Gravity Rush to released in December

Apparently by 2016, they meant the last month of it, at least it has a release date, though.

They're also working on the anime, which will show teh events between the 2 games.

who also thought that new super hero girl looked like she has a skin disease and a Lady Gag tier outfit

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New super hero girl? I only know the 3 girls from the first game, I saw the director tweet something about GD2 but I didn't check it out, just RT'd it.

Haven't heard of the anime either, is the December release for the US as well? Also do you have any more info about the anime? I'm very interested.

I want to have Kat bully me.

Isn't the sequel called gravity daze?
I want Kat to love and caress my dick____

The anime takes place between GR1 and 2, and the new super hero girl might be the third shifter where she appears in the latest trailer.

Kat is like the most likeable PS character, sue Raven instead.

That's the best part. Kat can want to bully me but be too soft/awkward on occasion, we laugh and hug it out.

Seriously though, why is Kat such a bitch?

Gravity daze is just the non-USA name for the game.

Gravity Daze is the original JP name the game, was localized to Rush for some reason

Anime air date? Length?

I just want to cuddle.

Looks like I left my shitposting name on. I wasn't kidding then. I kinda dislike Kat. Wouldn't mind new protagonists.

It's Gravity Rush here in 'Straya

also, new trailer OP mentioned. Third girl looks like one of those imitator "I can be a super hero too!" types.
if you don't mind giving the clicks, you can see it in 1080p here.

That new gril looks a bit out of style

It's why I saw her as one of those "Look at me, I'm also a special protector of the innocent types!" probably going to get in a lot of trouble and cause a lot of problems until Kat or Raven or both scold her.

I want Grabadrush two now

Just gonna copy-paste the Gematsu article:

Gravity Rush 2 will launch for PlayStation 4 in November 30 in Europe, December 1 in Japan, and December 2 in the Americas and United Kingdom, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced.

Pre-orders from participating retailers in North America will include alternate white costume downloadable content for Kat, as well as a “Select Soundtrack” featuring nine tracks from the game. PlayStation Store pre-orders starting August 2 will get an instant reward of 10 PlayStation Network avatars from the game.

Pre-orders from participating retailers in Europe will include alternate white costume downloadable content for Kat, as well a “Director’s Choice Soundtrack” from the game. PlayStation Store pre-orders will include both of these pre-order items along with a PlayStation 4 theme.

In Japan, a first-print limited edition will include a Blu-ray disc of the Gravity Rush special animation (detailed below), and download code for the “Director’s Choice Soundtrack” and “White Kat” costume all in a special box.

Sony also announced Gravity Rush The Animation: Overture, a full 3D CG animation by Studio Khara that bridges the gap between Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2. It will run between 15 and 20 minutes and be released prior to the launch of Gravity Rush 2. More information will be shared prior to launch.

While Kat, Raven, and Syd will return in Gravity Rush 2, a new trailer released today introduces a new face—a mysterious guardian angel who shows up to help Kat when she’s in a pinch. Her name is Angel and she is described as a superheroine with an aggressive and wild fighting style, who packs an overwhelming punch and has a crystalization ability that helps her instantly regenerate health.

all of this sounds very good! I'm excited to see how the game turns out.

I’ve never understood why more games haven’t gone with a ‘hand drawn’ aesthetic. It’s trivial to keep an outline around characters regardless of camera orientation. Why isn’t it more widespread to have an art direction that looks like 2D animation?

I guess it's something to do with people wanting video games to look realistic despite limitations on both hardware and software.

Because it's a harder sell. People like more realistic looking games. The King of Fighters XIV is having a hard time selling itself despite abandoning the 2D graphics because SNK have purposefully made their game have 2D characteristics. Compare this to Tekken, which boasts cutting edge graphics; the series (at least in the mainline) has sold 3 million+ since Tekken 2 because it boasts not only good fighting mechanics, but also because it is a posterchild for cutting edge graphics.