portable.

Nintendo's attention to smart phones also probably betrays their intentions for the NX.

My best guess is that the NX is going to try to hit three birds with one stone. Home console players (who make up a minority of the Japanese video game consumers now) and the handheld and smart phone gaming crowd (who make up the majority of Japanese video game players, with the 3DS being the best selling console on Japanese soil)

A console that combines all these things would make Nintendo lots of money for less investment in a crippled Japanese home console market without having to abandon such an industry outright.

Info broker here:

If anyone cares the Top 5 clanfags US side are team Chimera, Koopa Clan{kc} , Shinki {ext}/Extension, and SND
Other than that I've been hearing talks of the Hydra being banned in "Competitive play" due to how that buff it got a few patches back , now rips people apart in 3 shots

Other than that Same old same old clan-faggotry drama

I haven't seen any indication that Nintendo would make the NX handheld a cell phone as well ala the Xperia Play. It would be bizarre but absolutely fascinating if they did. Perhaps it will see a version with cellular connectivity like the Vita.

More likely IMO is that they plan to use existing mobile platforms as the trojan horse for their own hardware. Pokemon Go prints money on its own, but it's also extremely effective advertising for the company as a whole. Millions of people that haven't thought about Nintendo since Wii Sports now see the company in the news so much that even the fucking Trump campaign referenced it. Not only is it priming them to buy Nintendo products and reminding them that the games they thought they outgrew are still fun, it also might be breaking down the stigma against playing games in public and connecting with strangers; after all, if you're secure enough to be seen walking around town for miles staring at your phone hunting for AR Pikachus, surely it can't be so much of a stretch to do the same with a handheld.

Fuck yes


I wasn't suggesting that the NX gamepad would be a smart phone, but you have to understand that the Japanese market currently has shifted toward mobile/handheld devices. Nintendo probably makes far more money off its portable market than its home console market at the moment, and people still don't understand that the Wii U's "failure" at least in Japan is not so much a fault of Nintendo's but more or less something that plagues all Japanese homo console providers, including Sony & Microsoft

I think what Nintendo will likely do is try to use the NX to revitalize the home console market by incorporating aspects of both smart phone devices and handhelds that make those areas more profitable so that those same consumers have a reason to invest more in home consoles again, especially in Japan. I think the Wii U's gamepad was a start in this direction. I have Deus Ex: Human Revolution for my Wii U (honestly, I think it's the best version, graphical issues aside) and one cool feature I like is that I can switch the whole game playing on the Wii U game pad so that if someone wants to watch TV or I just want a more private game experience, I just have to pause, switch and plug in my headphones and I'm playing Deus Ex for the Nintendo Wii Boy. The downside of course is that I can't go too far from the Wii U. And I was thinking how great it would have been if more Wii U games had had that feature almost as a requirement for being on the console but also if the Wii U game pad itself could have been packed up and taken around like a 3DS.

Imagine a Splatoon game you can play at home on TV but also play on the go with other squids via street pass or any Wi Fi connection.

From some deals they made, I got Dick Freeze, Wind Waker HD, and Doc Louis' Punch Out!!, and $20 on the eShop

Oh ok, that's pretty much what I've been imagining as well. Portables have been king in Japan since at least the DS/PSP. With the increasing power and feature parity of mobile chipsets with desktop/console chipsets (in particular the fact that everything now uses unified shader architectures, where the 3DS was stuck with fixed function fragment shading), and Nintendo's relatively technically restrained art styles, it's making less and less sense to spread their development resources thin making separate games for each form factor. Not to mention it's a lot easier to sell "you already have an NX Portable and cool games for it, why not pick up an NX Console and get to play your games at home in higher quality?" than it is to sell people on an entirely separate console+library.

Ad-hoc multiplayer for Splatoon would be cool. So would a party mode where everyone connects to a console and you can see a map or spectator view on the TV.

Marie's a nigger.

Look she's a nigger.


That's a Tan retard



I'm actually Okay with these maps


Brown skin > white skin
Take your low tier taste out of here

NA != US
I bet the spics did this

I actually like that stage


Everybody sort of knew Walleye Warehouse was gonna win right?

Callie & Marie used to work there so it's only fitting

I think what will be the case is that the NX will be similar to the Wii U in the sense that you buy the console with a home hub and a game pad, but the main difference will be that the game pad will be a portable console in its own right. Sort of like how these days you can connect your PC with your cell phone or tablet. An "all our eggs in one basket" deal if you catch my meaning.

But it might be that the game pad could also be bought by itself. And the possibility that the NX may use cartdridges may be a sign that Nintendo is planning on making the NX backwards compatible with the 3DS/DS library or at least as much a successor to the 3DS as to the Wii U.

I extended best girl's theme, if anyone wants a slightly longer version.
Recommend me a free video editor that isn't total garbage and I'll make an infinitely looping webm.

windows movie maker

or openshot then ffmpeg to make it a webm, or webms for retards on windows.




fucking lol. I guess someone made a squid voice filter

I don't think Open Shot is the program for me.

Yeah it was originally designed for linux only the windows build must be quite new, if you have a linux os downloading openshot through the apt-get or yum should be fine.

Besides windows movie maker there is jack shit free programs on windows. I have a feeling that openshot site is bogus it looks nothing like it was before.

Guess it's time I learned avisynth

there should be builds of ffmpeg for windows too, that webm converter program uses it.





What is with this shit taste? I hope the splatfest stages are based on the votes which meant I dont need to play moray in the japanese version, even piranha pit is much better and walleye turf wars is just boring.

Just checked japanese twitter, nope its the same 3 maps for every region.

Thanks a lot NA and EU, now I gotta play moray for 1/3rds of the time I am in splatfest.


hey i did it

I know how to use ffmpeg directly, but I needed a better feedback loop for this.
Ended up using Avidemux. Poor excuse for a general purpose video editor, but not bad for making short loops.


What combination of MP4 container, h264 video, and AAC audio caused Chrome to accept my video when viewed locally, then made it stall when viewed after being uploaded to Holla Forums? Who knows.

Additional protip to codemonkey: post deletion has been broken for months

I've been so fucking pissed since.


It could be worse. You could be on another continent away from your Wii U.

Why is this so good?


because she's the best girl


What am I looking at agian

Then again Im just shitposting in Twitch chat

Pretty sure it's just on your end. Every one you've uploaded so far has worked for me :^)

What browser and OS are you using? Every one I've uploaded works when played locally, and works when manually downloaded and played through both my media player and my web browser, but refuses to do shit when clicked on in this thread.

Fresh installation of SJWfox on a fresh install of botnet 7.

What kind of fucked up Berenstain universe are we living in that Firefox handles proprietary formats better than the botnet?


………….I'm also using firefox


This is complete and utter bullshit.
But you know what the icing on the cake is?
Now that I finally have this webm playing,


How do big international splatfests work? Are results different in each region or are they all grouped in the end? Where does Australia sit? Europe or other?

What do I do if my fav squid loses?

Australia is Europe, but for this, the final spaltfest, we are the West.

I am not that guy but you're a


finally got the amiibos delivered, seeing these cuties dance


I would get upset but those maps ain't so bad(especially MT after that patch), besides it could be worse we could've gotten Camp Triggerfish, Bluefin Depot, Piranha Pit or Port Mackerel instead.

She absorbed a cola.



post the comic faggot

Man, fuck cancer pit. That map put me on so many losing streaks these last couple of Splatfests.


According to an user in the webm thread, there are problems with VP9 decoding that fuck over its ability to loop and seek easily with common browser default video players. No idea what's wrong with my H264 encoding, but here's a VP8 encoding. If this doesn't work, I'm out of ideas.


You had a long time to get ready for this. We played those maps, I tried to get you ready, but only now at the end do you see how you were wrong to bitch and moan about it all the time.

I always have trouble with mp4s but webm always works flawlessly for me.

Trying yet another thing.

It's not about being ready, I played that map countless times and whatever splendor I had the first time had long gone away and replaced with tedious frustration, it's no longer fun anymore to play moray, especially on turf wars, much so than many other maps.

fuck this shit, why is this kids game making me genuinely consider anger management therapy? Nothing before has made me so fucking livid.

I give up with this shit, I need some actually not braindead people to play with. nintendo id is frogmorton. i've put it in the smek thread too. just help me stay sane, please.

Welcome to Splatoon ranked Son. You gotta hold the Sea Salt bro.

I would twin Squad with you but im S+ and you aren't ready for the Horrors of fighting with S+ players and TAS level Jap snipers

I don't even want to imagine that shit. I understand how naive my post must sound but goddamn. How did you stay sane getting to S+?

i wanna make half squid half kid half monkey hybrid children with her

I too like you had a problem ranking up pre-patch days before they added S and S+

I couldnt get out of B+ for the life of me until I learned the map layouts did more strats watch players who were better than me and try new advantages

Ive also accept this games bullshit so I am at bliss with this

Also have a picture of Hawaii to calm you down.

i stopped caring about it when it seemed lag had a bigger factor on games than skill


i've just got up to 96 points, then lost twice. got back up to 98 points.

lost three times in a row to knockouts.

worked my way back up to 88, then lost once again.

now i'm back at 66, which is nearly where i started at right back three hours ago, and all I can do now is just peace the fuck out. every time I am one victory from ranking, just one, i know that a triple loss streak is incoming. i'm not even angry anymore, i just feel sad.

Got the marie one?

You gotta hang in there Cadet

We're the last line of fighting agianst the Japanese




Turns out Chrome hates nonstandard video resolutions and/or aspect ratios, both of which I fucked with by cropping out the black bars and naively scaling down. Nothing else matters; h264 loops, vp9 loops, as long as the resolution is something common like 1280x720, 854x480, or 640x360.

Couldnt you have said "Man, I already made plans this friday" or something?
Is the splatfest tomarrow or the day after?

Absolutely unbelievable. It really is Mark's fault, somehow.
The exact same webm ("tune film.mp4" at the bottom) plays and loops fine, on the /test/ board. But not on Holla Forums.

and now that one doesn't loop either.
what the fuck did you even do mark

It's not like a job where I have a variable schedule. Besides he would no doubt go 'So what's your plans' and I got nothing.

I like them both, but I wish they'd switch outfits.

Marie's song a shit. You can't even splat to it.

It's pretty chill, though. Sometimes you just need a relaxation moment between frantic splats.

thank you squids
I can finally squad again.

So I just decided to play Splatoon for the first time since miniguns and buckets got added (need to play and support best girl for last splatfest). And HOLY FUCK, Sheldon just won't stop talking.


octarian music reminds me of listening to kraftwerk for some reason

even when you try to go see him every level up so you don't have to wait through him telling you about the weapons, it feels like he never shuts up.



This vid is strangely romantic.




Relax squigga they're probably up by 10pm EST



fugg, I was going to go do the same thing.


If it's any consolation I didn't have to pay for it. So even if Nintendo closes the servers in a year it's not like I lost anything other than my time

might be enough time for him to beat Octo Valley

Yah he should just play Single player for the time being

especially since the armor he'll get is nothing to choke at and he'll need it at low level

I don't see why they'd close the servers any time soon. Why not let the game be Nintendo's counter-strike?

I was hoping we'd get saltspray and walleye as a throwback to the beta.
Oh well.


What's your arsenal going to be for the next two days?


Second choice–Slosher Deco
Third choice–Kelp Splatterscope
Last resort–N-Zap '89

Servers are Back up wew lad

Luna Blaster :^)

top gook, m8

Gonna go with rollers. Want to give Japs a taste of the states by having some nig ambush them for street cred

Quick question, since I haven't played Splatoon in a little bit. Is there any way to be able to bring my copy back up to date that won't require me to update firmware, and thus give up hacks in other games (namely Sm4sh)?

My progression got wiped when I got a new external HDD.


unfortunately we're not gonna be playing the Japs, NA is only playing NA & EU

Eh I think you gotta homebrew it. Only hacking I've seen are just people hacking Gear slots to get the abilities they want

Its only a matter of time till someone does speed hacks online

1) Wasabi Splattershot
2) Krak on roller
3) Dynamo Roller (shit probably will suck ass)
4) .96 gal regular

Maybe some other weapons If I feel like it, I am not sure how long I can last constantly playing turf wars though.

What the fuck? Why is Japanese splatfest starting at noon on a friday?

Maybe Japanese kids get out of school earlier on Friday?

Great, by the time I get home tonight, there will be plenty of kings and queens everywhere, but my account is currently at A rank, hope that means I can still have fun.

you're playing in the Japanese Splatfests?

Wasabi Splattershot is a good weapon. Only reason I don't use it is because there are certain weapons I practiced with more than others. I could do almost all the stages with a slosher weapon in my sleep at this point.

Yeah I am one of the very few regulars in mumble who owns a japanese wii u

get notepad++ and add in pastebin.com/jeBeudbY in the config file you get, then in updatetitles.csv ctrl+f "AGME01" (this is the US version), at the end of the string of numbers add ",240" if it's not there already. That's the latest update version. You'll want to download the encrypted update, put all those files in a folder called "install", put that in the root of your sd card, and then use WUPinstaller (github.com/dimok789/wupinstaller/releases).

Thanks, really appreciate it!

The regular splattershot used to be my main when I climbed up to S rank, that is before I discovered roller clutches such as carbon and krak-on and then much later the dynamo (before it got nerfed bad). I got so used to using rollers that I think its actually stopping me from gitting gud, so nowadays I try to use back the splattershot to train my aim, I can also use Gals, squelchers as well but I think the splattershot has more of a chance to get good at.

What the fuck happened?

So its about 5 hours and 45 minutes until it starts right?
I am not to bothered who wins, I just hope the popularity of each squid is as close to 50 - 50 as possible.

You are using motion controls, right?






all the players of your skill left and you could only be matched with mad japs



And done

Some guy requested this in WebM a few days ago so I posted it there, now here


When you say motion controls do you mean aiming and controlling the camera entirely with motion or also using the right stick to make left and right adjustments. I saw someone mention they used only motion controls in a previous thread. I've been using motion + right stick but turning still seems way too slow and not responsive enough. My only problem with going full motion controls is that I have a hard time getting the camera to realign where I want it to be. Do I just camera reset often or what?

Its like what you described, using the stick for huge movements and using motion for precision aiming, but don't be fooled though, the whole "motion precision" aiming can also be quite hard to git gud at, I mean I have been playing for more than a year and my aim is still trash, you can try to use the whole 180 degree turn with the Y+back button or use Y to constantly reposition yourself but again, the huge practice is aiming accurately with motion controls and that only gets better if you practice.

In higher ranks, enemies move around fast, they change between squid and kid form very fast as well, you need to be able to take them out even when they dodge around as a squid, thats one of the example of how hard it is to git gud by measuring how efficiently you can take out fast opponents.


So? PUTZ12 got to S+90 with sheer rage and autism?

B-but I only started playing a week ago..
Is A+ okay?


Nigga that is more than ok, that is great, it took me 2 months to reach S rank.

gotta say, I'm glad the band they got for Japan Expo actually took their job seriously. I was worried that when the Squid Sisters went West that Westerners might still be not totally on board with the whole idea of conceptual/fictional bands that the performance would be lackluster.

same. Though you never really know how good you've actually gotten until you try making a new squid and starting over to see how fast you can get back up to S or S+with the least amount of Experience Level.

If you can get to S-rank before you hit Level 19 or in less than a week, you know you're a boss.

I think I have gotten worst or maybe the splatoon populance has gotten better, nowadays its not so easy to wreck A rankers anymore, I think without DC's I can comfortably reach S in mid 20's and that's if I am performing at the best of my ability using a cheap roller crutch.

I think many of us have hit a plateau and unless you are willing to sacrifice all other vidya and just play splatoon to git gud, chances are we wont be making leaps of progress.

Well, with me, there aren't very many games I have been "gud" at. In fact, especially with FPS games and fighting games, I'm always intimidated to play them with others because I always end up feeling bad about myself which is one reason why I always prefer a good platformer or single player RPG. Like when I used to play COWADOODY with my friends, I always preferred zombies cause then we'd be on teams. One reason I've been hooked on Splatoon since I bought it is because it's one online multiplayer shooter I actually feel like I'm good at for once

I am kinda with you on playing single player games and coop games but with splatoon, it just sounds like too good of a game to pass up, I am not particularly good at splatoon, in fact way back then I thought I was gonna get stuck in B+ forever, nowadays I still cant bring myself to quit splatoon entirely. Its still sentimental and fun with a lot of the friends I met in mumble that have stuck together for so long.

Why would I want to hack my gear and be bad at the game.

What is going on?
All of a sudden I am versing non Japs? Literally every other game until now was nothing but Japs?

Jap splatfest has begin, enjoy your free trip to S+


I see, that's why.
It just feels so strange. Its never happend to me before.

Holy shit why haven't I been playing

It's your last chance to play without nips m8, get to S+ while you can.

I really hope there is a continuation event after splatfest

Whoops almost for my inkling for the poster. wew

Probably gunna post it tommrow before i leave work at 6pm

Actually American players still lag even without the Japs most of it comes from the Mexican players.


I think the fact that victory hinges on more than just killing players adds a new strategic dimension to shooters.

Also, the aesthetic is a welcome change of pace in the genre. Honestly, the modern military shooter is so played out and just unappealing. And I can't play stuff like Battlefield or COD without gagging at what passes for a "story". Splatoon has a more appealing world, better level & character design, and probably more "depth" in terms of gameplay or setting than any of that crap.

Japs are easy to kill to in A ranks, at least for me. In S-rank at around 3am where they suddenly become Luna Blasting monsters. From my experience, the Japs have never been any better and in most cases my chances of winning are better when the team is like 2 japs, 2 other even if our opponents are all Japs. It seems like at certain times within certain ranks is when the autists come out



Wait thats not the image I wanted to post

There we go.




All squid girls are great. Honestly, it sometimes feels like Callie fans are the ones who are the most aggressive about their squidfu.

Maybe the reason they didn't do an international splatfest was so there would be a chance that both squid girls would win in at least one region

It's probably because they're catfags that never let it go.

t. catfag

Man finding games without Japs takes ages. It never used to take this long.

When Splatfest starts, it should be easier since we'll be playing with Euros

I am Euro

that explains it then

You forget 80% of Splatoon players are Japanese right

callie NO

wow dont do that



I will admit although I love Callie, I do love dogs more than cats, also if you aren't picking on the team of the subject matter rather (unless its a shitty topic) instead of waifu picking, you are doing it wrong.

Now in the final splatfest, you can waifu pick.

O.D. 👌


Ayy, man Sea Salt at 4am is great with this steak





Forgot Pic


Did someone say Seconds

Can people stop taking video games that seriously? I get it, sometimes people want to git gud but tone that fucking autism down holy shit




On this day. Bloodshed will be at its fullest.

On this day men, women, children of all ages will fight for their waifus

God help us all…


I sincerely hope I have to make it to king tonight, the last splatfest is upon us

Holy shit guys. This is fucking intense

Anyone else a Callie Champion yet? Or King/Queen?

40 From Marie Queen

You mother fucker

So you're saying that just because I utterly destroyed some level 4 kids that the game decided to throw me in with level 50 Nips? (Also I won a few of those matches against the level 50 Nips, does that mean I'm stuck here now?)

Might be your location or just bad luck.
Me being from Australia makes me 9/10 times paired with Japs, usually level 50

I live in the middle United States, I guess the game just wanted to warn me against using analog controls now before it became too late

I've already played against fellow Team Marie's at least three times. Hope that's a good sign

A good sign for what? I've played against fellow Callie fans about 7 times

I've never really understood how scoring the teams works when the same teams play one another, also if you're playing your own team several times, it may be a sign that your team is winning the popular vote.

When it comes to power level I think


I am nearly complete.

Also, my entire 4 hours of fucking nonstop playing, I've only come across maybe 2 or 3 fellow champions. What the flaming fuck

I've been a Marie Queen a while and have only ever seen one other Marie Queen. No Callie Queens yet.
I have seen a lot of champions for both sides.

What's your region, sweety. I'm about to be a queen

I am Europe I think

Kek. Don't worry, I forgot there was a world outside too. US here

Do it for her I can't I'm out of town

You know I think I was saying to a few of you guys on mumble when the topic came up that I was fine with turf war only for splatfests, but holy shit it feels so different that I almost want to do a 180 and say have other modes in it too.

Granted I also have no idea how Kelp Dome of all things managed to sneak in as one of the best maps

I personally dislike all the ranked game modes and would prefer to play turf all the time, but it gives you shit cash and XP.

I don't mind either, just Turf War only might be easier to manage

I am complete. Time to sleep

Hopefully I'm the first in the region, I highly doubt it though.

30 points away from becoming a Marie Queen. Getting a bit tired, so might pick up later tonight or tomorrow.


Hate turf wars

hate it so damn much

I've been a Marie Queen for the past hour, but I've gone down 80 points from where I started. I think I've played about 80 matches and have lost about 43 of them (four of them DC's)

I had that problem as well, I got to Marie King about an hour and a half ~ two and a half hours after the splatfest started due t win streak, then i got disconnected from the team I was in. Then it was nothing but extremely bad teams for me for a while. Then i got into a bro tier team and went up 200 points or so from where i started.

I have to take a break right now cause usually when I wait an hour or two, the connection stops messing up on me.

I'm not sure I get the ranking though here, normally when I play Turf War I come in first or second rank, but one game I got like 1,012p (and we still lost) and yet I was at the bottom of the list. If all my teammates got more than 1,000p, I'm baffled just how we could have lost. Am I just retarded?

I finally started playing my copy of Splatoon which I've had for nearly a year. Kinda wish I started early; would have liked to participate in the SpongeBob Splatfest.

Placement in the end game rankings appears to be random, judging from some of the more ridiculous games i played earlier.
I felt rather bad for the team that only covered 2% of the map in the end.

Never ever reached the max rank of any Splatfest until this last one.

I want to die

wait, what? I've been changing my clothes all morning,

Look at the subs

i don't understandu


Ran into a roving all lvl50 Callie team twice.

I'm level 30 and it kept hooking me up with level 50 players earlier

That is certainly not the correct descriptive term.

How the fuck are people hitting Queen so fast what the fuck.


Correction, touch input is mostly fine according to the internet browser.

So why the fuck am I not able to use touch controls for anything?


who else plays as a strong independent black woman who don't need no squid?

The Japanese woman down the street

Hi everybody,

Just dropping by to say ranked turf was a mistake.

At a W/L of 2/10, I'm fucking done. I don't give a fuck if it's "the last splatfest". Won't even make it to king. Take this shitty fucking game and shove it up your collective asses.

Callie is gonna lose; all my games have had at least one guy that doesn't do anything other than hide in a corner not moving. Fuck

eh, my matches haven't made me too confident in team marie either if it's any consolation.

Welp 6 more posts till new thread

I'm done with the poster in record time So I'll post it next thread

Good shit man, can't wait to see it!

how's everybody's connections doing?


Splatoon still play?

be nice to the mexican players, some of them may be killed by the cartels before they see who wins the splatfest


you think that was a joke?

Should I make a new thread due to the Splatfest

Splatfest was a mistake. It's nothing but trash.


cant post the poster till after work


Fuck it I can be 5 minutes late

Someone post the poster next thread


I was planning to play more but I think I'm done with this Splatfest. I went from 1600 to like 1375. At this rate, I help Team Marie by not fucking playing

I'm done.

I think Callie is going to win, she's more popular and has all the good players

Nah son, the only losses I'm seeing are Marie mirrors.

I won 40 matches and lost 63 against Team Callie with hardly any mirror matches and I'm an s-rank player. i doubt we have a sufficient number of good players at this point. I'm seeing champions, kings and queens lose constantly to fangirls/fanboys & defenders

Fuckin' sweet. Nice work.

Alright I just came across a person who had
There is something wrong in that person's life, and they fill the hole with Splatoon.
Don't get me wrong, I know they cheated, but holy fuck who does that.

Callie is great. Callie is merciful. Behead those who insult Callie.

How do you do that anyways?



I'm ready to fucking beat this asshole's ass.


I won a pacifist turf war once purely by being the team's personal squid beakon.
I managed to get 2 points turf inked somehow.

That's not nice

6 matches in.
I've won 2 against Callie.
All 4 others were mirror matches (at 3-1)

Does Callie even have any supporters at A-?

Alright boys, I'm going in for team Marie. Wish me luck.

I'm going in too. God speed, brother.


Watch me get bodied.



How are we on Page 13?


329 replies that's how

someone create a new thread

Marie's honor

Give me a moment

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