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I'm so happy to see Gearbox burn for all the bullshit they've pulled over the years.




Pretty sure Germany's had it down to nine EUSSRbucks or whatever already. For physical copies, too.
wew lad

Maybe there is a tiny bit of justice in the world after all.

It's even less than 15 dollars. It's 15 - 6.34 - the price of Borderlands which would entail around


Fuckoff Shill



Is NBA 2k16 any good? Want to play sports games with my housemates.

Randy Pitchford is eating humble bundle pie.


I wish Humble Bundle would quit including the base version of games with DLC. Over and over again I see the higher tiers, am almost interested, and then nope, it's not the GOTY/Definitive/whatever version, never mind.

I don't know about the gameplay, but the story mode is hilariously bad, it's worth a view on Jewtube.

Blunderborne and Memelands aside, that's a decent deal.


After what that faggot Pitchford did to Douk and Homeworld, good.

I'm glad that kike flushed tens of millions down the drain on Stillborn.



i really want to know how much money they put into this shit.

what are the odds of homeworld remaster added to the bundle?

if only Overwatch could've failed with it and nipped this shitstain genre right in the bud.

Pretty low, since it didn't flop as hard.

Maybe there is a justice after all.

dodged a fucking bullet.


I'm definitely down for the $1 tier stuff at that price, no question there. But Mafia 2 is the only game even slightly interesting in the second tier, and I'm not sure I'm five additional dollars interested, you know?

i need some facts on that, user.

well, you can buy it now, user, its cheap, trust me, im a lawyer.

According to a Pitchford interview some time ago, development cost for Stillborn was more than the entire Borderlands series put together.

The only released figure we have is for BL2, that was somewhere between 30 to 40 million.

So is the game itself bad?

What "genre"? "First person shooter"?

One of my friends bought this game and is still trying to justify its purchase to me by saying it has a good story and is funny unlike overwatch. He got mad when I said it was a shit game that is dying. He talked about how it takes longer to get into a game but that means you only get skilled and dedicated players. How can buyer's remorse change someone so mich?


Think of it this way: even if you spent the $6.38 for both tiers, you still get 3 decent games out of it for about $2 a game. Even if you don't like the rest of the games, you still got a handful of games for cheaper than Steam sale prices that are enjoyable.

Of course, they're all single player titles that are easy to pirate, so you've got options.

i'm legitimately impressed right now. where the fuck could all of that money have possibly gone?

When's this going F2P? I want to laugh at the 12 people who actually paid for this shit

This is karma for what they did to SEGA.

This is more than just casuals being influenced by shitposters, this is legitimate down syndrome

In the last life you were a annoying little spic.

how else do you describe these games? fps assfaggots?

Yeah, price average-wise it's a very good deal for the games I care about. But if the ONLY game I'm getting the second tier for is Mafia 2, then its cost is the entire cost difference as I see it. If there were multiple games I wanted in the second tier, then I'd average the increase between them.

So I'm inclined to wait for the additional game reveal, since it might be something I want too and that would clinch it, but on the other hand the average always goes up over time… Which never quite seemed right to me, by the way.

Reminder has these games on sale for 100% off

WIth the same service if you are lucky and someone seeds!

Wasn't MW3 one of the ones that even CODfags hate?


Even 0$ looks too expensive to be fair.

F2P "gibs me dat" multiplayer only FPS meme game.


It's Randy Pitchford, he'd have to pay me to take this turd.

Did Battleborn come out in May? Fuck, that game fell flat on its face

this is just sad

Neither of the games are F2P
And I'm pretty sure battleborn has some sort of single player
What the fuck are you talking about

They're redditors, no better than goons. Don't let yourself feel sorry for those scum.

Now watch as they gloss over Battleborn's sales from this bundle pretending not to know people got the $15 tier to get TPS.

That's still overpriced.


No, it was Ghosts.
t. a call of duty player

even though theyre not free, both follow the same formula as every free to play game.


Now this is just sad

But you can't P2W in OW like most F2P games. You can pay for swag but that's it.

reddit is like a good goy training tool. That place deliberately morphs people into having shit opinions about everything.

Nothing sad about it, hopefully it sinks Gearbox for good.

Can I refuse to give Gearbox a single cent and give that $15 all to charity?

I don't know about battleborn, but overwatch just has microtransactions for cosmetics
Cosmetics which you can unlock through just playing the game anyway
As far as judaism goes, that's some really innocuous shit to get asshurt about, and actual free to play games are way worse

yes, but the montly bundle gives like 5% to charaties.

i know more about OW porn than i do about the actual game

i played the beta and assumed the game was free, i mean… it DID feel like that type of game. i assumed they would lock new heroes and weapons behind microtransactions. or boosters, or some kind of jewry.

i guess i was wrong.

not even for free

First person MOBA. I think it's called "ASSCUNT" or something.

You'll still get games that are mechanically utterly shit.


No you fuckers its CRAPCUNTS

Yeah. All the heroes are available at the start. The only thing you can pay for are RNG boxes that give you swag.

any autism videos like the CS one where the guy shits himself over a knife?



It's like a funeral pile.

Where can i check that?


overwatch is nothing like a TAINTNIGGERS
overwatch is the one stealing tf2's players, battleborn is what you're thinking of



Oh wow
i deeeed it

Every ASSFAGGOTS player I know has jumped ship.

feminism is awesome.


I actually kind of felt bad for the people who worked on the game, until I heard that line, now I'm glad it failed


The most vile ideology ever created by humanity.

How much did he pay? Did you tell him he's experiencing buyer's remorse?

Anything after MW3 they seem to hate, then they jump on Battlefield not-WW1's dick. Funny how that works. Time to go back

(((Feminism))) is misandry dressed up for the current year

They're probably cod kids who don't like that all their friends play such a slow paced game and have been looking for a good opportunity to jump ship

So, TESO isn't doing too well?

You cheeky cunt.

You can launch it without the Steam client IIRC. Last time I played it was okay. I do have buyer's remorse though.

i don't think it ever did very well to begin with

Anyone want to get comfy? Here's a Euro Truck Sim 2 key.

If dubs, thousands of copies of Barelyborn will be buried in the desert.

Well, it's not like they actually lost money… that game was made with money swindled from Sega anyway!

Much obliged.

I got plenty of games to play right now on my backlog but thanks for being so generous!

someone will appreciate it I'm sure

Battleborn is unique for a multiplayer shooter. You can pirate it and still get the same number of people playing, but for free.

So, why haven't you bought underrated GOAT of all time of all time, yet, OP?

With this bundle PC will be getting a massive influx of new players.


this meme is almost as retarded as the people who spew it
literally how fucking retarded do you have to be to consider this anything close to leftist? do lines have to consist entirely of "NIGGER JEW KIKE GAS THE JEWS RACE WAR NOW" in order to be non-sjw? jesus fucking christ

Even if you put the slider to 100% donation they will still get money.

yeah because people can only dislike terrible writing because of politics. suck an exhaust pipe.

Just watch them try to spin this the way that Mr. Shitface did

fuck off you literal retard
every time people mention the line it's because it's supposedly leftist
how do you remember to fucking breathe

I can't even begin to imagine the retarded logic behind this reasoning. really want to beat all these people to death.

they can say all they want. the money they need still won't materialize in the company account

the quote gets spammed and taken out of context by retards who further spam it with even less knowledge of the context than the people who originally posted it

which i guess is how memes usually work, but still. this one is particularly retarded because even the original mention must have been out of ontext to produce this effect

Oh, shit, I thought you were talking about Spec Ops the Line, haha. Oh man, I'm too tired.

The line about feminism is okay. It's not really politically aligned at all.

So why did this game flop so hard? Is it so shit that even normalfags don't want it, or is it just overshadowed by Overwatch?

Also wanted to say that feminism isn't inherently anywhere in the left-right spectrum. People who claim it is are fucking retards that should be beaten to death.

Not only did it get overshadowed, but it didn't have waifus.

uh… bro…
alani is fucking hot. as is deande.

my personal theory is that they fucked up their budget and went over, which would explain why the actual base game looks like so much fun but the marketing was nonexistant and the polish is extremely lacking. it makes sense, too, since they said they spent more making it than any other game.

and yeah, i think the base game looks pretty fucking good. unfortunately haven't had a chance to play it and won't for another half month due toa mazon's autism, but still. the videos i've seen make it look at least 8/10


They didnt have any controversial publicity, I know quite a few people who only heard about Overwatch after the tracer ass 'issue'. Wont surprise me if we see companies trying to fake controversy or at least cause some just to get their game some free publicity

uh… bro… fuck off shill kike.

nah, fuck off. if i wanted to shill i would have posted my aesthetics ranking

Are you a single user that's fucking with me or an avatarfag? I have seen more LotGH reaction images in the last week than I have seen in the last two years, which, coincidentally, is when I started to watch it. Please stop, you're driving me insane.

We have been following you for quite some time, I used to be the guy strawmanning and basically ignoring every argument.

I think you're just noticing it more now that you started watching the show.
I had the same thing happen to me when I started watching JoJo, and the same thing happen to me when I started driving, when I noticed everyone on the road with the same car as me.


No you don't understand. I have a very keen eye for patterns and there has been an influx of LotGH posts while Jojo/Berserk are fairly consistent. I recall several reaction images from LotGH over the years I've been on here, but it's just started to increase. It's really freaking me out.

You what?

i can recommend only one solution. buy battleborn.

user pls

They're not real, retard.

user pls

she is CUTE

its just a coincidence

LotGH has always been popular mate, I've had it reccomended a bunch of times, even Holla Forums loves it.
Now if you want to see a weird ass pattern you gotta keep an eye on the people using pizza in weird situations as reaction images. Those are fucking savage.

None of the characters look as nice as Overwatch's. And on top of that most of them look like they come from completely different games

i agree, actually, because most of them look better
BB isn't quite vanilla TF2 tier, but it's a hell of a lot more interesting

overwatch is like super mario 3D land. you can't criticize it on anything but it's too boring to be worth playing
most of the designs in overwatch you can't criticize, but at the same time they're not interesting at all. blizzard tried it play it safe and so only a select few of the male characters are interesting, and the female characters are only ever interesting because of ass

a hell of a lot more interesting meant more interesting than OW
generally some of its designs are more memorable than TF2s but TF2 was much more balanced and its entire roster was aces

Guards, this user has lost his composure.

Not as low as Germany, but here's from walmart in Canada.

Everything they make is garbage and yet what they sell is basically the vidya equivalent of meth or cocaine. We know better than to do that shit but those who don't will always fall victim to more of Blizzard's garbage.

That is way too much for a ded game.

Underrated post

Actually, no. They spend more on this game than both Borderlands 1 & 2 combined and quite a lot of that cash went straigth to Marketing. Far too much, IMO.
The lack of marketing is not to blame here, especially since they could have released this without any competition and it still would have sold like shit.

There's nothing interesting in the game, except a lot of "cool badass ideas". The Dev himself said he wanted a game where he "could be a Jedi Knight fighting alongside Master Chief and Gandalf" and that's why the game is a fuckload mix of widly different concepts with no care if they blend well together or not.
It's an "ideas guy" project, that's what it is and why it sucks so hard. Even the gameplay is FPS coupled with Tower Defense, with MOBA. They simply couldn't decide what kind of game they wanted to make so they made ALL THE GAMES and the result is the crap the game became.

Say what you want about Overwatch, but at least they knew specifically what they wanted to do and focused the entire game on that: make a map with a point where fighting will revolve around and heroes to fight on that point. Give them all colorfull designs and modern looks with gadjets straped all around them too.

Honestly, if Overwatch is too "cartoonish" for some people, Battleborn is a full blown circus.

Ghosts was just mediocre. MW3 was literal dogshit in every way.

youze a git

well here in Canada brand new games cost 80 dollars, 50 is almost half off.

This video does a pretty good job of documenting the hubris of Gearbox and the fall of the game.

Holy shit, according to Steam reviews the game still has an empty lobby, even with a humble bundle.

I think 2K should write off their losses. It's not like it costed that much, right?

They spent more on Battleborn than it cost to make the entire Borderlands series. They spent a fuckton on this game only for it to get bitchslapped by Overwatch.

She's cute. She's aesthetically appealing yes. And some of the characters look like they had a lot of work put into to them

But men are simple. Very easy to please. That's why it's called "waifu bait". You have to reel them in with simple autistic shit. Like tight butts. Then once the men are in the women naturally follow to see what the deal is.

Where did all the money go? Was it a money laundering scheme for Gearbox's next game or what? Or were they this shortsighted to think they can make another Evolve, where there's jack shit in terms of content but sells because there's no games at all?

i assume marketing. I haven't actually played the game so I wouldn't even know what the content is.

To be fair digital is cheaper if your game isn't a giant shit that won't fucking sell and you have cases of the fucking things you need to get rid of.

i haven't even fucking played it but it has way more than overwatch…….

bro wtf r u smokin xD

That doesnt make sense though, since I dont think anyone heard about the game prior to release, and compared to Evolve it had 0 hype.

Only difference at this point seems to be one game has a community and porn, the other is dead with no porn


idk m8 what do you think m8

also not dead on consoles

NuDoom was $120 for a while before it went down to $80-70

Video games were a mistake

Was that supposed to be a joke?
Please tell me that isn't actually in the game and the creator of the video is just having a laugh.

yes, it's in the game. it's a line spoken (or rather shouted) after killing a woman.

so in other words, a badly written joke at feminism's expense.

I hope this shit runs Gearbox into the ground but I know better. They'll get bailed out of this mess somehow.

Does that include the money they stole from Sega?


Because of Take-Two. I just know it.

i can only imagine how mad you will be once borderlands 3 comes out and becomes GOTY

System Shock 1 would cost like 80$ if it wasn't for digital.

On the topic of this bundle how is the Darkness 2? I've heard it's meant to be pretty fun


where were you when your taste was absolute garbage

There's already a third Borderlands game, it's Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. It bombed so hard that it put the developers 2K Australia out of business.

i didn't say "third borderlands game" i said borderlands 3
the same way fallout 3 is like the fifth or sixth fallout game but we just call it fallout 3 anyway

that and blue shift were pretty much the best things that came from gearbox ever, fun even
BL1 is also quite fun in co-op

wait, they made blue shift as well? i didn't like that much as one due to the lack of custom weapons and MP

i played BL1 99% SP, BL2 maybe 90% SP, TPS 99% sp



also they didn't make the pre-sequel

Shit nigger, it's a fucking standalone expansion for BL2.

yeah but you may as well say valve made opposing force


And tell me which one is better, P-S or 2?
I know it's P-S.

are you retarded? TPS is literal garbage
the gameplay is slower, it has at most a third of BL2's quests, ONE story dlc, and they managed to fuck up the story even further with even more retcons

i mean, okay, it's good for two or something playthroughs but the first time i played it i was just "meh, back to BL2" as opposed to instantly starting a new game after first finishing BL2

i only finished it the second time a year later

also the writing is literally worse than BL2 because it's BL2 plus australia

I haven't played the game at all. I have no plans to do so either.
Too bad Borderlands's execution was mediocre, the idea is neat.

They should give up and make it f2p already, make money with hats and shit

Hah, well still seems cucked

It's rumoured that the total all-in budget of stillborn now stands at $240M but don't worry. Looking at the latest graph it's clear that player numbers are increasing.

Yeah, and we don't have any official playercounts for PS4 / XBone.

I think it's safe to assume they have an average playercount of at least 3000. PC -still- reports matchmaking issues, and they're using a system where people don't get matched based on rank. PS4 / Xbone have several minute matchmaking times and they match by rank.

This is secondhand knowledge, granted, because

Not anymore.

So instead of shoving an ideology down our throat, they're shoving an ideology down our throat under the guise of being a really shitty joke. What an improvement.

Just enjoy that a good show is being used more. If anything its more of a hivemind thing where anons had an increase of interest at the same time as you.

"i was just pretending to be retarded"

guys…please stop talking about battleborn

it is so sad

all those poor, starving developers…


I hope they die of starvation.

i can't fucking wait for my ps4 copy to arrive.

Kill yourself.

if i killed myself, i wouldn't be able to play GOAT
of all time of all time battleborn.

nice try, blizzard.

Threadly reminder their fanbase is made of SJWs:

So no wonder it failed. Just like the Ghostbusters film.

okay, and? what's your point? there are SJWs who like the witcher 3, and that doesn't make it SJW.

if anything gearbox is actually going against the grain. that "feminism is awesome" line people keep quoting as proof of it being SJW is a joke at feminism's expense. it's played after one of the male characters kills a few women

Does body positive just mean fat?

But jesus lord, that was a lot of autistic sperging.

You triggered you little lefty nigger?

threadly reminder that Holla Forums consists of degenerate autists who masturbate to weeb porn

Next time actually read what is inside the link before posting stupid shit.

i've read that thread before, faggot. it's not new. it's a bunch of retards discussing character design in BB

newsflash: there are sjws that play overwatch, there are sjws that play witcher, et fucking cetera

Yet Witcher's official forums arent absolutely packed with SJWs. And Witcher dev team is not made of SJWs either.

Holy shit does Holla Forums shit over all the SJWs on this whole site or something?
Can't read a single thread without some faggot randomly having an outburst about how much they hate Holla Forums out of the blue.

why don't you go ahead and name them, then? burch is the only problematic member of gearbox's team as far as i've seen. even with him as writer, BL2 was literally "bitch bitch bitch bitch FATTIE bitch bitch" the game

battleborn deliberately makes fun of feminism (and, by extension, women) by having a male character satirically scream FEMINISM IS AWESOME after killing several female characters

are you new
over in the erogames thread there was a 25 or 50 post argument or something about how elves were supposedly a Holla Forums western race

literal autists

don't even start you nigger just walk away before you derail another thread

Holla Forums is a disease, and genocide is the cure

JIM mentioned LOTGH on several GG streams as his favorite anime every time people asked, many people here supported GG and found about it this way as I did

tell me how many threads have you crashed with your master plan


Yup, when the Canadian dollar was higher then the American they didn't lower prices, but the minute the dollar went under parity they jacked the prices up by a lot.

The art director, Randy Pitchford, Ashley Burch.

You're either fucking blind, or you're from Tumblr.

Or you might be one of those sad fuckers who try desperately try to justice their 40 dollar Battleborn purchase.

Played it.

Terrible optimization on my older rig. Basically unplayable when looking at certain directions in the level.

Surprisingly good gameplay in singleplayer when it works. Far better than Doom 2016 or Borderlands 2 at least.

Multiplayer first impressions is that it's a clusterfuck.

I would have loved to see him streaming the recent riots.

This wont happen


Pre sequel does everything that borderlands 1 and 2 do. They are no different in design philosophies. Fallout 1 and 2 are different (and distinctly better) than tactics brotherhood of steel, let alone when bethesda acquired the IP.

Finally, even if a borderlands 3 came out and got game of the year, Holla Forums is the last place that gives a shit about what reviewers think, even the general public know that there's been a fiasco within the gaming press.

I don't normally say this, but i hope you're new, because that means that you might learn something. Frankly if you've been here a while and still think that arguing over semantics makes you anymore competent, you're going to have a hard life.

he can't stream anymore due to youtube not letting him because of the pesky adblock video

Most of Battleborn's characters look like shit. Look like rejects from Borderlands.

There's actually a scientific term for when you notice mentions of something rise after you discover it, but the word escapes me.

You are in good company here.

well when you refer to fat people clothes you usually say plus size and not negative size

What is Blizzard

Can i still play Mafia 2 and enjoy it without having played the first one?

Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, it's the colloquial term for the "frequency illusion."

yes, the games are entirely seperate

desu this game looks great


It's a shit game either way. The setting and style is absolute trash.

Try telling that to Bioware

well, it definitely wasn't feminist, at least
this game looks aces tbh fam

i discovered LoTGH when looking for space cartoons in andb, but only download it when some faggot uploaded it in frozen layer, what a ride it was.

Battleborn players are something else.

to be fair gearbox probably doesn't screen the people it hires as mods very well

probably have better things to do, like working on BL3

I don't think they screen the people they hire for any role at the company very well. Look at how terrible almost every aspect of the game is. Aggressive anti-customer moderation is a sign of internal stress in my opinion. They all fear for their jobs and are probably under unreasonable pressure from management. Mind you with stillborn doing so badly that's no surprise.

do you mean Battleborn?
i love the character designs and i watched a 20 min gameplay vid and it looks gold
i'm waiting on my ps4 copy

sage, hide, report
fuck off shill

They should've done that instead. Absolutely nobody cared for Battleborn, especially not against Blizzard.

No I meant stillborn because it is a commercial and artistic failure. It is a dead game.

herb derb he likes a game i dont like, what a shill, herb derb
2 bad youre still gonna be buying howard remasted 2 ;)

they're working it already AFAIK

ps4 / xbone still very active, PC getting a resurgence via humble bundle
also it looks fucking great
if you liked borderlands i'm not sure why you wouldn't like battleborn, characters are similar but more cartoony

Sorry but PS4 and xbone combined have less players than PC.

fuck i forgot to check tabs and thought this was a borderlands thread

game looks gold though

I can believe it seeing as thats basically the only moneymaking series Gearbox has.

As for the game itself its kinda ugly, mainly because of the character designs. They all look like they come from different games with different artstyles.

PC had to have rank-based matchmaking taken out and even then it had low playercounts. With Humble Bundle it's having a resurgence, but it was at like 700 before.

PS4 and Xbone -STILL- have rank based matchmaking AND average 4 or 5 minute matchmaking times. Also PS4 / Xbone sold several times as many copies as PC.

nice try

yeah, battleborn / borderlands have divisive character designs
if you don't like cartoony shit you won't like battleborn
some of battleborn's characters remind me of my own designs (mostly the shit i used to draw when i was like 15). just overexaggerated cartoon-ish characters more "fun" than anything else

My sources tell me this is because Randy micromanaged the designs to an insane level. Trying to appease him was impossible.

Sorry but I am correct.

Now you're just being blatant, didn't even get the fucking joke behind it. Fuck off back to >>/reddit/.
I liked the game because I like the idea behind the gameplay.
The characters are bearable.

Are you a retard or something? There hasn't been ANY Borderlands threads in the recent memory.

I take it your sources are disgruntled employees? I can believe it though, because apparently one of his selling points was "I wanted to make a game with a jedi and a soldier" or something like that which sounds like me as a kid playing with action figures.

I like cartoony shit like TF2, Viewtiful Joe, but BBs designs just look weird.


agree to disagree, i guess. TF2 is definitely the model for cartoony shooters, though. Overwatch falls flat with boring designs, Battleborn, while hitting the "unique" aspect, is a little -too- wild.

in TF2 every character is great AND interesting. in battleborn every character is interesting, but not necessarily great. in overwatch almost every character is great, but not necessarily interesting

TF2 > BB > OW imo

At this point they are all disgruntled. I have been completely fascinated by the guy with the small head ever since I first saw it. How the fuck did it come about?

Apparently they would keep being told to make it smaller by Randy. Over months and months it got smaller and smaller and smaller. It is so crazy and ridiculous but that is what happened. The same is true of all the weird proportions. They joke he is like the infamous crystals1986 from deviantart.

do you mean attikus?
i think montana actually looks -really- good. though his head could stand to become maybe 50% bigger.

user that has been happening for years

BB's designs are weird. Some have really fucked up proportions (Montana, Benedict), others are cluttered (Rath). The only ones I really like are Marquis and Alani.

On the other hand, maybe it's because I'm so used to TF2's designs, but alot of OW's designs feel like concept art, like they belong in those art school/institute of design or whatever ads. Characters like Winston, Hanzo, and look really generic to me. However, nothing looks "off" about any of them.

It depends on what you're looking for in character designs, I guess. BB's are less "corporate" and more creative, but OW's feel more competent because their designs are "cleaner" and have balance.

I am okay with this.

A real shame battleborns such shit because I really like ISIC's character.


Feels great man, you already spend the money but you wont have anything and even when that thing finally arrives it might be shit. Feels fucking good to be a good goy.

Oscar Mike is hilarious.


Fucking kill yourself.

The annotation window is just icing on the cake of shit.

I've played both and there is very little difference in quality.

You think this is going to stop anything? The more venemous and ridiculous you people get the more easy it is going to be to make you irrelevant.

It doesn't matter how many fake accounts you make, how many lies you spread, how many news organisations you have on your side, you won't win. You have absolutely no idea how many people and what types of people you're up against.

By the way, by banning people like Milo in a desperate effort to turn Twitter into your own little safe space, you have effectively killed the social network as a platform for free speech, the best part is you won't even realise it until the stock tanks completely and the company goes bankrupt. This is how all shitty internet communities end, with idiots who don't know what they're doing trying to usurp the site and the staff in an effort to make everything theirs and driving off all the users that were there originally.

Feminists and SJWs like you are going to become as irrelevant as the Christian Right soon and you're all doing it to yourselves, it's glorious to watch.

what the fuck is this? when has that ever stopped anyone? i will twist a character im attracted to into whatever i want them to be in my mind, and artists will do it on paper, pixels or 3d models.
how naive! oh i cant get enough of this